Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Sunny And Sharing

Readers- In a complete change of pace, I'm posting materials by other people today. The cartoon is just one that I saw online and liked for obvious reasons...

The other piece, written by political blogger Darryl Cooper, is the best summation I've seen explaining why so many of us currently feel the way we do. This should be mandatory reading for those on the other side who think, wrongly, that we're the delusional ones. Note that this was written as a series of tweets, each of which appears in a new paragraph here.

Darryl Cooper on the 2020 Election and its Fallout

I think I've had discussions with enough Boomer-tier Trump supporters who believe the 2020 election was fraudulent to extract a general theory about their perspective. It is also the perspective of most of the people at the Capitol on 1/6, and probably even Trump himself. 

Most believe some or all of the theories involving midnight ballots, voting machines, etc, but what you find when you talk to them is that, while they'll defend those positions with info they got from Hannity or Breitbart or whatever, they're not particularly attached to them. 

Here are the facts - actual, confirmed facts - that shape their perspective: 1) The FBI/etc spied on the 2016 Trump campaign using evidence manufactured by the Clinton campaign. We now know that all involved knew it was fake from Day 1 (see: Brennan's July 2016 memo, etc). 

These are Tea Party people. The types who give their kids a pocket Constitution for their birthday and have Founding Fathers memes in their bios. The intel community spying on a presidential campaign using fake evidence (incl forged documents) is a big deal to them. 

Everyone involved lied about their involvement as long as they could. We only learned the DNC paid for the manufactured evidence because of a court order. Comey denied on TV knowing the DNC paid for it, when we have emails from a year earlier proving that he knew. 

This was true with everyone, from CIA Dir Brennan & Adam Schiff - who were on TV saying they'd seen clear evidence of collusion with Russia, while admitting under oath behind closed doors that they hadn't - all the way down the line. In the end we learned that it was ALL fake. 

At first, many Trump people were worried there must be some collusion, because every media & intel agency wouldn't make it up out of nothing. When it was clear that they had made it up, people expected a reckoning, and shed many illusions about their gov't when it didn't happen. 

We know as fact: a) The Steele dossier was the sole evidence used to justify spying on the Trump campaign, b) The FBI knew the Steele dossier was a DNC op, c) Steele's source told the FBI the info was unserious, d) they did not inform the court of any of this and kept spying. 

Trump supporters know the collusion case front and back. They went from worrying the collusion must be real, to suspecting it might be fake, to realizing it was a scam, then watched as every institution - agencies, the press, Congress, academia - gaslit them for another year. 

Worse, collusion was used to scare people away from working in the administration. They knew their entire lives would be investigated. Many quit because they were being bankrupted by legal fees. The DoJ, press, & gov't destroyed lives and actively subverted an elected admin. 

This is where people whose political identity was largely defined by a naive belief in what they learned in Civics class began to see the outline of a Regime that crossed all institutional boundaries. Because it had stepped out of the shadows to unite against an interloper. 

GOP propaganda still has many of them thinking in terms of partisan binaries, but A LOT of Trump supporters see that the Regime is not partisan. They all know that the same institutions would have taken opposite sides if it was a Tulsi Gabbard vs Jeb Bush election. 

It's hard to describe to people on the left (who are used to thinking of government as a conspiracy... Watergate, COINTELPRO, WMD, etc) how shocking & disillusioning this was for people who encourage their sons to enlist in the Army, and hate people who don't stand for the Anthem. 

They could have managed the shock if it only involved the government. But the behavior of the corporate press is really what radicalized them. They hate journalists more than they hate any politician or gov't official, because they feel most betrayed by them. 

The idea that the press is driven by ratings/sensationalism became untenable. If that were true, they'd be all over the Epstein story. The corporate press is the propaganda arm of the Regime they now see in outline. Nothing anyone says will ever make them unsee that, period. 

This is profoundly disorienting. Many of them don't know for certain whether ballots were faked in November 2020, but they know for absolute certain that the press, the FBI, etc would lie to them if there was. They have every reason to believe that, and it's probably true. 

They watched the press behave like animals for four years. Tens of millions of people will always see Kavanaugh as a gang rapist, based on nothing, because of CNN. And CNN seems proud of that. They led a lynch mob against a high school kid. They cheered on a summer of riots. 

