Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Taking Leave of Your Census

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"This is our child unit, Pumpkin!"
There surely must be stories in which the phrase "a federal district judge has ruled" actually leads to something good, or at least vaguely like justice. But today's news item is decidely not one of those stories.

Specifically, Judge Jesse Furman has ruled that the Trump administration may not add an outrageously offensive question to the 2020 Census asking, "are you a citizen?" Which, in our opinion, would have saved a lot of time and money by keeping dogs and cats from being interviewed. But noOOooo.

The judge made this ruling because he "infers from the various ways Commerce Secretary Ross and his aides acted like people with something to hide that they did have something to hide." For instance, they might have been hiding a suspicious desire to know how many actual American citizens there are, or been attempting to get a better grip on the number of aliens who are illegally in the country.

Had the wildly unacceptable question been allowed (which will be reviewed by the Supreme Court once Ruth Bader Ginsburg is again able to cling to her perch and gnaw her cuttlebone) it would have had terrible effects, according to the director of the ACLU's Voting Rights Project (who is apparently unaware that illegals aren't supposed to be voting).

"The inevitable result," he said, "would have been to strip federal resources and political representation from those needing it most." In other words, the Left wants illegals to maintain the same access to taxpayer-funded benefits and political representation that citizens have...essentially making citizenship itself meaningless.

Whether or not that's the future we want for our country is worth discussing...but as usual, it's a discussion the Left wants to make sure has no reliable facts about which to argue.


stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, gillette, razors, toxic masculinity, ad, shaved pussy

In an absolutely jaw-dropping advertising gaffe, Gillette razors has been running a spot in which they basically accuse all men (formerly their target market) of being ignorant, sexist, skirt-chasing thugs and bullies, guilty of "toxic masculinity" during this enlightened #MeToo era.

Really, Gillette?!

There's a message worth delivering about real men not being rapists, bullies, and all-around assholes, but like candidate Hillary Clinton, Gillette chose to call all men Deplorables. Except, of course, for those Gillette-approved pajama boy types who intercede to tell their neanderthal friends that it's "not cool" to show that you're attracted to a woman, and a bad idea to stand idly by as a gang of feral boys beat the living crap out of another kid who looks like a little boy, but whose gender we don't want to assume out of fear of traumatizing him/her/it.

The imagery in the commercial includes a "Stepford Husbands" row of toxic men in a suburban back yard, standing shoulder to shoulder behind their evil, smoke-emitting grills as animal meat sizzles menacingly...soon to become testosterone-fuel coursing through the veins (sometimes dangerously remaining in certain veins for four hours or longer) of a nation of grunting, hirsute, brutal man-beasts eternally cursed by their possession of a Y chromosome.

Having had a long career in advertising, we find ourselves wondering how in Hell any overpaid ad exec (and teams of testers) thought the way to sell razors to men was by insulting them? Seriously, you don't see "Summer's Eve" running commercials telling women not to be vicious, overly-emotional harpies who should - oh yeah! - buy more lemon-zesty douche products.

Which is why the ad isn't really intended to rein in sexists and bullies at all, but is rather a crass and commercial appeal to neutered social justice warriors who enjoy seeing the unwarranted slander of one of nature's two favorite genders.

Our bottom line: toxic masculinity is a lot less of a threat to our culture than toxic emasculation. We don't need Gillette's razor to tell us that; Occam's will do nicely.


james daily said...

You already know the census is about head count only and if there is an illegal he is not suppose to be counted to get the number of house members right and the electoral college correct. The dems have no hope of doing away with the electoral college of gaming the system is the next best option.
On the Gillette SNAFU, that is the dumbest commercial because that tried to present a negative to get a positive. On the other hand Schick will experience a growth in business. Then, too, I can remember when Gillette sponsored all kinds of sporting events like Saturday Night Fights. Alas, thank you LBJ.

j said...

