Friday, February 1, 2019

Fetal Distraction

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Believe it or not, we're actually trying to make a serious point in the cartoon above (with a tip of our hat to Jonathan Swift and his "modest proposal").

Considering the nightmarish abortion laws being pushed and passed (something that fewer and fewer babies will get to experience), just what is the difference between going Texas Chainsaw Massacre on a baby in the process of being born, or slicing and dicing a gentleman's johnson which happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Both baby and man are separate individuals from the woman, with their own DNA, blood type, heart beat, and hopes to survive the experience of intimate contact with a woman. Both are presumably someplace where they were invited by the woman to be. And both are intended by nature to be pulled intact out of a vagina in order to go on with the rest of their lives.

Granted, our example is extreme - but where is the error in our thinking? We've certainly got science and biology on our side. The only difference is legal (ie, semantic) - and the apparent belief that life itself should be defined by neither physicians, philosophers, nor theologians - but by politicians. Who are technically the lowest life forms on Earth.


Happy Birthday to my father (who art in Heaven, albeit not necessarily the fanciest part, and quite likely on probation). He was conceived under circumstances which would likely lead to an abortion these days (the product of my paternal grandmother and a traveling piano teacher who apparently also gave organ lessons), and I'm damn glad he made it into this world. He created a lifetime of happiness for a lot of people.


Jason Anyone said...

Happy FRIgiDAY from roasty, toasty RI. While Chicago saw Thursday morning in Chicago hit -20, we were a balmy, 3° ABOVE 0. And other than a "no longer than 5 minute" snow squall about 6 pm last night, we stayed dry here. Just up the road, Boston wasn't that fortunate. Anyway...

"Granted, our example is extreme - but where is the error in our thinking?"

I'll see your "Extreme" and raise you "One party's 'late-term' is another's "OK, NOW we've decided."

And to all a good night/day/weekend!

Annunciata M. D'Alesandro said...

OK folks, I have finally decided - I'm going to post-birth abort my baby Nancy. If that doesn't work then the Cosa Nostra can have a try.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

To paraphrase Stepin Fetchit and quote Robin Williams, "Fetus, don't fail me now!"

Fish Out of Water said...

It should be noted that the NY copycat abortion bill in the Commonwealth of Virginia (which died in committee) was put forth by a delegate (of vietnamese origin) from Prince William County, one of the 4 blue northern Virginia counties which more and more are controlling state politics. An anomaly not just confined to the Commonwealth, but to many other states and cause I believe for redrawing of state borders.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Fish, the New Nevada movement folks would agree w/ you...

Bruce Bleu said...

And I see that dad was also a part-time Mohel!
Anyway, first illustration... Mr. Van Dyke would be very disappointed to meet this woman... YIKES. (BTW, in the PC world his full name would be "Penis Van Lesbian".)
I'm sure that Nazi Pegrosi also contends that life begins when they come across the border, whether they learn English or not, as long as they recognize the letter "D" on a ballot!
I think the left assumes this country was started by a group referred to as "The Foundling Floundering Fathers" and their rage against anyone minutely different from them (like being 5 inches long and living in amniotic fluid). Hell, that "person" is like an illegal alien when he comes out of the birth canal, right?

Gee M said...

Whooo-haa! Finally pushed the right (or wrong!) button...only the glassy-eyed I don't blink left is supporting kill-a-baby abortion...not the mass of cells beginning baby but a cute little mini-people baby that can say Dada and Mama!;
OK, not right away, but they look the same.
Did mention my 8-month old C section daughter that was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen? (grey, wrinkled, naked...a definite "thing". Did I mention squalling?) Fell in love...first time Daddy; 6 pounds of perfect human and there are really people who could kill that? Even a Downs baby, 3 armed or conjoined...who could do that?
Obviously, only those who can wear pussy hats in public...polls are almost unanimous, even pro-choice are going 1st trimester only...going so far left they left most of the country behind, the Dim Dems have truly screwed the pooch.

REM1875 said...

