Friday, May 7, 2021

Visitors Day

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Owing to language which President Trump forced to be inserted into a Covid relief bill, the agencies that monitor reports and investigations of UFOs are supposed to offer a report detailing all they know by June 1st.

And there's at least a possibility that we could hear some cool, scary, mind-blowing stuff...although if we do, it will surely be no more than 1% of the real story. In drips and drabs, military and intelligence agencies have already affirmed the existence of some weird kind of flying objects in our skies that not only far transcend any technology known on Earth, they seem to violate the laws of physics as we (perhaps primitively) understand them.

If we had to guess - and it's only a guess - our instinct is that a lot more of this stuff is real than we've been previously told. And that while extraterrestrials may visit from time to time, they seemingly don't want to interact with us much (let alone conquer us) because as a species we're comparatively stupid and boring.  Seriously, would you want to cross half a galaxy just to spend time getting lectured by Greta Thunberg?

But if there were a huge social upheaval coming when New Neighbors arrive and the government wanted to prepare us for it psychologically, what would that look like? Well, we imagine there would be preemptive policies like:

• Destroying the notion of borders, national sovereignty, and even property ownership. 

• Efforts would be made to erase and rewrite our national history. Hey, why fight to protect what's yours when you don't even know or believe in what you're fighting for?

• Muddle the accepted definitions of what "people" are. Male? Female? Whales? Dolphins? Who needs labels to self-identify as "human?" Or humanoid?

• Prepping for the Big Meet-and-Greet would take trillions of dollars, but it's money that would never realistically ever have to be paid back. Seen any budget proposals like that lately?

• In case of a complete social upheaval, pretty much no one will be showing up for their shifts at McDonalds, meaning the government would need to create plans to feed, clothe, and house everyone from cradle to grave...and supply them with an income even though there are no jobs to go to. And gosh, Biden is pushing all of this right now. Probably coincidentally.

• If Intergalactic visitors show up, we probably don't want to piss them off by implying that they can't do whatever the hell they want. Maybe it would be a good idea to undercut the citizenry's respect for police authority. 

• Just in case Cosmic Tourists would bring Cosmic coronaviruses with them, it would probably be smart to first condition the public to wear a mask or two at all times, indoors and out, for the rest of their lives.

And so on and so on. Mind you, we're not saying any of this is actually happening. We're just saying that, with Joe "Mumbles" Biden sitting in the Oval Office, stranger things have already happened.

It's okay - they're just here to do the jobs that Earthlings won't.


Justin_O_Guy said...

After we were told
The Story
Of Lee Harvey Oswald and Told we had
The Truth
They also told us they would release the documents in twenty years.
Nope.. They finally got pressure and released Some, but they Admit they have not told us the truth.
And insist that you have a mental illness If you don't believe the lone gunman bullshit.

But I'm gonna believe the government is gonna Do what they Don't want to do because of words printed..
IIRC Trump demanded certain documents be made public and he was within his lawful power to do it
And I'm pretty sure we never got the documents.

Cool that Trump took a swing at it, but I'm not holding my breath.

I've never Seen anything that I thought was strange or operated outside of a performance envelope that would raise an eyebrow.

But the stories, like Betty and Barnie??I think their names were..
And the guys who were fishing in Mississippi, they passed polygraph and were terrified,
I don't know, but there are enough people who seem believable ,so, if the government has information, I want it.

I'm pretty tired of things being
Not because of actual security issues for the Nation
But because the truth reveals that they have behaved illegally, or some self serving reasons.

Sortahwitte said...

I've always thought nanzi puhlozi was more than a little alien in origin. She obviously represents trouble beyond the rings around uranus. Also, I'm sure they come in peace.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...


"Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." -Calvin and Hobbes

Jess said...

Personally, I've observed things in the night sky that I can't use my limited knowledge to identify. In the pure sense of the term, they were unidentified, and they were "flying" through the sky. Were aliens involved? Since they didn't stop to tell me what they were up to, or send me a postcard, I haven't a clue.

