Friday, May 12, 2017

Federal Bureau of Incompetence

Few things fill our heart with joy as much as hearing the moist "Ker-SPLOOMF!" of exploding Liberal noggins - a sound we're hearing a lot of following President Trump's kinetic dismissal of former FBI Director James Comey.

Comey was, as you may recall, the Democrats' "Public Enemy Number One" for interfering in the coronation of the breathtakingly corrupt woman who (along with the DNC) rigged the primary process to steal the nomination from the lovable old socialist who was spanking her in contest after contest.

Which is why Democrats have been screaming for Comey's firing right up until the moment that Trump did fire him - at which point the Left suddenly decided that Comey was actually some kind of Jesus of Justice, and was being crucified for the sin of conducting an investigation into Trump's alleged ties to Russia ("Operation Snipe Hunt").

There are reports that Comey had recently requested more money for his Russian investigation, and the Lefties are citing this as not only the reason (and only reason) for his firing, but as proof of Trump's guilt. Because who, other than a guilty man, would discourage an investigation?!

An innocent man, that's who. An innocent man who already knows there's no substance to the allegations, and sees no reason in funding a years-long political sideshow designed only to impede his Presidency.

Whatever your political ideology, it should be easy to agree that James Comey was an unpredictable, unprofessional, self-involved train wreck who had destroyed the credibility of his office and agency. Everyone should be glad to see him gone.

And if the Left isn't glad, well, that's just a free bonus.

How the Left imagines Trump's dresser drawers.


Mike aka Proof said...

Ties to the Russians? I knew it! Heh.

james daily said...

Well, President Trump has taken care of one of my priorities which I though should have been taken care of on 20 January although the 19th would not have been too soon. This guy is a weasel of the first water. How in the heil he, a lawyer, with a straight face said Clinton had on "intent"? He took, what, a year and a half to review 30K emails but review 650K in two weeks? Huma Abedin gets to skate for sending the classified emails to her pervert husband? No, this guy should have been fired a long time ago. Now to get rid of that rat McCabe who said Comey had "broad" (?) support? Does he mean female FBI support? The whole FBI department needs a good house cleaning.

REM1875 said...

Only commie did not request more funds for the instigation which the house and senate know because they are the ones who would have approved it.
I have never ever seen the media so, so pissed. They want Trumps scalp and his head. Gonna look odd mounted on the wall that way but......
Furious- if there is anyone in America who doubts the media bias they are either trapped deep in a mine or working in our media. The only way they could be more rabid is if Trump actually gave them everything they want - it would drive them over the edge.
It does make for some enjoyable viewing if you are a masochist and enjoy pain. Of course if you are a sadist you may derive pleasure at the media's obvious pain......
I think chuckie scummer is recommending chelsea manning or bowe bird-dog for the job of FBI director
Yes we live in interesting times.

Judi King said...

Could the MSM be more hypocritical? Of course Comey had to go and the left wanted him gone last summer. He has no credibility.
I still don't get the "Russian connection". IF they had something that helped Trump win, that would mean that Hillary was guilty of something, wouldn't it?

Fred Ciampi said...

Well, Comey is a good start. Now President Trump needs to get the rest of the alphabet agencies' heads especially the IRS. And then there needs to be some very heavy prosecution of the mis-deeds that were wrought upon the American people. They will need about a hundred or more prosecutors for the task.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

that would mean that Hillary was guilty of something, wouldn't it? This made me spew coffee all over my shirt! The only people who don't acknowledge that Shillary is guilty of something are the demoncraps and the MSM.

The "Russian connection" is a whole-cloth fabrication of the left (which, notably, includes the MSM), and began, as you may recall, with that asinine allegation that Trump hired whores to piss on the bed the Øbamas slept in in Moscow. Really! Hire whores to do it, when he is quite capable of pissing on his own? The suspension of disbelief required for that is beyond most rational folk's capability. That the Øbamas allegedly slept in one bed is another giant leap - unless Moochelle is actually Michael, as some have suggested. And what was Øbama really doing in Russia?

Geoff King said...

Comey is probably lucky he was only fired by Trump. Had Hillary won the election, he likely would been Arkancided.
Hopefully whoever replaces him will be above the reach of the Clinton Crime Syndicate and will reopen the reopened investigation of the email scandal.