Grateful for your Dad passing on a sense of humor to ya Doc. He lives on........and we get to see him in these pages......

REM1875 said...

@Anonymous Bruce Bleu said...
"And I see that dad was also a part-time Mohel!"

You win the internet ....... it hurts just to think of it ......

Geoff King said...

I am for post-birth abortion if there are extreme mental health issues. Many examples spring to mind: Pelosi, AOC, Hillary, Schumer, Whoopie, etc. etc. They should be aborted before they further the demise of the human race.

twocents said...

Just like your comments about your dad's (and your) lineage - by today's standards goes much of the world's lineage, including mine no doubt. The truth is most of the worlds lineage can be traced somewhere back to marauding hordes and whatever they inflicted. If only the proponents of abortion so aghast that an innocent helpless baby see the light of day could come to grips with their own facts of life -- well they would still be greedy blood thirsty overlords ready to impose death after the mask of "choice" is pulled from their aesthetic pretense.

Elbarto said...

The spirit of Doctor Mengele lives in today's Democrat party.

Jon said...

I beg for the first time to differ with you sir. The Pelosi cartoon should end with "When the vote democratic".

TrickyRicky said...

Once the ancient religious and societal taboos regarding murder are discarded, who will determine how old we can allow humans to become? I'm guessing not too many years after retirement, since their productive years have ended and their value to society at large is plummeting daily. Richard Lamm, then governor of Colorado actually stated in 1983 or 1984 that the elderly who are very ill have a duty to die. It's a very short leap to the elderly that don't have a big enough bank account have a duty to die. Or maybe the elderly that haven't bought into the socialist paradise have a duty to die. Right Comrade Lamm?

Jim Irre said...

There is a movement afoot to give the blue Northern Virginia counties to Maryland or the District. Hasn't happened yet, but don't lose hope!

Stilt, the last two paragraphs of your abortion tirade are pure gold! If you don't mind I would like to copy them, with proper attribution of course!

And back to Virginia politics . . . Free to a Good Home - Slightly used Governor and Delegate. Upgrading to rural models. Free shipping. Returns not accepted.

Doc said...

According to the dictum of infallible Jewish mothers, life begins only upon graduation from medical school.🙄😜😋👍🏻

Judi King said...

Congratulations to your dad who was born before the murderous butchers took control. The world is certainly a better place because of him. (EG: you). Who knows what all the current victims would have accomplished? Anyone who supports abortion is over the top depraved. Have they forgotten that their mothers choose life? This is SO heartbreaking. Maybe someone should start a pre-birth adoption society so some of these innocent lives can be allowed to live.

Fish Out of Water said...

@Jim: Really? That's the first I've heard of 'Goodbye and Good Riddance, Northern Virginia '. Would love to see that happen, even though I reside in one of the "progressive "/neo totalitarian counties of NoVa.

John the Econ said...

For years I've semi-joked that considering the obnoxiousness of teenagers, I'm for the increasing of the abortion limit to 975 weeks. Now that the actual limit according to Democrats is literally the end of the last trimester, my proposal no longer seems so far-fetched.

I say we let the Democrats proudly own this while they lecture the rest of us about "morality".

This is all the price we now have to pay for the Supreme Court dodging the real issue nearly a half-century ago in Roe v Wade, the question of at what point a fetus becomes a citizen and is entitled to the rights, privileges and protections of the Constitution.

Speaking of the Supreme Court: Anyone see RBG lately?

Green Raw Deal: Referring to Wednesday's post about the Polar Vortex and in classic Progressive never let a good crisis go to waste fashion, Liz Warren used the cold weather to push the Democrat's "Green New Deal" agenda to prevent more global warming when it's 40-below.

I really can't fathom that people being kept warm by relatively inexpensive electricity and natural gas could possibly be receptive to a political agenda specifically designed to make that inexpensive electricity and natural gas both much more expensive, and far less reliable.

