Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Don't Fire Until You See The Whites

Well, here we are on the historically significant Last Day of Freedom in America, and gosh - hasn't it been fun? Seriously, we've had a great run and we'll all have some great memories. Memories only, though, because all of our written records and photos of the past will have to be turned over to the Bureau of Historical Accuracy for ecologically-sound destruction. 

It wasn't really our goal at Stilton's Place to present today's transition of power as apocalyptic, which is why we originally prepared this fairly innocent cartoon playfully jabbing the man we will never, ever personally call president...

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But then we started hearing more and more things about the upcoming Biden administration's plans, seeing  extremely troubling things in the streets, and hearing from politicians, celebrities, and liberal mouth-breathers that the time is right for fascism and retribution against those low-life flyover Constitution-clutching deplorables and cult members who have seen the American Dream as something more than just a Marxist nightmare.

So we upgraded the cartoon to more accurately reflect our feelings about this unhappy day...

STILTON’S PLACE, STILTON, POLITICAL, HUMOR, CONSERVATIVE, CARTOONS, JOKES, HOPE N’ CHANGE, biden, inauguration, national guard, travesty, fascism, BLM, antifa

There's a long litany of reasons we're feeling so ramped up today. And rather than try to make a cohesive whole out of the entire mess, let us just share some random points:

• Our nation's capitol has been ringed with walls topped with razor wire, and 26,000 National Guard troops have been brought to Washington DC (from all 50 states - for the symbolism, don't you know) in order to shoot other Americans if they act like BLM or Antifa but are carrying American flags.

• Muriel Bowser, the mayor of Washington, DC who didn't want National Guard troops to quell BLM/Antifa's violent acts of insurrection all summer, just recently requested that the troops now stationed in her city be issued machine guns so that they could mow down more Americans. The National Guard told her that this would be inappropriate, but the whole incident certainly tells you where these bloodthirsty fascists' heads are at. 

• Fun trivia note: do you recall that in 2017, there was rioting, looting, arson, and injuries in the streets of Washington DC as people "protested" Trump's inauguration?  And celebrities telling crowds that they should march right over to the White House and set it ablaze? But that, of course, wasn't insurrection - it was just the liberals' standard use of Freedom of Screech.

• We would never have thought that a picture of the American flag could make us sick to our stomach, but we were wrong. This is that picture...

This is the national mall, where 200,000 American flags have been planted to symbolically represent all of the people who would like to show up and kneel before the new king, but can't because A) no one really gives a flying crap about Biden's inauguration and if they did B) the National Guard might shoot them out of an abundance of caution.

So now we've got an imaginary crowd of "supporters," which is actually a beautifully ironic depiction of the imaginary voters who made this day possible. So yeah...looking at this picture makes us want to hurl.

• Hillary Clinton has made the news by demanding a "9/11-style commission" to investigate whether Donald Trump was actively on the phone with Vladimir Putin, doing a play-by-play report of the Russian-backed insurrectionist riot which, terrifyingly, allowed a whackjob wearing clown paint and a buffalo horn helmet to joke around with a police officer in a largely empty Senate chamber room. That guy, by the way, is looking at 25 years in the slammer because, while he didn't actually do much of anything other than looking photogenic, a judge has decided his distinctive appearance made him a symbol of the (ahem) "insurrection," and the culprit therefore needs a very harsh sentence as a warning to the rabble.

• Remember the good old days when you'd never heard of Wuhan? Well, today may be the last day you hadn't heard of the city of Manaus in Brazil. They're currently drowning in Covid cases which appear to be a new mutation of the virus currently kicking the world's ass. This one is thought to be more contagious, more deadly, and doesn't appear to be deterred by any of our current generation of Covid vaccines. Fortunately, Biden has been claiming forever that he could have handled a viral pandemic better than Trump - and it looks like he may get the chance to prove it. (Spoiler alert: lockdowns galore!)

• An NPR lawyer got the boot when it was revealed that he thought Trump voters should have their kids taken away from them, after which the children would be raised in government re-education camps "with a lot of Sesame Street" to cleanse the children of their parents' sick beliefs. And yes, this is the same NPR that actually fired Fox News' Juan Williams for being a racist. So that's a pretty good indication of what radical screwballs are in charge over there.

• Katie Couric (soon to be a temporary Jeopardy! host who we hope will be universally boycotted) is seriously calling for mandatory "deprogramming" of people in the Trump "cult." Hint: if you're reading this blog, you're considered a cult member.  

