Friday, October 20, 2023


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At least try not to spend so much time scratching them

We are living in sad and dangerous times. And inexplicably bizarre times; how else to explain that in the aftermath of Hamas's attack on Israel that killed and maimed thousands including women, children, and Americans, Joe Biden has just rubberstamped $100 million in aid to the Palestinians who elected Hamas and keep them in power? And this while Hamas is holding American hostages?!

I found news of this to be so unbelievable that I had to look it up myself. And sadly, it's true - but in researching the story, I found myself getting distracted by an interview conducted on Air Force One that reveals that Joe Biden has suddenly grown chin testicles.

Fortunately, he appears to be waxing them, but they're still pretty disturbing to see wobbling back and forth. And it begs the question of what's going on here? A quick Google search of "Biden" and "balls on chin" only brought up an AARP Magazine article in which Jill Biden was reminiscing about fellatio.

Are chin-balls yet another unforeseen side effect of the Covid mRNA non-vaccines? Or is this an entirely new Fauci-funded surprise from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and Bat Ball Science? Then again, maybe it simply evolved on its own in one of China's infamous open-air wet ball markets.

But wherever it came from, it's not a good look - and I can't imagine the N95 "Uncle Joe Jockstraps" we'll soon need to wear on our faces will be much of an improvement.


• I've been a bit more out of touch recently because I've developed some pretty significant hip pain and am having to learn how to cope with it both physically and mentally. Initial x-rays show severe degeneration of my left hip (which, in fairness, is the kind of hip you'd expect to find in a degenerate) which makes walking painful and frequently necessitates the use of a cane. And not a cool cane topped with a silver skull that twists to release the hidden poison-tipped sword within. No, I'm using the Walmart adjustable special and hoping it doesn't suddenly "adjust" mid-step.

To date, the x-rays have only caused my gerontologist (sigh...) to note "that probably hurts a lot" and then give me a referral for a hip specialist to see in late November. I know hip replacements are popular these days, but I have a horror of hospitals and surgery. SOooo it's been worrisome. Hip pain advice will be warmly welcomed in the comments. Although I can't legally get medicinal marijuana in Texas despite having (wait for it!) joint pain.  

• And just to round out this page and give everyone something to look at, here's a picture related to a project I'm kinda sorta maybe working on...

As I've mentioned here before, I have a deep and abiding love and fascination for the bygone world of sideshows (and yes, freakshows). So I'm currently researching long-forgotten sideshow acts which showcased unusual talents and physiognomies. Where that research will take me I'm not sure, but from the mists, "Roderick the Riddle Revealer" has suggested that it will be "no place where you make a profit."


Mike aka Proof said...

Biden's "chin scrotum" probably came as a suggestion from his Chief of Staff that he "grow some balls" in dealing with Iran and Hamas.
Leave it to Joe to put them in the wrong place!

rickn8or said...

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm pulling for Joe's chin balls to be the outbreak of a fast-moving, excruciating and terminal cancer.

Julian said...

Sorry tp hear about the hip problem. IF the issue is a loss of bone density, please ask the doc about injections you give yourself, of FORTEO. Inject into either thigh. Builds bone density very well. Not cheap but if you have insurance it is bearable and it works. NEXT - if you re using a cane, be sure it is adjusted properly or you will have shoulder and neck pain too. It should be set at a height where the arm is only slightly flexed at the elbow. Many people set the height too high and after a few weeks, wonder why their neck or shoulder hurts. The Wal Mart aluminum canes work every bit as well as the "orthopedic specialty" types; I did work in ortho and prosthetic field for almost 20 years. And if you also need a regular lightweight folding walker to use around the house, don't let pride get in the way of staying balanced and safe. And finally, the title of your piece reminds me of my old highschool band, Iron Scrote!!! Prayers and best wishes dear friend,

Anonymous said...

Hip replacement surgery is a very successful option. Do not wait too long as you will develop movement habits that will hinder having a smooth gait. You will learn to limp...that is not an easy habit to break. Fear of hospitals/surgeries should not be a focus. Get some help quickly to combat that. The rehabilitation for hip replacement is not difficult for men. Waiting causes the muscles to weaken quickly from disuse.
Regaining muscular strength is not difficult for men.

Mrywidow said...

While I find the concept of Biden sporting CHIN BALLS rather amusing, what I think we're looking at is some silicone chin implants that appear to have worked themselves loose. But then, that's what you get when you use your son-in-law who happens to be a plastic surgeon to do the work... migrating chin implants looking like CHIN BALLS. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

BobHe said...

