Monday, March 13, 2023

Tour de Farce

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Mainstream media and Democrats in Washington are losing their minds owing to Fox News's Tucker Carlson, who is sharing the previously restricted videos of what really happened in our nation's capitol on January 6. 

Carlson's critics point out that he's deceptively showing deceptive video clips that attempt to deceive viewers by deceptively having nothing in common with the totally accurate (albeit completely unsubstantiated) accusations of the Left and the "January Sixth Committee" which found that violent anarchists burned the capitol to the ground, Washington's streets ran red with blood, and Donald Trump stood in the center of the carnage firing a machine gun into the air while shouting, "My holocaust is the best holocaust ever! Has there ever been a holocaust as big as mine? I don't think so! And this is a very, very beautiful one!"

Meanwhile, that lying bastard Tucker Carlson is releasing video like this...

This is a frame grab showing the infamous Q-anon Shaman being escorted into the heart of the capitol building assisted by the police. In this picture, there are 10 officers with weapons, and one guy with an American flag, a buffalo hat, and chafed nipples from his suspenders.

Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, and every talking head on the Left has told us that the moment shown above was literally "worse than 9/11," "worse than Pearl Harbor," and brought our Democracy to the brink of collapse. Not to mention getting buffalo fur on the nice rugs.

The recently exposed videos also show the so-called Shaman telling other protesters to remain peaceful and just go home as well as offering up a prayer of thanks on behalf of the officers who safely guided him to the capitol floor.

For this, he is now serving four years in prison following his conviction for violating the little-known statute that forbids "shenanigans and malarkey in a goofy costume." 

Just like the kids above who trusted the crossing guard, he trusted the police who invited him ever deeper into the building. In much the same way that too many Americans still trust the politicians who want you to believe what they say instead of what you can finally see.


Mike aka Proof said...

Biden is giving graft and incompetence a bad name.

Quinn said...

extremely apt analogy! Thank you!

Dan said...

I was wondering when Andrew Klavan got a job as a crossing guard.

As for the released video, rest assured nothing will happen to the real evildoers.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Meanwhile, woke banks are going under, DEI and CRT are being kicked out of schools and the (J)s are feeling the heat...

The secret, which has worked for me for sixty years now, is to outwait and outlive your enemies... ;-)

Jerryskids said...

As I've said before, if China knows an unarmed mob of yahoos came within a hair's breadth of overthrowing the government of the United States they'd send a couple dozen soldiers over here and finish the job. Pathetic that they'd call January 6 the worst insurrection since the Civil War. I've had sex rougher than that.

Bones said...

You seem to be getting back to your old self with this piece,or is it just so bad you needed to comment.What a waste of political time and money,the ultimate WOFTAM.Oops sorry,next to the impeachment rubbish.Welcome back,even if it is momentary.

Fish Out of Water said...

To paraphrase a quote from the now Ambassador to Japan (Rahem Emmanuel) never let a Reichstag fire go to waste....

Bobo the Hobo said...

My general physician wanted to send me to a neurologist for a Tourette’s consult, I told him the symptoms will disappear when Biden leaves office.

Anonymous said...

..........and the lies go on and on .....and on !!!!!!! What will stop them.....and what is their END GAME??
WHY destroy America?!!

Pray for America!!

Wayne in Indiana

Fish Out of Water said...

@Anonymous: Your post triggered memories of an old Sonny and Cher song, which could be reworked as; 🎶and the lies go on, the lies go on 🎵

Kencor said...

As Wayne in Indiana pointed out, what is the ultimate reward for those on the left if they succeed in destroying America? Do they think they will be housed in castles and waited on hand and foot? No, reality would dictate that they would be herded out into fields and shot in the back because they would be identified as troublemakers and the new order wouldn't stand for that. Sad, but hopefully the majority will wake up to what's happening.

Snark said...

Thanks, Stilton. The dhimicrats once again are revealed for their propensity for lying, violating the constitution and general all-round assholery. And of course they squeal like a trans girl when their antics are displayed.

Remember: rigged elections have consequences.

@Jerryskids - are you complaining or trying to make everyone else envious?

Elbarto said...

Yup, the riot at the Capitol on 6 JAN 2020, while definitely not a good thing, was hardly the "insurrection" of the Democrat narrative.

ruralbob said...

I think a lot of people had this figured out before it even happened. That so many got sucked into believing the narrative is quite disappointing.

Garrett said...

Jan6th was simply a protest, but was manna from heaven for the dems remembering to NEVER let a" tragedy" go to waste...the dems took it on by a completely partisan committee wasting millions of dollars and time to grandstand their corrupt show in an effort to discredit Trump. Looks like the chickens are coming home to roost. Shameful conduct by law enforcement personnel with their infiltration efforts attempting to escalate actions.

Uchuck the Tuchuck said...

Maybe they should change the Shaman's charge from insurrection to Cultural Appropriation.

