Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Nose For News

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With writers and actors in Hollywood walking picket lines, people who write about showbiz news have got pretty slim pickings lately. Which is why they've decided to pick a nose, so to speak, to get agitated about.

Specifically, they're in a dither about the upcoming biopic about conductor/composer Leonard Bernstein which stars Bradley Cooper in the starring role. Well, Bradley Cooper and a prosthetic nose which some people are calling an anti-semitic insult because unlike Bernstein, Cooper isn't Jewish and should therefore never appear on film with an artificially augmented sniffer

Cooper is being accused of wearing "Jewface," although Bernstein's family says that he looks fine and a careful examination of historical documents shows that Bernstein actually had a pretty big beak (which looked good on him), especially in his senior years.

The trailer for the film looks like what it is: glitzy, high-dollar, Oscar bait with an impressive cast and a compelling story. Which makes it pretty darn hard to believe that anti-semitism has played any part in establishing Mr. Cooper's look for the film. Still, those who want to be offended are enjoying being offended and insisting that no one who isn't Jewish should ever again portray a Jew on film. Unless the actor is Black, Hispanic, Asian, or sexually ambiguous.



I'll try not to write too much about Covid here because everyone is sick of hearing about it. But I will tell you that I'm experiencing a lot of rage as truths leak out about how the American people (and world) were lied to, betrayed, robbed, and victimized.

Rather than subject everyone to a rant that could go on for days, I want to direct your attention to a short Youtube video from Dr. John Campbell, who is far and away the most accurate source of information about all of this that I'm aware of. Unless you're watching him (and I have been, for years), you don't really know what's happened and what is still happening.

In this video, Dr. Campbell shares the interesting news that the FDA has just, in the words of Elmer Fudd, "vewwy, vewwy quietwy" issued a notice that it's perfectly okay for doctors to prescribe Ivermectin to treat Covid despite the fact that the FDA prevented that during the height of Covid while advancing the lie that Ivermectin was only horse medicine (the FDA still features a picture of a horse on their page about Ivermectin) rather than one of the most-used human medications on the planet (winning a Nobel Prize in 2015) with over 4.5 billion doses administered to humans.

Subtle, FDA. Very subtle.

For those who don't want to watch the 15-minute video, here's the quick version: Ivermectin was known to be cheap, available, and at least possibly effective for the treatment of Covid. BUT at about 10¢ a pill, nobody was going to make any money. Big Pharma wanted to push their untested (and unsafe and ineffective) vaccines, but they could only do so if they got an emergency waiver to bypass standard safety measures. And the only way to get an emergency waiver is to show that there's no other effective treatment available. So money changed hands - a lot of money - and suddenly Ivermectin was being officially described as only fit for horses and cows, potentially poisonous, and doctors were forbidden from prescribing it. Studies into the efficacy of Ivermectin went unfunded and independent studies showing beneficial effects were ridiculed by (formerly) respectable medical journals.

Big Pharma made billions of dollars (including profits on the "miracle" drug Remdesivir that doesn't actually reduce the mortality rate for Covid patients), insane numbers of people died, doctors who complained were persecuted, and everyone got jabbed with some damn thing that doesn't keep you from getting Covid or spreading it, but may give you myocarditis, blood clots, a stroke, or just kill you outright. Interesting trivia note: according to Dr. Campbell (who always carefully cites the official studies and reports) only 2% of negative vaccine reactions were officially reported. Wow. And long-term effects? Well, I guess we'll all find out, won't we?

So, who has been punished for the Covid-19 plague? No one. Who got fabulously wealthy from it? Big Pharma, political enablers, and (most likely) the people who funded the creation of the virus in the first place. And nobody seems to give a damn.

Meanwhile, the head of the Proud Boys is looking at 33 years in the slammer for his alleged role in the January 6th "insurrection that never happened" despite his not even being present on the big day.

The juxtaposition of these two examples of "justice" sadly tells me much more about the current state of our country than I ever wanted to know.


Julian said...

Ad don;t forget, it has been common knowledge - though well covered up - that the CIA has been running bio=weapon labs in Ukraine for the last few years. What a coincidence, eh?

Mike said...

I remember the first mention of ivermectin as a treatment. I did the math in my head: $20 per person times 350 million people in the USA. That’s only $7 billion dollars! There’s not enough room for graft in that!

I hate being right.


Mike aka Proof said...