I heard Brandon woke up from a mid-morning nap even more confused than usual angrily loud-whispering, "if I was a 'chin-ball-wizard' they'd have to give me more than 10%...I mean it".

Anonymous said...

Try to get a decent wooden cane, old school with the crook handle. Day to day use you will find it more handy and easier to use.if you need to adjust the height,you saw a piece off.

Becky LW said...

As others have mentioned, if you need to replace your hip do it soon as possible. The road back from surgery is shortest when you are still in decent physical condition. Waiting allows muscles to atrophy and then building them back up is harder.

Anonymous said...

Praying here for you as always. Love the commentaries and humor.
Ray from NW Pa

Henk Vandenbergh said...

72-year geezer here. Had my hip replaced 13 months ago. DO IT. NOW. ASAP.
Looking back, and that's the only way to look at it, recovery was pretty easy. said...

About Biden and the jock strap?
Here you go!

Anonymous said...

im old but there was a comedy sci fi movie that had Ballchinians as characters. Biden must be alien?

Bill the Cat said...

Careful using AARP for anything other than entertainment...there be so many progressives in that organization...HildaBeast's former staff have infested it...

Anonymous said...

Men in Black II was the movie that featured a Ballchinian.

My wife is disabled needs hip work, but is so otherwise debilitated that surgery is extremely risky. It's not ideal, but periodic cortisone injections from her orthopedist helps a bit. YMMV.

Bill the Cat said...

OH..forgot to mention...seems you are a fan of Mr. Adams' blog..."SCROTUS"!!!! Haaaaa..

Anonymous said...

Get the hip replacement done! Afterward you literally will be able to kick yourself for waiting so long.

Drew458 said...

Peter from Family Guy.

Chuck said...

Get the hip surgery, Stilt. The longer you put it off, the more damage they will have to fix. I just got a knee replacement and was walking without a cane in less than three weeks.

We're all rooting for ya, bro!

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Parker: ROFLMAO! Swiped.

This is, well, itching for a rewrite... 3:)

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Here's the lyrics, uncensored:

Tired farmer said...

Had hip replacement 7 years ago. They were still doing them from the side then. Make sure to get a 'Doc' who does them from the front as the recovery time is much shorter. Good luck.

Rod said...

Fuck Joe Biden and his pals.

My first question about the Revealer is: What Gauge of gun & what Shot load hit that cloak & hood? And he got over it? Or maybe was it Mothra?

rickn8or said...


-OR- Some cut-rate hurry-up plastic surgery is coming apart on Biden's body double.

TrickyRicky said...

Those little nubbins on his chin are about the size I would expect them to be.

As for the hip surgery, I concur with other commenters about the efficacy, hip surgery is a bloody procedure, but rehab is a lot easier and quicker than for knee replacement.

Phil said...

Re: Your possible hip surgery:

Both my wife and I underwent hip surgery, she in September, 2017 and I, almost two years later to the day. Both of us were in excruciating pain. I know what you're going through. My wife and I had the same excellent results; we had the same surgeon, the same hospital, the same everything.

In my experience, there are several keys:

* Select an outstanding surgeon;
* The hospital and its follow-up procedures (immediate therapy while there);
* The follow-up at-home therapy recommended by the surgeon;
* Be a good patient and do exactly what and how you are told to do - or not do

Our surgeon also does knees and shoulders, and flatly says that hip replacement surgery is by far the easiest to undergo and recover from.

I don't believe in ANY unneeded surgery, but am a HUGE proponent of getting whatever surgery you need done. Feel welcome to reach out to me if you want to, Stilt.

Shelly said...

Please do not wait for the surgery. I fiddled around for almost four years with pain until I got my right hip replaced. It's a painful operation and the rehab is brutal but it's over before you know it and you will be free from pain and walking normally. My excellent surgeon was Dr. Roger Emerson at THR Plano (Presbyterian) and I highly recommend him. He also does the anterior (front) incision. I had no complications other than a problem with my wound healing which necessitated going to a wound clinic. The incision crossed the crease where your leg bends and that's where the trouble was. Also, know you will have to have someone at home to take care of you or else you might have to stay in a rehab hospital. My beloved sister came down from upstate New York to help me. Best of luck on this.

