Friday, November 13, 2020

Serfs Up

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Despite repeated calls from the Left for "Unity and healing...or else," we seem to be no closer to untangling the colossal fustercluck which was the recent alleged election. Because depending on who you listen to, there is either massive evidence of widespread voting fraud...or this was the squeakiest clean election ever. 

Our gut tells us that it's the former, and apparently about 71 million other guts are currently telling their owners the same thing. Which means the chance of achieving national "unity and healing" anytime soon is smaller than a gnat's fart...albeit more pungent. 

The only way out of this mess is to prove to everyone's satisfaction that the election results were fair, accurate, and not corrupted by the Democrats, big tech, the Chinese, or the lying Washington bastards who've tried to overthrow the government for the past four years. Happily, both sides can readily agree that a thorough investigation is warranted, and should be conducted with care and transparency.

Ha, ha - just kidding! The party that spent tens of millions of dollars and years of time "investigating" whether or not Donald Trump paid Russian hookers to pee on a bed once used by Obama (which he didn't, but probably should have) suddenly finds it unseemly to conduct investigations...especially into something as trivial as blatant election tampering.

Whatever the eventual outcome of the legal maneuverings, all of this is not going to end well. Half of America is going to be totally unwilling to accept the legitimacy of our next president. And that's going to make for a very long, and potentially dangerous, four years.


• Barack Obama is currently on the interview circuit to promote his third freaking autobiography, and a fourth is already scheduled. The book, "A Promised Land," is a hefty 768 pages which could make it difficult, but not impossible, for him to shove up his ass.

• Readers have asked for a medical update on Mrs. Jarlsberg, and we're happy to report that she's mending nicely from her back, foot, and wrist injuries. She has also amazed her physical therapists by actually doing her exercises at home, which apparently is something of a rarity among patients.

• The suspicious timing of Pfizer's recent announcement of a Covid-19 vaccine stinks to high heaven, as did their now recanted claim that they had nothing to do with President Trump's "Operation Warp Speed" vaccine initiative. This doesn't do much to build our confidence in the vaccine itself, especially since it uses a technology that has never been used before (having to do with messenger RNA telling your cells to do funny things). We hope the vaccine is great, effective, and safe - but we're not going to be first in line to try it, having grown used to life with only one head.

But in the interim, there are very effective protocols that can be used to greatly reduce the dangers posed by Covid-19. These protocols are all backed by science and, oddly, pretty much hidden from public view by the government, the media, and formerly respectable medical institutions. The rat bastards.

So here are the most recent protocols, which we encourage you to print out and share with others:

By the way, this chart was prepared for medical personnel, so when it refers to patients "on floor," they mean "checked into the hospital" as opposed to "stretched out cold on the carpet." Also, even if you're sick of hearing about all of this (and who isn't?) we'll note that at the very least, the benefits of taking Vitamin D appear to be fairly astounding when it comes to this illness. It's cheap, it's safe, and it's readily available - but it takes a little while for it to build up in your body, so don't wait.


A classic (and now timely) cartoon by Stilton's Dad...


Mike aka Proof said...

The Left's call for unity is almost comical. After four years of "resisting", they expect us to capitulate and go along with them on everything they want?
Maybe when Joe Biden recites the entire periodic table...from memory...backwards!

Dan said...

OK, looked at the prophylaxis...
Vitamin C Yup, taking that.
B complex Take that, too.
Zinc Just started.
Melatonin Will have to get some.
Vitamin D3 Yup. Take that already, too.
Ivermectin. Invermectin? (flips over to a web search: "Hailed as a wonder drug for tropical diseases, ivermectin is used to treat parasitic infections in humans, pets, and livestock." )
I guess I should stay out of the jungle.

Velveeta Processed Cheese Food said...

Ivermectin? This is the first I've heard of it being useful on the ChiComm Croup. I'm pretty familiar with it as a parasiticide (Many decades ago I did a story with one of the developers at the time is was being introduced for livestock). I don't know if it's over-the-counter, but you can get it at any pet store for dog heartworm. Same stuff as humans get.
Up to now I've been getting plenty of free vitamin D from good old Sol, but with winter closing in that's out.
I've been doing zinc along with tonic water (quinine) on the assumption it may be an ionophore like the chemically related stuff, you know what I mean, but I can't think of the name at the moment. I guess if it works I'll never know. In RE: zinc, I've read that too much can cause a copper deficiency, so I cut back to 50mg/day.

