Monday, January 7, 2019

First Day on Hijab

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Rock on, Rashida.
Immediately following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's straight-faced (or perhaps overly-Botoxed) pledge that her party would conduct all future political business with "respect" for the opposing side, a new Muslim Congresswoman from Michigan (we believe she represents Dearbornistan) jubilantly declared of President Trump, "We're going to impeach that motherf*cker!"
Rashida Tlaib has refused to apologize for her gutter language (seriously, does she pray to Allah with that mouth?!) and Nancy Pelosi finds no fault with the statement, categorizing it as a "generational" use of language - apparently under the belief that everyone in Tlaib's generation is a trash-talking shithead. Which, we'll concede, is a possibility.

We'll admit that we were particularly taken aback by Ms. Tlaib's language owing to her Muslim heritage (what kind of Mickey Mosque house of worship is she attending, anyway?), considering the highly kinetic ways in which that culture frequently disciplines women for public displays of obscenity. Or showing their faces.

Donald Trump tweeted that Representative Tlaib's comments had "dishonored her family," perhaps as a wink-wink, nudge-nudge reference to how that particular crime is sometimes handled by the Sharia branch of the religion of peace.

Clearly, though, only minutes after being sworn in, Tlaib has already dishonored the House of Representatives and the constituents who sent her to Washington. And we would say that she's dishonored the Democrat party if that were still even remotely possible.

But free speech, even when offensive, should remain free. Which is why we share this final thought from our good friend Johnny Optimism...


james daily said...

This obstinate by the demorats is not about the wall or illegal immigrants. It is about the 2020 Presidential run. President Trump will win in a walk unless they can convince some of his supporters to stay home since they would never ever vote D. The only way they can is for him not to full fill the wall campaign pledge. That is the crux of this disparaging him 24/7.

The gutter language rolls off him like water off a duck's back because he is a New Yorker and those people use this language ordering a hamburger. On Rashida Tlaib, she has only interest in destroying the United States - from the inside and the outside. She will put in bookoo earmarks for her favorite terrorists in every bill. She will always get a pass on everything because none of these duffuses will want to "offend" a Muslim.

REM1875 said...

It ain't the MF part that bothers me .......It's impeaching some one because they beat your candidate and the disrespect it shows for over 63 million Americans ........

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

"Everybody must get stoned!" R. Zimmerman, Poet Laureate

Regnad Kcin said...

All this frumious bandersnatchery is further proof that the dum-tards don't give a flying fat rat's ass about the well-being of our country and its inhabitants. They want to start lining the good folks up and sending them to the "showers" after which they'll be rendered into bars of soap and lampshades. Time to take a stand against these wanna-be deities and send them packing off to the lower reaches of Dante's inferno. How about making all the mouth-breathers take Rorschach tests and post the results on social media ? I'd love to see the results of Schmuck and Nan's to start with, followed by Occasional-Cortex and a few other shining lights of the great unwashed........

Brie Camembert said...

When America becomes a Socialist Utopia, everyone will do as they like, whether they like it or not.

Jim Irre said...

The R's need to start a campaign to throw her smelly ass out (but they won't). Maybe a few strips of well placed pork product? Smear the door handle to her office door with bacon fat?

Judi King said...

This disgusting, dishonored "person" is a muslim from Detroit, I believe the 13th district (which is a clue). You get what you vote for.
As you point out, if she lived in the country of her ancestors, she'd probably be stoned (with real stones)by her family.

Fish Out of Water said...

Told you there'd be no dearth of material with the neo regressives holding the House. My hope, as vain as it probably is, is that she'll be a one term wonder.

Prudence Provolone said...

I keep asking myself and others but nobody will give me an answer: as an an American citizen, direct descendant of over 40 Revolutionary War patriots, the daughter and granddaughter of veterans of both World Wars, a first-cousin of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, albeit many times removed, HOW MUCH AM I SUPPOSED TO TAKE?

No Muslim has any business being in America, a constitutional Republic founded on Judeo-Christian principles, much less in Congress.

It's a religion of pieces!

Fish Out of Water said...

