Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The Spies of Life

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Showing a surprising lack of foresight, our Founding Fathers somehow forgot to add language to the Constitution which would make it easy-peasy for future governments to crush anyone who criticizes their flagrant abuses of power. 

But showing creativity and initiative that, frankly, seems lacking from most other programs, the Biden administration is looking into the possibility of paying private companies (with your money) to have them spy on you in ways which are entirely illegal for our police and intelligence agencies to do. 

Oh sure, they say they'd only use these tools to go after really dangerous extremists like people who question the fiscal sanity of setting six trillion dollars on fire, or people who regularly attempt to overthrow the government by voting for non-Democrats, and those loathsome scoundrels who dare to talk about such things with their friends under the belief that "Freedom of Speech" still offers protection.

Sadly, if not terrifyingly, this isn't the first attempt by a Biden-related administration to spy on (and harass) ordinary citizens in explicitly fascistic ways.  Recall (as we always do) Obama's Stasi-inspired "" program and its parasitic twin "Attack Watch"...


stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, biden, intelligence agencies, domestic, spying, constitution, stasi, secret police, tyranny, fascists  
 So it's come to this. An office in the White House set up specifically so people can turn in their friends and neighbors who are suspected of thoughtcrime against Obama (and if you don't know what "thoughtcrime" is, go read "1984" right now, before it disappears from the shelves!) 

Who is being paid to read these emails, and by what authority? Once the names are collected...what next? Audits? Threats? A burlap bag over the head? Or maybe just a note in your "permanent record" about how much healthcare you should or shouldn't get... Keep in mind that this is the President who praised the run-up to the Iranian "election" for its "robust debate." Is that what you're trying to encourage with this program, Mr President? "Robust debate?" And will you follow the Iranian model for silencing critics who "could have calibrated their words better?" 

And say, what about that catchy address: "Flag@Whitehouse.Gov" Flag? FLAG?! If this isn't the most obscene defilement of the flag in our history, we don't know what is. Meanwhile, it's safe to assume that people will have a lot of mischievous fun with that address; not just reporting suspected conservatives, but also cranky neighbors, ex-spouses, schoolteachers, your a**hole boss, the person who turned you down for a date...the list goes on and on.

Why not just address the mail to ScrewAnyoneYouWant@Whitehouse.Gov? 


Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! Today marks the festive occasion when Mexicans (and on Cinco de Mayo, aren't we all Mexicans?) celebrate what Wikipedia calls an "unexpected victory over the French" in 1862. Although how a victory over the French could be "unexpected" is a good question for another day. 

Cinco de Mayo is traditionally celebrated with guns fired into the air, ambulance runs to the hospital when victims are hit by falling bullets, mariachi music, margaritas, and a game in which children get treats and treasures by beating the daylights out of a hanging figure called a pinata (which, roughly translated, means "taxpayer"). 

So enjoy the holiday - but please, don't make too much noise! You might wake the immigration officials in Washington from their long, long siesta.

Remember: lick the salt, toss down a shot of tequila, bite a lime, and THEN beat your head on the wall.


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National Cartoonist Day is held annually on May 5th so that cartoonists, those lonely outcasts, can make believe that everyone is drinking and partying in their honor rather than because every watering hole with a liquor license is serving half-priced margaritas on Cinco de Mayo.

Unsurprisingly, here at Hope n' Change we hold cartoonists past and present in the very highest of regards. And we're talking about actual ink-stained wretches here, rather than simple pixel-pasters like ourselves.  Genuine artists who are in it for the love of what they do - because there's surprisingly little money to be had, especially as print goes the way of the Dodo (a large bird upon which the natives of Mauritius once tattooed cartoons).

We won't list our heroes here as there are way too many of them and we wouldn't want to leave anyone out. But we will give special recognition to the cartoonist who introduced us to so many others, and inspired us as no one else could: our own father, who passed away in 2006 on National Cartoonists Day. We love and miss you deeply, Pa, and are grateful that you can still make us laugh with cartoons like this one...

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Mike aka Proof said...

"Happy Cinco de Mayo! A day in which Mexican people celebrate a victory over the French, or, as we Germans call it: "Wednesday."

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Sinko de Mayo! When we mourn the loss of untold jars of Hellmann's Mayonnaise that went down with the Titanic...

And genuinely mourn the loss of Pater Jarlsberg, who obviously brought his boy up right. :)

As for Bidet's programme, well, "Snitches Get Stitches" is, I believe, still alive and well, if not practiced as much as, perhaps, it should be on certain portions of the populace.

Fish Out of Water said...

Hey, why the shock over the democrats calling on all good comrades to snitch? It's in their DNA.

It was that progressive icon, Woodrow Wilson, who suppressed free speech with the Creel Committee set up under his administration. And it was the great champion of civil rights and the venerated saint of the progressives Franklin Delano, who demanded (Warren) and signed off on (Roosevelt) the rounding up, confiscation of property and incarceration of mostly loyal U.S. citizens, Japanese Americans.

Was not aware the crypto Marxist and worst electoral mistake since the peanut farmer from plains Ga, had a similar program.

Snark said...

It looks like *46 is continuing the facist/communist traditions established by his dictatorial forebearers. No surprise there; he is obeying the instructions given by the real president, Obozo.

Cinco de Mayo is simply another excuse to drink, as if we needed another one. Not able to tolerate tokillya, I'll likely have a Corona or maybe a mojita. Maybe more than one.

