Monday, January 9, 2023

No Superlatives For You!

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99% of this post is just me checking in because I haven't posted anything in a week. But as long as I'm here, I might as well mention what I'm pissed off about (as reflected in the cartoon above).

Biden recently presided over a big ceremony in Washington DC in which he gave out medals to the "heroes" who, on January 6th two years ago, saved our democracy by shoving flag-waving AARP members out of public buildings, after which the so-called insurrectionists peacefully went to Cracker Barrel for a nice early dinner.

In keeping with the mythic narrative surrounding the event, officers who were present that day were labeled as "survivors" in much the same way you can call people "survivors" who are disembarking from a jet that didn't crash. 

Of course, not all officers were so lucky, and family members had to claim the medals of the four officers who tragically died fighting the seditionists that day. Well, maybe not that day but within 72 hours or so. And not from injuries sustained that day. One officer died of a stroke. Another of a heart attack. And sadly two died from suicide. But was their despair caused by seeing people in MAGA hats, or did it come from finding themselves on the battlelines against the unarmed, ordinary Americans they had sworn to protect? I don't pretend to know, but I find the lack of curiosity on this point disturbing.

But where was Lt. Michael "Killshot" Byrd during the ceremony? Where was his medal? We're told that the group Byrd was in was the last line of defense and saved dozens if not hundreds of lives that day, not to mention saving Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from giving birth to a buffalo-horned rape baby. Our own military had turned Ashli Babbitt into a Terminator-style killing machine and it was only Lt. Byrd's quick action that prevented her from spouting potentially deadly slogans within earshot of our sacred legislators.

So again - why no medal for Byrd? Why no proclamation from Joe Biden that our nation was saved by the actions of this one man? And a Black man at that! Unless the story being flogged isn't even remotely true (as evidenced by the countless "we didn't find nuffin" committee hearings staged by the Democrats) and Byrd is simply a trigger-happy embarrassment rather than the bravest American hero who ever lived. 

Still, whatever side of the political aisle you're on, I think we can all agree that January 6th, 2021 was a dark day for America. And hopefully, we'll never see such an unarmed attack again.


Paul Donohue said...

My original understanding was that Ashley was shot while entering the building through a window next to the door. Either way, this was an out-and-out homicide, completely indefensible.

At this point of my life I refuse to let anything that the lying, sc--bag Democrats say or do upset me. I'm just concentrating what time I have left with my Annie.

Good to hear from you again, Stilt. Your advice has been invaluable.

By the way, I set a new personal sleep record today. Fifteen and a half hours. New records to come.

Bones said...

Happy New Year,remember you should never give up hope that things will get better.Maybe the change at the Speaker level will make a little difference but the demoncrap depth of control seems too deep.The agencies they control from the top will be very hard to turn around.As long as you're above ground and breathing,you got a chance for improvement.

Bones said...

Hello again,I found this after my earlier comment.Maybe this are starting to improve.
Is the dam wall breaking?

Telegraph story on vaccine harm. Malhotra.
The Telegraph

Last week the Wall Street Journal ran with a headline: Are vaccines fuelling new Covid variants? It would have been unthinkable last year. Back then, it was a pandemic of the evil un-vaccinated.

Tonight Consultant cardiologist Assem Malhotra has a double page spread in the UK Telegraph warning… “the jab can rapidly speed up the development of heart disease”. In his twitter feed he’s very excited: “Do they have proof? YES MORE THAN ENOUGH! “We’ve finally broken British mainstream news“. That tweet has now been seen by 2.1 million people. Obviously other people are excited too.

But steel yourself, the mainstream press is 3 years behind the news and the first journalists putting their heads over the parapet are making sure risky sentences are buried six feet deep in qualifiers. The risk of myocarditis is small they say, people recover fast (except for the ones that died), the vaccines are still useful, Covid causes myocarditis too, etc etc, ad nauseum.

Critics claim Covid jabs are causing heart problems – do they have any proof?
Sarah Knapton, Telegraph

While there have always been anti-vaxxers, this new concern is drawing in people from outside usual conspiracy theory circles

The feature starts with a long introduction assuring us that Dr Malhotra is an expert who used to believe in the vaccines. What’s new is that he is not made out to be a crazy man.