• There are serious calls to take Fox News off the air, and it's no secret that big tech is gutting other means for conservatives to get anything like accurate news or have conversations with each other.

• Because this blog post is already running long, we'll summarize the fact that Joe Biden has already pretty much promised that in his "first 100 days" (if he lasts that long), he'll use executive powers to destroy every accomplishment of President Trump's that made America a success in the last four years. Energy policies which will kill our energy independence and send energy costs soaring, getting back in bed with Iran to help them build their "Death to America" nuclear missiles, opening our borders to millions upon millions more illegal immigrants (all of whom - citizens or not - deserve governmental representation when drawing up new Democratic districts for House seats), killing the Keystone XL pipeline for no rational reason at all, rejoining the Paris Climate Accord so that we will be compelled to cut down on our efficient energy use while China is free to stink up the world's atmosphere while building cheap crap to finish off the American economy. And more, and more, and more.

This is a singularly unhappy day (even if nothing untoward and/or staged happens to make things worse) which quite possibly marks the end of a lot of things and institutions we took for granted. Free and fair elections? Nope. A Constitutional basis for laws and protection of freedoms? Not after the Dems pack a hand-picked Supreme Court with as many members as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

So drink 'em if you got 'em, folks, and remember to fly your American flags upside down until things get better...if ever. And should we ever find ourselves in re-education camps, here's the code phrase we can use to recognize each other: "What I miss most in this gulag is a good piece of cheese - like a Stilton!" To this, you must answer "Say, that's my friend MacGregor's favorite cheese!"

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a hot Red Cross nurse delivering care packages shows up, and if she looks like Busty Ross, be sure to use the code phrase. That way you'll get one of the "special" boxes with escape contraband and a tiny little bottle of bad scotch.


Since all of the above is pretty depressing, we thought it only fair to close today with a nice stupid joke which has nothing to do with politics. This gag popped into our head after a lovely grilled steak lunch, and once an idea like that happens it's easiest to just cobble the darn thing together with clip art so we can then move on with the rest of our life. Hey, it's a system...

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stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, donald trump, president trump, four years, accomplishment, thank you, job well done


Mike aka Proof said...

Where is the Sweet Meteor of Death when you really need it?

Jim G. said...


You nailed this one.....sadly.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

A buddy of mine posted this:

Step 1: Declare a "National Emergency" which is the venue of the President.

Step 2: A "National Emergency" invokes all kinds of powers by FEMA, the Military, and various 3 letter agencies.

Step 3. Call up the National Guard, who are under their State Governor's command until the President calls a "National Emergency" then your "reserve status" is converted to "active duty" and you are back under full command of the Commander in Chief.

Step 4: Call up 2,500 troops, then in 48 hrs ramp that call to 6,200..then arm the troops.... then to 10,000... then issue "authorization to use lethal force" and bullets... then ramp the troop count up to 20,000, then steps to 40,000.... with full support logistics, ie generators, black helicopters, etc etc...

Step 5: Declare the "National Emergency" also includes credible threat to all 50 state governments, and order troops to each State capital, with arms and lethal force orders, to "keep the peace and protect "continuity of government."

Step 6: Make sure the 160,000 indictments of deep state criminals are ready to be served, and deputize the National Guard as "Special Federal Deputies" to serve warrants, arrest, and transport the deep state to secure sites for trial.

Step 7: Have an end of term of office ceremony at Andrews AFB, say nice things about how you love the military, and fly to Florida on Air Force One, just before noon, 20 Jan 2021.... Wave at the top of the steps and smile and say "Have a Nice Day"....

Step 8: Play some golf, relax, while the USSC hears the fraud case you filed and they agreed to hear after 20 Jan 21.
Let the military commanders do what they are empowered to do with a "National Emergency" in place and 40,000 armed troops standing guard over DC and all 50 State Capitals....
Stay "arms length" from the political shit storm about to happen when indictments are made, with arrests.

All just my thoughts on how the pieces could play together..... It will either become "very interesting".... or make the plot of my new novel written while I'm awaiting my special "jeffery epstein" equipped cell.
Have a Nice Day !!

God, I hope it works out like this. But I fear it won't.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

More on the story (take cum grano salis):

rickn8or said...

For me, Joe Biden will forevermore be President* Biden.

