Monday, May 3, 2021

Meating Out Justice

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It only seemed appropriate to add a canine element to today's offering, since the Department of Homeland Security is now officially chasing their own tail.

Having announced that the greatest security threat to our nation comes from "domestic violent extremism" and "white supremacists," the DHS is now looking into its own ranks to make sure none of these omnipresent instruments of terror are lurking behind desks, computers, or badges.

In order to sort out these extremists, they're looking for individuals with telltale signs of anti-American radicalism like a record of military service, any expression of concern about border security, respect for the Constitution, the unacceptable belief that "all lives matter," or any similar attributes which look dangerously like patriotism.

Also, being white is a significant and nearly infallible predictor of being a white supremacist (because duh!) as is denying that you're a white supremacist.

We're not really sure that this is either the most efficient use of our metastasizing tax dollars or the best way to head off an often-predicted but never-occurring 9/11-style terrorist attack on our nation by, um, Trump voters. Many of whom (unlike Al Qaeda, Antifa, and BLM) have never harmed a building in their lives. 


M. Mitchell Marmel said...

They could save time by passing out little hand mirrors labeled "This Is The Face Of The Enemy"to all their agents...

Mike aka Proof said...

White Supremacy and Other Unicorn Farts

Maoz said...

OMG... Stilt's headline... honestly, based on the headline, I thought Stilt was gonna do some riff on Biden*'s request that Americans limit themselves to 4 burgers a year....

Then I read the cartoon caption... OMG...

*Biden -- HaPotus HaMezuyaf (The Counterfeit POTUS, in Heblish [combination of Hebrew and English])

Fish Out of Water said...

In Soviet Russia, China, or North Korea, we'd label that a purge.

Unknown said...

Sometimes I read your posts in batches....all the more fun. Thank you for demonstrating (in the most clever manner) just how ludicrous and dangerous this entire administration IS! Make America WAKE UP Again...and I don't mean woke.
Much appreciated...

Anonymous said...

Further messing with Demo heads: "Biden's" supposedly inherited financial crisis was so bad we didn't need it; but spending some "Biden" assistance money on more ammunition; saving rest for fuel to travel &/or give rides to home-bound Conservatives voting midterms. Also adopting more tax reduction strategies.

Anonymous said...

Heck, even dogs that can't talk are probably under relentless scrutiny. After all, according to Dems, BLM, and other unassailable sources, in my own state alone there are far more racists than people.

TrickyRicky said...

@Fish Out Of Water- Well said!

Shelly said...

Sadly, it probably doesn't matter who controls Congress or who is the president. Our federal government, originally meant to be small and subservient to the states, is now a massive behemoth controlling our every move. And it is infested by leftists hell bent on destroying the country.

John the Econ said...

Another great Progressive gaslight op: BLM, Antifa & bored-with-life feral anarchists have been rioting, burning, looting and murdering non-stop in Progressive-run urban centers for roughly a year now, but it's this great white supremacy uprising that is the real threat to peace and harmony in America. Never mind that anytime an official white supremacist gathering is supposedly organized, the only people who show up are the Progressive media.


So why is the Progressive establishment on a witch hunt for white supremacists along with promulgating other phony existential crises like "climate change"?

To distract you from what should be the obvious fact that Progressivism has been a dismal, disastrous failure.

A decade into the 21st century, free markets had reduced global poverty to historically unprecedented lows. The standard of living even for the most poor in America is still better than middle class for most of the planet. So much so, that most of the world's poor and middle class want to be our poor.

But what has Progressivism done for Americans? Unless you're super wealthy or a beneficiary of the expanding state, not much. Former beacons of freedom & affluence are now quickly transitioning to "hole" country status after decades of exclusively Democratic control. The formerly thriving middle class is literally being squeezed out by ever-rising taxes and the collateral damage of destructive Progressive social policy that have made their cities hell holes only inhabitable by the super-wealthy who can wall themselves off or those so drugged up not to care. Instead of dealing with the problems they created and the people making urban life unpalatable, local Progressives instead look for more ways to squeeze the middle class while simultaneously shaming them for complaining about how the public space is now controlled by thugs and drug addicts. Instead of supporting public order, they do everything to discourage it. Given the choice between supporting the law abiding and the victims of societal decay, they support the perpetrators of it.

So instead of dealing with all of these problems that they themselves have either created or encouraged, what do they do? They tell you they need to deal with these even bigger "existential" problems to deal with that they can't possibly be held responsible for, like "climate change" and "white supremacy", problems that exist only exclusively in non-peer reviewed computer models and/or in the Progressive imagination.

The deep state being so invested in Progressivism will ignore the hard (and getting harder) work of restoring order to our civilization and will distract itself by calling Agent Smith to the carpet to ask why he doesn't have a BLM sign on his front lawn. (I originally wrote "bumper sticker on the back of his car", but Agent Smith is now required to take public transportation because cars cause climate crisis, or something)

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that 4 years of Trump did relatively little towards the deep cleansing of the deep state that we really need.

John the Econ said...

Meanwhile, the even more grand irony is that made up insanity like the 1619 Project and "Critical Race Theory" has invaded our schools, teaching white kids just how awful they are just for existing. (as if they deserve the kind of abuse that Democrats foisted upon African Americans before the civil rights movement) I expect that in a generation or so when the kids indoctrinated with this garbage come of age, a large number will revolt against it in what may actually resemble a real white supremacist movement.

And we actually are on the cusp of an environmental crisis, except it has nothing to do with carbon emissions. When the Progressives succeed in destroying our power grid and economy, people will no longer care about environmental quality because they'll have bigger problems just surviving. Environmental quality that is the norm in poor societies is not something most people in America will enjoy.

commoncents said...

