Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Air Force Juan

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Fentanyl? Rape? Murder?

Parody is dead.  For years I've joked that if the Democrats are really concerned about the dangers incurred by people illegally crossing our borders, they should just cut out that long, hazardous pilgrimage and pick up the illegals in their own countries and bring them here in comfort. And we now know that's exactly what's happening.

Biden's laughably-named Customs and Border Protection agency (CBP) has been using chartered planes to pick up unvetted illegal migrants in other countries then flying them directly to the interior of the United States for secret release. Although the new arrivals do have to pinky swear they'll apply for legal status within two years.

Part of Biden's plan was to artificially reduce the number of crossings being reported at the border. And by using our tax money to secretly fly in illegals and give them walking around money, he did lower that number by 320,000 anonymous illegals in 2023. Not that it made much of a dent in the total border crossing numbers - there are still nearly ten times the illegals strolling into the country under Biden than was the case when Trump was President.

But how do the illegals even know about the program and how to use it to receive free criminal airfare? Simple. They use a CBP app on their smartphones that lets them schedule a trip on Air Biden as easily as calling for a ride on Uber. 

I'd love to make some kind of pointed joke about all of this, but how can I? This is madness or, likely, something considerably more evil.

Rest In Peace, parody. You were fun while you lasted.


Hopefully, you're not sick of my posting AI songs in this space because I'll probably keep doing it from time to time. It's fun to play with the technology and while working my way through Covid Fatigue I'm not able to do much other than sit on my butt in front of the computer. Mind you, that was largely my lifestyle before, but at least then it was a life choice.

In any case, inspired by my lethargy, I composed the following smoldering, sexy, smoky bit of jazz. A torch song for those already burned...


Dan said...

320,000, huh? And NYC, Chicago, etc., blames their illegal alien population on Texas and Florida sending buses.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. I love you man. I know why your love was so deep. Takes a special kind of woman. God Bless!

Julian said...

Ignoring the alien part because I am already kinda much depressed- but that song!!! WOW !!!!! Hubba Hubba as the hep cats say, the voice was perfect and of course the lyrics ingenious. Ever think of marketing that one? It would sell. It needs exposure!

Julian said...

PS can we post it in X ?? Or not yet??

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Dan- I live in Texas and I'm pretty sure our Governor hasn't put 320,000 illegals on buses going anywhere. Meanwhile, the Biden administration is refusing to say where they're dumping their fly-in illegals for "security reasons." Although how the Hell bringing undocumented aliens into our country isn't a security risk, I don't know.

@Anonymous- Thanks for the kind words. And yes, my love was and is deep. Sigh.

@Julian- I love creating and hate marketing. Follow me for more helpful life advice! And yes, you can post the song wherever you like. Which reminds me, I should probably get an X account (grin).

Anonymous said...

Put it up on Truth Social with your copyright note. Full credit, bro.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Stilt, I posted a comment the other day that I had found your torch song. I found it about two minutes after you had posted it. I hang around on YouTube far too much, but I was able to hear that song right away. Very nice! But who the heck is FarleyB?? :-)

We, the people of this country really need to do something about the traitors who are completely ignoring their oaths of office and welcoming in the invading forces. There should be a zillion people stretching ropes from lampposts on Pennsylvania Avenue in DC and most of them are Demo_Rats. A little summary judgement would help a whole lot!

Anonymous said...

NWPA Ray says, love the song, it says a lot.
How do that many flights and illegals get over here without someone blabbing about it before now? Amazing. Corruption in the extreme, which about sums up Obiden and the democrats.

Susan F. (NH) said...

Your posts always make my day. I don't know how you keep up the momentum...always extraordinary and hysterical!!

Larry Hoffman said...

When I lived in Houston it was no secret that the Hispanic vote was not sought after. Hardly any of them vote for various reasons. Getting them to register even if they are legal is tough. Was anyone else kicked off of Facebook yesterday? I'm still not allowed on.

VideomanSS said...

Youtube? What is it under? Not interested in making Stilton Cheese....:-)

TrickyRicky said...

This administration is pure evil. They are actually frantically working overtime to destroy our country. How in hell can Biden have an approval rating above zero? WTF?

IMHO the media is the most damaging cabal in the whole galaxy of charlatans and maggot infested vermin who run our country. If there were still reportage being practiced the ropes would be sold out and the lamp posts would all be bent to the ground.

Oldarmourer said...

Whenever they say 'for security reasons' you have to wonder 'whose security?'
Likely theirs because if anyone found out the real reasons there would be a lot of walls needing replastering.

If the existing citizens won't accept their slavery quietly, then they'll just be quietly replaced, the problem they didn't foresee was that the countries they looked to for the replacements didn't want to give up their best and brightest, they emptied out their prisons and asylums and sent those instead, along with the poor and ne'er do wells they were tired of supporting.

Oldarmourer said...

Looks like tricky nikki is pulling the pin after saying she never would, any guesses on where she'll land ?
My guess is solidly in left field, where she should have been all along.
Guaranteed she'll start screaming the Rep party is every sort of 'ist' therer is for not annointing her without a fight and begin playing every card she can deal herself, even if she doesn't have any Trumps ;)

Anonymous said...

You are good with your songs. May I suggest another?

I was listening to an old song called "I Fought the Law and the Law Won."

These days I think the lyrics could be changed to something like,

"Defunding the police came at what cost?
I fought the law and the law lost!"

It should be very popular with democrats and progressives.

Joe Drypowda said...

How 'bout we kick that dude pushing the cart off the jet, sans parachute.

Bobo said...

