Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The 5000 Fingers of President T

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"And be careful with those Little Hands hats!"
Sea levels are rising dramatically owing to the outpouring of Liberal tears over the evil President T's continuing abduction of immigrant children as they cross America's southern border.

Once separated from their families, the weeping waifs are forced to pound out patriotic songs on the White House "500 Kid Piano" - every key of which was made with endangered elephant ivory - while President T waves his baton and screams that the children have to play "bigly" if they ever hope to see their parents again.

Okay, that's not really what Trump is doing, although it's as true as what you're likely to hear from the mainstream media these days. What we were describing was Dr. Seuss's fever dream of a kid's movie, "The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T," about which there are two cinematic schools of thought: those who think it's one of the greatest films ever, and those who wouldn't know a great film if it bit them in their piano bench region.

But returning (reluctantly) to reality, Leftists and other soft-headed types are having absolute conniption fits over President Trump's brand new policy of temporarily separating kids from their families when they enter the country illegally. And when we say "brand new policy," we mean exactly the same policy which has been law since champion-of-the-children Bill "Pedophile Island" Clinton was president. Certainly, Barack Obama made major use of the policy, albeit without a peep of complaint from the mainstream media.

The separations occur only after illegal border crossings (i.e. not when people come to an actual American port of entry and make a simple asylum claim) and are done in part to give social services time to ascertain whether the kids are actually traveling with a parent, or simply being dragged over the border by an MS-13 gang member who transports minors for sex trafficking.

Despite what cynical liars like Hillary Clinton say in their self-serving fundraising letters, the kids are not kept in cages, ripped from the arms of breastfeeding mothers, or mistreated in any way. And come to think of it, wasn't it Hillary F. Clinton who claimed, "it takes a village" (i.e. the government) to raise kids rather than actual parents?!

The "news" media and equally laughable social media are treating this as an ongoing repeat of the Holocaust (no, really - they've played that card) rather than the continuing implementation of decades' old policy. And among their favorite tools are memes showing pitiful children in cages, like this one:

The problem is that this photo is staged, and the poor kid is actually inside a cage because he was put there by a bunch of loudmouthed anti-border protesters (who are the other people carefully cropped out of the photo). 

We don't really want to add to the flood of fake news, but if the Left wants to make false claims about this picture, why shouldn't we make even better false claims...?

Seriously, wouldn't it be fun to see this go viral?
Feel free to post this meme anywhere it might offend or confuse a Leftist. And in the meanwhile, don't worry too much about what's happening to those unfortunate children whose parents are using them to skirt American law. As The Who once sang, the kids are alright.


REM1875 said...

The media could end this show overnight .........but they won't ........

Dan said...

I sure wish folks would respond to stupid comments (like at press conferences or interview shows) with something like "that's really stupid" or "did you take your brain out to play with it?" And if they don't behave, turn off their mikes.

((Aside: I saw a wall-to-wall pic of the WH press area from the lectern. Don't they have a fire marshal? Sure looks over-crowded and without sufficient exits and clear paths.))

Jason Anyone said...

"Despite what cynical liars like Hillary Clinton say in their self-serving fundraising letters, the kids are not kept in cages, ripped from the arms of breastfeeding mothers, or mistreated in any way. "

Yeah, Sunday night on Twitter, I stumbled across a Trump-Deranged person frothing at the mouth with this:

'White liberals, @DNC, your insistence on being polite in the face of fascism is revolting.

ICE is putting toddlers in tents in 100+ degree weather, without care, without human touch, without comfort, WITHOUT THEIR PARENTS.

These fuckers deserve our rage, our action, OUR REFUSAL"

So, instead of arguing, I just figured I'd see her "touchless toddlers in tents" and raise her one "Tastes like chicken" reply with:

"I think we're past that verion already. (Somehow, it gets more extreme with each telling.). Now we're up to "They're being sent to the white house and served for dinner."

Well, that bought me some stark-raving silence. LOL

Then yesterday, Smeldon Shitehouse did the ol', "Let me describe to a "T" something that happened under Obama, and rave about it about Trump.

"Nothing about all of the administration’s explanations looks as bad as the image of children behind chain link fences under Mylar blankets, and the sounds of them crying in captivity."

And doncha know...a story frmo the San Diego Tribune, June 15, 2014, has a big picture of "children behind chain link fences under Mylar blankets". with a headline of "Sights, smells of holding cells for immigrant kids".

He's another dirtbag, like Lyin' Cryin' Chuck the Schmuck, both of whom Channel Dirty Harry ScReid. Ugh!