They always claimed the media had liberal bias, fine, whatever. They still thought the press would admit truth if they were cornered. Now they don't. It's a different thing to watch them invent stories out of whole cloth in order to destroy regular lives and spark mass violence. 

Time Mag told us that during the 2020 riots, there were weekly conference calls involving, among others, leaders of the protests, the local officials who refused to stop them, and media people who framed them for political effect. In Ukraine we call that a color revolution. 

Throughout the summer, Democrat governors took advantage of COVID to change voting procedures. It wasn't just the mail-ins (they lowered signature matching standards, etc). After the collusion scam, the fake impeachment, Trump people expected shenanigans by now. 

Re: "fake impeachment", we now know that Trump's request for Ukraine to cooperate with the DOJ regarding Biden's financial activities in Ukraine was in support of an active investigation being pursued by the FBI and Ukraine AG at the time, and so a completely legitimate request. 

Then you get the Hunter laptop scandal. Big Tech ran a full-on censorship campaign against a major newspaper to protect a political candidate. Period. Everyone knows it, all of the Tech companies now admit it was a "mistake" - but, ya know, the election's over, so who cares? 

Goes without saying, but: If the NY Times had Don Jr's laptop, full of pics of him smoking crack and engaging in group sex, lots of lurid family drama, emails describing direct corruption and backed up by the CEO of the company they were using, the NYT wouldn't have been banned. 

Think back: Stories about Trump being pissed on by Russian prostitutes and blackmailed by Putin were promoted as fact, and the only evidence was a document paid for by his opposition and disavowed by its source. The NY Post was banned for reporting on true information. 

The reaction of Trump people to all this was not, "no fair!" That's how they felt about Romney's "binders of women" in 2012. This is different. Now they see, correctly, that every institution is captured by people who will use any means to exclude them from the political process. 

And yet they showed up in record numbers to vote. He got 13m more votes than in 2016, 10m more than Clinton got! As election night dragged on, they allowed themselves some hope. But when the four critical swing states (and only those states) went dark at midnight, they knew. 

Over the ensuing weeks, they got shuffled around by grifters and media scam artists selling them conspiracy theories. They latched onto one, then another increasingly absurd theory as they tried to put a concrete name on something very real. 

Media & Tech did everything to make things worse. Everything about the election was strange - the changes to procedure, unprecedented mail-in voting, the delays, etc - but rather than admit that and make everything transparent, they banned discussion of it (even in Direct Messages!). 

Everyone knows that, just as Don Jr's laptop would've been the story of the century, if everything about the election dispute was the same, except the parties were reversed, suspicions about the outcome would've been Taken Very Seriously. See 2016 for proof. 

Even the courts' refusal of the case gets nowhere with them, because of how the opposition embraced mass political violence. They'll say,  with good reason: What judge will stick his neck out for Trump knowing he'll be destroyed in the media as a violent mob burns down his house? 

It's a fact, according to Time Magazine, that mass riots were planned in cities across the country if Trump won. Sure, they were "protests", but they were planned by the same people as during the summer, and everyone knows what it would have meant. Judges have families, too. 

Forget the ballot conspiracies. It's a fact that governors used COVID to unconstitutionally alter election procedures (the Constitution states that only legislatures can do so) to help Biden to make up for a massive enthusiasm gap by gaming the mail-in ballot system.

They knew it was unconstitutional, it's right there in plain English. But they knew the cases wouldn't see court until after the election. And what judge will toss millions of ballots because a governor broke the rules? The threat of mass riots wasn't implied, it was direct.

Let's do a final review:

a) The entrenched bureaucracy & security state subverted Trump from Day 1 

b) The press is part of the operation, 

c) Election rules were changed, 

d) Big Tech censors opposition,

e) Political violence is legitimized & encouraged,

f) Trump is banned from social media. 

They were led down some rabbit holes, but they are absolutely right that their government is monopolized by a Regime that believes they are beneath representation and will observe no limits to keep them from getting it. 

Trump fans should be happy he lost; it might've kept him alive. 


Jim Irre said...

In a nutshell.

JustSomeGuy said...

I tried to share it, but Facebook finds you an undesirable person......
"Your message couldn't be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive."

Alan said...

"Trump fans should be happy he lost; it might've kept him alive."

I ain't one bit happy!

Jerryskids said...

"You have no proof there was any fraud in the election."