Secret aircraft landings full of illegals probably at Area 51 or other non-existent military bases we all know are there.
Top Secret Shit, ya know. Shhhh!!!

Loved the song. Reminded me so much of Mrs. Bobo sleeping until late morning hours for no good reason other than she can.

Great work Stilton!

John the Econ said...

I'd say that 320,000 is a lot of illegal immigrants. But considering that somewhere between 6 and 8-million have already walked across the border, I'm not sure what the point is in spending money to fly in more. Except the point is in just wasting more taxpayer dollars. Which with Biden, could be the case. Wasting money is all they know how to do anymore.

You have to ask yourself that if the supposed conspiracy theory of the "Great Replacement Theory" was the actual plan, exactly what would the Democrats be doing differently? Blue states lost several Congressional seats to the red states after the last census. They need to get them back somehow. Between aborting most of the next native generation and transing the kids that are born, they gotta get new people somewhere.

Torched: Last year not long after my documented case of Wuhan Flu, I experience what I could only describe as a kind of "malaise"; where every little health complaint I've had over the last 20 years popped up at once and I was really, really tired. My blood panel wasn't terribly out of line and my doctor couldn't explain it. Fortunately, I did my best to ignore it and it only lasted about a month or so. So I can relate somewhat. One thing I am definitely suffering from is Progressive fatigue.

Original Grandpa said...

excellent, Stil... and such a heartful musical interlude. And Bobo, I know what you mean, getting home from what not, and seeing Original Grandma back in bed sleeping after getting the household moving in the morning...... sigh

Colby Muenster said...

Mayorkas, Biden and their backers would have us all believe the all 320,000 are innocent kids and women (whatever those are) trying to escape 3rd world hellholes. All the rapists, drug dealers and murderers were brought in by Trump to make the Dems look bad.

Speaking of looking bad, anybody gonna watch The Feeble One attempt to read from a teleprompter tonight? Me neither. Actually, Mrs. Muenster and I have to play an Irish music concert tonight, but I would actually like to watch joe try to be coherent for more than 10 seconds. God willing, this will be the last time joe gets to spew lies at a joint session of Congress. I hope all the Republican women dress in red, representing the blood that is on joe's hands.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- In the comment above, @Colby Muenster suggests that the Biden administration would have us believe that the 320,000 imports include a lot of women and children. Yesterday I got first-hand information from someone who works with a chartered flight company in our area. This person has been unhappily involved with multiple flights of illegals and they were 100% young men. Is anyone surprised?

Oldarmourer said...

Have fun at the concert, Colby.
Up here the St Paddy's Day parade in our nations Capital has been cancelled...again.
The gov't refused to give them a permit because..."the police are overworked with all the hamas parades scheduled for that day"...only in Canada, eh ?

Colby Muenster said...


I'm shocked, shocked I tell you! I can't wait until Biden and Myorkas are indicted for treason. The reason I can't wait is because it will never happen in my lifetime (on my grandkid's lifetimes).

I'll have a pint o Guinness in honor of the SCOTUS latest stomping on Colorado' s lefties. Not sure who has the worse "leadership," Canada or us.

John the Econ said...

You'd think it would be women and children on the planes.

Speaking of being wrong: My prediction is that tonight during the SOTU speech, Biden will announce that he will no longer be seeking the nomination. He'll blame it on MAGA Republicans wearing him out.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@John the Econ, I hope Gropey Joe stays in. I have hope that the Demo_Rats will be unable to steal the election with Joe as the candidate because he's angering so many of the base voters. If Joe were to drop out, the Demo_Rats would have to pretend to support Kamalatoe but they know she couldn't win so she would be told to drop out too. I don't know if President Trump can beat any other Demo_Rat. Greasy Gavin, as slimy and destructive of California as he is, would be the guy to pull all the disaffected Demo_Rats back in. Plus, they're importing an army of invaders and they're doing it on purpose, with purpose. Oh, how I loathe the Demo_Rats!

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Mozambique Drill.

'Nuff said.

John the Econ said...

Well, looks like I was wrong. Not the first time. Probably won't be the last.

But it does mean that I will continue to be able to torture Progressives with the admonition that the only reason that we're going to get a second Trump term is because Joe Biden is the best that the Democratic Party has to offer America.

And even most Democrats deep inside know that.

Oldarmourer said...

We do, there's no 'impeachment' process up here, or any other way to hold a PM responsible for his actions as long as he has the votes to stop a non-confidence motion. He just stopped yet another inquiry into illegal actions by his gov't and others accountable to it, because it was making him look if he needed help.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...


If the ballot box, soap box and jury box have failed...


Oldarmourer said...

Shades of things to come ?
Everything is in place all over the place...down there, up here and in Europe
Just replace 'criminal gangs' with 'invited iranian/chinese military units'
Ramadan is just starting and 'intifadas' are a part of the celebrations
waaaait for ittttttt……

The Haitian capital has been gripped by a wave of highly coordinated gang attacks on law enforcement and state institutions in what gang leader Jimmy Cherizier has described as an attempt to overthrow Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s government.

Armed groups have burned down police stations and released thousands of inmates from two prisons, and Cherizier has warned of “a civil war that will end in genocide” if the prime minister does not step down.

John the Econ said...

Actually, the illegals do not have to vote in order to help the Democrats maintain power. The fact that they are here alone achieves this.

After the last census in 2020, Democrats lost several house seats because of the exodus of economic refugees from blue to red states. By importing 10 million or more of replacement bodies to red states, expect the Democrats to regain those seats and more come 2030.

Anonymous said...

Sad… when the crux of the matter is who is in the White House