Friday, January 15, 2021

Nationally Guarded

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Say what you will about the Democrats, but you definitely can't accuse them of being too rigid when it comes to policy. For instance, all summer we heard from Democrats that you definitely should never, ever send the National Guard into areas where demonstrations are likely to take place, because you'll only "inflame things" and increase the risk of violence. And nobody wants that, right?!

Still, the Dems have subsequently decided that it's a good idea to deploy 20,000 armed National Guard troops in Washington to help assure that the rabble neither speak up about President Trump's "Impeachment of the Week," nor do anything to disrupt the coronation of the Most Popular Presidential Candidate Who Ever Lived.

And while we certainly don't want to plant any unsettling conspiracy theories in the minds (and we use the term loosely) of Democrats, ask yourself this: could anyone really expect to overthrow the government using a small mob of yahoos wearing buffalo helmets, or would such a plan require about 20,000 trained, armed fighters who had sworn an oath to protect the Constitution? And if some clever strategist wanted those troops in Washington on January 20th, wouldn't it be clever to trick the Democrats into just asking for them to come?

But of course, this is very unlikely to be the case, and the Democrats definitely shouldn't worry about it. Much.


With the big tech companies cutting off services to conservative enterprises, many of us are now wondering if we should reconsider the usefulness of installing our data on private servers. This would keep things safe from prying eyes, and apparently it's easy enough to do that even a completely crooked elderly woman can handle it...


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When it comes to the Clintons, you never know which scandals will stick and which will miraculously disappear because of the deal they made with Satan when selling their tattered souls. That being said, Hillary's metastasizing email scandal seems to have the potential to derail her presidential aspirations - and perhaps incur criminal charges.

It seems that when Hillary became Secretary of State, she immediately set up a private email server in her home and conducted all of her official business (and quite likely monkey business) on that computer email system rather than the cyber-secure government system which is required by federal law.

After a two day silence on the subject, Hillary eventually tweeted that she really, truly wants America to see her emails, and State Department spokes-hipster Marie "Jobs For ISIS" Harf has confirmed that this will absolutely happen. You know, eventually.

The problem is, the State Department doesn't have (and never has had) all of Mrs. Clinton's emails - it only has the ones which Hillary's personal staffers chose to give them.

Apparently, a lot of people in high places (perhaps even a certain president?) were aware of and comfortable with this clear violation of law and (oh yeah!) putting classified communications at risk for the sole purpose of protecting Hillary's obsessive political aspirations.

Now that her private email system has been discovered, Hope n' Change would like to suggest that Mrs. Clinton go back and review the many unread messages in her spam folder.

Maybe that's where Ambassador Chris Stevens' requests for help in Benghazi ended up.


rickn8or said...

I'm just waiting for La Pelosi to demand that all those Guardsmen be disarmed, because "there's just no telling what they might do."

Graham McDonald said...

Well heck, 20,000 troops, going to be the largest crowd that Old White Joe has attracted yet. Just what did he say to the Marines who "didn't get the joke"?

Maoz said...

Apropos of Hillary's emails... Some time back I read The Caine Mutiny, which was published around 1951. It starts out with an Author's Note that says something to this effect:

This is a work of fiction set against the backdrop of World War II. It contains errors of fact. Times and places of specific actions in military operations, names and missions of vessels, and methods of naval communication have been altered, either to suit the needs of the story **or to avoid inadvertently revealing still-classified information.** [my emphasis]

When I read that, I said to myself, "My gosh! Herman Wouk as a *novelist* took more care to safeguard America's secrets than Hillary Clinton did as *Secretary of State*!

On another line of thought: Talk about cognitive dissonance! The mental image of Joe Biden* taking an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help him You Know,The Thing brings to mind the words of the Palmist: "If thou sweareth an oath to the Almighty and fulfilleth it not, verily thou wilt be in deepest doo-doo with the REAL "Big Guy"!". -- Palm 151

Michael said...

I heard a saying today that really fits piglousy. The dumber they are the more arrogant they are.

Brie Camembert said...

Wouldnt it be fun if all those Soldier boys were eally there to take over and reinstate Trump viia martial law. I can dream

SpectreRider said...

And I see that all the airlines are refusing to allow firearms to be checked as baggage into the d.c. area airports.
Yet another reason why the unholy alliance of big business and government leads to curtailing the rights of citizens. The airlines all fell in line in a single day, none willing to piss off the incoming administration.
And anyone trying to return home with a rifle or shotgun to the d.c. area after a hunt out west is destined to be sorely inconvenienced.

Anonymous said...

Why are they being housed inside the Capitol? Why are they not in tents outside? They would probably be more comfortable in tents outside. Can't be any fun sleeping on those marble floors.

Anonymous said...

What if it's simply a way to assure 20K attendees for the Big I.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Michael: Stupidity and arrogance do tend to go hand in hand, as do intelligence and humility.

One only hopes this comes to bite Pelousy and Pals in the ass sooner rather than later...