@ Prudence: I'm scratching my head to figure out how any genealogical claim has any sense of relevance to this thread, and frankly it strikes me as a case of inbreeding more than anything else. Indeed for me, any claim of genealogical "purity/superiority" brings back the spectre of the most monstrous, evil, historical mid-20th Century horror ever perpetrated upon humanity.

"No Muslim has any business being in America,.."

Hmmmmm. So then from your alarmingly misguided genealogical claim of "superiority/purity", who else 'has no business being in America'? The Jews? The Roman Catholics? The Eastern Europeans? The Italians? The Asians (which BTW, would include my spouse and my son)?

You really need to air out your brains...

Rod said...

Again, President Trump is correct. And if the extremists do ever find reason to stone the bitch (even if legal under Sharia Law)... that will also be his fault. Nut-cakes this bunch; and they have no business determining or being part of our government. After border security; we need to make overdue adjustments on qualification to vote.

Meanwhile as has been said many times: Keep your powder dry. To that I'll add: Have plenty of it; and know how to use effectively.

Fish Out of Water said...

@Fred: in the old days if any freshman of the House or Senate, who let their bile get ahead of their brains like this hopefully one term wonder did, would soon rue that as the Congressional leadership would have squashed them as one would a noxious bug

AmyH said...

I am thankful that the Senate has the R majority & the President has an R. This current 2 year class of Reps is scary. Whatever they ram through, wont get past the Senate nor the President. Removal of the Electoral College? Going nowhere. Socialist ideas? Nowhere. Impeachment? Nowhere. They are pretty much Lame Duck status. But keep spouting off stupid nonsense, that only assures a Red Sweep in 2020.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Sortahwitte- I'm pretty sure the same people who elected Tlaib are delighted by her comments. Which doesn't reflect well on any of them.

@James Daily- I totally agree that the Dems' opposition to the wall, which they've previously called for, is all about denying Trump a big visible victory. And I know that Trump himself was unaffected by Tlaib's language. I'm pretty sure that this is just her 15 minutes of fame, and she'll be largely invisible once work (and I use the term laughingly) begins again in Washington.

@REM1875- Exactly. She's throwing around the word impeachment as if it didn't demand actual legal wrongdoings of a serious nature. She just sees it as a weapon, which is not what we really want in elected representatives.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- I nearly used that line as the caption for today's cartoon. Glad you brought it up here, because it sure fits the occasion!

@Regnad Kcin- I'm pretty sure if those Rorschach tests were administered, we'd find that mental disorders are the norm in Washington - especially amongst the Dems. And hyperbole or not, I really would worry about the "showers" if the Dems had total power. They'd call it post-natal abortion, and have no problem with it.

@Brie Camembert- Well put! I've seen some of these young Socialist morons saying that in their utopia, people would only do the job that they want. My question - who will empty the cesspools?

@Jim Irre- Those acts would probably be seen as domestic terrorism. Bacon aftershave, on the other hand, should be worn by everyone around her.

@Judi King- Exactly. She has the freedom to trash talk because she lives in the United States...a country which she wants to torpedo with an entirely political attack on our President.

@Fish Out of Water- I don't think we'll hear much out of Tlaib once things get moving. Other Dems are already pissed at her for making them look stupid (well, more stupid) so she'll probably be assigned to the House latrine committee and never be heard from again.

@Prudence Provolone- Oh, dear. Time for some deep, cleansing breaths! Clearly, I'm perfectly happy to call out a Muslim for wrongdoing, and I'll also critique what I consider to be structural cultural problems with the faith. But saying that no Muslims should be in America is just wrong. Freedom of religion for everyone is required in order to have freedom of religion for anyone, including me and you. We don't live in a theocracy, nor should we want to.

There are certainly bad Muslims, just like there are bad Baptists, Lutherans, Jews, and Hindus. That's how our sloppy humanity works. There are also good people in all of those denominations, and we'll all have healthier blood pressure numbers when we remember that (grin).

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fish Out of Water- I'm assuming that Prudence got a little overwrought in the moment. Freedom of religion is hugely important to me because I'd be in a tough spot if my lack of religious affiliation was deemed a crime. I once worked on an interesting project which took certain principles which were agreed upon by all the major religions and turned them into an educational curriculum for kids. Mind you, the curriculum was not religious, but rather focused on moral instruction: don't lie, don't steal, don't cheat, show respect and kindness, etc. Focusing on what we can agree on has never been more important.