But you can be damn sure it will be alcohol.

rickn8or said...

That "paying people to spy on U.S. Citizens" works both ways Joe.

Or we can continue that fine Democrat tradition of simply making shit up...

TrickyRicky said...

Great and wide ranging post today Stilton.

As alluded to above by Snark, and by you in you post, this extra-constitutional domestic spying plan has Obummer's fingerprints all over it. The third term of the half black commie. Great.

Fish Out of Water said...

A BTW, commenters, visitors to this blog may remember- with little fondness- one of the prominent villains of the crypto Marxist, worst electoral mistake since the peanut farmer from Plans, Ga's administration, Richard Corday, former head of the unconstitutional Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

He's in the news again as being named to head a federal student aid office. Proof to me that only democrats hire the otherwise those with no marketable skills.

Fish Out of Water said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John the Econ said...

In all fairness to the founders, they probably thought they were more than clear on the concept of governmental overreach. They just couldn't anticipate the degree that future Progressives would go to subvert their notion of limited government, or just how complacent future citizens would be in allowing their freedom to be stripped away.

Fascism: Could you imagine the uproar had Trump proposed that private entities surveil unknowing citizens with or without cause? It's always different when the Democrats to it. Anyone think the ACLU will file a complaint on this obvious assault on civil rights?

Happy Cinco de Mayo & Cartoonists Day. I suddenly have an urge to draw myself into a stupor.

Sortahwitte said...

Happy Cartoonists Day! As a youngster, I started with Walt Kelley's "Pogo" and eventually did my M.A. in "Fearless Fosdick" and "Terry and the Pirates". I eventually attained my Phd. in "Little Annie Fannie".

The second coming of the "black jesus" is something we and most dims will long regret. Say hello to my little fren', 1984. We are hard and completely f*cked.

KanB said...

Breaking news! Hunter sits on the board collecting a big bag of tax dollars sharing his expertise in the hunting down of these dangerous extremists.

boron said...

"In all fairness to the founders," they did indeed consider this possibility (perhaps belatedly):
it's called the Second Amendment.

DougM said...

That Leonardo and your Dad were funny guys

Gonzo'57 said...

Biden's idea of spying on American citizens is just one more step closer to a revolution. Bring it on Progressives, bring it on.

Anonymous said...

Another spying issue.
Did you that the FBI sends NICS info on sales to gun owners to Interpol?
Probably to get around the U.S. law that says they can't keep these records.
It's right in their handbook.

JustaJeepGuy said...


Any documentation on that? I don't doubt that there are many traitorous Fibbies who want that, but I don't know if they're actually doing it.

Colby Muenster said...

Fecesbook, Google, Twitter et al are already gathering way more personal info than should be allowed, so now they can sell it to Biteme and turn their billions into trillions (if they aren't already).

I guess the good news is, I can add "extremist" to my resume along with "deplorable," and "racist!" I just hope I don't also end up with "incarcerated" or "deceased" on there.

I decided to support the losers of Cinco de Mayo by having a French beer. Then I realized the French don't make anything I'd consider falling into the category of "beer."

Don't give 'em any ideas!

Michael Riles said...

Newsflash: Several people were critically injured in mass stabbing incident in Dunedin, New Zealand. Four people were taken to hospital, with three in critical condition, following a knife attack at a supermarket in Dunedin, New Zealand. Police said one person has been taken into custody in relation to the attack. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the motivation behind the attack is not known but added that there is "nothing to indicate it is a domestic terror event".

“It wasn't a gun. It will never make the news.” This writer

WOW, MLB moved All Star game f/Atlanta due 2 the new voting laws 2 a state that is almost all white, has more stringent voting laws than Georgia's and is winning the GOLD for mass shootings.

To the tune Ebony and Ivory

you're for me---
that move you made is total hilarity!
LOL means laugh out loud
yes guys
that's why I'm so

Michael Riles said...

Dark Side made the news in May 2020. Dark Side?
A Russian hacker gang that shut down and demanded a ransom from the Colonial
Gas pipeline firm that supplies the east coast.

To the tune From Russia with Love

From Russia they hacked
Our pipeline attacked.
Dark Side
they struck.
so f(BEEP) ed

On east coast,
no gas.
We're taking it,
in the ass.

And' we'll give,
Vladimir Putin a pass.

Newsflash: Over 400 people were shot over the Mother's Day Weekend in the United States. Mass shootings in blue state cities.

To the tune Bang Bang I Shot Him Down

Pandemic winds down,
but our psychos,
they go steal guns,
and away they go.
Cops defunded,
bullets fly,
many wounded,
many more will die.

Bang Bang
Many folks shot dead.

Bang Bang
aim at chest or head
bang bang
kids they shot go down
bang bang
DC won't make a sound.

Tune then: Please daddy don't get drunk this Christmas. I don't want to see my momma cry.
Tune now: I'll die violently in this country. Wife will scream and friends they all will cry.

Tune then: I'll be home for Christmas.
Tune now: I'll be dead by Christmas.

Newsflash: Hammas has initiated rocket attacks on Israeli's in Jerusalem.

To the tune Hava Negila

Whoosh BOOM
we'll see ya

will seek ya.

you'll feel
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Trumps gone,
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is here
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is what we seek.
is now so meek
Our comrades
they're our only link.

boom boom boom boom

Watch them die
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Blown to bits,
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seeing death
can't wait till
we kill the rest


As we watch you die.

Then: Mixed messages
Now: Mixed mask messages.