Wednesday, April 24, 2019

I Shrink to Forget

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We won't lie to you: today's cartoon and commentary aren't really clever insights and perspectives, but rather a laundry list (and a highly shortened one, at that) of the stuff that is driving us out of our ever-loving minds today.

And there's a wee bit of personal experience woven into this. For several months, we've been seeing a psychotherapist to help us develop better coping skills to reduce the levels of stress which may (or may not) be causing "Stilton's Palsy," our self-named affliction that interrupts both sleeping and waking life with occasional involuntary modern dance routines, complete with "spaz hands."

We're glad to say we've been making nice progress, doing our meditation exercises, breathing deeply, and picturing ourselves in the safe interior of a magic subterranean cave which has soft shafts of sunlight and a glowing pool of gently lapping water. And, importantly, our peaceful place has no freaking sources of news whatsoever. But eventually we have to return to reality, where we're again assaulted by political and media lunacy - causing a tsunami of stress hormones to pressure-wash the insides of our rapidly-aging veins.

What's most frustrating is that we're not nuts - there really is stark raving, mouth-breathing, utter insanity loose in the world and it's only spreading and growing in popularity.

Seriously, if Democrats would just look at all these crazy news stories, it might suddenly dawn on them why so many sane people have chosen to support a President who is at least a bit less nuts than anyone in the Democrat party.

We'd say more, but the session time is up.


Unknown said...

And in New Zealand they have bestowed human status on a tree. This crazy stuff is international. It has to be God's hand besotting the minds of leftist loo loos.

Pat Cummings said...

Albert told us: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results." Well, expecting the liberal left to wake up to their insanity is not far behind that in dementia...

Jim Irre said...

Ban skyscrapers? Did he really say that? I think we'll get a better gauge of what Americans believe in the next election.

Fish Out of Water said...

Obamacare? Despite all the ranting and raving, it's still around and probably will remain so.

The only federal agency/program I can think of that went away was Prohibition..

james daily said...

Today's cartoons are, unfortunately, spot on. What the dems are accomplishing in destroying this country must be stopped and stopped soon. You would think it would be impossible for anyone to be as stupid as their mores. Why they are doing this is a question that needs to be addressed and not just given lip service. If the only solution to this growing cancer is a great belch from Yellowstone, so be it. To me, that is preferable to the alternative, not for me but my children and grandchildren and generations yet to come. We have always been able to recover from natural disasters but we cannot recover from man made disasters that include the confiscation of the means to correct errors.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

It seems appropos that iTunes came up with this little ditty as I was reading this:

Fruitcakes in the kitchen
Fruitcakes on the street
Struttin' naked through the cross walk
In the middle of the week

Half baked cookies in the oven
Half baked people on the bus
There's a little bit of fruitcake left in everyone of us

-The well known philosopher James William Buffett

Fish Out of Water said...

Speaking of half baked....

NaCly Dog said...

Good morning!

Let's smile and be happy and strike fear in the hearts of killjoy leftists everywhere.

That's my therapy.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

I have said for years that modern liberals all suffer from the same mental illness. And the term "progressive"? It certainly applies, as evidenced with the boldness with which they display their collective insanity every day. With each day they become progressively worse.

The advanced modern liberal seems to suffer from the same mental state that drives people to take their own lives; however, with the political class, they are channeling this self-hatred against the entirety of the human race rather than solely upon themselves.

Fish Out of Water said...

From another blog. No plug intended, but be sure not to be drinking anything while you read this.

Anonymous said...

@New Zealand Trees (and a River and a National Part) - watch for the media's mistakes in equating Legal Person by implying Personhood (aka a Natural Person). New Zealand basically incorporated these places or object, the same process of creating a fictitious "person" that gives us town charters, legal corporations or enables the representatives of our local food cooperative to enter into a purchase contract as the coop, rather than as an individual. Juridical personhood is nuanced and the media makes an effort to create outrage from fairly mundane matters. Click bait really.

