Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Summer Breakation

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Readers- I'm going to take a break for a bit and will be posting only sporadically (but if you're on the email list, you'll always be alerted to new material).

I'm glad to say that there's nothing sad, sinister, or even remotely depressing behind this decision. Rather, it's a case of there being some other fun things I want to accomplish and currently there just isn't enough time to squeeze everything in.

Plus, after doing this for 12+ years, it doesn't help that the news has become an unrelentingly negative slog. At this point, I think we can all agree that our country is on the receiving end of metaphorical (and perhaps literal) Chinese water torture without the need for me to opine on every new droplet as it splatters on our foreheads.

I'll definitely have more to say about all of this (probably on Friday) after doing some thought-gathering and navel-gazing (which I'd previously given up for Lint). For now, just know that all is well and I'm in a perfectly good mood, but change is in the air!


M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Enjoy the break! We'll be here waiting patiently! Or impatiently... ;D

Anonymous said...

I'll look for you when you get back. Enjoy yourself and refresh.

Savannah Sue said...

I’ll miss you terribly Stilt, but relax and refresh yourself and the Mrs….

Al n said...

Have fun, but not too much... don't want to overextend yourself.. Gotta walk away once in a while just to make sure you are still on the right track..

Jerryskids said...

This is a sign of something, I'm sure.

Crawdad said...

Pass a good time sha and we will be looking forward to your return!

Jim Irre said...

This sounds like a til-the-Republicans-take-back-the-White-House-and-Congress-but-that-might-not-even-be-long-enough hiatus. I'm stocking up on corn-dogs and Clan! See you at the other end of the tunnel!

Feargal the Cat said...

Enjoy your break. It will do you good to go off-grid for a little while.

Bobo the Hobo said...

Good for you, lad! Enjoy your time off.

Fish Out of Water said...

Have a sense the drumbeat of "progressive " outrages from the Obama sock puppet president has taken its toll.

Snark said...

Everyone needs a break once in a while. Or at least a dislocation. You know we will be anxiously awaiting your return. Enjoy your break. Then get it fixed. I wouldn't blame you if you escaped to Costa Rica. They only have volcanoes, rather than dhimicrats.

Be well.

Cridge said...

Fair winds and following seas, do take good care. I will miss your wit.

PA Ray said...

Best wishes Stilt.
Always enjoy your perspectives.

isright63 said...

For you I'm happy. For me I'm sad, but optimistic that you will return. All the best.

VideomanSS said...

Enjoy your break. Everyone need to step back once in a while.

Stan da Man said...

"Change is in the air"
OH, is THAT what that is?
>sniffff< Smells like the Winds of Change were freshly broken!
Enjoy the time away, have some REAL fun! You know anyone w/ a boat? Other people's boats are LOTS of fun!

Gorgon Zola said...

Gave up for "LINT"??? Seriously??? After that I would agree, it's time for a break! Enjoy, charge your batteries and we'll see when you'rerecovered

Fred Ciampi said...

I'll be staring at the blank screen until your return.

KanB said...

Good for you there good buddy! I'll miss your weekly wit and wisdom but when you really love something you're happy to see it go free. I've really enjoyed the time we've spent together, come back by and visit me again soon! See you in the Funny Papers!

Alej said...

Good on you, sir... The "Place" is worth waiting for, as long as it takes.

Sortahwitte said...

Good deal, my friend. You deserve a time out. Today.

TrickyRicky said...

I understand completely. It's grinding enough just to witness current events, much less comment with great wit and understanding. Mazel Tov.

Roger Myers said...

Enjoy! E-mail if you will be in the Justin TX area, scotch and a cigar on the back porch is in order.

Alfonso Bedoya said...

Stilt: Enjoy some time off. We aren't going anyplace soon, and will be thrilled when you return.

John the Econ said...

It's a shame you don't have decent substitute guest hosts you can bring in. But then I probably wouldn't trust anyone else with Busty either.

I don't think most people appreciate the time, talent & effort to takes to produce a blog with consistent quality content on a regular schedule, but I want you to know that I do. Add in the fact that I know you probably aren't getting rich doing it either just makes me feel the love that much more.

