Monday, July 2, 2018

ICE Scream

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Strident progressive morons (but we repeat ourselves) took to the streets yet again this weekend to demand the abolishment of ICE. Not the kind that tinkles merrily in our glass of scotch when reflecting on current events, but rather the entire US Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency.

The protesters (and their noisy numbers include innumerable celebrities and alleged journalists) have declared that ICE is alternately the Gestapo, a terrorist organization, or the most heinous kidnappers since Bruno Hauptmann snatched the Lindbergh baby.

Technically, none of those things is really part of ICE's charter. So just what is it that these vicious rat bastards actually do?

They direct investigations for the Department of Homeland Security, which seems like a pretty good thing. They help protect national security, which we're in favor of, and they fight transnational gangs - which should please everyone except MS-13 lovers like Nancy Pelosi.

ICE agents are on the often dangerous front lines of fighting the drug trafficking that is ravaging our nation, as well as fighting arms trafficking - which you'd think would have the anti-gun Left doing backflips of gratitude.

Part of ICE's job in the 21st century is addressing cyber crimes, which would seem to benefit every selfie-snapping protester who owns a smartphone. And also on ICE's busy schedule is the war on a much older affront to civilization: child exploitation and human trafficking.

We have to admit that all of those things sound so critically important that we'd hate to see them all be thrown away for nothing. So just what is the tremendous benefit the Left thinks we'd gain by getting rid of ICE?

No more immigration enforcement! Open borders! An unending flood of people wanting benefits which will help force our nation into socialism! Yippee!

In other words, the chanting nimrods in the streets want us to stop fighting terror, allow a free flow of drugs and weapons into the country, and allow women and children to be used as sex slaves, in return for which our nation's borders will essentially cease to exist. And they want this for one very simple reason: they're idiots.

Oh, we suppose "hating Trump" could be considered reason number two, but since the policies the protesters are freaking out about were also those of Saint Obama, we're just going to stick with the "idiots" explanation. It's a fine example of Occam's razor (and as the old saying goes, "Occam if they can't take a joke.")

Frankly, we hope all the ICE protesters exhausted themselves marching and shouting over the weekend. That way, when they're back in their parents' basements nursing their emotional wounds for a few days, the streets will be clear for actual Americans to enjoy their 4th of July parades.


Velveeta Processed Cheese Food said...

Unfettered illegal immigration always has been about more Dim voters and eventual one-party rule, a thing that will always end in tears, regardless of the party's founding principles.

Dan said...

I think it's also about overwhelming our existing social services networks and making people feel bad/guilty about protecting what we have.

Of course you don't see Nazi Pelosi inviting any to stay at her place, not even Bernie goes that far.

We do see various NGOs making a lot of money "helping" the illegal aliens. And we see many "honest businessmen" using illegals to keep labor costs down.

It needs to be fought with a double-edged sword. Immigration/Customs Enforcement and also fining/imprisoning those illegally hiring the illegal aliens.

But we already know that.

Regnad Kcin said...

Oh, Brave New World ! Obviously, these cretins have forgotten what was printed on the banner in Jim Jones' tiki hut. Do you suppose that if they were told to pee into a wall socket, they would all queue up to oblige their leaders ? Sure they would because they have lost their freedom of choice and the concept of rational thought. And the lemmings continue to march happily over the cliff into the abyss...

Velveeta Processed Cheese Food said...

@Eminence Immigration: At least you seem to be on the honest and law-abiding side, unlike the coyotes and cartel vermine running illegals into the USA.

McChuck said...

Simpler answer: They want to destroy America's borders, import all the drugs, and traffic all the women and children, because they want to destroy America, do all the drugs, and rape all the women and children.

Have you kept track of how many thousands of pedophiles have been arrested since the week after Donald Trump became President? Hint: We're over 3 thousand now.

Anonymous said...

I have a question that the open boarder crowds never want to answer. Whenever I hear one of the Loonie Leftist proclaim that we shouldn't separate families and that even stopping them at the boarder is wrong. I ask...

If you truly believe in "open boarders, then you should of course remove the locks on your front door at home. If it is right and good for people to be in this country if they want to be, then if you close your own home to them you are being hypocritical. We will go ahead and announce your love for immigrants and post a sign in your front yard and in the local and international news that you are overjoyed at the thought of sharing your personal space with those who want to share their amazing and rich diverse culture with you and your family.

Remember, anyone who claims to want open boarders but still demands that THEIR house be off limits is obviously a hypocrite and should be exposed and ridiculed as such.

MSG Grumpy

Judi King said...

