Friday, December 7, 2018

Many Are Cold, But Few Are Frozen

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The days of December are quickly passing, moving us ever deeper into that beloved time of year when liberal nitwits find hilarious new reasons to be offended by anything and everything related to Christmas.

As a case in point, a hue and cry has been raised against the playfully romantic tune "Baby, It's Cold Outside," owing to interpretations that the song is actually about men drugging women and raping them, then casting them aside (perhaps in the snow) while heading for a warm seat on the Supreme Court.

In recent days the easily offended have also been melting down about the stunning red Christmas trees chosen by First Lady Melania Trump to adorn the White House, the "Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer" special (because of bullying by the other reindeer), and in all likelihood protesters are taking to the streets because the Three Wise Men didn't also include a "wise Latina."

Then there's the Massachusetts church that has erected a nativity scene with baby Jesus locked in a cage, as a protest against Donald Trump's alleged policy of grabbing newborn saviors at the border and throwing them in the clink. Although frankly, we're betting any kid with a halo who is spotted walking across the Rio Grande will be granted automatic citizenship personally by the President.

There's a lot to be enjoyed about this time of year, including traditions and celebrations both religious and secular. Both of which annoy the heck out of the Left if anyone appears to actually be having fun. So please, progressive snowflakes, just shut your stupid whiny yaps for a few weeks and let the rest of us enjoy ourselves!

Is that cold enough for

Efforts to revive her failed since she couldn't give paramedics permission to touch her.

Our visit to the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor was a sobering and unforgettable experience. Similarly, we had an emotional moment when hiking up a mountain trail on the island of Oahu and finding the rusting engine block of a Japanese Zero. The unfortunate pilot, coming in low and fast for the attack, confused a blind alley with the actual mountain pass leading to Pearl Harbor.

That piece of metal, forgotten and nearly hidden by Hawaii's jungle of plant life, spoke eloquently of the events of that awful and fateful day.

Take time today to remember that day of infamy...and to reflect on the fact that freedom is never free.


Joseph ET said...

A couple of idiots make up alternate meanings of a song, then the rest of us are not allowed to enjoy it.
I'm so tired of the tail wagging the dog!

Please remember
12/07/1941 Pearl Harbor Day

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

I rather like the version with Miss Piggy trying to seduce Nureyev...

Jim G. said...


Always great to read your blog. (Not sure what blog means.)

Regarding your current and recent medical condition (i.e., uncontrolled and violent bodily responses), perhaps you should consider going completely doctor prescribed drug free and see what happens.

One year younger than you. I take no drugs, despite my doctor's attempt to load me up at every annual physical.

I take the drugs I need when necessary, but only for short periods. I don't do long term drugs and I get to yhe gym, pool, golf course, bicyle most days.

Just a thought.

Peace Brother,
Jim G.

james daily said...

In my opinion, this barring songs, candy canes, etc is a concerted attack on the First Amendment. By making speech of this and that politically incorrect, that is effectively neutering that amendment. This effort will only get higher and more concentrated and every item is against conservative thoughts and ideas.

Thank you Joseph for reminding me that today is a historic day that will live in infamy.
I often wonder how a country like Japan could suffer the devastation it did and become a world financial and industrial power in basically 30 years while in Germany under the Marshall plan, buckets of money flowed for their rebuilding and today, they are a cesspool. Ya never know.

REM1875 said...

Wringing every last drop of joy from the Christmas season........... and only then can they be "happy" ........when we are sad and miserable as they are ......

Geoff King said...

If one tries hard enough, fault could be found in everything to do with Christmas, I imagine.
What about when James Stewart makes fun of Donna Reed when she loses her robe and hides in a bush in "It's a Wonderful Life"? Definite misogyny there. How about when Ebeneezer Scrooge travels unseen with the Ghost of Christmas Present to his nephew's house? Voyeurism indeed!
Then there's Santa Clause and his elven slave labor sweatshop.
Actually, I had a Lutheran Catechism teacher that was convinced that Santa and the Easter Bunny were works of the devil because they detract from the true meaning of the holiday, so leftests are probably good with that.

Jess said...

I like Christmas and despise liberals. There must be some way to celebrate one, while celebrating getting rid of the other. Now, that would be a good Christmas.

Edam Wensleydale said...

