Friday, February 22, 2019

Jussie's Girl

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Waves of sadness swept through the nation's progressives yesterday when it was revealed that, tragically, Trump voters don't actually hate black people or gay people, don't hurl hurtful epithets, and don't try to hang actors from spindly sidewalk trees in the midst of a polar vortex, while being careful not to bruise their victim's tuna sandwich from Subway.

Rather, it now seems that Smollett staged the entire thing, including sending a terroristic-threat letter filled with white powder, and his oh-so-tearful ABC interview, all in a ploy to get a pay raise on his TV show.

That's right, this wasn't even really about Trump-hating (though Smollett successfully guessed that this would put the media solidly on his side). Rather, it was about getting more money for the already overpaid little mofo, and using any tool - including inciting a race war - to get it.

Let's be clear here. We already know that Smollett took a big, steaming dump on white men in general and Trump-supporters in particular. But he also dropped big, squishy deuces on the legacies of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, Matthew Shepard, and every other person who has ever suffered real discrimination because of their race or sexual orientation. Smollett took all of that history and all of that pain and thought, "I can make money with this." If there's a worse racist than Smollett in the country right now, we certainly can't think of who it might be.

Although there are plenty of people in second place: the "news" reporters, tweeting celebs, and politicians who gleefully disregarded all of the immediately glaring flaws in Smollett's preposterous story, and instead ramped up hate and racial division in our country because that's what they love to do, and that's what their political ambitions are built on. Meanwhile, Trump and Trump-supporters just quietly go on with their business of treating other folks equally while building an economy that is demonstrably more favorable for blacks and hispanics than anything dreamed of under Barack Obama.

Smollett's crass scheme was to get more money and bigger parts. We're pretty sure that the money won't be happening, but we rather hope he will be getting those bigger parts, lube free, every time he tries to shower in prison for the next several years.

Of course, he's not off to the hoosegow quite yet. He still needs to complete his contractual commitment to his miserable TV show. Which, we're guessing, won't take long...

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, jussie smollett, hoax, empire, lefty lucy, racist, shit stain
"Emmy, here I come!"


REM1875 said...

When ya got to hire foreigners to do a job Americans just won't ......

Dan said...

From ABC News: "But Shepard's killers, in their first interview since their convictions, tell "20/20's" Elizabeth Vargas that money and drugs motivated their actions that night, not hatred of gays."

Jim Irre said...

@Dan c'mon don't point out the obvious, you'll wreck their narrative!

Smollett's story stunk from the get-go, and there were two reasons. Sharpton and Jackson. They were both conspicuous by their absence throughout the whole sordid affair.

Jason Anyone said...

"Trump supporters hate me."

Of course, we do. Remind us who you are again?

Did anyone catch the Chicago prosecutor going over the timeline of events on Thursday afternoon? A trail of boulder-sized evidence everywhere.

* Smollett paid them by personal check, made out to one of the Osundairo brothers
* The night of the attack, using their own cellphone...
* ...they called for an Uber...
* to pick them up at their home address...
* (Uber dropped them off less than 2 miles from the, uh, "crime scene") They hailed a cab, the majority of which, have onboard security cameras, and got dropped off a few blocks from the "scene of the hoax"

All of those actions created records of evidence. However, the one thing that was NOT caught on camera? "The attack"...because they were unaware that the camera they had scoped out to capture the deed, was facing a different direction , so nothing was recorded.

If it wasn't so sad, that could make a funny little skit to launch "Make SNL Funny Again!"

Fish Out of Water said...

He actually wrote a personal check?!���� Jeeeesus, just how stoopid can he be?����

Murphy(AZ) said...

I have heard (Hollywood Reporter) that Mr. Smollett was "earning" $125K PER EPISODE for his efforts. He returned to the "Empire" set to finish the last episode and a half for this season. Sadly, during the off-season, he will contract Mysterious TV/Movie Disease, and will never be seen again, or even mentioned beyond next season's first episode. By this time next year, all you will hear of him will be "Jussie WHO?" or "...Was released from federal prison overnight...."

Another sad case of self-inflicted stupidity.

Jess said...

I'm thinking Obama, and his boyfriend Michelle, will entertain the thought of asking Smollett over for cocktails. They'll have a grand time, and the Secret Service will have another thing to sweep under the carpet.

