Monday, June 4, 2018

Monkey Business

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Following the brouhaha about Valerie Jarrett and "The Planet of the Apes," we thought it was a good idea to run a quick experiment to see what was and wasn't still acceptable in the world of political mockery. For this reason, we quickly whipped up the above comparison to Nancy Pelosi and a random baby monkey who would probably make better policy decisions.

The results amazed us: not only did we NOT get sent to Facebook jail (yet), but at last count the picture had been shared with 687,211 people. A number which is all the more humbling when you think that if each one of those people sent us only a dollar, we could be having a way better Monday than we're actually having...and one which would probably involve popping champagne corks and a number of hilariously rude phone calls to people who annoy us in everyday life.

But no, Facebook glory neither lasts nor pays...but it was still fun to see such a silly post catch on fire for a bit, especially since it emitted the scorched scent of burning liberal fur.

And for the eagle-eyed among you, yes, our Facebook page is still called "Hope n' Change" though we're now trying to change it to "Stilton's Place," if only to better screw with Facebook's algorithms.


Fritzchen said...

I have no doubt that PAIR (Primates Against Invidious References) will be in contact with you soon! They have long defended their taxonomic position against scurrilous references to their more primitive relatives, the Homininae.

Nancy, on the other hand, was delighted with the comparison.

Brie Camembert said...

Ew! I would hate to come across that when ambling through the jungle. On the other hand, the monkey is kinda cute!

Geoff King said...

Speaking of Facebook not paying, I stumbled upon Mike Rowe's (the Dirty Jobs guy) new FB gig called "Returning The Favor". He has made several half hour shows in which he travels the country finding do-gooders and rewarding them in various, often quite expensive ways.
One episode, which hit home for me, dealt with the 19 Hotshots who lost their lives fighting the wildfire south of Prescott, Arizona. Mike contacted a widow and a mother of two of those heroes who had started a memorial to them. He managed to get Stihl Corporation to donate thousands in equipment to the Hotshots, got a bronze statue erected at the memorial, and even got Governor Ducey to show up for the dedication ceremony.
All of his episodes are in a similar vein and I highly recommend that everyone seek them out on Facbook. I just do not understand how Mike can possibly afford to do these shows without being paid by a traditional tv network. I understand different company's willingness to donate equipment and materials to those that are deserving, but how does he manage to pay himself and his crew on a FaceBook only show?
I just hope it will get picked up by a real network so that he may continue indefinately with this excellent venture.
Again, go to FaceBook and search for "Mike Rowe Returning The Favor". You will not be disappointed.

REM1875 said...

Poor Monkey

Unknown said...


M. Mitchell Marmel said...

I was kinda wondering about the hypochondria update, myself.

Fred Ciampi said...

I still say that comparing Valery to Planet of the Apes characters is a huge insult to Planet of the Apes. So there! And as far as Nan Nan goes, the monkey is far cuter. And perhaps more intelligent.

Paul said...

Geoff - I believe Facebook is footing the bill for Mike's show.

Stilt - I too came to see your health update.

Liberty Card said...

Wow, an alarming similarity in looks. And here all this time I thought liberalism was a symptom of brain damage. No wonder they are a protected species.

james daily said...

There is no doubt in my mind that the monkey is far superior intellectually to Pelosi.
On a sad note, we will probably lose her as the leader of the minority in congress simply because there has never been a more detrimental person to a party than she. She has either had a stroke, got Alzheimer or the botox has migrated to her brain, although I doubt she has a brain. I am going to miss that nitwit. I have no idea why their egos will not let them fade into the night. McCain is a prime example: On his death bed and he is still doing all the damage he can to this administration, which begs the point: Ya think that R Governor of AZ will really appoint the MS to replace him in the Senate? I suspect no way in heil. And Valerie Jarrett is a malicious, traitorous, despicable sub human.

Gumby-damn-it! said...

@Stilton...I would caution you about putting too many such comparisons in a public venue. It might give Liberals such as the subject of today's Hillary-ious post too many bad ideas and bring out the true, jealous demons in others ("How come SHE got compared to a really cute primate and I didn't"). They may next seek out "non-gender identified primates" in order to conjure up ways to bring them into the party, make them citizens, register them to vote, and have them run for public office. Granted, the "Party of the Apes" would forever be altered, but perhaps it really would an improvement over what exists today.

Just my thought for the day (yes, I only have one daily thought).


Jason Anyone said...
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Jason Anyone said...