I'm with @rickn8or on his sentiments. I'm normally not like this but I hate that bastard so much I hope he does suffer a long, painful road to the end. It might make up just a tad for the ruination he (and Obama) have done to this country.

Duffy Greenwood said...

Good luck, Stilt. I've been the proud recipient of SIX hip replacements, all "the latest" medical science had to offer. The first two were "glue-less" and plastic-on-plastic and I was assured would last a lifetime. It seems the human body doesn't know what to do with plastic debris released from joint friction, so it is encapsulated, and these capsules cause deterioration of bone. When those implants loosened, I was given "the latest" replacements, metal-on-metal again assured they'd last a lifetime. That was probably true but metal ions released through friction proved to be problematic. Seems those little buggers are carcinogenic and can cause metallosis (metal poisoning) which can result in cancer, depression and "other mental conditions" (See Netflix "Bleeding Edge" documentary for more on this). So now I have "the latest" replacements and have been assured they'll last a lifetime! At 76 years old I no longer care. I'm taking these to the grave.

Uchuck the Tuchuck said...

Stilt, I have been living with a degenerate hip for several years. I'm caught in the Catch-22 situation of needing to loose enough weight to safely get a replacement and being confined to a wheelchair for anything more than about fifty feet of walking or five minutes of standing, both supported by a pair of canes, which makes weight loss problematic.

Things that worked for me:

Diclofenac (an anti-inflammatory prescription medication) takes the edge off the pain. It's not a narcotic and not habit-forming. It does not kill the pain entirely, but it dulls it to background noise that you kind of get used to.

X-ray targeted steroid injections will knock the pain out almost entirely, but they will wear off over a few weeks and there is a limit to the number and frequency of treatments you can get. The procedure is minimally invasive and done on an out-patient basis.

That being said, I agree with those above that you should go ahead and get the replacement done as soon as you can. I know a number of people who have had one or both hips replaced and none of them have regretted it.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, cutting off some of the wooden cane the adjust it to the correct length. Then drill a hole in the end and screw in a 6” lag bolt to a desired length and, Voila!, an adjustable wooden cane. See? I knew my 9 years of night classes in engineering school would some day be worth the effort!

DougM said...

Do you pronounce it Roadrick?
No, it's pronounced Roderick.
Walk this way. This way.
[offers my own cane]

Unclezip said...

Hip and joint maintenance: Glucosamine Chondroitin and Tumeric. Takes a little while but works.

Anonymous said...

@Duffy…what is the latest reiteration made of??

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who needed hip replacement and was given a hip from a donor (like an organ transplant but not) Anyways, the surgery was very successful until my friend tried walking afterwards. Apparently, the donor was bigger than my friend so his hip was larger and my friend ended up walking in circles as one leg was then longer than the other.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Stilton,I had a total hip replacement at age 78.Key here is to get with the best Ortopaedic surgeon in your neck of the woods.Next,there are two methods currently in use,one involves an excavation in youir posterior,the second utilizes access thru the front of the adjacent thigh.That is the preferred method,less cutting,quicker rehab.The Otho guy will judge that based on your case.In any event,I had mine done at 0900 on Fri,was walking up my front walk at noon on Sat.Do not accept Opoiods if offered,I got some,took one and was flat on the floor.There are manyless damaging options.On the Wed following,I started physical therapy ,someone drove me each time.That lasted about 4 weeks before I was cleard to drive and ever since no hip pain or problems.Hope thi gives you some insight.

Oldarmourer said...

Could be worse, you could be in the land of socialized medicine where dope is sold in liquor stores for medical and recreational use but your hip appointment would be for NEXT November...if you were lucky...unless you could list yourself in one of the myriad 'underpriviliged' groups...or you were an illegal immigrant where it would be Tuesday and you'd get an apology for the delay.

All that for a LOT more in taxes than the cost of medical insurance down there, which you still have to buy up here too because the 'services' you're supposed to use (unless you're a politician and can bump the troops out of line in the military hospitals or go to the states or elsewhere for private care and bill the taxpayers for that) only covers so much.
At least I could keep my health insurance when I retired from the military.
It costs more than when I was in (yes the military has to pay for their health care up here) and the provincial plan got all huffy when I wasn't eligible for that because I already had my coverage and tried to make me drop it for theirs then cut me off from ever applying for it out of spite because I declined to pay them for something I couldn't use.
Dental insurance is a seperate policy that I also kept when I retired because the gov't only covers children...provided you don't make too much, and everyone with a job makes too muc.
You're constantly bombarded with ads on tv and in the mail hawking blue cross and all the rest of the private plans with each claiming to cover what the gov't doesn't.
The dr's don't speak english, half of them got their 'degrees' in countries where 'witchcraft' and 'sorcery' are the two main diagnoses and tell you you've got a 'sprained back' without even taking x-rays then just shrug when you finally have them done and it shows up broken in three places but WCB won't override the 'initial treating physician's diagnosis'.