I do know the thought of astronauts taking long journeys through space is only a wishful thought at this time. Ionizing radiation in orbit mostly protected by the magnetic field of Earth exposes an astronaut to amounts well beyond what anyone would consider acceptable in a short period of time. Our technology doesn't have a solution that is feasible with what we have to place things in orbit. Too much energy is required, and even large governments cringe at the costs.

A new energy source is necessary, and to be something to make trips to even the moon for more than a select few is beyond known available technology. Trips to other planets is even more daunting, and really just science fiction.

So, if their is an alien organism, with technology that allows traveling beyond our known laws of physics, they're either just studying us, or keeping us isolated. I can understand both, since such a species would be advanced to the point we're a curiosity, and to allow us access to other parts of the universe would be like allowing a chimp to roam freely through a bio-hazard lab. We really haven't gotten much past the "clubbing the neighbor and stealing his stuff" phase of societal development. If it was my choice, I'd make sure we were contained, and kept in the dark.

Hans56 said...
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Hans56 said...

I meant " Project Blue Book "
interesting scenario that was pushed off as a conspiracy theory

Fish Out of Water said...

Personally at this point in human development/progress, I'd rather not have beings who are technically capable of crossing the vast expanses of space, come to make contact with us.

Keep thinking of an analogy of what happened when Western Europeans made contact with the indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere.... We all know what happened next....

Rod said...

I'm putting $1 of my own money on: There's a bunch of big alien crafts parked in the deep ocean trenches. They're an even bigger bunch of assholes than Democrats. And so now the 2 trillion of added debt on middle class Americans every few months: Extortion ransom to keep them quiet. Then the Asian Indians stumbled across one of them, and the REAL foreigners (nudge, nudge) kept the submarine, sniffed all the curry and ate the crew. This will be the big, big, really big scare story for 2021. And then (Zaaaaapp.. Sizzle... Silence..... )

See? We can make shit up too.

Hans56 said...

Does this Lead to "Operation Blue Beam" ?

Bobo the Hobo said...

When Neil Armstrong was pondering what his first words on the lunar surface would be after landing Apollo 11, Michael Collins jokingly suggested, “If you had any balls, you’d say, ‘Oh my God, what is that thing?” then scream and cut the mic”.

I never knew Michael Collins was such a hysterical badass.

Anonymous said...

A close encounter of the third kind would be truly historic. They'd be the first aliens to invade us without crossing a border.

Geoff King said...

Although mathematically speaking intelligent life must exist elsewhere in the universe, unless wormholes or faster than light travel are possible, I have a hard time believing ETs are visiting us. The closest solar system to ours, Alpha Centauri, is around 4 light years away. Even at the speed of light, what aliens would want to spend 4 years one way in a tin can just to check us out? That would require some form of suspended animation, or if from further away, a generational ship which would have to be massive to be self-sustaining.
I tend to believe the recent UFO sightings are actually top secret experimental craft of human origin.

Anonymous said...

So if anyone remembers the Chariot of the gods spectacle, it should be easy for them to understand how the mindless can be lead into a state of mental ineptitude, and held in suspension for whatever time it takes to accomplish an agenda.

Alfonso Bedoya said...
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John25mm said...

This whole thing reminds me of the Tommy Lee Jones line in Men in Black. Individuals are smart. People are stupid." Most individuals can handle pretty much anything if given good information and a little time to process it. It's when you dump a lot of new stuff on a bunch of people too quickly is when you have problems. Let's face it even if only .0001% of the seen stars out there have a solar system that can support life that is going to be billions of life forms out there ranging from slime(no jokes about democrats)to for want of a better term Star Trek Vulcan intelligence levels wandering around. As far as faster than light travel just remember in less than 70 years we as a species went from knowing that man couldn't fly with heavier than air aircraft to sticking a flag on another chunk of dirt in space. Just think what a species that has had a few thousand years of work could be doing.

Alfonso Bedoya said...

I remember that several movies popped out of Hollyweird because of the UFO controversy that took place after WWII. One film was "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (1951), starring Michael Rennie. A newer version came out some time later, but the original was far more campy and fun to watch.

