Friday, January 8, 2021

Unfriendly Fire

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Ashli Babbitt was 35 years old when she was murdered in Washington, DC. She was shot down by "law enforcement" for being in the wrong place at a very wrong time. She was unarmed, not threatening anyone, and she wasn't even specifically targeted by the shooter, who simply fired through a door (as Joe Biden recommends we all do) into a crowd of people. 

Ashli Babbitt was a 14-year veteran of the US Air Force, and had served four foreign military tours, including to Iraq and Afghanistan. She was a Trump supporter who believed that the November presidential election was fraud-ridden and deserved a real investigation. But no such investigation was going to happen because the powers-that-be didn't want it. Not Democrats, not Republicans, not the Supreme Court, and certainly not the media.

And so Ashli was among the hundreds of thousands of Americans who came to Washington to protest on January 6th. Not to commit the acts of violence, looting, and destruction that have swept our nation over the past year (to the unanimous praise of those on the Left), but rather to carry a simple message to the power elite: "We deserve to be heard." And that message got her executed in "the people's house."

To hear the media tell it, a bloody revolution attempt took place in the streets and corridors of Washington DC on that day. Those on the Left claim to be horrified at the indiscriminate violence which resulted in...some broken windows. Although, unlike when the Left is "demonstrating," once those windows were broken, no molotov cocktails were thrown through them.

Ashli Babbitt went to Washington for all of us who believe that the election was a fraud and a farce, and who want nothing other than a rigorous investigation to determine if America still has free elections. She died in that pursuit, and this honored military veteran is already being demonized by the history-spinners as a rioter, terrorist, and traitor. No mayor will paint "HER LIFE MATTERED" in the streets of Washington DC.

She deserves better. Although we find the comparison distasteful, Ashli Babbitt should become the Right's new "George Floyd." Albeit not someone with a criminal history who died clumsily by their own hand out of a fondness for street drugs, but someone who died fulfilling an oath she once took to protect the Constitution of the United States.


UPDATE: Subsequent to writing the above, I've learned of the deaths of two law enforcement officers involved in this disastrous fracas. Their loss is tragic and reprehensible. That being said, I personally believe that the deliberate violence was instigated by planted operatives from the far left. Do I have proof? No, and I don't expect any to be forthcoming. But I know how "their side" and "our side" have acted in the past. I have no doubt that 99% of the protestors were peaceful patriots. Sadly, that's not what the history books are going to say.


On a personal note, I have to confess that this is a very confusing and unpleasant time. When I look at my personal Facebook feed, I see my "friends" declaring outrage and revulsion at an "attempted violent coup." They don't seem to have noticed that much of the violence was perpetrated against the demonstrators, nor have they accounted for the fact that this "revolution" ended when all of the protestors peacefully went home, rather than taking a celebratory looting lap of local stores or setting police cars (and officers) on fire.

I don't hate these people. I know them to be good and well-intended (and yes, I know where that road leads) - but they accept all of the media's lies unblinkingly, voracious in their desire to hate and to thereby feel good about themselves. And I'm not happy about the fact that I have to wonder if these people are actually still my friends at all. Should they learn my political leanings, they would cut me out of their lives in a heartbeat - not because of who I am, but because of what they've been told they should believe about who I am. And in my own mind, I still think of these people as friends even though their misguided beliefs are as odious as any which ever allowed a fascist regime to rise to power. They are my "friends" because I still choose to think of them that way while hoping (but not holding my breath) for their eventual enlightenment.

Right now, there is no source of news I fully trust. None. There are individuals in the media whom I still believe to be honest, but even they have to interpret information that may or may not be true.

And it's weighing on me that we're heading into a very tough four years...or longer. I'm not optimistic about midterms, or any other election unless there's a true reckoning over the abuses of this past election cycle. A supermajority of Dems is about to embark on the most radical shift in America's course that we've ever seen. Freedoms will fall, economies will falter, and "thoughtcrime" will be severely punished. Which is particularly threatening to those of us who just can't seem to give up the habit of thinking.

That being said, all is not lost.

Over 70 million Americans voted to continue the progress made during the Trump administration. Progress that lifted every race, gender, faith, and economic class. Those people still want what's best for America and Americans...all Americans. And a majority of these people believe that the election was stolen.

These tens of millions of people will peacefully do everything in their power to right the wrongs being visited upon us. How best to do that remains to be seen, but even as the Tea Party bloomed into spontaneous (and politically effective) life, so will a new movement. Which I, personally, can't wait to join.


Mike aka Proof said...

"there is no source of news I fully trust. None"
I'm right there with you. Right now, even when they are just reporting the things that people in power, or about to be in power, are saying, I can't stand the lies.

May you live in interesting times, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece, Stilt. I suspect most folks know about the following news sources but will list them here for convenience, be sure to pass them along to friends & family and to turn OFF the TV:

Nobody Important said...

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

JCMeg56 said...

Take heart, dear friends. If all the posts below are true, then the cavalry is on the way to save the world from global China-style communist totalitarianism!

Our Lady of Good Success!

Brace yourself. Our Lady of Good Success, Pray for Us!

Janice said...

It’s so comforting to know others think as I do, that I’m not alone, that I’m not crazy! Excellent column, Stilton. You always put things so well.

Thank you for the comments, too, kindred spirits.

Anonymous said...

WFAA Channel 8 out of DFW is abhorrent.

Savannah Sue said...

I just lost a childhood friend over my political beliefs. She never wants to speak to me again because I support Trump and what he stands for. She calls herself a Moderate Republican but thinks he is the reincarnation of Hitler. I told her I’m so sorry you feel that way and left it at that. Your column brought me some comfort this evening Stilt, and I thank you for that. May God help us all...

RenΓ© O'Deay said...

some other great sources..

Maoz said...

Part of what is so great about Stilton's Place (and, back in the day, Hope 'n Change Cartoons) is seeing that, as Janice said, I am not alone.

Another part, of course, is Stilt's engaging sense of humor (difficult as it is at this moment to contemplate humor).

God bless America -- she sure needs it!

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

I've had to unsubscribe from American Consequences, National Review Online, Jonah Goldberg and other so-called "conservative" sources whose pure mendacity sends me into a screaming rage.

So, you are not alone.

Trump is a flawed, unpleasant individual. But the sheer vitriol poured in his direction (and GWB's, before him) is a million times more odious.

We're in for a slog. Like you, I've had to discard individuals who I once considered friends because of their poisonous views, and, indeed, most of my immediate family is suffering from similar views.

But YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are here, and we're not going away.

Aunt Liz said...

Stilton, you are one of the best writers I know. I am always happy when I take the time to read your latest. Thanks for being out there!

Mike in Moronland said...

