Friday, June 28, 2019

The Sick Census

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A bizarre moment occurred during Wednesday night's Democratic debate (Thursday's edition hasn't yet happened at the time of this writing) when Irishman Robert Francis O'Rourke suddenly channeled a spirit entity called "Beto" who used his horse-faced human host to start spouting vague platitudes in Spanish. The other candidates were clearly confused, but did their best to pretend that they didn't see anything wrong with this.

And that's not surprising, because it's increasingly what the government is forcing us all to do: pretend that we don't see and don't hear our nation's accelerating shift to an Hispanic culture owing to the massive influx of illegal aliens.

As a quite literal case in point, yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that the Trump administration can't include the question "are you a U.S. citizen?" on the 2020 Census questionnaire.  Or more accurately, they ruled that the President does have the right to put that question on the questionnaire, but the Supreme Court is still rejecting it for now because they think that the administration's stated reason for asking the question isn't "the real reason." In other words, the Supreme Court is saying that they won't let Trump exercise legitimate Constitutional power because, according to the carefully considered majority opinion, "Orange man bad."

Including illegals in the Census count (and making no distinction between them and actual citizens) has multiple ripple effects. Among the most important, this blindfolded count will determine how much federal benefit money is sent to the states, and how many Congressional seats each region will have. And unsurprisingly, both conditions have Democrats salivating.

Insuring that illegal aliens have the same access to taxpayer-funded benefits and political representation as actual citizens makes citizenship itself meaningless. And that's an idea that no political party should enthusiastically embrace.

There's still a small chance that the citizenship question could end up in the 2020 Census. But time is running out at the same time tens of thousands of illegal aliens are running in.


stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, census, trump, supreme court, citizenship, question, illegal aliens
Come out from behind that mask, Beto!


Mike aka Proof said...

Is it fair to say that Chief Justice John Roberts has taken leave of his census??

Kay said...

Yes, more than fair..and it is safe to say Justice Roberts is a sly fox in a black robe....a faux liberal. Remember what he did to us on Obama care?

M. Mitchell Marmel said...
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M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Mike: If it protects certain illegal Viking immigrants, then he can have said to have taken LIef off his census... ;-)

Fish Out of Water said...

What's been lost in the furor is the 'are you a US citizen ?' question would snare green card holders, and others here on other visa too.

Jason Anyone said...

Early scoring is in from a couple of the judging teams on the comment by "Mike aka Proof" and it looks like they're in agreement.

(Rises to Standing O with added salute.)

Fred Ciampi said...

WOW!! I'n going to count our dogs, cat, and the six foot long snake that lives under the house and register them as republicans. Turn about is fair play, as my Mammy always used to say. Anybody know a good name for a six foot lung snake that lives under the house?

Fred Ciampi said...


Anonymous said...

"Insuring that illegal aliens have the same access to taxpayer-funded benefits and political representation as actual citizens makes citizenship itself meaningless."

And that right there is the money quote. Well stated and a good point Trump I hope uses to make the case.

bunker_man said...

The Coneheads "we're from France".

SkippyBob said...

Fred Ciampi asked, "Anybody know a good name for a six foot long snake that lives under the house?"

Long John Slither?

Geoff King said...

Of course the dims are now hot for the Hispanic vote, legal or not. With the advent of the Blexit Movement spearheaded by Candace Owens and the many other intelligent Black Conservatives making their voices being heard, the dims know they must restock their plantations with fresh minions.

John said...
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John said...

Curious about using census data to determine the number of House seats, I did a little research yesterday and the number of house seats hasn't changed since 1929. The number of House seats can't *exceed* 1 seat per 7,000 (forgot the exact number) and the ratio is now 1 per 700,000 population (again, forgot the exact number.)

TrickyRicky said...

I, too, am very concerned about the invasion (is there any more accurate word for this phenomenon?) taking place at our southern border. More concerning is the aiding, abetting, and actual facilitation from the CPUSA, formerly known as the Democrats.