Dr Malhotra is right to say that heart deaths have increased alarmingly in the last few years. According to the British Heart Foundation there have been around 30,000 more deaths than expected involving heart disease since the pandemic began – more than 230 additional deaths over expected rates each week.

While Dr Malhotra acknowledges that other causes are a factor, he remains convinced that vaccines are also playing a role. He cites Pfizer’s own trial data, which showed there were four cardiac arrests in those who took the vaccine compared with just one in the placebo group.

Ponder for a moment how blandly that was put. Some 30,000 people might have been killed by the vaccine. Well, it was just playing a role…

Only now, thirteen months late, is the Telegraph softly telling its audience about the Gundry trial of cardiac risk markers that doubled after vaccination. The same one we discussed here in November 2021.

They’re also making up excuses to cover their own spineless insouciance for the last three years:

The problems are only now coming to light because Phase 3 clinical trials have too few people enrolled to pick up rare events, particularly if the heightened risk occurs in a small subgroup – such as young men.

Buried at the bottom — the meme that may start to take off:

Dr Malhotra believes the jab can rapidly speed up the development of heart disease, and now includes vaccine damage in his diagnoses of patients.

“When you’ve got a pre-dose angiogram and a post-dose one that shows damage that usually takes years to trigger, you have to think of the most likely explanation,” said Dr Malhotra.

The Red Pill cometh
As word spreads to a new audience, suddenly thousands more people will be noticing things they didn’t notice before. They might realize Aunt Millie got boosted a few weeks before her heart attack, or that their own heart hasn’t been quite the same, or that there was a 15 year old at school who died suddenly. The gnawing sense that the vaccines can cause harm may ignite the ripe fields of discontent.

Once alerted to a pattern, a brain is good at finding it everywhere. For once, confirmation bias is our friend. Hopefully this is where things start to unravel for the Big Lie — “Safe and Effective”.

Howard Johnson said...

Hi Stilt!

Between fauciism china virus and that BASTARD mccarthy making Shirley he did not have to move back out of nancy the pelosi(hairy)'s office, my view of the new year is not all that positive.

I hope to die sooner rather than later.

My best to you and J.


Fish Out of Water said...

Is it a surprise Joe Le Petomane and his handlers (and I am willing to bet a bottle of Roku Gin this slap in the face wasn't his idea), came up with this as another 'opportunity' to politize and demonize the Republicans and anyone else they view as the enemy.

Despicable, yes, but not the worst Joe le Petomane has done. I'd say Joe le Petomane pulling the rug out from under those Afghanis who staked their future with us and now Afghani women have been thrown back into the Middle Ages, is far more craven and despicable.

Bobo the Hobo said...

Lots of interesting comments today, many of which in the past I would be compelled to comment or argue; however,I had an interesting moment recently that has worked its way into my psyche.

A friend texted to remind me to buy a power ball ticket, which I would usually buy (where else can you buy a dream for two bucks?) Maybe it was my guardian angel whispering in my ear that made me question that action but seeing that jackpot I realized that’s a scary amount of dough and what would I actually do with that money? Yeah, family and friends would be set for Life and several charities would receive the bulk of that money but after that? How many houses or how many cars would be enough? How would that amount of money warp my grandkids’ work ethic?

And then it dawned on me: I’m rich beyond belief. Our home is paid off, the kids are doing …. ok-ish (they are struggling but with three teens, who wouldn’t). We celebrate our 50th this year and both of us are doing as well as can be expected. We have traveled the world courtesy of the U.S. Air Force. Recent improvements have been made to the homestead but after 30 years in the same home the place needed some updating which decimated our savings but we’ll rebuild that and it’s not like we’re eating Dixie Cups filled with sugar, we just have to consider future big purchases.

So allow me to offer my best wishes to those who face some monumental struggles I have read on this board. May your load lighten and May God continue to hold you in the palm of His hand. You have my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Amen Bobo

beegee said...

Be sure to post this on FB. It is a wonderful, telling article about the facts around 1.6.2021,

Anonymous said...