@The Leftist's Insanities - Seldom, excepting large scale administration of hallucinogens to crowds - have large group insanity resulted in the serial insane playing one-up-manship challenging Alice in Wonderland on every front. Usually when there is a loud crazy event it is a distraction meant to focus out attention away from something really mischievous. Just like how a pickpockt uses a decoy who may bump us, or in you're on Bourbon Street in New Orleans flashes her breasts. Every wonder how many pockets are picked at the very moment the mammalian protuberances are given the moment of public display? When all the leftists go publicly insane at the same moment, largely with campaign thwarting unpalatable stances, we have to wonder what sort of Kabuki Theatre we're in? And we better watch each other's six as there is a threat we're being distracted from.

@The Real Cause - is this gyrations of a surveillance state, a shadow form of power that had usurped our constitutional powers not to mention rights, thrashing about to protect itself first, and its members from the consequences of breaking the constitution every which way, and basically giving every one of us the shaft?

What to do about all this is a challenging question, as while we can defend our wallet against a pickpocket, we can't defend it against the state, nor can we effectively do much more than protest when our rights are subverted. Our long standing ideals that by voting the bastards out we could effect change has been taken away by the clumsy vote manipulations of the left and they attacks on the norms of who can vote and how it is counted. Our votes have been neutralized bit by bit.

My challenge response is centered around doing the best I can under the circumstances, being truthful and loyal to faith, family and country, all while trusting my example my encourage others. Just because the left wants drama, I don't need to take up a script for their insane playacting.

Whether I'm just another player in the "dance band on the Titanic" doomed to go down regardless because the scale of the catastrophic events, so be it. I will at least go out playing "my tune" rather than theirs.

Elbarto said...

Am surprised that you left out the Flyers taking down Kate Smith's statue because a virtually unknown song she recorded 80 years ago used a word, "darkie," that is no longer acceptable in today's culture. What's scary and unsettling is that compliance seems to becoming the standard response to these leftist attacks on symbols of American culture and patriotism.

Rod said...

How about some crazy-sane: Trump should hire Comey to explain to the nation that whatever he (Trump) has supposedly done that's an impeachable offense does not in-fact rise to the level any reasonable prosecutor would pursue as a case.

Also have him compare all that to what Comey told the nation Hillary had done, but which was not sufficient for charges. If it's all about intent, it's clear Trump INTENDS to MAGA. It's also clear the progressives, leftists, socialists do not.

Comey is just a politics-whore; and he could probably use the work.

Geoff King said...

Meanwhile, scientists at Yale have managed to reanimate portions of dead pig's brains.
First zombie pigs, then a whole new group of democrat voters can be expected.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Unknown- I'd missed the story about the tree, and it's probably just as well. Though admittedly there are some trees that I like better than a lot of people.

@Pat Cummings- I don't expect change from the Left, I just hope for it. Which is, again, insanity.

@Jim Irre- Yep, de Blasio really said that steel and glass "skyscrapers have no place on our Earth." It will be interesting to see how New York fares in the future with buildings of sun-dried mud bricks and thatched roofs.

@Fish Out of Water- Obamacare is absolutely still here, still making healthcare unaffordable for many, and still driving medical professionals into retirement or finding new jobs. All of which was baked into Obamacare by design.

@james daily- I agree with you completely. This is a bad and dangerous road we're on.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Are we still allowed to call them "fruitcakes," or is that triggering?

@Fish Out of Water- Make it stop. Please, make it stop! For that matter, there's an article floating around that libraries are racist and emblematic of white culture, and therefore need to be closed down.

@NaCly Dog- I like your proactive attitude! And I agree that we should all do our best, in whatever small ways, to enrage and befuddle those on the left.

@Emmentaler Limburger- Great analysis! I can see why you charge $200 for a session.

@Fish Out of Water- AOC is indeed the poster girl for the current wave of madness.

@Anonymous- Great comments! Thanks for explaining the tree scenario, which makes perfect sense the way you describe it.

