Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Nork, Nork! Who's There?

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President Donald Trump bumfoozled the world and the media for the umpteenth time on Monday when he had a successful meeting with North Korea's nuke-happy little dictator, Kim Jung Un, to talk about a world in which neither nation has to reduce the other to glowing radioactive debris.

This has, of course, been derided by Trump's critics (and they are legion) as either a completely meaningless gesture or a godawful tragedy of historic proportions. If not both.

We see it a little differently. Donald Trump has opened the door for meaningful progress with North Korea...and it's far too early to know if it will pay off or not. That being said, even getting to this stage was considered impossible by previous administrations, so Trump deserves considerable credit.

Based on the progress made, it seems that Kim Jung Un is a little more willing to deal with a President who takes a tough stance ("I will bomb you so bigly that your entire country will be like molten lava spraying from the devil's butthole") rather than the more nuanced approach affected by Barack Obama.

And by nuanced, we mean acting like a prissy pantywaist when he watched North Korea launch test missiles towards Hawaii on the freaking 4th of July and still gave no more reaction than a cocked eyebrow, pursed lips, and an exasperated sigh.

It was basically the same sneering reaction Barry would have at a formal dinner if he spied someone incorrectly using a salad fork instead of the escargot fork...while completely losing sight of the more important fact that any fork is a danger in the hands of a volatile, sociopathic murderer.

Here at Stilton's Place, we still don't really understand Donald Trump...but we do understand winning and, from the Left, whining.

And currently we're enjoying both.


stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, against their will, bill clinton, rape, sexual abuse, #metoo, franken
"Dammit Bill, don't get any of her blood on my private email server!"
Bill Clinton continues to be the anti-feminist gift that keeps on giving. When recently talking about disgraced former Senator Al Franken getting busted for fanny fondling, the syphilitic ex-president offered up this rationale as a feeble defense: "The norms have really changed in terms of what you can do to somebody against their will."

Apparently in Bill Clinton's world, there was once a "norm" in which it was okay to have state troopers drag women to his hotel room, it was okay to drop trow and do an enticing weenie-waggle, it was okay to take sexual advantage of women too young and stupid to know better, it was okay to shove cigars up their tunnel of love, it was okay to threaten women (or worse) who didn't keep their mouths shut and, of course, it was okay in Bill Clinton's "norm" to rape a woman and leave her bleeding in bed after chewing on her.

And the Left agreed, for decades, that this not only was the norm but it was empowering for women. Because otherwise, they'd have had to condemn Bill Clinton and the loathsome wife who enabled (and possibly encouraged?) this appalling behavior.

#MeToo is finally saying the things that conservatives had been saying all along. Welcome to the club, ladies.


Jim G. said...

Kimchee for all my friends of Kim....unless you were a Hill & Bill Clinton shrill!!

Geoff King said...

Ă˜bama, the only president to be continuously at war for the entirety of his two terms, recieves the Nobel Peace Prize.
Trump, the only President to actually end the Korean War and bring the maniacal dictator to the bargaining table gets condemned for small hands, orangish complection, and a wife (fluent in 5 languages) who has a funny accent.
I thought I was through being amazed at the hypocrisy of the left decades ago when Bill Clinton lied under oath in federal court yet still managed to get re-elected to the highest office in the land. I was wrong. I am totally amazed again.

Fred Ciampi said...

And it looks as if there won't be as many North Korean citizens starving to death if some trade agreements are struck. Maybe they'll give back the USS Pueblo too.....

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jim G.- Oh great, now I've got a (politically unrelated) taste for Kimchee.

@Geoff King- It is to our mutual credit, I think, that we can continue to be amazed by the shenanigans of those on the Left. It shows we still have some lingering hope that there is a bottom to their perfidy, even though we never seem to find it.

@Scotty- Thanks for the nice words and your long-time readership! And your "hit-and-miss" observation is accurate, even though I hope things are entertaining here at all times. The "Hope n' Change" years were all about attacking the Obama administration and the Left; they always gave me plenty of material and genuinely pissed me off, which is a good combination for comedy.

