Friday, August 23, 2019

The Old Man and the CNN

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CNN (which might do well to change its name to "C Inane" and just admit to being a satire site) just launched a devastating new attack on Donald Trump. Oh, not devastating to Trump - but rather devastating to journalism in general and on-air news annihilist Chris "Call me Fredo and I'll break your legs!" Cuomo.

Cuomo launched a serious broadside on the air claiming that Donald Trump "doesn't care the way other (presidents) have." As proof, he showed before-and-after photos of Bill Clinton, George W Bush, and Barack Obama. Before the presidency, they were all young, energetic, and fresh faced. After the presidency, all three were indistinguishable from Ruth Bader Ginsburg "because of the stress they carry with them."

But pictures of Donald Trump taken two years apart damningly showed that the President looks "exactly the same," which enraged Cuomo. "Maybe this President could use a sleepless night or two," Fredo fumed. "Maybe he should focus on fixing things, carrying that burden. Because that's the job and it should get hard!"

Cuomo may have had more to say on the subject, but after so much vigorous shouting he had to be rushed back into the CNN makeup room to be re-spackled.


stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, lefty lucy, energy star, thermostat, sleep, 82, EPA, energy

It turns out that if you've been ignorantly setting your air conditioner's thermostat to a comfortable temperature, you're a planet destroying, energy wasting, menace to society. But happily (drum roll, please!) the government is here to help!

"Energy Star," working in coordination with the EPA and Energy Department, just released easy-peasy directions on setting your thermostat throughout the day!

At 6 am, set your air conditioner to 78 degrees (or higher). At 8 am, bump the temperature up to 85 degrees (and perhaps peel off any clothing you were wearing) and just leave it there until 6 pm.

At 6 pm, you can turn your A/C back down to 78 (Brrrr!) until 10 pm.

Then from 10 pm until 6 am, set the thermostat at 82 degrees in order to enjoy a perfect night of sweat-soaked sleep which will prepare you for a bright new day of changing the freaking thermostat every few hours.

For those people who don't want to spend the rest of their lives fiddling with the temperature, Energy Star recommends getting a programmable thermostat with wifi. This will not only automate all of those myriad temperature changes, but will also conveniently give the government (ours and the Chinese) yet another easy wifi access point to spy on you and steal your personal data.

Sure, that's a chilling thought...but your home will be so hot, you'll appreciate it.


REM1875 said...

Dear energy star -- TEXAS summer ......... Be here .......I dare ya .......
In my house I set the thermostat to whatever Mrs Rem tells me .......I dare ya ta argue with her ......
Somehow I suspect these rules will not be mandated for prisons or feral government office buildings. The only people associated with the govt who these rules will be forced upon is the military and their families.
Using these rules in holding centers for illegal invaders ??? ....Get real !!! The Capitol Building ??? .....Ha Ha Ha .....
Y'all crack me up !!!

mamafrog said...

Well, just let me say, "Fuck that royally!!! Humid Oklahoma weather this year, with days around a hundred or so and nights in the 80's (about what they say to set it at, lol), it ain't gonna happen. I've slept in weather like that with just a fan to cool down whatever little decency I could stand and it ain't gonna happen in my house. I like to sleep at night thank you very much. Thankfully my lovely son believes in keeping it at 70 at night and screw the electric bill. We make it up in the winter by keeping it warmer as he can tolerate it. The boys take after hubby and like it cold at night and I am not a cold person, too much fat for that. Besides, as they say, I can put on enough to keep warm, but never take off enough to stay cool. Nobody needs to see that, not even my poor dogs. Worse yet I sleep with those same dogs, so I really need it cooler at night.

Uncle Al, the weathers pal said...