Jim Irre said...

All the more reason to torch the place.

Alan said...

The real issue to focus on is the IG report on the corruption in the FBI. These kids are just being used as the Democrat's shiny object of distraction.

Fish Out of Water said...

This isn't about children, its about finding something to mortally wound (figuratively) the President and the administration. Stormy Daniels didn't work out so there's this new tack. There ought to be a prize given to public representatives who exhibit the most egregious level of hypocrisy.

TrickyRicky said...

If we had a functioning, honest and diligent media, BO would never have been elected. It's been downhill approaching terminal velocity ever since.

Boligat said...

During each presser whenever any "journalist" asks about the children Sarah Sanders should ask, "Tell me, did you ask questions about this 'separation' when Bill Clinton or Barack Obama was in office? If the answer is 'no', then said "journalist" should be thrown out and have their press pass revoked.

Make a note of every politician, pundit, celebrity or former first lady that complains about the policy. The next day, bright and early, have an entire family of illegals dropped on their doorstep with the admonition that if the parents don't appear in court on their appointed day, the newly minted host family head will go to jail in their place.

Anonymous said...

The 5000 fingers of Dr T was a great movie!

Geoff King said...

Considering many of those poor children being detained were being smuggled into the country to be sold into sex slavery by MS-13 gang members, a little proper vetting may be the best thing to happen to them.
Children are not seperated from family if their parents request asylum at a legal Port of Entry. Only those who enter ILLEGALLY get treated like criminals. Go figure.
Remember, Typhoid Mary was not properly vetted either!

james daily said...

This fake crisis will not go away soon as it has all the elements that the democrat party wants in a crisis. Fundraising. Send money to help these kids that are now getting better treatment than ever before in their lives. It makes great film. It is a no win situation for the GOP even though it was passed on Bill Clinton's watch. The democrats will not help solve or do anything about it because that would make it go away which they do no want until 2020.
President Trump has doubled down on this and rightfully so. The parents are criminals since they Knew they were breaking the law illegally entering this country. God knows we have been suffering this problem for a hundred years or more because the crooks in Mexico refuse to fix that shit hole. The cartels run Mexico and kill any and all for no reason, a reason or just for practice. What? Sixteen or so politicians killed in the last month? Until Mexico fixes that drug thing, it will remain as it is.
The solution? Declare war on Mexico, invade that place and level those places that grow, manufacture and ship while executing the cartel members. It calls for a scorched earth policy. Only then will we get control of the borders.

Will Hepburn said...

I think all the fuss is being created to get enough votes off the schneid to pass the bipartisan immigration bill being discussed, which makes the polarization-pimp party leaders quake because they are losing control. A little compromise might just be good for the country.

John the Econ said...

Funny, I've had The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T sitting on my DVR for at least a year, but haven't yet gotten around to watching it. Guess I'll have to now.

I agree, it's hard for the rational to get excited about policy that's been in place for the better part of a quarter century and a situation that is almost entirely the responsibility of the Democrats. I'm speaking of their support for the revolutionary leftist governments that these people are fleeing and the near-non-border enforcement that has been policy for decades that encourages these people to come here with near certainty of getting through. And we all know darned well that if Trump was not enforcing the current law, then the Democrats would be up and arms about the Trump Administration aiding and abetting child trafficking.

It's also interesting to note that this pops up at the very same moment as the scathing FBI report that should be front-and-center in the news; the one that somehow exonerates the FBI and the Hillary e-mail investigation, and yet is filled cover-to-cover with examples of bias, unprofessionalism, incompetence and outright malfeasance.

This is also another great example of how the Democrats really don't want a solution to this problem or immigration. They never have. They want the human crisis to continue, just as they want a failing economy because they have no agenda of their own that people actually want to vote for, so they need to create messes and hate for people to vote against. Sustaining misery at the border, just as encouraging economic malaise upon the poor and middle class for their own selfish benefit is simply evil.

As for the phony photographs, remember that to the Progressives that they are fake doesn't really matter. It's that these things could be real is what counts. Kinda like the Duke Lacrosse players could have been rapists, or Trump might be a card-carrying Nazi.

The meme I'd create with that picture would say Instead of letting me play and have a normal childhood, my parents are exploiting me for their own political vanity, which is just as evil as anything they're accusing Donald Trump of doing.

Colby Muenster said...

Oh look! A squirrel! Yup... these turds know perfectly well that this practice has been going on for many years, including under Slick Willie, Dubya, and O'Liar, but what a great way to distract from the IG report during an election cycle!