And five bucks says every one of those 200,000 flags will be in a trash bin on the 21st.

Sortahwitte said...

It's a sad day for freedom loving people everywhere. Yes, thank you Mr. President for working and fighting for us for the last four years. They attacked you and your family every day of your term. We are now descending into a dark pit with a name similar to venezuala or california. I might see you in the camps, but I won't be getting there by box car.
Trains make me motion sick.

Two Texas Aggies were flying a plane load of sheep from Australia to the US. Out over the Pacific, two of the four engines quit. The first aggie grabs a parachute and heads for the door. The second aggie says "what about the sheep?" The first aggie says "screw the sheep!"
The second aggie says "do we have time?"

Terry said...

You topped yourself Stilt. This one made me cry. It will be good to have your company during the upcoming dreaded years.

JustaJeepGuy said...

I will always refer to the two to be installed Wednesday as "Gropey Joe" and "Kamalatoe". Neither will receive from me the honorific of "president" and "vice president".

I also don't know why Gropey Joe is welcoming the 9,000 invaders from the south. It's not like the Demo_Rats need their votes any more. They've proven they can steal an election without the illegals, so Joe should be telling them to stay home.

mamafrog said...

@M. Mitchell Marmel, I'm not sure that solution is any better than what is more likely going to happen. Biden is sworn in and gets pushed off the podium (accidentally) by his Veep. All hell finally breaks loose and Armageddon is a go...

Anonymous said...

This is the first time in American history that our country is without a real President and an American government. Instead we have a Commander in Thief and the Socialist/Globalist takeover. Get ready for our darkest days ahead. Praying that we endure this evil.

American Cowboy said...

If the photo of the 卡必醇 (that is chinese for Kapitol)has not been retouched then it carries a lot of significance.

First, I am reminded of this: Within four hours, more than a thousand Old Guard Soldiers will place an American flag one foot in front of, and centered, at more than 280,000 headstones to honor every individual buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Old Guard Soldiers will also place an American flag at the foot of each Columbarium to account for the more than 400,000 interred.
To me it seems that the flags placed for this installation of Sloe-joe and the Ho look to represent the death of many of the freedoms that America was known for.

Second, look at the heavy black cloud hanging low over the right side of the photo. Compared to the lighter, sunny left side it pretty well represents the darkest days for America that patriotic Americans are going to have to endure.
I only hope I live long enough to see the sunshine again.

American Cowboy said...

The flag placing by Old Guard Soldiers I referred to was in 2017.

Fish Out of Water said...

Its already started.....

As I've said, we will in a few hours have the Obama sock puppet(s) in office.

Elbarto said...

One our local talk radio personalities, James T. Harris, hit the nail on the head when he said, "Today every conservative in America knows how the Confederates felt."

Fritzchen said...

Those 200,000 flags should be 200,000 used condoms becaused WE ARE SO SCREWED!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And right in front of the Chief Justice, his nappie (diaper) burst and he called out "Mommeeeee!"

None of the Midstream Media saw or heard a thing.

Fish Out of Water said...

In the end history may have a different judgment, on the soon to be ex-President. than mine, that the soon to be outgoing President will be remembered as an Icarus-like public figure.

He has done wonderful things while in office as my IRA shows for example is a testament to, but during his 2016 campaign and while in office he also showed a lack of self control in public which may have been calculated to troll his enemies, but a was facet many including myself had hoped he'd outgrow.

By not reining in his impulses, indeed even appearing at the protest that fateful Wednesday, has led to the undoing all of what good he had accomplished while in office and may have damned conservatism for decades. Had he resisted his impulses and let this tainted election go, he could have played the victim card, been a weekly guest commentator on cable news, in other words could have been the unimpeachable, constant thorn in the side of the Obama sock puppet, his handlers and his media running dogs.

But today, this very sad Wednesday, the floodgates in a few hours will open as the children once again will be in charge. And President Trump slinks away to await his verdict.

Redleger said...

Tomorrow (1/21/2021) I'd love to see President Trump with people like Mike Rowe, Dr. Carlson, and others tell the American people that he's starting a new foundation that will be funded with his "Presidential Retirement Pay" that will be used to expand his "Opportunity Zones" and work with "MikeRoweWorks Foundation" to support inner city development and education.