I have really believed all the hysterics about (ta-da) GLOBAL WARMING and I am doing everything I can think of to help. I set my thermostats to 68 degrees . When I was in collage (Beaumont, Texas in the 60's) all of my professors preached unending on how earth was doomed to slide into a chilly ICE AGE. They were also preaching that the poor people of Calmexico who bought property would be ripped of their easily made money as half of Calmexico was was going to change zip codes to one closer to Hawaii as soon as the light turned green to give it a path to the ocean.. Any minute now was their belief..

I set my thermostats at a high of 68 degrees in the summer as the temps are 80 - 90+ and the humidity here in the swamps of Louseanna usually runs in the nineties or higher (you can either breath it or drink it). I have to have three air conditioning systems as I have all of the windows open to help to try to lower the temperatures outside.

Fish Out of Water said...

Believe CNN is like a prostitute: will do anything for a buck and attention.

What us ominous about 82 degrees is a federal fiat mandating new household thermostats that can onmt be set as low as 82 degrees . Hmmmm didn't the Nazis only allow radios sold in Germany to receive a limited number of radio stations?

taminator013 said...

I follow those temp settings to the letter. The only thing is that I do it in winter.......

Anonymous said...

We keep our thermostat set at 78 year round. We rarely if ever turn on the heat in winter, but we live waaaayyyy down there, where freezing temps are not only rare, they mainly last only for a few hours at night. Still get down to low 60's INSIDE the home, where a fully clothed is just fine.

82 is way too warm for comfort for us though. I should also mention ceiling fans above the beds are the norm and turned on so that helps with the temps.

DennisA said...

With smart controls, the government can remotely change your thermostat for you. They are always there when you need them...

Fred Ciampi said...

So news guy Chris is a news annihilist. I would say that fredo is a news analist. Maybe he will come down here and break my legs. Oh, well, I need a vacation.

We have an old fashioned thermometer and it's going to stay that way. When I'm hot the A/C gets turned on, when I'm cold, the heat gets turned on. Simple 'eh? The climate control freaks (and I do mean freaks) have no concept of time or change. Approximately 40,022 years ago the ice sheet was somewhere between 5,280 feet and one mile thick in my neck of the woods. What happened?

Geoff King said...

Here in the mountains of Northern Arizona we are blessed with warm days and cool nights. As I post this at 5 am, it is 52° outside with a predicted high of 84° and humidity barely in the double digits.
I have no need of more than a fan at home, but do run the AC in my Jeep in the heat of the afternoon.

Unknown said...

But Stilton - if we change our thermostat to 82, we'll finally have something to pin global warming on....

james daily said...

Would it not be better for everyone to move to Hawaii? Oh, that would make the earth tilt over. I really cannot understand these climate Nazi's. If I have their thinking right, there was not this problem before they were born, but only after they survived being born so by deduction they are the problem by surviving they caused the problem, if there is a problem.
This is the same thing as the sun is going to blink out in seven billion years or something as if we could all stand in a shade and make it last longer. However, Chicken Little was right. On Fredo, his whole family is bazaar so one cannot expect intelligent observations from a fool that has his own warped agenda. Maybe we are suppose to suffer fools, but I, personally, have suffered enough to last several lifetimes.

TrickyRicky said...

I saw a clip of Fredo's imbecilic analysis of the aging presidents. What a freaking putz!

Firstly, the before and after photos of BJ Clinton, GW Bush and B Hussein were taken eight years apart since all three were, unfortunately, two term presidents. The photos of our current and future president DJ Trump were taken two years apart. Nice scientific method there Fredo.

Second,I present the idiot's statement "Maybe this President could use a sleepless night or two," Fredo fumed. "Maybe he should focus on fixing things, carrying that burden. Because that's the job and it should get hard!" I honestly don't know how the president does it. What does he get, maybe 4 hours of sleep per night? He's the energizer bunny. Speaking of fixing things, how about reshaping the federal bench, lowering taxes for all who actually pay them, cutting the regulatory jungle, working to level the playing field in international trade, exiting the communist wet dream Paris accords and the suicidal Iran deal, etc. etc. The job is indeed hard, but just think now much harder Fredo and his cohorts in the hate America media have made it for our Honey Badger, and how much more he could be accomplishing were they not snarling and nipping at his heels 24/7/365. A pox, and locusts on the houses of all commie propagandists.

