Friday, February 9, 2018

Poker Face

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Senate Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi just set an official record by flapping her yap for over 8 hours (and 2 adult diapers) on the subject of why legal citizens should get nothing in the budget if illegal aliens aren't allowed - indeed, encouraged - to remain in our country.

In fairness, the majority of those illegals work hard during their annual, back-breaking harvest of taxpayer-funded entitlements. And let's not forget that you can't be a Dreamer without taking time for siestas.

It is thought by some that Ms. Pelosi chose to speak so long in order to quell growing rumors that she is suffering from senile dementia. It is thought by others that her remarks ran so long because she kept forgetting her place in what should have been a 20 minute speech and kept starting over again.

All we know is that Nancy has, once again, set a record which will always be enshrined in the hallowed annals of the STFU.


stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, richard pryor, marlon brando, sex, lovers, bisexual, butter, last tango in paris

To be clear on the subject, Stilton's Place is still Gay friendly and relatively non-judgmental about relationships between consenting adults in which no one gets hurt. Unless, of course, that's what turns them on.

Still, the news that groundbreaking comedian Richard Pryor and mumbling blob Marlon Brando were lovers is just a little more than we can take without reaching for a stiff drink and then immediately regretting our use of the word "stiff." Also, remembering Brando's "Last Tango in Paris," we don't expect to be using butter again for a long, long time.

What bothers us isn't so much their proclivities, which are none of our business, but rather that hearing Pryor and Brando's names jammed together in this context puts specific images in our head that we don't want to have. In much the same way that we don't really want to imagine the bedroom bliss of entirely heterosexual luminaries like Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman.

Then again, maybe we're just upset because the damn stock market is still plunging,  so we're more than a little sensitive about any subject related to taking it up the poop chute.


REM1875 said...

No ....Nooo....Hell No .......Last brando I saw was The Island of Dr. Moreau..... no.....NO....Hell No.......

james daily said...

Looks like another day off for the non productive. Seems like they create a new crisis everyday and solve it with money we ain't got. Actually, here is the line that bother me the most. "There’s also $16 billion to renew a slew of expired tax breaks that Congress seems unable to kill." Say what? What am I missing here.
On Brando Et al, ya never know. Probably had a large closet.

She’s A Beauty said...

Batshit crazy Nance turns my stomach WAY more than Godfather and the human bonfire mixing it up...

TrickyRicky said...

Thank God it's Friday, and my early shift ends at noon, so I have plenty of FAC in my future. The news, political, financial and sexual lately is like getting out of bed everyday and donning not a hair shirt, but more like a hair union suit.


Anonymous said...

Re: Brando - Pryor, a visit by Busty Ross sure would help set our minds straight ...

Geoff King said...

During her sleep inducing speech, Numbcy rambled about how she thought it was beautiful that her own grandson once said he wished he had brown skin like his friend Antonio.
Evidently even he doesn't want to be related to her.
Brando/Pryor: His widow says it's true, his daughter says it isn't.
Although Richard Pryor did lead quite the wild drugged out lifestyle, he also was one of the most racist anti-white comedians of all time, so I have trouble believing he would have had a relationship with the very Caucasian Brando.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Yanno, if I hadn't read today's "Stilton's Place", I probably would have remained blissfully ignorant about Don Cornholeone and Muddy Bone.

I also demand more Busty Ross by way of compensation. :D


Fred Ciampi said...

Stilt, you said "All we know is that Nancy has, once again, set a record which will always be enshrined in the hallowed annals of the STFU."

Perhaps you should of said "All we know is that Nancy has, once again, set a record which will always be enshrined in the hallowed anals of the STFU."

Methinks that would be more suited to Nancy and Brando & Richard.

Ahhhh, Friday, now, where's my 'shine. I have some vintage around here somewhere. Last Tuesday I think it is.

Keith said...

consulting adults . . . may need to ponder that one for a while

Fish Out of Water said...