Willie rapes women.... meh....
Trump said "Grab her pussy.".... OUTRAGE!
Willie goes to "Child Molester Island".... meh....
Trump maybe had sex with a stripper.... SCANDALOUS!!
O'Liar deports record numbers of illegal immigrants..... meh...
Trump wants to build a wall to keep them out in the first place.... HORRORS!!
Willie, "W" and O'Liar separate children from illegal aliens.... meh...
Trump separates children from illegal aliens.... HEARTLESS BASTARD!!!!!

I guess you gotta hand it to them. They not only know how to play dirty, they know when to play dirty. And they know their audience of lofo's who get their news from Facebook and CNN.

In the "unintended circumstances" file: I heard on the radio this morning, DiFi proposed a bill to stop the separation of children from their parents. Problem is, it could also prevent US citizen children from being taken from their US citizen parents when their US citizen parents are being busted for selling meth or even abusing their children. Great idea, DiFi! Yup, let's send the abused kids to prison with their parents to make sure they are never separated. The moonbats are failing to see WHY these kids are being separated. Maybe, just maybe, they have been kidnapped and are being sold into prostitution? Nope, all the illegals are just poor migrant workers long for jobs, right?

Joseph ET said...

How to get a bad law changed?

Shelly said...

I am seething with anger by this whole charade. People (and relatives) I thought were my friends are posting the most disgusting things on Facebook that are a personal affront to me. I'm ready to tune out. I can't stand this constant drumbeat against the president. Hopefully, this will have the reverse effect of what they are aiming for and drive the patriotic voters to the polls to turn these traitors away, as happened to elect Trump. As outlined in the IG report, the top echelon of our federal agencies are rabid leftists, die-hard partisans and we are supposed to trust them? Swamp indeed.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- The media certainly isn't going to end this story while the IG report is out there.

@Dan- Sarah Huckabee Sanders comes pretty darn close to getting that blunt with some of those pinheads. And as far as the WH press area having insufficient fire exits, I'm not sure if that's a bug or a feature.

@Jason Anyone- I also find that "tastes like chicken" is a great comment to honk people off who've posted photos of kittens and puppies. Can't say I've done it with any baby photos, though (grin).

And yes, there are plenty of photos and records of the separation policy under Obama. Barry didn't hide it because he didn't have to - the media and the Dems had no interest in the story.

@Jim Irre- I'm sure you mean torch in the metaphorical sense of shining light into the darkness, right? Right...?

@Alan- Absolutely. We're looking at massive FBI corruption (practically a coups attempt) which is why the news is suddenly jamming video of crying kids in our faces.

@Fish Out of Water- You're right, this is just the latest sleazy attempt to gin up an issue to harm Trump, and it sure as heck won't be the last.

@TrickyRicky- I completely agree. A functioning media would have taken Barry apart...or at least would have read the SOB's ghost-written autobiography and learned about his anti-White, anti-American views.

@Boligat- I like both of your suggestions; throw out the reporters who didn't ask about breaking up families under Obama, and "gift" loudmouthed liberals with immigrant families who'll live under the same roof (instead of just being hired to make the beds and mow the lawns).

@Anonymous- One of the things I love about "5000 Fingers of Doctor T" is that the whole thing uses "kid logic" about how the world works. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but if you're in the right mind set it's just spectacularly enjoyable. Of course, Hans Conried was never less than great in anything.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Geoff King- You make fine points that continue to fall on deaf (and dumb) ears amongst the Lefties. Just maybe it's a good idea to really ascertain that the kids are safe and traveling with adults who mean them no harm. Keeping in mind that even real parents have put their kids in harm's way with the long migration and then the illegal entry into our country.

@James Daily- That's a pretty harsh recommendation (invading Mexico), but I'm not saying you're wrong. At the very least, we need to build the friggin' wall ASAP...and augment it with all possible technology.

@Will Hepburn- I'm not against a little compromise if it's a good one. And it sounds like such a compromise is already on the table.

@John the Econ- The one thing I'd say about watching "5000 Fingers" is to approach it as if you were a kid going to a Saturday Matinee (do they still even have those?! Almost surely not). It's not a film which you look to for "greatness," but rather whimsy, wit, and imagination. And really creepy elevator rides.

Regarding the rest of your comments, they're absolutely on point.

@Colby Muenster- It's frustrating that the Dems and the media are in such lockstep; they create an alternate reality that we can't even really contest because there's no "there" there. Rather, it becomes necessary to ignore them and just plow through the BS, which Trump - flawed though he is - excels at.

