Friday, February 8, 2019

Suspicious Van

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"It's also why my eyes are brown."
For roughly the kajillionth time, President Donald Trump thwarted expectations for his State of the Union speech by delivering an inspiring address which called for Americans on both sides of the political aisle to come together in harmony to rebuild and reinforce all that is best about America. So positive was his message that even the Democrats exercising their "wearing white" privilege stood to applaud him. At least, until he pointed out that America will never become a socialist country.

Additionally 76% of polled CNN viewers who actually saw the speech had a favorable impression of it, which is why the (ahem) "news" network had to immediately go into spin mode for those lazy viewers who skipped the speech in favor of CNN's, recap...which was delivered in part by Bizarro-world former Obama official (and 9-11 "truther") Van Jones.

For those who may have blissfully forgotten Jones, allow us to refresh your memory...

Before becoming a CNN political expert, Jones had described himself as a radical, a communist, and an anarchist who sees the green movement as means to accomplish a radical class restructuring of America. This was, by the way, at a time when Obama was busily appointing Czars without fear of Democrats being offended by the obvious Russian connection.

But as much as we'd simply like to write off Van Jones as a camera-fellating Affirmative Action moron, we must admit that his dangerous radical agenda is gaining more traction among Trump's (and America's) political enemies in Washington.

In a jaw-dropping editorial in the Wall Street Journal called "Who's Afraid of Socialism?," the actual proposals being floated by elected officials on the Left are listed...and they're terrifying.

• Adoption of "Medicare For All," which would give the government ultimate power over how much (and what kind) of medical treatment you do or don't get. Literally life and death control of the citizenry.

• The Green "New Deal" would basically destroy our country by creating a legal requirement that within 10 short years, the U.S. would be entirey "carbon neutral." In other words, we would dismantle nearly 90% of our current energy system and replace it (ha!) with unaffordable, unreliable, or uninvented alternatives which would force massive degradation in transportation, manufacturing, and our overall quality of life.

Government Jobs For All would assure 100% participation in the work force by guaranteeing a government job - or at least a paycheck - for anyone who wants one. And yes, many of the previously unemployable would` find themselves staring uncomprehendingly at the computer screens which will determine whether or not you can have a life-saving surgery. What could possibly go wrong?

Corporate Control, as proposed by Elizabeth "Why yes, I DID try to advance my law career by lying my bright white butt off about being an American Indian" Warren, would fundamentally change corporations valued at over $1 billion. Employees would elect 40% of company directors, who would in turn be required to consider "benefits" other than just making a good return for shareholders - with government overseers thrown into the mix just to make sure no one forgets that capitalism is a sin.

Massive Tax Increases will of course be necessary for all of this. Higher taxes on the evil rich, on the dead evil rich, and on the evil middle class who aspire to becoming the evil rich (formerly known as "the American Dream.")

In other words, the Van Jones crowd - which encompasses pretty much every Democrat in Congress at this point - wants the opposite of what is good for our nation, and the opposite of what our very unusual President and a majority of the American people believe we need to be pursuing in a bipartisan way.

Put another way, the Democrat alternative to the State of the Union is a state of disaster.


She’s A Beauty said...

Put even another way, the Democratic alternative to the State of the Union is Bizarro World. To the uninitiated, see Action Comics #263; (April 1960).

Regnad Kcin said...

So, just who is going to be on the "Life and Death " panels to dole out all this largess to the great unwashed ? Bigger question is : Who's going to appoint the panel members ? Looks like elections will be rendered moot and Congress will be dissolved. Anarchy will run rampant and the Golden Rule will be in effect. Looking forward to Harlan Ellison's "A Boy and His Dog" future world where the Golden Rulers live in their underground utopia and the upper world is overrun with the "natives" shooting each other for a can of beets. Occasional Cortex and her minions can go pound sand for all I care.......

Jason Anyone said...

@Regnad Kcin

"Occasional Cortex and her minions..."

Occasional Cortex. I like that. I call her O-Co Loco.