Stilt, I read your column and the comments and they could have been written by me. So yes, we are not in this alone. I am amazed, no ashamed, how so many American's appear to be so ready, willing and able, to throw away our rights and freedoms. To sacrifice our freedom on the altar of political correctness. Sad, we have lost the war without a shot being fired.

As a resident of "The Peoples Republic of Maryland" where Marty Owe'Malley and the Democrats raised taxes 168 times in 8 years and gave a whole new meaning to the term "Nannie State" the next four years will not be pretty. But like you, I believe they will be survivable. But just barely.

Love your column and PLEASE don't give up the good fight !!

Alan said...

Robert A. Heinlein once said, "You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once."

It's time for you and I to decide which one we value the most because we aren't going to have both.

Brie Camembert said...

Cetainly a low point in the history of the great nation that is America. Trump is now history and President Harris’ term is not going to be pretty So, the big question - who will be the next contender from the GOP and do they stand a chance in 2024?

Jess said...

The media, just like Pravda, is the propaganda machine of the Marxists in the capitol. They flourish due to the ignorance of millions, and the advertisers that blissfully ignore their contribution to the destruction of the republic.

I've suggested to close family members how their continuing watching of the alphabet networks only helps the destruction of the nation, but it falls on deaf ears. They are well indoctrinated, unwilling to change their habits, and sit in the pot as the water becomes hotter.

Jerryskids said...

I'm afraid Joe Biden is right - our darkest time is ahead of us rather than behind us, not just as it relates to COVID but as it relates to everything. Trillion dollar handouts and trillion dollar new programs coupled with shutting down so many businesses and even whole industries is going to have millions of people clamoring for government to save us and millions more people dependent on government. And that's just the way they want it.

jhsilcox said...

Stilt, that was one of the best commentaries I've ever read. Haven't done it yet but I'm thinking of forwarding the second part (on a personal note) to my sister who 'unfriended' everyone who is a Trump 'enabler' (voter, supporter?). Thanks for providing a glimmer of hope for my America.

Geoff King said...

As it appears that our beloved country is now riding the handbasket to socialism, and with dems in full control, I see only two ways out of this. Civil War 2.0 or preferably a Constitutional Convention of the States. Several states, including my own, have already voted for this but several more need to climb on board.
I am hoping that this election travesty and all the un-Constitutional crap of 2020 will be the impetus for most every state (except California and New York of course) to sign up. Thus far, 28 states have voted for it. 34 are needed, 35 if the dims succeed in granting Puerto Rico and D.C. statehood.

BobHe said...

Stilton, your always-anticipated dose of comedy-GOLD, today is commentary-GOLD. Many many thanks and wishing you a speedy recovery from your hand issues. Truly looking forward to that, "new movement". In the meanwhile, I'll need to follow Conrad Black's advice; he ended a recent piece with:
"All the people of the world who believe in a divine intelligence, and especially the Americans among them, should spend an unprecedented amount of time and energy in fervent supplication until further notice."

Fred Ciampi said...

Like Admiral Yamamoto said "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve". And that sleeping giant is the millions of patriots who love our country. And the majority of us are military veterans trained in certain areas of warfare and .........

Rob said...

Done with Facebook, done with Twitter. The Antifa people who led the charge into the Capitol need to be prosecuted and their identities should be made public. One of the best sysops seen during the last four years. I would love to know who organizes these things for Antifa...

Bobo the Hobo said...

Allow me to echo my thanks for your thoughts, Stilt. Since my dad passed away, I seem to find it difficult to engage in any civil conversation about politics; most people hold black/white political views. I agree that it will be a difficult four - eight years with Heels Up, Harris at the helm but I’m sure that as long as your Clan McGregor holds out, you will maintain the sparkling wit we appreciate.

For some strange reason, the song from Woodstock keeps play on a loop in my head ~

For it’s one, two, three what are we fight for?
No sir, we don’t give a damn,
Next stop is Vietnam.
And it’s five, six, seven open up the Pearly Gates.
Because there ain’t no time to wonder why. Whoopee, we’re all gonna die!

Good luck, Stilt; we’re all counting on you - - - and don’t call me “Shirley”.

Sue said...

All of the coverage on the people who were acting out in the Capitol showed that the troublemakers were always dressed in black and with hoodies. None of them seemed to be wearing any Trump gear. Given the well-orchestrated takedown of Trump, isn't it reasonable to assume these were Soros-paid Antifa and BLM creeps that were doing the dirty work?

Jeff said...

all I saw was a "mostly peaceful demonstration."

McChuck said...

5 protesting citizens were murdered by the government in the Boston Massacre in 1770. This lead, slowly but inevitably, to revolution.

4 protesting citizens were murdered by the government in the DC Massacre in 2021. History may not repeat, but it does rhyme.

Average Joe said...

Excellent commentary, Stilt. God alone knows what this next 4 years will bring but we can only hope it can be repaired later. Time to hunker down again and get through it. Like it or not, Potato head Joe is the president. Right now is the time to start looking for the right candidate and Party to beat him in the next election. For all his patriotism, Trump was his own worst enemy. Let's find the person who can bring America back.

Drive On said...

Be of good cheer. Keep calm and carry on. We have just begun to fight. We need his website, its light humor, more than ever.

In that vein, doesn't Chuck Schumer look like the dean in 'Animal House'? And the Democrats remind you of the pinheads that sat behind him?

Peace and Prayers.

Snark said...

Thank you, Stilt, for an excellent analysis of Wednesday's debacle. I do not condone what the demonstration turned into though I understand it and find it hard to condemn. I would not be at all surprised to find that antifa types inserted themselves into the demonstration to inflame anarchy: that's what they do. Any demonstration is to them an opportunity to make things worse. We as conservatives have been denigrated, insulted, condemned and impugned for over four years. Now an election has been subverted, likely orchestrated by the same person (or persons) who instigated the "Resistance" and weaponized the federal law enforcement agencies into a gestapo. I was worried for our
Republic in 2008, now I'm terrified. Fight, we must, but I'm afraid that our great Ship of State has found it's iceberg.

Edam Wensleydale said...

Bluto : Hey! What's all this laying around shit?

Stork : What the hell are we supposed to do, ya moron?

D-Day : [to Bluto] War's over, man. Wormer dropped the big one.

Bluto : What? Over? Did you say "over"? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

Otter : [to Boon] Germans?

Boon : Forget it, he's rolling.

Bluto : And it ain't over now. 'Cause when the goin' gets tough...

[thinks hard of something to say]

Bluto : The tough get goin'! Who's with me? Let's go!