Weather report for Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1945: Conditions clear, but there's a Nip in the air. ;D

Judi King said...

CHRISTmas is for CHRISTians. The rest can go where they'll feel warm and cozy.
I'd bet all these anti Christmas proglodytes spend mega bucks to please their little snowflake children and family all in the name of Christmas. Hypocrites!!!!!!!!!1

McChuck said...

James -
Only 10% of the Marshall Plan money went to Germany (6%) and Japan (4%). The rest went to England, France, and Italy. Germany rebuilt herself from the rubble of the war.

Germany is the way it is today because we forced them to apologize and grovel for the last 70+ years for losing the war. When you teach generations of children that they and their culture are uniquely evil in the world, they eventually believe it.

Pete (Detroit) said...

James Daily - Japan strictly controls immigration, and pretty much won't let Muslims even VISIT, much less move there. I was in Germany in the early 70s, lovely place. But tehn, I was 10 - what did I know.

Fred Ciampi said...

And why wasn't Jesus born in Washington, DC? Because they couldn't find three wise men ... or a virgin!

December 7th, 1941, an uncle of mine was a young sailor stationed on the USS Washington, BB-56, in Pearl Harbor...............

Fish Out of Water said...

For those who have yet to read this, it gets worse....

Fred Ciampi said...

Correction; I posted "December 7th, 1941, an uncle of mine was a young sailor stationed on the USS Washington, BB-56, in Pearl Harbor...............

It should have read "December 7th, 1941, an uncle of mine was a young sailor stationed on the USS Tennessee, BB-43, in Pearl Harbor...............

Mea Culpa .............

Igor the Obscure said...

The song "Baby it's cold outside" appeared in the movie "Neptune's Daughter", which had nothing to do with Christmas. In fact the entire premise of the song was a pun since it took place in southern California (not very cold there)! Another interesting factoid was that it was performed in the movie twice. The first by Ricardo Montalban and Esther Williams with Montalban as the pursuer. The second by Red Skelton and Betty Garret with Garret as the purser. Equal opportunity seduction!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- I had intended to include a reference to Pearl Harbor in today's commentary, but failed to hit the proper buttons to make sure it was published along with everything else. I have now updated the page to include the remembrance.

Unknown said...

A note of personal observation Stilt. My significant and I were lucky enough to score White House Christmas tour tickets last year and this year. Mrs. Trump's decorating taste is as good or better than her choices in clothing she is seen wearing in public, classy. Both years, as we wandered through the WH halls we overheard voice after voice wondering how the MSM could find anything to fault. My Christmas wish would be for congressional politicians to get behind the President and see what becomes of the USA.

Fish Out of Water said...

Not to take away from the ultimate sacrifice those at Pearl harbor paid on that fateful day, but December 7, 1941 wasn't the first time Imperial Japan ignored the 'niceties' of warfare. On 02/09/1904, the Imperial Japanese Navy attacked the Czarist Russian Pacific Fleet anchored at Port Arthur(modern day Lushun) also without warning and for all intents an purposes, destroyed it. A history lesson lost unfortunately on our civilian and military leaders at the time.

And as devastating as the raid was, for Imperial Japan it all came to naught. First, none of our carriers were in port on that day, and that as there was no third wave attack, Pearl Harbor still functioned as a base: the carrier Enterprise, delayed by bad weather steamed in the next day, took on fuel, supplies and arms and sailed out to do battle.

Gee M said...

@ Geoff King
From my earliest school years, along with the stress of messy handwriting, I had many peers and older students pointing out that I (and through association my baby sister) had killed Christ. And even some adults not Klan members...they were all mad and really serious.

Confusing...on a par with IC being Celestial rape, or God being on the same level as Harvey or
an imaginary friend.

Same people, just different ends of the spectrum.

Joseph ET said...

It appears that some folks are claiming that God raped Mary by impregnating her without permission.
First, how do they know whether or not permission was given? I submit they do not! Second, how can there be rape if there is no physical penetration? She was a virgin.

Jason Anyone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shelly said...

When I think of all the rap songs that promote violence against women (hos) and the police, this assault on a well-known classic song that is merely playful innuendo, I get livid with rage. I am so sick of this attempt (so far successful) of curtailing our First Amendment rights. I'm sick of the majority being forced to kowtow to the offended. Outlawing candy canes and even the colors red and green. It's sick. Political correctness is a Marxist construct. Control the speech, control the people. The worst part is we've allowed it to happen.