Air conditioning? Meh. Living at 7200 feet I don't worry about summer heat. I'm trying to figure out how to stay warm in the severe winters coming our way 11 months a year as the next Maunder Minimum settles in.

That is all.

Bill from Wood-Ridge said...

President Trump is obviously Dorian Gray. Proof; show me a picture of them together.

Paraphrasing, someone asked Mattis who or what keeps him up at night. Reply, I keep other people up at night.

Our President is many of the things his opponents say he is, and it bothers me only slightly.

Rastapopoulos said...

CNN's Fredo seems such a sorry has-been. President Trump seems to be having fun and is engaged - engaged in winning! Really very refreshing to have a President not beholden to anyone other than the electorate and the constitution. Sad sad state of affairs for Fredo and rest of the MSM agent provocateurs. I know you need to watch the MSM as they feed you straight lines, but I am wonder if I am alone in never wasting my time watching these folks?

I'd like to study watching our President do his job - it is always neat to see effective folk do their business. As for Fredo I don't think we will meet as I don't do whorehouses.


The Energy Star people are not only foolish, they are fools on our collective payroll. Perhaps we would be environmentally ahead to not have such a government department - I mean they have energy expensive buildings, they commute wasting energy, and their intellectual black hole of stupidity obviously gathers up energy disappearing it into some nether region.

Without going into the physics and addressing the basics that provide a comfortable living space to spend our time sleeping AND what they are talking to is the conditions in our own "castles" - our homes - they apparently have forgotten that we pay for the privilege of sleeping well. Really resent that we paid the wages for this nonsense. Let the free hand of capitalism handle any influencing that is needed.

Very quick aside devices like the dumb "Smart Thermostats" they are suggesting play on the IoT (Internet of Things) and can be exploited. Whether they have additional sensors like the secret microphones found in the Nest line of dumb "Smart Thermostats" or simply let the mothership know how much cooling/heating the system had to add to keep the temps down/up which can identify if your home alone, with someone or away, your privacy is being raped.

Oh with that secret microphone and the way monitoring software listens for keywords will you ever play cards at home again, lest the big brother in the wall triggers every time you say "I'll trump your King" wigging out the deep state?

Give a techie access to several sensors that your are triangulated (Watchman gasps "eek gad, their doing that gymnastic thing again - quick turn on our secret cameras...")

Are you willing to be self-swatted when their monitoring AI mistakes your slapping down your checkers too hard for the sound of a racking in a live round in a firearm? If I really knew something triggered them I'd arrange for playing a continuous loop of trigger words/sounds.

Even your lovely wifi system can be a squealer.

Did you know that some grades of appliances talk to each other, until they find one that has internet access, which that one then reports to its mothership? Usually high end or commercial, but predictably this feature will come down to most consumer levels.

Like Stilton, I rather expect that monitoring me is a mental health hazard for the watchmen and for those who have digest the watchmen's reports. Wonder what they think when you open Stilton's Place and then NPR & CNN news, and then shuffle back an forth while alternating between Pandora Bluegrass and Classic Opera stations while downloading simultaneously from Huffpo and the White House??

Oh BTW your TV and or provider equipment most likely confirmed that you didn't watch the MSM to the daily prescribed level and the way the accelerometer in your smart phone tells it you weren't carefully sitting watching but were off frolicking elsewhere in the house browsing the web for dangerous places such as Stilton's Place....

Anonymous said...

I would vote for a Constitutional Amendment outlawing a/c in the District of the Capitol. It would save taxpayers millions and make the diaspora of the Imperium Tribus to the hinterland more palatable to the Minions of Darkness. As to .gov remote control of thermostats, since the 'stats will have to be reset a couple of times a day due to the .gov imposed rolling blackouts, thanks to the GND, that should keep many minions happily busy from their new job site in Eli, NV, until it can be outsourced to A.I.
Tom S.