@Stilton: It WOULD be amusing for the Insurrection Act to be invoked, say, next Tuesday, would it not?

Fish Out of Water said...

From the glass half full perspective.

Thinking as say a guerrilla leader might, you actually want your enemies to overreact as the greater the overreaction, the more people your enemies will alienate.

And speaking of overreaction, Pelosi has wasted no time in introducing legislation that would in effect create a one-party (democrat) system. Her last attempt was blocked by Mitch McConnell, but now that the gates of Hell have opened...

Alej said...

The fact that Hilary, Lois Lerner, Comey et nauseating al were not punished is why the Democrats thought they could get away with their blatant crimes during this election.

TrickyRicky said...

No consequences leads to no law, which leads to anarchy and vigilantism.

Rod said...

It's just another thing to blame on Trump; and the camo-costumed props had to be brought in for the video. This BS will continue for long time as they screw things up bigly.

But I think THIS time as their plans impact the populace; there will be some bounce-back

I've been trying to follow-up  a news snippet heard on Ag-Talk radio program so it may be farm related (or not): I had just missed most of the program; but they commented that Biden is proposing a 4.6 trillion or was it 6.4 trillion dollar program that was to eventually LOWER the national debt.    I'm REAL UNCLEAR how that would work; maybe only in Biden's world. It might benefit the Bidens greatly.  

Murphy(AZ) said...

20,000 armed troops, many (if not most) of them with combat experience and some rumored to be armed with .50 cal. machine guns, quickly and quietly move into places of governmental importance in Washington D.C. Speaker Pelosi, who is not in the chain of command, has been lecturing the military chiefs on what to do if Citizens decide to exercise their Right of Free Speech. On Inauguration Day, military units begin replacing civilian LEO's at the lines closest to the assembled anti-Biden protesters.

A shot rings out. No one will ever be able to prove where it came from or who fired it. A soldier falls, wounded. Other soldiers respond AS THEY HAVE BEEN TRAINED TO DO. Hundreds of rounds are fired, some from the protesters, by far most from the Guard.

Kent State becomes a forgotten moment in history.

Throughout the day, more instances similar to this occur and more people die. Martial Law is declared, and the Bill of Rights is suspended indefinitely.

Sounds like the beginning of a Tom Clancy novel, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

As one of Ace's commenters so eloquently stated it: Nothing says "consent of the governed" like twenty thousand troops guarding your inauguration.

Jack said...

Which reminds me; In the shadow of Twitter and Parler; How reliable do you think your own server is?

American Cowboy said...

@Rod-"Biden is proposing a 4.6 trillion or was it 6.4 trillion dollar program that was to eventually LOWER the national debt. I'm REAL UNCLEAR how that would work."

Easy. We can do a couple experiments that show EXACTLY how it would "work". Get a good strong shovel. Dig a hole about waste deep. Then in order to get out of the hole,

The second way, take your favorite rainy day credit card (I would guess most of us pay them off each month) take a cash advance for half the credit line, then when you get the statement take another cash advance to pay for half of the statement and living expenses, keep doing it until the card issuer declines any more credit because it is limited out, then go find another one to run to the maximum to pay the first one off.

Off course with the leftist agenda it would not matter, just run up the debt and walk away and let someone else pay for it.

American Cowboy said...

GRR...waist, not waste. Or maybe it is waste, we are speaking about democrats after all.

BTW,just a thought, too bad the CAPTCHA verification could not be a "Please, prove you are not an idiot" with tiles showing three or four patriotic views. There would never be a democrat able to post as they would never click on the correct tiles.

kcmoonshiner said...

I see the libs are being consistent at least. Lib governors and mayors only took action when THEY were directly threatened in their homes and offices. As long as it was just the little people being burned, looted and killed everything was just ducky.

rickn8or said...

"If thou sweareth an oath to the Almighty and fulfilleth it not, verily thou wilt be in deepest doo-doo with the REAL "Big Guy"!". -- Palm 151

Joe's a Good Catlick, so he's got that covered already.

rickn8or said...

kcmoonshiner, Or, as Ev Dirksen said, "When I feel the heat, I see the light."

Americna Cowboy said...

Why do I feel as if Murphy(AZ) might be on to something?

A modernized version of a historical occurrence on 28 June 1914:

Socialism played a specific role on 20 January 2021 when conservative protestors were assassinated by AntiFa, and members of a BLM nationalist terrorist group fighting against the United States rule of law and order at the instigation of Democrat law-makers and anti-Trump rioters. Thought by many to be the spark that started the second American Civil War.

John the Econ said...

I think the salient point of all this is that the Democrats only found "mostly peaceful protests" a problem when it was non-Democrats participating and instead of taking place at far-away urban neighborhoods that they rarely if ever visit, it was happening on their own turf. Only now that it's their personal safety and peace of mind that has been threatened, it's time to send in the National Guard.