Great point about what's really going on while we're distracted by craziness, even though I got sidetracked for a moment when you mentioned flashing boobs. And the rest of your comments are absolutely accurate. If you're not posting here on a regular basis, you really need to be!

@jpb252- Unsurprisingly, I ran out of cartoon space before I ran out of idiocies worth mentioning. I'm pretty pissed about the Kate Smith situation. The song "That's Why Darkies Were Born" is a satire intended to mock those who actually held belittling notions of blacks. This sort of thing was the "thin edge of the wedge" starting to hammer towards actual social justice. And Smith was an unstoppable force when it came to raising funds in wartime and celebrating our nation's patriotic spirit.

Whether the Left likes it or not, we stand on the shoulders of giants. Throwing those giants into quicksand isn't going to end well for those temporarily on top.

Jack Colby said...

RE de Blasio: I expect that Amazon's comfort with their decision NOT to locate a campus in NYC is rising by leaps & bounds.

If you look at the skyscraper policy, it doesn't really ban skyscrapers; it just makes them more expensive to build, with some of that additional cost funneling into the city's coffers in the form of licenses and fines. The result will be a decline in new construction. The big story is that if this goes into law, the city is positioned to then go to the owners/operators of the already existing skyscrapers and extract a pound of flesh from them, too.

I don't think de B. will be happy until Manhattan is emptied of all those who see things even a little differently from him. Another victory for "diversity."

Navyvet said...

DeBlasio the Nutcase was very likely happy when his Muslim buddies took down a couple of NYC's skyscrapers.

Alfonso Bedoya said...

Re the crazy news stories....Stilton, I swear I (underlined) was the one who was going stark raving nuts! The cartoon hit me at just in time. Thanks to you, I've cancelled my appointment with the shrink and will instead down a much-need JD on the rocks instead.
Far cheaper, and almost immediately effective.

John D. Egbert said...

@ Fish Out of Water: I believe it was Ronaldus Magnus who so accurately opined that "The closest thing to eternal life is a Federal Government program."

John said...

Dear wife and I spent almost 18 months cruising the eastern Caribbean down to Venezuela in our 40 foot ketch (we had to be south of 10 degrees latitude for hurricane season due to boat insurance requirements) back in the early 90s. We were (okay, I was) stressed out from work and had an opportunity to take sabbaticals.

For all of that time we were happily and contentedly completely clueless about national and world news. The only news that was important was the weather forecast and where the next cruiser party was going to be held.

Maybe I should go boat shopping again.

Igor said...

We'd say more, but the session time is up.

Please pay the receptionist on the way out.

"Stop the World, I want to get off!" <== Now, more than ever!!

John the Econ said...

The upside is that it appears as though the Democrat's platform for 2020 is going to be based on "crazy". The downside is that a growing proportion of the American populace is now largely "crazy".

Di Blasio's Skyscrapers: On "Earth Day" the guy who is driven to the gym in a parade of SUVs lectured that skyscrapers are NYC's greatest threat to the climate. Got that New Yorkers? Your mayor thinks we'd all be better off if your office building or apartment looked more like a prison tower. But then again, considering where Progressivism is taking our biggest cities, perhaps you'll feel safer behind a windowless, fortified edifice.

Because that's working so well everywhere else: So Dallas wants to be more like LA, San Francisco, and Seattle with hoards of feral homeless and criminals doing whatever they please because they know absolutely nothing of consequence will happen to them. That sounds like a great plan for social disorder. (But don't believe me. Take if from the mouth of this loser in Seattle who's figured out that he's "conquered the criminal justice system") If live in Dallas and your not doing a concealed carry now, you might want to think about that. I've never been to Dallas, (beyond passing through on I-20 on a move east) and I'm pretty sure I'll never visit now.

Easter Worshipers: Noticing that both Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama said the exact same thing, I can only assume that this was the official poll-tested talking points memo that was issued by the Democrats. Funny that nobody refers to Mohammedans as "Ramadan worshipers". And quite a different tone that the tweets issued in the wake of the New Zealand massacre.