Well said, sir - and I wonder if you are aware that the wamon chosen by Gillette to create this estrogen-drenched ad series, is a rabid feminist, currently living in Australia, with a public history of feminazi prattling her soyboy inspiring SJW propaganda in eveyr possible way - and garnering the praise of misandrists everywhere? Yup. What a shock - or as my deceased auntie was fond of saying, "Well, balls on a goose!"

She’s A Beauty said...

OK, I had to look up “cuttlebone”...and now that I have, I can definitely see Ruthie gnawing on one. As for the cucks in the Gillette spot? I’m quite sure they prefer another type of bone entirely.

Anonymous said...

thank God another reason to drink.

Dan said...

If one judge in some corner of the country can issue an injunction that affects the entire country and execution of government, why can't some other judge overrule his injunction with another injunction.

I noticed in today's AG nomination folderol that the new guy actually seemed to question the validity of such single-judge rulings affecting the whole country. He also noted that the acceptance of such rulings only goes back to the 1960s.

Jason Anyone said...

Apparently, watching Dick's Sporting Goods shoot themselves in the foot wasn't enough....

(waaaaait for it....)

Anonymous said...

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, dang me if ya'll haven't gone and done it again. Crazy is the nicest thing I can think of to describe this latest bit of folderol.
Fear not; Real men and real women will not be corrupted by this drivel, the coke addled ad mad and bad idiots couldn't come up with a new idea so this is it folks.
Make mine a double please.

Old Cannonballs said...

This is amazing timing. Right after looking at your strip about census-takers not being allowed to ask if someone is here legally, I get an amazing email. It underlines what's been under our noses all along, but which I, for one, was completely oblivious to, even though it's so obvious when you stop to look at it. As a public service, I am pasting it here for everyone's edification and enjoyment. Don't go away, folks:

Power and Money

The majority of Americans don't realize just how much POWER and MONEY the Democrats make off Illegal aliens being in our country — even without voter fraud.

This is why they created 'sanctuary' cities and states.

Simply by including their numbers as part of the population in the US Census, they get mountains of money from the federal government; and, for every 770,000 illegal aliens in their Democrat-controlled area, they get a seat in the US House of Representatives apportioned to their area following the census.

After the US Census (performed once every 10 years), the 435 seats in the US House of Representatives are divided up by state populations; the last one resulted in one seat for roughly every 770,000 people.

So, let's say California has about four million non-citizens living there right now. That means that FIVE of their seats in the US Congress are due to people who are not Americans being counted in the census!

Now, imagine if by 2020, when they do the next census, they had 10 million non-citizens living in California.

That would mean California would get an additional 10 seats in the US House of Representatives due to non-citizens.

Now, do you see why Democrats want open borders?

Next time you hear the bleeding-heart liberals and Democratic Party Leadership claiming how they "care" about these poor illegal aliens here, call bull$hit!

The Democrats found a way to get money and seats in Congress without even having to rig elections!

It's all about the power and the money . . .

Jason Anyone said...

@Dan said, "If one judge in some corner of the country can issue an injunction that affects the entire country and execution of government, why can't some other judge overrule his injunction with another injunction.

Who should we ask? "He's Schoolhouse Rocky. A chip off the block of your favorite schoolhouse, School House Rock!"

Injunction junction! What's our function?
Push back on lib rulings. Avoid their dysfunction.

Injunction junction! What's our function?
Seek judicial expunction of their obstruction to function

Injunction junction! What's our function?
Trump-derangment disjunction. Seek harmonious adjunction.

Injunction junction. What's my function?
Quit while I'm behind. Not many left end in "unction".

Happy Trump Day!

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

One day a Viking named Leif returned after a long sea voyage and found that during his absence his name had been removed from the town register.
He sent his wife to the town hall make a complaint to the mayor.
"I’m sorry," said the mayor, "I must have taken Leif off my census."

Brie Camembert said...

@M. Mitchell Marmel. That made my day.

Jim Irre said...


Steve Stevenson said...

After 40+ years of using Gillette razors, they've gone in the trash. Thankfully I only had one cartridge left... After seeing that ad, I went out and bought a Schick razor. No more Gillette for me. And I'll try to avoid other P&G products as well.