Yesterday, I heard a PSA on the radio regarding "energy insecurity". Just what is "energy insecurity" going to mean when the retail price of energy doubles? Of course, the Progressive answer will be to subsidize energy for "the poor", leaving the middle class to pick up the tab for both higher energy costs and the subsidies for the poor. This is why this is all just another front of the Progressive War on the Middle Class".

Lee The Voice said...

With thousands of people trying to adopt a baby, in a mile long line, and the hurdles high as the government can make them, why abort? Adoption is the answer. Or is it that those aborters are simply murderers.

Dan said...

@Jim Irre -- cede most of the DC back to Maryland (Constitution doesn't specify minimum size of the district). You can give some NoVa counties to Maryland, too.

Colby Muenster said...

I was thinking along the lines of TrickyRicky. How soon before we are living the Soylent Green scenario? When do we get to the point where we can simply kill a person who is "inconveniencing" our lives?

@John the Econ,
I wonder what might happen to the abortion debate if Congress enacted a law defining when human life begins, especially if it said human life begins at conception. Never happen though. It must sadden God to the extreme to see what we've become.

And we all know that, if RBG suddenly keeled over, somebody somewhere would keep her on life support some how, some way until there is another Obama in the Oval Office. Isn't there a law that says the Prez should nominate a new judge when there is a vacancy? And if she's still alive, there is no vacancy, in the Dems eyes anyway.

Is it just me, or do they call it global climate change in the winter, and global warming in the summer?

Sortahwitte said...

You are exactly correct. The "doctor" is alive and doing very well in the demoncrap party.
I have mentioned before that I have visited Auschwitz, Dachau, and Matthausen. I don't get spooked easily, having been several places with the USMC with unpronounceable names and bookoo juju. Those camps gave me what the technical term is "the willies". It was like someone had let loose a blood curdling scream of which you didn't hear the start, but heard the ending echo. In our nation today, I hear the scream and the echo. A quote that's in my head from somewhere: "This will not end well. People will die." And from me: And not just the babies.

John the Econ said...

@Colby Muenster said "When do we get to the point where we can simply kill a person who is "inconveniencing" our lives?"

This is the massive blind spot that most Progressive possess.

A story: 20-some years ago when the Internet was shiny and new, I was an online moderator for a major national newspaper that had just dipped its toes into the medium and nobody was yet sure just how it was supposed to work. My job was to launch and moderate online discussions linked from the stories of the day.

On one such occasion following an abortion-related story, I had a representative of UnPlanned-UnParenthood unleash what I considered the most inhuman diatribe on abortion that I had ever personally seen. She basically went on to describe a human fetus as a "cancer" that had "invaded" the woman, that it was contributing nothing to the health and well-being of the woman, and was only "stealing resources from the host body" like a parasite and that the host had every right to put an end to that imposition. She further reiterated that any being that could not exist on its own should have no expectation or right to survive.

Reading this literally made me numb.

A few days later, there was a discussion involving "the homeless". I noticed this same individual involved in that debate. So I literally clipped and pasted her diatribe on abortion into the homeless discussion, only replacing all references to a fetus with "the homeless". So basically, I had an argument that said we shouldn't hesitate to expunge the homeless and had every right to do so because they're basically cancerous bodies invading our cities, contributing nothing to the health and well-being of society, stealing resources that could be better spent on the law-abiding, and that we had every right, no, responsibility to put them out of everybody's misery. After all, any being that could not exist on its own should have no expectation or right to survive.

We'll, you can imagine the ****storm that ensued from that! Ironically, the individual that I had copied from was the most outraged never realizing that it was her post that I had plagiarized nearly word-for-word. Even after I had pointed this out, she didn't get it and was unable to equate or compare the two.

Of course, there were calls for me to be sanctioned and/or fired. Fortunately, the people I worked for recognized that I was well within the guidelines and fully entitled to free speech. Nothing happened from this. It was a different age. (I have no doubt that under today's environment, things would definitely be different)

So @Colby Muenster, how will the coming Progressive utopia ultimately work out for those who think they'll be the winners, but otherwise produce little to nothing in economic value to society, and are, in fact, an "inconvenience" to the economy and body politic? If history is any indication, not very well.

james daily said...