Brie Camembert said...

And of course, in this 'everyone equal' socialist utopia, some will be more equal than others.

Fred Ciampi said...

I don't see that anarchy will run rampant. There are (Thank God and the Constitution) many militias organized by experienced people. I needn't elaborate. I fear mostly for my grand and great grand children. George Orwell is crying in his grave, his books are coming true.

Snark said...

The audacious (spelled S-T-U-P-I-D)proposals presented by AOC (Another Obnoxious Communist)are just what San Fran Nan needed. NanNan is barely intelligent enough to know that this level of insanity will shine like a radioactive star on the area outside of the beltway, revealing to the rest of the country that while we live in the nation, DC lives in an hallucination. Not that minor annoyances like The Constitution, the laws of physics or reality have ever had any impact on the progressive agenda. The lunatic left has lost all contact with reality and has sucked up all the political and msm oxygen. So now Pelosi must pander to the noise, thus distracting her from the REAL job she prefers - persecuting Donald Trump. Hopefully the rest of the country can see these whack jobs for what they are and give them what they really deserve - a trip to the unemployment line. If anyone had proposed this as a script for a movie they would have been laughed out of the producer's office and sent to a shrink. Truth is stranger than fiction. As Nancy leans to embrace the crazier than she is, she risks losing the rest of the dummycrats that just might have enough sense to realize that the demoncrat party has already left the logical world and is heading for some unknown dimension, hosted by Robert Serling.

Fish Out of Water said...

Need to read that WSJ OpEd.

In Occasional Cortex's favor, believe part of her plan has some merit, at least on the East Coast. with political will and $$$$$ our creaky, semi-19th Century East Coast railway system could be upgraded to high speed rail service from at least Richmond, Va to Boston which would be faster overall than takin the same sort of journey by air.

On the down side, all this national granstading may garner headlines, interviews and applause, but if a House rep ignores the needs of their district, like her predecessor seems to have done, she too will be out of a job, in 2020.

Turned on our local Fox News station which ran a 30 second ad by the needtoimpeach tin foil hats.... are they that hard up for ad money?

Fred Ciampi said...

And anudder thing: Does all this brouhaha mean that the late, great Al Jolson won't be able to run for public office anytime soon?

Snark said...

@Fred Ciampi: No, he won't get to run. He will, however get to vote numerous times. Always demoncrat.

TrickyRicky said...

Bolshevik Barbie (thx Geoff) is the most vapid, illogical, moronic twit imaginable. She has been put on a pedestal by the media, much to her detriment. That's fine with me, the more she becomes the face of the democrat party, the easier it is to see that the face of the donkey is the ass.

She couldn't make the cut for the Jerry Springer show, yet here she is in the House of Representatives. Revenge of the Valley Girl mentality and speech pattern.

Igor said...

It's bread and circuses time! We've already introduced the bread, and here comes the Circus.
Ringmaster is SanFranNan Pelousy, and her sidekick is Alexi Ocrazyo-Cortex. Known as the Dynamic(ally Challenged) Duo! Followed by lots and lots of acts in the 50-ring Circus tent. One of the outstanding acts is led by the Pile of Schiff, followed by others too numerous to mention.

Come one, come all for the Greatest Snow on Earth!

Fortescue J. Giraffe said...

I will simply note the large number of appallingly undecorated tree limbs and lampposts out there, and leave it at that.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Two bits sez the stuff A-hole and her cronies AREN'T talking about is even more fascinating...

Pass the Clan McGregor, please.

Judi King said...

"The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money"
Margaret Thatcher
Something so true and simple that, I guess, it's too basic to sink into the left's alleged brains. Have they ever read a history book?

rickn8or said...

I'm beginning to think 2020 is going to be a series of dueling "This is the bill my opponent voted against" ads.

American Cowboy said...

@ Judi King said, "Have they ever read a history book?"

Reminds me of something I found written on a yellowed piece of paper in my father's dresser drawer after he died. It was titled "So You Want To 'Write Us Of' Do You?"