...........and how about those evil Republicans who caused the border crisis!!, Give us a break Joe!!

Snark said...

Happy New Year, Stilton. The update is welcome. The dhimicrats continue to demonstrate their opinion that polishing a turd will improve it's appearance. And flavor.

DC isn't a swamp and hasn't been for some time.

It's a sewer.

Be well

Anonymous said...

Stilt & Friends - I found this very nice version of an old song and I hope it will brighten your day...

Best, Jim

Jess said...

I'm sure they sent him a medal in the mail. After all, with his terrible PTSD, remembering the event will make him find a firearm and shoot an unarmed veteran.

TrickyRicky said...

Ashli Babbit....say her name.

Rod said...

Media spent all their energy trying to make a big deal & embarrassment of the Republican House when in fact all that drama was real working politics which has been needed for a long time. I like that. But not a word in media bout THIS.

I'm much more disgusted with the Democrats who (check me this but it's close; certainly toward end) ran up 15 votes in row 212 of 212 in favor of another popular liberal lawyer of color from NYC. Does this remind us of anyone with a J.C. complex and big ears?

212 D's all behaved like mindless robots operated by one Controller. There was not an independent, or moderate vote in them; nor anyone who wanted to get to work. State Representitives of the People, my ass. And several were getting all smart-aleck about it.

I believe we know why they're so Lock-step-united too Yes, Beyond power, wealth and being "Special"... in a way it IS about Freedom. Their freedom.

I hope investigations will tell us more, AND this congress is going to make it clear just where the problems lie.

Patrick said...

That was an insurrection - a violent attack against our “democracy”! But the actions of such luminary, city-leveling groups such as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and Occupy were simply peaceful demonstrators gathering to give voice to their issues with that same “democracy”. The obvious duplicity is stupefying- effectively so as evidenced by all the stupid people who can still countenance casting their vote for the likes of these… ( Mayhap that was just Dominion casting their vote. Dunno….)

Coffeypot said...

I believe that Byrd is just a coward with gun. He stuck his head out the door, saw a bunch of faces at the other door, got scared and pulled his weapon and fired, without aiming. Then ran. He should be prosecuted instead of the people they have locked up for doing nothing but protesting like the BLM had done all year long (without looting and burning.)

Alfonso Bedoya said...

The "news" (otherwise known as "lies") has become so commonplace that whenever I read anything out of Washington, D.C. my brain automatically takes a 180ยบ and believes the opposite. Biden has become the epitome of a dictator, and Congress just nods its collective head to his "emergency orders," as we voters are forced to swallow our rage (Democrats excluded). It defies logic that a President can blithely over-ride immigration laws already set in place by Congress by allowing millions of non-citizens into the country, thus giving the middle finger to our sovereignty, but such arrogance has become the norm in a country once known for fair play and living under a system that honored the Rule of Law and Due Process. But I digress.

Unless our freedoms and sovereignty are restored, and the perpetrators held accountable, our country will become another Venezuela. Perhaps it already has.

Joe Drypowda said...

Happy New Year to you and J. Medals are not given to trigger happy embarrassments !

John the Econ said...

Actually, I find the absence of Lt. Byrd rather interesting. A year or two ago, the Democrats wouldn't have hesitated to have Lt. Byrd front-and-center as a clear message to the country of "Yes, we will shoot you in the face if you dare get out of line." But now, they feel a bit less certain about making that statement so blatantly, which is a good sign. Yes, they largely survived the "red wave" that should have decimated them in Congress. But their confidence is clearly shaken.

This is the same confidence that had Hunter Biden front-and-center 2 years ago at the inauguration instead of hiding him away like he was Billy Carter. I don't think Biden would do that today.

John the Econ said...

@Bones, just add it to the long and growing list of what was yesterday's right-wing conspiracy theory that is now today's reality.

Mrs. Econ & I endured the Wuhan Flu over Christmas. We both had the original vaccination, but she was boosted and I have not been. Interestingly, she had a much more severe case than I did. Science? Hardly. But interesting and consistent with the current conspiracy narrative nonetheless.

And we personally do know of someone in their early-30s; a former athlete in perfect health who dropped dead of a heart attack.