@Fred Ciampi- I had to remove your comment for being a little bit too aggressive. I understand your sentiments, certainly, but don't want comments here to give fodder to the other side. Those motherfodders (grin).

@Rod- I wish there was a reliable test to keep nut-cakes out of our elected bodies, but I can't imagine such a system being workable. Darn it.

@Fish Out of Water- Nancy Pelosi really should have disciplined Tlaib, or at least disavowed her comments. The fact that she didn't tells you everything you need to know about the Dems' claims to be wildly offended by Trump's coarseness.

@AnyH- You may well be right. The Dems can't do much over the next two years other than beings pains in the rear end, and that might not translate into a good 2020 for them. I hope.

Fred Ciampi said...

Stilt, Mea Culpa. I do tend to go over the top on occasion, especially when that sort on occurrence happens. I'll be gooder from here on out. Now, where's my moonshine????

Fish Out of Water said...

@ Stilton et. al: Before DC was granted self-rule (Yuge mistake!) there was a House Committee responsible for governing the District, and widely considered at the ends of the earth as far as House Committee assignments went, and where one stood as a Congressman.

To expand, until the so-called "glorious", "liberating" sixties, freshmen Congressmen and Senators were expected to be seen, not heard and vote as they were told to until they were accepted into the "club". Failing to do so risked having a very short and less than lustrous Congressional career.

And a factoid for you all, when I was working in corporate Japan, heard a story by one who had to make many business trips to Saudi Arabia. Upon entering the country we were told, one is asked their religious affiliation, i.e., a Believer, an Infidel and the worst answer one could possibly give was to declare oneself an non-believer in anything!

Geoff King said...

Off topic, but here we are in week three of the government shutdown and there still appears to be plenty of air to breathe and water to drink.
Tell me again why we need non-essential government employees?

Fish Out of Water said...

@Geoff" Yep, here inside the Beltway (actually, slightly outside t) the birds still sing, the damned squirrels still dig holes in my lawn and the daily traffic appears to be lighter than normal. Perhaps its just the chattering classes that miss the Federal government?

Fish Out of Water said...

@Fred: Perhaps its my lack of experince, but have never experienced the "allure" of moonshine. At the Buffalo trace Distillery, I once sampled a product they market as White Dog, which is clear whiskey, straight out of the distilling pot and unlike the rest of Buffalo Trace's products, as wretched as wretched could be.

Unknown said...

Her 15-minute of fame and the disrespect she brings to the people and seat she respects. Cause she can't disrespect the Demo Party anymore then they have themselves. What she has done has shown us that their freedom to live here and be elected is used to push her on ideological ideal. Other Democrats are ashamed of her comments but won't denounce her. In the end this hasn't help the cause of hers or the Demo Party!

Jason Anyone said...

"We'll admit that we were particularly taken aback by Ms. Tlaib's language owing to her Muslim heritage (what kind of Mickey Mosque house of worship is she attending, anyway?)..."

Not only that, remember who she was allegedly having a conversation with.

So, I guess we probably shouldn't bother with the other rhetorical question of "Kiss your kids with that mouth?" I'm imagining a reply along the lines of "You bet your mothereffin' ass I kiss my little motherbleepers with this mouth."

The next couple of years should be entertaining.

Bruce Bleu said...

Johnny needs to avoid airports and bus stations, then.

TrickyRicky said...

Hmmm.....perhaps Occasional Cortex has some competition for the "Face of the Democrat Party" title?

Prudence Provolone said...

I feel the need to further explain what I was trying to say earlier. I was merely trying to demonstrate my great love for our country by showing the large number of my ancestors who have served since I was unable to. That is my heritage and legacy and I am proud of it.

I have been doing genealogy for a long time and have over 68,000 names on my tree, so I assure you there is no inbreeding in my family tree and it looks like nothing like a telephone pole.

My thanks to those who came to my defense. You expressed my feelings very well.

By the way, I am a Roman Catholic.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Having a similar genealogical background to Prudence Provolone, I can understand her comments. I think the impression that she was claiming some form of racial purity is absurd and, frankly, offensive. Inbreeding? Really? I bet her family tree is as bushy and varied as my own.