Anonymous said...

How appropriate today. The left is melting down over what they were demanding 5 months ago.. priceless.

AmyH said...

You got it. The FBI isnt going to start an investigation on someone because someone "says so". What they are (or should be) doing is investigating a National Security breech by Hillarity and her server.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Mike aka Proof- Yep, he's been collared now.

@James Daily- Hillary's guilt (and Huma's) was prima facie. It wasn't in Comey's purview to give her a free pass, and it was in his purview - indeed his duty - to make public his belief that the Clinton's had corrupted the DOJ to the point that no honest prosecution could take place. When you look at Comey's July press conference, the only possible interpretation is that he was trying to lend credibility to a DOJ and Attorney General whom he believed (or more likely knew) to be thoroughly corrupt. How anyone could not see that as a firing offense is beyond me.

You're right that the FBI needs a good housecleaning. And this is where it starts.

@REM1875- The media's handling of this would be laughable if it weren't so dangerous. I have liberal friends (don't judge me) who are having apoplexy because they feed exclusively on the mainstream media's lies and hyperbolic vitriol. To them, Trump saying "enough of this Russian nonsense" is proof positive that Trump and Putin somehow hacked the election, without a shred of evidence or iota of proof.

@Judi King- I had to laugh when reading that when Bill Maher announced Comey's firing on his "comedy" show that the liberal audience applauded and cheered...until Bill had to stop them and tell them that they had changed sides and should instead be outraged. Sheeple.

And regarding the "Russian connection," I have yet to hear of a single Democrat voter who had intended to vote for Hillary but changed their vote after hearing Podesta's leaked emails. Let alone anyone who changed their vote owing to "fake news" created by the Russians.

@Fred Ciampi- I couldn't agree more, and the IRS would be a delightful next target. And as you suggest, part of the clean up needs to include criminal prosecution of a lot of people to discourage such abuses in the future.

@Emmentaler Limburger- I don't know how any potential Hillary voters could have changed their minds based on the Wikileaks, because no mainstream outlets were sharing the contents of those leaks, and instead only reported Russian interference. The content was considered immaterial, and the source was the only story.

To the extent that there was any interference in the election process, it was that the voters got more truthful information than they were supposed to have.

@Geoff King- I still think it's possible that Comey may have an unfortunate "accident" as a farewell gift from Hillary.

And yes, I'm hoping to see cases against the Clintons reopened and vigorously pursued. We need the political equivalent of Simon Wiesenthal to track these people down and bring them to legal justice.

@Anonymous- They're a volatile bunch, these Lefties.

@AmyH- Exactly! Until we see investigative agencies get serious about the gross and deliberate national security violations committed by Hillary and her team, why should we believe they're serious about national security at all? They can't let Hillary go and still claim that Russian hacking is critically important.

Stinking Bishop said...

It was pleasing to see Maher and Colbert have their "Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia" moments. I'm wondering now if they had rather that the lovable old socialist had been allowed to win the nomination. And by "lovable old socialist", I mean "pathetic Commie scold".

Pete (Detroit) said...

So, two days, **48 HOURS** of constant wailing and gnashing of teeth by the media...
meanwhile, what's happening in Syria? Turkey? Iraq? A-stan? P-stan? Venezuela?
What the heck has TRUMP been up to for the past two days? NOT sucking one thumb and warning the other, I bet!
Maybe BBC, or the Guardian could tell us - but not our Lame Stream media.
In case you had not seen, here's Keith Olbermann (spit) pleading for everyone to give up intel on Trump so we can be rid of him....
Really? you prefer Pence, you useless wanker?

Yes, let's blow up the IRS and prosecute there, too. Think there's any shenanigans at EPA, Energy, DHS?
Drain the friggin' swamp indeed!

Also, in re the "Russian Connection" that is well documented, the FBI is still investigating Clinton Foundation and 'pay to play' w/ State... She's not off THAT hook yet..
I hope!

Fred Ciampi said...

Stilt, speaking of "unfortunate accidents", wasn't there an accidental drowning a few years' back of an ex CIA chief or sumptin' who was out on his boat and fell off? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

John the Econ said...