I swear, if I hear one more American lamenting over them not having 'Canada's socialized medicine' I'll scream.

The newest treatment scheme is to offer anyone showing up at hospital 'medical assistance in dying' for even the most minor and completely treatable ailments. Senior citizens are a drain on the system because we dare to expect the pensions we paid into all our life while illegal immigrants get those same benefits on arrival, and we use the health cares system for illness when it's obviously only meant to treat the diseases they brought with them, undo overdoses from 'safe injection sites' or cut parts off of brainwashed children against their parent's wishes.
All those administrators, bureaucrats, lobbyists and the rest don't come cheap and diverting your nursing and psychiatric staff to run special programs for everyone that can put three letters together and call it a movement like lgbtqrwzycv+2+3 or whatever it is this week, instead of seeing patients and not replacing them on the floor while the ydo it but still counting them as 'staffing hospitals'' is the way medicine is done up here, doing actual patient care is completely unwarranted.
No wonder dope is legal......

Anonymous said...

My cell phone is messed up and I have missed you. Take care and God bless. ma

Colby Muenster said...

Joe must have switched to a generic version of his prescription for "Gro-a-cet."


Sorry to hear about your lower skeletal issues! It seems the entire body turns to crap the day you turn 70! It's encouraging to hear so many folks here who had great success with hip replacements. I know that is likely an expensive surgery, but living in pain can destroy a person mentally and physically. Hopefully your doctor is one of the "good ones" and not some quack looking for another Italian sports car.

On a personal note, I'm just getting over my third round of Covid. I reluctantly got vaxxed back in 2020 (2021?) so I wouldn't have to wear a stinking mask to work. Ended up having to wear one anyway AND still got the 'rona three times. I would love to have a brief meeting with Dr. Faux-ee... in a dark alley... with a baseball bat...

Anonymous said...

Chin testicles are expected for someone who's been a dickhead as long as he has

Ageisler said...

Hip replacements are now out-patient procedures

John the Econ said...

Rape & murder thousands of Jews and kidnap some more, including Americans. The American response? Send millions of dollars. What a racket.

Meanwhile in America, millions of people who spent the last 7 years screaming that Trump was a Nazi are now with total ironic unawareness gleefully chanting "From the river to the sea...".

Cheering for genocide is especially fashionable in San Francisco grade schools.

Another example of how Progressive education is child abuse.

I'm old enough to remember when Progressives said that cultural appropriation was the worst of sins.

@Stilton, I pray for some relief. If you need to do the hip thing, don't wait. Every single person I know who has gone through it wishes they'd done it long before they did and needlessly endured years of pain that sucked the life out of them.

MiamiSean said...

I had my left hip replaced. No matter what kind of surgery you get, it is imperative to get up when they tell you and do the rehab. If those muscles freeze up, it might take a very long time to recover, if ever. Painful yes, but just do what they tell you to, and you'll be walking and pain - free in a short while.

MAJ Arkay said...

Stilt, for as long as you need a cane, take a look at Great stuff, reasonable prices.

As for medical marijuana, it is legal in Texas, but for very limited uses.

CBD products are legal in Texas. We have CBD dispensaries cropping up all over the place. I don't use it myself, but my friends who do claim it really does help ease their pain. Good info here:

I'm with the others. Get the hip replacement soon than later.

Anonymous said...

Stilton, Johnny and Lance want you get your hip fixed. Johnny knows better than most how important it is to take care of oneself.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Mike aka Proof- That's as good a theory as any!

@rickn8or- I can't bring myself to wish for that, but I'd be willing to enjoy it.

@Julian- My late wife, Kathy, took FORTEO but was one of the people who got terrible side effects from her. It left her bedridden for awhile. Doesn't mean the same would happen to me, so I'll consider it if the specialist offers. Also, even though I've got significant PTSD related to all things medical after losing Kathy, a lot of folks here are encouraging me to at least consider surgery if it's recommended. And thanks for the cane advice!