She was responding as anyone with their roots firmly embedded in this soil should react, albeit with, perhaps, different choices of words and, perhaps, after counting ten. Simply put: she is, as I am, outraged that this filth would act as she has; that she has sullied not just her congressional district and my state; but also the auspices of the office she now holds. And she is a disgrace to our forebears, a disgrace to their design for our form of government, and a disgrace to all Congressmen, past or present. And there are many others who have done the same through similar outbursts and also through very different actions.

As to her comments regarding Muslims in the US - if you are more than tangentially familiar with the tenets of their religion: she has a point. Their religion has much to do with conquering and subjugating; not at all about assimilating and joining. I know many, many Muslims. I work with many, and count many among my friends and neighbors. These people, outwardly, are practicing a form of religion which might be considered peaceful and, to a degree, welcoming. However, you have only to look to the Middle East and witness what is happening there between sects of the same religion to understand how Prudence Provolone may have a point. Toss into this the treatment of Christians and others (Fish alludes to this in his 8:48 post) in Muslim countries, demonstrating that they, perhaps, have difficulty with the concept freedom of religion (unless it is the free expression of THEIR religion in the US), and you can further see her point. Finally, giving consideration and their reported behavior in Europe (behavior to which we've been spared through either successful "vetting" of immigrants, or behavior which is being grossly under-reported in what passes for our media), and you can see that Ms. Provolone may not be far off the mark.

Not racist. Not supremacist. I'm with Cousin Stilton on this one: it was just a poor expression of some valid points.

American Cowboy said...

Since when is pride in ones heritage to be considered "inbreeding"?
I thought we were a little above that kind of insensitive name calling, or have we become what we dislike in the left?

Fish Out of Water said...

Cowboy: there's a universe of difference between pride in one's heritage and an overweening pride in one's heritage.

Jerome Boyle said...

Stilton! The problem with excellence is that it becomes expected. (Plus: I'm not too proud to polish the apple) Really good today -- as always.

oldgraymary said...

Thank you Emmentaler for your reasoned response. You probably saved me from a few intemperate comments. I understand perfectly where Prudence was coming from. As a refugee from Chicago's south side, which has been invaded, conquered,and occupied by a foreign entity, I have also cited my family's long-standing presence in an area once a perfect example of a gateway community, to prove a point. Fish, in light of the fact that we have been bombarded with : Islam is a religion of peace, take down the crosses (as symbols of death, not religion), don't mention Christ at Christmas, etc., etc., because they might be offensive, I would say yes, we should perhaps start speaking out. If we become somewhat hyperbolic that shouldn't elicit a response as nasty as yours. Some lotion for that thin skin, perhaps?

John the Econ said...

"...Nancy Pelosi finds no fault with the statement, categorizing it as a "generational" use of language..."

We'll just file that under "The ever hardening bigotry of low expectations". I wonder if millennials will be acute enough to realize they've just been insulted? As @Stiton suggests, that question will probably answer itself.

But as we've long since should have learned by now, all is fair in jihad and war. Just as Progressives are typically willing to overlook any sin as long as the Progressive agenda is promulgated, Ms. Tlaib's antics will be cheered by those who otherwise believe that women in public are neither to be seen nor heard. As I've long since argued, one of the few upsides of an Islamified post-western civilization will be that the likes of Ms. Tlaib will not have be experienced, by anybody.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Surprisingly enough, she does NOT represent Dearborn - redistricting in 2012 lumped Dearborn in with Ann Arbor, some 30 miles away, in a bizarre gerrymander.

If you click on the link in above wiki, you can learn more than you ever cared to know about Ms Tlaib - basically, that she's been a wackjob parasitic scumbag for pretty much her whole life. There is currently a recall petition floating out there, based on her living in Dearborn, and thus not in the district she represents.
Not sure which way to hope on this - be NICE to be RID of her, but the comedy GOLD otoh...

Colby Muenster said...

I heard some audio clips of Occasional Cortex this morning. I don't know what's worse, a Congresswoman who spews hate like Tlaib, or one who is almost completely clueless. She was suggesting that landlords in The Big Apple reduce their rent, so the tenants could, you know, like BUILD something and sell it, and like make money, you know....

