Monday, May 31, 2021

Memorial Day 2021

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Today is not about politics. It's about remembering that the freedoms we too easily take for granted came at the highest imaginable cost. We are all in the debt of the fallen - and while it is a debt that can never be repaid, it is essential that we try to prove ourselves worthy of their sacrifice every day.

On this Memorial Day, please take time in your thoughts to express gratitude to those who have died in the service of our nation, and to rededicate yourself to the defense of the gifts they have given us.


Anonymous said...

Absent comrades. We all have them.
I was particularly touched to see several restaurants in Idaho that had an absent comrade table set up in the dining room.
God bless,
JT in Wyomingaaaaa

mamafrog said...

Amen, family and friends.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

(raises a glass) To absent comrades.

Sortahwitte said...

To the friends and comrades of my youth. You sacrificed it all for your country and your friends. I will be forever grateful. Thank you.

Bobo the Hobo said...

May we be worthy of those sacrifices.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Several Uncles served in WWII, Korea. All came home, praise God.
All gone on, now, but not forgotten.

Garet said...

As a 30 year veteran, Vietnam to Afghanistan, I thank you.

PA Ray said...

Amen, never forget

Garrett said...

I was heartbroken at a recent video I received showing a bogus drive in Georgetown to do away with Memorial Day due to American Imperialism. Supposedly "bright" college kids were asked to sign a petition to achieve that end and many did just that. Perhaps some sort of a mandated two year conscription into public service whether it be military or community service might help these young people to better appreciate our country. One young man said he had nothing against the military until professors spoke negatively about's unfortunate these future leaders are being subjected to such propaganda by leftist instructors.

Anonymous said...

Today, we recognize Memorial Day as a time when we honor all the brave men and women who have given their lives in service for this country. As we remember them, let’s honor the gift of freedom they have given us by saying thank you with our actions and choosing to love and honor others. Let’s also honor all those who are serving in our armed forces and their families who are sacrificing so much today. Let’s pray for God’s peace, protection, and provision over every area of their lives.

Alfonso Bedoya said...

Memorial Day used to fall on May 30. Sadly Memorial Day has been changed to fall on the Monday after the last May weekend, so as to allow for a 3-day weekend to enjoy baseball, BBQs, beach parties and other frivolities, instead of remembering those who fell in battle to protect our country. I keep waiting for some kid to utter, "Happy Memorial Day," not having been taught what the day even represents.

I remember as a child growing up in a small California town the displays in the front windows of merchants after WWII ended. The displays featured pictures, militaria and the three words, "Lest we Forget." We apparently need more reminding---especially our young people.

Greywuff said...

“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather, we should thank God that such men lived.”

― George S. Patton Jr.

To absent comrades...

Greywuff said...

Please take time to write and ask why SFC Alwyn Cashe's family has not yet received his Medal of Honor, after President Trump signed the authorization.

SFC Cashe's deeds:

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Greywuff: Done and done. Note to the others: When filling out the form, be sure to uncheck the "send updates" box unless you LIKE getting propaganda from Jo and the Ho.

Rod said...

A STORY: Three high school classmates did not survive Vietnam; one was a close family friend. Fortunately, other than them I go back long way to WW1 to find distant FAMILY who who died in military service. Technically, Memorial Day is for them; other surviving veterans are more associated with Veterans Day. But our families always considered Memorial Day & Spring for all deceased past Veterans no matter when; and for other family as well; as they were usually all in it together. It's good to remember them all.

Especially today: My Grandfather who passed away in 1966, in large part by surviving being shot three times at Meuse Argonne, the battle what ended WW1. More recently: A very good man & "best" contemporary friend & dive buddy who died well into his 80's; he was not lost in Vietnam but as a Captain in U.S Special forces he saw some bad stuff (a lot of it) which he rarely discussed & never in detail; and he was still a bit impacted by PTSD. There are others but this is to be short story.

My very elderly parents passed away not long ago: Mom at 92; having been married to Dad for 74 years; later Dad at nearly 98. He was another veteran who served very well but did not see combat in WW2 and who said he enjoyed every day of service in U.S. Army QM Corps in a Trucking Company in Alaska. We later went up there build the oil pipeline and I know first-hand that was not easy back in WW2. TO THE POINT: I think it not so critical about the specific qualifications; just remember & appreciate them all; and not just today.

ringgo1 said...

My late father (Z"L) flew 88 combat (bombing) missions over Europe during WW2. He was then reassigned to the China, Burma, India campaign, bringing supplies and munitions to China over "the hump", and bring refugees to India on the return trip. He survived B"H.