Bernie's voters: Bernie understands that clueless millennials won't be enough to push the Democrats over the edge. In addition to the non-citizens who are already voting, he's going to need criminals as well. So expect even more pandering to the criminal class.

Hillary calling for an indictment, of anybody: You really can't elaborate more on that.

Buttigieg thinks I'm getting subsidized by illegals: I wish! Unfortunately in my western mountain town, we're sadly deficient in illegal aliens. There are no illegals trolling the parking lot at Home Depot to help me with my yard work. Getting even my tiny car detailed here costs over $300! Never mind what a housekeeper costs.

Sorry, Buttigieg, but people making less than minimum wage subsidize nothing. Since they tend to live a dozen or more to a single house, they're not going to help your property tax base. But thanks for pointing out to everyone that South Bend never recovered from the exodus of manufacturing in the '60s & '70s, and that you're experience is limited to managing a city of a mere 100,000 people. (And they mock Trump for a lack of experience)

All of the above transparent insanity, and yet remember that these are the people who argue that Trump is mentally unstable.

Shelly said...

What composes the left - Congressional Democrats, the biased media, Hollywood and academia - have lost their collective (see what I did there?) minds since Trump's election and have doubled down on the insanity with the commencement of their nomination season. Because they are truly idiots, they fail to see that this behavior is what got Trump elected in the first place and will guarantee his overwhelming reelection. Stilton, your list barely scratches the surface of their insanity. Do they really want another civil war? Because if they do, they will be on the short end of the stick.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Geoff King: Pheh! Not news. That's been going on in Ivy League schools for a century or more - as evidenced by all their shingles hanging in the halls of government.

chefspenser said...

Stilton...look at this!

John the Econ said...

The Babylon Bee:

Bernie Sanders Vows To Round Up Remaining ISIS Members, Allow Them To Vote

Colby Muenster said...

@Pat Cummings,
But, but... the Liberal policies worked so well in Detroit, right?

Being ever the optimist, I believe sanity will eventually prevail in our gubmint. I also truly believe a majority of the Congress critters do not possess the ignorant and misguided thought process of the likes of AOC or Bernie.... for now.

DeBlabbio.... Perhaps he's a genius. Make enough stupid laws and people will move out of the city. Then your population goes down, then your budget goes down, and your crime goes down, right? Problem is, the people leaving are the law abiding people who actually contribute. NYC is going to turn into a larger version of Seattle or San Francisco.

Beans said...

Hey, Stilton, do what I do:

Imagine a cool mountain opening surrounded by trees, with a stream running through it. The wind gently rustles the leaves of the trees. Birds chirp and sing, frolicking in their happy lives. Squirrels rustle in the piles of leaves. Feel the cool, clean air gently tussle your hair. Feel the cool water wash over your hands and arms. Hear the gentle sounds of bubbles leaking out of the person you're holding under the water...

Ahhh, relaxation at it's finest...

I feel so much better now.

Rod said...

RE: The NY new tall buildings proposal. It's just another example of liberal activism.
Their proposals, speeches & actions are almost always about one or more of these top 10's
(1) Accusing others of malfeasance which usually describes exactly what they've been doing.
(2) Making Stuff up: Good on them; Bad on others. Like tattletales & kindergarten.
(3) Finding ways to transfer other people's money to their benefit.
(4) Or being more blunt about it: Grab more money directly, but keep themselves exempt
(5) Detract from or cover-up the misdoings of themselves and their associates.
(6) Rig the elections process or Stuff ballot boxes.
(7) Politicize everything possible.
(8) Pouting, self-pity or protest; and claim victimization every time they can.
(9) Deny everything bad, even the obvious. Inverse being Claim all success as their own.
And in this case the old reliable:
(10) Propose something that sounds good & will attract idealistic shit-for-brains voters; but to which no factual metrics can be applied for decades or more. Meanwhile just about every place & every instance where they run the show is a mess. Example: Don't buy any bottled water from Flint, Michigan

All it takes to see it is: Wake up, learn the facts, & think. And that is an entirely unbiased option; open to anyone & everyone with the sense and awareness to do it

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jack Colby- De Blasio should admit that the environmental problems aren't with the buildings themselves which, if left vacant and unpowered, would have no impact at all. No, the real problem is people and commerce - which de Blasio should eliminate from NYC with all possible speed. Then again, maybe he's doing that already...