One of the lines was, "You, of the under 40 crowd...want to write off those of us who have lived and experienced what you can only read about in history books - IF you even bother to read history..."

My father would be very disappointed in what this country that he fought and bled for has become, if he were still alive.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Cowboy: Would you mind transcribing the whole piece? I'd like to read it.

John the Econ said...

The fact that CNN would even hire the likes of Van Jones is proof of what an illegitimate fraud the mainstream media has become. And of course, the fact that he was part of Obama's inner circle was prima facie proof of where Obama's ideology lay. And that Van Jones was Obama's "Green Jobs Czar" was proof of the fraud that Obama's "stimulus" and "green jobs" really were. As I said at the time:

"The real fraud of Van Jones was not that he is a Marxist or that he's always quick to “hate America first”. We've long known that much of Obama's inner circle, if not Obama himself, holds these views. The real fraud was that even Van Jones, the “Green Jobs Czar”, could not openly define for anyone exactly what a “green job” is.

Let me help: A “Green Job” is the new codeword for political patronage. It's secure employment for those that the private sector economy has absolutely no use for, like “community organizers” such as Van Jones."

But if you think that's bad, there's more. AOC's "Green New Deal" just doesn't promise "jobs for all", but "economic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work."

Finally, something for me! As I've mentioned many times over during the last decade, when my tax burden begins to exceed what I currently have to pay for my current and future health care, I'll be ready and willing to retire and let the millennials who think that socialism is going to be such a great deal for them pay for my retirement. Yesterday, I learned that I'll be granted something called "economic security" for going Galt!

But come on, @Stilton. You have to give the Democrats credit. After over a half-century of denying that they're "socialists", they've now come out as socialists. Actually, to be more accurate, it's a ersatz mashup of socialism, fascism, and outright communism. But you get the point. The Democrats have come out of the closet.

Also note the slick packaging. As has been the norm since the '60s, the sacrifices are all to be made by someone else; largely billionaires, as long as there are any. They do acknowledge that there will be job losses as they literally shut down half of the economy, but those people will get the new jobs of re-insulating every building in the country, building railroads, and installing solar panels and windmills. Oh, and since those jobs involve working outside in frigid winters and scorching summers, those jobs will be done by someone else; largely the deplorable voters. Those with "studies" degrees will be given the cushy "organizing" jobs. (Of all the avowed socialists that I knew when I was in school, absolutely none of them saw their future as being just one of the "workers")

Now that these Marxists are out of the closet, it will be interesting to see how the proletariat reacts.

John the Econ said...

@Regnad Kcin asked "So, just who is going to be on the "Life and Death" panels to dole out all this largess to the great unwashed?

Last week's coffee-spew was the result of Kamala Harris's suggestion that a government takeover of health care would eliminate "the process of going through an insurance company, having them give you approval, going through all the paperwork, all of the delay that may require...". Yeah. Because there will be no approval, paperwork, or delay in a government-run system. Right.

rickn8or said...

John the Econ, perhaps Ms Harris should get her healthcare via the VA in order to see what a government-run healthcare system is like.

james daily said...

President Trump approval has reached 50%. Put the talking heads on suicide watch and most of the democrat congress. I was depressed that the people that really needed to hear what the President said did not. Maybe this trickle down stuff works in the media also.
When I see clearly stupid remarks such as this green crap, doing away with the internal combustion engine, airplanes, building a bullet train to Europe across the Atlantic, I know for sure the Twilight Zone is real and functioning. Rod would be proud.
Stilt, your cartoons are spot on, keep up this outstanding work, you may convert one or two.

John the Econ said...

One final note before I hit the slopes in the wake of a few new inches of crystallized "global warming" that is currently falling from the sky:

If anyone still has any doubts as to what the real agenda behind "climate change" is all about, AOC and her cohort pretty much should have eliminated them yesterday. A quick perusal of The Green New Deal spends most of its text speaking of an ECONOMIC BILL OF RIGHTS, REAL FINANCIAL REFORM, and A FUNCTIONING DEMOCRACY. Or, in other words, the exact same totalitarian BS the left has been pushing for a century.