The story involved the landing of a spaceship shaped like a flying saucer. After a short time, Michael Rennie emerges, dressed in a silver suit. Of course, all the local yokels were freaked out, thinking that Rennie---the original illegal alien---was there to lay the groundwork for an invasion by more outer-space aliens. Instead, Rennie was there to instruct and signal a warning to the earthlings. I was only fourteen in 1951, and the signal to me was merely that I needed another box of popcorn.

TrickyRicky said...

I see what you did there Stilton.

Bobo said...

“DANGER! Will Robinson. DANGER!”

Murphy(AZ) said...

So what the heck are you all worried about? VICE President Harris is in charge of all that now. She just won't go there to see for herself.

KanB said...

I have to go with the "Unidentified" part of UFO. Humans have been making up explanations or unidentified phenomenon since they first poked their furry heads out of their caves. Some more far fetched than others.

Colby Muenster said...

One has to ask oneself a question. If an alien ship landed in your yard, and an alien creature emerged to say, "Take me to your leader." To whom would you take him (her, it)? I guess you'd have to decide what his (hers, its) intentions were first. Is the alien here to talk peace, or is he (she, it) here to vaporize our "leader?" If its vaporize, send 'em to DC.

John the Econ said...

How dare you!

Perhaps we can offer Greta up as a sacrifice.

But I do have to admit that conditioning a formerly free citizenry for slavery sounds an awful lot like what has been happening as of late.

I actually have a good (for me anyway) UFO story. It involves being at the helm of a sailboat well offshore in the middle of the night with lights on the water that moved in a manner not consistent with other boats or physics as I understand it. And no, I hadn't been drinking either.

John the Econ said...

As for the possibility of intelligent life elsewhere, I don't have a problem with the idea that it's possible, or even likely. What I do have a problem with is that they're here with us now, because math.

There are somewhere between 100 & 400 billion stars in our galaxy alone, with at least as many planets. And there are at least hundreds of billions more galaxies. So as unique as the conditions of our solar system and earth which made our existences possible may seem, there is still a reasonable chance that such conditions exist elsewhere in the universe that would allow life to evolve and even become "intelligent" and industrial as we have.

The problem is time.

It's been suggested that the universe is somewhere around 14-billion years old. The earth is somewhere around 4 or 5 billion years old. Complex cellular life has only existed here around half-a-billion years, modern homo sapien only about 200,000 years. And a civilization self-aware enough to really comprehend all of this only a couple of centuries.

And then there's the question of how long will we last? The warm-mongers are convinced we'll be done by the 22nd century. More likely is an extinction level cataclysm of the sort that took out the dinosaurs; either a geophysical cataclysm (massive volcanic activity) or a sizable asteroid hit. These events appear to happen every 500-million to 20-million years.

So assuming that such conditions across the universe are not unique, it's not an unrealistic expectation that between evolution and eventual destruction, a civilization such as ours will only be able to exist a couple of thousand to hundred-thousand years or so. That's not a very big window of time compared to the existence of the galaxy, much less universe. And considering the time it takes for interstellar travel under known physical limitations, that makes the chances of one civilization meeting another civilization from another star very unlikely. It's more likely that the possible civilization nearest to us evolved and died out a billion years before we did, or will do so after we're long gone.

Rod said...

@ John the Econ: Potentially a type of bioluminescence? There are many kinds; not just those more common that flash when the water is disturbed. Some sources can be very different, interesting & beautiful. Imagine an entire small bay with synchronized pulses of light occurring across everything in range of seeing the soft light. But nothing easily found upon u/w inspection.

Or were you perhaps above some night divers?

Pete (Detroit) said...

Bobo - that's funny as shit!
Alfonso - Klatuu barada nicto!
John the Econ - cool story!

As others have pointed out, mathematically, in this whole vast universe we are completely and utterly alone, or we are not. I find the first case scenario far more frightening.

Hopefully, they'll release the secret of zero point energy, and we can get PAST this green new deal crap, Greta and all...

Certainly, there's been a lot of 'leaked' footage of things we don't understand - some of which are undoubtedly top secret stuff. Some of seems likely to be 'other', to me..