Let them know how you feel, on the Gillette Contact Us page.

And the list grows longer:

Dicks Sporting Goods

and now Gillette

Geoff King said...

I sport a Van Dyke beard only because I have a bald spot on each cheek that prevents me from growing a good looking full beard. I have stuck with this style ever since I could grow it.
As a result, I do not need to shave much at all. However, I still pull a trusty whatever brand is cheapest 2 blade disposable razor across my face every morning. I have never understood why anyone would need the 5 or 6 blade razors being hyped these days.
After 45 or more years of doing this ritual, I have gotten so proficient at it that I only knick my face about every third day. After the usual expletive, I always wonder why society dictates that men should take a sharp object to themselves when barely awake and possibly hung-over.

Jack said...


Your phrase "a federal district judge has ruled" has deep meaning for me and for every person who has invented something good. Four of my worthwhile inventions have been in use worldwide yet I have not been paid for them. Nor is my name associated with them today. I and people like me are tormented by the common journalistic phrase, "Scientists have... " We at least deserve to have our names remembered.

You and I live in a world where creators and builders are unnamed but legislators are credited with easy decisions about our gifts. We live in a world of casual theft. The Interstate Highway was invented by Adolph Hitler (autobahn) and it was planned because of President Eisenhower but the only name associated with the Interstate is that of President Kennedy. Hitler was also the author of safe, high-speed individual transit (Volkswagen) but history only remembers Ralph Nader's bigoted lies about it.

Thanks, Stilton Jarlsberg, for your wonderful work. We will remember your contributions!

Fish Out of Water said...

Wow. Quite a lot on today's post.
First, understand the furor over this judge's decision and believe there needs to be a solution for litigants venue shopping, most notorious the 9th Circuit (have a delicious story though from my work experience on how a group of 9th Circuit venue shopping litigants plan bleed up in their faces). But that aside, the census has asked what would now be considered some very awkward questions.

I say this as I was looking at a census form from the '40s on which a relative was listed, and one of the questions, the content of which I don't recall, was in the 'Whaaaaaat?' Category.

Gillette. Are Busty and Lefty available for comment? Mention was made of who spawned this farce. A name and face? If she is indeed the force behind this farce, wonder if she became that way due her father perhaps taking away her cellphone for her not doing her homework/chores, etc.

Can't think of an equal marketing farce outside of coca cola trying to reinvent the beverage back in the day. Are there others? Mind you though, this ad was probably first run through a focus group who gave it the thumbs up.

Boycott? Would love to but unfortunately Gillette does make the better razor. Could go bearded but that's not personally attractive as having done so in the past, I found the extra grooming a beard and moustache requires tedious and boring.

Elbarto said...

I like Gillette Series shave gel and will continue using it regardless of their asinine advertising campaign, but my go to razor is the Schick ST (slim twin) disposable. Between sales & coupons I can usually get a dozen of them for $3 or less; they give a great shave and I get a couple weeks out of each one. No expensive razors for this old man.

Fish Out of Water said...

Agree on the multi-bladed razors, it's getting ridiculous. I do very well with just a two 'blade razor. And while on the subject, decades and decades ago, I had a barber shave me old school style with a straight razor once. Don't believe I needed to shave again for a week afterwards.

McChuck said...

Ad execs and ad agencies are all taught in the same sorts of places. Every major ad agency has its HQs in NYC (or Londonistan). They exist to sell a product, but what, exactly, is that product?

TheOddManOut said...

Toxic masculinity? You mean like sponsoring Saturday Night Fights? Or maybe Gillette Stadium, where the cheating but powerful Patriots play? Or maybe Rugby League Four Nations?

Gillette - another name for hypocrisy.

Gillette - Schick applauds your ad campaign!

Fred Ciampi said...

Like Dan said "One Judge......." That would give a federal judge more power than President Donald J. Trump. Sumptins' definitely wrong here ladies and gentlemen. This must be changed, period! As one of my heroes of the past said, "There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury and ammo. Please use in that order."