That's the one that gets me. I saw a magician one time who sawed a woman in half, pulled a rabbit out of an empty hat, caused a crystal ball to levitate and float about the stage, and many other wondrous things. Now I suspect that there was some trickery involved, but lacking any proof of such trickery and being unable to explain exactly how such trickery would have been performed, am I forced to admit that the magician did these things just as they appeared to have been done? I don't think so - I know full well these things were tricks even if I can't explain how I know.

It's the same with all the odd and unprecedented things that happened with this election. Joe Biden got more votes than any candidate has ever gotten before even while doing little campaigning and attracting no more than a handful of supporters when he did campaign? Trump getting more votes the second time around than he did the first and still losing? Trump winning the bellwether states and counties but still losing? The sudden surge of votes overwhelmingly in favor of Biden? The irregularities allowed into the voting process? The lack of auditing of the votes? The quick declaration, without evidence, that this was the most secure election ever? The condemnation of anybody who dared question the results? It's all circumstantial evidence, there's no proof that there was any fraud involved. But, c'mon, man - when you flip a coin 47 times in a row and it comes up heads every time, it's perfectly reasonable to suspect it's not a fair coin.

McChuck said...

"In war, the first casualty is the truth."

The Left has been making war on America for a century. The media is an arm of the enemy of civilization. So are government schools.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Just Some Guy: I was able to share to Faecesbook with no problems. Guess they don't think I'm worth suppressing.

@All: I still see no reason to retract my prediction of bloody civil war before years end.

Gorgon Zola said...

I need some insight into a question I have had for a long time but have never seen addressed by anyone on the right, and I know there are a lot of insightful people here at Stilton's General Store and Taxidermy. The question is this: In today's political climate, who owns whom? Do the Democrats own the Media/Big Tech or does M/BT own the Democrats? I know which way I lean but I'd love to hear different variations on the theme.

Oh, and no weaseling out with the old "symbiotic relationship" either. C'mon man!

Jim Irre said...

I would say that as the MSM is obviously the megaphone for the progs, it follows that the Democrat party owns them.

Elbarto said...

No matter how you slice it, our Republic is in danger.

Roger Myers said...

Born in 1945, I am one of the luckiest people on the planet, it was the best time in the best country that has ever existed on the Planet Earth. Buckle up Folks the ride to the bottom will be hellishly fast compared to the 245 year battle to the top.

Roger Myers

American Cowboy said...

Add craigslist to the list of "media" platforms that are now shadow banning, actively censoring, and outright disabling accounts that do not march in lock-step with the anti-American agenda now destroying what little is left of the United States of America that I loved.

I posted a few comments that were active in my account that never showed up anywhere, followed by a few more attempts that were posted for all of perhaps one minute before being removed, and now find that my account has been disabled and I cannot log in any longer.

To Hell with them!

Unknown said...

Gorgon Zola
I think it may be bigger than dems and media. Think alphabet agencies, both domestic and foreign. MI6 agents don’t just “retire” to feed fake dossiers to opposition parties. Those agents don’t wipe their butts without their bosses knowing. Think globalists from the US and EU as the driving forces. Oh yes, after Hunter’s emails add the Chinese to the mix.

Alej said...

In a better, parallel universe, selective wet work would have long ago straightened out perversions like the Clintons, Brennan, Comey, et al to where the others like them would behave.

Alej said...

Roger that, Roger... all my (b. 1942 & thereabouts) contemporaries feel the same way,not recognizing their country anymore.

rickn8or said...

Jerryskids, it's more like flipping a coin 47 times and having it land upright on its edge every time.

Pastor Douglas L Shepherd said...

Very well stated!!

Jay Dee said...

Good summary. The big question is what next. I like to refer to Herbert Stein's quote, "If something cannot continue forever, it won't."

John the Econ said...

I've felt that way for decades. It was only after I realized that I was the sane one and that happiness was a choice that should not be directed by insanity out of my control did I become a master of my fate, and happy.

As I read the Darryl Cooper piece, it quickly occurred to me that I'd heard much of it recently. May have been on the radio while I was driving.

...Worse, collusion was used to scare people away from working in the administration. They knew their entire lives would be investigated. Many quit because they were being bankrupted by legal fees. The DoJ, press, & gov't destroyed lives and actively subverted an elected admin.