Hey Stilts,

Your 687,211 "reached" count is way off. I happened to recieve the pic via someone I follow on Twitter (since I don't "do" Facebook, I didn't know you also publish there), and that person has over 103,000 followers, and of those, 275 retweeted it, so God only knows how many multiples of 675,000 people have seen it.

Actually, I was confused when I first saw it, becaause it only showed the picture, without the Facebook info, so I thought it was from a prior post, thinking I missed it. (Or maybe you had some "Secret Society" that only gets your special postings.) :-)

Anyway, glad to have THAT cleared up. Happy Monday!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fritz Brohn- It's hard to make either group happy, really.

@Brie Camembert- Nancy in the Jungle would make for a terrifying encounter. Especially if she's clad only in a native loincloth and throwing spears tipped with botox.

@Geoff King- Thanks for the tip about Mike Rowe's show. I hadn't heard about it and will definitely check it out...Rowe is great in multiple senses and I wish like hell more people were paying attention to him.

@REM1875- He'll probably grow out of it.

@drbob456x- Exactly! It's fine to compare white people to apes (or anything else) because there's no such thing as anti-white racism (or so the "experts" tell us).

@Samuel Price, M. Mitchell Marmel, and Paul- What, you mean MY hypochondria and/or health issues? Truth be told, I had an additional graphic and write up on today's page about the adventure scheduled for this afternoon: an EEG. But at the last minute I pulled it because I figured that people are getting sick of hearing about my medical complaints (even if I try to make them entertaining).

Long story short, even though I'm off the meds (Wellbutrin) I've seen no improvement. In point of fact, I record how many mini-seizures I have each night (at least if they wake me up). Last night's tally was 66 you can imagine how well rested I am. Plus I can't have coffee because of the EEG this afternoon! ARGH...

@Fred Ciampi- Anyone with eyes could see the actual physical resemblance between Jarrett and the female character in Tim Burton's "Planet of the Apes." But we're not allowed to "see something, say something" in this case. And as far as the monkey I posted today, I'd far prefer his/her company to that of Pelosi - if only because the monkey is less likely to throw feces.

@Liberty Card- Now that I think of it, there are a lot of similarities between the Swamp and a rain forest.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@James Daily- You make a good point about the old politicians who insist on going out in a blaze of vindictive ineptitude. And I completely agree with your summation of Valerie Jarrett. I'm still not sure why we should be so sensitive about protecting the feelings of a demonstrably horrible human being.

@Gumby-damn-it!- You know, if apes WERE suddenly given the vote, you can bet the Dems would be embracing them like long lost relatives and probably insisting on primate reparations. 40 acres and a banana, anyone?

@Jason Anyone- Yeah, I tend to think of ALL of Facebook's numbers being questionable. Still, it's fun when something gets a little uptick. And while I do post on Facebook, all the GOOD stuff is right here (with the exception of the occasional little brain fart, which is what this cartoon was).

And there's no "secret society" getting better access than you do right here. This comments section IS the "secret society!"

Colby Muenster said...

What's all this talk of monkeys and apes? All I see is one of those cute side by side photos like you see at high school graduations. You know, the ones they put in a slideshow, that have photos of each student when they were a little kid. Nancy was sort of a cute baby before her parents apparently started taking her to weekly electolysis treatments. Or maybe they bought Nair by the case?

John the Econ said...

I think it's fair to note that the primate on the right only flings feces when annoyed, whereas the one on the left flings bad, job-killing legislation. The feces are easier to wash off.

Speaking of:

Pelosi Trashes Excellent Jobs Report, Good Economy

“May’s jobs report shows that strong employment numbers mean little to the families hit with soaring new costs under the Republicans’ watch,” Pelosi wrote in a statement to supporters Friday.

“Democrats know that the American people deserve A Better Deal, with Better Jobs, Better Wages and a Better Future. We are committed to creating millions of new good-paying jobs and raising wages, lowering the soaring cost of living for families and giving every American the tools to succeed in the 21st Century economy,” Pelosi wrote. “Democrats will never stop fighting for the hard-working middle class families who are the backbone of our nation.”

I wonder what color the sky is on her planet.

Speaking as one of the "backbone of the nation", most of those "soaring new costs" of living that I had to endure came under a Democrat President and Democrat Congress that sent my health care costs up 500%. I don't really notice any recent "soaring new costs" when compared to the uptick in business I am now dealing with and my new lower taxes.

Next, expect a new crusade against the widening "income inequality" between those who are working versus those who choose to stay on the dole. That definitely is going to become more extreme.