She refused to stand during the Sate of the Union, and had the expression of a child who's been denied their nighttime treat of a cookie and warm milk, yet she can stand for 8 hours on the House floor. She's a gift that keeps on giving to the Republican Party and the sooner the democratic party is shed of her in a leadership position, the better off they'll be.

Dan said...

I gotta get this out of my craw:

One of the things that bugs me about the shutdown/notashutdown, is that it leaves a lot of things hanging. Things that should have been planned for and budgeted for already.

Our daughter, who is stationed overseas, is on temporary duty here in the US for a leadership school. The school is around a month long.

During the first shutdown, the school told them that they might be sent back to home station and have to complete the course some other time. That would mean the whole class would have to return overseas to their home stations and then fly back again some other day at taxpayer expense.

This time they were told maybe they could get full credit even though they didn't get the whole class. But the powers that be weren't sure.

If I understand correctly, the school is on a military base, the instructors are military, and they stay in military quarter while attending.

So, Congrefs or no Congrefs, shouldn't the school have allocated sufficient funds to run the school for the time scheduled? And by acting all confused and befuddled and unprepared and such, what kind of leadership and preparedness is that military branch showing?

Gee M said...

I believe that is covered under the military directive of SNAFU.

John the Econ said...

Pelosi's grandchild: Part of the problem of having marginally hinged people prattle on for 8 hours on open mic night is that you never know what's going to pop out after they've exhausted their "A" material after the first 30 minutes.

So we get this gem:

"I'm reminded of my own grandson. He is Irish, English, whatever, whatever, and Italian-American, he is a mix. But he looks more the other [Italian] side of the family, shall we say. And when he had his sixth birthday... he had a very close friend whose name is Antonio, he's from Guatemala. And he has beautiful tan skinned, beautiful brown eyes, and this was a proud day for me, because when my grandson blew out the candles on his cake, they said did you make a wish? He said yes, he made a wish. What is your wish? I wish I had brown skin and brown eyes like Antonio."

Wow. How sad is that? They've programmed this poor 6-year-old boy to hate himself.

This isn't love for his Guatemalan friend. This is programmed hate for his own skin. There's little doubt that this self-hate combined with access to Pelosi's 8-figure wealth, this kid's life is going to be a gold-plated mess. I feel sorry for him.

Assuming, of course, that this insanity is even true. In that case, which is worse? That the Pelosi family is filled with self-hating Italian-whatevers or that she'd offer up part of her family as a sad prop to justify her virtue signalling agenda?

Pathetic, either way.

Richard Pryor and sex with blobs: I don't know if this is for real or not, and truth be told I really don't care. But is there any legitimate reason why this should even be out there? Does this have any relevant impact on anybody's life? Do we really need to know everything about everybody?

Quite frankly, I don't think Richard Pryor having sex with Marlon Brando is any more sick than people's desire to want to know about it.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- "The Island of Dr. Moreau" is an amazing disaster of a movie! If you're into that kind of thing (and I am), there are some great behind the scenes articles about everything that went wrong.

@James Daily- Let me give a shout out to Rand Paul for his willingness to speak truth to power. The Republicans clearly don't give a flying you-know-what at a rolling donut when it comes to actual deficit reduction. Or standing up to the Dems, for that matter.

Regarding Brando, I understand that he also frolicked with Wally Cox (and no, I'm not making that up).

@Section147- You make an excellent point.

@TrickyRicky- I wouldn't normally have included a cartoon of someone vomiting, but that pretty much nailed the way I feel about EVERYTHING lately. There's way too much that I don't want to hear, being of an age where "ignorance is bliss" is growing in appeal.

@Anonymous- I'll try to arrange it. Until then, just thinking about her should help.

@Geoff King- I don't know if Nancy's grandson will ever have brown skin, but he's already got the brown nose thing figured out.

And I don't have any idea if the Brando/Pryor allegations are true. It could easily just be the widow's way of trying to churn some book sales. Then again, who can say that Pryor could even discern races (or sexes?) when freebasing?