Jack Colby said...

Wait, what? Here in MN I have to turn my furnace on overnight? In summer?

rickn8or said...

Re: The 82-Degree Decree: Aren't these the same people that told us we could only drive 55? I remember the civil disobedience that kicked off and can still be seen today.

Yeah, Biden looks good, but Trump remembers what decade MLK and Bobby Kennedy died and what city and state he's in at any given moment. (And of course it's easy to look good when you haven't done anything in 50 years but feather your nest.)

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

There's a gag about Fredo being preferable when he's assumed room temperature in here somewheres.

In the meantime, I'm going to sit here in my properly chilled residence and think happy thoughts about Busty Ross and Lefty Lucy having a skinnydipping party.

Alfonso Bedoya said...

My wife and I moved out of Taxifornia a little over 4 months ago. We wanted to escape the political insanity, high taxes, high gas prices, insane anti-gun rules, homeless blight and the nightmare of having to look forward to yet more of the same.

We also wanted more "elbow room," so we bought a house near Prescott, Arizona that sits on 2 acres of heaven...or partial heaven. Nice thought, but I never realized that it takes so much WORK to keep the property in shape and properly groomed; i.e., free of weeds and insect pests that have infested the part of the property where the former owners used to raise three horses, now buried in the pasture. I know that their spirits are tacitly laughing their heads off each time I show up with my push-type string-trimmer.

At 5,000' elevation, I never thought that 90-degrees would be so humid. After an hour in the sun, I am forced to kiss off the outdoor grooming and---sweat-soaked---retreat to a cool shower and the somewhat cooler 75-degree indoors. I don't complain, however. Friends in the Phoenix area have been suffering temperatures up to 116.

John the Econ said...

I'm old enough to remember when CNN did news.

Thermostat: Enjoy your A/C while you can.

Electric utilities can now adjust your Nest thermostat to shift energy demand

Two new features for the Nest thermostat could help customers and utilities reduce energy consumption. At the Bloomberg Energy Finance conference held on Earth Day 2013 in New York City, Nest Labs introduced a set of energy services that will allow electric utilities across the country to manage electricity demand. This concept, known as demand response, allows utilities to manage how much energy its customers are consuming at any given time.

“It’s always been our vision to not just be a thermostat company,” CEO Tony Fadell, former Apple engineer and iPod creator, said during the conference. “It’s always been our vision to be a provider of energy control solutions.”

Soon, unless you are considerably wealthy, you won't have control over your own thermostat. It's for the planet, or so they will tell you.

Anonymous said...

It's not like anybody is going to listen to those cretins. Who is going to follow that crock of tripe? You might as well just open the window as set AC to 82.
BTW, here in the Great Pacific Northwest we don't even need AC. It doesn't get that hot often enough to justify the expense. I guess that means I can heat to 90 in the Winter to make up.

Dan said...

@REM1875 -- speaking of military housing -- Visited an old neighbor at Fort Meade, Md, a few years ago. The post engineers had recently installed AC in their quarters. The thermostat settings were locked, the residents couldn't change the settings at all.
At y degrees the heat came on, at z degrees the AC came on. The rules also were that you couldn't run AC before April 30, or some such.
Wellll, the energy gestapo came by, noticed his AC unit was running, and gave him an energy ticket *even though he had no control over whether it ran or not*.

And regarding setting it at 78 or 85 or 82 or whatever. You can do that (riiiiiiight), or just get an efficient system and cut your cooling bills by half. That's what happened to us after we replaced the original heat pump system on our house. It has, effectively, paid for itself.

And as mentioned above, the temps in our house based on what the spousal unit wants.

miniskunk said...