So enjoy your breakation. We'll still be here.

ringgo1 said...

Enjoy your break; 'see you on the radio.

BonnieMH said...

Take care of yourself! I'll be here when you get back. Thank you for all of your entertainment and insight!

Colby Muenster said...

Awww... this brings back memories of the end of Hope'n'Change and the dread I felt thinking that you may give up blogging altogether. No pressure, mind you.

However, if anybody deserves a break, it's you, so go out there and enjoy the heck out of life as much as possible! Us Muensters will be checking this site every day as usual. If you find yourself wandering into western Carolina, email me, and I'll buy you a single malt or three!

DougM said...

Brand-new underwear, too

Skip said...

I am feeling much the same as you. I have had a mostly political blog going for 10 years, and since the only savior for America that I know of was defeated (cheated) out of his second term in office, I am posting but my heart and mind is not really into it.

I will continue checking on your site.

Bobo said...

Take your time. Stop to smell the daisies. Stay up late and sleep in. Take Mrs J and daughter on a road trip to someplace new. Take a small notebook and copy down interesting thoughts and places visited.

We will be waiting for you on the other side.

Velveeta Processed Cheese Food said...

Have a good time, but don't overdo the Scottish industrial solvent.

Coffeypot said...

I totally understand. Enjoy your sabatal.

Dan said...

Bummers. First Fred Key (Vitamin Fred) goes on hiatus, now you're taking a break. Not that I can blame you.

Rest up and hope to see you back again soon.

Unknown said...

Hello Stilt, I hope some time away will do you a good turn. I’ve particularly enjoyed your humor over the years while making the case for a sane America. Take care and hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Job 11:18

“Then you would trust, because there is hope;
And you would look around and rest securely.

Even God rests.
May you be restored after the battering that Liberty has taken.

Anonymous said...

Do what you need/want to do.
We'll all be here when you get back.
(You are coming back, right?)

Bruce Bleu said...

Thank you for years of unrelenting wisdom and wit. Look forward to the "New Adventures of Stilton Jarlsberg" coming soon to my inbox! I have used your info in my own personal political e-mails to like minded patriots WITH accreditation and will miss the regular updates by Busty Ross (and even that little cutie Left Lucy).

Rod said...

I'm hoping it's a Black Ops mission inside the DC beltway with that razor sharp wit of yours. Be careful and take your time. Take all you need to get the job done.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- I really appreciate all the nice comments. I genuinely don't know how everything is going to sort out yet, as I need time off just to clear my head enough to start thinking about new possibilities. But my mood is fine and I'm feeling something that seems suspiciously like relief.

What I can tell you right now is that I have no intention of disappearing completely, but also no intention at the moment of continuing my regular political commentary. I like to laugh and like to make others laugh, and I'm tired of simply reframing my anger about current events. There are better, and certainly more enjoyable, uses for my time. Hopefully doing things that, at some point, I can share for your enjoyment!

At least, that's my vague goal at the moment. Further bulletins as warranted!

@John the Econ- I had to chuckle at the size of your understatement that I'm "probably not getting rich" from the blog. I've never made an actual dime from the blog; what little return I get from ad sales doesn't quite cover the cost of the email service that I use to stay in touch with people. I think what I've had isn't so much a business plan as an odd compulsion (grin).

Rod said...

I think yours is a wise move and I've also been trying (with limited success so far but WILL get it done) to put down all this political frustration. It's not healthy plus I have a lot more important things to be doing with my time. I have already put down a couple of former affiliations with which I no longer fit; but even that took some time to wrap things up.

A friend says I should enjoy life more; and leave it to the younger ones (THAT's still a worry).. because no one cares what we old farts have to say any more. OK: I won't follow so much nor say much; but I hope we can still laugh. And yes I do VOTE.

Dan said...

Politics shouldn't be all-consuming.

Another blog I read regularly ( "An American Weasel in Darkest England")
She used to write a lot of political stuff but finally burned out on it. Now she writes about home stuff, her chickens, historic and archeological stuff. Since she was a good writer already, she still has quite a few folks reading and commenting regularly.

So, whatever form Stilton's Place evolves into (or devolves into for that matter) I'm sure it'll be fine.

griz said...