Have a severe case of whiplash from keeping track of the proper Progressive narrative regarding Comey. But it has been fun clipping-n-pasting Democrat's highly charged opinions of him from mere months ago. That generally shuts people up. It's amazing how short Progressive memories are getting.

Was also a riot watching Stephen Colbert re-educating his audience on the proper response and narrative. What would Democrats do without comedians to tell them what to think?

What I find interesting is that Rod Rosenstein's letter outlaying the reason for Comey's firing lays out a very clear case for doing so, and yet it takes a certain amount of effort to find it on Google. I can't help but think that's by design. The left would much prefer that the hyperbole crowd out the simple facts that Comey's actions were not consistent with the procedures and principles of his job. Nobody was happy.

The current hype also obfuscates the fact that had Hillary won, Comey would have been gone within minutes of her inauguration and nobody would have cared. But it is fun watching the entire Democratic establishment carry on in desperate hope that they've finally got something legitimate to hang Trump with.

Stan da Man said...

Speaking of the IRS, how about they actually start DOING the job? How many members of Congress (both houses) are tax cheats? (yes, looking at YOU Charlie Wrangle). It's estimated that gov't workers owe $2 - $4BILLION in taxes - certainly that should be low hanging fruit?
And we know "Reverend" Al owes $4M, how about Jesse? These attention whores can't be too hard to find.
Point being, they harass and terrorize us 'little people' let's see them get serious on some 'big shots' as well.

txGreg said...

Pretty interesting article IMO over at The American Spectator explaining why Comey needed to go. And it does not have anything to do with Russia, or Hillary. Instead, the author highlights with deliberate blindness the FBI has embraced (under both Comey and his predecessor) with regards to confronting Islamic terrorism. Some of the info I'd heard before, but some details were new to me.

txGreg said...

(sorry for the mangled English in that one... remember kids, proofreading is your friend)

Colby Muenster said...

I watched a video compilation of several Democrat's statements before and after "The Great Firing of 2017." All were priceless, but Maxine Waters took the prize. A true piece of work, that one. How does someone with such a low IQ get elected over and over and over and over....? Sheeple indeed.

Did anyone see The Prez's Tweet to Rosie? Back in December(ish), Rosie Tweeted "FIRE HIM!!" in reference to Comey. Trump Tweeted back yesterday, "Rosie, we finally agree on something." This no doubt benefited her greatly; she probably lost about 15 pounds after her head exploded into pink mist.

Yes, that was childish and mean (snicker...snort...).

Geoff and John the Econ are spot on. Had Shrillary won the election, she wouldn't have merely fired Comey. She would have slandered him, drug him through the mud with wild horses, then had him drawn and quartered after a week or two in the pillory. And her mindless followers would have cheerfully gone along with the whole thing.

Mike aka Proof said...

Stilton: Maybe he can get a "stay" of execution?

Shelly said...

I am loving this meltdown. This is the first Republican president that they have been unable to cow with their nonsense and the real folks out in the country are enjoying it. I know these jerks want desperately to "Nixon" him and they just can't figure out how to do it. Everything they try backfires and his support strengthens. I say keep that swamp draining going.

james daily said...

I came across this one today and hopefully it is not fake news;
Add his failure to fiduciary duty to the charges he should face. Disgraceful.

Rod said...

Kinetic Dismissal is a great term. I love it and hope see more of those. The IRS should be next. Then maybe Trump will dial in "Dynamic Performance Review" about four layers deep into management structure of all these Gov'mint agencies. With that cleaned up; sic Sessions onto investigations and indictments.

No matter which side they're on, I guess by now nearly everyone has noticed how corrupt, conspiring, biased, coordinated and fully transparent all this BS "news" has become. That also needs to be addressed. I wish I knew how to be more personally effective in stopping it.

Anonymous said...

We are faced with the robust resurgence of the Marxist Threat, which apparently did not die in 1990 like Slick Willy said it did. Not only is it alive it seems to have ensconced itself within FUSA. As with all Marxist activities this one too will resolve itself into a violent kinetic 'wave of liberation'. Prepare Accordingly

Tots said...

"Operation Snipe Hunt" is my new favorite phrase.

Anonymous said...

I'm petitioning Trump to re-instate Comey.
It would be so much fun watching all the liberals break their necks from doing an abrupt 180