But yeah, given all the spacey entertainment, from Trek to Wars to Farscape (VERY cool show, In My Arrogant Opinion) to Ancient Aliens to Project Blue Book (Met J Allen Hynek, once -his bottom line at the time, 'we don't know') at any rate, given all that, they could come out and say 'yes, they're real, Roswell was real, they've been working behind the scenes for 70 years, no biggie' and folks would be Oh, ok, and go back to watching Kardashians, or Singing Loser, or what ever and just not care.

As noted, "People are stupid"

John the Econ said...

No, definitely not bioluminescence.

This was the late '80s. I was crewing on a 55-foot sailboat on a race from Newport California to Ensenada Mexico. My friend & I had the first night watch. I was at the helm and he was keeping me company and keeping the sails in trim. It was the middle of the night and beyond some stars peeking through the overcast a pitch-black. For those who have never experienced such darkness without frames of reference while in motion, it can be quite disorienting. Basically I had a compass for maintaining a course and that was it. You could barely discern the horizon, where the sea ended and the sky began. We were about a dozen miles off the coast of Mexico south of the border, just outside the Coronado Islands.

Suddenly there was a point of light on the horizon right in front of us. Now the thing is in this sort of environment is that without other frames of reference and not knowing the source of the light, you have no way of judging whether the object projecting this light is 5 miles away, 1 mile away, 1000 feet away, or 50 feet away. Is it another small boat? If it was a larger vessel I'd expect to see more lights. It might have been a buoy, but there were no buoys on the chart for around here and they're usually more dim than this and they usually flash. Obviously I am concerned that I am about to hit something.

Just as I am about to alter my course, the light seems to split in two and they move in opposite directions at an amazing speed; one to the left and the other to the right. My first thought was that they were two vessels, perhaps drug runners on a handoff and when they saw us approaching decided to run for it. The speed at which they diverged was so fast that I could only assume that they were only feet away. So I immediately spun the wheel to tack to starboard to avoid whatever might be there.

Both lights soon disappeared into where the horizon would be if we were able to see it.

The funny thing was that if we were really that close, at the speed they diverged we would have heard some high-powered motors. And yet other than the sound of the breeze on our rigging and the water on the hull, there was total silence. On the other hand, if these were boats far enough away that we wouldn't hear their motors, there's no way they could have moved away from each other that quickly. It was a mystery we were never able to explain.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Justin_O_Guy- Oh, I don't think the government will ever tell us anything really huge or interesting. They obviously didn't tell Trump anything, or it would have been on Twitter within 15 minutes. But there are some very credible reports out there that don't have easy explanations. Am I a believer? Nope. Do I rule out the possibility that we're being visited? Nope. As the saying goes, extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence. If it appears, I'm open to it.

@Sortahwitte- Personally I've never felt like Pelosi and I belong to the same species. Or planet.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- You can do worse than to listen to the philosophies of Rod Serling and Calvin & Hobbes.

@Jess- I'm guessing that to travel interstellar distances, one would need technology that doesn't even try to play with our existing understanding of physics. Maybe something more along the line of quantum entanglement, in which information is instantaneously shared between "entangled" atoms no matter how far apart. A "speed" so fast that it doesn't abide by either time or space. We know it exists, but we have no idea how it works.

On your other point, I'm guessing if we DO have visitors it's only to take a look at us from time to time. We don't have enough "reach" to threaten other worlds. Yet.

@Hans56- Yeah, "Project Blue Book" was interesting on several layers.

@Fish Out of Water- While intellectually I'd want to know if visitors were here, in reality it would freak me out. Then again, I coexist with a lot of things that freak me out so maybe I'd get used to the idea in time.

@Rod- I think you're on to something! Or maybe just on something. Either way, it makes for a good read!

@Hans56- I think Obama's appearance on the world scene was the attempt at pulling off "Blue Beam."

@Bobo the Hobo- Remember when the camera on the moon buggy panned around and found a giant rectangular structure on live TV, and Walter Cronkite and company were asking "what the heck is THAT thing? It looks huge!" and then the signal cut out for a long time, after which NASA said "Oh, that was just the camera looking at another part of the rover" and no one ever mentioned it again? There are those of us who are old enough to have seen it live, but good luck finding anything about it on the Internet.