(For those of you who don't know Mike Rowe's foundation encourages individuals to learn a trade. It then assists them in finding a job as an apprentice with qualified contractors. His foundation has a nearly 100% success rate.)

After this historic announcement by President Trump I'd like to see him give a public report of how the foundation is doing and compare it to "any" programs that comes out of DC.

Then let the American people see who's really "working" for them verses themselves.

Fish Out of Water said...

@jpb252: Or the Parisians as the Nazi's marched around the Arc de Triomphe in 1940.

Bobo the Hobo said...

My thoughts this chilly January morning: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!

See y’all in the camps!

Joe Jetson said...

Later today, "Do you, Grandpa Simpson, swear to uphold the Constitution?"
Grandpa Simpson: "C'mon man. I did that at about 7 o'clock this morning."

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure those flags were made in China. You know, the Land of Opportunity.

Snark said...

I have a hard time expressing my sorrow over this day. While we did survive Obozo, I don't have any expectation that our Republic can survive the socialist hell that this regime is planning to inflict on our nation. I'm sorry, Mr. Franklin, we lost the Republic.

I will be doing some swearing today as well. Actually, I've been doing it for several months.

Shrillary is STILL harping on Russia! Send her the $30M bill for the Mueller investigation since she started it. A 9/11 type investigation for an improbable (impossible) phone call? These idiots think that we are as stupid as they are. Here's a clue - at least 74 million of us AREN'T that stupid.

I'd like to start drinking early, but I've got gunsmithing class today - it might be a very important trade to know fairly soon. I'll catch up afterward.

QuesoGrande said...

Well, Fish ya certainly got what you wanted. A man who’s words won’t offend you. Gee, that is so mature and future oriented, worrying about words and ignoring actions and deeds.
A bunch of us BEGGED people to overlook the Media’s descriptions of his words, to look at the policies but Nooooooooooooo, you and too many others-including errrrmmmmmm, well I won’t bring it up but-had to take the left’s bait and piss and moan about his ‘woooooords’ hurtin’ yer feeeeeeeeeeeelings.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but Socialists will kill you.


1774-2020 was a good run.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...


It's okay to be temporarily disheartened.

But I expect each and every one of you to be up bright and early tomorrow morning with thinking caps on, plotting deviltry and forging monkey wrenches to throw into the works.

Otherwise, the terrorists have won.

"Of course you know THIS MEANS WAR!" - B. Bunny, Esq.

Mesquite Country said...

Thank you for the definition of a conservative--anyone who did not vote for Biden and actually cares about Constitutional freedom. Yes, we need to THANK President Trump for showing us that it really was possible to get Americans back to work. SO glad he was not a politician. That is what we needed. But now . . . God help us.

Fish Out of Water said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fish Out of Water said...

@QuesoGrande: You've grossly misunderstood and mischaracterized my comment. As my revised avatar expresses, today is a day I dread.

I do believe however that despite all the good the out going President has done, history's judgement may be that he helped dig his own grave by not keeping his impulses reined in.

Rod said...

This a good day for a reminder that this nation fought and won a war with Great Britain some years ago; a war that was largely due to taxation without representation. And another even worse domestic war to preserve this nation in being "united". And several more to preserve liberty & freedom not only here but in the world. For by far most of us, THAT HAS NOT CHANGED. And we're a hellofalot more armed and strong now. No further explanation is required about why 26,000 troops have been called in to protect a small gathering of people celebrating a fraudulent election. They can enjoy the high office and benes; that's not new and I hardly care. But they will not be recognized as they assume. As a not-very-good but supposedly Christian, I hope they soon come to their senses & will be very careful about what they really try to do.

Joe Jetson said...

Biden's first order of business:
'The Big Guy': "So when do I get my 10% cut of the GDP?"

Elbarto said...

There are more troops in Washington today than there have been since Jubal Early’s raid in 1864.

Jerryskids said...

I take it your carpal tunnel syndrome has improved? Glad to hear it! You'll be able to wield a pickaxe in the acid mines rather than simply being sent straight to the crematoria when they come for you.

Murphy(AZ) said...

^rickn8or: I believe that those flags may be trashed, but I'm inclined to think they will first be passed out to school children to waved at the passing motorcade as Gropin' Joe wanders from place to place, permanently in a brain-fog, searching for something to do.

Other thoughts:
In all my 70 years, this is the blackest I know. I am in tears.