American Cowboy said...

I've said it before, and I say it again; this will not change for the better before it gets much worse. It's just a matter of whether it is sooner or later, and what false flag operation the leftists use to start the fire fight. The important thing is that the patriotic Americans who have been pushed, lied to, and bullied into a fight not of their making have the testicular endowment to finish the fight.

I really do not hold much hope for this country to avoid Civil War II.

TrickyRicky said...

-Why did Pelosi refuse Trump's offer of National Guard protection?
-Why were the feds, in the person of Ray Epps and others inciting the riot?
-Why did the capitol police facilitate the entry of buffalo hat guy and others into the building?
-Why did the officer in charge of evacuating the senators get no response from superiors when requesting permission to evacuate said senators?
-WTF was the J6 committee all about?

Reichstag fire indeed!!!

Colby Muenster said...

@Stilton said, "Carlson's critics point out that he's deceptively showing deceptive video clips that attempt to deceive viewers by deceptively having nothing in common with the totally accurate (albeit completely unsubstantiated) accusations of the Left...". Priceless!! You are in fine form, sir.

I particularly enjoyed (i.e. wanted to throw bricks at the TV) Mutt Romney criticizing Carlson for "cherrypicking" video to prove his point. Huh?! Now I fully realize the 2012 election was between two douchebags of equal douchebaggery. Can't believe the fine folks of Utah elected that turd, TWICE!

Concerning Jacob Chansley, I hope he sues the living crap out of every member of the Jan 6th committee, and wins big, especially against the two "republicans" that sat on the committee! Being originally from Wyoming, I have a special kind of loathe for Liz. Real Wyomingites are NOTHING like her. Harriette Hageman is a REAL Wyomingite. Her family is about 20 miles from where I lived; next door neighbors in that neck of the prairie. Liz is from Virginia.

Let's not forget that Mayor of DC, Muriel Bowser, also rejected Trump's offer of additional security. Betcha her and San Fran Nan went out for martinis afterwards.

Anonymous said...

About a hundred well-placed Reverse-Arkancides throughout their top ranks and distributed across all places from which they operate would make a huge impression; and masses of these minion SOBs would shut-up and run away. Very small price to pay to save a good nation. They are killing far more than that every day.

Alfonso Bedoya said...

I hope the FBI or ATF doesn't show up at my front door to question me as to my intentions that they feel would foment another civil or revolutionary war. I'd invoke my right to the 5th Amendment and not say a word to them, and instead just watch them stew silently while I slowly consumed a large Vodka Margarita.

As for some type of planned insurrection, war or other effective form of protest, I would not try to stop it, and I am too old to join in. From what I have been reading, though, it is apparent that Dictator Biden and his corrupt crew of Deep-Throat THUGS won't stop until the nation is completely destroyed, along with the English language. At this point, I'm torn between choosing Spanish, Mandarin or Cantonese in order to be ahead of the pack.

I was born before WWII, and never had a thought at that time that the nation's future would be in such jeopardy.

John the Econ said...

"My holocaust is the best holocaust ever! Has there ever been a holocaust as big as mine? I don't think so! And this is a very, very beautiful one!"

Belly-laugh of the morning awarded to @Stilton.

I'm still not sure of what actually happened on January 6th. But what I do know is what was presented to us by the infamous J6 committee was little more than Democrat outrage porn.

As for the prison time assigned to these idiots, I'm not crying too much. For one thing, it turns out that the defendants were purposely denied access to these videos, so there will be a lot of calls for these cases to be overturned. After millions more spent on legal fees, to be sure.

What bothers me are all the other real insurrectionists who got away with wrist-slaps during the previous year. Many broke the exact same laws as the J6 people were.

Shelly said...

When I see those leftist assholes bleating on TV that Tucker cherry-picked parts of videos to craft a story, I just have to laugh. Could there be a purer form of projection than that? Too bad so many idiots believe them.

Alfonso Bedoya said...

Shelly, this is the MO of the Left. They toss out any obviously stupid idea, representing it as fact. No proof and certainly no facts, history or common sense behind their idiotic remarks. None are needed, however, since those to whom they preach are equally stupid and believe anything they are told from any Leftist fuhrer.

Conservatives and those of us who have prior lives where common sense generally prevailed, plus FOX reporters such as Tucker Carlson who rightly challenge the hate-filled empty lies for which Leftists are famous. Such reporters and others who dare to challenge and disagree with Leftist/Marxist dogma are hated by the Left, garnering such names as "racist white supremacists," or worse. Fortunately, name-calling is all the Leftist/Marxists can come up with since they have nothing else in their despicable anti-American vocabulary except more lies.

Gonzo'57 said...

The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be exercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all. I like a little rebellion now and then. It is like a storm in the atmosphere.