Years ago I bought a whole load of Wilkerson Sword blades at a damaged goods sale ... enough to last a lifetime ... if I live to be 108 or so. After giggle-et's ad, I'm glad I did. So between my blades and 'shine, I'm set.

Fish Out of Water said...

Hey, I'm looking forward to the God of professional football, Tom Brady, getting his 6th Super Bowl ring.

Unknown said...

More on the womyns j mentioned earlier:

Murphy(AZ) said...

Give me a for-real break! Without Toxic Males, who's going to defend the Social Justice Weenies?

Me and my old gray beard suggest that Gillette might want to change their production focus to feminine hygiene products.

American Cowboy said...

The more I learn about wimmen...

...the better I like my horse.

That was a an old, now worn out creating card I had several decades ago. I am unapologetic about being a man. I still tip my hat to the ladies, stand up when they enter the room, hold their chair when they sit down at a table and refuse to let anyone convince me I am wrong for doing so.

These days 99% of the women I know are ranch wives, and I would depend more on any one of them to "have my back" than 100 of the SJW gender confused emasculated city dwellers that are beginning to infest this country.

Fish Out of Water said...

One point of order about asking during the census, whether they are a citizen or not. Last I looked a person holding a Green Card, whie not here illegally, is also not a citizen.

Judi King said...

"We will bury you"
Nikita Khrushchev
America will be destroyed from within and it's escalating rapidly with illegal rights, PC, Useful idiots, #metoo, muslim takeover of cities, etc., etc.
All of the laws and values we've enjoyed are being systematically destroyed and I believe it's deliberate. What these idiots hope to gain is, I think, power but, by the time it all comes to fruition, the destroyers will probably be dead. So good luck to all your children and grandchildren.

Fred Ciampi said...

Judi, you are absolutely correct. O'll probably be gone in another 20 of 30 years (I'm 76) but I too, fear for my grand children and 20 something great grand children.

Gee M said...

Thanks unknown, for posting the link. Gillette must not think Animal Planet, NatGeo, History, or Fox News is worthy of their virtue signaling. I had no idea what ad was being discussed.
If it wasn't for toxic femininity there wouldn't be so much TM...
I just use hand soap to shave but will avoid P&G products otherwise...some people are tough and ruthless, I happen to be rough and toothless which eliminates many of their big sellers.
But I must do my tiny part.

John D. Egbert said...

@ Jack Wsiegman: Points of order. Adolph got the idea for the autobahn from the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the world's first super-highway (and they're driving today on the original paving -- and paying for the privilege!). Further, it was the Corvair - actually a quite safe vehicle for its time - that Nader killed for being "Unsafe At Any Speed."

Fish Out of Water said...

Speaking of the Patriots, might I suggest this to express opinion on the inconsistency of Gillette's advertising and the sport played in the stadium which bears its name?

Lee Akers said...

You can bet that as a copywriter, if I proposed that, the agency would turn it down, and I probably wouldn't be doing their ads anymore.

John the Econ said...

Just proof that the Democrats plan to turn red-state America blue is working. Less than a lifetime ago, California was a red state. Now it's a single-party state destined to become Venezuela within a decade. Texas, you're next. Beto was just a sign of what is only a few more years of Californication away.

Shaving pussies: Someone named Clay Routledge deployed what I consider the definitive tweet on the subject:

"We are living in an era of woke capitalism in which companies pretend to care about social justice to sell products to people who pretend to hate capitalism."

Gillette is just following the lead trod by Nike by gambling that there be cash in political correctness. IMHO, this was the result of bubble-think that will ultimately backfire. The left has yet to fully digest the lessons behind the Trump victory, the biggest being that Americans are tired of being lectured to by the Progressive elite who are, in fact, the biggest transgressors.

It's ironic (or maybe not) that this happens the same time as this:

American Psychological Association Deems 'Traditional Masculinity Harmful'

"Simply put, in an article published by the APA after the release of the Guidelines for Psychological Practice With Boys and Men, “The main thrust of the subsequent research is that traditional masculinity—marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression—is, on the whole, harmful.”"