Don't these morons get the key word? ILLEGAL! We used to have laws. I feel bad for the legal immigrants.
@ Anonymous: Good solution....another thing the morons don't get. As everyone said..hypocrites.
Hopefully the marchers this past weekend all got heat stroke but then they'd probably play the "global warming" farce.

Elbarto said...

It should be noted that just last week the terrorists of the Border Patrol (part of ICE) rescued 57 illegal aliens from a horrific death after they had been abandoned in the Arizona desert by the "coyotes" they had paid to sneak them into the United States.

Tom said...

You sound like I think. Thanks.

kcmoonshiner said...

I ask the 'idiots' this......If you guilty of a crime and get arrested, should you a) go to jail, b) be let go regardless of guilt, or c) be put in jail with your entire family so as to not be separated?

American CITIZENS guilty of crimes are not allowed to simply be set free, or be incarcerated with their entire family. (Who in their right mind would want that anyway?) So we should treat illegals better than citizens?

Jack said...


In Montana we have found that it is effective to call the Left-Wing activists, "disruptors" rather than protesters. After all, their violence and threats are aimed at stopping discussion. They are not "protesting" anything. They are using their demonstrations to disrupt talks by politicians and citizens.

As with the Anti-fa, our disruptors are very ready to start fires and heave garbage. Their use of threats has driven frail and elderly people away from free and open talks. There is nothing to protest but there is plenty do disrupt. The next step is outright murder.

Your humor in the midst of Left-Wing hate is the best possible response. You serve us all with the greatest distinction. As President of the December First Society, I hereby award you the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Lemme know your mailing address if you would like one to hold and cherish with its dandy blue ribbon to hang around your neck. The one I offer is far better than the one Almost-A-President Obama gave Scoundrel Biden. Mine is lighter and easier to wear because it is made of styrofoam poster board, not gold. It costs absolutely no tax dollars. Wear yours with pride and distinction.

Geoff King said...

How anyone can possibly think that open borders is a good idea is way beyond me. That would be the end of our country, which also would mean that both the republicans and democrats would no longer have a reason to exist.
I think the solution to the whole immigration mess is to make it easier and cheaper to immigrate legally. If the process did not take a decade or more and cost thousands of dollars, perhaps more would go that route instead of paying a coyote a lot of money to be smuggled in.
I am not saying don't vet applicants, just don't make it cost them what may be many years salary in their home countries.
Here's to hoping this is not the last time we get to celebrate Independence Day. I imagine some will be protesting the flying of our great flag because it might offend some muslim or illegal. If that occurs in my presence, they will definitely see some fireworks.

Fred Ciampi said...

And there was one happy video moment this weekend; Some horrible conservatives were holding their own meeting-in-the-street when they were attacked by some fun loving antifa type folks. One liberal type attacked a evil conservative fellow with a baton. It seems that the evil conservative had some training of sorts. The lib was knocked out cold. Yay. 'Nuff said. If I find the video again I'll post a link.

james daily said...

Probably Forrest Gump said it best with, "Stupid is as stupid does."
These people either have no idea or could care less about the Pandora's Box they are trying to open. If ICE is gone, it will not be a trickle as they imagine but a flood of millions. Where in this country they would go is nowhere as we would rise up and take care of the problem our selves (and thank God TX has a Governor that understands this.) According to the polls, 62% of the population do understand this. I suggested that if they really wanted to help these unfortunate illegals, to adopt a family living in their own country and support them rather than turning families into criminals. Most everybody understands wanting to improve your lot in life and it is available to everyone - if they will put in the effort and that includes coming into this country legally and those we welcome with open arms.

james daily said...

Forgot: History: Mariel boat lift with Carter and Cuba. O.K.ed I think 25,000 but got 125,000. Now, just read about the new president of Mexico:
“And soon, very soon — after the victory of our movement — we will defend all the migrants in the American continent and all the migrants in the world,” Obrador said, adding that immigrants “must leave their towns and find a life in the United States.” He went on to emphasize that was “a human right we will defend.”
The equivalent of declaring war.

John the Econ said...

What percentage of these strident Progressive morons have been anywhere near an actual border? How many live in or near neighborhoods that have been overrun by illegal aliens, or have their kids in schools that have been? Don't hold your breath for an answer to those questions.

But look at the upside of open borders: There will be plenty of cheap labor available standing outside of Home Depot when you need a hole dug or filled in your back yard. And once Progressives finally succeed and outlaw guns, they'll still be cheap and plentiful, just like heroin and child sex slaves are now.