Huh? Did she just promote capitalism?! Well... close, except for that "charge what the market will bear" concept that is practiced by most landlords.

And San Fran Nan? Of course she isn't going to publically denounce Tlaib, but I'm betting there will be a nice, warm reception at a private meeting in Nancy's office (dungeon?). And Nancy called Tlaib's comments a "generational use of language?" Is this like when Donald Trump said "pussy?" I guess not.

MAJ Arkay said...

Rep. Rashida Tlaib was born and raised in Detroit, which helps explain so many of Detroit's problems. As to whether or not that recall petition would work, based upon her allegedly living Dearborn and not in the district, all depends upon whether or not Michigan requires its congressional reps to live in said district.

Texas does not, which explains some of the more bizarre "representatives" we've had. Most recently, Gina Jones, who lives in Washington, DC, ran against Will Hurd. She implied a residence in San Antonio (she does not), added Ortiz to her name to get local votes, and yet she still lost. A Republican represents a district that was reliably Democrat for decades, and has just been re-elected, in spite of "Ortiz" Jones' efforts.

Dan said...

@Pete (Detroit) and @MAJ Arkay --
If I remember correctly, neither Nanny Pelosi nor Mad Maxine Waters actually live in their respective districts.

Kurt said...

Dearbornistan? I believe you mean Michiganistan.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fred Ciampi- No harm, no foul. I know what a good guy you are, and we can ALL get a little overly playful here sometimes. So don't worry about being too good...otherwise we won't be sure it's you (grin).

@Fish Out of Water- I don't doubt that the pecking order you describe is still pretty much the way things work in Washington, although access to social media has changed things up some.

And as far as your information about Saudi Arabia goes, I've just officially taken it off of my list of places to ever visit.

@Geoff King- So far, I'd say the (ahem) "shutdown" is no big deal. I've been reading that if foodstamp cards get cut off in a month or two, things may turn ugly - and I don't doubt it. But will the Dems really want to cut off their constituents just to keep Trump from (maybe) building a wall? I hope not, but honestly don't know.

@Dizzy245- I'm all for defending Prudence; we're all friends here, and this is just a ripe opportunity for conversation. I'd be a damn fool to say that when Muslims become a majority population it isn't injurious to the community. And yes, they breed like mad. That being said, I think we should do our best to get along with Muslims...but also to remain aware that there are tipping points which we can't allow to be crossed. It's not a happy situation.

@Fish Out of Water- We're seeing much less of a negative effect from the shutdown since the Dems aren't in a position to create maximum inconvenience this time around (like surrounding military memorials with blockades to keep old soldiers from paying their respects).

Regarding moonshine, I once visited a friend in Tennessee who got me a jar of the real stuff. Yowsah! Driving back to our home in Indiana, Mrs. J was wracked with horrible menstrual cramps (this was in the days before ibuprofen!) and she sipped enough of the stuff to ease her pain and, oh yeah, pretty much knock her out. Which was a kindness. So I have a soft spot in my heart for shine - and a lot of respect!

@Unknown- Yeah, we actually got a net win out of Ms. Tlaib's diatribe because it shows what a low life she is, and also reflected on the many Dems who wouldn't denounce her.

@Jason Anyone- I'm probably to blame for even bringing her Muslim faith into the argument, only SHE'S made it a key feature of her service, and it genuinely surprised me to hear her talking that way. Mind you, I routinely see women in head-to-toe burqas with just eye slits when I go grocery shopping, so maybe I was just unaware that standards are more lax in Michigan. Though how THAT'S possible baffles me.

@Brce Bleu- I think it's pretty safe to say that the only public conveyance Johnny uses on a regular basis is an ambulance.

@TrickyRicky- I hope the two of them actively compete for biggest idiot. It will be GREAT entertainment!

@Prudence Provolone- Glad you're back, and that we're all talking. You're valued here and it pleases me when we can all resolve things through conversation. It's a health habit.

@Emmentaler Limburger- Excellent remarks, and I thank you for them!

@American Cowboy- In fairness, some cultures DO go a bit overboard on the inbreeding (and it shows). But no, pride in one's heritage is anything but incestuous. Unless you're Oedipus.

