Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Manchester Terror

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It's happened again, as we all knew it would and, sadly, know it will again. A casual outing, a sudden explosion, and the death of innocents at the hands of a lunatic following an insane ideology.

ISIS is taking credit, which should certainly merit another "mother of all bombs" or even a low-yield nuke - whatever it takes to get their attention.

But as satisfying as that could be, it won't immediately stop the danger from "lone wolf" operatives. And indeed, there is no way to stop the danger - only to reduce it, and even that at great cost.

The Manchester killer was known as a radical to British police and was, apparently pointlessly, "on their radar." Which reflexively makes us wish that everyone on the radar was simply swept up and locked away. But is that really what we want?

Consider who was "on the radar" for terrorism under Barack Obama: "Right-wing extremists." A group defined by Homeland Security as people who were pro-life, opposed to illegal immigration, those who resist federal takeover of the states, and military veterans.  Odds are everyone reading these words would fall into one or more of those "extreme" categories.

We simply can't eliminate possible threats without the certainty of eliminating many of our protected freedoms. And the terrorists know it.

That being said, British authorities currently have a list of over 3500 "potential terrorists" including about 400 who left the UK to be trained by ISIS to fight in war zones like Syria and Iraq before returning to the UK. 

As counter-terror measures go, these people should be seen as low-hanging fruit: give them one week to get the hell out of the UK or lock them up. There are plenty of vacancies at Guantanamo.

Freedom-loving Western cultures can't erase every risk. But we can and must take greater preemptive actions than are currently in play.


stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, lewinsky, blowjob, clinton, slut, whore, jizz, cum, splooge

On a less somber day, we would have enjoyed roasting Monica "Wet Clean Up, Aisle 7" Lewinsky for her appalling editorial in the New York Times, celebrating the death of Fox News's Roger Ailes for allegedly exploiting her "personal tragedy." But we're not in the mood, so we'll cut straight to the chase.

Lewinsky was a lying, lascivious little slut back in the day, and she remains unapologetic for her role (and roll in the hay) in disrupting American government. If Bill Clinton, that miserable tower of human excrement, hadn't been busy fighting his removal from office, he might have actually been doing presidential things like, oh, nailing Osama bin Laden when he had multiple opportunities.

Would the World Trade Center towers have fallen if Bill Clinton's pants hadn't? We can't know, but we can say with certainty that it's at least possible that they wouldn't have. Which is why, Monica, this appalling story isn't really about you and never was. So do the decent thing, accept your shame, and - unlike your time spent kneeling on the Oval Office rug - shut your disgusting mouth.


Michelle Obana attempts a saucy, Jane Russell off-the-shoulder look...


rickn8or said...

For the creature on the right: "Put it on! Put in ON!"

Anonymous said...

Totally declasse' and tacky!

SpectreRider said...

Could you please pass the brain bleach and also remove the words "nailed it" from the photo of wotus.

She’s A Beauty said...

Good Lord...the CLASSIC Jane in the hay pic right next to the silverback.
Have you NO shame, man?

udaman said...

Not even close! Sasquatch, please go away and take the Hildebeast with you.

Pete (Detroit) said...

MAN those are some hideous shades
And that was coming out of some Italian cathedral
What a low class style-less schlunt...
My friends know - I sometimes play steam punk dress up (alt-history Victorian period - favoring loud, mis-matched prints)
I have a "gift" for Ugly Outfits.
Deliberately, amazingly UGLY
"Imagine if you used your talents for GOOD" is a comment I've received.

This isn't "ugly as a style" it's just Effing "TRASHY" Ugly...
No Style
No Class
Not allowed into any church in Italym (bare shoulders are "forbidden")
Unless, of course, you're the former First Wookie...
NO style
NO Class
NO dignity...

and >spit<

Also, does it not appear she could bench press her hubby?
Not that that's necessarily a 'bad' thing, but just sayin'...

Mike said...

I don't think Magilla has ever looked as bad.

Bobo the Hobo said...

But, but, but ... her arms are so buffed! Gack!

Judi King said...

Wow! Compare that loser to the beauty and style of the current FLOTUS. Guess who wins?

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Obama was dressed like that visiting an Italian cathedral. Much disrespect.

Anonymous said...

Now that picture is pure anti-porn, you know the kind causes deflation :)

Fred Ciampi said...

Yes, I truly think that if a 'refugee' is high in the radar then at the very least their house should be searched (remember San Bernardino). After several incidences in our country such as what happened in the UK, folks may well start taking things into their own hands.

And as far as 'kneepads' Monica, anything I can say here would be considered unkind.

Geoff King said...