[Bluto runs out, alone; then returns]

Bluto : What the fuck happened to the Delta I used to know? Where's the spirit? Where's the guts, huh? This could be the greatest night of our lives, but you're gonna let it be the worst. "Ooh, we're afraid to go with you Bluto, we might get in trouble." Well just kiss my ass from now on! Not me! I'm not gonna take this. Wormer, he's a dead man! Marmalard, dead! Niedermeyer...

Otter : Dead! Bluto's right. Psychotic... but absolutely right. We gotta take these bastards. Now we could do it with conventional weapons, but that could take years and cost millions of lives. No, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part!

Bluto : We're just the guys to do it.

D-Day : [stands up]

Boon : [stands up] Let's do it.

Bluto : [shouting] "Let's do it"!

Fish Out of Water said...

Yes, her death should be investigated and the officer who shot her face legal consequences. But note to a Capital Police officer has also succumbed to their injuries from the riot too. As to why the police protection was so light, I'd say past conservative demonstrations, which have been very peaceful was the factor, that the Capital Police did not expect what happened to happen and not part of some darker conspiracy.

A thought from shifting through what happened two days ago 

First a sense of betrayal, deep painful betrayal along the lines expressed by the late James Kirkpatrick on learning what actually happened in the Nixon WH.

Trump in one intemperate act  has eviscerated all the good work he has done and more ominously made it exceedingly difficult if not impossible now  for anyone to stand up to the coming flood of intemperate "progressive"  diktats  via the Obama sock puppet, Biden. Had he kept his impulses under control, he might have served as a unimpeachable source of opposition/irritation to the incoming administration of the Obama sock puppet. And speaking of the Obama sock puppet, caught a snip of a recent Obama sock puppet statement and I take
from that they are going to come down and come down hard on anyone who disagrees with them. It may be immature hyperbole for a former bartender, but AOC has demanded Senator Cruz resign of face expulsion.

I suppose in the end, Trump really does not understand the difference between a reality TV show and the Presidency and that is what did him in. 

Wish I could go to Mars for the next 4 years......

Fish Out of Water said...

@ McChuck: You statement needs more information. Yes one protestor was murdered. The other deaths were due to onset of medical emergencies not the Capital Police.

Ken Cook said...

Your commentaries always bring me down off the ledge. It is so good to know that there is at least one other individual out there who mirrors my thoughts. It is so mind boggling to see the number of people who swallow hook, line and sinker everything the propaganda centers put out there, in whatever format. Logic is rare these days. Thank you.

D said...

I believe nothing the national news puts out.

Your article is well stated, and matches my feelings almost exactly.

TrickyRicky said...

When Winston Churchill was in Moscow to meet Stalin in August 1942, he asked Uncle Joe "What happened to the kulaks?" Sir Alec Cadogan recorded 'There was not even the flicker of an eyelid, he [Stalin] turned and with a nonchalant wave of the hand said "Oh! They went away."'

We are all kulaks now.

How long will it be before the DC uni-party elite decide to introduce American patriots to “A whiff of grapeshot” as Napoleon famously said?

Who Is John Galt?

Rod said...

@ Stilt: I'm waiting for that movement as well. And Trump will be President-in-Exile.

Meanwhile I just hope the Coronation on Jan 20th will have Joe's teleprompter script-writer take the Oath of Office as well. There's the most immediately visible power. An amazingly unproductive nut-cake 40 years in office; another old, rich, corrupt, white man and who is now demented as well will be PREZ? Not mine. But someone got themselves an expensive spokesman.

Anonymous said...

A sad day for America, President Donald Trump and us.. She was executed .. The media is and has been the problem, my whole life.. and it;s only to get worse.. Stilton, I've got your back.. Not real sure of our options. It only takes a handful of bussed in antifa types, posing as Trump supporters to get us all blaclkisted.. God Bless America..
Danger Will Robinson

Mesquite Country said...

It makes me sad to think that the America we have known for so many years is going to fall to the socialists. But even worse is the fact that at least half of Americans have lost their ability to think for themselves. God bless this nation and forgive us as we have failed His spirit of love.

Redleger said...

To whoever wrote this note I must state that I once watched OANN but now I can't even watch this outlet.

I miss the days of true unbiased reporting as we were taught in HS all those many years ago. I don't give a plug nickle about any reporters opinions even if its being spun right to left.

No I find my life is much simpler by ignoring "ALL" news and turning off all my social media accounts.

I read this site mostly for the humor, not to learn or hear a different point of view.

I'm deeply concerned that our nation has put its foot on the banana peel and the road to socialism is just a few short years away.

Redleger said...

can you hear the applause?

Perfectly stated.

Keep your powder dry.

Alfonso Bedoya said...

Well-said, Stilt. Your thoughts mirror mine. I hope something positive will result out of the chaos and that our country will come to its senses ASAP.

Alej said...

"I don't hate these people." I do. Vicerally. And have , since their scumbag representatives in Congress threw the Viet Nam War away in 1975, spitting on the deaths of over 58,000 young American boys, and some brave nurses. And whose cruel and unfeeling actions caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese civilians, after the war was won in 1972; and coupled now with the advent of our criminal government that's more than rationale enough for me to work for secession; I don't want those rotten people as neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Now that the Dems. know they can cheat and get away with it I fear we will never have a fair election again or a Republican party for that matter. Now, of course, the Dems. "won" the Georgia runoffs. As if we didn't see that coming. We're all screwed.

JeremyR said...

Redleger, I don't know how old you are, BUT I have never known a time without bias. During the Vietnam war our media was stabbing our troops in the back and defending communism
Maybe the days you pine for is the time before the scales fell from your eyes.

Pastor Douglas L Shepherd said...

Stilton, Thank you for your comments. I feel exactly the same way. I am simply reminded again that the true hope for man, our country and the world is not in any man or movement, but in an eternal God who loves us and sent His Son to pay for our sins. We are all sinners, corrupt, and in need of someone to save us and take over. I grieve for our country.

Lee The Voice said...


I have to disagree with you on this one. Attempted coup, peaceful demonstration, or what ever the reason, she was part of a group of people who unlawfully in, and caused damage to the capitol of the United States. The interlopers were advised to leave. She chose to ignore that advice in the face of armed guards. She paid the price.


John the Econ said...

A very confusing and unpleasant time: Indeed. When I heard about it, I chose not to watch any of the chaos on TV (I understand that it was CNN's highest-ratings day ever) because I knew that it would just make me more mad and depressed. Quite frankly, I got more than enough of that in 2020.

Right now, there is no source of news I fully trust. None: Agreed. And what you saw this week as more proof for that. (One description of Tuesday's events I was certain that I would not be hearing in any of those broadcasts was about a "mostly peaceful protest") If we had an honest media in this country, it would be widely understood that the real "coup" started over 4 years ago in response to a legally-elected President by the outgoing President & Vice President. The violent attacks on the state started last spring. The big difference between those attacks and Tuesday was that up until then all the violence was taking place a safe distance away from our ruling elite. It's only when it happened in a city where they live at buildings they occupied that "mostly peaceful protests" suddenly became a problem.