"Stilton's Place" is a somewhat different beast for a different time. Comedy always works better when it's on the attack rather than when used as a defense, but now we're frequently in the position of defending the Trump administration, which isn't made any easier when The Donald is doing something undeniably wacky.

It's a more complicated equation now, although there will always be magical days like today when we can mutually enjoy the low-hanging fruit of Obama being a pussy and Bill Clinton being a human STD. Some things never change.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fred Ciampi- You'd think the Left could at least embrace the idea of food going to the starving. But if such relief might make Trump look good, they'd rather see the men, women and children of North Korea die.

Mark Matis said...

I wonder what would happen if the US were to stop all funding for the UN, and instead give that money to the Salvation Army to spend on helping North Korea transition to a civil nation? I specifically choose the Salvation Army because they tend to give the best bang for the buck, and also their organizational structure could tie in well to the existing North Korean military structure to keep THEM gainfully employed, as well as better off than they currently are.

Walter L. Stafford said...

As the great western movie hero, singer, actor and major league baseball club owner Gene Autry used to sing..."back in the saddle again!" Thanks for making "The Place" more interesting.

TrickyRicky said...

Awesome post today Stilton. The establishment left wing media has really boxed itself in. The simply have given up all pretense of objectivity. They are openly rooting against our country. See the recent Bill Maher admission that he is hoping for the economy to collapse, so we can get rid of evil Trump. Pitiful.

Regarding the Clinton in the dungeon image. OMG, too close to reality for me, where is my eye bleach?

james daily said...

Oh, boy. I am still pissed at LBJ for letting the Pueblo slide when he had a whole army within spitting distance then the way CDR Bucher and his men were treated when they were released at Christmas a year later. Unconscionable. My rant for this week.
The liberals still are disparaging our President even though anybody with a pulse knows he is kicking ass and taking names and achieving more in two years then has been achieved with the last three Presidents combined. I believe it is two things: The elite do not want this nation fixed and we have too many idiot voters. Now on NK, that nation is going to zoom. China will benefit the most by getting the construction contracts (using Chinese labor of course as they work really cheap). Poor Kim doesn't even have an airplane. I always wondered on the NK thoughts when they looked South and saw millions of fat, happy, prosperous kin.

Fish Out of Water said...

Have been a fan of the site since Hope'n Change and its humor. It helped greatly in getting through the Obama aberration.

I can't speak with authority on whether Chinese or Korean lacks the'L' sound, but do know Japanese does. And because of that, there are times when Japanese, like my wife, struggle occasionally with English pronunciation, not due to a lack of intelligence, but simply basic differences in her native language and the language of her adopted country. This may seem humorous to some, but not to me.

This sort of "humor" is old, like over a hundred years old. It harks back to a less than enlightened time of relations between the West and Asia. Can appreciate the point you are making, but think there's a better way of doing so.

Fish Out of Water said...

@ James Daily: Was much, much younger at the time of the Pueblo seizure, but wasn't LBJ already preoccupied with micromanaging the Vietnam war? Have also heard that it was the Soviets behind it all: that they wanted to get their hands on the technology and using the North Koreans as cover, got it.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Mark Matis- I like your idea, and I like the Salvation Army. There are a lot of scammy charities out there (besides the U.N.) but Salvation Army seems like the real deal.

@Walter L Stafford- Yippy ki-yi-yo, rockin' to and fro!

@TrickyRicky- Bill Maher is always an idiot, but you also know that he speaks for a lot of OTHER idiots when he says he'd like to see our economy collapse - and people get hurt - just so it would look bad for Trump. What the hell kind of logic is that? I never wished for our country to go into the crapper when Obama was in office. Nor could I prevent it.

@James Daily- Trump has me unsettled at all times. That being said, if I look back over what he's actually done (rather than what he's actually said) so far, I think he's doing a very good job. And I think anyone objective would have to say the same thing. It's a great disservice to our country that the media would rather lie and spin than acknowledge that things are going well on many fronts.