For me it's 68F at night in the summer, 72F during the day. In the winter I make up for preferring things cool by only heating to 66F. Despite living in North Central Montana where during the worst of winter daytime temps can struggle to get above zero, My gas heating bill stays around $90 or less so I think I earned the right to stay cool in the summer months.

Colby Muenster said...

I'll set my thermostat to 82° in the summer when Bernie, AOC, and the rest of the "do as I say" crowd do the same. Or, how about this? Let a panel of real, middle class, working, everyday folks have control over the thermostats of all Senators' and Congressmen's houses. The same panel also gets to decide how and when those same politicians get to travel, what they eat, and what words they can or can't use. Truth be known, isn't this sort of what the framers had in mind? We tell THEM what to do, not the other way 'round?

But on a serious note, years ago, when I was building Habitat Houses (throw stuff at me if you like - it's a worthwhile cause in spite of Jimmah (whom I worked with and he's a self centered a-hole)), I took a boatload of training on building sustainable, affordable houses that would not cost the homeowners a shitload to maintain and repair years down the road. The core of this training emphasized the HVAC system and the way it reacts and works with the envelope (living space). A major key to having a long lasting structure is to keep the humidity low and consistent. You set a thermostat on 82° during a North Carolina summer, and your house is going to rot away in short order, not to mention the mold issues.

Poor Lucy... I'll be she stays up until 2 AM on the Sundays that daylight savings time kicks in and out, too.

Poor widdle Fredo... It must be really hard to stay relevant when you make such a complete ass of yourself in front of millions of people, and get permanently stuck with the nickname you so despise. I wonder if it occurred to him that Trump was lot older than those other three when he took office, and Trump doesn't get stress, he gives it!

Fritzchen said...

Where's Fredo?
Gone fishing
With the fishes.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- Indeed, "Texas Summer" should be all the counter-argument necessary. And I'll just bet that government facilities aren't adhering to these energy efficiency guidelines. Obama was infamous for jacking up the heat in the Oval Office (during winter) to the point that one person observed "you could've grown orchids in there."

@mamafrog- 70 sounds quite comfy, though I don't lower our temperature THAT much (there aren't the big bucks in doing a free blog that you might expect). But I ALWAYS need a fan blasting at me at night.

@Uncle Al, the weathers pal- Dehumidifying stuffy Texas air in the summer is essential. I can't even imagine what it must be like in Louisiana!

@Fish Out of Water- Also true of CNN and prostitutes, they both suck. And yeah, I'm pretty sure that the government "suggesting" how we set our thermostats is only a preview of things to come.

@taminator013- Sounds to me like you're in compliance then.

@Anonymous- 78 seems a good, responsible temperature. We knock it down even lower in the winter because sweatshirts are cheaper than electric bills.

@DennisA- Wow, how...helpful.

@Fred Ciampi- I'm fine with trying to conserve energy, I just get rebellious when I'm told it's linked to saving the planet.

@Geoff King- The more you write about Arizona, the better it sounds.

@Unknown- Whatever we do, I'm pretty sure that "global warming" will always be pinned on conservatives.

@james daily- Air conditioning isn't really much needed in Hawaii, unless you don't want to feel damp. And you're right that the climate Nazis basically judge the entirety of complex, age-old systems by their own brief life spans.

Shelly said...

I'm in North Texas. I'm a senior citizen. I'll keep my thermostat wherever the hell I please. I'm paying for it. During the summer, I keep it at 75 all the time and in the winter usually around 71 or 72. I don't want to switch it up several times a day. That can't be good for your unit. As for climate change, it was proven this week to be a hoax. The Obamas are buying a $14M waterfront estate on Martha's Vineyard. I guess they aren't concerned about the rising seas. I also suspect they will be using a bit of energy to heat and cool this place as well as their other home(s).

Sortahwitte said...

I was born a contrarian. I set my thermostat wherever I care to. I have all the weapons I care to. I have all the ammo I care to. I have a food storage room where I store whatever I care to. The government that thinks I am a serf to be milked like a cow whenever they feel like it is under a false impression.

