Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Fee Fi Ho Hum

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We're going the Earwigs route today because after a quick morning game of "you have a half hour to pick all the new paint colors for your house because the painters are here," we felt like we owed ourselves a little something special at lunch. Specifically, a surprisingly potent margarita at our local Mexican restaurant which put us into a blissful coma for about two hours.

It would be funny to say that we woke up painted head to toe in Dhurrie Beige with accents of Navajo White, but the reality is that we just snored CPAP-free in a La-Z-Boy until a chirpy saleswoman called to share the redemptive gospel of AARP insurance supplement plans.

So, we're blowing off the news yet again - although in complete seriousness, we want to put out positive thoughts for all those who may be in the path of hurricane Irma. We're not suddenly getting into the climate change business, but two such powerful hurricanes in a short space of time does give a body pause (as Larry Talbot once said under a full moon).

And yes, that's both a terrible and terribly obscure joke. Did we mention that it was a really strong margarita?


Dan said...

Thank you for that clip. I've been looking for it since we started painting the house and doing some remodeling.

Mike aka Proof said...

Sounds like the wolf, man, is at your door.

Anonymous said...

Love the Sir Gwain earwig, and the Lyle Talbot pun made me "howl" once I got it.

Rod said...

After what we go through (every time) to select colors, I'm going to enjoy showing that video clip to my wife. For the second showing I may have to duct tape her to the chair. I've tried suggesting if she would just glue all the sample patches to the wall like tile, the job would be done.

Fred Ciampi said...

Just a teeny bit off subject but I will never understand how folks will wait until a natural disaster such as, oh, a hurricane, is right down the road before they go out and stock up. At the very first indication of such an event they should be preparing for the worse. If you buy a wagon load of chicken soup, water, aspirins, and other items necessary to wait out a storm and the storm goes somewhere else, the stuff can always be used anyhow. Or one could have a cave well stocked with moonshine in the first place. Oh, and long storage foodstuffs too.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

I recall hearing that, in the first half of the 20th century, the Houston area was hit with two big hurricanes within days of each other. For some reason, both 1900 and 1935 are stuck in my mind - both of which saw horrific storms, but neither of which I can currently verify received a second dose in the same week.

And, Stilt: use caution when selecting your color, remember the fate of good Sir Galahad when he changed his mind at the bridge...

Alfonso Bedoya said...

My wife loves Navajo White, and our home's interior is covered with it. Naturally, my wife chose it, and for my own safety, I had left the color choice up to her. My reply to the color is: "Ehhh..."

As for Lyle Talbot, I haven't thought of him for years. I think he was in almost every movie Hollywood produced, but if you asked a kid on the street if they had ever heard of him, you would be met with a blank stare. I checked out Lyle on Wikipedia just for fun and was surprised that his career spanned so long.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

How DOES one keep the label up when it's a whole tree?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Dan- I love Myrna Loy in anything, and this clip seemed particularly appropriate today!

@Mike aka Proof- Well I'm glad SOME people get the joke. Mrs. J just stared at it.

@Anonymous- There's just something funny about the phrase "a high pop fly."

@Rod- Choosing colors is maddening. The same paint sample magically changes right before your eyes depending on whether it's under electric light (and different color temperatures), sunlight, and what colors are in close proximity. We painted a tasteful gray in our master bathroom, and when I tried a sample of the same paint in my office, it was bright blue. Insanity.

@Fred Ciampi- I couldn't agree more about "buy it before you need it," especially for people who live in vulnerable areas. I live in one of the most stable areas in the country- protected from hurricanes, flooding, brush fires, and (knock on wood) earthquakes. But I still have several cubic feet of emergency food and supplies in case of the unknown. Not exactly survivalist quantities, but better than nothing.

@Emmentaler Limburger- I still think these storms owe everything to solar activity and not Trump's decision to boot the Paris Climate Accords. Very scary watching the preparations being put into place for Irma and wondering how bad the damage is going to be.

And good call on the Monty Python clip: that's how a lot of my decisions are feeling lately!

@Alfonso Bedoya- Interestingly, Navajo White isn't white at all. And yesterday we were looking at samples with names like "Greige" which isn't even a real word.

And DANG IT - "Lyle" Talbot IS an actor...I meant Larry Talbot, the wolfman! D'oh! (I'm going to change it - don't tell anyone).

@M. Mitchell Marmel- As the old joke about the sod layers goes, "green side up! Green side up!"

Jack Colby said...

I wonder at how many advocates of the theory of man-made climate change actively choose to live in the places that they believe will be most affected, i.e. shouldn't their belief in rising ocean levels and more extreme weather make them, literally, "head for the hills?" They should be turned down for insurance, too, doncha think? They're, in effect, wishing for the destruction of their own homes and castles. Won't happen, of course, until it becomes impossible to obtain home-owners insurance in such areas. Then, it'll be considered an insurance problem by our fearless leaders, I expect, leading to intrusive legislation and regulation and... (wait for it)... rapidly rising premiums.