@Anonymous- I am, in fact, seeing a therapist to help with my hospital-related PTSD. It's a significant problem for me.

@Mrywidow- That's what I'm guessing too - migrating chin implants. When Joe speaks, you can see that he still has connective tissue in the middle, but nothing on the two sides. It is NOT a good look.

@BobHe- Now I can't stop hearing The Who singing about the "Chin Ball Wizard." Maybe there's a meme there waiting to happen...

@Anonymous- I actually have such a wooden cane, inherited from one of my older relatives. Annoyingly, I can't remember who - Kathy was the historian around here.

@Becky LW- I hear you and will take that into consideration. But between my PTSD and my lack of local support structure, it's a pretty intimidating proposition.

@Ray from NW Pa- Thank you, my friend!

@Henk Vandenbergh- I appreciate your advice. Of course, I have a brother-in-law who has needed his hip replacement repeated a time or two because of mechanical failures. Which adds to my worries. Okay, on HIM it looks good. Well...better.

@Anonymous- Speaking of movies, it's worth a visit to Youtube to see "Hugh Jackman Ballneck." It's nicely done.

@Bill the Cat- Oh, I despise AARP but I'm required to be a member to get the supplemental health policy I'm on. Nothing but a Democrat-front lobbying group.

@Bill the Cat- I love Scott Adams's blog so will indeed give him credit!

@Anonymous- I've been told that injections might be a temporary treatment. I'm so sorry that your wife has the pain and disability but isn't a good candidate for the surgery. And you're humbling me into rethinking my situation with an eye toward gratitude that I might even have the option.

@Drew458- Although Popeye was arguably there first.

@Chuck- We'll see what the specialist says. If surgery does seem to be in the offing, you can bet that our online support group will be mustered into service!

@M. Mitchell Marmel- A thoroughly enjoyable song! And since I have the opportunity to mention it, I was part of a band that once had our song played on Dr. Demento's national show. My life is filled with small but weird accomplishments.

@Tired farmer- That sounds like a useful piece of advice! Thank you!

@Rod- I also wonder what the story is behind Roderick's robe. It clearly has had holes blasted in it, but he seems to have a nice suit underneath. Then again, the Mothra theory is appealing...

@rickn8or- It's only a rumor, but I heard that Michelle Obama was Joe's ball donor.

@TrickyRicky- That's only somewhat comforting considering that my knees ain't great either.

@Phil- It's good to get your input and I'm delighted that you and your wife have had good outcomes. I definitely won't get any unnecessary surgery, but my hip is becoming problematic enough that I'm increasingly worried about taking a fall. I have a horror of going into a hospital but an even greater horror of doing so under emergency circumstances.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Shelly- I appreciate your honest input, although the words "painful" and "brutal" are a bit distressing (but that's something I'd rather know than not). And I don't have anyone who could take care of me at home so I'd have to hire a service (I don't know what Medicare will help with) at a time when I need to be watching my cash. But the idea of being in a rehab facility triggers me into panic. But as I mentioned above, I'm seeing a therapist to hopefully help with that.

And yeah, there's nothing bad that can happen to Joe (or Barry) that I would mourn.

@Duffy Greenwood- Wow, that's a heckuva story! I'm glad that you've now got the latest and greatest iteration, but it sounds like that's what you were promised before. Anyway, I hope your current equipment works flawlessly for the rest of your days!

@Uchuck the Tuchuck- Sorry to hear about your problems. I may be in your same Catch-22 as the weight-loss effort I started some months ago has accomplished nothing. I'm tipping the scale (and the building holding the scale) at 300 pounds which may be too much for surgery. I dunno.

I've just started using diclofenac and it seems to help my knees, but it seems hard to work it into the crevises that might help it reach my hip. I'll keep trying, though. And I'll consider steroid injections although I know it's a temporary fix and too many injections can cause your cartilage to break down even more.

@Anonymous- Man...The Tool User!

@DougM- That scene just played out perfectly in my mind!

@Unclezip- I'm taking Glucosamine Chondroitin but I forget if there's Tumeric in there. I'll check!

@Bobo- I guess that would be okay if you were moving in important circles...

@Anonymous- I have mild sciatic pain because I don't believe in doing things in half-measures. The carbon fiber cane sounds cool - maybe I need to do some online shopping to find something spiffy...