Colby Muenster said...

I'm no political science expert, and am mostly going from memory here (dangerous at my age), but isn't pure socialism where everybody voluntarily puts their money in a big pot, then it is divided equally amongst those who contributed? This would seem to be the system that the Dems want us to THINK they are proposing, but methinks the truth is much more sinister. These high profile proponents of "socialism" have absolutely no intention of sharing one damn dime with us!

And frankly, if I were a billionaire like Howard Schultz, who started at rock bottom, and our country started sliding into socialism, I'd be gone to Switzerland or the Cayman Islands so fast, it would make Nancy's head spin (oh wait.... it already does).

Colby Muenster said...

Sorry for the double double post post.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

I got it nine times!
I got it nine times!
I got it nine times!
I got it nine times!
I got it nine times!
I got it nine times!
I got it nine times!
I got it nine times!
I got it nine times!


Burner said...

"Alas Shrugged" was not an instruction book.

Lee The Voice said...

The Democrats-in-charge obviously been reading Karl Marx a bit too much. When the true American Democrats discover that Marx intended that “the bourgeoisie” be eliminated, they will rise up in a manner that America has not known since the souern states rose up against the American government.
When the labor unions, which have been traditionally the strong arm of the Democratic party finally get the idea through their heads that the middle class, the bourgeoisie, is them, there will be hell to pay.

American Cowboy said...

@M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Cowboy: Would you mind transcribing the whole piece? I'd like to read it.

Here it is, rather long. I do not know if is was something original to my father, it is in his handwriting though.


You, of the "under 40 crowd", you who were in diapers when we were managing departments you still don't understand, you who want to "write off" those of us who made it all what it is for you, you who think that you know more of life than those of us who have LIVED and EXPERIENCED what you can only read about in history books - if you even bother to read history - you of the "under 40 crowd" who treat us who are now in our seventies, eighties, and nineties, with your unctuous comportment, and your condescending actions, YOU want to write us off do you? Well, think again.

You who make with the "outhouse jokes" - - - have you ever experienced an outhouse? You with a lot of schooling but little common sense, you who berate those who may not walk as briskly as we once did simply because we have grown old. We may not be as adept at using all the modern technology as you are, but we are the generation that BUILT IT ALL for you.

Where were you when we were struggling through the greatest depression and then World War II? We worked hard, built homes, raised families - and now you want to relegate us to the "ash-heap" of humanity? Not so fast!

We have LIVED what you READ about in history books - IF you read history books. We have earned our way - we worked hard, paid the taxes that built highway systems that you seem unable to maintain, paid taxes that built a country that attracts people from all over the world - and now you want to consign us the "old ones" to that "ash-heap of humanity" so that you can try to "run things"?

We'll step aside - when the time comes - and then let's see if you can keep the good things WE built for you going - or will you keep the attitude you seem to have - that it is all OWED to you just because you were born into it? I feel sorry for my grandchildren who will be saddled with what you the "under 40 crowd" will bequeath to them.

You might think about that - and if you do you might grant some respect to us , the "old crowd", for whom you seem to lack the measure of common courtesy and respect due this "old crowd".

I feel sorry for my grandchildren - for what you will bequeath to them.

So you want to "write us off" do you? Not so fast, under 40!

As I said, rather long, but so true IMO.

Regnad Kcin said...

A quick programming note for those of you who were asleep in 1975, "A Boy and His Dog" uncut is on the Roku movie channel for free(!). A very relevant tale of a modern utopia run amok that parallels our current times of fear and loathing in DC. An apocalyptic story of love and survival that mirrors these modern times. Just wish the female lead's name was Nancy. The ending is priceless........

Judi King said...

@Cowboy: Your father, or whoever wrote that was so spot on. Wonderful!

Emmentaler Limburger said...

