Monday, May 20, 2024

No Crowd Aloud

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Joe Biden has finally agreed to debate Donald Trump after establishing a few rules for the confrontation. Most importantly, there can be no audience at all - just the candidates, the moderator, and the small tech crew that will be operating the Biden animatronic. The lack of audience noise will also make it easier to edit sections of the debate later, patching together words that may make Joe look cognizant.

Another requirement is that the candidates' microphones will be cut off without warning at the end of their allotted speaking period. This is allegedly to keep Trump from interrupting Biden with zesty bon mots like "you're full of shit." But I suspect the actual reason is that it will establish exactly how much time Joe needs to ramble before his microphone is cut off and he (and his handlers) can breathe a sigh of relief. And he can easily fill the time; ask him about inflation and he'll launch into a story about his arch-nemesis Corn Pop. Ask him about America's border crisis and he'll list the many, many places where his son, Beau, was killed in action. Ask him about nuclear war and he'll share the jolly story of the day in the Oval Office that he confused the terms "lunch secrets" and "launch sequence."

While the debate should be a debacle for Ol' Joe, he admittedly fooled us when debating the last time around. Hopped up on God knows what kind of drugs, he presented himself dynamically and "politician clearly" by saying meaningless but seemingly lucid things he'd learned through a training program of treats and electric shocks.

Then again, people have been surprised that the first debate will happen so early in the campaign season - but maybe there's a reason for that. Biden's staffers may be planning to send him onto the stage unmedicated to have him self-destruct publically, thus allowing the Dems to substitute a different candidate who might stand a chance against Trump. 


I continue to play around with AI music generation for fun. Here's a recent creation that I'm quite happy with. Somewhat inspired by The Byrds "So You Wanna Be A Rock and Roll Star," this 60s-flavored piece of jangle pop has a warning for wannabee rockstars and anyone else who finds that old aspirations are standing in the way of new directions. I hope you enjoy it!


I want to apologize for my infrequent posting these days. I still care very much about this site and, especially, the wonderful community here. But being somewhat more fragile emotionally than I was previously (I pause to theatrically raise my wrist to my forehead, chin ever-so-slightly elevated in wistful martyrdom) I'm really not invested in the idiocy and fear-mongering of day-to-day news. Oh sure, I still mutter aloud about whose heads I'd like to see on a pike, but it doesn't seem like the kind of thing I should explicitly put in print.

Plus, Fauci's plague is still kicking my rear-end. I currently can't walk more than about 30 feet without getting breathless. If I make that a 60 foot round trip, I'll be gasping afterwards. Unsurprisingly, it's hard for me to get anything done: by the time I can walk to my lawnmower, I'm too breathless to push it. I have bags of mulch sitting on my porch that seem as immoveable as the stone slabs used to build the pyramids.

I've had oodles of medical tests and no one actually knows what's going on. Right now, the smart money is on micro blood clots screwing up my lungs and circulatory system. It's not an uncommon reaction to Covid and it can A) go away, B) become a chronic condition or, C) lead to stroke or heart attack. Currently there's no medical protocol for treating it, although I'm pretty sure we've got people in Wuhan working on it.

Side note: Congress has only now cut off funding for the EcoHealth Alliance, the group which funded (with taxpayers' money funneled through Anthony Fauci) the gain-of-function Covid mischief at the Wuhan Institute of Effing Up The World.  And in the most jaw-dropping show of chutzpah I've ever seen, this is the image you'll see when you visit the EcoHealth website...

And since they didn't answer their own question, the answer is "citizens with pikes."


Mike aka Proof said...

Trump is right to call for a drug test from Biden before the debate. May I be so bold as to suggest a DNA test, as well?