This was much of the real agenda behind destroying Trump. It was a clear message to any outsiders that had any notion of challenging the status quo that they and their families would be mercilessly destroyed.

If I were to be approached by a committee of fellow citizens who were to say "Mr. Econ, we think you're brilliant and exactly what this country needs. We've done the research and know that you'd win by a landslide, and we have access to a billion dollar to run a campaign to make that happen", what would I do? I mean, what would I do after I chased them off my property while pumping my 12-gauge?

There's nothing particularly scandalous about anything in my past, beyond being a true conservative. But that doesn't matter anymore. It used to be that the oppo-research and the media would scour someone's past to come up with dirt. Today, they can get away with just totally making it up.

And don't think that this only applies to running for President. Recently the city councilman who represents my district (who is one of the few true conservatives on the council) announced that he will not be running for re-election. They wore him out. The Progressives in my small town see Portland as a model instead of cautionary tale.

So today it's just Trump that's been banished. But what about when we get Chinese-like "social scoring" with economies of scale?

I might be safe today simply because I don't have any political ambitions. But I fear soon even laying low will not be low enough.

Anonymous said...

Worst of all...
The supremes abdicated their integrity.

Now its a real live shooting re-set in the making.
Rule of law? pffffffft. Gone.

Lee The Voice said...

That last sentence is the wisest thing I've read in some time.

Colby Muenster said...

Not much to add here, but thanks for posting this, Stilton. I figure you probably had to hold your nose a bit, or maybe a few shots of Clan MacGasoline.

I will echo Jay Dee. What's next? Is our Republic too far gone down the tubes to recover, or will the adults eventually prevail and pull it back from the abyss?

I think this all rides on certain states' ability to hold truly honest elections. That's why SloJoe is still harping on the Georgia election reform; they actually took steps to fix the 2020 fiasco. If enough states crack down on election fraud, the Obama crowd won't be able to cheat as much, and we may return to having people elected by real votes again (hear that Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan?).

2022 may be our last chance. If the progs pull off another rigged election, abyss here we come! That being said, y'all have a nice day!

John the Econ said...

Act of God?

George Floyd mural reduced to rubble after lightning strike in Ohio

As a life-long Christian, I'm of the opinion that God is a bit more subtle than this, but these days who knows? God repeatedly admonished against worshiping idols.

Elwood said...

No, this is all down to Trump: he was too weak. On day one, he could have fired wholesale all Obambi political appointees in every department under his control - including every ambassador and every head (and four heads below) of every alphabet agency. On day two, he could have fired Rinse Pubis and told the GOP to go fuck themselves. On day three, he could have fired the top echelon of all the military branches and offered to reinstate all those fine military men and women pushed out by Obambi. On day four, he could have told his daughter and her back-stabby-stabby husband to go fuck themselves. On any day he could have told the press to go fuck themselves and simply issued press releases instead of having press secretaries stand up and take shit day-in day-out. On any day he could have fired Mike the penis Pence. The list goes on.

Skip said...

Elwood may be partially correct but, it is now over and we will see if the GOP can fight back and regain what they once had.

Another conservative site:

Dan said...

Elwood. So we'd have been much better with Her Hilliaryness instead?

Elwood said...

Skip: Thanks for the link. Sadly, the current GOP leadership is the pits, to say the least. I would like to see DeSantis take the lead.

Dan: Trump failed miserably... other than delaying what we have now; which is what we would have had under the Hilderbeast - or worse, if that's possible. If there is any good to be had from the disaster that has befallen the nation (and the world), it is that the Democrat/communist's have too-eagerly laid bare their plans for our future. With a strong leader (not Trump), the right may yet turn back the tide, but the tide IS rushing in.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- My apologies for not being a more active participant in the discussion above, but damn you're a smart and eloquent bunch of folks! Excellent points aplenty, albeit none of them wildly cheery.

I'm going to try posting today's content on Facebook and see if they let me get away with it. Which I probably won't do with some of Friday's post, which would surely get me banned, burned at the stake, or likely both. (grin)

Unknown said...

non est ergo adulteri, descendite (Google translation) or Illegitimi non carborundum (wiki)
Don’t let the bastards get you down (Texan). Pardon me for trying to sound high brow educated but sometimes those Latin folks got it right, depending on which Latin person you talk to. Of course, when in doubt, poor on the Clan McGregor.

Michael Riles said...

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