SpectreRider said...

Ivermectin is OTC as a dewormer for use on livestock. Bought some of this off Amazon when I first saw that Australian researchers were showing promising results against C19. Being a tad slower than some, Apple flavor was not available.

jimbro said...

Great post all around. Happy to hear Mrs Jarlsberg is on the mend and, yes, it is rare for patients to follow a therapy protocol at home. Excellent flowchart.

Anonymous said...

It takes a few weeks to get from there to here, but you can get HCQ, azithromycin and ivermectin without an Rx from India. No affiliation or remuneration; just a happy camper.

If you are just after ivermectin, you can get it online at any vet supply site, or your local farm store. If all you find is injectible, you can take it orally. You don't have to take it as a shot.

Happy to hear that the Mrs is doing well.

farming since 2001

Rod said...

Thank you Stilt. That knock on your door is probably someone from Department of Public Health objecting to your semi-practice of medicine. Just tell them SOMEONE needs to be doing that instead of publishing this type of bullshit: "If test is positive: go home, isolate, and wait for it to get worse. If it does get worse; call your Doctor, who will not see you."
AND: They're trespassing; they would do well to quickly get out of range of very high speed dose of lead supplement.

Jim Irre said...

The cartoon is a hoot! If I was going to have a headstone that's what it would say! Thanks for the laugh Stilt!

Fish Out of Water said...

The democratic calls for national unity remind me of a certain, now defunct political party in 1930's Germany, who also called for 'National Unity' after they through sleight of hand, also seized political power.

Pete (Detroit) said...

It's Friday, the 13th, in 2020 - keep your hears down, all!
This is actually the 2nd F13 this year - the first was in March -you remember, the day they closed all of the everything, "for two weeks, to flatten the curve"....
Guess we can blame that for there being no Johnny update?

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

As is his wont, Stilton's Dad has the last, and best word. ;-D

Gorgon Zola said...

In re: the periodic table I'd be flabbergasted if sleepy, slurrin' Joe could just sing along with Tom Lehrer.

Jess said...

I'm all for unity, but I doubt they'll heal well after those determined unite.

Regnad Kcin said...

Loved the vid of Kayleigh Mac holding up the 234 pp. of signed and dated testaments showing voter fraud in just one county. I believe she was waving them at Neil Cavuto's face at the time. I did detect a smerk on her face with just a hint of sarcasm in her voice for emphasis. Now this Dominion voter program comes into question about just how unpartisan it is when tallying the count. These libturds will stop at nothing to get back into power to rule once again with the iron fist. AOC says it's time to start making "lists" of those who are not in line with their views. I'm sure she's already lining up the boxcars for transit to the "camps". The dumbcrats are never to be trusted ever, never, never, never. As POTUS once proclaimed : "It's not me they're after, it's you. I just happen to be in the way." We must fight these criminals all the way to the SCOTUS. They shall not pass !

Alfonso Bedoya said... much for "NATIONAL UNITY"....

Candace Owens on today's WND reports:

"Here’s how the media is reporting on clear, undeniable election fraud:

The New York Times: “Torrent of Falsehoods,”
CNN: “Baseless voter fraud claims,”
NPR: “False Claims of Fraud, Rigged Election,”
CBS News: “Voter fraud complaint is ‘garbage,’”
Meanwhile, Big Tech is getting in on the scam too:

Facebook has banned the 300,000-person “Stop the Steal” group… by ludicrously claiming they were “inciting violence,”
Twitter is censoring the President of the United States himself whenever he makes a completely justifiable claim about election fraud.
Their goal? Con the American people into believing that Joe Biden won this election fairly… and make them see the President as a “sore loser.”

Snark said...