@Navyvet- I didn't say it, but I sure as hell thought it. De Blasio, of all people, should be aware that "skyscrapers in New York City" represent more than just buildings to most real Americans.

@Alfonso Bedoya- I really didn't have a choice about what to blog today. There's galloping insanity everywhere we look! And truth be told, a nice glass of liquor is about as effective as a lot of psychotherapy or meditation (albeit within limits).

@John D. Egbert- I sure as Hell can't improve on Mr. Reagan's astute observation!

@John- There's a lot to be said in favor of turning off the "news" these days. 99% of it is designed to cause aggravation, acrimony, and fear - while simultaneously being without substance or long-lasting meaning. There's something to be said for the "ignorance is bliss" crowd, at least when it comes to avoiding complete crap.

@Igor- Currently, Medicare is paying for my sessions. Which only seems fair, since it's the government and other people who drive me crazy.

@John the Econ- It's that universal craziness that makes this an un-fun situation. Wacky is no longer recognized or treated as such. And that's dangerous.

Regarding de Blasio, why doesn't he just encourage New Yorkers to get the hell out of Dodge and move to flyover country? Not that we want an influx of progressive twits.

Living in a Dallas suburb, I'm just slack-jawed over the announcement that "anything you steal under $750 is free!" And mind you, that's per incident. Hit multiple stores each day, then hit 'em again every day thereafter. As long as you don't re-sell the loot, you're in the clear. Hell, I might just start making the drive to Dallas each day to swipe some stuff. It beats working, right?

The lockstep "Easter worshippers" language pissed the hell out of me. It wouldn't be hard for these a**holes to at least pretend to treat religions equally, but they still won't do it. Radical Islam is great, Christianity is barbaric, and (wink-wink) all believers in anything are idiots anyway. How I loathe Barry, Hillary, and their ilk.

Regarding Bernie's "get out the vote" effort for murderers, rapists, and terrorists, I've got nothing but disdain. Someone needs to ask Bernie if, by his logic, prisoners are being denied their 2nd Amendment rights and should be given guns while in lockup. Hey, rights are rights...right?

Hillary remarking on Trump's alleged mendacity is too much for me to stomach. I keep reading that more dirt has been found on Hillary, but if anyone ever really tries to bring her (or Barry) to justice, I may have a heart attack. Though it'd be worth it.

Regarding Buttigieg, he actually was claiming that illegals are great about paying taxes but are reluctant to claim benefits, therefore giving them WAY too big a burden in supporting the rest of us. He's starting to make AOC seem less stupid...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Shelly- Yes, yes, yes. I didn't vote "for" Trump, I voted against everything the Left (and much of our culture) has become. And I'll do it again in a heartbeat.

@Emmentaler Limburger- You make a fine point, but I couldn't help but release a wistful sigh at your phrase "hanging in the halls of government."

@chefspenser- It's an encouraging story on the face of it, but will ANYTHING come of it? History says no, hope says yes. We'll know which soon enough.

@John the Econ- Babylon Bee has been knocking it out of the park lately. Also, like The Onion, they sometimes force me to doublecheck the source so I don't mistake their stories for reality.

@Colby Muenster- I HOPE sanity will eventually prevail, but I'm not optimistic. Social media has made it possible for millions upon millions of people to exist using the same effed-up "hive mind" while losing the ability to understand anything complicated. From an evolutionary standpoint, that's big, big trouble.

@Beans- I'm going to put on some new age music and follow your instructions. Thanks!

@Rod- Very well put!

Sam L. said...

Spaz hands be a bugger if you're shooting a Tommy Gun.