"Over 70 million Americans voted to continue the progress made during the Trump administration. Progress that lifted every race, gender, faith, and economic class. Those people still want what's best for America and Americans...all Americans. And a majority of these people believe that the election was stolen."

Unfortunately, the idiots who stormed the Capitol Tuesday effectively erased all of that. Now, instead of that legacy of an economy and people freed from Progressive stagnation-by-design, the final days of the Trump Administration will be remembered as his out-of-control Twitter feed and the cadre of crazy people storming and vandalizing the Capitol, just as we would have expected the paramilitary wing of the Democrats to have done had the election been overturned.

Good work! These guys achieved something that even the leftist media couldn't do!

And to make matters worse, these idiots are already being used as a caricature to paint the half of the country who aren't on board with the Democratic agenda to "fix" America, and Democrats in Congress are already openly declaring their plans for revenge. Antifa, BLM and whoever else will continue to run amok all across the country with impunity, but federal resources will now be deployed to keep tabs on everyone in THIS room as the real threat to the republic. (No doubt part of the next "stimulus" bill now being written for Biden to sign right after being sworn in)

As for the next Tea Party movement @Stilton hopes for, I'm not holding my breath. Twitter, Facebook & Instagram have cut off not only the President, but other groups their sensibilities see as troublesome. Any time such a group would be presented in the media, it will ridiculed by leading with a picture of that goofball in the viking hat. That guy will now be the face of "conservatism" for a generation.

American Cowboy said...

Just a few thoughts this morning.

@ Stilton said, "These tens of millions of people will peacefully do everything in their power to right the wrongs being visited upon us."

That is the issue as I see it. Conservatives seem to always want to "play nice". There comes a time when one not only should, but MUST get down in the the mud, fight to win, and perhaps get bloodied in the process.

@ Mike in Moronland said, "Sad, we have lost the war without a shot being fired."

I wonder, has there ever in history been a war won without a shot fired? My belief is that that is the trouble with the "warriors" on the right. They talk a good battle, but you cannot win a war with simply word alone.

@ Snark said, "We as conservatives have been denigrated, insulted, condemned and impugned for over four years."

Agreed. But I must ask why do we as conservatives keep on taking it? Conservatives as a group for decades have grumbled about it, claimed that something should be done about it, and then knelt down with their bowls in hand and asked, "Please sir, may we have some more?"

As I have commented here before, I will not go and try to start a fight but when, not if, it comes to me I refuse to play nice, fight by the "rules", or fight "fair". I learned one thing the hard way growing up on one of the most violent Native American reservations; fight to win! In this case is The United States of America worth fighting for, or do we once again as conservative crawl away to lick our wounds and claim to wait for a better day?


chester arthur said...

Dear Fish Out of Water.I'm not being hostile to you or your belief about what happened on the 6th,but would like to pose a polite question from someone who was there.What 'intemperate act' did Trump commit?I was at the speech,and never heard him say that anyone should do anything illegal.The rally crowd broke no windows,started no fires,did no looting,and didn't kill anybody.I saw the antifa infiltrators,and the bullhorn agitators in discussion before the break in.I heard the bullhorn boys say the police were allowing people in after the initial break in.Some people went in to see the opulent surroundings our 'leaders' have secured for themselves at our expense.They tried to talk to the 'leaders',who cowered and scampered away through their rat tunnels under the capitol.I saw the Trump crowd helping elderly and disabled people who had been separated from their families.The stain of this day will forever mark this congress.The intemperance was not Trump's,was not from the rally crowd,but the frightened,cowardly creeps we've mistakenly put in power.I hope for peace,restoration,and preservation of our freedom,and wish you all the best.

Sortahwitte said...

Stilt. Thanks for your words of wisdom. I was up at midnight and read it when it was first posted. I have taken time and bp medicine to try and temper my words. I am still just so angry. For an unarmed veteran to be murdered inside our capitol building? It's our building. Fuck you "Lee the voice". I am as mad as when I visited LBJs grave at his ranch. They had a 12 foot fence to keep veterans from pissing on his grave. The time for patience and mending fences and feelings has passed. Looking for a bumper sticker that says: Not my president! "How does it feel, Asshole!"

American Cowboy said...

@ Sortahwitte - "The time for patience and mending fences and feelings has passed."


Anonymous said...

They were terrible rioters. Nobody was photographed lugging home a looted wide screen television or new Nikes.

Anonymous said...

Very well said, Mr. Jarlsberg! I agree. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

B.C. said...

So, Lee, you're saying that the next time the Pink Pussy Hats show up and invade Con-gress they should be shot in their faces? We'll just stash this one away for future reference. We'll see how consistent you are in your "law and order apologetics".

Fred Ciampi said...

'When I am right no one remembers, when I am wrong, no one forgets".

Mikey said...

Thanks, one of the best commentators anywhere. Keep up the good work, I read your blog every day and thoroughly enjoy it and agree completely with your position. I think the Republican party is dead in the water, no hope for us there. Maybe Trump can start an effective party to counter the 'Uniparty". I do not believe anything the MSM spews forth and the only politician I have some faith in is Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida. Note to Mike in Moronland, I left the Peoples Democratik Republik of Maryland five years ago and wondered why I stayed so long, have never been back. And Lee the Voice needs to consider if it is appropriate to shoot and kill unarmed trespassers. Think how you would feel if that was your daughter. My late father had the same attitude about the Kent State shootings where the Ohio National Guard shot unarmed students until I looked at him and said "That could have been your daughter". I am starting to ramble here so will close with a great big thanks.

Bill the Cat said...

Well thought out commentary today. I passed it along to friends. Pretty much covers the waterfront.

Chuck said...

Normally, I agree with you. But you are wrong about Ashli Babbit. She was shot by the Secret Service protecting VP Pence after ignoring repeated commands to move back and then attempting to climb through a broken window. She wasn't in the wrong place at the wrong time, she was committing a felony.

DougM said...

Thanks, Stilt
I'm pretty close to your line of thinking so far;
but I don't expect to gain a lot of clarity soon,
given how the disinformation machines have gone berserk

TVAG said...

My Brothers--for we already are and most not forget it--I have never felt so low in my 71 years for the prospects of our country. This doesn't make me unique, and least of all, sound clever. But I'm disappointed with comments--sincere and well meaning--that suggest that just forming a new political party, or even secession, are somehow viable alternatives.