#1 Trending Video on Rumble: Ep. 1509 Interview With President Trump - The Dan Bongino Show

ps. could you please add CC to your blogroll?

Elbarto said...

Just like the Red Army, the Border Patrol & Customs Enforcement will now have political officers to oversee their ideological purity. Isn't that special!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@M. Mitchell Marmel- That would only leave the vampires...

@Mike aka Proof- Yep, it's a myth.

@Maoz- Hey, I still like to have a touch of unpredictability (grin).

@Fish Out of Water- That's what it looks like from here.

@Anonymous1- I didn't get any assistance money, but am adopting your other strategies.

@Anonymous2- I don't doubt that such statistics exist.

@TrickyRicky- I agree.

@Shelly- I'm trying to find any part of your statement to disagree with. But I can't.

@John the Econ- Wonderful points expressed to perfection. Thank you.

@commoncents- I haven't seen it yet, but it's on my to-do list now!

@jpb252- But at least we now know who's watching the watchers. (Gulp)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@commoncents- And I'm adding your blog to my list. Assuming I can figure out how (grin).

Anonymous said...

Maybe Biden should look at his ex boss.

Murphy(AZ) said...

I note this morning a side ad on your site trying to gather 50,000 signatures on a petition to prosecute Donald Trump.

I do not know what control you might have over who advertises on your site, but I feel this particular ad is inappropriate.

John the Econ said...

Speaking of the great white supremacist purge: Will it include supporters of a particular eugenics-centered organization that was literally founded by actually, honest & proud white supremacists?

Michael Riles said...

Newsflash: Bill and Melinda Gates are ending their 27-year marriage

To the tune Love and Marriage

They were loaded
then things exploded
now divorced
they'll go to others
start COURT'IN
Money out the ASS
Does not mean a marriage will

A Chinese “out of control” rocket is going to crash in to earth. The Long March 5B rocket, which carried a Chinese space station module, has dropped into low Earth orbit and now risks crashing back down. The rocket successfully launched the Tianhe module last week, which will become the living quarters of the future Chinese Space Station (CSS).

To the theme from Star Trek---the ending.

High up,
in the sky.
it won't fly.

Once more
might cause some to die.

First it
was Covid
and now
this SHIT
it's really
making me SICK.

Michael Riles said...

Tweet to Scott Simon who adopted two Asian Girls.

Amazing---African Americans are attacking Asian Americans & I just heard on ABC News that they are still scratching their heads on calling it a hate crime?

Tune then: Pretty little Asian eyes. Pretty little Asian eyes.
Now: Asians they despise. Swing hammer between their eyes.

Liz Warren Tweet
Drug companies say using these authorities is "radical" and against the free market – but there's nothing radical about using laws, that already exist, to help reduce drug prices for families. We don't work for the drug companies. We work for the people.

My reply
Drop the incentive to sue drug companies with client's waving judgments if the drug doesn't work, malpractice insurance rates go down and GUESS WHAT MORON---so does the PRICE OF THE DRUGS.

Fox News: Heard on National Prayer day Joe Biden wants “God” omitted in the prayers.

My tweet to Biden
People are upset that Biden did not mention GOD on national prayer day. Hey, he
needs that atheist vote---and needs to placate Communist China since Mao always said “religion is poison”.

CLS? Critical Labor Shortage

Laura Ingram tweet. Democrats replace 'women' with 'birthing people.'

To the tune I am Woman

No more woman
birthing thing
these folks are F(BEEP)ing with my brain.
They used to be a party now they are

Workers we,
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Keep them home
here's check
all's fine.
Just remember this when it's time to vote the----
next time.

No cops,
crooks run wild.
Lots of murders
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Birthrates in the tank,
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no more YANKS.

If FDR, JFK and Truman were alive
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what's all this shit about

Stimulus checks are reviving the service industry. WSB radio

Newsflash: The very liberal mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is not running for re-election due to an offer for a lucrative job offer as a corporate lawyer in, get ready for it, GANG BANG CHICAGO.

To the tune Hi Ho

She's gone
so long
sad LIBS
will toke their BONGS.
She blamed the gun
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big bucks in CHI-CA-GO!

Newsflash: It is estimated when things settle Covid will have killed 7 million people.
Way to go China. You beat Hitler's 6 million scorecard. 900,000 in Atlanta.

Newsflash: China says they will reveal where they think that wayward rocket will fall. Hope they do a better job than with Covid and say something other than “DUCK”!

Newsflash: 53 of 60 made it----in Marine boot camp.

Newsflash: A 97 year old man was shit to death in his own home in Decatur. Ga

Newsflash: Armed robbers sent shoppers in Town Center Mall in Atlanta during a jewelry store robbery.

Newsflash: Tourists will get free Covid shots. They will be administered in Central Park and Times Square but avoid saying SHOT for obvious reasons.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Michael Riles, I almost hate to ask: 53 of 60 made---WHAT---in Marine boot camp?

Michael Riles said...

Then: Morning attire
Now: Mourning attire as morons breed toys they want that become killers and we blame the gun.

Then: Being together.
Now: Being together at last.

A phone conversation: "U have 3 strikes on you: white, straight, male. Give it up kid. It's payback time."

Michael Riles said...

Newsflash: 7 people dead in Colorado Springs birthday party shooting on Mother's day.
Perp kills self.

To the tune Let's Face the Music and Dance

We have so many psychos.
We win the gold when the psychos
get a gun
and kill.
Shelter in place,
deny their thrill.

A trailer park's where perp fired.
Seven dead,
no kids,
thank GOD,
seems like every

Perp settled out of court