TrickyRicky said...

"Which way to the Jarlsberg remodel?"

Rod said...

@ Stilton: Just played the video for my wife and she identified 100% with Mrs. Blandings. Then she was off, laughing; a second showing seemed unnecessary. That was fine old humor; thank you for posting it.

Your point about the LIGHT greatly influencing the color is what I've been trying to tell her for decades. We have 50 shades of grey, and in this case it's not about sex.

Jack Colby said...

Earwig: "Whaddya mean you don't like my earrings!?!"

John the Econ said...

No, there's no way you cut that down with a herring. That was the point!

Colors: Reminds me of when Mrs. Econ and her partners were discussing colors for a spec house they were building. They agonized for days over colors that when it came down to it were quite vaguely just different shades of gray that nobody would ever know the difference of.

Disaster: @Fred Ciampi said, "...I will never understand how folks will wait until a natural disaster such as, oh, a hurricane, is right down the road before they go out and stock up."

Agreed. I am always amazed and saddened by the number of people who aren't prepared for even a minor disruption in the routine of their oh-so-easy lives; especially those who live in areas like the gulf or Florida where storms aren't just likely, but inevitable. Myself being a former boy scout and Mrs. Econ working in the "disaster" field, we keep at least a month worth of food in storage in addition to everything we'd need to survive "in the wild" should a situation require it. Every year, we go through our supplies and any foodstuffs that are about to age out we donate to our local food bank. We also keep backup fuel, should fuel not be locally available and we need to bug-out.

The upcoming storm and "climate change": They claim they can predict "climate" 100 years out, but even using millions of real (not proxy) data points, they still can't predict a hurricane's path 100 hours, much less 50 hours out.

In the wake of Sandy, I don't see the Jersey Shore abandoned because, as Al Gore sez, these storms are only going to become more frequent and severe. Likewise, after Harvey & Irma, people will rebuild whatever was destroyed asap. Clearly, they don't believe it either. Heck, the Federal government spent billions rebuilding the slum in below-sea-level New Orleans post Katrina. I'll find it easier to believe in "climate change" when the "educated" and wealthy start abandoning the shorefronts.

@Jack Colby said "Won't happen, of course, until it becomes impossible to obtain home-owners insurance in such areas."

Of course, the government can't resist subsidizing insurance for the uninsurable. Which is another reason people will keep building in places that the laws of economics strongly suggest that they shouldn't.

Joseph ET said...

Some paint stores have this sign;
"Husbands MUST have a note from their wives before selecting colors."
Good advice as a happy wife makes for a good life.

Colby Muenster said...

Stilton said, "I still think these storms owe everything to solar activity and not Trump's decision to boot the Paris Climate Accords." Good one! Sadly, we all know there is no shortage of idiots who will, straight faced and serious, blame Trump for EVERYTHING, up to and including hurricanes, children starving in Ethiopia, and the heartbreak of psoriasis.

When my son sold his house, the realtor said, "Paint every room Accessible Beige." The house looked great, and it sold in two weeks. This is a Sherwin Williams color, but Home Depot managed to perfectly match it in a paint that wasn't 85 bucks a gallon.

Mrs. Muenster and I both grew up in rural Wyoming (translation of rural: the whole damn state), and everyone stocked up on supplies and food. It was considered normal behavior, and totally necessary. This was a very good habit to keep. We can tons of stuff, and have the means to can what's in the freezer should we lose power for an extended length of time.

Rod said...

My favorite NAME for a color (not the hue itself) was coined long time ago by an acquaintance who is a psychologist, and/or maybe a psycho. "Mental Ward Green".

JustaJeepGuy said...

Speaking of Trump pulling out of the Paris accord, have you seen this?

John in Philly said...

My wife objected to my plan of painting the walls Navy Bulkhead Gray, and the ceilings Steamline White.

Rob said...

Love the Larry Talbot reference!

John the Econ said...

Maybe she has a point. It's mostly white folk here in the mountains where I live, and we never get hurricanes. Hurricanes are definitely racist.

@JustaJeepGuy, thanks for a great example of Progressive post-modernist thinking. More proof that the trillions of dollars we spend on "education" have gone completely to waste.

Trump & the DACA: Am I the only one who sees the irony in Progressives who have been arguing that Trump is a fascist now demand that Trump act as a fascist in regards to continuing to enforce DACA, which was never really law in the first place?

Igor said...


Cognitive Dissonance, example of.

DougM said...

• The big gypsy said the little guy's stripey leg made him look gay.
The little guy said the gypsy's ear rings made him look gay.
The gypthy thmathed the little guy with hith twee.

• God snatches the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil away from Adam and says,
"That's why we can't have anything nice."

• God says he's gonna do his own gardening from now on, so Adam and whatsername are just gonna hafta move the heck out.

• Goliath says he can hit anything David can pitch, and only pussies wear batting helmets.

JustaJeepGuy said...


She probably also wanted all the wires and pipes to stay hidden inside the walls too, right?