@Anonymous- And the first to show up NOT wearing Joe Biden t-shirts.

@Geoff King- I'm certainly open to the idea that the flying whatsits are secret earthbound projects trying new technologies. But I mostly doubt it. And per an earlier comment of mine, I don't think that interstellar craft would be "faster than light" so much as "now we're here and now we're there and there was no time or distance in transition."

@Anonymous- I absolutely agree. Humans are creative and tricky bastards, and can accomplish a lot that seems impossible later. And there's been a HUGE amount of disinformation about UFO-related studies, much of it motivated by politics and power.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Alfonso Bedoya- I love the original "The Day The Earth Stood Still," and consider Gort to be one of the best sci-fi robots of the time. He looked so plain, but when that visor opened you knew you were looking into the gates of Hell.

@TrickyRicky- Well, that explains my paranoia.

@Bobo- Let's all rock back and forth and flail our arms!!!

@Murphy(AZ)- Oh yeah, KaMAla is who I want the aliens to contact first... Sheesh.

@KanB- I agree! Gorillas were considered to be purely mythical creatures until 1902. Humans "explain" things we don't understand in magnificently idiotic ways.

@Colby Muenster- Currently, if the being's intentions seemed good, I'd introduce him/her/it to cartoonist Scott Adams. Probably the most interesting mind I can think of on the spur of the moment.

@John the Econ- Today's blog about "conditioning" is a mixture of pure foolishness and my own mildly-paranoid concerns about what might Actually Be Going On. Who the hell knows anymore?

Good breakdown of the math challenges to meeting any interesting cosmic neighbors.

@Rod- Look, I'm not saying it's aliens. BUT IT'S ALIENS! (grin)

@Pete (Detroit)- I've been privy to some bits and pieces of information which I find hard to explain away. Decades ago in Indiana, a rural family whose farm was under giant power lines, saw a UFO slowly approaching over their cornfield. It stopped and hovered just a bit higher than their barn (and was about that size). At one point it discharged a small red globe which disappeared into the ground. The family was terrified and hid in their home. The UFO slowly and silently cruised away.

The next day, looking from a second story window, they saw a perfectly round crop circle under the area where the UFO had been seen. I personally investigated that site and the crop circle was fascinating. The cornstalks hadn't just been flattened, they were nearly braided - as if moving wildly as they were pressed down. I also spoke to the children who lived there, who told me that their mommy was really scared and made them hide under their beds. This was a very believable detail coming from a small kid in casual conversation.

But you may be thinking "it's easy to fake a crop circle, or lie about seeing a UFO" and you'd be right. Only this family didn't want any publicity. And, oh yes, the police were chasing the thing and issuing live radio reports and everyone at a high school football night game saw the damn thing as it swept past.

And I swear that right here, right now, I've got goosebumps.

@John the Econ- Great story!

DougM said...

Take me to your Greta Thunberg

Wait… what if Greta Thunberg is one of them?
Yeah, that would make a lot more sense

Fritzchen said...

Remember: To Serve Man IS A COOKBOOK!

American Cowboy said...

"A "speed" so fast that it doesn't abide by either time or space. We know it exists, but we have no idea how it works."

That is an interesting concept. My father speculated about how angels travel. He was much more religious than I. His thought was that angels, not being bound by the laws of physics or hampered by physical bodies, in order to cover distance in the Biblical realm of instantly may travel by thought transference. To think of being there would mean you were there.

Could there be other civilizations elsewhere in this universe? I think it would be supremely arrogant to believe that there are not. I also think it would be more likely than not that they could be many times more advanced than we are, and may have tapped knowledge we can only dream about.

Bobo said...

Queue: “The Twilight Zone” music. Good night, all.

JustaJeepGuy said...

Here's something for Justin_O_Guy to ponder: Vincent Bugliosi's book "Reclaiming History". Written by the guy who put Charles Manson on Death Row, this is a study in depth of the JFK assassination. Fifteen hundred pages, with a CD of 900 pages of footnotes, this book is basically a summary of the Warren Report, which almost nobody has read in its entirety. I know I haven't. I would like to, but I don't feel I can spare the time any more.