I've got your "Peace and unity" right here, served up with a side of "Hope and Change", delivered with a large helping of "Louisville Slugger". DON'T piss on my head and tell me that it's raining. Right now this DemSoc Nazi re-enactment has me channeling my inner Josey Wales. Rambo is on deck and Terminator is doing stretches. This shit is making me older faster, I'm mad as hell and really not interested in anything other than burning THEIR stuff down.

TrickyRicky said...

@Fish Out Of Water- Quite eerie isn't it?

@Snark- Yes, this exactly.

Running late today, no time for comment, carry on amigos.

Redleger said...

Stint. I told all of you back in July that I had recovered from pneumonia. When I went for medical treatment I was prescribed steroids to clear my lungs. The next day, while recovering at home, my wife received a phone call saying I tested positive for COVID. There were no further prescription drugs provided to my previous diagnosis. The filing week I was seen by my PCP. He doubled up on the steroids and prescribed an inhaler for immediate treatment of the pneumonia. I asked about COVID treatments and I was prescribed

He told me that once I got over the pneumonia to stay on the vitamins. I've been taking them since mid June.

My current symptoms - none.

This treatment didn't cure my allergies - go figure.

I'm going to get a T-Shirt made that reads


American Cowboy said...

Invermectin? I guess I will have to start sharing Dunny horse's wormer. I wonder though if it would be effective in controlling the "parasitic infections" that the left has become if we could find some way to administer it to them in massive quantities?

Snark said...

@American Cowboy: I suggest a softball sized suppository...frozen, of course.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@American Cowboy: I seem to recall some story about the British using pig fat as bullet lube...

Just saying. ;-)

John the Econ said...

Democrats 2016: Foreign powers have tampered with our election! We must stop the President-Elect!

Democrats 2020: Election was totally valid, regardless of all the money funneled to Hunter Biden by Russians and the Chinese. We must certify the President-Elect!

And the media who for the last 5 years would publish any unsubstantiated rumor by any "unnamed source" couldn't care less.

You really have to be impressed by the ironic unawareness of Progressives today who are now declaring "peace" and wishing "unity" after nearly half-a-decade of over-the-top hysteria and their war against "the deplorables" now that they think they've finally won. Childish, really.

Worse than childish really, considering that they now openly talk of making lists and "truth and reconciliation commissions", just like they do in real totalitarian countries. Instead of being gracious winners, they're demonstrating why they should be as far away from the levers of power as possible.

But as "Peace is our Profession" was once the motto of the Strategic Air Command, "Unrest is our Profession" is still the motto of the bored and unimaginative in certain cities with absolutely nothing better to do with their time, and no reason to do anything better with it:

Even With a Biden Win, Portland's Protesters Vow to Keep Smashing Stuff

"You ask questions, they tell you to go fuck yourself. Which tells me they either have no interest in engaging or are incapable of doing so, in which case, I have only their actions to show me their intentions. So far, what they've mastered seems little more than what the toddler knows, how to smash and how to scream."

Speaking of Portland:

Portland mayor removes gendered language to be more 'inclusive'

I'm so glad that they've finally solved all of their big problems and now have the time and money to be laser-focused on stuff like this.

The Obama Book Club: Attempting to set a record for the lowest relevant content per page published. Hate to tell him this, but he could have accomplished that with a pamphlet. But hey, at least he can now afford to take a third beachfront property off the market before some other ignorant rich sod gets it and drowns from rising sea levels.

Mrs. J: Good news, indeed! But I'd have her lay low today, just in case.

Vaccine: I'm not prepared to go conspiracy theory on the timing of Pfizer's announcement, but won't totally discount it either. For one thing, I seriously doubt that it would have had any measurable impact on the election. The reality is that Pfizer along with the rest of the industry is walking a tightrope here. If it works, it will be wonderful and the world can begin to return to normal. Of course, then Pfizer will make billions of dollars and Progressives will be upset, demand hearings and use this as another prop for wealth redistribution and nationalizing the industry. If it doesn't work or there are untoward yet unknown side effects, Pfizer will be facing bankruptcy-inducing lawsuits, Progressives will be upset, demand hearings and use this as another prop for wealth redistribution and nationalizing the industry.

Either way, Mrs. Econ & I won't be first in line to try this.

John the Econ said...