You deserve a break.
Nothing wrong with taking a break and clearing the mind.
I will know you are back by my email notifications.
Enjoy your peace and quiet time.
Take care, be safe.
God bless,
Griz - Alaska

Stevarooni said...

A sanity break is always better than the alternative.

Terri said...

Your blog always arrived around two in the morning. It was the perfect start to my day in this new world some call "Biden's America". You deserve time away from the insanity. We will miss you terribly though. Thanks for bringing your much needed humor to us all! Happy trails!

boron said...

Thank you for all of your incisive commentary, but (with no regard for you or your health) I don't believe this is the time to let off on the pressure you apply to the ungodly.

A. Dumas said...

Just so you know, there is no replacement for what you do, at least for me. Best stuff on the interwebs.

Anonymous said...

You're malingering, Stilt.

igor said...

Glad to hear you've gnawed through your restraints, Stilt! It should take 'em a week to find you and drag you back...

Enjoy! The hallucinations should die down soon.

Rod said...

I didn't expect it so really, no pressure here: Tt's early Monday morning (need not say why) and you're on sabbatical.

It's sometimes odd, odd like mystic, how things happen. My very aging father passed away two years go last Friday and my also very aged Mother three years ago yesterday. They were married and together 74 years. Then one of my best friends & dive buddy also left us soon after Dad. That lapse of time strikes me. 2-3 years can seem like a long time but in one's fourth quarter it's not so long. Thank you for reassurances that all is well with you & you just need to make adjustments. Amen to THAT my friend. Genius at work, knowing that.

I've been in a funk and have been laying it on current events; but am realizing the real story is: I need to accept some things and move along. Things will work out. There is the rest of good game to play. And off YOU go on vision quest. Then THIS just pops up Yesterday (Another song as it were). Mystic.

Here's a thing that helps a bit; you might try it. Study up on history of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" "Let It Be" and "Here Comes the Sun". Play them loud and as much as needed. Some music can help as a catalyst for healing or finding new direction. It's a thing we all need sometimes. Just like the oil change & tire rotation on the truck (this Tuesday); then get on down the road.

Love to you all on this Forum; and do it right Stilt. Avoid all the bullshit and figure it out. We'll get along and I think we will stay together. MUST keep laughing.

(FYI no drugs were abused in this production; just some Tylenol for a sore back.)

CenTexTim said...

Monday morning, fresh cup of coffee, and ... no email from Stilton. Oh well, just one more blow to our American way of life.

Seriously, relax and enjoy yourself. We survived obama, we'll survive this.

Take care and have fun.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Rod (and shout out to everyone else)- Good advice there, and let me emphasize yet again that I'm not dead or even wounded (grin). Quite the opposite, in fact - I'm making a fresh effort to live life instead of endure it. The news still riles me up, but I'm practicing letting it go. That doesn't mean I'll be a get-along go-along guy for all the political nonsense going on, but does mean that I'm learning to make a greater distinction between angst and action.

Mind you, my course of action in the immediate future is still a bit hazy. Step one in changing my perspective is taking time to let my brain fog lift a bit. It IS my intention to stay in contact with everyone and provide some kind of amusement; there are plenty of things other than politics that I can (humorously) gripe about without giving myself angina. Or maybe no griping will be involved!

And this is to everyone: I am so grateful for all the messages of support and understanding. They really help!

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Stilt, don't bother griping, just post things like your father's old cartoons and stuff, or whatever tickles your funnybone on any day. If it's funny to you, it will be funny to (most of) us too.

Squidball said...

After years of ear abuse, at 83 my hearing has deteriorated. My wife thinks I need a hearing aid and I am dragging my feet because, as Stilton says, the news gets to you. My computer is close to the TV set so when my wife watches and listens at her hearing level, I am blissfully ignorant of what is going on in the news unless she shouts and tells me. Democrats are doing despicable things to our country and, as usual, blame everyone else for what they do. Biden, the doddering old fool, won't admit he is incapable of running anything, but his handlers love him because he does whatever they say so we are stuck with him until democrats have no further use for him and seat Kamala (the Ho) Harris in the WH. Then watch things get even worse. Stay tuned out and enjoy life. It is too short

Michael Riles said...

