Friday, July 17, 2020

A Little Horseplay

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After skinning our knee pretty spectacularly a few days ago, we've been reminded of the old adage about scabs: if you pick at it, it won't get better.

Wisdom which we thought we'd also try applying to the news today: if we don't pick at it, maybe it will eventually get better.


JustaJeepGuy said...

Uh, @Stilt, your mind seems to be trending in the direction of the gutter. Or is that just how it looks to me?

Pat Cummings said...

"This statue had to come down; the Trans, Bi and Undecided Communities were offended by its binary nature..."

"Evangeline didn't care where they were going, as long as the ride didn't finish before she did..."

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Jeep: Stilton better keep his mind out of the gutter; it's blocking my snorkel!

Caption: "Translated, the Olde English writing on the back of his jacket read, 'Verily, if thou canst read the words written herein, then the wench hast fallen off!'"

Kerry Soileau said...

"That's MISTER!!!," his trans passenger indignantly bellowed..."

She’s A Beauty said...

You say that like it’s a bad thing...🤨

Fred Ciampi said...

"The saddle horn, the saddle horn".

Rod said...

Dang it Fred; you beat me to it. [grinning]: Thus the term "Saddle Horny".

TrickyRicky said...

"Long before the Wright Brothers adventure at Kitty Hawk, the term joystick was in common usage in the old country"

Bobo said...

To the young woman’s dismay, Hoss wasn’t hung like a horse, as advertised.

mamafrog said...

Daughter two recently did a number on her ankle and the doctor to her to leave the wound (palm size, mind you) uncovered and debride it! Frankly stupid and I can't believe she did it, took forever to heal too. I was always told cover a wound with a loose dressing or antibiotic and a bandaid to help it heal. Doctor sounds like an idiot to me, frankly.

John the Econ said...

More than one on the horse entitles use of the ridepool lane.

Picking at scabs: That's a pretty good summation of the Democrat's platform for 2020.

I earned a decent looking gash on one of my lower legs last weekend. Don't know how I did it. Mom was a nurse, and wouldn't give us a bandage unless there was a threat of bleeding on the carpeting. We were told to stop crying and go back outside to play.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@JustaJeepGuy- Yes, for some reason this illustration spoke to my inner 12 year old.

@Pat Cummings- good stuff!

@M. Mitchell Marmel- It sounds like Wild Bill bought his jacket at Stratford on Avon.

@Kerry Soileau- Well, there's nothing like a bouncing saddle to keep you aware of the difference.

@Section147- Yeah, what's up with that? (grin)

@Fred Ciampi- The classics never die.

@Rod- See, we've learned something today!

@TrickyRicky- "Pull up! Pull up!"

@Bobo- So I guess he won't be gelding any, huh?

@mamafrog- Leaving a wound that size open to the air doesn't sound like a great idea. Of course, in my household a wound like that would be packed with dog fur after an hour or so of walking around.

@John the Econ- I suddenly want "Stop Crying and Go Outside to Play" to be Trump's new campaign slogan.

DougM said...

• Roy never figured out why, every time he yelled "Whoa!", his rifle hit the ground in front of him
• Roy had to get out of Injun country before they put more arrow holes in his inflatable side kick
• Another version of 'love handles'
• Roy was tired of Dale's constant nagging about asking for directions
• Roy went to great lengths to show everyone he wasn't gay
• Early Über
• Dale loved wearing her "Miss Arapaho" sash
• Aussie Diggers always made fun of Roy's hat
• Roy wanted a turn riding behind
• Juan was the worst human smuggler, ever
• Maria was the best pickpocket, ever

B.C. said...

The Headless Horseman's much luckier twin brother...

mamafrog said...

@Stilton--her house too, she has three dogs, lol.

Stoneager. said...

Did you know there exists a magazine published in the United States name Cowboys and Indians?