I posted earlies and elsewhere, that I know how the Confederates felt as they headed home. It doesn't matter to me who said it first, the depression is real.

I posted today how I share the feelings of the French when the Germans marched into Paris.

I thought we, as a nation, learned our lesson when Obama left office. We had four years to fix things, to file charges, to seek indictments, to get convictions. We did not. We allowed then to slip away with promises that there was more to come and bigger fish to fry.

Half the nation wanted better for our children, half the nation chose to allow ourselves and our children to be sold into bondage, with promises of money and healthcare, illegal release from honest debts (student loans,) and invasion by foreign hordes seeking to steal out treasures.

Some people I know suggest that I should give up, hold my hand out, and take whatever our new masters choose to give. I will not, and I believe that my life will soon become more tolerable as I cull the people who seek to turn me against the beliefs I've held my whole life.

Alej said...

Yes indeed, "Thank you, Mr. President."
On another note, Governor Abbott just spit in Biden's and "Beto's" eyes by declaring Texas a "Second Amendment State," stressing the word "infringed."
Take a trip on over to . TEXIT is on the legislature's agenda for referendum.
(a general vote by the electorate on a single political question which has been referred to them for a direct decision. I had to look it up. )

Fish Out of Water said...

While in the mood for post-mortem of the Trump Presidency, regarding his reelection campaign, did he truly make a persuasive, compelling case other than 'you need to reelect me ..' . I did not see any message for how going forward, he would build on his first term in office.

Next is a point I've made over and over again is that no matter how strong the message or future conservative candidate may be, due to growing pockets of blue counties in otherwise solid red states (Texas included) conservatives will eventually be overwhelmed by simple numbers, not by cheating.

This has to change, must change. And I've said before and before the peaceful solution is to rethink, redraw our legacy state boundaries, which will not come from our politicians but must come through our judicary.

Fish Out of Water said...

@ 11:25 here in the Swamp, its snowing! Which brings to mind images of a cold day in hell..

Dan said...

Sleepy Joe. Not my president.

John the Econ said...

Yes, it's a less-than-joyful day for freedom and the republic. But I am not going to let that disrupt my day. As I've mentioned many times, nothing pisses off Progressives more than non-Progressives going on about their lives without deference.

I did have CNBC on in the background in my office a few moments ago, when coverage of the inauguration began and the "dignitaries" started pouring in. When I heard an announcement including the incompatible words "the honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton", I immediately turned it off. I'll be listening to music in the office for the rest of the day.

Fortified Capitol: Does anyone honestly believe that had Trump won the election that security on the mall would be any less intense, you know, to keep order for the expected and totally understandable "mostly peaceful protests"?

Same troops, different name: Funny how the national guard that only months ago was regarded as storm troopers is now demanded to be present by Progressive Democrats.

Of course, this is rank hypocrisy. Democrats in DC only found "mostly peaceful protests" a problem when it was non-Democrats protesting and the protesting was taking place on their personal turf instead of at far-away urban neighborhoods that they rarely if ever visit.

Fun Trivia: Of course, those riots were different. But either way, they've forgotten them. I've long since come to the conclusion that Progressivism is the same as having Alzheimer's; One loses the ability to remember what happened 4 years ago, 4 months ago, 4 weeks ago, and as you read this we now we have a President who can't remember what happened 4 minutes ago.

They can't get rid of Hillary: The Clintons are political herpes. When the immune systems weakens, they re-appear. And the fact that the best they could get to run against Trump was Joe Biden just demonstrates how weak the Democrat's immune system really is. The problem with herpes is that once you have it, there's no getting rid of it. The whole of the Democratic party enthusiastically got naked with with Bill & Hillary in the '90s even after being warned that Clinton cold sores would be popping up all over the place. Now they're stuck with them.

I'll be cool with a "9/11-style commission" regarding Trump & Putin (wait, didn't we already do something like that?) as soon as we get one regarding the Obama Administration and a phony dossier purchased by Hillary from KGB operatives and then shuttled to the FBI.

And I'm totally cool with locking up Buffalo-head guy for 25 years, but only if he's joined by all the Antifa & BLM thugs that the Democrats encouraged to run rampant for the last 9 months.

John the Econ said...

The Wuhan New: Many of my more conspiratorial-minded friends were arguing last year that the lockdowns would be over the moment Biden won last November. I didn't think so. The Democrats want to crash the economy and for people to suffer. They're no need or excuse for their agenda otherwise. Just as for over the last decade there has always been a reason for the Federal Reserve to not to raise interest rates, there will now always be a reason not to re-open the economy and let life return to how it was known and enjoyed in 2019.