And for those who thought the crisis would disappear after the election:

Biden adviser floats possible 6-week lockdown to slow spread of COVID-19

You see, the economy recovered far too much on its own in the last 6 months to make enough people desperate enough to sign on to the Democrat's grand plan to restructure our economy more to their liking. So they'll need to make it April again, and keep it there for awhile longer until more people cry "Uncle!" and let them have their way.

Once again, another example of how we have a major political party in this country that is totally dependent upon the masses suffering in order to justify their agenda.

Anonymous said...

Consider also Colloidal silver as a spray into throat and sinuses. As a cold mist (nebulizer) is even better to get it where the little buggers want to hide.
I've been taking/preaching C, D, zinc, and turmeric, too, since March.


Shelly said...

After the last 4+ years of the unending drumbeat of resistance and I don't need to restate everything they did as we all lived through it, I must remind everyone that their definition of unity bears no actual resemblance to its real meaning. To them it means shut up and succumb to what they are getting ready to dish out to us. I have sincere concerns about how the Republicans will act without Trump because their usual pattern is to suck up for fear of being called names on CNN. If he's taught them anything, that is the exact wrong approach. Besides sweating out the recounts and court cases, we now have to worry about two Senate seats in Georgia. If they take those, there will be nothing to stand in their way of total destruction of our country. I hate to be so grim but this is the most serious threat our country has ever faced.

Sortahwitte said...

I don't usually succumb to depression as I take Lexapro in a dose that would stun a water buffalo. However, the ice storm followed by a shitty election outcome has set me down on both cheeks. I know that our President was re-elected, but I'm not sure he will take the oath in January. The dims seem to have big plans for us non-conformists. Well, I've shot my way out of tighter situations than this.

I also take Vitamin D, as most of us seem to. I am prescribed 50,000 units per week. It's not the same feeling as I've had before when someone has pumped sunshine up my ass, but it'll do.

So glad to hear Mrs.J is doing better. The best to all.

Erik said...

For anyone looking for a morale boost, I would like to
suggest a couple of articles and videos. I owe my awareness
of them to

For articles, consider reading these two from the same
author at American Thinker:

And from a different author at American Thinker:

For videos, there is the Scott Adams (Dilbert) video mentioned in the
second article above:

And a video showing clear statistical evidence of tomfoolery
in Michigan using a technique different from Benford's Law
(which I mentioned in Monday's comments):

I have lost track of the hyperlink web that led me to
this article (the 'unity' in the title is sarcastic):

I have only read this one article so far, but the other
content on the website looks interesting. And it brings
up a question for Stilt:

Is Busty Ross available for a little morale boost?

Graham McDonald said...

I was trying to read the 'medical' insert - no, I need something larger.

Found it at

Thank you.....

Titan Mk6B said...

I probably have a pretty stout immune system as I have not had the flu since 1984. For the past 10 years my psoriasis doctor has had me on pretty much everything except the zinc and ivermectin that is on the list and I have not even had a cold since then. I take a lot of glucosamine also but that probably does not help with prevention of the virus.

Ivermectin sounded familiar and I finally realized we used to give it to horses. I had to think about that one for a while.

Seeing as this same stuff may help in prevention of the rona I feel pretty happy about it all.

Drew458 said...

Part 1

The protocol you posted is also known as the I-Mask+ protocol, which also tells you to wear an N95 mask and wash your hands. I-Mask+ is a best practices protocol brought to us by the same people who developed the earlier MATH+ protocol, which is used by many hospitals and now has been updated to include (but not demand) Ivermectin.

Put bluntly, Ivermectin is the shit. Cures you of Covid, ringworm, scabies, river blindness with just one or two doses. For Covid, you also want the zinc and the D and the C in pretty large amounts.

Ivermectin was originally developed for livestock, but has been used on BILLIONS of people for decades with nearly perfect safety. It's even difficult to overdose on the stuff, and it leaves your body in about 4 days. Merck makes the stuff and gives away tens of millions of doses to the Third World every year. There have been multiple studies that show that it works, better than HCQ, at all stages of the SARS-CoV-2 virus infection, from preventative to mild to moderate to severe infection. It works. Thousands have been cured. Hundreds of thousands. Funny how nobody in America seems aware of this.