Bruce Bleu said...

I was just thinking... Jussie finally admitted that this whole thing was a ploy to EXTORT his employer for more money... EXTORT! When is the crime going to be filed that THIS is ONE of the reasons he orchestrated this hoax?

Geoff King said...

Just another left wing, race-baiting, heterophobe. Nothing new to see there.
Meanwhile, here in Flagstaff, we just broke a more than 100 year record for most snowfall in a 24 hour period at over 3 feet. We may also break the all time record for most snowfall from a single storm as it is still snowing today and we are approaching 4 feet of the white supremacy stuff.
I can barely see my Jeep, which is hopelessly stuck in the snowplow berm at the end of my driveway. When a 4-wheel drive gets stuck, it really gets stuck!

Fred Ciampi said...

We keep hearing about all of the dumb things the hollywood celebs keep doing and the remarks such as "They can't be more stupid" and they keep taking that as a challenge. Well, methinks we have a winner. Of course I also think that celebrityville folks will fall all over themselves to top good ole' jussie. 'Nuff said.

TrickyRicky said...

@Geoff- I wish you guys would quit hogging all the white stuff and send some up to Colorado (not just the four corners). We can always use more at the ski areas.

What more can, or needs to be said about this Smollett clown? So very, very many negative personality traits cherished by the victim worshiping left. So very entitled and superior. So racist. So done.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Fred Clampi: I believe the phrase you're looking for is "Hold my beer!" ;D

RyDaddy said...

Matthew Shepard was the original "fake news", or creation of a media narrative. His death had nothing to do with him being gay, he was killed due to a drug deal gone wrong.

John D. Egbert said...

The irony is so-o-o delicious, although the perps involved and the left in general -- but I repeat myself -- will never see it since they have no sense of humor.

This has to be the first time Nigerians have been scammed by an American "prince."

Judi King said...

This smellit creep needs to be prosecuted, but probably won't be because that wouldn't be PC.

Shelly said...

And now the creep is self-righteously claiming innocence. You know the old adage about being at the bottom of a hole - stop digging? That applies here. Truthfully, I had never heard of this creep nor seen him in any shows. I hope his name disappears into the old proverbial dustbin of history very soon.

JD said...

I live in Northern Illinois. Unfortunately. Anyway, I always lock my truck but sometimes I forget and have to go back and lock it. But when it is 4 degrees out I don't bother because there are no criminals out in that temp! So this nitwit wants us to believe MAGA hat guys are out at 2AM hunting black gay guys (I guess they wear a sign saying "I'm GAY") in MAGA country Chicago, that I think has 7 republicans in the whole city and IT IS 4 DEGREES. Hell, you can barely tell what color people are they are so bundled up. Come on.... I never believed it, but I never thought he'd be revealed to be a liar and arrested either. Chicago jury, all Democrats, it's still a toss-up.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- In fairness, there are a good number of Americans who'd be willing to do the job on Smollett at this point.

@Dan- Interesting, though I'll stand by the principle behind what I was saying. Many gays have faced terrible discrimination and even death. Smollett took a big, steamy dump on all of them and made future, truthful claims of victimization less credible.

@Jason Anyone- Well yeah, when you're going to go everywhere wearing "Fuck Trump" shirts, I'm going to hate you whatever your skin color or sexual orientation. And yes, it's hilarious that there are MILES of surveillance video surrounding the event, but that Mr. Professional Actor didn't realize which way the only important camera was pointing.

@Fish Out of Water- The check is one of my favorite touches. What an idiot!

@Murphy(AZ)- $125k per episode, but he was jealous of his co-stars (who also happen to be black) who were earning even more. I look forward to him getting the bill for several weeks of police work...

@Jess- I don't think it can be swept under the carpet. Rather, there will be need for a wet-vac.

@Bruce Bleu- I haven't heard Jussie admit to extortion yet; rather, I've heard that the brothers (so to speak) put that forward as a reason for his actions.

@Geoff King- Good luck surviving snowpocalypse, and give my best to any remaining members of the Donner party.

@Fred Ciampi- Stupidity amongst those on the Left is like looking into the depths of a fractal pattern. It just goes deeper and deeper without end...

@Jan Blickenstaff- Absolutely!