To Ariana "I hate America" Grande: how's that pro-refugee, pro-Islam, anti-Trump stance working for you now?

Boligat said...

By O's criteria I am four for four which makes me a proud right-wing extremist. Now, don't get me wrong, I am totally against the terror attacks... but he did go after an Ariana Grande concert.

Graylady said...

Jane nailed it, Mushelle failed it. BIG TIME!

Tots said...

Forgive me for not being numerous, but I'm really pissed off.

Trump (like him or not) put a travel ban in place for countries that have a high risk of terrorist traveling to the US from. A court blocked it and called it a "Muslim Ban" although places such as Indonesian, with a high Muslim population, were allowed.

They re-wrote the travel ban and applied it again. This time they took into account green card holders and people in the pipeline to come. A court blocked it again.

The problem is the damn left doesn't take what we say at face value. We say we hate terrorists and they free associate think:

You hate terrorists.
Terrorists are Muslim.
Therefore, you hate Muslims.


We can't apply anything logical without suffering through name calling and shunning. The left is pushing us to our demise and the only thing that will change their mind is to be murdered by these pigs.

The problem is, those pigs won't murder only the leftists.

Keep your family close, stay armed whenever possible and always, always, always be aware. We have to use the same tactics Israelis do to be on the guard against terrorism.

Pray, if you're so inclined.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Tots: Incredible marksmanship there - you hit the issue dead center!

For all the Ariana "Donut Licker" Grande angst, there were predominantly children - CHILDREN - in the crosshairs of these bastards in this attack. Whether it was an USA-hating little bitch's concert, or a Lee Greenwood concert, it is reprehensible, and, frankly, I cannot see any humor in it. (Sorry - I usually can find humor in anything, but no matter what angle I try to look at this, I see only destroyed children who did nothing worse than buy a ticket to a concert in a country that is not a war-torn cesspool.)

Mr. Trump: If your plan to destroy these evil losers is an international seek-and-destroy action, I support you. Hell! I'll volunteer to participate. These insane, evil bastards need to be removed from our plane of existence. With prejudice.

pgm1972 said...

If clothes could talk, people would realize that Michelle's "top" was consciously trying to mimic a flag, while it was screaming "I surrender! Please, take me away!" :-)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fred Ciampi- I agree that it's time for authorities to take some more proactive measures and am not against the idea of the occasional "surprise home inspection" of someone genuinely high on the radar.

@Geoff King- I doubt that Ariana will learn anything from this, even though she was used as death bait for children.

@Boligat- Ouch. While I'm demonstrably not the most tasteful or politically correct kind of guy, I have to admit that I'm not comfortable with the jokes floating around this awful event which try to stick it to Ariana Grande. She was, is, and will be a big nothing in the grand scheme of things and her tangential involvement in this attack simply isn't a significant part of the story.

@Tots- I completely agree. Trump's attempted travel ban makes sense, and the judges who have struck down the executive orders are doing so without basis in law.

@Emmentaler Limburger- Exactly right about Ariana Grande - it didn't matter who the concert headliner was, only that there would be a crowd of potential victims.

And I also support Trump's much more aggressive anti-terror policies. Obama's stated goal for ISIS was to make them a "manageable problem." Trump's goal is their "annihilation." Works for me.

American Cowboy said...

@Tots - The advice in your next to last sentence is spot on. And not just for today. As a now long in the tooth, white haired, wrinkled old cowboy whose biggest surprise each day is simply waking up I have practiced those very things for the better part of my entire adult life. They have served me well.

As for "known" terrorists, perhaps I am the suspicious type, I believe there is a reason governments basically ignore them until tragedies/mass murders occur, and it isn't cultural "sensitivity". It will be entirely up to the legal citizenry to defend their own country without government "help". IMO

Alfonso Bedoya said...

Maybe you didn't know, but an Obit in one of the fishwrappers described Jane Russell thusly:

"She also turned to conservative politics in her later years."

In her later years, Russell was quoted: “These days I’m a teetotal, mean-spirited, right-wing, narrow-minded, conservative Christian bigot, but not a racist,” she told The Daily Mail of London in 2003. Bigotry, she added, “just means you don’t have an open mind.”

Unlike Mooshayo, Jane was my kind of woman.

CA said...

General Curtis LeMay said, "Kill enough of them and they'll quit fighting". General George S. Patton said, "Wade into them, spill their blood or they will spill yours. Shoot them in the guts. Rip open their belly. When shells are hitting all around you and you wipe the dirt from your face and you realize that it's not dirt, it's the blood and gut of what was once your best friend, you'll know what to do". Killing terrorists before they kill us was a foreign concept to obama. Trump seems more amenable to solving the ISIS problem. Thank God he's in the Thankfully-white-again House instead of Hilarious Clitoris!