@Bobo the Hobo, "happiness" is in wanting what you get, not getting what you think you want.

Mrs. Econ occasionally buys a lottery ticket when the prize gets to absurd levels. I always admonish her that that sort of money would probably ultimately destroy us.

Colby Muenster said...

Leave it to the DC sewer creatures (thanks to Snark) to honor scumbags who openly oppose anything that is wholesome, good. and AMERICAN. They are the lowest of the low, but apparently realize that Byrd is still too radioactive to praise. There may still come a time when they give him a medal too.


Thank you for posting that! I may be exaggerating, but it seems Mrs. Muenster has struggled with various sicknesses ever since taking the jab. And I started having angina about a year ago (age 70). My doctor did stress test, and all seems well, but I wonder.....

@John the Econ,
We read stories of people who win ridiculous amounts of money, then blow it all on crap, or end up more miserable than they were before the windfall. Honestly, as hard as it would be to do, the best thing would be to immediately give 99% of it to a worthy charity.

Colby Muenster said...

Just thought of this, was Damar Hamlin vaxxed?

Shelly said...

I don't expect much out of the Republican's slim majority except for gumming up the works and putting some brakes to the warp speed socialist train heading toward the cliff. But putting an end to the endless investigations of Trump and anyone with an R behind their name is well worth it.

Colby Muenster said...

And another thing...

Bruce Bleu said...

I know I'm "preaching to the choir" here, but the only credible use of 1/6/2020 being a "dark day" was before sunrise and after sundown on that day, (well THAT and the use of an unarmed girl being shot in the face by a "wickless dunder" with a gun). Too bad Barney Fife wasn't doing security for that area on that day... the time it would have taken him to go into his pocket and retrieve a bullet might have spared a life and given her time to "orchestrate the complete governmental overthrow" single handedly and plunge the world into total chaos!

Erik said...

I am assuming this was the same ceremony where he gave Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Moss an award for pulling suitcases of ballots out from under a table for processing after supervisors told the election observers everybody was done for the night?


Alan Donelson said...

Given January 6 as a "manufactured event", the thesis that Ashli Babbitt's death was faked becomes conceivable. Miles Mathis has several papers with the details (e.g, Maybe the main reason a certain bit player wasn't invited to the continuing charade.

Anonymous said...

I hope the R’s will further investigate the 1/6 fiasco by subpoenaing the old seahag who had to vacate her office of Speaker of the House. We need to find out what she and other d’s are hiding. I’m certain they are complicit in the 1/6 dance.


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Paul Donohue- As always, great hearing from you. Ashli was inside the building trying to climb through a broken window in a locked interior door. There were armed officers on her side of the door (virtually standing next to her) who did nothing to keep her from trying to make entry. I wish they had.

@Bones- I haven't given up hope that things will get better, but I've sure lost hope in a lot of the agencies we once trusted to help things get better.

Regarding Covid and the vaccines, for years I've been recommending that people seek out Dr. John Campbell on Youtube. He is rock-solid and really science-based. He cites real studies and gives all the sources. And in recent weeks he's shared studies that show the vaccines are more harmful than any vaccines previously allowed for public use. Previous vaccines, like for swine flu, were pulled from use after showing only about 1% of the serious reaction rate that the Covid vaccines do. And has anyone noticed that the Astra-Zeneca (sp?) vaccine is no longer available. Perhaps Dr. Elmer Fauci thought its dangers should be kept "vewy, vewy quiet."

Campbell has also showed the studies that show the vaccines can and do damage hearts and can be a cause of the surprisingly popular "sudden death" in otherwise healthy people.

As you point out, the vaccines were neither safe nor effective.

@Howard Johnson- My view of 2023 isn't wildly optimistic either, but I think both of us should stick around in case things somehow take a turn for the better.

@Fish Out of Water- The theatricality of this medal presentation made me sick. It's all a huge show promoting lies and division...and we're paying for it.

@Bobo the Hobo- Great comment and filled with wisdom. Life's real riches aren't monetary. Mind you, if I was to win a billion dollars I'd try to have a little fun with it and do a lot of good with it. But if asked to choose between that billion or getting Kathy back, I wouldn't hesitate to tell people what to do with that money.