People, people! Aside from drooling morons like AOC, it ain't about the altruism of "from those who have to those who have not". Far from i. They couldn't care less about running out of other people's money. IT'S THE POWER! Cuba and Russia aren't propping up Madero for the people! IT'S THE POWER that comes from controlling Venezuela's natural resources. I've never know an altruistic socialist who was the leader of a socialist/communist country. Even those altruists working within such governments take zealous joy in inflicting their rule. It's the power.

@John the Econ: Amen on Jones, Ă˜bama, and the rest of your treatise!

@Colby: you got it. Nine times! (Way to prop up Stiltons stats!)

@Regnard Kcin: "A Boy And His Dog" is a classic cautionary tale! (R or PG-13, though, folks... Aside from the violence, some concepts in the film are a bit "risque".)

drjim said...

Good Lord......"1984" and "Atlas Shrugged" were supposed to be WARNINGS, not "How To Do It" guides!

These people are 100% Domestic Enemies.....

rickn8or said...

Colby, move the selector lever from "Auto" to "Semi". That oughta fix it.

NVRick said...

Is it possible that Occasional Cortex is a right wing subversive sent by Trump to split the democrat party into so many cults of personality that they will never again be able to agree on anything?
I find it difficult to believe that anyone can act as simple minded as AOC without actually trying, intending to demonstrate how whacked a socialist agenda actually is.
She is like the cute puppy the left got for Christmas that is still shitting in the kitchen. And maybe that puppy is a gift from Trump.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Section147- Remember when Bizarro world was funny instead of terrifying?

@Regnad Kcin- The people on the death panels will be A) the powerful and politically motivated, B) the heartless number crunchers, and C) the bureaucratic nincompoops who routinely eff up everything they touch. And no, I didn't overlook the presence of actual doctors on the death panels - there won't be any.

@Jason Anyone- I just watched a 5 minute clip of Ms. Cork-fizz this morning, and am still reeling in pain from her screechy, whining idiocy.

@Brie Camembert- Ya think? (grin)

@Fred Ciampi- I think some kind of anarchy COULD run rampant, as systems break down. The militia types will be okayish for awhile, but when delivery of goods and services breaks down, things will get ugly for everyone in a hurry.

@Snark- It's interesting to watch the dynamic with Nancy Pelosi watching the socialist wildfire in her party starting to burn out of control. She wants power and control...but the upstart branch of her party is pushing social chaos (though they're too stupid to know it). That puts Nancy in an uncomfortable position. And gosh, I always enjoy that.

@Fish Out of Water- The Wall Street Journal is a drink of cool water in the journalistic desert. Not that I always agree with them, but at least I still think they're pretty straight shooters and sharp thinkers. And you're right that we're seeing a lot of headline-garnering ideas that can't be put into practice. Still, social media heat is the new coin of the realm.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fred Ciampi- I'm pretty sure he can still run in Virginia. Or whatever the hell state Rachel Dolezal lives in.

@Snark- Well played! Choose any prize from the bottom shelf!

@TrickyRicky- I agree with you completely, with the exception that being photogenic, passionate, and active on social media makes her very dangerous. Trump is arguably our first President who got there solely through celebrity. He won't be the last.

@Igor- You make an apt comparison. Although a Freak Show would be as apropos as the circus.

@Fortescue J. Giraffe- If you're saying what I think you're saying, you probably shouldn't be saying that.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Oh you KNOW they've got worse things in mind than they're admitting publicly.

@Fish Out of Water- Excellent point. And no matter how you feel about him, Donald Trump is official proof that The Rules Have Changed and anyone, anyone can potentially be elected. This is not a good thing.

@Judi King- There's no time to read history when you're building an unworkable future.

@rickn8or- When the 2020 campaign begins in earnest, I plan to watch nothing but Turner Classic Movies.

@American Cowboy- Yes, they want to write us off. AND write off history as an aberration caused by people less intelligent and clear-eyed than they are.