Anyway, I would recommend reading "Reclaiming History" and see if you still think Oswald DIDN'T act alone. As one writer on the subject wrote, people want to believe there was a huge conspiracy because a nothing like Oswald shouldn't have been able to take down a SOMEONE like the President of the USA all by himself. It would be impossible to contain a conspiracy that big for this long.

Rod said...

@ John the Econ: Thanks for the follow-up. That's a great adventure. I've been in similar situations offshore: full dark, no points of reference, can't judge distance nor size; and I accept witnessing a mystery like that as kind of a blessing. My only lead now to possibly make it explainable would be an atmospheric condition and mirage effect.

A similar visual situation occurred a few years ago on land at night. We felt the cabin rock and heard the blast from an explosion. From the back porch I could see through the woods a vigorous flame but couldn't judge if was a neighbors' place nearby or huge jet flame at greater distance. We got dressed and investigated; it turned out to be a rupture in a high pressure gas pipeline about 15 miles away. And we also knew a family that lived only about 500 yards from the pipeline site. THEY had a story to tell: lost some property but were not injured. Among other things he had been a mushroom grower at the time; but the heat from that fire put him out of that business; roasted his crop & melted the grow-building. They & the house farther away were OK.

Back When we witnessed the pulsing bay of light (Isla Bahia offshore Honduras) which no one in the group had seen and our trip leader had been at that location nearly for ~ forty trips but could not explain it. I was a bit disappointed when the most likely explanation was later determined to be a synchronized bioluminescent nearly microscopic marine life.

But your experience is interesting & something to remember, unsolved.

Justin_O_Guy said...

Hey,JustaJeepGuy,, thanks for the reply. I appreciate the way you express yourself and question my ideas without trying to slap me in the head.
For a little background, I'm66, I lived in Houston and was reading the front page of whichever Sunday paper the parents were paying for.
I saw the reports of the people who were positioned to have been valuable witnesses
I spent time looking at things
The Secret Service guys being called away from their position on the back bumper, within seconds of the car turning onto the road in front of the book depository. One walked towards the camera, palms up and out ,clearly questioning the orders. The car was shipped off to the factory.

Came back all cleaned up. New windshield. I'm sure the Zapruder film showed the pink mist of vaporized brains clearly enough to show the bullet hit just behind the right temple well enough for anyone who has done a reasonable amount of shooting to grasp the reality of what that video is showing.
Some lawyer did a ton of research and produced a movie. Dayum,, his name escapes me..
After all the drama, the government told us
In twenty years we will release all the information
Really? If I already Have the truth
What further information would I need?
Twenty years came and went. Nope, they would not declassify the records.
Why do I not trust them?
Man, I've been lied to and mistreated by the government too many ways and for far too long to just accept what t they say.

You do know that the reason we were taught for getting into the Vietnam conflict was a lie, right?

Justin_O_Guy said...

Hey,JustaJeepGuy,, thanks for the reply. I appreciate the way you express yourself and question my ideas without trying to slap me in the head.
For a little background, I'm66, I lived in Houston and was reading the front page of whichever Sunday paper the parents were paying for.
I saw the reports of the people who were positioned to have been valuable witnesses
I spent time looking at things
The Secret Service guys being called away from their position on the back bumper, within seconds of the car turning onto the road in front of the book depository. One walked towards the camera, palms up and out ,clearly questioning the orders. The car was shipped off to the factory.

Came back all cleaned up. New windshield. I'm sure the Zapruder film showed the pink mist of vaporized brains clearly enough to show the bullet hit just behind the right temple well enough for anyone who has done a reasonable amount of shooting to grasp the reality of what that video is showing.
Some lawyer did a ton of research and produced a movie. Dayum,, his name escapes me..
After all the drama, the government told us
In twenty years we will release all the information
Really? If I already Have the truth
What further information would I need?
Twenty years came and went. Nope, they would not declassify the records.
Why do I not trust them?
Man, I've been lied to and mistreated by the government too many ways and for far too long to just accept what t they say.