Susan Fineman said...

Every time I read your column I think..."Here is the voice of reason!" Your delivery is hysterical and brilliant. I always look forward to the next installment!

Anonymous said...

"Stilton's Palsy,"
It may be better named than you know.
It is genetic, passed on by your mother’s side.
A nerve/brain function
In our family we call it "The Bonse shakes."
I have it, as well as the nurse at my docs.
(With my approval she calls for help when drawing blood.)
Research "tremors"
Ignore the movie posts.

No pill cures, only brain surgery.
I will put up with the shakes, thank you.

Judi King said...

@ Stilton: Sorry other people's insanity is affecting you so negatively. Cheers to you for having the courage to tell the truth and not remain silent.
@ Shelly: Love the "collective minds" thing. I've been using that line for a long time.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Sam L- You make an excellent point.!

@Susan Fineman- What a nice thing to say! I don't pretend to be wise, but I do try to shoot for "voice of reason" and adding a little humor to the craziness.

@Anonymous- Actually, it was my Dad who had odd tics and twitches. At a young age, he was diagnosed with "St. Vitus Dance," though that was apparently incorrect since it didn't kill him (it did keep him from serving in WWII, but his condition was legit - he flicked and flinched decades after the war ended). In my own case, I think a combination of medicines screwed with something in my brain setting lose the interpretive dancer yearning to get out, with stress being a frequent (but not exclusive) trigger. I've always run a bit high on the stress meter - I just didn't have physical manifestations until now.

Happily, after a year (!) things are getting better. My condition isn't a "problem" so much as an "annoyance" these days. And learning to turn down stress is a good thing. I just wish the world would cooperate a bit more! (grin)

@Judi King- The insanity of others didn't cause my condition and I'm not actually under more stress than, well, most of my life. I just had something physical happen that changed the way my body dealt with it, and whatever that change was (or is) it's getting better.

As far as telling the truth and not remaining silent, there may be a little courage involved, but there's a bigger component of venting, as well as my desire to lighten the load of other like-minded folks with a little levity. Both are good for me, as is my interaction with this marvelous (and somewhat eccentric) community!

Geoff King said...

Damn Stilton, you're not replying to my comments is getting to be an ongoing thing. If I wasn't so self-confident, I might develop a complex!

Geoff King said...

Granted zombie pigs are a bit off topic, but they are current news and we all can name a former Secretary of State that resembles the genre.

Sortahwitte said...

I, too, tried therapy with a nut herder. I never really understood what he was trying to show, do, direct, answer. Then, if you can imagine, he made it seem as if all the fault was mine. After some finger pointing with the middle finger (both of us) I went to the next sort of treatment which was wellbutrin xl. I never knew if the xl meant an extremely large dose or it meant it came with bucket seats and a floor shift. I did read the paper work that came with the prescription. After telling me all the ways I might die after taking this medicine, it got to the last sentence.
It said basically, if you are taking this med, you are seriously screwed to the onion.

Well, hell. A turnip would know that.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Geoff King- Geez, dude, take a hint! No, no - only kidding! Sorry about that. When I'm replying to a bunch of people at once, sometimes new comments are made while I'm still typing...and those can sometimes get overlooked, which is what happened here. Why it's always YOU, I don't know (wry grin) but I assure you it's not intentional! And yeah, reanimated zombie pig brains strike me as a pretty interesting topic, and one which could lend itself well to political metaphors!

@Sortahwitte- Actually, I'm working with a good therapist who doesn't get into goofy psycho-babble or weird trips of any kind. She mostly just helps me put my various worries into a more realistic and "present" context. No Freudian nonsense or trying to dissect my childhood - just practical advice.

And I'm a longtime Prozac user. Not everyone needs to be on antidepressants, but I did. Life changing, really. I then got an additional prescription of Wellbutrin which MIGHT have been the triggering mechanism for me developing body spasms and involuntary movements (or it might have been an interaction with some strong antibiotics I was taking for diverticulitis).