@John the Econ- Dynamite observations, as always. And a stray thought I've had recently is that, while the New Socialists in Washington promise to tax the bejeezus ONLY out of millionaires, pretty much everyone currently starving in Venezuela is a "millionaire." Seriously, a cup of coffee now costs something like two million bolivars. Food for thought...

And yeah, Kamala Harris's idea that the government can streamline ANY process or make it more fair is just astounding.

@rickn8or- Frankly, no politician should be eligible for coverage OTHER than that offered by the VA.

John the Econ said...

I think our @Colby Muenster is broken.

@Burner, but the way they're going it's easy to see how that would be the case. I'm just waiting for AOC to go full Directive 10-289. (She's already well over half way there)

@Lee The Voice, I'd argue the opposite; that they haven't read Marx, or any classic Marxist literature at all. In classical Marxism, there is much discussion of the individual's responsibility to the collective. The "workers", which was pretty much supposed to include everybody were expected to actually work. But when communism landed in America with a thud in the first half of the 20th century, the Progressives changed their marketing approach. The result is what I call the "hippie socialism" that emerged in the late '50s and '60s, which emphasized "freedom and freebies" and dispensed with any discussion of one's responsibilities to the well-being of the collective. So we got "free love" and free pills and abortion. The hippies weren't made to feel bad for dropping out and being freeloaders. The only people who were to told they'd be responsible were "the rich". It doesn't take an advanced degree to see how this would not make for a viable society, especially when you eventually ran out of rich people willing to work to support the freeloaders. (or "looters" in Rand-speak)

The problem that the Democrats today have that the Marxists in Marx time didn't is that the middle class in America effectively is rich. They own homes and cars and take vacations and have IRAs and 401Ks. Marx's proletariat didn't really have much to lose. The middle class today has everything to lose, and even the Progressives among them know it.

But you are right about one thing. If these millennials had bothered to read Marx or any history of socialism at all, they'd realize that the bourgeoisie is them too, and that truly socialist economies have no slack for the freeloading class (outside of the political elite) or people who were not economically useful enough to justify their existence. (This largely includes anyone with an expensive "studies" degree) They will not be happy with how things really work out, especially when the economy collapses and only those with hard skills to trade will be eating.

@American Cowboy, excellent read. The vast majority of today's whiners about social justice haven't a clue as to what previous generations have survived. I wanted to slap the high school kid I saw on our local news who had the ignorance to complain about what a "raw deal" his generation has been dealt. He's a member of the most pampered generation ever. He doesn't have to worry about being drafted and being dropped in a rice paddy 6 months after graduating instead of agonizing over which college he's going to get in to. He's never questioned what will be for dinner tonight. He's always assumed a comfortable, well-heated home in the middle of winter. Only someone who is galacticly ill-educated and ignorant could such such things. It's this level of ignorance that will encourage him to cheer enthusiastically for totalitarianism masquerading as a nanny state. I don't know whether to be angry or sad.

"A Boy and his Dog": Vaguely remember that. 2024 is only one 5-year-plan away!

@Emmentaler Limburger, it's because socialism is the real ideology of envy and greed.

And I didn't go skiing today, because it was too damn cold! 15-degrees at the base and 9 at the top. Damn this Global Warming!

Joseph ET said...

A Boy And His Dog (1975) Full HD
on YouTube here

Alfonso Bedoya said...

I'm thinking of moving out of the country. Please...someone tell me that it's all okay. (Don't move; everything will get better; the bad news will pass; CNN will go bankrupt; OCrazyO will lose her capacity to think (maybe she already has); Fauxahontas and OcrazyO will form a new Party; I can keep my guns; taxes in Kalifornia will be reduced; the hordes of illegals now in Mexico will turn back and overthrow their corrupt governments.

I seem to be in a never-ending nightmare,, but I suppose that is what I deserve for paying taxes, not getting into trouble with the Law, contributint to Society, and generally being a good citizen. I am so fed up with these political assholes that I could scream.....and I may just do that.

Gee M said...

I've owned a copy of Harlin Ellison's story made into a favorite of pre-Rocky Horror midnite movie attendees for many years...Don Johnson was a fav actor of mine from that movie and Zachariah...Robards was awesome in his role, but the dog had the best lines.