Got it? You cisnormative, straight-males (especially the white ones) are the real enemy of society and must be corrected. Society would be much better off, and our biggest problems, from competitive capitalism to global warming could be fixed if you only became more like this guy or this guy.

And finally on Gillette and their wokeness, consider this:

Gillette Venus Comfortglide Women's Razor Blade Refills, Freesia, 6 Count, Womens Razors/Blades, $18.99 per pack. That's $3.17 per refill.

Also on Amazon - Gillette 3 Men's Razor Blade Refills, 8 Count, $11.99 per pack. That's $1.50 per refill.

Why does Gillette charge over twice as much for a razor refill that, other than a little plastic, is the functional equivalent of a man's razor?

Again, just who is it conducting this "war on women" they say we are conducting?

John the Econ said...

Forgot to include in my comments on the American Psychological Association's assertion that "traditional masculinity" is the problem:

Also, consider this: Overall, well over 40% of children today are being raised in single-parent homes mostly led by women. Primary and secondary school teachers are also overwhelmingly female. So it's not a stretch to say that for roughly 50% of the male population growing up, the dominant influence in their lives is, in fact, female. Then consider the disproportionate number of people who eventually end up entangled in the legal system and prison come from single-parent homes.

The real problem isn't "traditional masculinity" The real problem is the lack of it.

Velveeta Processed Cheese Food said...

This fellow has a different take on the whole Gillette bruha; he thinks it may be marketing genius ala the Nike situation. His thesis is that most people will simply react to the word "Gillette" without knowing of or understanding the deeper issues. The result being Gillette is getting millions of dollars of free advertising out of it.

Fritzchen said...

If I recall correctly, it took the judge 277 pages to justify his decision. To paraphrase Albert Einstein, "If his judgement was based on sound legal reasoning, it should only have taken one!"

As for "toxic masculinity", it ain't the end of civilization, but you can see it from here!

Gee M said...

Jun 29, 2018 - Nike Direct, including both e-commerce and its own retail sales, drove over 90% of its growth this past fiscal year. ... “I would just say that our partnership is progressing well,” Parker said in response to a question on the Amazon partnership that Nike inked last year to sell on the Seattle giant's platform.

Sep 26, 2018 - Nike shares fell as much as 3 percent on Wednesday ... into the company's results, a slight disappointment in gross margins, as well as tepid ... etc

One good idea, and the bad idea (Colin Katshit) ain't helping the overall.
The Femnzis won't get much in the way of a big welcome from companies that want to avoid driving away large swaths of new and returning customers...Gilette has customer loss from their ad... since Nike's big spike in business was online sales before the Colin snafu, Gilette may see losing so much customer love as a bad direction.
Time and actual customer turn away will tell.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@James Daily- Yeah, the "head count" is intended to provide for the wellbeing of our actual citizenry, which isn't exactly the way the Dems see it anymore. And Gillette may come out ahead financially on their snafu, as SJW types make Gillette their brand of choice. Not that multi-blade razors are much good for dicing lines of cocaine.

@J- I was just reading about the rabid feminist you mention who is behind this campaign. She also won awards by for selling feminine hygiene products by having nude female models photographed covering their genitalia with suggestive pink conch shells or sliced pink grapefruit. I'm not sure if the intent was to illustrate the "before" and "after" scents...

@Section147- Your parents never took you aside for the "cuttlebone" talk? Wow. (grin)

@Anonymous- I like your "glass more than half full" attitude!

@Dan- I'm pretty sure that what you describe is how the whole flawed judicial system works, until a final ruling is issued by the Supreme Court.

@Jason Anyone- I'd LOVE to know what good things Gillette thought this campaign would accomplish. Other than to perhaps remind people that Gillette still exists.

@Anonymous- It's an easy subject for me to joke about, but I'm really bothered by all of this gender nonsense and the claims of "toxic masculinity." Masculinity is in no way toxic the way I would define it - which is why the Left is in such a hurry to exercise their usual strategy of defining terms to their liking to bolster their empty arguments.

