Friday, September 29, 2017

Killer Queen

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In a recent interview with Charlie Rose, embittered loser Hillary Clinton advanced the idea that President Trump is no better than Vladimir Putin, and added "Hopefully he hasn't ordered the killings of people and journalists and the like."

Ironically, she made this statement only days after a blogger who created "fake news" during the election cycle and credited himself with helping Trump win was found dead as a doornail at age 38. Initial speculation is that he overdosed on prescription medication, which is easy to do when a sawed off shotgun is held to your head and you're ordered to keep swallowing pills.

Ignoring for the moment the huge likelihood that Hillary has personally ordered more killings than the Cosa Nostra, her murderous accusations about a sitting President of the United States are beyond despicable.

We'd say more, but we don't want to suddenly meet with a fatal "remodeling" accident.


stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, playboy, hugh hefner, death

Yesterday the world lost Hugh Hefner, age 91, the creator of Playboy magazine, the Playboy philosophy, the Playboy mansion, and Most Valuable Player in the kickoff of the sexual revolution.

Playboy was a significant influence on many a young man back in its heyday, because it really was about more than just the nudie pictures - although what pictures they were! Modestly posed (by today's standards) with natural bodies of all shapes and sizes appealingly free of surgical enhancement.

It was only in later years, facing competition from raunchier fare like Penthouse and Hustler, that Playboy's photos turned more to (as Archie Bunker once said) the "groinecological."

But apart from the Playmates, any given issue of Playboy (and we're recalling back to the 70's here) had much else to offer. Yes, the interviews and articles really were top notch and not just filler. And for those of us who were into cartoons, Playboy was a little slice of heaven. The creepy stylings of Gahan Wilson, the exquisite line work of Shel Silverstein, Sokol, Rodriguez, and many more. And the delightful Mad-ness (pun fully intended) of "Little Annie Fanny" by Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder.

We haven't looked at a current issue of Playboy in decades, but our fond memories linger on. And so we feel the loss of Hugh Hefner with genuine sadness as another little piece of a more innocent past flickers out.

Coincidentally, the day Hef died was also the day we finally threw out our waterbed. It will soon be replaced by something less hedonistic and more geriatric-friendly. Further proof that Time is a harsh mistress who doesn't have a staple in her belly button.


Mike aka Proof said...

At least you didn't show Hillary with a staple in her belly button!

Jim Irre said...


james daily said...

It is hard to believe that this Mag came out in 1953. I was 10 years old. It is hard to believe that MM was the first cover gal and centerfold. RIP Hugh, you were a pioneer. Then, I have been sort of keeping up with the Clinton Body Count. There is no one in the USA that has known more suicides, murders and unnatural deaths than these two sociopaths. On the President and the journalist: A WSJ journalist pasted away after looking into a Russia/pharmaceutical sell that had the crook making (or is it taking) millions as Sec. Will we never get shut of these two?

Grand Poobah said...

Some twenty-five to thirty years ago, I greatly admired Hugh. But as I got older and had a few daughters, I came to view him as just a dirty old man. Especially in his later years, when he was still shacking up with gals young enough to be his great-grandkids.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but who wants to bed a 91 year old womam!

Earl Allison said...

Projection -- a staple of the Left. So basically, Hillary is ADMITTING that she has people murdered when convenient for her, or certainly WOULD had she become President.

Always listen to the accusations the Left makes -- because it is ALWAYS something they are either doing, or gearing up to do themselves. They simply cannot fathom that everyone else isn't the same degenerate monsters in human skin that they are.

Steve H said...

Isn't it nice how Hilary makes a distinction between people and journalists...

Unknown said...

Mornin' Stilt, Will this common bitch ever admit defeat? She and the gang of thugs she runs with are a stain on the whole democratic system. For Christmas maybe Monica will send her a "thinking of you" card. Well, thinking of someone. Those outfits she wears, the pant suits, make her look like a refugee from a Vietnamese gang bang.

Geoff King said...