“The President of the United States is actively helping organized crime this very moment [with] open border policies.” Laura Ingraham

To the Tune Sing Softly Love from the Godfather

Open the borders let all in that's how they help
Latin Cosa nostras that give us living HELLS.
Gang extortion's
Human bondage.
Pimping young girls out to scum with highest bids.

But this falls,
in line
with the DEMS.
MOB was with them,
Joe Kennedy's shady MEN.

A gangsta nation thanks to liberal democrats.
Instead of HAPPYS DAYS DEMS songs should RAP CRAP!
They say nothing,
about gang bangs,
what does that tell you folks,
they got us by our WANGS.

Newsflash from twitter: Ageism against people 50 years and older could cost the economy trillions of dollars Americans are getting older, and we're not making enough room for them at work. An AARP study found that the lost economic activity from those older Americans not being able to find work, change careers, or earn promotions because of age discrimination cost the US economy $850 billion in lost gross domestic product in 2018. By making it harder for older workers to reach their full potential, the research suggests ageism and age discrimination could add up to trillions of dollars in lost value
in the coming decades.

To the tune When I'm 64

This land don't like old,
get them out of here,
younger ones have much fear.

Older people don't goof off with their cell phones.
They don't complain, whine, bitch and moan.

Then there's the fact
seeing wrinkles and gray,
makes millennials freak.

They don't want to see self,
old age to them's HELL.
Can't stomach
to see.

Tweet from NY Post

FBI seized a fully constructed US Capitol Lego set' from alleged riot leader on January 6, 2021.

Laura Ingraham response


Newsflash: Chicago---Two federal agents and a cop were shot and wounded in Chicago. The mayor is begging Biden for help. OK---now we can send in the National Guard---NOW THAT TRUMP IS GONE. 36 cops shot so far this year there.

Newsflash: Indiana---a cop was shot and killed in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Newsflash: Houston---a dad and kids heading home from a ballgame were shot at on the highway. The boy is in critical condition. Road Rage.

To the tune Happy Holidays

Get me outta here---ding dong ding dong ding.
Stark raving fear-- ding dong ding dong ding.
This nation's now,
Win the LOTTERY---
and LEAVE.

Michael Riles said...

Wow, I just saw a Lakota man and woman flipping off the occupants of Mount Rushmore
as a backdrop to a Liz Wheeler podcast. OK---let's get that time machine and go back to when Indian tribes did here what their present brethren did in Syria, Iraq and
soon Afghanistan.

The tune Cherokee People

They wanted us to stay in the Stone Age,
killed one another long before “road rage”.

On reservations now they know.
Tax free income from their casinos.

Wanted no progress, change or Tick Tock.
Wanted to stay old in Fred's “Bedrock”.

Native people,
guess what,
some made Chuck Manson look like,

Holy cow! I'm listen to a radio show called Word on the Street in Atlanta. The creative is black. They are laughing their asses off after someone said the word Gypsy Moth is racially insensitive to gypsies---or moths. Can't wait to see what happens in November 2022.

Then: Laughing all the way to the bank.
Soon: Laughing all the way to the polls.

Me hearing that an AMERICAN named Zaila Avant-garde won the 2021 Scripps National
Spelling Bee.

Liz Warren tweet

Good riddance. Andrew Saul and David Black played key roles in Donald Trump’s failed plans to dismantle Social Security. We need @SocialSecurity leaders who will protect and expand Social Security – not destroy it

My reply

Chile privatized it and they have a better per capita offer for seniors than we do. Also, how do "dogs and cats" work and pay SSI since birth rates are in the tank???

Laura Ingraham Tweet

State voting laws requiring voter ID are akin to “apartheid”? Sharpton promises to “take it to the streets.”

My reply

Hey Sharpton---how the F(BEEEP) can it be apartheid when I have to show an ID card
as well and I'm the whitest guy I know. Sharpton, you are a burned out drone from the 1960's and you're admitting there's fraud when you say BS like that. But, keep talking. We'll be laughing all the way to the polls.

Then: Democrats
Now: Corrupt-o-crats

To the tune Vote for Me

Paper ballots for me,
and all my homies,
that way the trans guys can still,
shock the ladies.