So I really hope that returning to 2008 is part of the Democrat's platform strategy for 2020, along with Stormy, Russia, and the "How can we miss them if they won't go away" Clintons. Compared to people working, getting raises, and lower taxes, that's gotta be a wining combination!

Alfonso Bedoya said...

My suggestion to the Demorats: Put some bright-red Revlon lipstick on the monkey, and Pelosi won't have a chance!

Joseph ET said...

I wonder if the great Mel Brooks could make movies in today's environment?

Faith D. said...

I got a three-day suspension from Facebook for sharing the POTA pic you posted last Wednesday. Hope this doesn't get me locked out again.

John the Econ said...

@Geoff King, I love Mike Rowe and have been following him for years. I loved Dirty Jobs back when I still have cable and the Discovery Channel was still worth watching. His show was one of the very few things to come out of "reality television" that was uplifting, enlightening and inspiring. There are so few media celebrities I'd care to have a beer with. He's definitely one.

He also got me thinking a lot 15 years ago about what a grievous mistake it was that America came to diss blue-collar trades and the people who do them. As more people took a college education for granted, the non-colleged became more of a minority and looked down upon. I think we hit the nadir of this attitude with the rise of the modern Democratic Party machine run exclusively by and for "the smart people" that literally wrote off the non-credentialed, non-monied, "deplorable" half of the country. This largely what made Trump possible.

Dirty Jobs should be required viewing in schools because it clearly illustrates how the incredibly comfortable life that the vast majority of Americans (even the poor) take for granted in the western world is only possible because of the hard and usually thankless work done by people unfairly stereotyped as "uneducated".

The "uneducated" slur is ironic. As college has now become a near-entitlement and accepts nearly all comers, the academic regimen demanded of most students has become watered down to near irrelevance. The proof of that is in that we now have gross illiteracy among our current graduates, and over a trillion dollars of student loan debt that will never be repaid because it was wasted on a "college experience" instead of an actual college education on any skills that would be useful in an honest free market economy.

I think that we should celebrate all workers that toil in a legal and free market, regardless of their background, education or job. I even think it's wrong to malign "burger flippers". I like burgers, and am happy that there are people willing and able to flip them for me when desired.

Mel Brooks today?: I think we all know the answer to that. Could you imagine how lame those movies would be if they tried to make them with today's PC censors? I can't.

DougM said...

Please allow me to pile-on.

Valvenator said...

That little monkey looks like it's reacting to one of Pelosi's inane comments.

I could easily see a "NANCY PELOSI SAID WHAT?!!!" caption there.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Mike Porter- I formerly worked on a children's television show with a racially mixed cast. Of course, every time the script called for a kid to have a problem it was ALWAYS the white boy. White males remain the one truly safe target for any kind of attack. Verbal, that is (grin).

@Colby Muenster- I think you're right; BOTH pictures are Nancy!

@John the Econ- Hey, I'll at least give Pelosi credit (albeit not much) for claiming to support employment now rather than the huge cultural benefits stemming from the unemployed becoming writers and artists. And like you, I'm not really aware of the "soaring costs" Trump is punishing us with - unlike the many boondoggles from the Left that are STILL sucking money out of my pocket.

And wow, I can't wait for the term "income inequality" to eventually get the axe.

@Alfonso Bedoya- Hey, I know which one I'D vote for!

@Joseph ET- I don't think Brooks could survive in today's snowflake culture. Being able to joke about one's self or one's culture is actually a sign of strength. A strength we could badly use again.

@Faith D- I was surprised that I didn't get locked up for that one. But damn it, I just don't have much patience for being told what I can't say. Mind you, I'm completely onboard with someone getting smacked for comparing black people in general to apes or monkeys in general. But in the case of Jarrett and that one particular film character, well, excuuuuse me! Sorry you got thrown to the wolves, though (grin).

@John the Econ- In my sleep-deprived state, all I can do is enthusiastically agree with you.

@Doug M- Hey, that's pretty high-quality piling on!

@valvenator- Ooh, you're right! That could be a little meme monkey!

Dan said...

@Stilton -- Kid with a problem ALWAYS the white boy. And if he's mentally troubled, he's most often named "Danny."
That always bugged me, for some reason.

Unknown said...

Well now I have seen my first true case of monkey see and monkey doo doo.

Unknown said...

The only difference I can see is the glint of intelligence in the eyes on the right.

Redleger said...

Geoff you're right on with the RTF shows. I've been watching them for months, they're excellent.