There are many protocols that center around it, from Dr. Borody's 3 part protocol in Australia to the 4 part protocol in India (Uttar Pradesh) and others. It has shown to save lives, cure the virus quickly, keep you from getting the virus in the first place, cut the death rate by more than half, and cut hospitalization times significantly. It is the miracle cure in South America, Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, and others. In Brazil they have given the stuff out in kits. It is dirt cheap. It works. And this is why the FDA/CDC - sold out to Big Pharm - gives it no mention. I find that obscene. Worse, the FDA has global influence, so what they say gets copied by certain powers in other countries. So there is a pushback worldwide against this miracle drug, mainly because it is piss cheap, and Big Pharm wants to make zillions off of this pandemic.

There are tons of papers, studies, results, doctor statements, etc, online. The whole Third World has been using this for nearly half a year now. They've also had good results with the HCQ, but Ivermectin works faster and better.

By now I'm sure most of you know that most of us are vitamin D deficient. It takes quite a lot of it, taken daily for quite a while, to get your levels up to optimum fighting strength. You have to take it for at least a week before it even shows up in your blood. 5000IU - 10000IU a day for a couple months will jack your levels a lot.

You may not know that most of us are also iodine deficient. Look it up. Iodine is part of the immune system group of chemicals, and it's also an amazingly potent germ killer. Get professional advice on this one, as you can fuck up your thryoid if you do things wrong.

Drew458 said...

Part 2

In general, a protective protocol - a "prophylaxis" - will include significant daily doses of vitamins D, C, B1, with zinc, and some kind of ionophore. The idea is to get your immune system in top shape, and then supply a few helper chemicals. Cuercetin, which occurs in red apples, onions, and some other foods, is an ionophore. So is one of the ingredients in green tea, which is available as an extract called EGCG which you can get as a supplement. Quinine is an ionophore, as is HCQ. The preventative dose of HCQ is 200mg per week, which is one pill. However, if you can't get a doctor or a pharmacist to get you that pill, 3 liters of tonic water a week - 2 glasses a day - contains about the same amount of quinine. You don't need more.

There are a couple other minerals and supplements that you should consider, such as selenium, magnesium, vitamin K, copper, and iodine.

There is a thing called NAC, N-acetyl cysteine, which is both helpful and potent ... so potent that the FDA is considering pulling it from the market and reclassifying it as a drug. It has a lot of sulfer in it so your poop will really stink at first.
On that subject, large doses of thiamine, B1, will change your body odor and make your urine a bit rank too.

Selenium and iodine can be found in shellfish, especially oysters. If you can't eat or afford shellfish, Brazil nuts are loaded with selenium. You only need to eat one or two a day. You could look into "nascent iodine" supplementing; you put a couple drops in a glass of water and drink it. If you go this route, eat 3 Brazil nuts a day to protect yourself from thyroid cancer.

I'm not sure what melatonin does for the Covid, but it's part of several protocols. I take a 5mg one at bedtime, and I sleep well. No bad dreams.

So the full monty would be a good daily multivitamin (eg Centrum), morning and evening 1000mg C, 5000IU D daily, several calcium/magnesium/zinc tablets, a K to push the calcium out of your blood and into your bones, a curcumin pill, a baby aspirin, a Brazil nut, an EGCG pill, 2 glasses of tonic water, and a melatonin before bed. Take an NAC pill every 3 days. This is what I've been taking for several months now without any side effects, and I haven't caught the 'rona while living here in one of the hardest hit states in the NE.

Drew458 said...