On another note, my wife brought home some Jarlsberg cheese. Congratulations! It was quite tasty and easy to tell you made it. It was slightly nutty, no bullshit aftertaste and was easy to cut. At 5.95 for 8ozs though, maybe you could pay the bovines just a little less.

One last thing. Even though Lucy is very lefty, She just needs the right man to set her world on a plumb line. Probably some senior citizen type man, conservative, a gun owner and shooter, someone that knows how the world spins. Just say'n.

Geoff King said...

@Stilton: I do very much love my state of Arizona. Coming from Michigan where they elected Tlaib (how do you pronounce that?) To congress, I am extremely pleased that my state (with the exception of the Phoenix cesspool and possibly the Navajo Nation-which for some unknown reason still believes the democrats care about them), not only holds the Constitution in high regard, but actually eliminates laws regarding concealed carry, and our governor tells Nike to taka a hike-e when they want to build a plant here when they publicaly show anti-American sentiment.
Actually, I and everyone I know here in Northern Arizona think you Republicans are way too liberal for our tastes.

NVRick said...

Sitting here in southern NV with the outside temp at over 100, I am really comfortable with our thermostat at 79. With the humidity in single or low double digits, the house is quite comfortable. When we lived in WI, we always had the 'stat at about 72.
We are in our 20th year of residence here, and when the temps drop below 70, it's time to break out the sweaters. In fact, we went out for breakfast today and I had to make a trip to the car to get my wife's sweater. (We used to laugh at Floridians in the winter with their insulated jackets and gloves. Now we understand; it's all about acclimation.)
Hot or cold, these should be our choices. Not some flunky with an overblown paycheck (and sense of importance) in DC.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@TrickyRicky- Yes, Fredo's rant was stupid and embarrassing. And as I recall, Barry didn't show signs of aging for a long time - then seemingly overnight, at a time when he needed credibility and gravitas, his hair was suddenly salt and pepper. As for Trump, you're right that he's the energizer bunny. He's on the move all the time, seldom sleeps, and is getting things done. But it's not aging him because he thrives on it!

@Bill from Wood-Ridge- I can hear Trump: "I have a beautiful, beautiful portrait of myself in the attic. It's changed very little, very little. Maybe none, I don't know." And I like your closing sentiment and agree with it.

@Rastapopoulos- Great post with a lot of good points!

@Tom S.- I sure like your idea of cutting off the A/C in DC. So to speak.

@Jack Colby- It's not just the right thing to do, it's the law.

@rickn8or- Regarding Biden, I genuinely question his mental competence. Granted, I've done the same with Trump from time to time, but that's no excuse.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- You raise an interesting question: how does a corpse assume room temperature when you keep changing the thermostat? As far as Busty and Lefty have a skinnydipping party, it does

MAJ Arkay said...

I have a programmable thermostat (not connected to anything except the heat pump), but we only use two settings: sleep and everything else. For sleep, it drops to 68 in the summer, 65 in the winter. For everything else, it's 74 all seasons. With the tons and tons of insulation in the walls and attic, and double pane windows, we don't use much electricity at all.

So they can take their suggestions and stick it where the sun don't shine.

Anonymous said...

I know how & have the means to design, fabricate, install & service complete HVAC systems and have some old and more efficient units as well... from the family bidnez... as well as large commercial bottles of the old more efficient Freon. Start getting into my summer-time comfort? Fuck 'em all. Start snooping around the place and I'll demonstrate good gun control as well; or the dogs will handle it.

FlyBoy said...

@Colby- You’re story of “Jimmah” reminded me of an experience I had w/ him about 25 years ago: Some friends and I had volunteered for a Habitat for Humanity project. Jimmy was scheduled to show up and help out. He shows up 2-3 hours after the rest of us, then walks around glad-handing everyone for the cameras, pounds a few nails, then decides that he doesn’t feel well and has to leave. He was on the job-sight for maybe 45 minutes. The local newscast that night made it look like he’d built the whole house himself. What a huge phony.