The full extent of the danger to our Republic goes far beyond the incredible dangers it faces from within. America does not live in a vacuum, our crisis is not ours alone to address. The numerous calls (hopes?) for actual violent insurrection against the coming new administration are--quite unintentionally--the surest way to end our experiment as a democratic republic. Not merely because whoever "wins" will impose their own form of dictatorship to handle the millions of surviving opponents, but because the world will not allow the opportunity to destroy us from without slip by.

Does anyone here think the Chinese, Russians, Iranians, NorKos, etc, are shedding tears over this spectacle we have unwittingly provided them? Does anyone here think that while we're trying to put our American house back in order that they will not move against us?

Between the rising discord--justifiable on the one hand--and the feckless new administration, how long can it be before Taiwan is attacked? The Baltic States invaded? The Iranians unleash terrorist attacks worldwide, including the US? How can any government respond to these while half the country grows ever closer to attacking the other half? And the incoming Democrat government is already compromised by its own all-powerful commitment to impotence? With so much of US government, industry, and media already in bed with the CCP, how willing would they be to oppose any overt move to dominate the Pacific?

Whatever we may all decide to do, we can't forget to watch our 6--even if there's little we can do to protect it.

God Bless America. And PLEASE don't wait!


Shelly said...

Unfortunately, the institutions we rely on to protect us have all failed us. The infiltration by subversives is complete. We cannot trust our representatives because they will do whatever is necessary to maintain power, even so-called Republicans. We have watched as the communists have taken over every cultural institution in our nation. Talk about frog in the pot. We have watched helplessly as it has happened. We cannot trust our courts as they too are infected with leftist politics. Even our so-called Supreme Court dropped the ball for fear of being left out of the cocktail parties in DC. Our elections are completely corrupted and fraudulent. Every single institution willingly let this coup take place. We are no longer a constitutional republic. I know this all sounds pretty bleak because it is. The only hope we have is that these communists will screw up our country so badly, maybe, just maybe, a few filtered eyes might open and take action. I'm not counting on it, though. I have completely tuned out of the MSM, especially Fox News whose true colors were revealed. I consider them not only unreliable but actual traitors. In a way it's been liberating to be free of all that. I wish I had the precious time I have left in life back from watching all the pundits and reading all the propaganda. It has only served to make me upset while knowing there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Even our only power, our votes, have been rendered moot. And in a few days a true idiot will be sworn in as president and shortly thereafter the commie Kamala will take over. It's really hard to be hopeful in the face of that.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Wow, so much for us to talk about. Your comments are honest and thought-provoking, and it's my intention to reply to each of you. That being said, it may take a day or so to get around to it: I want my hand to have a little more resting time and, frankly, I need more time to process what my own thoughts and feelings are as information (however questionable) comes in.

There's no question that Trump's legacy is toast, nor any question in my mind that he contributed mightily to bringing all of this down on his and our heads - even though I believe that the core arguments about election fraud were justified.

There are some battles which can't be won (though hopefully wars which can still be won) and we're looking at one of them right now. There is a very abnormal "new normal" in the wind for all of us. That being said, we still have each other (and a great many like-minded people) and I'm thankful for the community and friendship of everyone here. Post-Covid party is at my place!

Aaaand my hand is telling me "that's it for now," but I'll be back. Just wanted you all to know that I'm here!

Dan said...

Well, said, Stilt. Good essay.

I'm sure the FBI and DOJ will thoroughly investigate the election fraud, suspicious voting machinery, and possible antifa/blm infiltration of the demonstrators. Just as they've investigated and brought to justice those who perpetrated the various crimes of the Obama administration, comey, clapper, etc.

I'm ready to vote for Trump should he run again for President.

May Ashli Babbitt rest in peace.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

I find this unlisted video rather comforting. Lindsey Graham, trying to get a plane out of town and under heavy police guard, is confronted by the angry citizenry:

I'm encouraged. There are more of us out there than one might think, and they are PISSED OFF.

Fish Out of Water said...

@Chuck: If true that does turn the narrative completely on its head.

Bill W. said...

This tragedy is the end result of four years of assaulting the intelligence, the integrity, and yes, the patriotism of conservative thinkers by the Left and their compliant media allies.

It's the end result of the left-wing media and their double standards in ignoring violent criminal behavior this past year in cities such as Minneapolis, Chicago, Portland and Seattle while stoking fear and hateful behavior whenever conservative thought and opinion is discussed in the public forum.

It's the end result of the elites and their condescending contempt of ordinary Americans by referring to them as "rubes" and "deplorables" or as those "clinging to their bibles and guns".

It's the end result of a continual flow of vicious smears against the Trump administration with hearsay investigations, ridiculous and unproven allegations through the horrific Mueller Report, FBI corruption and a failed impeachment attempt against the President with NO legal proof of wrong doing.

It's all cumulative in it's cancerous destruction of the American spirit.

The end result was the Capitol Hill tragedy with an innocent American death.

Sortahwitte said...

@chuck. It's nice that you believe what you read on twitter, facebook, santa clause and the easter bunny. However, she was not a blmer or an antifa who had never heard a discouraging word. She knew the command voice and direction. If she heard a command, she would have stood down. So, it comes down to who and what you believe. Twitter has the same integrity as the democratic party. That would be less than zero, chuck.

Fish Out of Water said...

@chester arthur said... To your comment, to travel back a bit, the post election atmosphere has been as explosive as a building saturated with aviation grade gasoline fumes. Those responsible for that are numerous. The enemedia or course, but the out-going President certainly did his part as well, fraudulent election not withstanding.

Not having been there I did watch B-roll of the rally that preceded it . I did see the out going President tell the assembled crowd to go to the Capitol and that, even as small as it was was the tiny spark that ignited the the saturated atmosphere.

Now I do not doubt that among the crowd that day there were Anitfa punks planted there to agitate and perhaps they played their hand exceeding well. I would counter though by asking where were the organizing leaders, monitors to monitor the march to the Capitol and insure nothing got out of hand. Indeed once windows were smashed and doors broken down by whoever, why might have otherwise peaceful demonstrators followed others in?

There are probably numerous answers/theories to that question but in part the emotions brought to near boiling by the out-going President up to the 6th planed a major part in that.

While I see must distrust now in any media organs, I would suggest putting a cool towel or ice pack on the head and read this article by Ms. Kimberly Strassel, which sums up the damage the out-going President has wreaked and the huge shitburger we all are going to have to take a bite of.

Anonymous said...

Now I know how the people living in Hong Kong felt when the Communist Chinese took over. They were so used to having their freedom and their rights that they thought that if they complained, the Chinese government and the world would have to listen. How wrong they were.

B.C. said...

Strassel is trying to ensure that she's invited to all of the parties in D.C., NYC and the Hamptons. She'll be remembered with the likes of Mittens, Lindsay, Barr and all of the other "fair-weather cuckservatives". The WSJ knows who is going to be giving them their marching orders from now on and they're licking boots as fast and furiously as their tongues can slather on the saliva. They would have been cheering on the redcoats the day after Lexington. They're traitors to the Republic, one and all.