@Fish Out of Water- My mother once told me that overweening could make me go blind. Granted, I'm writing this while wearing glasses...

@Jerome Boyle- Glad you enjoyed today's post, though (as is usually the case) I feel like it's the subsequent comments that have really given depth and interest to my usual screwing around. I love this group!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@oldgraymary- We're a feisty lot around here, with strong opinions. I consider that a good thing. And I find myself in an odd position in some of these conversations because I'm a pro-religion, pro-freedom of religion guy who doesn't have any religion (but don't get me started on my quantum universe theories). I'm for peaceful coexistence as much as possible - but not to the extent that you allow others to walk all over you or denigrate your beliefs. Granted, that can be a difficult and tricky balance sometimes.

@John the Econ- That was my very thought: that Nancy had just accused an entire generation of being foul-mouthed morons. But fortunately for her, foul-mouthed morons won't pick up on the obvious slam. And yes, there's an amazing irony about Tlaib attacking the system that allows her to speak without fear of being stoned. She should be very, very careful about what she's wishing for.

@Colby Muenster- I, too, am betting that Nancy will have a closed door meeting with the "new kids" to inform them about what she expects. I would also give good money to sneak a microphone into that room!

@MAJ Arkay- I don't even pretend to understand the wacky systems we've got for allowing people to be voted in as representatives.

@Dan- Well would YOU want to be stepping on turds and syringes on your own sidewalks?

@Kurt- Yeah, that's sadly the case these days.

Jason Anyone said...

"@Jason Anyone- I'm probably to blame for even bringing her Muslim faith into the argument, only SHE'S made it a key feature of her service, and it genuinely surprised me to hear her talking that way. Mind you, I routinely see women in head-to-toe burqas with just eye slits when I go grocery shopping, so maybe I was just unaware that standards are more lax in Michigan. Though how THAT'S possible baffles me."

I think you may have missed my point. When she made that comment, she was supposedly talking to her son.


“And when your son looks at you and says ‘Momma, look you won. Bullies don’t win.’ And I said, ‘Baby, they don’t.’ ”

“Because we’re going to go in there and impeach the motherf---er,” Tlaib said, handing the microphone over to someone else as the crowd erupted in cheers.


She was supposedly talking to her 13 year old son. Her other son is 7. That's liberal parenting for ya.

sergio said...

Everyone simply ignore this fecal female and she will vanish -OR- make her the "face of the Party" It's a fine line to tread.

Re: Generational use of language. We here in Arizona saw a governor make such a use of language when he told a reporter" that people were hired because they were the best people for the cotton-pickin' job". In the 21st century the proper adjective would have been "maternal-parent intercoursing" or muhfuggin

Pete (Detroit) said...

Jason - Agreed, usign the terms "Baby" and "MoFo" in the same sentence to the same person is just SO wrong.

Stilt, I've seen the full kit - gloves an grill hiding the face, not just eye slits, and walking the proscribed 2 steps behind the male 'escort'... it's (thankfully) rare, and more than a tad creepy. I'm not sure the 'rules' are different in MI, but in Detroit, well, EVERY one who isn't 'white' is a MoFo, perhaps... and she's "Palistinkian", so we KNOW she's delusional out of the gate. Thought she was 'black' as well as Muslim, guess not, but dark enough to play the race card... disgusting turd burgeler...

Have not checked, to be sure, but have been told that MI *is* one of those states that holds reprehensitives to actually live in the districts that elect them..

Fish Out of Water said...

@Stilon: I generally travel to Central Kentucky 2 or 3 times a year to see son unit. Perhaps a 'shine source can be found to dispel my less than warm feelings toward moonshine.

Fred Ciampi said...

Stilt, Fish, you can now buy the real thing legally. Bottled under the Bondurant brand. The Bondurant brothers were moonshiners from this neck of the woods about 100 years' ago. See the movie 'Lawless'. Some of their descendants are good friends of ours. I would not advise anyone going looking for the stuff from a local 'shiner.

daddy warbucks said...

The Truth They Hide

Dr. Dan said...