Speaking of being put on ICE: This weekend, ICE was involved in the arrest of an Al Qaeda fanboy planning to detonate a bomb at a Cleveland 4th of July celebration:

FBI details suspected Fourth of July terrorist plot for downtown Cleveland

"Just last week, this defendant was walking around downtown Cleveland conducting reconnaissance on what he believed was a large-scale attack... He looked for a place to park a van full of explosives."

ICE was involved as part of a Joint Terrorism Task Force, and was mentioned in the live news conference I watched. Interestingly, ICE seems to be purged from the online news stories I've read about this. That's your mainstream journalists today for ya; covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving.

Dan said...

@Geoff King -- I've been reading the illegal aliens pay up to $12,000 or so to have a coyote bring them across. Why don't they hire an immigration lawyer instead?

For that matter, why not show up at an authorized border crossing (thereby 'keeping families together'). Maybe even begin the asylum process at a consulate in their home country (or in Meheeco).

Shelly said...

I hope the subversives who are bankrolling these "protests" provide their minions with plenty of water so they don't burn up, especially here in Texas. No I don't. I hope they suffer in that burning sun for trying to subvert our beloved nation, especially so close to our celebration of our founding. Trust me, this has nothing to do with the poor children, only overturning a duly elected president who is fulfilling his promises in the face of unprecedented "resistance." What they fail to realize is their constant drumbeat of vitriol against the president is really against US and we are taking notice. Sadly, I firmly believe neither political party wants to solve the illegal alien invasion. They just need an election issue cycle after cycle to fundraise and get elected. If it were so important, Obama could have rammed through amnesty when he controlled the whole congress but instead chose to sic Obamacare on us. Trump is the first one they are afraid actually means what he says instead of the usual lip service/no action bunch.

Mike said...

You write what most of us think. Thanks for taking me back with the 'nimrod' comment, I laughed myself back to the '70's!

Pete (Detroit) said...

Seems to me someone was talking about #walkaway... Here's the video, over 5M hits on FB, and people been BURYING Twitt feeds under that hash tag, telling stories of why they left the dems...
People getting WOKE

Liberty Card said...

Personally, I think there's too m any federal law enforcement agencies: FBI TSA Homeland Security BATF, and most heinous of all, the IRS. Do we really need more? Please don't accuse me of being a Liberal - they think getting rid of ICE will mean the end of immigration control. I say sic the ultimate Homeland Security Agency after the illegals - the US Military!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Velveeta Processed Cheese Food- I agree that it's about the Dem votes, but not only about the votes. The illegals greatly increase the burdens on our "safety net" programs while simultaneously forcing more low-income Americans (who lose their jobs to illegals) onto those same safety net programs. Demand for services goes up, calls for increased taxes become more strident, and socialism is the end game.

@Dan- Obviously I agree with you. And a particular annoyance of mine is the idea that illegals bring labor costs down; it's true - but only if you ONLY consider the actual cash-in-hand going to the worker. The American taxpayer then supplements those low wages with assisted housing, medical, food, schooling, and much more. In the end, the "labor" is only cheaper because the difference is more than made up in other ways the money is siphoned from our pockets. Granted, the businesses that hire those illegals benefit in the short run - which is why they should be held criminally liable.

@REM1875- It gets tiring trying to describe these people as anything more or less than "idiots," although it's certainly worth pointing out that I also consider each and every one of these strident whiners to be a white hot pain in the ass.

@Mike aka Proof- Suddenly I hear the Eagles singing in my head...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if these protesters are paid protesters. The MSM won't tell us.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Regnad Kcin- Speaking of the blinding ignorance of these jerks who are bitching about the "concentration camps" being operated by Trump and ICE, I just read a story that said that 66% of millennials were unable to tell an interviewer what Auschwitz was. How is that even effing possible?! No WONDER they have no perspective or idea about real suffering. I don't even know how they're smart enough to breathe unassisted.

@Velveeta Processed Cheese Food- I'm afraid that I axed the post from Eminence Immigration. If they want to buy an ad here, they're free to do it.

@McChuck- Great and accurate points down the line.

@Fish Out of Water- All of this activity on the Left is definitely being planned, coordinated, and funded by those who mean our nation no good. And I'd be delighted if Trump started ferreting out some of these provocateurs and bringing them to justice.

@MSG Grumpy- I complete agree! Anyone supporting open borders should keep their doors unlocked and wide open, and take immediate responsibility for housing, feeding, and providing medical care and expense money to however many families care to move in to their homes.

@Judi King- I'm so old that I remember when "illegal" actually meant something.

@jpb252- Apparently the Left things that those 57 people should have baked to death in an airless truck because somewhere kids are crying while authorities try to ascertain whether they're traveling with parents or pimps.

@Thomas Binard- I think there are a lot of us, Thomas!