Bruce Bleu said...

Well Monica has decided to fall to her knees in appreciation of "Willie the willie" providing her a venue to whore herself out to the public, and cut a "cover" record of her favorite songs, (she really has a way of 'making them her own'). So:
"HEAD, Shoulders, Knee-pads and Toes" (Public)
"BLOWIN' In The Wind" Dylan
"Let The Wind BLOW" The Bitch Boys
"Pucker Up, Buttercup" Jr Walker And The All Stars
"When The Wild Wind BLOWS" Iron Maiden
"BLOWING Kisses In The Wind" Paula Abdul
"BLOW Wind BLOW" Eric Clapton
"BLOW, BLOW Thou Winter Wind" Barenaked Ladies
"Cold BLOWS The Wind" Ween
"Any Old Wind That BLOWS" Johnny Cash
"They Call The Wind Monica" Sam Cooke
"Ill Wind (You're Blowin' Me No Good)" Tony Bennett
"I'll Huff And I'll Puff" The Big Bad Wolf
"Head" Prince
"Heads I Win, Tails You Lose" Ratt (out POTUS)
"The Schlong And Schlort Of It" Latter Day Cowboy
"Got My Head On Your Head" The Cars
We here at "Roll It Up REAL Tight And Jam It Where The Sun Don't Shine" wish her the very best!

John the Econ said...

Mark Steyn points out that at their peak, the IRA never had more than 100 terrorists operating in Britain at any one time. Yet today, somewhere around 850 British subjects have gone to be trained and to fight in Syria and Iraq. That's more volunteers than the IRA were able to recruit in thirty years.

At least during "the troubles", the UK had no problem with the idea of restricting the travel of suspected terrorists. Today, any attempt to do so is "racist" or "Islamophobic". I have little doubt that future historians (assuming there will be future historians) will shake their heads in disbelief as to why any country would allow people who left their home soil to fight on behalf of anti-western causes would willingly allow the same back on the soil they obviously resent.

In other words, this is the "new normal" and the UK is going to be in for a lot of it. Or as the Muslim mayor of London Sadiq Khan said last year, terror attacks like this are now just “part and parcel of living in a big city”. I'm sure the parents and families of all those girls killed or maimed the other day understand; their sacrifice is just collateral damage for achieving the Progressive multicultural dream.

I wish this was a problem that could be cured by making more smoking holes in the ground where ISIS types are known to congregate. After all, that's something we're very good at. Unfortunately, that's not working, and it's not going to work. Islamic fascism is a cancer that has long since been widely dispersed across the globe and is easily spread on social media. The unfortunate fact is that we could turn all of the Middle East to glass and we'd still have the same problem; disaffected people fed a constant stream of anti-western propaganda convinced that the path to Elysium is the destruction of everything.

Meanwhile, as I write this Trump is now visiting with the Pope, who still thinks the big problem is "climate change". If I was Trump, I'd be asking the Pope when he's planning his next visit to Venezuela, who's citizenry is suffering under the wonderful "social justice" that the Pope and other Progressive luminaries so viscerally lauded only a few years ago. I assure you, "climate change" is the furthest thing from the minds of the unfortunate members of the Venezuelan proletariat these days.

Monica: What a sad life. I almost feel sorry for her. Monica should be the poster child for the consequences of bad life decisions. She could literally discover the cure for cancer, and yet she will forever be remembered as the bimbo on kneepads as the target for liquid Bill. That she's gotta take cheap shots at a dead guy for her stupidity just reminds us all how pathetic she really is. Again, what a sad life.

Michelle: Anyone who's done any travelling to certain heritage sites, especially religious ones knows there's a dress code. Even shorts are frequently banned. So she knew better. But obviously didn't care. After all, she's Michelle Obama, ugly American.

I wonder if that's how she'd dress visiting the Al Kaaba.

Dick said...

I detect a slight difference between the Jane Russel look and the Moochelle look. Jane Russel looks like a delicious woman and Moochelle looks like a fullback. A homely fullback. A homely fullback with a permanent lousy attitude.

John the Econ said...

@Geoff King rhetorically asked, "Ariana "I hate America" Grande: how's that pro-refugee, pro-Islam, anti-Trump stance working for you now?"

It's my understanding that she was immediately whisked away, put on her private jet back to the US, and retreated to her guarded home in a gated community.

Meanwhile, there was no shortage of vapid Progressive celebrities tweeting about our need for open borders and to "co-exist" from their own private jets and gated communities.