Jake said...

And, as opposed to George Floyd, she wasn't high on drugs.

Anonymous said...

There is much more to this story than meets the eye OR that we are likely to know for a long time, IF forever. Just understand that THEY are all out to take down President Trump because he isn't one of them and he threatens to topple the entire scam. Keep your eyes and ears open, cause there is much more to be exposed. Here is another piece.

Italian government implicated in elaborate election fraud scheme against Trump
BY ETHANH // 2021-01-08

OvergrownHobbit said...

Her name was Ashli Babbit.

Murdered by the Establishment.

Well said, Mr. Stilton.

As for the Pontius Pilate wannabes, you can take your place in history with all those good, kind people who made go-along-to-get-along noises for the fascisti who sent Japanese Americans to the camps.They had clever-sounding rationalizations too

It's really your choice

JustaJeepGuy said...

To all who say "Just wait until the next election..." you need to realize that a Republican, ANY Republican, will NEVER be elected President in this country again. The Demo_Rats now have the means to absolutely control which Demo_Rat gets installed in the White House and there will never be another fair election. They forgot to pay attention to the down-ballot races this time, in which the Demo_Rats lost so many House seats, but they will be sure to steal those elections too.

If a Civil War II starts, the Chinese will just call Gropey Joe (or Kamalatoe, after she gets Joe 25th-ed, likely by July 2021) and tell him to "invite" the Peoples Liberation Army in to put down the "rebellion". Neither Joe nor Kamalatoe will hesitate to do so. This would require the patriots among us to win CWII as quickly as possible.

The Demo-commie plans for the country will fail eventually, as all commie kingdoms do. It would be nice to live to see the commies lose, though.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Anonymous Coward:

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
― Samuel Adams

Sortahwitte said...

@anony. Traitor is a very strong word to use to describe others. You don't know me. You don't know my country is third in my life after God and my family. And, so, I don't care to hear your vilification of people who cared enough to travel to dc to see if there was an accounting available to those patriots who came to say WTF? Do you care about the republic enough to ask questions? Or is it your big plan to call patriots by the name of traitor? Is it your plan to kiss the ass of every person that goes by blm, antifa, democrat? Is that how you will survive?That's not where I'm headed. I don't suffer fools. Go away.

Fred Ciampi said...

Sortahwitte, well stated. You're much kinder to anon than I would have been. Stilt would have put me in Stiltionsplacejail (like farcebook did) if I wrote what I felt. Keep up the good work. Semper fi.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Before I delve into individual replies, let us take a moment to honor and bid farewell my carpal tunnel-afflicted left hand, which will surely be a hot mess after I make 76 (and counting) replies. But let's get to it...

@Mike aka Proof- I'm sick of the spin. Like I said, there are individuals who I trust, but who knows how accurate the information they're getting is? What a mess.

@Anonymous- I check out most of those sites from time to time and they have their place, but those are still sources of advocacy journalism. They may be closer to the actual truth, but I'd love to find a source that just reports events accurately rather than spinning them politically.

@Nobody Important- I've been thinking about Dr. King today. Apparently folks like us are now on everyone's shitlist for judging people by their character instead of the color of their skin. Wonder how long it will be until Biden's woke administration tears down King's monument?

@JCMeg56- I haven't watched the videos yet but will endeavor to!

@Janice- Believe me, it's vital for ME to know that there are like-minded souls out there and, oh yeah!, we're neither nuts nor evil. We're in this together, folks, and I can't think of a better group of people to do it with!

@Anonymous- WFAA's weather coverage is okay, but other than that - no thanks.

@Savannah Sue- I'm not mad at my "hateful" friends (although they may be mad at me). No, I'm mad at the vast cultural machines which have poisoned the conversation with misinformation and made enemies out of lifelong friends. I'd bet if we could all just sit down calmly and write lists of social goals, they'd be at least 80% in agreement. There would be greater disagreement about how to achieve those goals - but wouldn't it be a valuable place to start?

@Rene O'Deay- I'll check 'em out!

@Maoz- Thanks for the nice remarks. The reasons that Stilton's Place and Hope n' Change have existed is that A) I want to blow off steam, B) I want to give like-minded people some laughter in tough times, and C) I want a community of friends that we can all share.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Even my precious Wall Street Journal has seemingly joined the Trump lynch mob, so I'm feeling pretty cut off right now. I'm going to make a habit out of trying to listen to Scott Adams' podcast, because he's smart as a whip, has unique perspectives, and has a calm demeanor. I'll also listen to Rush while I can, but we all know that he won't be able to keep broadcasting forever. Damn it.

@Aunt Liz- That's very nice of you to say. What I lack in style and smarts, I try to make up for in honesty and, when appropriate, a bit of fun. Posts like this one force me to use my "grown up" voice, which is a lot less fun but sometimes necessary.

@Mike in Moronland- Like you, I'm appalled by the crazy ideas I'm hearing that seem to be gaining traction: ban FOX News from television, cut off access to Parler or other alternative social media sites that don't censor conservatives, and start tracking down conservative commentators (like me!) with "offensive" podcasts and blogs and remove their social presence...or worse. I'm genuinely afraid that Freedom of Speech is about to get its worst ass-kicking since the birth of our nation.

@Alan- I think it's time for me to re-read my Heinlein books. He makes a lot of invaluable points (including the one you've shared here).

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Brie Camembert- I can't imagine who that 2024 candidate could be, but I sure as hell hope they'll exist when needed, and will have the qualities to be appealing in at least 52 states.

@Jess- Those alphabet networks know what they're doing: their stories are like emotional crack, designed - literally - to cause "news" addiction, and thus huge profits for the suppliers. The "news" outlets no longer exist to inform, but only to inflame.

@Jerryskids- When Joe Biden said that dark times are ahead, it was the first time I ever recall having agreed with him. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy!

@jhsilcox- Feel free to forward my remarks to anyone. Anything which might have a remote chance of reopening communications between friends and family would be great. I've sometimes thought that an interesting starter point would be to give my anti-Trump friends a list of the good things he accomplished in office, then invite them to send me a list of the bad things Trump allegedly did. Then comes the fun/difficult part: discussing both lists honestly and openly. They'd have to concede the great good Trump accomplished, while they'll have a hard time proving that Trump called all Mexicans rapists (he didn't), built the cages for immigrant children (that was Obama), is a racist (no evidence before or after his entry into politics, etc, etc).

If the anti-Trump folks want to argue that he's an egotistic jerk with sharp elbows, I could probably agree with them on that. But the question isn't about personality, it's about accomplishment. NO president in generations has done more for our nation's minorities than Trump. I'd like to hear why that's a bad thing...?