Jason Anyone said...

Liberals are so stupid, they can't see the rapists for the trees. Now, get this. Apparently, the recent hissy fit started with a Cleveland radio station.

A Cleveland radio station has stopped playing a popular Christmas song that's been around since the 1940s, CBS Cleveland affiliate WOIO-TV reports. Star 102 Cleveland listeners raised concerns about the lyrics of the song "Baby, It's Cold Outside," with some saying the words send the wrong message in the era of the #MeToo movement.

Radio host Glenn Anderson wrote a blog post about the station's decision to stop playing the song. "We used to play the song 'Baby It's Cold Outside,' but you're the Christmas Executive Officer at Star 102 and you told us it's no longer appropriate," Anderson wrote Tuesday. "I gotta be honest, I didn't understand why the lyrics were so bad ... Until I read them."

Now, get THIS! Cleveland is a sanctuary city, many of which willingly ignore just about ANY crime committed by illegal immigrants, including rape. Ya know, cuz it would be mean to deport an illegal just because he's a rapist.

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Sortahwitte said...

In the days and years before WWII, A sailor or Marine could request to serve aboard his states namesake. Consequently they were quite a few Oklahomans aboard the USS Oklahoma at Pearl. The number of lives lost on that ship were second only to those lost on the USS Arizona. As the USS Oklahoma capsized from the damage, recovery of bodies took weeks and months. Many were buried as "unknown".

Time has passed and forensics has advanced. It seems that almost once a month or so, some youngster from a small town on the prairie comes home. There are no less tears or sobs from relatives even though they never knew the boy. They cry at the potential never to be realized and the sacrifice made for our country. Where do we get young people like that? As long as we remain a shining light, those kids will always step up.

Joseph ET said...

Thanks for the remembrance. ☺

@James Daily
I was stationed near Munich Germany 1964 – 1967 and got around to some degree. They appeared to be doing very well. Most of the damage from the war was repaired and their economy appeared to be in good shape. I think their downfall was the European Union followed by uncontrolled immigration, especially all the Muslims. I have read articles were some nice towns have been taken over by the Musses and ruined by them. SAD!

TrickyRicky said...

James Daily is exactly correct. The attacks on free speech will become much more vile and problematic as these never-ending instances of censoring innocuous song lyrics and both religious and secular traditions of Christmas are allowed to stand. It's all part and parcel of the transfer of leftist authoritarianism from campus cesspools into mainstream society. We ignore these brown shirt assholes at our own risk.

It seems somehow appropriate that we have honored a well known war hero (GHW Bush) this week leading into Pearl Harbor day. Untold sacrifices have secured our freedoms which we allow to slip away. Sad.

John the Econ said...

What a charmed, wonderful time and place we live in where Christmas songs, animated reindeer and bastardized nativity scenes are the biggest things that people can find to be outraged about in their lives while our grandparents and great-grandparents had to deal with very real fascists and communists running amok working diligently at raping and killing as many people as they possibly could.

As for the attack on Christmas songs, animated reindeer and bastardized nativity scenes, just more proof that Progressives just have to ruin absolutely everything. Nothing is safe.

Colby Muenster said...

Liberals would probably be fine with that song if it was Slick Willy singing it, and the lyrics included, "Better put some ice on that."

Remembering The Greatest Generation today. My parents were part of that elite group. I didn't think much about it when I was young and stupid, but it gives me a feeling of awe, now. Because of folks like them, I've never had to endure that sort of hardship and sacrifice. If only I could somehow impart this concept to my grandkids who are now taking their turns at being young and stupid. Oh well, they will get it someday!

In unrelated events, yesterday, somebody unknown to me bought something very nice and expensive at a Best Buy in Texas... using my debit card. I will eventually get my money back, but y'all be careful out there when shopping with your plastic. I'd go so far as to say to use cash for EVERYTHING!

Jim from Montana said...

Aargh! Baby, It's Cold Outside is not, repeat not, a Christmas song! A song about seduction has nothing to do with Christmas.
I have no serious problem the song itself, but I wish people would quit associating it with Christmas. If anything, it's a winter song akin to Jingle Bells and Sleigh Ride.