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your troubles. I lost my long term DR. Of about 20 years, younger than me, but an outdoorsman, like me. Our visits were professional, then BS sessions. The Jab got him. Severe neurological issues. He told me he had trouble standing up when getting off the toilet. I last visited him to have about 21 stiches in my forearm removed from a fall, sobriety was questionable, but not conclusive! Lol.
Got a new Doc now, who was a Vietnamese toddler brought here by his parents. Figured I’m safer with this one. His family went through the wringer, and I’m sure he’s heard the horrors. Peace to you brother. Big Pharma found you. Sad as hell to me.

Bones said...

Doctors can't work out what your problems are,I got the same issues with my doc.I've been thinking of going to a vet,they make much more sense when I take the dog.

Titan Mk6B said...

Sorry to hear of your ailments. I had the same type of problem with my afib (out of breath just walking to the mailbox and back, and fixed now) but this is about you and not me.

I sincerely hope the cause is identified soon and corrected.

Your humor/insight/truth is so very much appreciated.

I am very much a fan of sarcasm also.

Uhny uftz.

Bobo the Hobo said...

In other news, President Ebrahim Raisi ow has a smoking hot body.

Bobo the Hobo said...

(Posted too quickly) Should read “now has …” 🤦🏻‍♀️

Kerry Soileau said...

Hi Stilton,
Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, hope you get back to 100% soon.
Just want you to know I enjoy your Place immensely. Keep up the great work!

Xoph said...

Stilton, check out Dr. John Campbell on YouTube. Recent video that one doctor is having success treating long-covid with ivermectin. They talk about why it works. You may want to talk to your doctors about this. If they don't know what is causing your problems it may be worth a try.

TrickyRicky said...

Sorry to hear of your medical trials and tribulations. There are lots of alternative therapies out there with claims of being effective against "long COVID" and other aliments related to the plandemic. Eco Health Alliance and everyone associated with it should face medieval-level torture and death, but that's just me.

The "debates" are guaranteed to be a travesty. All one needs to look at are the so-called moderators. Good lord, will the Republican morons ever stand up and refused to be played?

I liked your most recent tune, and agree with the Byrds-like description. I could almost hear the McGuinn electric 12-string in the breaks.

John D. Egbert said...

Re your tag line, to which you could add ". . ., pitchforks and torches."

Nodeep T. Stater said...

You should know that your articles are a breath of fresh air in a crummy world. I look forward to them, chuckle at them, and find it comforting that there are still folks who think at least largely as I do.

Thanks for your efforts. They are more valuable than you might think.

Sorry for your ailments. Maybe you should be on a blood thinner. Just a suggestion, but the state this crumny workd is in has energy-depleting qualities...and they are strong. Not just you, but myself and others as well. I try to concentrate on the small household tasks and routines I can actually control, pray about the rest, vite when I can, and tell myself the other stuff must run its course.

I think you would really be missed if you weren't there for us! Thanks again for all you do.

Anonymous said...

Carry on my wayward son!
Your sense of sarcastic humor is so valuable to us.

Bobo said...

Low IRON level due to an internal bleed? Those issues hit me back in 2015 which caused me the same signs and symptoms as yours.

I pray for the return of your good health and vitality, my friend!

Handy said...


Bobsandiego said...

Stilton, you are one funny man. "Bon mots" like "you're fulla ...?" "Training program of treats and electric shocks?" Serious chuckles ensue! Don't change and hang in there. (I have similar though not as pronounced symptoms as you describe, so I'm cheerfully gaining about 5 pounds a week ;-) ).

John the Econ said...

I'm not sure why Trump agreed to this. He could have said that the terms were absurd and designed solely to hide the fact that Biden is largely incapacitated and incapable of performing in front of a live audience. Biden has now degraded to the point that hopping him up on stimulants and setting him lose without a script is going to be an unmitigated disaster. All Trump has to do is poke Biden's ego and then step back as Biden reverts to where his most established neural pathways takes him, which will be uncontrollably mean and imaginary. Think "corn pop", but more entertaining in a cringe kind of way. Biden would be done.