Of course, this is all just theater to justify the narrative that they've spent the last 4 years building, that the real threat to America (other than the weather) is this sleeping white supremacist army that is coiled up and ready to bring America back to the 1950s, or 1850s, or some such unless something is done immediately. The tech giants have already started the purge, and next week, congressional Democrats will be all ready to bring forth all sorts of plans to make sure that everyone who is not them will be put in their proper places, just to be safe.

Progressive projection of Stereotypical Republicans, 2001

Progressive projection of Stereotypical Republicans, 2021

"Trillion" is the new "Billion": Remember when we were shocked at the price tag of Obama's infamous "shovel ready" stimulus package of nearly $900-billion? Oh, for a return to those miserly days! President-Defect Biden dumped his almost-two-trillion-dollar plan to "fix" America last night. Of course, this is just the first installment in that it doesn't include many of the promises made to the base like student loan forgiveness and fixing the weather. Included here are corporate income taxes that will once again make America one of the most expensive places in the world to do business, effectively erasing the efforts of Trump to encourage expatriate businesses to return to our shores to create much needed jobs here. Throw in the $15-an-hour minimum wage, and you've got the formula for structural stagnation that will be certain to return us to the glory days of 2009-2016 where only the money changers made money and "main street" was left to wither.

Of course, everyone here knows that the only thing required to "fix" America is to let it get back to work. But in the infamous words of Rahm Emanuel, "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."

And that includes printing trillions of dollars to spend on buying votes and expensive boondoggles at the expense of those least able to endure the consequences.

Colby Muenster said...

Ya know, Slo Joe could put a quick end to all of this if he would just demand to be inaugurated in a small, secure and secret room in front of a few key witnesses from both parties. But nooOOOooo.. We gotta have a giant assed, multi-million dollar dog and pony show to rub it in the faces of 70+ million Trump voters.

I really do pray and hope this doesn't turn into what Murphy (AZ) describes above, but it would only take one idiot to strike that first match for all hell to break loose. Plus we all know there will be thousands of idiots there. You'd have to be an idiot to want to attend something like this.

I actually am pretty curious about one thing, and I seriously don't know. Who exactly ordered the 20,000 guardsmen in? Who in DC has that kind of power?

Rod said...

Limbaugh is back at the mike today & sounds pretty good. Meanwhile during the break ABC radio news just had a report that "National Guard troops are walking in lock-step in the capitol" yadda yadda. OMG that's funny. Except maybe for the maybe most formal of reviews or parades; has anyone ever seen a national guard unit "walking in lock-step"? What a show we have now; complete with nationwide narrative.

markshere2 said...

If you need 20,000 National guard troops to protect yourself from your constituents, you may be doing something wrong...

Shelly said...

I am at a loss to understand why the Dims need to spend vast sums of borrowed money in order to buy votes. They don't need to buy them anymore as they have discovered that just creating your own votes works and won't be challenged in any way, shape or form. I've been hearing some buzz about an Article 5 Convention of States. This has never gotten much traction before now but if ever it is needed, now is the time. We need term limits desperately. That would prevent another 80 year old scumbag from obtaining so much power over us. Power needs to be returned to the states and let the Feds deal with foreign nations, etc.

Murphy(AZ) said...

^Colby Muenster:
I'm no expert on this, but I believe the Mayor of Dumpster City has to formally request of the Secretary of the Army for Guardsmen to be "assigned" to "assist" the D.C. police in times of crisis. I assume it would be similar to requesting their assistance in response to flooding, tornadoes, or other natural disasters where local authorities could not muster enough emergency responders. My understanding is that the assigned Guards would provide transportation and logistics, possibly traffic control and infrastructure protection and repair. They would also provide medical support and shelters for civilians if needed.

But even if they are brought in for riot control, as was done last summer when peaceful protestors rioted, looted, pillaged, burned, and murdered in Capitol City, they are brought in for "administrative" (un-armed, non-combat,) support.

While I would be interested in knowing how the original request for less than 2,000 Guardsmen is today at 22,500, I am more curious to know who authorized that these troops, many of them combat experienced, are coming in armed.

As I said before, one idiot, one foolish moment....

Stan da Man said...

I just hope the space aliens on Mars the President has been working with, with the Israelis, swing by and nuke him from orbit.

Rod said...

Whatever happens in DC on 20th, the news script has already been written. They just need to find a little bit of video to go along with it.

Murphy(AZ) said...

A question: How long will the Washington "peaceful security operation" last? They mentioned on FOX News this morning (Sunday, 01/17,) that there is the equivalent of TWO DIVISIONS of "peace keepers in the area. When will they stand down and move out? Next weekend? Next month? Next year?

Or will it be like Germany or Japan (we've been "protecting" them since 1945,) or Korea (we've been protecting them since 1950.) Hell, we've been protecting the Middle East for nearly twenty years.

It's like when your In-Laws come to visit and never seem to know when it's time to leave. Only these "visitors" can KILL you.