John the Econ said...

The Virgin Mary & "Consent": I wonder what this brave Progressive whack-a-doo intellectual has to say about Muhammad and "consent"? Or does he only go after people who he knows will not be issuing fatwas for his death with followers who are very likely to carry them out? I would love to see him on national TV and explain that. Perhaps Tucker Carlson can get him on.

Offensive Music: Speaking of fatwas, this Progressive #MeToo assault against Christmas lyrics also rings hollow. Again, these cultural chicken-hawks have no problem beating the war drums over even the most tame of music in the hunt for interpretive rape, but somehow manage to maintain total blindness over a vast swath of cultural diarrhea that is openly lauded as "rich" and "cultural".

Gee M said...

Popular Front said...

We Australians have always been grateful for America’s efforts in the Pacific during WW2 (and everywhere else). The Infantry Company I commanded in the mid-70s were part of an exchange program with the US Army and we were hosted by 1/5th Infantry at Schofield Barracks. As part of our ‘downtime’ we were shown around various sites and landmarks on Oahu, one of which was the Arizona Memorial. It was very moving, especially considering all the crewmates of USS Arizona who were still entombed under the memorial. It was an outing I’ll never forget.

Anonymous said...

Web log

Unknown said...

Regarding WWII and the recent passing of President GHW Bush:

For those unaware of the true story, what actually happened to President Bush during combat in WWII and is the official record, was that he was on a bombing mission against a Japanese radio installation on Chichi Jima. Bush was piloting one of four Grumman TBM Avenger aircraft on the mission. During his bombing run, then Lt. (JG) Bush continued with the dive bomb attack AFTER his plane was hit by anti-aircraft fire setting its engine on fire. Despite his plane being on fire, Bush completed his attack and released bombs over his target. Having completed his bombing run, he then gained altitude and turned his aircraft several miles out to sea telling his crew to “hit the silk”. Bush and one other crewman were able to bail out, unfortunately the other man’s parachute failed to open. Due to the design of the Avenger, the gunner was unable to wear his parachute which was kept on the bulkhead next to the radioman. The radioman had to bailout first to clear the passage for the gunner. So it was likely that Radioman SC Delany was able to make it out of the aircraft while, for what ever reason, the gunner Lt. (JG) White went down with the plane.

Per Leo W. Nadeau, the gunner assigned to Bush’s plane but was bumped by White, “Delaney and I had practiced our escape procedure constantly. He might have stayed to help White get out of the turret and delayed too long. it’s one of those things that never leaves your mind. Why didn’t I go that day?”

President GHW Bush, – “Why had I been spared, and what did God have in store for me?”

As told to author James Bradley “I think about those guys all the time.”

james daily said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
james daily said...

On Japan's attacking Pearl Harbor, they could have won the whole South Seas with one bomb. Had they hit the fuel stores on the Red Hill near Hickam Field, it would have done us in.

Fish Out of Water said...

@James Daily: Indeed. Had the Japanese been more politically astute, they would have realized they didn't need to attack Pearl Harbor or any other U.S. possessions to get what they wanted: oil.

If my memory is working this morning, a bill to continue the draft passed only several months earlier in the House by only one vote. One vote, folks. So given the tenor of the times, I believe all the Japanese would have needed to do was to march in on the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) grab its oil and dare FDR to cross the line. In that scenario I believe it would have been very difficult for FDR to mobilize public support for such, and a military outcome would not have been favorable to the U.S. then.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Joseph ET- I never even liked the song that much, but now I'm adding it to my Christmas rotation out of principle!

@Gene Varner- Just so long at the principal also bans M&Ms for reminding us of Mohammed.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Well that was strange!

@Jim G- I'm trying to minimize the drugs I take, and could surely do better with it if I got my sorry rear end to the gym more often. It's on my "to do" list (grin).

@James Daily- You're quite right that the real battle isn't so much about freedom of speech as freedom of thought, and it's pretty clear who the bad guys are. Regarding Japan and Germany, both had good runs after the war but in Germany's case they've pissed it all away through their preposterous "immigration" policies.

@REM1875- Fortunately, it ain't going to happen. The rest of us will celebrate and enjoy the Christmas season (or the holiday of your choice).