NPR Lawyer Fired: Why would an NPR lawyer be fired for that?

Jeopardy!: Soon to die if they don't find any non-woke host, which of course they can't bring themselves to do. Progressivism destroys everything.

Fox News: Wouldn't miss it. On a related note, I was accidentally exposed to Shepard Smith doing the news on CNBC the other week. Didn't know it was possible to dislike that slimeball more than I already did. I learn something new every day.

Joe Biden's Executive Powers: No surprise there. But here's the thing. Nobody wants to go back to 2009-2016. They want 2019 back. Even most of the people who voted for Biden to get rid of Trump would much rather be back in 2019. So when gas prices head back up to $4 or more, their electrical and natural gas bills double and the jobs that were created after 2016 never come back while the jobs that were coming back to the US from China do another about-face, expect voters everywhere to take out their wrath on Democrats. There's no way that the Democrats can dispense enough freebies to compete with the doubling of the cost of living.

Anonymous said...

Nice job stilt!
The ribeye thing was cool too...

Given the recent spate of cancelling and demonizing the right as terrorists, how about a cartoon of a McCarthyist panel conducting an inquisition "Are you or have you ever been a white male conservative?"

John the Econ said...

Fish Out of Water said "By not reining in his impulses, indeed even appearing at the protest that fateful Wednesday, has led to the undoing all of what good he had accomplished while in office and may have damned conservatism for decades. Had he resisted his impulses and let this tainted election go, he could have played the victim card, been a weekly guest commentator on cable news, in other words could have been the unimpeachable, constant thorn in the side of the Obama sock puppet, his handlers and his media running dogs."

Brilliantly said, and I concur 100%.

At the beginning of 2020 he was on his way to what should have been a near 1984-level landslide. But I think that by that time the Democrats were finally starting to break his code and probe his weaknesses. Other than shutting down the borders, Trump's reaction to the Wuhan Flu was a disaster. He could have played it as "While the Democrats are busy wasting their time and the country's money with another completely phony impeachment for something Biden actually did, I have to be a real leader and deal with a real crisis that will affect everyone on the planet. He did not do that. I don't think he knew how to react because for once he didn't control any aspect of the event.

And then he was caught flat-footed again with the engineered rioting in the spring. If he was the master as 3-dimensional chess as we've been told he should have expected that anything he did would be regarded as white supremacist fascism. What I would have done would be to deliver a lesson in Federalism: If state and local authorities are content to let their citizens burn down their cities, then that is their choice and their voters can take our their wrath at them come election time. When they've had enough, they can invite federal involvement.

As for that courthouse in Portland? Let it burn. Then everyone in Portland will have to travel to the next closest Federal courthouse in Bend or wherever to conduct Federal business. (They'll get tired of that real fast) If Portlandians want their courthouse back, then they can pay to rebuild it. In the meantime, let Portland (as well as Seattle, LA, SF, etc) be living examples of what Progressivism has in store for the rest of America.

But I think the reality was that by the end of the 2nd impeachment circus, Trump was worn out. (Anyone, even a man half his age would be) He lost his edge and since then has been running in his ego default mode, which explains his less than 3-dimensional reaction to the predictably close election results and everything since.

I much would have preferred what @Fish Out of Water suggested may have happened, but instead buffalo-hat guy is going to the the face of Trump's legacy instead of all of the stuff that was worthwhile.

Colby Muenster said...

But, on the bright side, there's... umm... erm...

Never mind.

Chief Rocket Scientist said...

Thanks, Stilt for introducing me to "Convention of States" (which I found in the left column of your site under the heading of "Other fine sites to visit"). My first impression of this group is that they express the same fervent desire to drain the Washington swamp as President Trump. The big difference is that there will be many (instead of one) leading the charge. I have signed up to help, and hope someone with name recognition and financial ability will pick up their banner. Wait...I wonder if President Trump would be willing ?

Regnad Kcin said...

200,000 US flags on the Washington Mall ? I'll bet each and every one of them has a 'made in china' stamp on it. No hypocrisy there, eh ?

Judi King said...

YES, Thank you Donald Trump!!!!!!

Alej said...