Hef was also crucial, through donations, for the founding of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws). It was primarily their relentless lobbying and truthful dissemination of information that now allows many needful people to legally recieve medical Marijuana, as well as the recent swing towards allowing recreational use. He did this back when most people believed the "Reefer Madness" bullshit.

TrickyRicky said...

To think how involved in our government, and how close to becoming president Ma Barker was sends chills up my spine. That she feels comfortable spewing such lurid and frankly insane speculation about our current president speaks volumes about the level of public discourse and the dangerous delusions now rampant on the left.

As a kid I would hang out in the local drug store until there were no other customers, purchase a Playboy "for my Dad", then after thorough perusal resell the mag to my pals at a huge markup. The photos were inspiring, but I think the Gahan Wilson cartoons did more to influence my worldview, along with National Lampoon.

Jim Lane said...

Had she gotten into office, it would have been Hillary as the modern-day "Caligula"...

Oh yeah.

REM1875 said...

Beware of her winged monkeys !!!

Fish Out of Water said...

Perhaps if the Presidency (Empressship-?) of Elbonia is offered to her, she'll shut up and mercifully go away?

NYGino said...

A clear case of projection on Hillary's part.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget the Vargas girls. Those airbrushed beauties were almost as wank-worthy as the playmates for pre-teen boys

Unknown said...

This magazine came out the year I was born. It was a much-respected empire and so many men were jealous of Hugh. He had it made, but he worked hard (no pun intended) to build up his name and fame. I know many a young boy and man would repeatedly "read" the magazine for the articles. RIP Mr. Hefner. You were one of a kind.

John the Econ said...

Watched part of the Charlie Rose interview, or at least as much as I could tolerate. Which wasn't much. The irony of her losing is that we probably are hearing more from her now than had she won. Once in office, she wouldn't have had much use for us little people and she'd have been ensconced behind a paywall until re-election season.

Hefner: I noticed a very strange phenomenon yesterday on social media; Many of the very same Progressives who a year ago scorned Trump for his "pussy grabber" misogyny had very laudatory things to say about Hefner! I don't think it's a stretch to say that had it not been for the kind of culture that Hefner promoted as "sophisticated" and "hip" for over a quarter century, Donald Trump would not have been as comfortable about boasting about his sexual access to women with a stranger.

Or in other words, Hugh Hefner made the Presidency of Donald Trump possible. As I've said before, I really don't think it's sane to expect generations of people marinated in a pop culture that promotes Hefner's style of misogyny to be shocked about a candidate that expresses attitudes consistent with that culture.

Colby Muenster said...

Poor widdle Shrillary. She's gone through most of her life not realizing that people simply do not like her. Oh, yes, there are the "I'm with her" dumbasses out there, but I have a feeling even most of them would not want to be around her on a personal basis.

Face it, Hillary. Your political "career" is over, and few people give crap that you lost to Barack Obama, and then to Donald Trump. Most people don't want to hear your pathetic whining and blaming others for your problems. Real adults know how to accept their shortcomings, and are usually too damn busy trying to eke out a living to be bitter about how much they've been screwed. Please just go away to one of your mansions, and spend all day getting drunk and counting your dirty money.

Hefner.... I'll not pretend I have never looked at a Playboy magazine, and yes, compared to some other rags, it was tastefully done (well.... I can only vouch for the ones I saw many years ago). But, I'm of the opinion that Hugh Hefner and his ilk contributed greatly to the continuing downslide of morality in this country. Our youth have the morals of alley cats, and it's getting worse. Anybody remember when it was scandalous for a high school girl to be (gasp!) pregnant? Kids who "did it" were outcasts, and people were virgins when they got married. This is not the case now, is it? Girls are expected to "put out" at a very early age now; abortion clinics are killing millions. Not supposed to be this way! Just my opinion, and call me a hypocrite, but Hugh Hefner does not deserve our praise.

Shelly said...