@Old Cannonballs- It doesn't get any more straightforward than that. Power and money indeed!

@Jason Anyone- If Schoolhouse Rock ever comes back, we definitely need you on staff as a writer!

@M. Mitchell Marmel- (slow but respectful clap)

@Brie Camembert & Jim Irre- Don't forget to tip the waiters!

@Steve Stevenson- I'm not sure what sort of razors I'm currently using (I'm bearded, and only trim my neck for special occasions) but I damn sure won't be using Gillette in the future. Menthol Barbisol is a must, though. Bet it's from P&G, dammit...

@Geoff King- It DOES seems a weird ritual to drag (literally) razor sharp metal over our faces. Faces which, over time, develop increasingly complicated topography and speed bumps.

@Jack Wiegman- I'm curious about your inventions. My Dad was an inventor too, among other things, but never made any real money off his work. His best inventions were stolen and the legal rat holes were too deep and expensive for him to pursue while providing for his family. It's not a "creator friendly" world, but some of us are compelled to keep trying anyway. I prefer to think of us as persistent rather than slow learners (grin).

CenTexTim said...

Stilton -

Given your background in advertising, you might be interested in this perspective on Gillette's decision to take this route.

Razor Burn

The takeaway:

"Allen Adamson, co-founder of branding firm Metaforce, called the ad a "hail Mary" pass from the 117-year-old company. But he added that online buzz, whether positive or negative, rarely makes a long-term difference for a marketer since memory fades quickly.

"Getting noticed and getting buzz is no easy task, and they've managed to break through," Adamson said. "Most advertisers advertise, and no one notices because there is so much noise in the marketplace, so just getting noticed Is a big win, especially for low-interest category like a razor."

On the flip side, it probably won't sell many razors either, he said."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fish Out of Water- Considering some of the wacky questions which ARE on the census ("how many toilets do you have?" "how many TVs?") it doesn't seem like adding "how many illegals?" would be that big a deal.

And you're right that Busty and Lefty should weigh in on this topic. Maybe that will happen if the story continues to have (shaved) legs.

@jpb52- Plus, you can use the Gillette gel to make interesting designs (like, oh, guns or the word "MAGA") to shave off, thereby STILL honking off the libs.

@Fish Out of Water- There is no barber in the world who I'd let approach my neck with a straight razor.

@McChuck- LOVE that cartoon, and it's absolutely on target! I see way too many commercials in which I end up asking WTF were they selling?

@The OddManOut- It struck me, too, that Gillette has sponsored some pretty "manly" events before suddenly declaring that real men get periods too.

And if I were Schick, I'd be rushing ads to market in which guys are doing typical dumb (but not mean) guy things with disastrous results, then shrugging it off with a wry "Schick happens!" Seriously, Schick, send me some money - quick!

@Fred Ciampi- Every time I hear that the President's immigration policy is overturned by some pinhead judge in Hawaii (which is not really part of the United States, no matter what anyone says) it drives me nuts. How can they ALL have more power than the President?

And good move on that lifetime supply of razor blades! I, too, am a born bargain-hunter.

@Fish Out of Water- Does the 6th ring go on his other hand, or, uh, someplace lower...?

@Unknown- There has never been a better time professionally to be a "woke" woman.

@Murphy(AZ)- In fairness, I'm not really sure I want the Social Justice Weenies defended.

@American Cowboy- Great points. Masculinity isn't toxic, though assholery is. Real men can be real manly and still be polite, considerate, warm, sharing, paternal, mechanically inclined, and everything else. In the Gillette ad, they suggested that using an outdoor grill (even with some Vegan grilling a cob of corn) was an example of "toxic masculinity." What the hell? When did feeding your family and friends get to be such an act of macho aggression?!

@Fish Out of Water- See, that's another stat I'd like to collect. Along with "is your visa or green card current and valid?"