The good news is: there's an election next year!
The bad news is: the fix may already be in!
Hang onto your hats, pilgrims. It's gonna be a bumpy ride!

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Gotten the jab twice (Moderna, not Pfizer; I have a close buddy who was a guinea pig for Moderna and is doing well); now, two years later, I've been in the ER twice in the past two weeks with ticker-related ailments (congestive heart failure and vertigo). Now, I DO have a history going back to high school, but still, I gotta wonder...

As for the election, you do have hope there in Texas for a potential new Congressman: Brandon Herrera, The AK Guy. I'm almost tempted to move to Texas just so I could vote for him...

Bones said...

(a lot of rage as truths leak out about how the American people (and world) were lied to, betrayed, robbed, and victimized.)Sorry,but you left out KILLED because with the right pre existing ailments the clot shot took you out.Dr Campbell also has a video with Rand Paul questioning Moderna about conflict of interest after donating $400 million dollars to the FDA.In Australia you still can't get back to work as a nurse,fireman or copper if you ain't vacced even though it's not required now,but still highly recommended by the govt.The cheap remedies were used around the world with great effect,the closest to you,Mexico.Unvacced are now getting their own blood saved in case of the need for transfusion and I saw an add offering unvacced sperm for sale.A new market has opened.

Anonymous said...

For those who haven't, check out Dr. Robert Malone for more revelations that'll make your head explode. 🤯 I was prescribed Ivermectin. Got over my bout with covid in a little more than a week. Other than a new-found desire for oats I'm fine.

Anonymous said...

I built my first shortwave radio receiver as a teenager and delved into the wonderful world of shortwave radio news. I was shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn the news often sounded very different from our domestic news.

Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic drug commonly used in Africa and Central America to fight malaria. Given in appropriate dosage, it is inexpensive and effective with few side effects. A funny thing happened as COVID hit the scene. Areas where Ivermectin was used saw very few cases of COVID.

So why the big propaganda campaign against Ivermectin? Very simply, the FDA could not issue an emergency use authorization to use the "vaccine" & experimental drugs if there were alternative treatments available. Ivermectin had to be demonized not because it was dangerous or ineffective but because it threatened Big Pharma's and Fauci's income. The "scientific" studies showing Ivermectin was ineffective & dangerous were so blatantly rigged that even non-scientists such as myself could see the fraud; in the study loudly touted by the bespoke media, toxic levels of Ivermectin were given to people already dying which then unsurprisingly concluded that Ivermectin was dangerous and ineffective. Everyone simply accepted the media propaganda and never bothered to read the study.

Xoph said...

Don't forget Vitamin D and the ineffectiveness of masks. A new variant is coming, certain institutions are starting to mask up. Apparently the roller coaster is going to take a second trip around the track.

Carol Ann Thonton said...

And again you have put the truth on display. I have never regreted folloing your page. After my husband's death(NOT from covid) in 2020 your page was one of the few that kept me going. I was able to laugh a little. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Stilton......more and more reasons for severe depression.

Old Wayne In Indiana

Kencor said...

Excellent commentary. My wife and I were hospitalized with COVID and have had two boosters since that almost put me back in the hospital. Never again. I, too have to wonder if every mood swing or random pain since is a normal result of age or a COVID after effect. It is definitely sad to see what people will buy into if it's spouted from a supposedly reliable source.

Neithan Hador said...

I heard about the Bernstein nose issue from Part of the Problem podcast. Dave and Robbie are both Jews, and their take was the best. It's not that the prosthetic nose is antisemitic, the Jews would have a problem with it because it wasn't big enough. It helps that they are both comedians.

Oregon went hard and heavy against the use of Ivermectin. Everyone I knew found ways to stock up on it anyway. There's a lake of fire waiting for these people.

Facebook suspended my account. I did post way too many pro Ivermectin posts, or not enough.

TrickyRicky said...

I read somewhere recently that Fauci made $300 million from the clot shots. Follow the money. My cousin, who was overweight, got the virus, was sent home with no intervention, got much worse, was admitted to the hospital, ventilated and given Remdesivir, and died. SOP for the Pharma/medical establishment. Murder in my eyes.

Drew458 said...

TrickyRicky - sorry about your loss. Remdesivir is better named "Run, Death Is Near" for a reason.