She has already betrayed "her people"
Why does Rashida Tlaib support US military aid to Israel? Already soldout.
"Rashida Tlaib is endorsed and supported by the liberal Zionist Israel lobby group J Street through its political action committee JStreetPAC.
JStreetPAC brags that during the 2016 election cycle it “distributed a record $3.6 million to its 124 endorsed candidates for Congress, making it the largest pro-Israel PAC for the fifth cycle running.”
On its page soliciting donations to support Tlaib’s campaign, JStreetPAC states: “When it comes to the peace process, she believes that the US should be directly involved with negotiations to reach a two-state solution.”
“Additionally, she supports all current aid to Israel and the Palestinian Authority, particularly to fund initiatives that ‘foster peace, as well as economic and humanitarian services,’” JStreetPAC notes.
This means that notwithstanding her emphasis on “humanitarian” aid, Tlaib supports all current US military aid to Israel, including Obama’s record-breaking giveaway.
This means that Tlaib supports the US funding or supplying the bullets that Israel has been using to kill and maim thousands of Palestinians during the Great March of Return protests in Gaza.

Rod said...

I didn't originate the basis of this statement but I think it's the essence of the situation: WE think of Islam as a religion. But within Islam there are several "religious' sects, often in conflict with each other for the past 1400 years or so and often for geographic turf. It becomes more of a problem when we or any other "host" government fails to recognize that Islam not just a religion (for which we & others believe in freedom). ISLAM IS A SCREWY FORM OF GOVERNMENT. That creates a huge problem in others' turf. Then there are also those who misuse Islam violently, for their own purposes. Until they free their religion from violence and government IMO the practical & most peaceful approach is to not mix with them; do not go looking for trouble on their turf, and do not give up our weapons and strength, (military, economic, industrial, technical, cultural, etc) including nuclear weapons. The world is becoming smaller. WE don't need to start anything with them; they are the endangered species. But we sure need to be able to prevent and/or end anything they might start.

Fish Out of Water said...

@Fred: Given the Commonwealth controls liquor sales through its ABC stores, the distillery does not sell directly to the public.

zregime said...

Mr. Jarlsberg: More pix of Busty, please. I find that my day goes better when I ogle a good pair of all-American boobies. Thanks in advance!

John the Econ said...

@Colby Muenster said "I don't know what's worse, a Congresswoman who spews hate like Tlaib, or one who is almost completely clueless."

Actually, I appreciate their transparency. Unlike the typical two-faced Washington denizen with "public" and "private" policy positions depending on who they are talking to, the likes of Tlaib and Occasional Cortex are almost refreshing.

And it's fun watching Democrats accuse the guy with Jewish family and who unabashedly supports Israel of being an anti-Semite while while they openly accept the likes of Tlaib and Farrakhan.

And it's fun watching Occasional Cortex who boasts of her $300,000 economics degree spew the absurdly ignorant nonsense that she does, both discrediting herself and what supposedly higher education has become in this country. (If I was a classmate of her's, I'd be demanding a refund)

"And yes, there's an amazing irony about Tlaib attacking the system that allows her to speak without fear of being stoned. She should be very, very careful about what she's wishing for."

Like most Progressives who support the seemingly suicidal, like Jews, feminists, LGTBQWERTYs, etc, for unfettered immigration from places that have warm thoughts of homicide, they're all hoping that the predators will be going after them last. It's not going to work out that way. As a middle-aged male, I like to remind these people that the cultural shift they are inviting will be a much better deal for me that it will be for them.

@Rod said "But within Islam there are several "religious' sects, often in conflict with each other for the past 1400 years or so and often for geographic turf."

It's interesting to note that the vast majority of current ongoing armed conflicts on the planet involve exactly what you describe.

It's a disease that many are not just willingly, but are enthusiastically importing to our formerly peaceful shores.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of religion is great, and very important to me personally, however islam is not a religion, it is a political ideology which masquerades as a religion. I've known many muslims, called some of them good friends, because I treat people as individuals, but let's be absolutely clear: the world is full of many religions of many types, but despite all appearances to the contrary, islam is not, never was, never has been, a religion.

EB said...

Had the battles at the gates of Vienna and Tours gone the other way, Christendom would have ceased to exist, and the bloody conflict might have gonw on between followers of Odin and Thor against the followers of Mohamed. I think the world was closer to Muslim domination then than it is today, but today it is closer to physical destruction. Not much to choose from