@Judi King- Yes, all of these things are destructive and, yes, they're all deliberate - at least amongst those who are old enough to know what they're inflicting on us (like Pelosi). The youngsters like Alexandria Pistachio-Kotex are actually stupid enough to think their ideas could be good for the country.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fred Ciampi- I have to admit that I worry about future generations too, including (especially) my daughter's. Those familiar with the decline and fall of great empires can recognize the signs all around us. I hope that changes...somehow.

@Gee M- I'm not really big on product boycotts, but if an advertiser is willing to work hard enough to alienate me, I feel like I need to do my part.

@John D. Egbert- I'd say that Adolph invented gas stations, only that would be terribly, terribly wrong.

@Fish Out of Water- They're still using I would have thought it was by now...

@Lee Akers- As an ad man myself, I sat in on a lot of brainstorming sessions in which the rule was "there are no bad ideas." That adage was proved wrong in every single meeting.

@John the Econ- Wow, I love that quote from Clay Routledge! It's exactly right. And screw the American Psychological Association for attacking not toxic but traditional masculinity. Exactly when does "stoicism" or "competitiveness" become harmful? Is there a cut-off point, or are these qualities bad when exhibited in even a minor way? And has the APA released any official statements about the mental health of women who dress as giant genitalia and scream at strangers?

And you make a HUGELY important point about the number of boys being raised without fathers. Too often, their male role models become street thugs or gangsta rappers (neither of which groups, oddly, were called out by Gillette). Traditional masculinity, in the best sense, is learned from a positive father figure because part of traditional masculinity is being a good father. Pity that Gillette didn't mention it.

@Velveeta Processed Cheese Food- That analysis is probably right. Gillette gets plenty of free advertising, and positive associations in the minds of SJW types who have more dollars than sense.

@Fritz Brohn- I personally believe that truth tends to be simple. 277 pages sounds like a grave deep enough to bury truth, logic, or legitimate legal reasoning.

@Gee M- It's too early to know how this will turn out for Gillette, but I think it's a very, very dangerous idea for politics to be incorporated in ad campaigns.

Sam L. said...

Personally, I am TOTALLY in favor of Gillette calling in H-bombs on their location, though I do think hara kiri might have fewer side-effects. Still, going out in a blaze of ingloriousness is certainly acceptable to me. STUPIDITY for the WIN!!

Don said...

Unlike the easily offended liberal man-wannabes that stamp their feet, whimper and cry while refusing to eat at Chick-fil-A because of Chick-fil-A's stand on abortion, the hardly-ever-offended conservative real-men will continue to use Gillette's products. So, Gillette wasn't taking much of a chance with their silly commercial, because Gillette already knew that.

Boligat said...

I demand to see a response to the Gillette commercial from our male population in flyover country. . . but the response MUST be given by our own Miss Busty Ross.

John the Econ said...

"Exactly when does "stoicism" or "competitiveness" become harmful?"

It's ironic that in an age where Progressives can't scream in fear of "fascism" enough, they've raised a generation of men who when literally faced with it will curl up in fetal balls whimpering.

Speaking of male role models: Why in the age of #MeToo, does Snoop Dogg and R. Kelly get to keep their media jobs? (Don't bother. We know. Just part of the ever hardening bigotry of low expectations)

Meanwhile, how does Gillette answer for some of their other marketing efforts?

And finally, I think the votes here are unanimous. We demand a rebuttal from Busty!

And something stupid from Lefty Lucy.

Gee M said...


Fish Out of Water said...

While I too am looking forward to Lefty Lucy's and Busty's comment on the matter, think Trump's pulling the rug out from under Pelosi's overseas junket today, makes for better subject matter.

Fred Ciampi said...

Yes on what Fish said. Here's the link;

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the citizenship question used to appear on the census form.
I guess it OK then.
Stupid judge.

Anonymous said...

I guess it WAS OK then.
(fumble fingers strike again)

Jim Irre said...

I have happily avoided the shaving ritual since 1981 when I was discharged from military service.

Jim Irre said...

Kinda like shaving every day?