@Anonymous, your sexism and ageism aside, it is true a 91 year old woman probably is not sexually attractive any longer. However, an old fart like Hefner in his pajamas and captain hat could at least stick to someone within 40 years of his age, instead of 70!

Hefner was truly a revolutionary in the magazine world and his nudes are quite quaint compared to the smut that followed (through the door he opened). His mistake was trying to be that man the rest of his long, long life. The urbane smoking jacket and pipe turned into the old man in his pajamas and captain hat, as mentioned above. The sight of those young women with their silicone enhanced bodies subjecting themselves to him was disturbing and disgusting.

As to Hillary, I wish that vile woman would go ahead and have that stroke that is inevitable, or cough herself to death. I don't usually wish bodily harm on another human being (provided she really IS human) but I believe death is the only thing that is going to shut that pie hole. As long as disingenuous lefty media outlets keep shoving a camera and mic in her face, she is going to use them.

willyobiker said...

Ahhh. Another icon of my youth is gone! Gonna miss ya Hef! About Hillary. ..what needs to be said about the Clinton's death squad? Not much i wanna stay alive long enough to see them spock would long and prosper. Hope YOU don't dont meet with. A tragic accident too!
Disabled Digger wv on Youtube.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Mike aka Proof- Would that have been a left-of-centerfold?

@Jim Irre- I think I'd skip the eye bleach and go straight for the cyanide capsule.

@James Daily- At a certain point, it seems statistically impossible that ALL of the suspicious deaths related to the Clintons are coincidental. And we passed that point a long time ago.

@Grand Poobah- Oh, no question that Hef was a dirty old man. Especially when he's marrying women 50 years younger than he is. In his later years, it was just plain creepy. On the other hand, it was probably fun to be him - and the girls were there by choice (not necessarily GOOD choices, but still...)

@Anonymous- Hey, wild things can happen with artificial hips!

@Earl Allison- You're completely right; I think Hillary takes it as a given that as President she would have had absolute power to have people killed. Just like when she was calling the shots (literally in Vince Foster's case) during her husband's administration.

@Steve H- In fairness, she may have a point there (grin).

@Thomas Beechler- I'm afraid that Saint Hillary will be with us always.

@Geoff King- I'd forgotten that, but it rings a bell. I have mixed feelings about the legalization of marijuana for casual use, but there's little question that it can have significant medical value for some conditions and should be made available.

@TrickyRicky- I genuinely believe that Hillary is evil and nuts, so I'm grateful on a daily basis that she's not running the show from the Oval Office now.

My first exposure to Playboy were copies squirreled from the top of my Dad's closet. My parents weren't too worried about such because both were artists who'd drawn/painted plenty of "life studies" and weren't too worried about kids seeing nekkidness. And back then, the pictures were positively chaste by today's standards.

@Jim Lane- That sounds about right.

@REM1875- And always, always carry a bucket of water!

@Fish Out of Water- I say we declare her the Queen of Benghazi and let her sort the rest out herself.

@NYGino- That's absolutely how I see it. And it's chilling.

@Anonymous- You're right that the paintings by Vargas deserve remembrance. I may not know art, but I know what I like!

@Sandy Link- I actually DID read a lot of great articles in Playboy. Although any male who claims that's why he bought the magazine is a liar (grin).

@John the Econ- That's an interesting observation; had Hillary won, we'd be hearing a lot less from her. Almost, but not quite, worth it...

Regarding Hefner, I certainly can't celebrate the extent to which our culture has devolved since Hef opened the doors, but I don't blame him for much of it either. He started the gravel rolling at the top of the hill little knowing it would be a village-destroying landslide by the time it got to the bottom. So to speak.

@Colby Muenster- Well said throughout, though I'll give Hefner a little praise for what he started...but not for where we've ended up. Sometimes slippery slopes are appealingly curved...

@Shelly- Hef turned into a caricature of himself, and sadly so did the Playboy "beauties" who went under the knife and came out as identical mannikins. I'm old enough to remember when the appeal of the Playboy models was their "girl next door" quality rather than looking like Stepford strippers.