@Emmentaler Limburger, ever since 9/11 I've been astounded by the entertainment industry's denial of the agenda of fascist Islam, which considers most entertainment itself as prohibited. Ironically, the Progressive entertainment establishment is just slightly lower down the extermination list than Jews, homosexuals, Christians and blasphemers. So that a venue featuring immodestly-dressed women and adulating girls would be a target should not be a surprise to anyone beyond the willfully ignorant.

txGreg said...

Nail on the head there Tots. I'll just pretend I repeated all that you already said, with an Amen.

Also, I really liked a tweet I got earlier this week from Michelle Malkin where she tries to steer us away from "Lone Wolf" to "Known Wolf" terrorist. The latter is much more commonly appropriate.

There aren't really any "lone wolves" in these scenarios. They have contact with other like-minded cohorts - either in person or on the internet. This one apparently even traveled away for advanced "how to blow yourself up" classes before returning to the U.K. for graduation. And unfortunately - just like in the U.S. - the British authorities already knew enough about his proclivities to have him "on the radar." They just weren't concerned enough to be in place to stop him. "Known Wolf" indeed...

Anonymous said...

Does,anyone renber Monicas War??

Colby Muenster said...

Most of Europe is welcoming the snakes that would kill them, with open arms and free shit. This is so very, very sad, and we are on the verge of joining them in their folly. There are many in DC (like Trump) who really want to stop the cancer spread, but I fear they are outnumbered.

Preaching to the choir here, but these barbarians do not want to "coexist" with us. They want to infiltrate our neighborhoods and kill every last man, woman and child who would defame the prophet (with a little "p") by merely being a non-muslim (with a little "m"). I'm with Stilton; let's turn as many as we can into pink mist or buzzard food.

That was a wonderfully accurate rant!

Judi King said...

Don't need to turn the whole Mideast into glass, just the radical training centers and known cities of radicalism. These medieval morons only understand power and if met with resistance will back off.

American Cowboy said...

Just to agree with most of the comments already. These "known wolfs" (I like that term) are cut from pretty much the same cloth as the typical schoolyard bully. And just like that bully they will continue their intimidation and violence until they come up against someone just as strong or stronger who is not only willing to talk tough but to back that talk up with action. I have never heard of a bully who continues to bully their victim(s) AFTER they have met the right amount of resistance and have been taken down a notch or two.
Talking nice sounds good on paper, but in real life it is exactly like my dear father said many decades ago, "Son, don't go looking for fights, but if someone starts one with you, fight to win and don't stop until you do win."

Dan said...

@Stilton, regarding your comment on @Tots post... The judges who blocked the travel bans should get all the incoming folks redirected to their respective home towns. I'm sure Oahu will welcome the poor, downtrodden folks from the middle east. Hawaii is already a diverse, multicultural state. (From having lived there, I can say that means every group hates every other group.)

Sortahwitte said...

Whenever I have visited Europe, NO women, native or tourist, dressed like that would have been allowed in a house of worship, cathedral, etc. Maybe they're sure the buffarilla is a guy. You know, hairy armpits, dangling junk, meaty thighs, professional courtesy, et al.

rickn8or said...

Right you are Judy; no sense drilling through any more glass than necessary.

jlw said...

it happened again. it won't get the coverage that Manchester got, but suicide bomber in Jakarta

Dave from the Cheesehead Nation said...

In 1999 Cal Thomas wrote a "Commentary" about Monica Lewinsky. It appeared in our local bird cage liner and the copy write was held by the Los Angeles Time Syndicate. I accidently found it a little while ago while filing other newspaper articles. It is definitely worth the read.

Ben Rumson said...

Fun and some very meaningful comments.
I'll have to remember Silverback....

OpenTheDoor said...

I for one am glad to see Mooch got somebody
to shave those hard to reach spots.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@American Cowboy- Maybe I'm naive but I don't think authorities "let" terror attacks occur, although there are certainly politicians who take advantage of such horrible incidents and perhaps even hope for them to happen.

@Alfonso Bedoya- Jane Russell was quite a gal. Of course, anyone who doesn't "turn to conservative politics in (their) later years" has got a screw loose.

@CA- There is a genuinely a war of ideas that needs to be won to ultimately defeat ISIS. But along the way, we need to handle the problem bluntly in the way Patton described.

@idahobob- Michelle can actually clean up pretty nicely, so I'm baffled by her continuing run of expensive fashion disasters. Barry is getting $62 million for his "memoirs" - maybe he should buy her a mirror.