Thomas Jefferson

Like two great tectonic plates grinding against each other, one dark and possessed of evil, the other glowing with the bright light of liberty and freedom, the friction continues to build until finally, with a great tearing and rendering, one rises above while the other subducts and is crushed.

The question being, how long before the forces release and which force rises to the top? I think we shall find out sooner than later.

JustaJeepGuy said...

If there weren't dozens-to-hundreds of Demo_Rats stretching ropes from lampposts on Pennsylvania Avenue on January 6th, it wasn't an insurrection. Period.

Those wishing to destroy America had better be very careful what they wish for. They might get it.

Anonymous said...

Cherry pick? The Democrat Communist party will always ALWAYS accuse someone else of doing what they themselves are doing.

Fish Out of Water said...


"Those wishing to destroy America had better be very careful what they wish for. They might get it."

Or put it another way, should they succeed in destroying the greatest government experiment in history, they will be among the first to be put up against the wall and shot.

Paul Donohue said...

“I wish that it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo.
“So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All that we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
J.R.R. Tolkein, The Fellowship of the Ring.

This was a social media post of mine from a couple of years age
Sadly, the situation has not improved.
This post was originally - and still - referring to the condition of our country and not my own.
My heart cries out in sorrow and in anger as I watch it getting worse.

I find myself somehow thinking of the patriots of the 1770's sniping from behind the foliage. I wonder how many politicians it would take before the rest resigned and ran.

"Yeah, they ran through the briars
And they ran through the brambles
And they ran through the bushes
Where the rabbit couldn't go
They ran so fast
That the hounds couldn't catch 'em
On down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico"

Battle of New Orleans - Johnny Horton.

Very nice job, Stilt. I admire your style of analysis combined with appropriate humor.

@Anonymous. Definitely a thought worthy of consideration.
@Colby Muenster. Every time Romney says something with which I disagree it confirms my opinion.

Side notes - I'm still waiting for Chuck Schumer to be indicted for his trips to Epstein's Island.
I have heard in a couple of places that the "QAnon guy" is well below the average IQ. Combining that with what he actually did does not in any way merit four years - or four months. Can anyone here remember anyone being charged when the Dems mob forced their way into the SC confirmation hearings WHILE THEY WERE IN PROGRESS?

Again Stilt, thank you.

Paul Donohue said...

Just a question to put out there for everyone.
Does anyone other than I think that Mitch McConnell's hospitalization following his "fall" was intended to allow the Dems to continue to control the Senate until they got back to full strength?

Murphy(AZ) said...

Response to Paul Donohue

As to McConnel's hospitalization: while other politicians are allowed to vote remotely (that brain damaged fool Fetterman, for instance,) I have not yet seen whether McConnell will be able to do that. He may be more brain dead than Fetterman.

Fish Out of Water said...

@Paul Donohue: I believe you are reading waaaaay too much into his recent hepatization. You know (I hope) he suffers frm the aftereffects f childhood polio which I have read, affects is ghait, whihc oculd have been a factor in his fall.

I would prescribe a good measure of Triple Smoke Whiskey

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Fish, if they're not among the first shot, the next Stalin will get around to them eventually. And there WILL be a "next Stalin". There's ALWAYS one waiting for his turn.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- I'll try to respond to comments when I can, but have been impeded by my computer suddenly developing Joe Biden's brain and requiring some drastic fixes. I'm still in the midst of that process, though at least cobbled together a workaround so I could get on here and let all of you know how much I appreciate your comments.

USA Today's fact-checkers answered the question "do videos show the Q-anon Shaman being escorted through the building by police" by saying it's absolutely false and needs context. The (ahem) "context" was that the cops you see in the picture above dared not touch the Shaman because, standing there in the otherwise empty halls, they were dangerously outnumbered by rioters. Presumably invisible rioters, which are the worst kind.

Something I've thought about before when it comes to "fact-checkers" is how we should determine what the definition is of "check" in this usage. "Check" can mean "to determine the accuracy, quality, or condition of something" OR "check" can mean "to stop or slow the progress of something undesirable." Like, you know, truth.

I think we can all agree which definition is correct here.

@Paul Donohue- A very apt quote from Prof Tolkien, albeit a somewhat melancholy one. Wisdom is like that sometimes. Too often, really. That being said, it's very good to hear from you, my friend!

John the Econ said...

A decade or so ago, upon espousing my cynicism regarding the relatively new "fact check" phenomenon, I was lectured by someone about how "fact checks" were about "facts" beyond question, as if the word "fact" had some sort of absolute magical powers of authenticity.

In reality, "fact checking" has long since been exposed as little more than "narrative enforcement". If they say something with enough conviction, that's supposed to be enough, even if your eyes are seeing something entirely different.

Colby Muenster said...

USA Today is talking about context? That's a laugh! And good one on pointing out the multiple meanings of the word check.

CNN says Uncle Festerman should be out of the hospital and (cough) fully recovered in two weeks. I wonder, is there some big Senate vote in two weeks?