The hospitals became murder machines for profit; this much $ for a Covid diagnosis, $$ for a covid patient, $$$ for putting them on a ventilator, $$$$ if they then died, $$$$$$$$ for subjecting them to a week of Remdesivir, then collecting those other bribes when the patient's liver and kidneys shut down, putting them on a vent, and leaving them to die.

Yup, time to get back to taking the couple dozen vitamin pills and supplements spread across each day. The price of liquid injectable livestock ivermectin (Agrimectin) has come down some. Buy the family sized bottle, 200ml. A weekly half dosage in a glass of water with a meal that has fat is very prohylactic. Quercetin phytosome the rest of the week. Plenty of C, D3 with K2, cal/mag/zinc, B complex, multivitamin, elderberry gummies, green tea, licorice root tea, another gram of C with a melatonin at bedtime. You should know the drill by now.

It will be better for me this time around. By which I mean that I was one of the few who knew all the #*$% "we are only hearing about now" way way back in the beginning. Ralph Baric and "Chimeric Viruses". The October "accident" at Wuhan. On and on. Being retired I spent endless hours reading health pages, digging up medical study reports, watching Dr Campbell and Malone etc videos, learning what drugs did what, etc. And then try and tell people, most who thought I was crazy. This time y'all know, mostly.

Mike Porter said...

Everybody knows that openly hating Jews whilst denying this is the job of the left (and self-hating Jews, but I repeat myself) - apparently the makeup artist for this movie didn't ask for permission.

And yes, we're so far into the weeds... so far beyond 'trust but verify' that it has become 'shoot first and Goddamned any questions... we already know the answers'. As I've said before; there must be a special place in hell awaiting these bastards - if only we could arrange their voyage early. Ah, but to dream.

Brian Egoff said...

One of the best rants I've ever read on the subject. Thank you & stay healthy.
Best wishes, Brian
p.s. Thank you for not having to find all the squares that have buses.

Really Windy said...

I ranch in Wyoming. We pour our cattle with "Ivomec". Main ingredient in that is Ivermectin. It is a topical that absorb into the cow through the skin for lice and internal parasite prevention. Over the years, I have spilled so much of that stuff on myself, I'm probably immune to a lot of things. When the Ivermectin ban came, I went online and bought a large bottle of the injectable. If I felt sick, I put 1 cc in water and drank that. I'd do that for only three days. Never got sick. However, I flew down to Fort Worth for an angus convention, and had to mask up on the planes. Got the worst case of bronchitas I"ve ever had because of that stupid mask. Took me two months and antibiotics to get over it. If I could inject Fauci with Ivermectin, I'd jam a 1000 cc bottle straight up his ass.

Just Me said...

Looks like Big Pharma read your blog. The link to Stilton's Place blog spot did not work. Another great source about Covid treatment protocols and success stories about people being saved by using off label drugs by doctors who doctored during the pandemic using meds such as Ivermectin is the FLCCC website. They have been out there almost since the beginning of the pandemic saving lives and listing pre treatment and treatment protocols with big pharma trying to silence them. They also spoke at a hearing in Congress, telling congress that there was a way to save people's lives, but you did not hear about that either. There were no early treatment protocols by the medical profession lead by Big Pharma and it's puppets the FDA, CDC and others. If you get it and your lips turn blue go see your doctor to be put on a respirator is not exactly a treatment. Yes the truth is quietly coming out but big pharma controls the news so it will not be shouted out, if spoken about at all. We have too used liquid Ivermectin, in water, using the bovine dosage of 1cc per 100 lbs of body weight. No side affects. No Covid. No urge to whiney or moo. The key words there is proper dosage.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Julian- In my mind, the CIA is an enemy of the people (us) and quite likely a threat to humanity in general.

@Mike- I looked for, but couldn't yet find, the long-ago post in which I mentioned the availability of apple-flavored Ivermectin paste for horses on Amazon. Because that was the only freaking way people like me could get our hands on it. Has that post been removed? I'll continue to dig to find out.

@Mike aka Proof- I wish I still thought elections could make a difference.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- I have a close friend who got truly crippling shingles right after getting his vaccine, and his doctor remarked how surprising it was that he was suddenly seeing multiple patients with shingles outbreaks. Coincidence? Personally, I think not. And take care of your health, my friend!

@Bones- I left out "killed" at that particular spot because I thought I was starting to sound redundant, but I probably should have wedged it in there anyway. And I'm surprised that Australia (or any civilized country) is still requiring the "pointless but dangerous" vaccine for front line responders.