@beegee- I've posted a very slightly edited version on Facebook in hopes of reducing my chances of ending up in the Zuckerburg Archipelago.

@Anonymous- I saw a reporter ask Biden why he's only now visited the border like Republicans have wanted him to, and he just laughed and said "they're not serious about the border." I turned off the clip at this point so don't know if my prayers were answered and a giant anvil suddenly dropped from the heavens...

@Snark- I think even "sewer" is too kind these days. Maybe we can refer to the area inside the Beltway as the "buzzard's colon."

@Jim- Wow, that's beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

@Jess- I'm sure Byrd DID receive a medal but it was kept tippy-top-secret.

@TrickyRicky- I say her name as often as I can.

@Rod- I loathe the Democrats. Mind you, I'm not in love with the Republicans either but still... I don't have a lot of hope that new investigations will be productive, but I like to fantasize about Adam Schiff being hauled in front of committee under oath and being ordered to share the "smoking gun" evidence he had proving that Trump was a Russian patsy. Because if he CAN'T or WON'T produce such evidence, he needs to be convicted of sedition. Or treason. Or both!

Anonymous said...

The Beatles album Abbey Road finished with a song titled "The End". The final words of that song are:

And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love
You make.

I'm sure you can all come up with your own personal understanding and meaning of that line.

But I guess for Stilt I pray that he should, could, would come to embrace that thought in his own way.

Peace be with you all.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Patrick- Where are the pictures of the January 6th protesters setting cop cars on fire? Where are the pictures of widespread looting? Where are the pictures of them hurling bricks and frozen water bottles at cops? It's all such BS and hypocrisy.

@Coffeypot- I agree. I think Byrd just panicked, shot, and ran. Keep in mind, this is the same numbskull who once lost his gun just by setting it down and then forgetting about it.

@Alfonso Bedoya- Well said and I agree with every word.

@Joe Drypowda- Exactly. So it's pretty clear that those "in the know" aren't under any illusion that Byrd was a hero. Or even competent.

@John the Econ- I hope that your interpretation that the Dems are getting a bit more cautious might be the case. And I'm glad that you and Mrs. Econ survived Fauci's Funded Folly. Not everyone does.

And I'm sure that a billion dollars could wreck a person's life, but since mine is already pretty banged up I wouldn't mind testing the theory.

@Colby Muenster- There's a lot of disturbing news coming out about the vaccines, including who knew what and when they knew it. And we still have so much to learn about the longterm effects of the jabs and how they affect various conditions. I have a good friend who was incapacitated for months by shingles just days after getting the vaccine. And his doctor commented how odd it was that he was suddenly seeing so many cases of shingles. And was the vaccine a contributing factor in Kathy's benign chronic blood condition suddenly becoming a wildfire? I wish to hell I knew.

@Shelly- I agree. Just slowing down the Democrats' destruction of our nation and values is worthwhile.

@Colby Muenster- I love Judicial Watch.

@Bruce Bleu- If you read my closing sentences carefully, and perhaps between the lines, you may pick up on the very specific reason I now consider January 6th a dark day that shouldn't be repeated.

@Erik- Yes, the two of them got the highest conceivable civilian awards for being vote-counting heroes. (shaking my head)

@Alan Donelson- I haven't followed your link yet but I'm skeptical that Babbitt's death was faked. I absolutely do think that many aspects of the January 6th protests were planned and stage-managed by members of our (ahem) Justice Department and security agencies. There are countless hours of security video footage showing everything that happened that day from every angle. And it's all been locked up, no doubt because it contradicts the Big Lie. It needs to ALL come out, and I won't believe anything from Washington until it does.

@Bobo- I'd like to see that investigation, too. Just why DID Nancy overrule extra security that day? Perhaps because the Dems and their cronies new what kind of photo-ops they wanted to create? Bastards.

@Anonymous- Those are great words from The Beatles and I'll spend some time reflecting on them. These are still very hard days. But hey, look at all the time I just got to spend here with friends!

Dan said...