I'm with you on this one, @Stilton. The polling for Biden has been abysmal and is not likely to get any better. The Democrats can continue to try and distract everyone with "abortion up to birth", "the climate crisis", Islamophobia and what not, but that's not going to help. Thanks to the rank incompetence in elite academia, DEI has imploded, exposing the agenda and racket for what it was. They've been trying to gaslight everyone about the border crisis they created and inflation, but it's next to impossible to gaslight enough people about something when the consequences are staring them in the face. There's not enough oil left in the SPR to meaningfully lower gas prices any more before November. Liberal Jewish Americans can no longer deny the fact that the left is not their friends, if they ever were. Black and Hispanic Americans see no benefit to them from open borders, and Bidenomics! punishes them at least as harshly as anyone else. And the crazy-far-left and rent-a-mobs all have made their hotel reservations for Chicago for summer. For the Democrats, there is little good news on the horizon. Less so with staying with Biden.

So pulling the bandaid off early so that they're time to come up with a non-Biden (and non-Kamala) alterative makes sense. Still doesn't explain the extreme debate rules, though. If the intent was to have Biden self-destruct, they could just send him off on that stage and it would just happen. (My guess is that there's a small contingent who still believe in a 2nd term run by dr Jill that's insisting on this)

AI song: Impressive. I haven't had any projects of late that required this sort of thing, but I look forward to playing with it.

I am sorry about your lingering health issues. I wish Congress would defund a lot more than just the EcoHealth Alliance.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Stilt, I see there's a button on the EcoHealth site for donations. American taxpayer dollars weren't enough for them? Talk about chutzpah!

I stand by my prediction that the Demo_Rats will, after seeing Gropey Joe crash and burn in the first "debate", suddenly discover that President Trump did in fact win the election in '20 and he will thus be ineligible to run again under the 22nd Amendment. Demo_Rats are evil enough to try it; you can count on it!

Someone was making Fauci bobblehead dolls at one time. Maybe you should get one and use it as a voodoo doll and make him pay for what he's done to you--and everyone else whom he ruined. An eternity of suffering in hell might be almost enough time for him to pay for his crimes.

mamafrog said...

Sorry to hear the crap is still messing with you. Make sure you have a big ol' hanky in your other hand to hold up to be able to dab at your eyes, and hide the rock you hold to throw at, well, I'm not going to dignify him by saying his name.

The only thing that worries me about some of these world leaders dying or being shoved off their chairs of office is who's behind them waiting to take over. It's always someone worse, Kammy comes to mind.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Mike aka Proof- I absolutely think there should be a drug test before the debate. There's no way that Joe isn't hopped up on something for these occasions. Something I'd like to get my hands on too, by the way.

@Anonymous- Sorry you lost your doctor. My anger meter immediately pegs when I think of both the virus and the (worse) "vaccine." I would not have believe this possible because I, of all people, was too trusting. Time to take my cynicism up a notch!

@Bones- Even if they can't heal you, they'll tell you you're a "good boy."

@Titan Mk6B- My older brother had major problems with afib (I put that in the past tense because a surgical procedure fixed it - he didn't drop dead). And you put a grin on my face by saying "Uhny uftz." For any who don't know, that's from the Dick Van Dyke "Flying Saucer" episode, and it's one of my very favorites.

@Bobo the Hobo- I like the way you put that. Although you neglected to add "nice ash."

@Kerry Soileau- Thanks for the encouraging words!

@Xoph- I regularly watch John Campbell as I consider him to be the most reliable source of honest news about all things Covid. I'm even now trying to figure out how to get my hands on Ivermectin (I'd rather not suck on the tubes of apple-flavored horse paste that I bought when Ivermectin was being lumped with cyanide by the medical establishment).

@TrickyRicky- I won't lie, seeing EcoHealth Alliance's welcome page claiming that they're the ones standing between us and the next pandemic really makes me want to go angry villagers on them. As in really.

The debates will indeed be a travesty and no, Republicans will never wise up. And glad you liked the song! I'm a huge fan of McGuinn. By the way, if you've never heard his solo album "Back From Rio" it's excellent. Jangle heaven!