@Casey Carney- There you go, using logic again.

@Jack Wiegman- Excellent point about calling these buttwipes "disruptors." It's much more accurate!

Thank you for the accolades when it comes to deploying humor on the front lines of the cultural battlefield. I really do feel like it helps, which I've stuck with it long past the point when someone with all his marbles or good business-sense would have (grin).

@Geoff King- I'm all for immigration reform, as long as that's what it actually IS (unlike the "healthcare reform" which became the nightmare of Obamacare.

And I'm pretty sure that we'll all enjoy many good Independence Days in the future. The more strident and offensive the Left gets, the more resolute those of us on the Right (and in the right) are getting.

@Fred Ciampi- I saw that video and the punk with the metal pipe weapon goes down so fast that if you blink you'll miss it. I'm not in favor of anyone on our side looking for trouble, but if they're attacked I'm delighted when they can administer a therapeutic beatdown to the perp.

@James Daily- These people have to be magnificently, willfully ignorant to NOT imagine the Hell they want to unleash on this country. Seriously, they need remedial classes just to work their way up to "stupid."

And screw the new president of Mexico. Build the wall and send them the bill - NOW.

John the Econ said...

"...66% of millennials were unable to tell an interviewer what Auschwitz was."

And yet they all know that Trump is the real Nazi.

I doubt most of these people could pass the Turing Test.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- You're right that these privileged punks have no idea what they're talking about. 25 years ago, I moved my entire family out of Dallas because my daughter - a bright and early reader - was going to be starting first grade in a school where 75% of the kids spoke no English. I assure you, nothing about that equation has improved in the last quarter century.

And God bless ICE for continuing to prevent terrorist tragedies. It seems like a useful thing to me.

@Dan- You raise excellent points!

@Shelly- I can't improve on anything you said. Exactly right!

@Mike- I'm pretty sure I must have pulled "Nimrod" from a memory of Bugs Bunny insulting someone. If pushed farther, I might up the ante to "Maroon."

@Pete (Detroit)- I love the whole #WalkAway thing and hope it really catches on. Dems who are willing to drop the hate long enough to listen for even a few minutes might find that there are an awful lot of people on our side who would like to work with them to achieve common goals. Personally, I don't like most Lefties are bad, but I know to the sole of my shoes that they're all badly deluded.

@Liberty Card- You'll get no argument from me about there being too many agencies. I'd like to see more of them combined - just as long as all the bases remain covered.

@Anonymous- I think many of the protesters are being paid, and all the organizers are. And you're right that the MSM seems remarkably uncurious about this.

@Colby Muenster- I would love to see Trump start that "Adopt an Illegal Alien" program. Let the Lefties open their homes to individuals or families, and give them no fiscal help to do so. For that matter, give those Progressives legal responsibility for any actions taken by their new "family" members.

And I haven't put together my 4th of July post yet, but it sure seems like a visit from Busty is overdue...

@John the Econ- Amen, brother.

Anonymous said...

How about the Political Giants we have causing all of this asking for an ed to ICE. Would they give up their paid for by tax payers body guards. Would Hollywood give up all security at their awards shows? would Celebrates give up their body guards, Yet
this fanatics, Soros Personal want to put us in harms way. And for what? Votes, compensation, money under the table, Drug free world, Sanctuary cities.

Dan said...

@ Colby Muenster -- Instead of adopt an illegal alien, make it assign an illegal alien to all those spouting off about how mean Trump is for *following the law*.

Dee said...

Imagine an election 2018 where all black Americans choose to "sit this one out" and see what the Democrats do. It's a movement called #WalkAway. Exciting but dangerous as well as the left, since they don't have differing opinions, will become more radical. See Candace Owens or Brandon Tatum on youtube.
I'm a new subscriber and don't know what to think about this blog or the Stilton Jarlsberg's name (cheese addiction?)or dilemma, the PNS. Does that mean your drivers license is revoked until you are seizure free for a year?

Joseph ET said...

@ Stilton Mrs. ET decided that I should be breathing rather than not breathing so a call to 911 and a five week adventure occured. I’ve been wondering how Medicare works for some time. Here’s what got paid; Medical providers billed about $99k, Medicare recognized about 60k and paid about 32k. Blue Cross said that most of the providers agreed to take Medicare as payment in full so they (Blue Cross) and I owe zero. The others were paid about $2597. That includes oxygen generating equipment for home and there’s talk a BIPAP may be approved. There’s also a lot of home nursing follow-up that’s paid for so for. I seem to be a very popular patient these days. I do still wonder what the annual and life time limits there are. So far I’m only out of pocket for the co-payment for drugs received after I got home.