@TrickyRicky- Please use private messaging to set up your drug deals with Geoff. Oh wait - you meant snow?

@McChuck- You make legit points and my examples may be flawed. But blacks and gays HAVE suffered, and Smollett just used their real pain and history to try to pad his wallet (and, if possible, stoke more race division). To hell with this little bastard.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- If Smollett says "Hold my...," we can only hope "beer" will be his next word.

@RyDaddy- Fine, fine. I'll withdraw my Matthew Shepard reference and substitute the 1973 fire at the Upstairs Lounge in which 32 gay people were killed. Need something more contemporary? How about the 2016 massacre at the gay Pulse club, with 49 killed and 53 wounded. Not enough? How about the many instances of gays being thrown from roofs in Muslim countries? Anti-gay hate crimes have taken place and continue to take place - and by faking such, Smollett was demeaning those real events.

@John D. Egbert- The Left seems to be hewing to the notion that this travesty was created by the imaginary "climate of violence" surrounding Trump. Which is, in fact, entirely their own invention.

@Judi King- The Chicago cops are pissed off, so Smollett might actually get a genuine prosecution. I sure hope so.

@Shelly- I'm glad to hear Smollett proclaiming himself innocent. If he does a plea deal, he can get off easy. If he takes his "not guilty" claim to court, he can get a nice long prison sentence.

@John Denison- Excellent points!

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Stilton: Hey! Maybe Justme Smellit can star in a realtime remake of "Lock Up"....;-)

rickn8or said...

I am officially out of the Jussie Smollett business. I'm not reading another word about the situation; the only thing I want to hear is how many months (hopefully years) he's going to serve for this little stunt.

Anybody have a clue about what else happened the last two weeks?

sergio said...

Haven't seen the contraction "mofo" in print for ages. I'm sure with his extraordinary greatness he'd prefer to be called a "meaux feaux"

Velveeta Processed Cheese Food said...

The BBC, of all people, has a new story up that Smullet has been "suspended" from the show's final two episodes:

John the Econ said...

So much of the pathology of the left can be found wrapped up in the Jussie Smollett story. The only problem is deciding where to start.

1) The Imaginary Narrative: So let's start with the point Lefty Lucy makes. The left's narrative of who the right really is keeps failing. America is supposedly overrun with racist homophobes scouring the streets looking for gay black men to beat up. The mainstream media does all it possibly can to keep promulgate this narrative. And yet, when there actually is a actual white nationalist gathering, not even enough guys show up to fill a bus. You'd think that in a nation of over 300-million people supposedly swollen with these Trump-empowered guys, they could do better than that.

2) The Lazy Media: That brings us to the media that was simply unable to contain it's glee that they had a bona-fide twofer hate crime to fill the news cycle indefinitely. It had everything they could possibly hope for; a gay black man being near-lynched by a couple of noose-yielding, MAGA-hat wearing white guys. You couldn't write a better narrative-reinforcing script. Literally.

And then just like any other Hollywood fantasy, it turned out that it was all just too good to be true.

Since this story so perfectly aligned with their world view and well-established narrative, it never occurred to any of them to question any part of it. Had the players and polarity of this story been reversed, their skepticism would have caused them to commit actual journalism and the scam would have been exposed before it even became sensational.

3) Greed - Exploiting race and sexual politics for profit: It turns out that Jussie staged this not because he wanted to make a statement about race relations or homophobia in Trump's America, but because he wanted a raise!

How many people even knew who this asshat was before last week? It's my understanding that he's an actor who plays some minor character on a show I've never seen. But for that, he was making somewhere into 6-figures per episode. Pretty good for a week's work for a gay, black man in Trump's racist, homophobic America. But apparently, not good enough for Jussie.

(All of a sudden, my white privilege feels so inadequate)

So what does Jussie think? I'll amplify just what a victim I am as a gay, black man in Trump's America, and then my enhanced victim status will justify a substantial raise. Millions of people will now know my name and my career will be enhanced.

Unfortunately for Jussie, he's bright enough to figure out Hollywood, but he's still not very bright. He actually writes a check to the actors who are going to beat him up. (Did the check have "fake hate crime" written on the memo line?)