By the way, feel free to share THIS comment with your sister and invite her to try my experiment. Wouldn't it be great to find a way to lower the tension?

@Geoff King- I'm all for a Constitutional Convention of the States. In the past, it's seemed a somewhat dangerous thing to do, but what the hell do we have to lose at this point?

@BobHe- I'm not personally a prayerful kind of guy, but I respect and encourage it among others. And yeah, I've been known to sometimes look skyward and think "If You're up there, I know I have no right to ask, but please..."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fred Ciampi- That "sleeping giant" may be starting to toss and turn. I'm hearing some awfully draconian and anti-American policy suggestions being thrown around by the left which would gut the Constitution. Hopefully it won't go very far, but if it does...

@Rob- Will we ever really know the truth of who masterminded and implemented the attacks? I genuinely don't think so. And "not knowing the truth" is an uncomfortable reality we may have to get used to for awhile.

@Bobo the Hobo- Some people would probably be surprised that even MY political views aren't black and white - far from it! But as long as having voted for Trump is a poison pill, there's just no way for me to reach common ground with my more liberal friends.

And the song that's echoing in MY mind these days is Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth"...

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid
Step out of line, the men come and take you away

We better stop!
Hey, what's that sound?
Everybody look what's going down...

@Sue- I saw a lot of folks that looked like antifa/BLM types, but who the hell really knows anymore? I'm sure there are people on "our side" who are revved up enough (or just plain nuts enough) to have pushed things too far. We'll probably really know the truth and, sadly, at this point it may not even matter.

@Jeff- Exactly!

@McChuck- In fairness, there were casualties on both sides (which I certainly mourn), and at least some of the deaths among protesters came from natural-ish causes like heart attacks.

@Average Joe- I was frankly amazed that Trump almost...almost...made it out of office without having a catastrophic political disaster. But fair or not, that ship has sailed. We are indeed in "hunker down" time, and will need to be exploring new ways of communicating and taking positive actions to keep classical conservatism and actual history alive for future generations.

@Drive On- Schumer DOES look like Dean Wormer (was that the name?) only with an even bigger stick up his ass.

@Snark- I don't condone what the demonstration turned into either, though I can't quite bring myself to condemn it either. Whether it was right or wrong depends on facts and factors which are currently unknowable. Was this a genuine effort to stop an illicit and illegal betrayal of the American people from taking place, or was it a disruption of a legitimate and appropriate governmental process. Only an in-depth investigation of election irregularities could tell us...and we all know that it's never going to happen. So we can't really know the right or wrong of what happened, but only that it was a disaster for our side and a gift from a dark god for the other side.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Edam Wensleydale- This call to action from Animal House speaks to me more than it probably should: "I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part!" My mental wheels are turning...

@Fish Out of Water- The Capital Police Officer's death was a tragedy, of course, and full legal consequences should be dealt to whomever is responsible. With the exception of possible infiltrators, this was essentially good guys vs other good guys, and how can we feel good about it? As I've said above, who was really "right" and "wrong" in this scenario depends on a factual context which we'll never know without a real investigation into election fraud. And that's never going to happen now.

Trump destroyed his own legacy, and is taking a bunch of us down (at least a notch or two) with him. It's more complex than that, of course, but this is no longer a world that deals well with complexity. I'm expecting some nasty, nasty crackdowns on patriotic folks such as ourselves. So if there's room on that Mars ship...

@Ken Cook- Yes, we don't belong on any ledges just now, unless there's a big antifa/BLM riot at street level and we have full bladders. I'm no genius but I have a little common sense which, sadly, isn't so common anymore. But I do believe that having the capacity to appreciate and use logic - which everyone here does quite well - will still serve us in the immediate future.

@D- I'll still pay attention to bits and pieces of national news to see if I can piece together something like reality, but it's going to be about like reading tea leaves to divine the future.

@TrickyRicky- Yeah, I'm swallowing a little hard when I think of the disappearing kulaks. We can't yet know what this is building to, but I don't like how it's starting.

@Rod- One thing is for damn sure: Biden will never be my president, and you will never seen him referred to as such on these pages.

@Anonymous/Danger Will Robinson- I don't blame Ashli for trying to get inside and I don't blame the LEO for shooting her. I grieve for them both. I believe that both were doing their duty. It is the powers and put these two forces in opposition that I blame...and will not forgive.

@Mesquite Country- I can't add anything to that, other than an "amen."

@Redleger- I'm cutting back on my "news" intake too, and may do so severely as we stumble ahead. I'm not proud of it, but I have to think of my own health and piece of mind, and my ability to function for and with my family. I'm going to be pursuing some simplification in my life, though I don't know how that will play out yet. It's not like I can buy cheaper booze.

@Alfonso Bedoya- I'm choosing to have hope that I can't logically justify. Fortunately, most of the really horrible things I've predicted in life haven't come true. I'm hoping that streak holds.

@Alej- I hear you. I don't hate these people because they're acting on lies. Still, that doesn't excuse the damage they do by being "useful idiots." It's a messy damn situation, for sure. And no, I don't want these people as my neighbors.

Unknown said...

I believe in a BIG God...a God who does not like to be mocked. A God who is never late and who is always on time. A God who removes his hand of blessing only to show his grace when no man can possibly get the credit. I am expecting God to show up. I am believing in God's truth, righteousness, mercy, and grace to be shown one more time for this country.... Vengeance is mine, says the Lord... Amen.

Edam Wensleydale said...


@Edam Wensleydale- This call to action from Animal House speaks to me more than it probably should: "I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part!" My mental wheels are turning...

Then it worked. ;-)

VideomanSS said...

These are the ones that I think are correct.

VideomanSS said...

These are the ones I think are pretty true.

Anonymous said...

If you think about it, Trump has endured hatred since the day he announced he was running. Then he had President Obama spying on him and trying to take him out the day he was inaugurated. How can you fight all those years and still have the energy to rally your base on Wed. We all know not one court would hear about the fraud, not one judge was curious, not one state legislature thought they should look into the discrepancies. Our president spoke the truth on Wed so I guess the truth hurts those on the left. Our president said to his supporters to go home, in peace. I saw a video of a Capitol police officer basically lead the crowd up the steps inside. It was weird because why was there only one officer and the protester up front was definitely a troublemaker and not a Trump supporter.

The biggest problem I see is that we will never know the truth, not about what happened on Wed and not what happened during this election. What I do know is there are alot of people like me who will question every election going forward, knowing we cannot win if we don't cheat like the Dems.

As for a 2024 candidate, who, in their right mind, would run? After what just happened, we don't have a prayer.

Dan said...