@Anonymous- I'll look into Dr. Malone and owe you a carrot and a sugar cube for the tip.

@Xoph- Yep. I'd guess that tens of thousands (or more - maybe many more) lives could have been saved if the government got behind telling people to take Vitamin D. But again, where's the money in that? Bastards.

@Carol Ann Thonton- My very sincere condolences for the loss of your husband. As you know, that's a pain I understand way too well. The idea that I can give you a bit of laughter from time to time is much-needed sustenance for me. Thank you and lets both try to keep laughing!

@Old Wayne in Indiana- Depressing coals to Newcastle.

@Kancor- My beloved wife, Kathy, had a chronic blood condition that remained unchanged (and did not require treatment) for five years. After getting the vaccine, "something" changed and caused a mutation that kicked the condition into acute leukemia that was unstoppable. I can't know that the vaccine was a factor but I also can't know that it wasn't. And at this point, I think the smart money is on assuming the worst.

@Neithan Hador- Anyone has the right to be offended by anything they want, including rubber noses. But when those people want to then suggest that Bradley Cooper (and presumably everyone else working on the movie) is anti-semitic is a bridge of the nose too far. (Sorry, I couldn't resist)

@TrickyRicky- I'm so sorry for what happened to your cousin. The circumstances you describe certainly sound like murder to me. It genuinely weighs on my mental health every day that the people responsible for all of this are still above ground.

Greg said...

I can highly recommend Dr. Pierre Kory's book The War on Ivermectin. Like Kennedy's book on Fauci, it's sometimes hard to read because it's so infuriating.
Also check out Dr. Malone's book Lies My Gov't Told Me.
I've obtained a sizeable stock of Ivermectin. When I caught a very wierd cold (probably Covid, but I was never "tested") I used it. When the bronchitis kicked in, I added a Z-pac (Azithromycin). All symptoms gone within a couple days.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Drew458- I'm taking a broad regimen of the vitamins and supplements you mention. And I, too, have known a lot of this for a long time. My screed today was mainly prompted by the FDA finally, quietly resetting the record on Ivermectin while hoping no one would notice. Which, sadly, most people won't.

@Mike Porter- If there's a more intolerant, racist, anti-Semitic group than liberals, I don't know what it is. And you're right that the word "trust" has left my vocabulary as far as anything the government or medical establishment wants to tell me. Hell should indeed be the final resting place for these bastards.

@Brian Egoff- I hate those Captcha buttons. I'll try turning them off again, but usually the influx of spam messages makes me turn them back on. Sorry!

@Really Windy- Something that really honks me off is the FDA's sneering reference to people who took (or obtained) animal-grade Ivermectin as if we were numbskulls. But it was the FDA who made it impossible for us to get the human-grade human-dose version. A**holes.

@Just Me- I'll keep an eye on what's going on with the links to my blog. You may just need to clear your browser cache. Or I may just need to get a fake passport and run for my life - one never knows anymore.

I'll take a look for the FLCCC website - I need all of the trustworthy information sources I can get!

@Greg- I'll take a look for that book and I think I already have Malone's book around here somewhere. Glad that your treatment regimen cleared up your likely Covid case!

Shelly said...

They're pushing the next "deadly" strain of Covid just in time for the election. I know I won't get any shots, and I'm retired so no one can fire me. The government mandates scare me less than the usual bootlicking corporations and the rest who make their own rules about who can enter their establishments and impose mask and distance demands. The saddest thing about it is that all that nonsense has been debunked but there are still too many idiots who will buy right into it.

Old Cannonballs said...

Amen, Brother. Tell it like it is.

Pip McGuigin said...

Stilton...I live in Lewisville and in 2019 asked my doctor to prescribe Ivermectin to combat the virus if I should get it. He said he was'nt sold on its ability to dismantle the virus. Two weeks later , in Colorado a doctor gave me Ivermectin and HCQ just in case.Both doctors were probably threatened with the loss of thir medical license unless....You are correct in all your assessments regarding the bastards in the CDC,NIH,FDA. Corruption knows no boundaries and couldn't care less about us in the great unwashed public. I couldn't resist the last sentence. Blackie Sherrod used it a lot.

Griffin said...