4) He's optimized Hollywood values: His logic was not flawed. This clearly played well in Hollywood and might have actually worked had his plan not been so egregiously lame. In post-modernist America, your victim status (or position on the Progressive Values Totem Pole[tm]) now determines your social and political standing. Politically correct Hollywood is most sensitive to this. He'd been in the biz long enough to understand their values and what motivates them. He sought to exploit that flaw for his own greed.

5) Fake, but true: Moments after it was revealed that Jussie's story might not have been what it was sold as, the apologists were out with the "But it could have happened, and that's what really counts" narrative. The fake reality they've constructed is now so fortified, that it no longer matters that it's simply not true. Every single "hate crime" in America could be disproven, and yet they'll continue to insist that America is a horrible, racist, homophobic place because this could have happened.

John the Econ said...

5) Committing a "hate crime" in the name of hate crimes: Jussie effectively committed a hate crime against millions of Americans. I'd suggest a class action suit against him by all white, male MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporters, but you'd only end up with a check for 1-cent after lawyer fees. I'd like to see "hate crime" charges leveled against him, but we all know that hate crime prosecution is a one-way fraud and that will never happen.

What would have happened if someone (other than the hired actors) had been arrested for the attack? Would Jussie have gone ahead and testified against them to have them sent to jail and their lives destroyed to sustain his lie for greed? Or could he have then justified that it was okay because of the narrative. (If they didn't beat me up, they're probably guilty of beating up someone else, right?)

6) Don't hate us for hating you: At some point yesterday when it became clear that Jussie had staged it all and the it could have happened narrative could no longer be sustained, I noticed a new narrative pop up in the news and on social media from the LGBTQWERTY community. It went something like "Please don't judge us based upon what Jussie did. Hate crimes are real!"

Wow, talk about irony impairment!

So the very people who couldn't contain their glee at having a solid reason to stereotype white Trump supporters as homophobic racists are now pleading with us not to stereotype them based because of a hoax designed and perpetrated specifically as an excuse to slander roughly half the country?

If only that kind of consideration worked both ways!

7) He'll be back: At this point, it might seem as though Jussie's career was through. But I'm willing to bet that it isn't. There is nothing a Progressive can do to permanently destroy their career as long as they are faithful to the Progressive agenda. After the dust settles, he'll be back. A new narrative will ferment to make him even more of a victim than the already thinks he is. TDS made him do it. Maybe something from his childhood. He'll do a lecture tour. He'll be on TV again. And he will try to make you feel bad for him. Just wait.

And finally, if Jussie really wanted to be legitimately assaulted for being gay, he could have just headed just a couple of miles south. Except it almost certainly wouldn't have been by white guys wearing MAGA caps.

Beans said...

Stilton, hate to break it to you, but the Upstairs Lounge fire was caused by... a gay man.

Oops, the Pulse Nightclub and flying gays in the Middle East are all associated with the Religion of Pieces. That analogy doesn't fly either.

Yeah, gays have been punished for their open sex orgy parades in New Orleans and San Fransisco, right?

And all the gay actors who never worked after their co-workers found out they were gay, like Cary Grant...

Please. Claimed Victimhood is just that. Claimed. It is false. Being 'Gay' or whatever in today's world? When we have a nationally syndicated show about a little boy being tortured by his parents who are 'transitioning' him to something that he'll most likely self-slab over when he/she/it is 25? Does 'Gay' not allow you to buy a house, or work, or join the military, or vote, or buy a gun, or drink alcohol, or any other thing that 'straight' people 'can' do? Enough.

As to black? In Chicago? Really? I could maybe see a point being made that there's not enough blacks in Iceland or in a typical Inuit village, but Chicago? Chicago??? Or LA???? And he's a black actor on a mostly BLACK TV SHOW about Blacks screwing other Blacks over in the Music Industry. Not about Whites oppressing their Black recording artists.

Enough. If he was a white straight person, he'd have been fired by email as soon as he opened his mouth. I call discrimination there, where it actually exists. He's getting a pass because he's black, gay and a flaming democratic socialist. If he was a black gay conservative he'd have been fired. By other blacks. For being too 'white.'

Really. Enough. Enough enough enough.

Next someone will be saying the Rosenbergs were executed for being Jews.

james daily said...