@Geoff King- You're right that when viewed through the progressive prism, any and all holiday "classics" can be found guilty of political incorrectness. Why can't they pick on Kwanzaa for a change?

@Jess- I think in the spirit of Christmas, we shouldn't wish to get rid of liberals but only to convert them.

@Edam Wensleydale- So wrong, but sadly funny.

@Judi King- There's no denying that Christmas has also become a secular holiday in our culture. That being said, those who get bent out of shape over the religious significance can go to Hell. Perhaps literally.

@McChuck- Excellent point. And beating the lesson of civility into the Germans has likely contributed to their horrendous open borders policy.

@Pete (Detroit)- Japan is a distinctly odd place, but I think they're making the right move on their immigration stance.

@Fred Ciampi- These days, Jesus couldn't be born in Washington DC because "there's no room at the inquest." Regarding your uncle, did he survive the attack? What a horror...

@Fish Out of Water- I think it might be useful if the Almighty started turning a few folks into pillars of salt again. Just as sort of a wake up call to everyone else.

@Igor the Obscure- Thanks for the history lesson about the song! And now I need to check out the Red Skelton version - I'm a big fan of his!

@Samuel Price- I think it's safe to say that the attacks on the White House decorations had nothing to do with the decorations. Our First Lady seems to always exercise great taste and elegance.

@Fish Out of Water- Good points. Awakening the "sleeping giant" didn't really work out well for Japan.

@Gee M- You and your sister were Roman soldiers?! Seriously, what an awful thing for others to say to you, especially as kids. Nitwits.

@Joseph ET- I'm no biblical scholar, but I don't seem to recall many instances of God asking permission from anybody about anything. The whole brouhaha about "permission" is stupid beyond belief.

@Shelly- I'm right there with you on the anger and frustration about these things. The exercise of freedoms depends not only on the Constitution but also in the rationality of our people, and willingness to give space to others to think and believe the way they want. Sadly, we've got a plague of intolerant idiots with way too much power these days.

@Jason Anyone- It DOES seem pretty hypocritical to get bent out of shape over a flirty song from 70+ years ago while turning a blind eye to the actual rape culture of certain groups.

Fred Ciampi said...

Stilt, my uncle did survive and went on to a happy life filled with a bunch of children. He went back to Pearl Harbor every December 7th until his passing at ninety bunch years of age a few years ago.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Sortahwitte- Beautifully written. Feeling a little misty here.

@Joseph ET- I saw an online video with a reporter asking college students if they knew when Pearl Harbor happened, and what its importance was. Sadly, they had no problem finding kids who were entirely clueless.

@TrickyRicky- I agree that there was a special poignancy to the overlapping of Pearl Harbor Day and the remembrance ceremonies for George HW Bush. It saddens me to think of all this country has lost.

@John the Econ- I've often thought the same thing: how good does life have to be when people get a tit in the wringer (and yes, I chose that phrase to annoy them) over freaking micro-aggressions?! No culture before ours could have even wrapped their heads around the concept.

@Colby Muenster- Wow, if Rush Limbaugh's guy doesn't do a Clinton version of "Baby, It's Cold Outside," they're missing a real bet! Regarding the Greatest Generation, I also had to get old enough to appreciate who they were and what they were in the broader context of history. Kids take things for granted, but they should (and used to) grow out of it.

And sorry about the identity theft. Whatever the thieves bought, I hope it bursts into flames.

@Jim from Montana- Any song with "cold," "winter," or "snow" becomes a Christmas song by default. Stupid, but I don't make the rules.

@John the Econ- Great points!

@Gee M- That's a great version, but if I hadn't seen the video I would have thought both voices were female. Not that there's anything wrong with that (grin).

@Popular Front- Just reading your comment and remembering my visit to the memorial, I have goosebumps.

@Anonymous- So THAT'S what "blog" means! And here I thought it was short for "bullshit and fog."

@SFCGator b- Thank you for sharing this. Very sobering.

@James Daily- There's a pretty good novel called (I think) "December 6, 1941" which goes on at some length about that scary possibility.

@Fish Out of Water- I didn't know that. Interesting to think what might have been...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fred Ciampi- I'm very glad to hear that your uncle survived and was able to lead a long life.

Unknown said...

Ament to that