@Bruce Bleu- You've clearly been waiting a long time for me to mention Monica again! (grin)

@John the Econ- Indeed, there are no simple solutions to the problem of radical Islam, including military solutions (however kinetic). Blind obeisance to a perverted faith, combined with perhaps insoluble economic and social problems, is a very hard combination to fight.

Regarding the Pope giving Trump a book on climate change, all I can do is shake my head. Maybe the Pope should instead take the time to think about the impact on the poor if we shut down the various industries which are currently providing many of them with food, shelter, and opportunity.

Regarding Monica, the reason I'm still so angry at her (and yes, I was sincere about my 9/11 speculation) is that she is still presenting herself as the victim. Yes, she was young and she made some monumentally stupid decisions (with a lot of help from Hillary's husband). But the greater sin is her failure to learn anything from it. In her anti-Ailes editorial, she showed not a glimmer of remorse or self-awareness. So, metaphorically speaking of course, screw her.

@Dick- Jane Russell looked ravishing, while Michelle only looks unraveled.

@John the Econ- I'm going to go way out on a limb and say that the solution to Islamic terror is NOT fewer borders and more love. I'll also mention that if Katy Perry was forced to cover her "assets" with traditional Islamic garb, no one would have ever heard of her.

@txGreg- I like the notion of changing "lone wolf" to "known wolf." Certainly in the Manchester case, it seems like the killer wasn't a solitary nutjob.

@Anonymous- I absolutely remember "Monica's War." Bill Clinton initiated questionable military actions seemingly (and almost surely) timed to disrupt breaking news coverage about Monica - including his infamous cruise missile attack on an aspirin factory. That's why I'm absolutely serious about wondering if Osama bin Laden could have been captured or killed prior to 9/11 if Bill wasn't screwing around, figuratively and literally.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby Muenster- I'll admit to having genuine discomfort about a Muslim household in my neighborhood in which the women only emerge wearing head-to-toe black burqas with eye slits. Every day when I walk past that house with Penny (the official dog of Hope n' Change), I wonder what the hell is going on in there. Does that make me an Islamaphobe or simply someone who worries about anyone with such a pronounced aversion to Western culture?

@Judi King- I hope you're right.

@American Cowboy- I agree with all you're saying, although the bullies in this case may NOT back down because they believe that by dying for their cause they actually win. That's a hard mindset to beat.

@Dan- I more than agree that the judges should live with the consequences of their pronouncements (I can't bring myself to call them "decisions" or "judgements"). And I've spent a lot of time - too much, in fact - on Oahu, and I like the idea of shipping more of these unvetted Middle Eastern "refugees" to the island. Hopefully the newcomers will enjoy macaroni salad and spam.

@James Daily- The KTCS church sounds interesting, and it's unlikely anyone will fall asleep during the sermons.

@Sortahwitte- The fact that Michelle was visiting an historic church really does add to the calamity of her outfit and her clear disdain for others.

@jlw- "It happened again" is becoming the saddest phrase in our language.

@Dave from the Cheesehead Nation- I'll track it down. Cal Thomas is usually a good read.

@Ben Rumson- Yes, very good discussion here today!

rickn8or said...

" Does that make me an Islamaphobe or simply someone who worries about anyone with such a pronounced aversion to Western culture? "

FWIW, remember that a phobia is an irrational fear,dislike or loathing. I see no reason to proceed with caution around people known for removing heads for believing the wrong myths.

Colby Muenster said...

Concerning Michelle's odd way of dressing.... As far as I'm concerned, she can wear whatever the hell she wants to wear, but it really trips my trigger when her devoted fans criticize Melania or Ivanka Trump, insinuating they look like ho's or something.

Oh, and imagine Katy Perry, Ashley Judd, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, or Madumma getting married and thier husbands forcing them to wear a burka. Riiiight.... Hey, ladies, that's how it's done in the countries you so admire.

Joseph ET said...

A few years back Juan Williams was fired from NPR for telling Bill O'Reilly that “he gets nervous at the airport when he sees Muslims in their costumes.” I was doing some flying at the time and I wasn’t concerned about Muslims in their costumes as they knew they were being watched by everybody. My concern was with the ones trying to blend in with the crowd. Remember the 911 hijackers were NOT in their costumes.

Bruce Bleu said...

Rickn8or, "...and it's not paranoia if they really ARE trying to kill you!"

Joseph ET, You are so right... I was in Manchester England once and saw 300 mooselims walking toward "United (with camels) Flight 674" to Beheadistan... BUT, it was the guy in jeans, a "72 virgins countdown" tee shirt, and the latest issue of "Playgoat" under his arm that caused not less than a little concern for me.