@Fish Out of Water- First and foremost, my heartfelt apology to you, your wife, and any other readers who found the "rittle" reference offensive. I fully and freely admit it was a cheap gag (although technically, I only did it to set up the actual gag which was the word "pussyboy").

I have the utmost respect for folks of Asian descent and meant no harm. I think I've been desensitized a bit by having a Vietnamese friend who uses the "R instead of L" gag as a running joke in his posts and correspondence. He routinely responds to something he finds funny by typing "ROR" for "Laughing Out Loud." Still, I should have thought twice about letting that attitude carry over into today's post. My bad.

And it seems like I'd also heard that the Soviets were behind grabbing the Pueblo. Perhaps Mueller will reveal that Trump was in on it, too.

Colby Muenster said...

The impact of the Trump/Kim confab will not be fully known for years, but it was undeniably a yuuuuge step in the right direction. All the libtards are screaming about "negotiating with terrorists," and "we can't trust them." My, oh my, how short their memories are (Iran deal anybody?). Big difference, you moonbat morons! Yes, we got promises from both countries, but Trump didn't send Kim pallets loaded with billions in cash, and offer to let the Norks do their own inspections.

I'll give President Trump credit for make this big step, but do imagine Kim Jong Un has been thinking for a while about what a legacy he could leave if he was the guy to bring his people out of abject poverty and bring them into what South Korea has. Perhaps his motives are a lot more sinister, but somehow I doubt it. I think they are weary of being the hermit kingdom, and maybe, just maybe Kim realized he was just a big frog in a little puddle.

Bill "better put some ice on that" Clinton...
Maybe he will be roommates with Teddy K. someday, and they can play "Rump Ranger" together.

John the Econ said...

I've come to the conclusion that either the entirety of the Democratic Party is inflicted with Alzheimer's, or they are assuming that the rest of America is.

For example, A few weeks ago Democrats were apoplectic when Kim announced that the summit was off because Trump had declared that the scheduled military exercises with South Korea would go on as planned. Yesterday Democrats went apoplectic because after the summit, Trump declared that in a gesture of goodwill to North Korea, the scheduled military exercises would be suspended.

Seriously, why should anyone care about the opinions of people who have been wrong 100% of the time?

And all of a sudden they're worried about money? The people that had no problem with pallets of cash being shipped off in the dark of the night to mullahs of Iran are all of a sudden concerned about what Trump's deal with Kim is going to cost? Seriously? Can peace with North Korea possibly cost more than continuing to station 35,000 US troops there?

No. What you are actually seeing here is total failure on the part of the Democrats for decades combined with the complete lack of an agenda going forward beyond advocating the same failed policies that brought them to this point in history. They've got nothing, except whining.

Remind me again just who has been conducting this War on Women I keep hearing about: There appears to be more of a consensus among Democrats that in order to get any traction with the vast majority of actual women out there before 2020, that the Clintons are going to have to go, which is why you are even seeing these interviews that never would have seen the light day a year ago in the first place. After all, you can't race solely on a platform of what a pig Trump is with Bill & Hillary still hanging around. And with an improving economy and multiple foreign policy successes under Trump, that's pretty much all the Democrats have going for them at this point.

Unknown said...

I believe what President Trump just accomplished should qualify him for the Nobel Peace Prize. He certainly warrants it more than that moron Noblama who did absolutely nothing but be the first black president. Way to go, Mr. Trump. Your country (at least those of us who understand democracy) is proud of you!

Regnad Kcin said...

Alright, time for the gloves to come off. Strip duhbama and billary naked and strap them face down on fire ant mounds while pouring honey on them. Then, put the live feed on the 'net and tell all our "friends" that they're next unless they shit or get off the pot. I'd pay real cash Yankee money to hear what deal DJT made that little demented NORK dwarf to come clean. Withdraw all our troops and support from Europe and let them row their own boat for a change. Tired of propping up those deadbeats who constantly have their hands out and then they crap all over us because we're not a bunch of socialist rent boys like them. It's time to tighten our belts and firm up the line. Get rid of the UN bldg. and ship it off the France where it belongs. Enough is enough........