Question: Did this nitwit realize he was committing several crimes and did the brothers realize they were participating in a crime? Inquiring mind and all that. We think he is in over his head but actually, he is only in ankle deep. Somehow it boggles the mind that a play acting yob that pays a million for part time work and that is not enough? And has he listened to his Congress people and President wannabees about income, much less about doing away with gainful employment. I would wage a dollar to a donut that he has no idea AOC shitcanned 25,000 jobs in NYC.

Lastly, Boston college economics seems to be lacking in teaching economics and have probably never heard of my favorite economist, Walter Williams.

Colby Muenster said...

C'mon folks. Let's give poor widdle Jussie a break. Having the universe orbiting you tends to make you dizzy and give you poor judgment. We can only hope that a merciful conviction will make that whole "orbiting universe" thing stop and save this poor soul from further stupid-ass decisions.

Seriously, $125k an episode?! This isn't Brad Pitt money, but it's more than I make in a friggin year, dammit. I truly hope he enjoys a license plate maker's pay for a year or two, to give him some perpective. Icing on the cake would be a cellmate who loves Trump and can't stand little prima dona, girly boys who are willing to throw others under the bus for their own edification.

@Geoff King,
I think you need to send Al Gore a fat bag of cash to make that 4 feet of global warming go away!

John the Econ said...

Hey Progressives, I think you're doing Black History Month wrong.

@REM1875 said "When ya got to hire foreigners to do a job Americans just won't ......"

That really should be the point. If America is half the racist and homophobic place that Jussie and those who embrace his world view say it is, then he certainly would not have needed to hire a couple of foreign nationals to do the job. Another reason we need to open the borders I suppose.

@Jason Anyone said A trail of boulder-sized evidence everywhere.

Just another example of how small Jussie's bubble really was. You'd think that if he watched any contemporary crime drama, he'd have picked up at least a few ideas as to how to cover your tracks when staging a hate crime.

@Geoff King, roughly 800 miles north of you we're expected to get nearly another 2-feet by early next week. Yesterday for the 3rd time, I cancelled my day-off skiing because it was going to be too close to zero to be much fun. 3 months ago we were promised a "light" El Nino winter. 30 years ago I was promised that I'd be planting tomatoes by this time in February. If this is "global warming", the ice age we narrowly avoided in the '70s would have been a bitch.

@Velveeta Processed Cheese Food said ...Smullet has been "suspended" from the show's final two episodes...

Rosanne's show got cancelled over a single tweet. Jussie stages and commits an actual hate crime against millions, and he gets a 2-show suspension?

Explain to me again just how this "white privilege" is supposed to work.

@James Daily asks "Did this nitwit realize he was committing several crimes and did the brothers realize they were participating in a crime?"

Answer: No. Because we all know that "hate crimes" cannot be committed by anyone claiming a position on the Progressive Values Totem Pole[tm]. (Intersectionality!) Hate crimes can only be committed by white males, preferably wearing MAGA caps for easy identification.

"Lastly, Boston college economics seems to be lacking in teaching economics and have probably never heard of my favorite economist, Walter Williams."

I think that anyone who received a very expensive degree from Boston University (I am sure that Boston College cringes when people confuse the two) should sue for a refund. Even if they actually did learn something of value, their diplomas have since been rendered worthless by BU's latest cum laude celebrity.

George said...

I don't believe this was Jussie wanting more money. The main crux is political motivation. The Harris, Booker and Maxine connection. His mother hung out with the original black panther party members. Including the radical Angela Davis. And, he hired a PR firm a few days back to perhaps concoct the 'needing more money' story they know the MSM will eat hook, line and sinker. The hate Trump tweets of his. And, he also recently did a documentary on, of all things, LYNCHING!

Sortahwitte said...

It's kind of perplexing to me. I'm one of about 200 million white people in the US. That's just a guess. According to the left, we have millions of guns and hate in every part of our bodies. We want to terrorize, murder, lynch, burn down black churches, ad nauseum. There are a few whacks on both sides of a confrontation, but where are the wholesale attacks on the minorities? I can name 10 people without taking a breath that our country could do very well without. Will I act on that? Of course not. We on the conservative side are still trying to follow the rules to maintain and grow our republic. If or when we slide down the road to Civil War 2, the socialists, commies, and the rest of the rats will be doing the pushing.