Will McCarthy (as King of Congress) release all the video from 6 Jan?
Will someone get to the bottom of the pipe bomber at Rep and Dem HQs?

I don't think either will be satisfactorily produced.

Murphy(AZ) said...

A couple thoughts on everything above.

-Ashli Babbitt was murdered under color of authority, gunned down in cold blood by a murderous coward.
-Lottery winnings. God has not yet decided that I should become insanely rich. I suppose He has His reasons. Should it ever happen, as old as I am, I'd be hard-pressed to give that kind of money away before my time runs out. I would like to have enough money to go into a cassino and spend it till I got bored.
-Vaccines. I don't know that they are worth a half-cup of spit. They want us all to continue to get the shots, but now they want us to cough up over $100 now for each booster? What do they think will happen to the compliance rate when that happens?

John the Econ said...

@Colby Muenster, and give most of it away would be what we'd do as well. Beyond expanding my fleet of airplanes, anyway.

One of the things I'd do with that kind of money is to fund my "accountability project", where people who enable the evil in our society via "reckless compassion" would be exposed.

"...was Damar Hamlin vaxxed?

Not a particularly good example either way. After all, he did take a hit to the chest. Was vaxxing a factor? Impossible to tell, I am afraid. If he had collapsed simply running on the field, that would have been more worthy of suspicion. There are plenty of other worthy examples of perfectly healthy young people dropping dead who didn't take direct hits to the chest. Focus on those.

@Shelly, I'm afraid I'm with you. The GOP literally had control of Congress handed to them on a silver platter. Had they been interested in actually governing, they would have developed a platform that post-COVID would have been very popular, such as "school choice" and budget reform. Force Democrats go on the record as to why they think that our wealth should be going to fund drag shows in Central America instead of fixing bridges. But they did none of that. They just showed up as the "We're not Biden" ticket. Worthless.

@Alan Donelson, I don't buy the "Ashli Babbitt's death was faked" narrative. For one thing, why would it have to be? The left has no problem breaking eggs to make the omelet. The unhinged left wishes they were all shot. These fake conspiracy theories push you into the Alex Jones/Q-camps. Things are insane enough without going there.

@Stilton, amen on Schiff. He's on the record for having such evidence. I'd like to see him be made to produce it.

Anonymous said...

I follow miles Mathis and have bought his 4 books. He is self educated and very bright; unfortunately also intensely anti-semitic. Everything coming out of the mainstream media, government, or big sciences is phony, as most of us know by now. (Exempla gratia: movie on Rumble, “Died Suddenly” about Covid) . Mathis does a great job digging into things, but take his biases into account. That reference by Alan Donelson will prove interesting, but then a far better one is Mathis’ paper about why he doesn’t believe the fusion power announcement. Go to, then to new papers, then to the latest by the title “why I don’t believe…etc.

Gonzo'57 said...

Rod said:

"212 D's all behaved like mindless robots operated by one Controller."

Dems are the true life equivalent of the Borgs (Star Trek Next Generation). Mindlessly doing what they are told with no independent thought process. They should be fought with everything that can be thrown at them and destroyed before they destroy America.

Colby Muenster said...

Lynnette Hardaway (Diamond of Diamond and Silk) passed away at the age of 51, and the lefties are doing their usual "a conservative has died" happy dance. I'm sure they are enjoying this death more than usual since Diamond dared wander off the libtard reservation. I will give Gonzo'57 above a honking big AMEN!

Mike Porter said...

Words fail.

Drew458 said...

Stilton, Coffeypot - Byrd did not panic (if it really was Byrd), nor did he just fire indiscriminately. I saw the video the day it happened. He took careful slow aim and fired, his target only being 4 feet away at the most. And he could clearly see the half dozen armed and armored emergency response troops arriving only feet behind Ashli. Not to mention the half dozen other armed agents in the hallway on his side of the doorway. So there was utterly no need for him to pull the trigger. He could have pushed her back or punched her in the head or whatever. This was outright planned murder. Period.

Here's a link to a long Twitter stream from a journalist who there:

Every word, every image on this event that came out after 1/6 is a filtered, manipulated lie.

Anonymous said...

Say Her Name....Ashley Babbitt

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Thank you.