@John D. Egbert- I thought about it and wanted to but it sort of threw off the rhythm of the punchline.

@Nodeep T. Stater- I'm not planning to go anywhere and am so glad that you and others still enjoy what I do here. And like you, I'm trying to do what I can and then not make myself crazy about the rest. Well, crazier.

@Anonymous- Thank you! Unless you meant that sarcastically.

@Bobo- I flirt with anemia but am now taking iron supplements. No evidence of a bleed, though.

@Handy (Tom)- Yikes, 125 miles to the doctor? You've got a good son! I really don't have an able-bodied helper so am currently looking into hiring some help. Hopefully English-speaking.

@Bobsandiego- I'm way ahead of you in the weight-gaining department! I immediately put on 50 pounds after losing my wife, Kathy, and shot past the 300 mark. I'm now trying to take things the other direction but it's a lot less fun than putting the weight on was.

@John the Econ- I agree that Trump should go straight for Biden's jugular to nudge him out of his programmed answers. "Your son is a drug-addled rapist whose only purpose in life is to pimp for your bribes." Or just repeatedly ask Joe "How's your granddaughter in Arkansas?"

I really don't see Joe making the election and I expect the swap to come late enough in the game that it's too late to fully investigate the new candidate.

@JustaJeepGuy- I should check to see if it's possible to donate a penny to EcoHealth, costing them $3 in processing fees. If it works, I've got a new hobby.

Interesting theory about the "Oops, he won after all" scenario. I will never say "it couldn't happen" because at this point anything can.

Regarding the Fauci voodoo doll, it only seems fair to assume that one jab deserves another.

@mamafrog- I'm savoring my imaginary movie of the trajectory of that rock!

American Cowboy said...

May I suggest that any blood test draw from Biden take about 1.2 - 1.5 gallons of blood out of him?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@American Cowboy- If it's good enough for a crime scene, it's good enough for me.

Anne said...

Am glad you're looking into Ivermectin. You may find the FLCCC website helpful and informative.

Kathe Houston said...

Praying that you feel better! Think of you often but try not to bug ya.

It ain't easy and we both know it!

Love always,

Kathe Houston

Bruce Bleu said...

Stilt, you KNOW how I hate to correct you, but the answer to the question "Who stands between you and the last pandemic?" is more accurately "The people who brought you the LAST damned pandemic!"

George Leroy Tirebiter said...

Hey doc-One of my best pals who is 70 years old was knocked silly by the coof and suffered greatly from long Covid with symptoms like yours. He is a lifelong firefighter, rescue dive instructor, & in peak physical shape. Then, he was unable to walk to his mailbox. Like you, he was seen by doctor after doctor, none of whom gave any relief. This protocol saved him, and he is back now to 100%. Please give it a try because we care.

Colby Muenster said...

Sorry you are still fighting the crud and I very much appreciate it when you post! It's always spot on and makes my day.

Master debater Biden should also be checked for ear pieces or any other device that could be used to feed him answers. I have Bluetooth hearing aids that could easily be used for that purpose, so no hearing devices for Joey. Then again, I doubt he could listen and talk at the same time.

EcoHealth... reminds me of NPR or PBS. Taxpayer funded socialism factories that still constantly beg for donations. If I decide to donate to a gubmint entity, it sure as hell won't be anything even remotely supported by Democrats.

Raisi... The Israelis say they had nothing to do with that. Mhm.... Any bets on Khamenei meeting his maker soon? And the Iranians are saying it was a helicopter accident. They likely would never openly give Israel credit for killing the butcher. That would be admitting that their security can be breached.

Brie Camembert said...

Hi Stilton. Its a bugger getting old as well I know. Anyhoo, here's wishing you a speedy return to full health. I've a feeling that a Republican administration in Jan 2025 will help somewhat.

Oldarmourer said...

More and more it seems that 'long covid' = 'reaction to fake vaccine' and the former term was invented in a desperate attempt to distract from the latter.

Dan said...

To our fallen comrades.