There is not doubt that had this infanticide been available, Beethoven would have been killed and we would be the poorer. There is no telling how many that could have advanced science and human development have been killed for convenience and such. Somewhere in that group may have been another Tesla or Rife or Einstein, maybe a saint or three. We will never know what the world or universe has lost but we only know what is left (pun intended.)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jason Anyone- In the case you cite, I actually side with the mother.

@Annunciata M. D'Alesandro- Your child, Nancy, has already had injections of poison (botox) so more extreme methods are likely called for.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- It may be wrong of me to say so, but I'm a fan of Stepin Fetchit. A genuinely talented comic actor (at a time when it was very tough to be black).

@Fish Out of Water- Don't just redraw the borders, build some damn walls!

@Pete (Detroit)- I don't know the New Nevada Movement, so thank you for enlightening me.

@Bruce Bleu- And isn't it odd that 10 seconds before birth, a fetus can have NO rights or claim on humanity, but 10 seconds AFTER birth to illegal alien parents, is not only fully invested with human rights but American citizenship!

@Gee M- I hope you're right about the "screwed the pooch" thing with the Dems, but I don't know. As the old adage goes, "there are none so blind as those who don't know shit from shinola," and that pretty much defines all Lefties. No normal human should be able to look at an 8-month old C-section baby and be unsure about whether or not it should be considered "alive" or a "person" until politicians have opined on the matter.

@REM1875- It's not precisely intentional, but a LOT of my Dad lives on through me. As the saying goes, the nut didn't fall far from the tree.

@Geoff King- I agree with you in principle, but worry about those who would apply those same standards to you and me.

@twocents- The circumstances of conception aren't necessarily predictive of how that new life will be lived. None of us has God-like wisdom or the ability to see the future. So we should show respect to both conception (and/or avoiding it) and life itself.

@jpb252- If Mengele was here and also promised free college, he'd be a Democratic contender.

@Jon- I believe that was implied (grin).

@TrickyRicky- If you run the actuarial numbers, you can easily see how much money an old fart is likely to "cost" the government in support services, Social Security payments and so on. How can anyone NOT understand that this will be a number figured into the equation of what kind of services Medicare will provide for you? People who die soon after retirement are a great way to help balance the government's books. Need further proof? One of the reasons that cigarettes are still legal is because (besides generating huge taxes) they kill scads of people who can be taken off the government ledgers earlier than expected.

@Jim Irre- Copy away, my friend! That's always true of anything here. And it's been my attitude ever since being inspired by Barack Obama pointing out the importance of "spreading the wealth around."

@Dr. Roger Harris- You could do worse...

@Judi King- Because of abortion, we've no doubt lost saints and sinners, geniuses and idiots, great artists and great villains. We can't know ahead of time, and we can't measure how much we've potentially lost (yes, some individuals really do change the world). No Holocaust is acceptable, including this one.

@Fish Out of Water- "Goodbye and Good Riddance, Northern Virginia" sounds like it would make a good country song.

@John the Econ- At the point the government requires us to state our age in terms of weeks rather than years, we'll know the writing is on the wall.

And you're absolutely right about the insanity of making heat energy exponentially more expensive, especially in the name of fighting completely unproven anthropogenic "climate change." It's never great to use the "people will die" argument, but yeah - people will die.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Lee the Voice- Yes, yes, yes on adoption. There are people out there who want to love and raise children, even problematic children, who deserve a chance. But I have yet to hear a Lefty praise the idea.

@Dan- Okay, I'm lost in the weeds here, but I'm sure you're right (I'm a very trusting guy).

@Judi King- The truth isn't always complicated.

@Colby Muenster- Don't forget that buried deep in the bowels of the original Obamacare legislation was the requirement for doctors to give "end of life counseling" to seniors (sick or not), to help the old folks determine if they want to be a "burden" on their families. Sarah Palin called them death panels and was mocked...but she wasn't wrong.