Mike Porter said...

Stilton: As previously stated, Trump is our nuclear option in a culture war already lost. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and conventional weaponry will simply not cut through the rhetorical fog in this dirtiest of dirty fights. You've heard all of the complaints: his behavior is not Presidential - I could get behind him if not for those terrible tweets.... on and on the constant whining about lost decorum in an imagined world of pristine politics. Well, the decorum was lost on the left for decades, and incessantly decorous GOP capitulation eventually cleared his path to the Presidency. And as with any nuclear weapon, this one too is not terribly polite. And so too, though they may be targeted with precision, this is not a strong requirement as the collateral damage is necessarily YUGE!

But at the end of it all, those mushroom clouds you see on the horizon are progressive SJW heads exploding. I don't know about you, but that's all I need to understand about Trump.

Dan said...

Regarding the Pueblo. From what I've read and seen in documentaries, yep, the Sovs wanted the NorKors to snag the Pueblo for the KW-7 crypto boxes, possibly among other things.

Seems there was this no good ba$tard Navy guy John Anthony Walker Jr. who was giving the Sovs the crypto keys to the KW-7, along with maintenance manuals, but the Commies had just not been able to engineer a simulacrum. So, the Pueblo was a prime target. Gave the USSR all sorts of good info once they reverse engineered the machine, given they already had the keys & manuals thanks to that skunk Walker. (I remember seeing an interview on TV where he said that stores protected their toothpaste better than the US protected its secrets. Sadly, it looks like he was correct.)

Fish Out of Water said...

@Dan: Is Walker still alive? And yep the Pueblo hijacking was a win win for the Soviets and Noko. The Soviets got the tech and the Kims grandfather got to rub our noses in dog poo.

Dan said...

@Fish out of water: He's dead as a beaver hat.

Oh, and today is Flag Day, and also anniversary of the founding of the US Army. My Army. 243 years of tradition unhampered by progress. Loved it and irritated by others in it for 20 years, 1967-1994 (Yes, break in service. Glad I went back in. Hated working at IRS.)

Rod said...

I fully support Trump's NK initiative so far and we'll see how it goes, which he also seems to quickly say. However I do wish he'd cut back on the "instant success" hype. I think it makes him lose credibility with THEM as well as us. I've worked on major projects with South Koreans of whom there are of course many fine people (both South & North I'm sure). But they are all historically the same people and there is something deeply ingrained within their culture (especially their leadership) that I think makes them rather untrustworthy. Another way of saying it is they simply do not have same values as us. "Ruthless" is a word in English that comes to mind. Let's all celebrate a positive step; but this isn't over by any means.

Colby Muenster said...

@Regnad Kcin,

As Hulk Hogan might say, "Amen, brother!" Europe has been sucking on the US teet way too damn long. So long, in fact, that they get pissy when we threaten to take away the free milk. WW2 ended over 70 years ago. It's high time they found out how much it costs to guard their socialist asses.

I disagree with you on the UN, though. We don't ship the UN building to France; we just tell the occupants they have 48 hours to move their crap out, then send in a demolition crew to flatten the joint. No more should we provide a platform for those who secretly (and outwardly) despise us.

20 years! Wow! My hat is off to you, and thank you for protecting my butt for so durn long.

Dan said...

@Colby M. My pleasure. And thanks to you and everyone else for paying my wages all those years. (Since we paid taxes, too, we used to joke that we paid our own wages every five or six years.)

Geoff King said...

@ Colby: Nah, don't flatten the U.N. building. Sell it to Trump for $1, in leiu of the Nobel Peace Prize that libs will probably never allow him to recieve, and let him turn it into an actual profit making enterprise.

CC said...

Bill needs to be shot in the balls- preferably while getting head from hitlery.
Too harsh?