Why do you suggest that I delete my comment ?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers & Future Detainees- Despite my long-windedness in the commentary, my left hand is still a mess (even MORE than yesterday). So I can't respond to everything, but that's rarely needed anyway.

I haven't watched any of the inauguration "news," nor do I plan to. I heard a short quote from Biden's inaugural speech on the radio which I'll share here:

"To those who did not support (my campaign), let me say this: hear me out as we move forward. Take a measure of me and my heart. If you still be it. // Yet hear me clearly, disagreement must not lead to disunion."

Well, there's nothing threatening about that, is there? And since he says it's okay to disagree with him, I'll just mention: "Fuck you, Joe."

To distract myself today, I took multiple boxes of Pretty Good Stuff to a charity drop-off site, since those who need charity will be increasing in number soon. I also did a "curbside pickup" of $200 worth of liquor. And trust me, with my tightfisted ways, that's a trunk-load.

I didn't listen to much Rush Limbaugh today, but was enormously glad that he was on the air and sounding vital. I'd like to cling to whatever normalcy I can get for as long as possible and am still hoping for a miracle for that good man.

And once again, my hand is calling time out for now. But let me say that I fully endorse M. Mitchell Marmel's suggestion that we start thinking creatively about the little monkey wrenches we can all start jamming into the Dems' new machinery. Hey, we might as well have some fun with this!

Emmentaler Limburger said...

First I lose my wife, and now my country. Been a hell of a couple of months.

@rickn8or: You're forgetting who you're dealing with. Those flags will stay where they are until they rot. Putting them in a trash bin takes effort. In any case, it's better than if the mall were filled with actual biden voters. In that case, it would have been litter instead of flags rotting on the lawn...

@John the Econ: So when gas prices head back up to $4 or more, their electrical and natural gas bills double and the jobs that were created after 2016 never come back it will mean nothing because the socialists have discovered that they can cheat the vote and get away with it. No-one with the duty or power to investigate will even bat an eye as voting machines are gathered and their erased...

Anonymous said...

Stilt, you were "The Bomb" today, and that says a lot because I thoroughly enjoy your email posts.

rickn8or said...

John the Econ said:
"The Clintons are political herpes."

Yes. Yes the are. And when you combine that with political leprosy (The Obamas), and political Alzheimer's/prostitution (the Bidens) then you get a real ugly situation.

MAJ Arkay said...

Biden's speech claimed he would be president to all the nation's citizens. Then he signed 17 executive orders that open the borders to anyone, guarantee massive job losses, and designate everyone except whites as people worthy of special government assistance and sucking up.

"Unity," my left foot.

mamafrog said...

And Mitch McConnell and Pence outed themselves as Rhinos.

Joseph ET said...

So, after they dump Gropey Joe does Kamalatoe take the risk of a possible Arkancide by appointing Hillary Vice President?

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Fish and @John the Econ, I completely disagree with your view of President Trump's "not reining in his impulses". I voted for him twice (maybe I should have used the Demo_Rat method and voted a few dozen times) because the Eastern Liberal Establishment, both Demo_Rat and RINO, absolutely hate him. His "impulses" were reminders of his appeal and reminders to the oligarchy in power that they may not be able to keep a lid on the people forever. I'd like the oligarchy to find out the same way as, say, Nicolae and Elena Ceaucescu that they are wrong. I can dream, can't I?

OvergrownHobbit said...

Bravo, Mr. Stilton!

M. Marmel: D'accord! What we want is white mutiny. Those of you persuasively on the autism spectrum (you're a protected class) go full Amelia Bedelia on them.

As for Mr. Fish: Pharisees gonna Pharisee. I agree with JJGuy. The ones looking for an excuse to shiv America because of how irritating Mr. Trump felt, vs. the actual good he could (and did) do, as well as the harm he did not; count themselves as going above and beyond for holding back on the knifing for a bit.

Support, when needed... Not so much.

Never mind. Mr. Trump was never more than the canary in the coal mine. There's work to do.

Fish Out of Water said...

If you thought the picture of the worst electoral mistake since the peanut farmer from Plains, Ga, riding a unicorn was absolutely cringe-worthy:

Millard Fillmore said...

Every time I see Tail-Grabber Joe(my son says no one gets the joke.It's a reference to Tail-Gunner Joe McCarthy)I think of an old joke in National Lampoon about Reverend Moon of South Korea.He always appeared in that magazine as a posterior instead of a head on top of a nice suit.Don't even make me write of what Joe's Horizontal Lieutenant Harris makes me think of.