You do know that the reason we were taught for getting into the Vietnam conflict was a lie, right?

Maoz said...

Here I am, day(s) late and a dollar short as usual (or should I say 3 shekels and 29 agorot short...).

Anyway, @Justin_O_Guy, perhaps the lawyer you're thinking of is Mark Lane. He wrote a book titled "Rush to Judgment." Wrote a follow-on as well, but the title escapes me. In RtJ he built what I considered a pretty compelling case for reasonable doubt re the Oswald-as-lone-assassin theory, basing his arguments on the material contained in the 26 volumes of evidence and testimony on which the Warren Commission supposedly based their conclusions. He gave some humongous number of citations to the 26 volumes. (Don't recall how many -- this was what? 40 some-odd years ago that I was looking into it.) I can't claim to have checked every citation, but I did check around half of them, and did not find any inaccuracies on his part.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Justin_O_Guy and @Maoz,

I used to wonder about a lot of the "evidence" brought up by various conspiracy theorists regarding the JFK assassination until it was pointed out how those theorists always brought up only the evidence backing their cases. Such as the 20 or so "earwitnesses" who heard the shots as having come from some other place than the school book depository building. They conveniently ignore the 100+ "earwitnesses who distinctly heard the shots come from the 6th floor window of the building. They ignore the couple guys who were a floor below Oswald, hanging out the window and pointing to the floor directly above them, indicating that they had heard the shots come from there. If one's theories can't account for the evidence that doesn't match the theory, Occam's Razor kinda cuts against one.

Even novelist Stephen Hunter came up with a semi-plausible theory for the conspiracy against JFK. But it was just for another book so his "Bob the Nailer" character series could continue.

My personal thoughts about the non-release of evidence by the SS and FBI and such is that even after all these years, they're unwilling to put their institutional incompetence on public display.

BTW, I'll be 68 next month.....

Michael Riles said...

Then: An American political party that gave young women financial incentives to drop out of school and have fatherless babies who were later dumped on the street when they got older to become cannon fodder for street gangs.

Now: A mindset that said “get a puppy” to deal with the quarantine due to the pandemic and then dumping them on the streets or taking them back to kennels when it becomes a rambunctious dog.

Over 8 million borrowers over age 50 hold 22% of this?
The federal student-debt load, or $336.1 billion.

“Just tell them that many are seeking engineers that speak Mandarin Chinese or they say 'sorry, but we have federal contracts. Do you know a woman or minority with an engineering degree looking for a job?'” Me to my 40 year old son experiencing this.

UN envoy warns of ‘a full scale war’ as death toll rises in Israel-Hamas violence.

To the tune from the cartoon Mighty Mouse

Here it comes a full scale war.
Thanks to those Iranian WHORES.
Sneak in missiles to Gaza.
Light the fuses
Allah Akbah.

And old Joe will wonder what to do.
As the DEMS might HOSE the Jews.
Thankfully folks did the DUMP!
And they got rid of DONALD TRUMP.

Michael Riles said...

US History then: Millions for defense, not one cent for tribute.
US History now: They want 5 million----OH SHIT! Pay them.

Then: Seal Teams going after terrorists that kill Americans
Soon: Seal teams tracing down Russian MOB buildings, telling Putin to F Off, getting
the money they got and killing them.

Michael Riles said...

From Newt Gingrich

An amazing report this morning found that consumer prices in April rose the most since 2009, and the core consumer price index rose 0.9 percent since March--the biggest increase since 1982. I think this is a real warning sign of what I described as President Biden’s “hidden tax.” Every single person pays it, and it’s going to reduce Americans standard of living. We could be on the edge of a Jimmy Carter-style stagflation.

To the tune My Boy Friend's Back

Stagflation's back,
and we're gonna see the seventies.
Oh joy, I bet
misery index.

No jobs, big tax
as some tin horn attacks us.
Big war,
it's in the air.

welcome to the old crap.

that we have these new democrats.

Tax and spend for pipe dreams that never

They'll point the fingers of blame
to Neo Cons so insane.

Wait and see.