I'm still on the Prozac, but off everything else. And even if my mental wiring isn't up to code, I still manage to have fun (grin).

Anonymous said...

When crap like that makes me sad I hold my assault rifle and pet the cat.
Onkel Totenkopf

james daily said...

Stilt: I am rethinking George Wallace's statement in 1968, "There is not a dime's worth of difference between the Republicans and Democrats." Mainly because D.C. has had both parties in power and nothing has changed to fix problems, just acerbates the ones we have. Then, there is the line from the movie, "Kingfish" where John Goodman said the difference between Republicans and Democrats is the Republicans will skin you from the neck down and the Democrats from the ass up. Both of those statements seems to be more apropos now when we see the Rs turning on their own President and the democrats pulling out every item that can slow down the progress made in the last two years. This is about the same as the old movie studios passing around the Oscars to each other so they all benefited.
I think may I should be on meds, probably Valium taken with Scotch.

Rod said...

In all fairness Stilt: How about you pick a day when he's posted a zinger and every one of us pitch in to cover the gap. We ALL reply to Geoff's comment. He's a regular here, interesting & entertaining; it's a right thing to do. And maybe it will help you with that twitch. [grinning at both of you]

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, there's no question that the inmates are now running the asylum.

"Regarding de Blasio, why doesn't he just encourage New Yorkers to get the hell out of Dodge and move to flyover country? Not that we want an influx of progressive twits."

He already has:

New York City's Population Is Shrinking

And you're right. After the Progressives make my health care, housing, and what-not "free", the rest of my needs could easily be met through petty theft. My bet is that over time, grocery stores will begin to resemble banks, assuming that there are any more grocery stores. Progressives like to whine about "food deserts", and yet at the same time they advocate policy that virtually guarantees that outcome.

Radical Islam is great: This is where I go into my "counterinsurgency" mode. Yeah, Islam is great. Conservatives supposedly wanted to send women back to the '50s. Islam will send them back to the 7th century. Tired of all the sexual & gender insanity? Islam isn't, because they don't tolerate it. Over the rise of the pajama-beta boys? They'll be gone in a generation when they're replaced with real men. No more whining about "toxic masculinity". Tired of being called a "Nazi"? These guys actually sided with the Nazis. Think America's past with slavery was embarrassing? No problem; these guys were the world's best slavers. I'll feel bad for my Jewish friends, but this is what supporting Democrats for generations gets you.

I like your idea of restoring 2nd Amendment rights to felons. Why not?

Hillary: As I've been saying for decades now, the Clintons deal with the devil precludes any legal ramifications. In this life. I don't even try to imagine what their consequences will be in the next life. I'm thinking stuff like Hillary having to be a Walmart greeter for eternity.

Buttigieg: Another Beto-male.

Gee M said...

how things work:
Dems use this "Moebius Strip" logic...
Rich people getting poor people to vote for rich people by telling them that other rich people are the reason they're poor.
This is effective due to the well-known fact that 2 out of 3 Lefties are dumber than the other one. Fact.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Yanno, restoring right to arms to felons in prison would probably cut WAY down on prison over crowding... have o figure out how to keep the employees safe - or, fuggit, just air drop supplies in, and let them figure out who cooks what. Or whom...
Nag Dabbit! Verified AGAIN!!! (at least I passed in one, this time...)
NEED to get 'my' laptop back, and quit reading on the work one.. YEESH!

John the Econ said...

"Regarding Buttigieg, he actually was claiming that illegals are great about paying taxes but are reluctant to claim benefits, therefore giving them WAY too big a burden in supporting the rest of us. He's starting to make AOC seem less stupid..."

South Bend, Indiana has a population of around 100,000. If illegals are that much of an economic bonus to the tax base, I don't know why Buttigieg (or any other of these Progressive sanctuary city types) aren't sending buses down to the border to bring them in. In fact, I'd like to see Trump drop 10-or-20 thousand of them on South Bend, just so we can all see what an economic miracle we're missing out on here.