@Anonymous- Thank you for giving me that very thorough history. That's exactly the kind of hand-patting and encouragement I'm needing!

@Oldarmourer- A lot of good information there. And the notion of government medical services making it "easier" for seniors to choose euthanasia is a very disturbing trend that I'm sure will only grow. The only way for our government's "promises" to be funded is to tax the hell out of people for their entire work lives, then try to knock them off before they start collecting benefits and needing medical care.

@Anonymous- You cell phone may be fine; I only post pretty sporadically these days as "mood management" takes up a lot of my time and following the news is usually bad for my mood. But I try to never go more than two weeks without proving to you all that I still have a pulse.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby Muenster- Even my brief (so far) flirtation with the pain and lessened independence has made me aware of the mental/emotional damage that comes along with physical breakdown.

I'm sorry about your Covid. So far, I've never had it (the benefit of being a hermit?) and I'm done with the mRNA "vaccines." I don't want to get into a whole thing here, but there's some frighteningly believable research showing that the Covid "vax" may cause people fighting cancers (including Leukemia, like Kathy had) to suddenly go from winning that battle to losing it. I don't know that this killed Kathy, but I also don't know that it didn't and I'm having to deal with a lot of anger. And yes, I'd love to have the opportunity to "discuss" all of this with Fauci.

@Anonymous- It seems obvious when you put it that way!

@Ageisler- I've seen the surgery on Youtube. It doesn't much LOOK like an outpatient procedure, though maybe they're just in a hurry to free up your bed.

@John the Econ- We are seeing literal Nazi-ism sweeping through our country now, especially from liberal elites. And pro-Palestinian protesters just stormed the Capitol and packed themselves inside. Where are the calls of insurrection? If I were just a bit more sane, all of this would drive me mad.

@MiamiSean- Thanks. I know that it's important to be a "good patient" and do the exercises when you're told. Not that combining pain and exercise has ever really been a goal of mine until now.

@MAJ Arkay- I'll check out the canes and dig a bit deeper into the marijuana and CBD info. Bonus: did you know that cannabidiol (a compound in marijuana) is a highly effective preventive for Covid? I'm not kidding, by the way.

@Anonymous- I'm a keen believer in irony, so with my many years of doing "Johnny Optimism" I should be careful about any condition that could put me in a wheelchair.

Nutcracker said...

About your HIP, think about PRP treatments before going under the knife. QC Kinetics is a national Co. and probably has an office near you. PRP is taking your own blood, spinning out the red blood cells, and inject the Platelet Rich Plasma from your blood into the area that’s damaged. There are a concentration of T cells that promote healing and regeneration. It’s been around for about 40 yrs in the horse world and the human availability for about 15 or 20 yrs. Studies should be getting close to done, but it’s not Ins. Approved. I talked to my hand surgeon about it and of course he’s po poed it. He said it’s not consistent because everyone has different levels of T cells or Plasma. I found that answer weak sauce. The injections can take up to 6 months to get the full effect. I had my ankle done years back and it’s still going strong. I had one set of injections and should probably get another to further rid myself of what pain was left. It can be done up to 3 times for the full effect, but of course INS doesn’t cover it. It’s about 500.00 for a round of shots. I would do it first before surgery. I’m having my wrist done this winter, along with ‘trigger fingers operated on so my fingers work again. Makes it hard to get a grip. I can grab a can of beer, I just can’t let go of it without popping those fingers straight again. So good luck and keep us posted on how your doing. Jon Ziegler OR

Colby Muenster said...


For the record, I got the J&J shot because I only wanted it for proof of vaccination, so I could quit wearing a #$%&#&# mask at work, and J&J was only a single shot. My sympathies for those who got the multiple mRNA poison.

Oldarmourer said...