I work at a vet supply company. We sell ivermectin in tubes for horses, apple flavored, also injectable and pour on. The phone rang off the hook. We couldn't keep in stock. When I got a call from someone who was clueless, I asked a lot of questions: " what kind do you need, for which animal?" long silence, I explained we didn't carry it in pill form, and the different kinds we carried, explained which worms it targeted. At the end, since we are not allowed to suggest off label use, I told them I would happily sell them which ever one they thought they needed. Nine times out of ten, they passed. Some decided on the horse dewormer. They didn't like needles. Buyer beware.
My daughter has Covid, she was in ICU for 2 weeks, her lungs looked like cotton candy. She is still suffering from after affects. I had to travel to watch the grandkids while she was in ICU and for the semi recovery. She pleaded with me to get the shot before I came there. I got one on the way at a drive through facility. I've never had any complications.

DarkwingDave said...

No shots/boosters. Ended up in hospital for 1.5 week, I was a lab courier driving around the state so odds were good I'd get it somehow). Doctor kept after me every day about Are we going to take our Remdesivir today? No thank you. I would like ivermectin or (assorted other treatment option) please. Cue eye rolling - Ok. As soon as I got out, started ivermectin treatment along with other supplements, no side effects or problems.

Lee The Voice said...

A thumbs up emoji, Stilt.

Colby Muenster said...


That was a fine, Reader's Digest version of a rant.

There just has to be some very conflicted libtards out there. They are instructed to hate Jews, but now have to bitch about a movie with a non-Jew with a fake snout playing a Jew. I'll bet Reprehensitive Omar and her little band of self serving douchebags are beside themselves.

As Shelly said, the next "killer wave" of Covid is arriving just in time as planned. The Democrats are going to pull out all the stops in their attempt to stop Trump. I shudder to think of the crap that's headed our way 'cause they probably feel compelled to out-do the crap they pulled in 2020. And possibly even scarier is knowing that the Democrat candidates for POTUS and VP are NOT going to be the current POTUS and VP. I'm not sure how they will dump both Joe and Kamala, but it will happen somehow, some way.

Edam Wensleydale said...

Said it before, and I'll say it again: We need specifics. We need to know that Joe Blow of 123 Maple Street in Anytown is specifically has interfered/going to be interfering with the elections. Then, and only then, Mister Chipper can be brought into play.

Nancy Dickerson said...

And now we have a resurgence of "something" that they are calling a Covid lookalike or by-product or whatever. May get a flu shot this year, but they can keep their little preventive shot for covid. Will have to ask my doctor is Ivermectin can be used now that we know it has proved effective for more than just horses.

Thanks for the rant of the day; we needed that. Oh, and go buy some chicken to freeze now since thousands of the critters are dying every day now from the heat in Arkansas. May God give us the rain we need and relieve us from this heat!

Rod said...

Clarification MIGHT be needed; but then I sort of doubt it. It's now pretty certain that a black actor in the role Jewish person in the media & entertainment industry WOULD be quite acceptable. Never mind the nose; they have the favored skin.

Anonymous said...

I'm a day late for your party, but I agree with everything you have said. It also needs to be said that there were many doctors and still are that are blowing the whistle on our 3 letter government agencies. (Merchants of death) Look up Steve Kirsch on twitter. Also find Dr Mercola, a multiple NY Times best seller author, Now called the chief super misinformation spreader. Both of these guys are still at it, and the a-holes in government and fake medical are still after them. Dr. Mercola and his entire corporation was recently de-banked by Chase. If you do business with these commies, you might want to switch to a nice credit union before they come for you also.
During the plandemic, my wife and I refused the jab. Eventually we got COVID and contacted a doctor over the phone known to prescribe ivermectin. He did, and we were over it in about a weeK. We have no long term issues and we are both over 70. Later I was told Walmart had ivermectin in the pet supply area. Sure enough, they did, and I bought 2 tubes and threw it in the back of the fridge for the next disease they unleash on us. If anyone is still suffering from vax injury, or just want to eliminate the poisons you had injected in your body, I recommend this site for a protocol to reverse vax injury:

Garet said...

Whot!!! You mean?!? No. You mean ?!?!? Do you mean I cannot trust the Gubmint?

How can I go on?

Paulie said...

Sometimes it feels good when you can say "I told you so".

Which would have been my position, since from the get-go I predicted that this scamdemic would go down in history as the greatest con job ever foisted upon mankind.

Unfortunately, despite my pleading against it, my best friend of 50 years got jabbed--twice--and 'died suddenly'...while on the phone talking with me.

There's no pleasure in "I told you so."