Interesting about the DiFi bill and what havoc it could cause. Here's a big clue for the Left and the media: when you take kids away from their parents/guardians, the kids are going to cry. Even if they've been starved, beaten, or sexually abused. Taking appropriate action despite those tears isn't an indication of insensitivity, it's proof of tough love.

@Joseph ET- Boom! Great quote!

@Shelly- I'm in complete sympathy. I'm sick of being called a racist, sexist, homophobic, Nazi...and adding "child abuser" to the list doesn't help. The Left, including various well-meaning friends and family members, bask in their own sense of goodness only to the extent that they can demonize us. If I may be direct, that's a really shitty system for ginning up self-esteem. Especially since the Lefties become complicit in creating and reinforcing pain for the very people they claim, in their smug satisfaction, to help.

Dan said...

I do like the way President Trump kicks over the bucket to identify things that need to be fixed and starts the action to fix them. Also how he pretty much slaps Congress around to have them DO THEIR JOB.

Oh, regarding these loving parents yearning to breathe free by dragging their kids across the desert, avoiding legal crossing points: Can subjecting their kids to those conditions be considered child abuse?

@James Daily.
I've been wondering about the invasion of Mexico.
If the cartels are in bed with, or aiding/assisting ISIS or AlQaeda splinters, would they then be covered under the AUMF passed by Congress for AQ or ISIS?
A couple of "punitive strikes" would be OK by me. And if any foreign military start shooting toward or in the US, they need direct, massive, swift, and deadly action.

Regnad Kcin said...

So, where's all the righteous outrage and chest thumping by the 'tards over the 50 million plus mother/child separations performed by Planned Parenthood since Roe v. Wade ? Guess their indignation doesn't cover "unviable tissue masses" as the 'beast referred to them while defending PP........

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Dan- While Trump's rough points bother me at times, having him slap around Congress bothers me not at all. In fact, I love that.

@Regnad Kcin- Separating kids from their parents is unacceptable. Separating kids' heads from their torsos, not so much.

John the Econ said...

More evil being perpetrated by the Trump administration:

Millennials moving out of Mom and Dad's place, study shows

Just another example of Trump separating children from their parents.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- I'm having a crazy day and haven't been able to work on tomorrow's post yet. In other words, I am SO stealing your brilliantly funny point above (and will credit you properly). Thanks!

Rod said...

I'm very glad this type of drama was successfully addressed with our kids nearly a couple of decades ago. But I'm soooo confused now.

Is it against the Constitution? Criminal? Or OK but just not P.C. for parents to encourage, allow or force their very much adult aged kids out of the house now? To keep it simple: Let's assume a "kind of" normal, non-dysfunctional household to start. Nothing "special" nor "weird".. which of course must all be factored-in sooner or later.

John the Econ said...

When ever you read good news these days, you just have to think like a Progressive Democrat. If Trump were to single-handedly cure cancer, they'd lambaste him for putting doctors out of work.

Rod said...

@ John the Econ: Her's an added general & quite serious comment, sourced directly from much recent family experience with my parents... and with that of a friend of mine. With no hype:

No matter how personally well-intended, skilled or nice they may be personally: The work of doctors, NPs RNs & on down the ranks etc. in our healthcare system not does not include very much original thinking any more nor getting to know the patient well. It's all about first getting all their administrative & insurance data; and all the background data demanded for the forms & date entry on the computer BEFORE they will do much of anything, even in an emergency. Then usually pushing to run a bunch of daisy-chained fancy & expensive diagnostic tests whether they will really use them for not for curative actions. Only THEN: by all means following the Medicare guideline "cookbook" in which statistics are rolled in.

I've seen significant lack of care with the very elderly (my parents); and also a young daughter of a friend barely survived a burst appendix and badly infected abscess (at a major & well known urban children's hospital) because the case was so rare at her young age and with the cook"guidelines" they would not accept that possibility and do anything to confirm it. This went on for weeks. Close call.

All due to this new healthcare system; thank you Democrats; may you all die from it as well.

LenSatic said...

The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T.

The first, and only, time I saw this film was at Camp Schwab on Okinawa in 1968. I was stationed at a small Army camp nearby and we were members of the Marine Enlisted Club. This was playing on the B&W TV behind the bar one afternoon. It was funny to see a room full of battle-hardened Marines mesmerized by this movie.

In the '70s, I took a motion picture course on directing and Stanley Kramer taught one element on producing. He covered all of his movies except this one, yet it may have been the most challenging one to make.

I still haven't seen the color version.