Good luck with the 'trigger finger' or as wcb calls it 'stenosing tenosynovitis'
I had it as a repetitive strain injury from work and it used to get 'stuck' just as you describe.
It was amusing at first and I didn't think twice about it...then the pain started, it took me 15 minutes to straighten that finger out in the morning and while it was immediately covered under wcb as one of their few 'schedule' illnesses that can't be denied or even questioned once diagnosed, management at the federal dept. I worked for tried to until the bitter end and refused to even put their part of the paperwork in until I'd run out of all types of leave and was paying for physio out ot pocket. Thankfully I was reimbursed....eventually. Physio is just another health care 'service' not offered by the gov't unless you're actually in hospital and then only to get you out faster so you then have to pay for yourself or through private insurance.
The waiting list for surgery was ridiculous, even with wcb cases getting a nudge up the line so they didn't have to pick up your paycheque while you wait, I was looking at close to a year for a ten minute procedure, but luckily my family dr's husband was still qualified as an orthopedic surgeon and she sent me across the hall to his office where he did the surgery quite literally on his desktop while I watched !! I found out that your tendons move the exact opposite of how I'd always thought they did. Problem is she retired after being threatened with losing her licence for telling people masks don't do any good and now we don't have a family dr with the wait list for a new one in this province being one of the shorter ones at 'probably never'.
If you're ever offered socialized or 'one payer' medicine, politely say "no thank you" then say it impolitely if they tell you you're getting it anyway.
Oh, and don't even think about going to a private clinic to have minor surgery done, or even to get an mri or x-ray taken, they're strictly illegal up here, and will remain so as long as politicians can take a taxpayer funded vacation by going out of country to skip the lines here.

John25mm said...

Stilt I'd like to thank you for the imagery of Dr Jill "servicing" good old Joe. It I'm sure will help me with my weight lose diet. It will help because every time I think of this, I'm sure I will lose whatever is in my stomach at the time from a good ways down my colon.

Again, thanks so much.

I have a friend who has had both hips replaced and yes at the time he hurt but the pain went away rather quickly and in short order was in better shape than before the replacements.

greg said...

chin testes? what could be a better fit for a dick head!!
good luck on the hips, bud...i'm not there yet but, like others have said, know quite a few folks that had replacements and all have been succesful with apparently quick recoveries and pain relief

mamafrog said...

I instantly thought of Men in Black and the "Ballchinians" when I saw that picture, lol. It does explain so much about that old turd.

Turmeric is one of the things I was taking for joint pain for years, had to stop unfortunately. My blood pressure is up from the stress of caring for my mom (dementia) so had to go on blood thinners. That is the thing about turmeric, it is a blood thinner so be careful. And some pain meds are the same, aspirin and ibuprofen. The things I've learned as I've gotten older, there's a serious eye roll going on here.

My brother had his knee done last year, his had totally blown out in his early twenties and he's just dealt with it since. It finally got so bad he had to do it and he's been kicking himself since, metaphorically speaking, for not doing it sooner (we are both in our late 60's). I'm looking at a hip replacement some day, but not until I don't have to care for mom anymore, just too difficult to do.

Daniel Cashman said...

Don't dwell on the after surgery pain. I have had both hips replaced and the pain was not that bad, in fact the pain was worse before I had the surgery. I used a walker for 6 weeks waiting for my first surgery to take some weight off when I walked. If the cartilage is gone, don't fool around with injections or pills, they won't work. Try to get the anterior surgery if possible, less complications and faster healing. Everyone has anxiety about surgery but if you believe in god just pray for strength and peace of mind, it will get you through. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous that muscle memory takes quite a while to retrain how I walk. I had a hip replacement in July and I would say three days later the pain was less than the pain I experienced every day. I'm doing over a mile and a half a day now looking to get back to my three. Face your fears and you'll be happy with results. Peace John C

Shelly said...

Stilton, I realize my verbiage could have been better about pain. Of course, everyone's pain level is different. I availed myself of any and all pain meds offered. I'd been suffering for four years after all. I wanted to clarify, though, that after surgery pain has subsided (and it is very brief), the bliss of no pain after so long was well worth it.

Lee The Voice said...

Profits from freak shows? Hat's off to Mr. Barnum.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Lee the Voice- A number of Barnum's "freaks" ended up quite wealthy, so it was a pretty good arrangement for many of them.

sue said...

I agree with many of your friends… get the surgery as soon as possible…. It takes a long time to break habits from putting off surgery…( ask me how I know!) any way for pain management …. I ordered hemp gummies from Amazon .. they helped me get off the OXI after my knee replacement…. Oh and get the ones that have been run through sugar… they dont stick together!

Love your take on this crazy World! Looking forward to your take on surgery….. there will be humor!!

Alfonso Bedoya said...

As someone once said: "I feel your pain." A pox on who introduced the idea of "the Golden Years." positive thoughts are with you for the hip pain solution. At this perilous time, I need your commentary and humor to help get me through the day and to somehow handle the arthritis that is affecting my right hand. My pain is naturally nothing like yours, and I've found comfort in acetominophen and Vodka Margaritas.