John the Econ said...

Did you see all of the "mostly peaceful protests" in DC yesterday?

Oh, wait, that wasn't yesterday. That was unhinged Progressives during Trump's inauguration in 2017. Never mind.

This is why the Democrats and the media needed Buffalo hat guy and his crowd; to distract you from the fact that most of the political violence that takes place in America is almost exclusively from the left.

Calls for "reconciliation": Nothing like calls for reconciliation combined with demands for "truth and reconciliation commissions". The beatings will continue until morale improves.

Just saw a replay of Biden saying that he's going to "repair our alliances". With whom? Globalists? People who just want to bleed us dry? China? Iran?

Little Monkey Wrenches: My plan is to keep functioning as an independent American citizen as opposed to being a subject.

@Emmentaler Limburger, voting fraud can only go so far. The only reason that it works now is because America is close to evenly divided, so it doesn't take all that much to push the results one way or the other. If the GOP can cohese a decent narrative beyond "we hate Biden", maybe like the one @Stilton came up with a few weeks ago, then we can win by a margin that will be impervious to fraud.

@JustaJeepGuy, without reservation, I agree that his lack of a filter (compared to the completely focus-grouped and scripted competition) was his primary appeal 5 years ago. The problem was that starting about a year ago, Trump's "impulses" were no longer working for him, or the country. The Democrats finally figured out how to use that against him. Like I said, 4 years ago his fans were saying that he was in control of the left and playing 3-dimensional chess. His behavior after November 3rd was not indicative of playing 3-dimensional chess, or having any plan at all. Everyone knew over 6 months exactly what was going to happen, and yet it appeared as though he had no plan at all. He lost his edge. He lost his energy. And without that, he just lost.

@Fish Out of Water and The Jacobin Cover: This is just more evidence for my argument that politics has replaced religion for people in the west who have nothing bigger than themselves in their lives. It's not healthy, either for people or the state.

Petercat said...

If I hire one person to guard my house, it's because I'm cautious.
When I hire six, it's because I'm afraid.
When politicians call up 26,000, it's because they're terrified.
Of us.

Fish Out of Water said...

@ Petercat: hear hear!

John the Econ said...

@Petercat, they're supposed to be terrified. It was intentionally hard-wired into our form of government. It's why the founders wanted us armed.

It's when they're not terrified that free citizens have a real problem.

Anonymous said...

Every poster on this thread and others like it will be dead and gone before America again senses the spirit of Reagan or discerns the animating contest of Trump.
My friends, make your peace with God, it would be an honor to share a boxcar with any one of you on the way to Auschwitz. It will be Democrats in churches along the way who will "sing louder" to drown out the noisy wheels. Today, the music died.

Anonymous said...

I'm almost afraid to comment for fear of looking out my window and in my driveway will be a couple big Chevy Suburbans with blacked out windows and guys getting out with Uzis and wearing those big Joe Biden sunglasses and coming to take me away

Edam Wensleydale said...

@Anonymous: That's what the Second Amendment is all about.

At the very least, take a couple with you. :D

Fish Out of Water said...

@Anonymous: If you let the government cow you in that way, the government has won.

John the Econ said...

I'm not going to be as pessimistic as @Anonymous. I doubt they'll be rail cars next time. They'll just try to starve us as a result of their economic malaise.

And I'm also hopeful that the next Reagan is waiting in the wings. The fact that 8 years of malaise under Obama was lifted literally the moment Trump was elected and that Biden has decisively demonstrated that he wishes to return to Obamanomics will not be lost on many, if not most middle-class Americans, even Democrats. After a couple of years of post-COVID mediocre growth and rising energy costs will make them receptive in relatively short order.

rickn8or said...

Edam Wensleydale, especially since CNN has turned over the Covid death count to Dominion.

Anonymous said...

6:53 as an addendum.
I greatly admire the sentiments of Andrew Garcia in his book "Tough Trip Through Paradise" where when faced with the possibility of an overwhelming Indian attack commented, "I resolved to sell my life as dearly as possible". I think every red blooded American has that in them. The examples are too numerous to count.

rickn8or said...

What Edam Wensleydale said to Anonymous January 22, 2021 at 2:31 AM:

Take an Honor Guard with you.