This was written by Rudyard Kipling as an expression of loss and anger about the loss of his son in the Great War in 1915. It was later known as "When the Saxon Began to Hate" with "Saxon" replacing "English."

The Beginnings
It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late
With long arrears to make good,
When the English began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy-willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the English began to hate.

Their voices were even and low,
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show,
When the English began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd,
It was not taught by the State.
No man spoke it aloud,
When the English began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred,
It will not swiftly abate,
Through the chill years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the English began to hate.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- I'm not sure we'll ever see another fair election. There will be 52 states coming for sure, and enough Supreme Court-packing to make sure that new election laws needn't be Constitutional. So yeah, screwage is definitely a possible option for our future.

@JeremyR- You're right that the media has always been biased. But even the worst of what was going on decades ago looks like nothing compared to the sh*tshow that today's "journalism" has become.

@Pastor Douglas L Shepherd- My personal belief is that religion isn't the only path to morality, but it's certainly the one which has the most influence in our nation - for which I'm grateful. Without a higher morality, we are lost. I think many on the Right understand that. I think many on the Left don't even believe that "morality" is an actual thing.

@Lee the Voice- By all means feel free to disagree with me, my friend. To a certain extent, I even disagree with myself. When I say that Ashli was murdered, I don't mean that she was murdered by the law enforcement office who acted appropriately under confusing and fast-changing circumstances and fired the fatal bullet. I meant that she was murdered by those who openly manipulated our voting laws so much that they couldn't be trusted, and all of those who stood in the way of an investigation.

Was Ashli Babbit a threat or a hero? Did she intend to do anything other than delay the certification process until an investigation took place? We'll never know.

@John the Econ- When the sh*t was hitting the fan, my usual response would be to watch every moment on TV. But not this time. I didn't want to be lied to or spun. So I just waited for things to resolve. Not that they've done so to my satisfaction, even now.

You're quite right that when a peaceful protest got out of control, it destroyed a lot of things that folks like you and me hold dear, and gave the Left substantial cover to put their pre-existing plans for oppression into high gear.

As for a new movement to help rebalance things, well, I'm not holding my breath either. I'm hoping...but purely as a (rare) act of faith on my part.

@American Cowboy- I agree that "playing by the rules" limits our side badly, but I'm just not sure what else can work. One thought is to make the rules themselves a lot tougher. Like the death penalty for grievous voter fraud. Slap a few bastards up against a wall, and I'll bet a lot of others would cut deals pretty quickly.

I agree, however, that if the other side wants to bring a real fight to our door, that we respond in kind.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@chester arthur- With you being on the ground, I'll take your word for how Trump's speech was received. And indeed, he said that he wanted a peaceful protest to take place at the capitol building. Still, his words could easily (and fairly) be interpreted as pretty inflammatory too (I was listening live on the radio). He didn't turn the crowd into a mob, but - as is his habit - he did engage their emotions.

I don't blame Trump for what happened, nor the hundreds of thousands of peaceful patriots. I blame the bastards who created this mess and took away the votes and voices of half the country.

@Sortahwitte- I've got to come to the defense of Lee the Voice. This was a complicated situation with "good guys" on both sides. The law enforcement officer had no way of knowing if Ashli Babbit (or anyone coming through that window after her) was bent on harm and violence. For that matter, we can't really know either what would have happened if the crowd met no resistance. I mourn for Ms Babbit and the officer who died in the line of duty, and I grieve for the officer who was forced to pull the trigger owing to circumstances he didn't create nor control. No, my anger is reserved for the bastards who were really behind all this.

@American Cowboy- Well, I agree with that completely.

@Anonymous- That's painfully funny.

@B.C.- Again, that's not what Lee the Voice meant (or at least, not how I interpreted it). If you've seen the video of Ms Babbit being shot, you know that it was a chaotic situation. She wasn't just standing around - she was scaling a door to climb through a window after law enforcement had told her to back off. But I'll say it again: if the election was genuinely stolen (I believe it was) and her intention was peaceful, then she was a hero. It is entirely possible that the law enforcement officer facing down the mob also acted in heroic fashion. Again, the villains weren't (as far as we know) on either side of that door - they were the ones who have f*cked with our elections and our minds and lit the fuse.

@Fred Ciampi- Another sad lesson from Life 101.

@Readers- that's all my left hand can deal with today (though it's improving). More reactions and responses from me tomorrow (Sunday)!

Fred Ciampi said...

President Trump will be speaking on tonight

Anonymous said...

.......Or......this was simply another fake shooting event, right on cue where the Obama administration left off:

JP Wolf said...

Please review that bitchute link posted by Anonymous, It is definitely a fake shooting.

Rod said...

I think I first saw this general situation in about 4th grade on the school grounds at recess. The bully had cheated & pushed until someone objected. It was kind of a toss up who first escalated to violence; but then the bully was the loudest to cry foul. Twice in my life I've seen the best resolution. I was involved in both, WITH both parental & teacher clearance. The bully was convincingly whipped.

First time was by several us knuckleheads in grade school when a school yard monitor (a male) asked the offended if he thought he could whip the bully? No. Well can two of you do it? Not sure. Well then about four of you go take care of the situation and whip him good, while I go inside.

Second time was by me in rural middle school after my father taught me to box. And also God bless the Principal / Teacher who withheld ringing the bell to stop us and end lunch recess until I'd finished the job. In both cases, no one had any further trouble with the bully.

Gee M said...

Not a fake shooting...that's real blood and that's a real dead person...

Gee M said...

The Youtube vid fuzzes out her bleeding on the floor...I downloaded a vid from a few days ago, shows the dying woman laid on the floor, blood pouring from her nose and mouth; an arm enters the picture checks her pulse, and a quiet voice says "she's gone".

Joe Jetson said...

The thing which concerns me the most is that the democrats will "lock in" the voter fraud machine through legislation (i.e. no Voter ID required, no signature checking, illegal aliens and dead people's votes counted, mysterious middle of the night vote tallies, new statehood schemes to build their false 'majority', partisan judges to give it all the false appearance of legitimacy, etc.) . That will be the end of free and fair elections.

At that point, the true voting intent of the majority of citizens becomes meaningless. Social media and Big Tech are now switching into high gear to conspire with their fellow leftists in government to simply censor the Truth.

At this point, it will be difficult to restore Liberty.

We do however, have several Truths working for us: most Americans believe in Law & Order, Free Speech, and fair elections. The democrats will undoubtedly overplay their hand, as they always do, to the point their true intentions become obvious. Decent Americans will resist in large numbers.

And there's always that 2nd Amendment roadblock to slow down their worst schemes, just in case.

JustaJeepGuy said...

"...And whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and to institute new government..." or something like that.

The 2nd Amendment roadblock needs to be put into place before the gun-grabbers get going...