No voter I.D
cause if you do that,
can't get a check and stay home
and get FAT.

We got to stuff that BOX
with ballots that are HOT,
These laws must be DROPPED.

Tweet from someone named Daisy

Anyone want to share my joy? Today I celebrate day two of being clean & sober!

My reply

Clean and sober? But, but you're hurting the amigos south of the border who need addicts Daisy. Pusher's gotta eat----and buy high end cars, mansions, designer clothes, etc. If everybody did what you did look at the economic repercussions.

Tweet from a guy named Phil Murphy

What’s a great way to celebrate over five million New Jerseyans vaccinated? With ice cream of course! Glad to see my friend @JoeBiden’s smiling face on the @DNC's ice cream truck that rolled through Trenton this week. America is coming back.

My Reply

In some places ice cream----others lotto's for free college and shotguns.
Tune then: Gimmie gimmie some lovin.
Tune now: A Gimmie gimmie sloth culture.

To tune Tie a Yellow Ribbon

We're coming back hey can't you see.
Bill Cosby and the trans are finally free.
As we continue to suck kids
into a shiny sink.
Screw adoption as TRANS enter
DEMS set free COSBY and ME.

So give me a nice scoop of yummy
I got my two shots
Joe's LICKS free for me.

And keep big PHARMA around until
the next disease.

As China unloads
a virus from TOADS?
To kill more folks like me.
And we'll give them a pass,
they are so MEAN.

Michael Riles said...

Twitter time

Weird dream. Lester Holt (NBC News) was reporting the daily number of American seniors taking up offers of residence in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium and other countries with lower per-capita crime rates. I wonder if something like this could happen. Will they erect status that read: “Bring me our frightened, mugged, beaten, shot, raped people blamed for everything yearning to feel safe.”

Many are advocating that Biden send the Army to kill criminals in the cities. If that happens and a bunch of worthless gang-bangers are shot down, Biden becomes Czar Nicholas circa 1905 (Google Bloody Sunday) and the wannabee Trotsky's will lament “shot down like cattle” faking empathy for what Lenin called Useful Idiots (youth).

Mr. Wonderful is gone. Who he? CTE Dementia.
Paul Orndorff, WWE Hall of Famer Known as ‘Mr. Wonderful,’ Dies at 71.
CTE Dementia.

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive and fatal brain disease associated with repeated traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), including concussions and repeated blows to the head. It is also associated with the development of dementia.

From Liz Wheeler

The Eyes of the World Are on Cuba. The Cuban people hoist the American flag in a cry for freedom and the Biden Administration assumes they want---the COVID vaccine?

To the tune The International

We're tired of the Castros telling us,
We need them to wipe our butts.
Freedom is what we now want,
this COCK-MU-NISM S(BEEP) it sucks.
We've lived in the stone age for AGES.
While the party folks lived good.
They won't check out how we are living,
in our run down, dismal HOODS.

So earth, please renounce
this Marxist Leninist Bull-s(BEEP)
We're bored of SAME OLD, SAME OLD.
It's time to get rid of it.

Then we'll have economic
and political freedom
And all you Red rich brat ass kids.
Towards you,
we flip.

So, DEMS are pissed that we are going back to voting the way we did before
Covid? There's something fishy going on.

“But I'm a poly sci student at Kennesaw, State.”
One of the pole dancers at a Dorraville, Strip club club who faces unemployment
as people clamor for it to be shut down.

Wow, Colorado is 4.9% Black. Georgia? 32.5%. And MLB moved the All State Game to Colorado because? What's that? FOC? Oh! OK. FOC? Fear of crime. RACIST RACIST MLB! Because of that they choose to FLEE???

An angry man opens fire at a Georgia car dealership, angry over not getting a refund for a car he bought. Good news, he shot other parked cars---not people. PROGRESS!
I will not comment on that race of the individual in question.

Newsflash: Domestic and International air travel is putting more pounds on women than me.

To the tune Fly me to the Moon

Career chicks are now pissed
that their asses are getting big.
When we waddle down the halls,
some make oink sounds like pigs.
It's not fair,
guys to gain.
We will blame.