Part 3

BTW, there are a couple other things you can do. Early studies on monkeys showed that the virus will live in your sinuses, mouth, and throat for a day or two before heading down to your lungs. So disinfecting those areas can really help. At least 4 official proper medical studies around the world have shown that good old original Listerine, gargled and used as mouthwash for 30 seconds, kills this virus better than anything other than pure ethanol. "The taste you love to hate" can save your life. And if fights mask breath real well too. But it isn't useful for your sinuses. For this, you can use dilute hydrogen peroxide (works pretty good as Covid killing mouthwash too). The 3% stuff in the store gets cut 1 part in 7 with distilled water to be less than 0.5%, and this can misted up your nose, used with a Neti pot, or (best approach) put in a nebulizer. In a nebulizer the mist will also help kill any virus in your lungs. I nebulize for about 5 minutes every time I come home from being out, after washing up and using the Listerine. I use the food grade 3% H2O2 which is pure; 4 drops of H202 and 24 drops of water will run a small mesh nebulizer for 5 minutes or so. If you actually have the Covid, you can add 1 drop of nascent iodine to that mix. Iodine is one helluva germ killer but must be used with extreme caution - get some professional medical advice from a doc who believes in supplements and homeopathic treatments. I have a bottle of the stuff, but I haven't opened it. It's part of my worst case kit.

Finally, everybody Official recommends AGAINST "horse paste" Ivermectin. While there are several of them available ($6 at Amazon will treat 6 people) that do not have any other horsey medications in them, and even have a dosage adjustable plunger (because all mammals use the same dosage per kilo of body weight), you would probably be smarter to get some actual people pills from an actual doctor.

Ivermectin does something to this spike protein thing we keep hearing about, so it disables the virus from the outside, keeping it from binding, while also helping zinc move inside the cells where that can alter the pH to keep the virus from replicating. Studies have shown it works with HCQ (which only helps the zinc thing), but the Ivermectin is so superior that most protocols have dropped the HCQ completely.

Titan Mk6B said...

And....when I heard about the zinc thing I started taking it. Full disclosure, I did discuss this with my doctor and he had no problem with it.

Drew458 said...

Part 4

There is another study underway in Laredo looking at another antiparasitic, one called nitazoxanide. This is another "wonder drug" used along the southern border to cure a bunch of nasty diseases as well as lice and gut worms. SARS, Ebola, zika virus ... the really scary stuff.

I've been studying this whole thing since February. Tons of stuff online, but almost no mention - certainly no positive mention - of damn near any of it on any media. Ok, the mouthwash thing was a small silly news item a couple weeks ago, but nobody mentioned the Ulm university study, or the Italian one, or even the H2O2 atudy from Ghana.

The media marches in lockstep, chanting "there is nothing that can be done other than wear a mask and wash your hands, so wait for the vaccine." And that's a pile of crap. It's your body, your health, your life. Do your research and make your own decisions.

You Ain't Dead said...

How about a photo of a large cemetary with Biden thanking his constituants?.....Dead voters Matter?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Once again, I've fallen behind in responses and you're all WAY ahead of me now. So I'll just give some randomized responses, but trust me that I read and enjoyed ALL your comments!

@Dan- If you read the other comments here, you'll see more about Ivermectin. It seems to be really effective (and safe and cheap), which is why we still hear about Remdesivir (which is expensive and, oh yeah, utterly useless) instead of Ivermectin. I'm one of those folks who, months ago, bought it in the form of apple-flavored paste for deworming horses. If I get sick, I'm sure as heck going to ask my doctor for people medicine, but if I can't get it - and in a hurry - I'm going straight for the horse paste!

@Jess- Good point; the Dems are succeeding in getting us to unite...just not with them.

@Redleger- Glad you're doing so well...and that you appear to have a good doctor!

@John the Econ- Good points across the board, eloquently expressed!

@Sortahwitte- Sorry that you're feeling down. I was too, though they're improving on my end. Hopefully you'll be doing better even by the time you read this!

@Erik- Great links! And yes, we're overdue for a visit from Ms. Ross.

@Drew458- Wow, what a great series of comments! You're clearly up on all of this stuff. By any chance do you follow Chris Martenson / Peak Prosperity on Youtube? That's been my best and most reliable source of information.

The protocols you're talking about (including masks and social distancing) would be MUCH more effective than new 4-6 week lockdowns if Biden gets his way. The economy doesn't have to shut down and, in fact, doing so accomplishes nothing medically.

Many thanks for explaining a lot of these medical points at greater length (and clarity) than I was able to!

@You Ain't Dead- Good idea. I may have to see if I can find a picture of him placing a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Voter...

Clara david said...

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