Regarding RBG, I actually wish her well but would like her to step down. And I don't think it's entirely impossible that she might be kept on a ventilator and heart-lung machine for two years (or six) if the Left felt it necessary to deny Trump another pick. I'll just admit my ignorance here - IS there a statute which says when a Justice must be forced out after a certain period of inaction or inability? I really don't know.

@Sortawitte- Thanks for sharing your chilling description (and I mean that sincerely). I genuinely cannot understand the depravity of groups of people.

@John the Econ- I love the story about your back and forth with the abortion enthusiast. You were exactly on point. And you're also right that in the socialist utopia envisioned by an astounding number of pinheads, people will only survive if the state finds them minimally useful. Progressives, as a species, will disappear.

Pat Cummings said...

Dick Lamm, meet Ms. Feminist. Have fun, now!

JustaJeepGuy said...

Regarding the New Nevada Movement idea, I would like to see either a state-level electoral college or a state split-up like that here in Colorado. We're now under the thumb of a whole slew of Demo_Rats in Denver and Boulder (and a couple other counties, but definitely not the whole state) and they're now trying to eliminate the very idea of the electoral college at the national level. Some Demo_Rat has introduced a bill to award the state's entire electoral vote to whoever wins the popular vote in the national election. Even though Hitlary won the 9 electoral votes here, those Demo_Rats want to ensure a Demo_Rat president for all time (or until the people who really want their liberty have finally had enough...). Splitting up the state into two, one for the Demo_Rats and one for those who prefer liberty, would be a welcome change. In fact, there are several states that would benefit from this kind of split. I am sure there are people in New York who would like to cast off the NYC area, people in Texas who would like to be out from under the despotic rule of Austin, etc. When you look at the county-by-county electoral map from the last election, you have to wonder why all that red area should be ruled by the few small patches of blue here and there. Either split up the states or fire up a state-level electoral college.

Anonymous said...

If your morals allow you to kill the most innocent and defenseless among us, what exactly does your morals stop you from doing?

Murdering six million inconvenient Jews?
Murdering six million inconvenient Cambodians?

If government can legislate and make it lawful to kill the most innocent life among us just because that innocent is inconvenient for them, what makes you think that you are protected from the same type of consequence?

MSG Grumpy

Gee M said...

@ MSG Grumpy

In the end, .45 FMJ.
And millions of like-minded citizens. Quiet ones, not a pussy hat among them.

Rod said...

There's always a lot of "govmint" done off the record and behind the scenes. RBG has a clear right to continue in her post as long as she's able to actually perform the requirements of the position, think clearly & show up. But Failing that IMO she should be working quietly with the Trump administration to negotiate some influence upon the next list of nominees in exchange for her resignation. She's at or near that point. We don't need the national distraction of her demise in position and the progressive panic that would follow.

Failing that & with modern technology, & funding which will not be allowed for border security... I expect a plasticised bionic or robot version (call it RGB2)

It's not unlike viewing Lenin in his Red Square Tomb. The personal guide & I were the ONLY visitors at the time; but a bunch of Kremlin guards focused only upon us at the time and still hastened us along as if they did not want us to get a close look.

SpectreRider said...

Judges hold office during good behavior. Missing work due to being comatose is arguably not good behavior.

Fish Out of Water said...

Over the weekend, read one person's assertion the Democratic Party has become the party of Mengele, as in Josef Mengele, the Nazi Angel of Death . That bears keeping in mind.

MAX Redline said...

"Richard Lamm, then governor of Colorado actually stated in 1983 or 1984 that the elderly who are very ill have a duty to die. It's a very short leap to the elderly that don't have a big enough bank account have a duty to die."

I was reading just yesterday that in Japan, people in their mid-60s are increasingly committing petty crimes so that they'll be sent to jail, where they get free meals and a place to sleep. Among those who don't opt for that route, suicides are increasing. They feel it's their duty not to be a burden to their relatives.

We'll see in America the same, if "progressives" are allowed to continue unabated.

Kevin Gleeson said...

Stilton, you are a living argument against "hard case" abortion, as are my two fine adopted sons. Glad you could be with us!