Do you remember Creedence singing "Bad moon on the rise?" Words sort of like this:
Hope you have got your things together,
Hope you are quite prepared to die.
Looks like we're in for nasty weather,
One eye is taken for an eye.

Dan said...

I thought of a way ol' Jussie and his buddies can avoid conviction:
It was all street art to raise awareness of problems faced by legally protected groups and the abuse perpetrated by those evil, wicked, bad, and nasty Trump supporters. Yeah, that's it! That's the ticket!

John the Econ said...

It's happening already. About 30 minutes ago, I wrote, "Because we all know that "hate crimes" cannot be committed by anyone claiming a position on the Progressive Values Totem Pole[tm]."

And Jussie is already climbing higher up the pole to escape accountability:

Jussie Smollett ‘claims he has an untreated DRUG problem’ and cops say he bought ecstasy from ‘hoax’ accomplice – as he’s axed from Empire

During his arrest he reportedly told officers he struggled with drug use and had never been treated...

See? Jussie is the real victim here. And all you evil straight-white-male racist Trump voters drove him to it. You really should be ashamed of yourselves, bigots!

Fish Out of Water said...

And while we are dwelling on "progressive" toe-stubbing, this being Friday afternoon, thought I'd post this for levity.

Beans said...

Fish out of... Man, that's just, well, being a good democratic socialist. Dang...

rickn8or said...

Fish Out of Water-- Cindy Sheehan. Still clueless after all these years.

OnTheTrumpTrain said...

Wonder when a connection to Kamala H artist & Corey Booker re their "lynching " bill???

JustaJeepGuy said...

Wow, Cindy Sheehan...

"I proudly stand with the legitimate government of Venezuela, President Maduro and the people of Venezuela who, after being empowered by the Bolivarian Revolution, will refuse to descend back into poverty and tyranny"

"Refuse to descend back into poverty and tyranny"??? So the poverty and tyranny the people of Venezuela are experiencing right now aren't bad or something? Is there "good" poverty and tyranny? Does she really believe what she writes? Did Walter Duranty actually believe what he had published in the New York Times 85+ years ago? The bus driver Maduro was legitimately elected with only 67% of the vote. Wow! Communists are usually elected by much higher margins. Maduro is just a piker! But then again, he hasn't been in power quite as long as the more well-known commies.

John the Econ said...

Cindy Sheehan? What? They can't get Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, Danny Glover and Michael Moore as spokesholes for the revolution anymore? I wonder why?

I have to wonder if Cindy Sheehan is now just renting herself out to 3rd-rate Progressives looking for someone else with 3rd-rate Progressive bona fides because the A, B, C, and D-listers are no longer taking their calls. Kinda like sitcom stars from the '70s & '80 showing up for supermarket openings in flyover country. They fly her in and shove a script in her face and she reads it. It's not like she actually understand what she's reading anyway and how insane it all is.

Sad, even for the likes of Cindy Sheehan. I hope she's at least smart enough to get paid in dollars. I wouldn't take any of their cash.

Fish Out of Water said...

@John the Econ, et al: Given what may be no other apparent marketable skills, you may be correct that this is the manner in which she has chosen to make her living....

I point her out from time to time as Exhibit A/ fair warning to anyone with a burning, consuming grievance as to just how sincerely the democratic party will treat them.

Once she was as Maureen Dowd wrote at the time 'the ultimate moral authority' and then, when her usefulness had achieved its purpose and Ms. Sheehan had the temerity to challenge Pelosi for her House seat, she was discarded like a badly soiled sanitary napkin.

Yet there are those who still ignore the lessons of the past and happily drink the kool-aid

Gee M said...

Cindy Shitcan got run over by her kar-ma...she has more coming, and so richly deserved.
I remember her too well, I despise her at the Maxine Waters level...

Timbotoo said...

Just a thought; are we being re-gaslighted (gaslit?) with the tale that he only did it to get more money on the show? What if he was blinded by his red hot hatred of President Trump and egged on by Kamala-Toe to stir a bit of real race warfare?

Reading his comments about a Trump and seeing the photo of him in his T-shirt back at work after his arrest... Makes me wonder.

Beans said...


Well, yeah. But as a Thespian money had to be part of it, right?..