His favorite brother, my uncle Charles, was a Marine in the Pacific Theatre. He was one of a machine gun crew on Guam, where he was wounded. The treated his wounds at an aide station. Instead of going to the rear, he insisted on returning to his crew on the front line, where he subsequently died of his wounds. I never knew him. RIP Uncle Charles.

Never forget.

Edam Wensleydale said...

I had an uncle who brought down fifteen Messerschmitts in WWII...

Worst mechanic the Luftwaffe ever had. ;D

American Cowboy said...

My late father served in Korea, the forgotten war. Like so many others he rarely talked about what happened while he was there, although very near the end of his life he spoke of it more often saying that it was important to him that I knew about his time there.

When he did tell of his experiences he never managed to get through a telling without breaking down in tears. Much of what he described was pretty horrific.
He also told of heroic actions by fellow service men. I finally understood that he suffered with survivors guilt.

On this day I extend a "THANK YOU" to all veterans who are here, and especially to those who are not.

May we never forget, may we by our words and actions show our appreciation for what they did.

Here's to you dad, R.I.P.

Bobo said...

To my brother, Tommy, 2nd Lt. USMC


Love, Bob

John the Econ said...

We should be worthy of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

What @Garrett said.

anonymous said...

Let's all lift one to absent friends...

Pete (Detroit) said...

Ringgo1 - I knew Uncle Joe had been a flight mech on C-47s 'Over the Hump', but was talking to Dad shortly before he died, and I asked about his brothers, in the war... Turns out Uncle Joe had 3x "unscheduled landings" on the mountain that he walked away from, and managed to get back to base. Jeebus, when the Sarge says "Ok, men, this mountain (I assume they were ALL "this mountain") has failed to kill us three times, who's up to giv him another GO?!?
How big are your BALLS to get back on the damned plane?

American Cowboy - Uncles Louie and Bruce served during Korea (assumed Bruce had been post WWII, but... ) Turns out Louis was "in Comms" in northern Japan... doing WHAT, exactly, we don't know... Turns out he had charges, a detonator, and instructions that said 'try not to leave footprints'. Thankfully, never had to use any of the above.

Bruce had said many years ago, he was stationed in / near Paris. Again, during Korea, not 'rebuild' after WW2... so I asked Dad if he did anything in particular, or just stirred shit and caused trouble, (that being the kind of douche he was)
Dad was all, Yeah, pretty much, what you said..

Mom's Uncle Judd (Julius) was a SeeBee in the South Pacific, had a photo album that I saw briefly, post houmosly ... There was one, building a run way, dozers cutting a path into the jungle, cranes picking trees, and other cranes laying a metal grid .... and bodies (Japanese, I assume) in the ditch. He was one of the gentlest, sweetest men I ever met...
What a effing horror show..

Dad's father enlisted in WWI, fortunately the war ended before he shipped - he was Cav.. they did pretty famously not well against then 'modern arms'

igor said...

I try to remember my Best Friend, David Allen Higgs, shot down in a CH53 trying to rescue the hostages. Ex Lux Aeterna, Brother.
My Father, enlisted in the AAC then became Air Force. He helped build Hickam Airfield in the late 30]s (1938, I believe). Retired in 1964 as a CWO3 at Mountain Home AFB. SAC intelligence, mostly photo reconnaissance. Wouldn't talk about WWII.
Mom was a WAF, met and married Dad while over in Japan. SHE wouldn't talk about anything either, although she was one of 8 nurses making sure the Emperor couldn't commit Seppuku while in confinement. Stripped him naked in his cell, and was WATCHED 24 hours a day!

I memorium of you all, some gave all but all gave some.

Michael Riles said...

From Dan Crenshaw

Kamala Harris didn’t talk about leadership or bravery or fighting for America. No, can you guess what she talked about instead? SOLAR PANELS.

That’s right. Kamala Harris’ “moving” speech to Naval Academy graduates - young people who will fight to defend our freedoms - was focused on how the military is going to use “green energy” as combat power.

Are you kidding me??

First of all, the Navy is powered by nuclear energy, which is a zero-carbon emitting, reliable power source unlike solar or wind. Second, the military is NEVER going to adopt a Green New Deal approach to war because we actually need DEPENDABLE power sources when we are on a mission. But the left doesn’t care about science. And they definitely don’t care about keeping our military strong. All they care about is woke nonsense and implementing their leftist ideology any way they can.

To the tune Anchors Away

Throw anchors a-way
prepare for a new day.
If Taiwanese have to flee
flip solar panels at RED CHINESE

Look up term “Valley Girl”
Prepare to hurl.
You will see Kamala's face

talk about
a (BEEP) damn

Then: MP Military police
Now: MW Military Wokeness

Newsflash: Bush nonprofit agreed to take $5 million from Chinese Communist Party-connected group: report China engages in widespread international propaganda efforts