Gee M said...

The way it works is, if there's any admitting 2020 was a fraud, DJT didn't serve a 2nd term so he's eligible to run. And we could see a lot of trials and several convictions, as well as a 20 year run of "never vote Demorat"...but my evil twin said it would be an excruciating braindeath for the left if no matter how tricky they get, Trump wins and they are in the hot seat. I would never be so vindictive...but one can dream.

Garet said...

Hello! Are you still there?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Garet- Yep, still here, though admittedly I don't offer proof as often as I should. I probably need to make at least a weekly (weakly?) post to that extent. I certainly care about a lot of things going on but lack the physical and emotional strength to comment very often. And I hate that and am working to claw back some of the stamina I've had in the past. But assuming that I don't keel over or get abducted by Biden's Stormtroopers, I'll never desert this site. If I have to go I'll make an official statement for closure...but here's hoping that won't happen!

JustaJeepGuy said...

Gee M, the 22nd Amendment just says "No person shall be elected to the office of the president more than twice..." It says nothing about serving that second term. The Demo_Rats will never admit to fraud, they'll just say they found evidence that some machine miscounted votes. Now that they've "convicted" President Trump, they'll say he can't assume the office he was rightly elected to, so too bad for him (and us...). But they most assuredly will try ANYTHING to keep Gropey Joe from having to debate again.

Oldarmourer said...

It doesn't say anything about someone being 'appointed' president ? As in a sitting president not finishing their term for whatever reason, their vp taking over and being sworn in as president then appointing their own vp and immediately stepping down so that vp can be a completely unelected president, even if they'd already served their set of elected terms ? Not that any political party would ever twist the intent of the law into a pretzel a chiropractor couldn't fix just to keep themselves in power...

Oldarmourer said...

I'd raise the possibility of the current *resident dumping the whorehouse barge anchor he got saddled with as 'assassination insurance' and appointing 'bama as vp but that might raise the question of "is the vp 'elected' since they can be replaced without a vote, or just the president ?" but if they thought they might get some votes because of it, who knows ? I'd think it would cost them votes, but that doesn't seem to concern them much since the ballots are likely already printed and filled in already and they could easily attribute any chicanery to the masses suddenly turning away from Trump for their new choice and the media would proclaim it as so.

Dan said...

Remember the four boxes of Liberty:
soap, ballot, jury, and cartridge.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Oldarmourer, the 22nd Amendment was put in place to prevent another FDR-type presidency, that is to say, a term limit. It says Harry Truman could have been elected to another term had he wanted to try, but nobody else afterward. The 25th Amendment covers some of the issue of who replaces the President if/when that person is unable to discharge the necessary duties, which was the procedure followed when Nixon resigned. Ford as VP took over and nominated Nelson Rockefeller as VP.

I guess a VP could become President and nominate whoever and then resign if that person wanted to, but I can't imagine anyone ever willingly giving up that power.

The Demo_Rats are not above any chicanery in trying to keep power; you can count on that.

Anonymous said...

Stilt. Please go see a cardiologist about your health. I’m on two blood thinners and deal with AFib. Sounds like you are dealing with definite blood clots or blockages in your heart. Don’t wait. We are the same approx age. And btw, you and I go way back amigo. Please keep up the updates for us. We are all on the same ship. Bow goes first, stern is last. USS Biden

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous (and other interested parties)- I just want to assure you that I'm taking my health seriously and keep having tests that haven't found the problem. And these are good tests - just today I had two CAT scans (revealing no blood clots), a blood draw, and a doppler ultrasound scan. I've had x-rays and EKGs. My doctor is taking my condition seriously so we'll keep exploring until we find the problem. I want to be here to make a blog post welcoming Trump back into the Oval Office!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this update. Stilt. I hope the medical group can discover what in the hell is going on with you. Have they talked about a catheter groin insertion to your heart? That how my blockages were discovered. Let us know. We have your back.

Anonymous said...

Your predictions about the debate were spot on!