Granny said...

Oreos are passe'. Now they are Watermelons. Green on the outside and red on the inside. Is that racist? Probably. Do I care? NO!

JustaJeepGuy said...

"I know what love is. A boy loves his dog." The best ending line from a novella EVER!!!

How did the "socialists" of today get away with reading "1984" and "Atlas Shrugged" as instruction manuals instead of the warnings they were meant to be?

Gee M said...

Many years ago I was listening to my younger brother and his gf studying for their SATs;
both were from education-centric homes (her Daddy was a judge) and the level of stupid was abysmal...right then I knew...we were doomed.
If the US can produce 2 seniors that ignorant...I had no hope in the future.
Now I hear Green New Deal, and hear Pistacio-Carcinoma stand in the Congress as an elected's Idiocracy come true. My flash of inexorable doom was no fluke.

Judi King said...

@ Limburger: Of course it's about power. Socialism is only the tool that is being used to gain it and the useful idiots are contributing to their own demise.

Rod said...

The Green Socialism Bill has to be a diversion to distract us from bad news for them. No one is really that stupid. I just spent the week off-grid taking care of Dad and his place in a winter storm; and in major media I could catch there was almost noting about it. Meanwhile the conservative talk shows & blogs were all abuzz about it. Th Distraction is working fine. OK. if you don;t accept that: how about it's a test to see if they have the base to go now with Impeachment?

If AOC and others actually think they have a feasible plan; it's a new Intergalaxy record in ignorance. Kind of fun to watch, except these idiots actually have stroke with their crooked leaders and dumbed-down base.

I'm kind of thinking why not let them kill their own babies; we don't have to kill ours. Christian? Hardly; I'm sorry. While snowed & iced in I also had time to clean & lube certain "Tools" used for maintaining freedom. Using them for the worst purpose is not very Godly either; but somehow it's still Christian. Maybe someone can explain that to me.

Gee M said...

Pistatio-Carcinoma's faq on the New Green Deal hadda be removed...either too upsetting or too many mistakes.
Someone kept a copy...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@James Daily- I don't think many on the Left see my stuff, although sometimes I see one of my cartoons posted on Facebook that honks off Lefties. Converting them? Not likely. I saw a meme which is allegedly quoting Clint Eastwood (but who knows?) that I liked: "If you could reason with liberals, there wouldn't be any liberals."

@John the Econ- Yep, the "green new deal" has nothing to do with climate change and everything to do with seizing power and remaking our nation to meet the (ahem) "moral" standards of the Left.

@Colby Muenster- You're right about "pure" socialism involving everyone voluntarily throwing into the pot, but that only works until the first person figures out they can do just as well by throwing nothing into the pot - and then all the dominoes fall. In the "green new deal," AOC and company even express their intent to create universal income for those unable or unwilling to work. Because that's the actual goal of this shiny "new" socialism: sharing everyone else's wealth (and work) without contributing.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Did you notice that each version was slightly different? Neither did I (grin).

@Burner- Maybe it was in the Cliff's Notes version...

@Lee the Voice- I hope and believe you're right.

@American Cowboy- Wow, thanks for taking the time and effort to transcribe that whole piece. It was certainly worth it.

@Regnad Kcin- I've never seen "A Boy and His Dog" but will have to change that. And Roku has its own channel?! I had no idea!

@Judi King- Wasn't it?

@Emmentaler Limburger- This "new, improved socialism" is absolutely a naked power grab from the very people who would be most likely to abuse it. Be a shame if we have to start numbering Holocausts the way we have World Wars.

@drjim- That's exactly how I see them. And there's an old adage known to authors (like me!) that in storytelling, the "bad guy" never thinks he's the bad guy. That's what makes them interesting...and dangerous.

@rickn8or- There's a selector that can change a car into a truck?

@NVRick- I don't think AOC is a plant (IQ jokes aside). She's the real deal and dumb as a post.