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Regarding Busty Ross, Valentine's Day is coming soon...

@Fred Ciampi- I like it! Although we could go a step further and refer to her "hollowed anals." And pass me some of that shine!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Keith- D'oh! Yeah, I meant "consenting" adults (and have since changed it). Although I suppose it's perfectly likely that people get screwed by consultants, too.

@Fish Out of Water- Excellent point. The more face time Nancy gets, the more I like our odds for the midterms.

@Dan- Thanks for sharing that story. It very clearly illustrates how screwed up these bureaucratic games are, and how frighteningly they affect our military readiness.

@Gee M- Speaking of SNAFU, a brief anecdote: my father once edited a humor magazine called SNAFU for a short while. Shortly thereafter, the editorial duties went to a guy named Stan Lee - who later did QUITE well in the comic book industry.

@John the Econ- You're 100% right about that screwed up kid. And why (with MLK Jr in mind) should Nancy's grandson be wishing for someone else's skin color rather than the personal qualities that made Antonio a good friend? Clearly he's been programmed to pay close attention to skin color and celebrate long as it's not white.

And you've nicely summarized what I was trying to say. I don't care about people's sex lives (within the codicils I mentioned above) but I also don't want to hear about them. What the hell has happened to our culture?

On a nearly unrelated note regarding the stock market, I've already lost enough today to pay for 1000 jugs of Clan MacGregor. Somehow, visualizing it that way makes the pain even greater...

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Huh! I thought the demoncraps hated the filibuster. Didn't that zombie-elect, Harry Reid do away with it in the senate? Shouldn't the blathering bitch from the west lose here "D" card for performing one? Oh, yeah. Forgot: two-faced hypocrites.

Rand Paul also aptly said: “When the Democrats are in power, Republicans appear to be the conservative party. But when Republicans are in power, it seems there is no conservative party.”

@John the Econ: Your comment - But is there any legitimate reason why this should even be out there? Does this have any relevant impact on anybody's life? pairs well with my response to hearing this alleged "news": So?

John the Econ said...

Good points about Nancy giving the GOP 8 hours of free material to use in the midterms. (The GOP doesn't have to pay shady law firms to pay shady oppo-research firms to pay shady ex-spy-guys to write shady dossiers based upon innuendo from shady Russians) Another example of "Want more Trump? Because this is how you get more Trump."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Emmentaler Limburger- For some semantic reason, Nancy's diatribe couldn't officially be categorized as a filibuster, so was merely a hideously long annoyance.

@John the Econ- Sadly what we see as an 8-hour commercial for more Trump, the Left will only see as another heroic stand by Nancy. The idiots.

By the way, in the half hour since I last posted, I've now lost enough in the market just today to pay for two thousand jugs of scotch. I need a hug.

John the Econ said...

Me too. {{{{{{{{ hug }}}}}}}}

Stan da Man said...

I have never understood why anyone thought Pryor was funny (well, until he set himself on fire)
Likewise, I've never understood why anyone thought Brando was any good (Streetcar was HORRIBLE, all around, *I* thought. Never saw waterfront, nor more than brief clips of the Godfathers)
So, two nothing burgers got gropy/pokey... Yawn
Releasing squirrels for distraction is bad enough, but ugly zombie, empty squirrels? WHY?!?!?

Colby Muenster said...

"...flapping her yap for over 8 hours (and 2 adult diapers)..." Crickey! This brought on a mental image that I can't un-see. Please tell me she didn't REALLY change her diaper in the middle of her speech. You better go buy a couple hundred bottles of MacGregor before the market goes down any further.

So... was Nan's grandson's friend the gardener's kid, the maid's kid, the butler's kid, the chauffeur's kid, or the chef's kid? I also really wonder exactly how many congress-turds were actually listening to her blathering. My money is on "less than one."

... and, right on cue, staying in character, Richard Pryor shouted, "Ahoy Cap'n. Thar she blows!"