As for the thermostat madness, an HVAC tech once told me that the air conditioner works harder to change a temperature than it does to maintain it at a constant.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Alfonso Bedoya- Sounds like a pretty nice homestead you've got there!

@John the Econ- "Energy control solutions." That has a nice, threatening ring to it.

@Dan- Are you sure your friend didn't have a candle burning under the thermostat's heat sensor? (grin) And you're right about the benefits of getting a more efficient system or improving long as the government isn't involved. The Obama stimulus put $5 billion into giving homes better insulation. Unfortunately, it was costing about $60,000 per dwelling - which in many cases was greater than the value of the home.

@miniskunk- Looking at your stats, I'm not thinking you're much of a Destroyer of Worlds.

@Colby Muenster- Great points throughout!

@Fritzchen- You can't go wrong with the classics.

@Shelly- You're right that the Obamas' purchase of a $15 million estate (and not their only one) at water's edge is a "screw you" to everyone who believed them about climate change or the need to conserve energy. Damn hypocrites.

@Geoff King- Sounds great. But smile when you call me "Republican." Them's fightin' words. (grin)

@NVRick- It's amazing what the difference in humidity does to make temperatures more or less comfortable. I tend to have my thermostat set at 78 (day and night) during the summer, but it gets a little wiggle room to occasionally lower the humidity inside. That makes 78 very tolerable indeed.

@MAJ Arkay- I really need to add more insulation to my attic, but I never seem to get around to it. Maybe it's time for me to put that back on my "to do" list.

@Anonymous- It's good to be handy, isn't it?

@Flyboy- That story about Carter sounds consistent with what I've heard. Still, the Habitat for Humanity program is okay in my book (granted, it's a book I've never actually read). I volunteered to work on a home once and it was a pretty nice (and tiring!) experience.

Skydogz said...

Yet doctors have said that the perfect sleep temp is 60 - 65F, and have modified it up to 65-75F for budget concerns with your electric bill (in the southern US). This is not about your health for them, it's about carbon credits and SELLING climate change.

David A. Fox said...

Our local utility (in Florida) sent out a postcard at the beginning of Summer saying "High energy use can be a bummer set your thermostat to 78 this summer." That's where it's been, that's where it stays. Friends of ours complain about their $400 a month electric bill while mine is comfortably barely over $200. Ceiling fans rule.

BarbaCat said...

Aw, talk about a coffee-spewing winner!
Cuomo/Fredo - "The Old Man and the CNN" - So FUNNY!!

Anonymous said...

HVAC systems can only do as they are designed; and the best performance is obtained with clean air filters, clean coils, proper velocity across the coils, good air distribution in the space, and proper charge of refrigerant. And it true that some added circulation fans or ceiling fans will allow a warmer setting to feel OK for A/C. Radiant shield windows and thermally efficient windows also do wonders.

A common wise "extra" thing to do is extract warmer return air-conditioned air from high in the room and not pull the cooler return air off the floor... and vice versa for heat in winter. IE change the elevation of the return air wist two registers high and low in the wall and close the one not needed for that season of the year.

In multiple story home it's best to be able to isolate lower or upper floors; or the higher air will be warmer and lower air cooler. while the location of the thermostat dictates what the unit it trying to do.

Another thing referring to # 1 above. If you get home in summer and the house has been left warmer (say 80) while you were gone: For example: Setting the A/C thermostat to 65 and lower is not going to cool it down any FASTER than setting it at 72. The unit will only do what it can. You will begin to feel it more as the air in the place cools down because cooler air coming into the evaporator coil will make for cooler air coming out.

But setting it at 65 for example will just run the temp on down after it has achieved 72 just as it would have at 72.. because you forget to get back to the thermostat.