As far as Hillary goes, I won't actively wish ill on her - but I will enthuse and delight when nature eventually takes its course.

@willyobiker- Clearly I've never been a blip on Hillary's radar as I still have a pulse. I would really hate for that woman to see me as a threat - it's clearly hazardous to one's health.

John the Econ said...

Hef: Comments here got me thinking a bit more about the difference between the "hip" Hef and "creepy" Hef. I wholeheartedly agree that the Hef we'd been seeing for the last decade or two was embarrassingly creepy. So, how fine a line is it and just where? At exactly what point did the middle-aged guy with the urbane smoking jacket and pipe go from someone we (guys) were all supposed to want to be to someone that was an embarrassing joke? And exactly why? Was it the ratio of his wrinkles to his bimbo's? Or at some point was it the age spread? A 50-year-old doing a 20-something is cool, but not a 60-year old? Interested to hear thoughts on that.

@Colby Muenster said "Our youth have the morals of alley cats, and it's getting worse.":

STD cases hit record high in the U.S.

For most of my life, I've listened to "science loving" Progressives argue that life-long monogamy was not the natural order of things as a justification for their promiscuity. And yet, without very unnatural and highly advanced medicine most of the practitioners of libertine sexuality would be a very sorry lot. What is the "natural order" again?

Shelly said...

I've been reading some postmortem articles about Hef and most assert he was abusive to women and treated them badly. He hated feminists. The girls who sold out for fame to live in the Playboy mansion described it as almost like being in prison, with their every move watched and controlled. They described the house as filthy and one of the women that appeared on the TV show claimed she had to get dead drunk before having sex with him, it was so disgusting. Yet the left hold him up and hate Trump. I don't get it.

Rod said...

We've been well-beyond-normal "extremely busy" the two three weeks and I've some catching up to do at this website and many other things; but for God's sake how is it everyone keeps Hillary in the news? Her kicking the bucket would be fine; but couldn't everyone and I do mean everyone just fully ignore the crazy bitch?

As for NFL: The Bears & Packers were all very well behaved last night so I kept watching. Before that I was about to say a good bumper sticker would be: "College Football 'Trumps' the Pros. To Hell with the NFL". For now I will just watch them sometimes but will never spend any money to see them in person nor to wear their logos.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Rod, on the Chi / GB Anthem stance, I disagree.
Linking arms is NOT proper form, not is it as spec'd in NFL Ops manual. They can enforce the 'rules' or kiss my happy A$$ goodbye. Have never seen a live NFL game, and was at a point career wise where I was actually thinking about season tickets (the cheapie ones, like $45 / game)
No more.
Not unless they REALLY step up and get their poop in a group.

Shelly, agreed to all on Hef, especially the last 30 years, or so. But hey, as has been pointed out, no one forced the girls...

John the E - "rule of thumb" for internet 'dating' is "1/2 your age, + seven"
When I was 50 (not so long ago) I was very attracted to a 20 yo lady (a classmate) I figured in 20 years when at least one of her kids had graduated High School, she STILL would not be "1/2 + 7"

JustaJeepGuy said...

Among other things that came to my attention from Playboy was the writings of the late Jean Shepherd. His "The Return of the Smiling Wimpy Doll" was the first I read and it absolutely had me ROFL! Even now, almost 50 years later, just the thought of that story makes me start laughing.

As for Hitlary, I'm wondering if anyone alive today will ever read her obituary. We can but hope.

Mike aka Proof said...

@Stilton: "left-of-centerfold" Brilliant! I propose in the vacuum left by Hef's passing to start a new magazine, based on the left of centerfold concept. We could call it "You got PLAYed BOY!"
We feature pics of Hillary, Sheila Jackson Lee, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Di-Fi.
We sell half the issues to principled liberals and send the other one to Anthony Weiner to get him through those cold lonely nights.
We lose money on every issue, but we clean up by investing heavily in eye bleach futures.
What d'ya think??