Regnad Kcin said...

Nancy Pelosi stood and rattled on for 8 hours ? Were her legs nailed together with MDF ? Must be like listening to an LP record with a deep scratch in it for a third of a day. Who was sitting in the Chamber enduring that diatribe ? And did they have their eyes clamped open like Alex in Clockwork Orange ? Inquiring minds want to know.........

PvtCharlieSlate said...


sergio said...

My grandparents went to see "Last Tango" thinking it was a musical. When the butt butter came out they departed promptly

Dan said...

@Gee M -- yup. SNAFU is highly appropriate. Still gripes my gears.

Regarding Nanny's grandson, isn't the tradition that if you tell your wish, it won't come true? Maybe he's being a proper democrat -- virtue signalling while knowing it won't affect him.

Colby Muenster said...

@Regnad Kcin,

Now that you mention it, NANCY'S eyes appear to be clamped open like in that movie.

@Dan and Gee M,
I never knew what "SNAFU" meant before, so I looked it up. Perfectly describes our current state of gubmint!

Colby Muenster said...

Oh.... and by the way, I used to play in a cover bar band back in Wyoming in the 70's and 80's. When we'd play the song "Cocaine," we'd substitute lyrics, like "You can be like Richard Pryor and catch your face on fire.... cocaine."

ok... it seemed funny at the time...

How about, "If your granny is old and gettin' real cold, propane."

"If you scream and shout 'cause yer hair's fallin' out, Rogaine."

No, I have NOT quit my day job.

Anonymous said...

Losing that many bottles of booze in the market kinda makes you think prohibition is back. BTW the market is up so you can buy a few bottles back from your favorite Democratic bootlicker errrr bootlegger.

American Cowboy said...

@ Gee M said...

I believe that is covered under the military directive of SNAFU.

SNAFU or FUBAR? I am beginning to think it is the latter.

Anonymous said...

I support your comments about Hillary - I just wish SOMEONE would do something about she and the whole #$%@#% family. It's been a topic of discussion for years....but she's still free. Obviously, I supported Trump and I have to admit a tiny, little part of me wanted to believe that he actually WOULD see her indicted. He's got more time, I hope he sets it in motion and they all (Hullyard and Bull and the lovely Chelsea) go WAAAAY up the river.

Gee M said...

@American Cowboy:

As an amatuer Military dictionaryist, I believe FUBAR is covered under SNAFU...

A great American prevaricator once said "What difference..."

My Mama always said "Same difference".

And the Military always says "We need more financing to study the situation and develop an alternative system."

Jack Colby said...

@Colby Muenster

Well, I don't know about anyone else but I laughed!

RE Brando/Pryor: I read the Quincy Jones interview, too, and Q mentions Marvin Gaye(another surprise) and James Baldwin(no surprise and for younger folks here, no relation to Alec) in the same sentence. But when the interviewer asks for more Q demurs. Reading between the lines, I got the sense that Q wanted to take the statement back. Not necessarily b/c it wasn't true, I suppose. But he's the only survivor among all those names: "Don't speak ill of the dead." He was uncomplimentary about Michael Jackson, too, whom Q helped put on the map as a solo artist. And he said that John Coltrane's masterpiece "Giant Steps" is every bit as awful as JC's "Ascension." Makes me think Q's never heard Ascension and was just shooting off his mouth. Maybe Q has lost a few of his marbles. Nevertheless, there's a lot of other interesting stuff in the interview. If you're a musician and can find it, read it.

John the Econ said...

"What the hell has happened to our culture?"

Boredom. Never before in the history of mankind have there been so many people with the luxury of "free time". It's both a luxury, and unfortunately a curse. Instead of taking that opportunity to expand their horizons or do something otherwise worthwhile, many take the lazy way out and take a float in the lazy river that is, in fact a cultural gutter.

Pete (Detroit) said...

American Cowboy - Sadly, FUBAR *is* becoming Sitch Norm...