Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Time Off for Bad Behavior

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we said we were going to take time off to "catch up on things?" Well, that was pretty much a disaster. So we're trying it again for today and Friday.

All is fine - we just need to turn the tide on all of the undone things which are stacking up around here. We'll see you in the comments section - and here's a little foolishness just to say "thanks" for stopping by!

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M. Mitchell Marmel said...

It makes your breath so clean
It smells like gas-o-line
It makes you vomit
So get some Comet
And vomit

Sometimes, Josephine the Plumber was convinced she was losing it.

mamafrog said...

Yeah, I used to think retirement meant you could do all the things you never had time for when you worked. (Not counting the fact I need to find a job to stretch social security, mind you.) I think I spend all my time just taking care of daily living because that wears me out enough I don't have time to do anything else some days. Let me tell you, vitamins make a bigger difference than I thought it would at my age, lol. Plus, it turns out some of the meds I take mean I have to take a certain prescription mineral to get my system normalilzed. So much for getting older. I need to exercise to get off some of these meds but who has the energy?

jimp8606 said...

lol, been years since I heard that

REM1875 said...

He used to be a brain surgeon .......... till he found out how much plumbers make .........

Kent Whitehead said...

That Falk comment took me a minute. I actually started to move on, but a voice in my head said "one more thing...."

TrickyRicky said...

And so began the Watergate saga.

Anonymous said...

You have a serious leek under here.

John the Econ said...

Kim Kardashian trains for new career for after Kanye's Presidential bid.

Retirement: Did something I don't do every day yesterday. I checked my portfolio. And guess what? It's far higher than it was before the Wuhan Flu pandemic.

Now before anyone does a happy-dance, do ask yourself this: Do you think that the balance of your investment and retirement accounts today would buy the same quantity of goods and services as it would have back in January?

After the government printing and projectile-vomiting literally trillions of dollars over the last several months, and now planing to print and projectile-vomit at least 1-to-3-trillion more, I suggest not.

Have a great rest of your week.

Pat Cummings said...

Seriously, @Anonymous—does any real under-sink space< look that clean, leek or no leek?

@John the Econ: Sadly, no I don't. And not all my retirement accounts went up, either! So, serious suggestion: spend those unasked-for stimulus checks to buy real value whie they still can. I'm talking metals, ammo, staples and bulk food, not toilet paper!

Anonymous said...

Take some time off. We'll be here when you come back.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Pat Cummings, you also need to secure a source of safe water in case the socialists get their way. If they do, I guarantee your water won't be safe for long, unless you have a well--and maybe not even then. Socialists can't deliver anything good, except when they start to destroy each other.

Pat Cummings said...

I count water as a staple, @JustaJeepGuy... And we have a secure supply, just needs sterilizing to be good-as-from-the-tap!

Brie Camembert said...

My under sink space is quite clean but I still don't keep leeks or any other veg there :-)

Rod said...

It makes no sense at all and I just got back to caching up with this blog. But the first thought was "Black Butt-Cracks Matter".

Unknown said...

Caption oh pipe down i think i found the dimocrats brain drain.