Nonetheless, the eventual Commie candidate will have a LOT to walk back from his/her primary pandering. How does taking away the private health insurance of 150 million people sell? How about forcing the 2/3 of American who do not have a college degree to pay off the $100,000 loan their barista down the street took out for their doctorate in Early Morning Bird Calls? How about the insane clown car that is the House of Representatives and their deranged persecution of our president?

I know there will be massive manipulation of data by the big tech oligarchs, massive on the ground voter fraud, and massive unconscionable illegal alien participation, but how in hell can these Stalinist morons think they have a winning message?

Oh yeah, Orange Man Bad, and Orange Man voters are Neanderthal racists, homophobes, and in general not worth the air we breathe. Got It!

Fred Ciampi said...

Oh, where is good old Joe McCarthy now that we really need him?

Alej said...

Lincoln shouldn't have gone to so much trouble ( including the killing of 400,000 Southerners) to preserve the Union. It was a union of geography, not philosophy, in the first place... northern thinking differed greatly from southern thinking from the first, before 1776, and the gap has only widened since then. Time for a new map .

udaman said...

Clinton. I could not decide between bill or Hillary, so we'll just go with the general last name.

Fritzchen said...

We've gone from Deplorables to No (A)counts!

rickn8or said...

"Anybody know a good name for a six foot lung snake that lives under the house?


james daily said...

I tried to watch the debate but about five minutes was all I could take and that almost sent me screaming into the night. The fix was in so what was the point. I do recall that we once did count non citizens as 3/5 of a person but somehow is suspect there were a lot less of non citizens then. On the SC's voting, I did enjoy them breaking it off in the dems on the gerrymandering suite. That was classic.
On the snake name, "O, Sheit" comes to mind.
There was nothing new proposed by the dems but it still boggles the mind that they want illegals to be better funded than their indigent constituents whom they have continually beat down with impunity. And do not forget the Tax the Rich which bleeds over to all every time it's done.

Gee M said...

are you a US citizen, or otherwise here legally?
add 2 seconds to the citizen question...

Grandmaem said...

When you have time, in additions to your comments today about the 1st. Dem Debate, please address that other "right" floated, the one about transgenders having a right to an abortion.

Old Cannonballs said...

If an insane asylum were a democracy, the inmates would run it.

John the Econ said...

Insuring that illegal aliens have the same access to taxpayer-funded benefits and political representation as actual citizens makes citizenship itself meaningless.

If it was only about the freebies. This is just part of the Progressive War on the Middle Class.

For decades now, Progressives had been working diligently to make citizenship meaningless, and they almost have. In fact, if there is any distinction left between being a citizen and non-citizen, it's that we're now at the point where being a non-citizen now gives an individual more freedom than being an actual legal citizen does. If you are a middle-class citizen in America today, you are made to comply with every law or regulation or face the overwhelming wrath of a cost-no-concern regulatory state that will punish you for any insolence. Meanwhile, the poor and undocumented are free to carry on with their subsidized existences virtually ignored by officialdom.

For example, soon you will not be able to buy an e-cigarette in San Francisco. But the very same government that would deny you the right to buy with your own money a nicotine hit will happily supply homeless addicts with needles so that they can shoot-up in the same public parks where they expect middle-class children to play.

A year and a half ago, I was rear-ended by a bunch of meth-heads in a hit-and-run. I actually found them and called the police. The police issued a ticket for an expired license, no insurance, and leaving the scene of an accident, and that was the end of it. One lived in public housing and the others involved were effectively homeless and in the wind. Nothing of measurable legal consequence happened to any of these people. On the other hand, I had a damaged truck (Thank God I was in my truck and not one of my smaller, more vulnerable vehicles) and my back reminds me of the incident every time I lay down for bed.

What would happen if I were to rear-end somebody and leave the scene? Since I have adequate financial resources, I might be able to avoid time in jail, but in the end I'd ultimately be paying 5 or 6-figures in lawyers, fees, and damages in addition to having a criminal mark on an otherwise spotless legal ledger. Since the criminals know there's no serious consequence for fleeing the scene of the accident should the be caught, why wouldn't they flee when they have a better than 50/50 chance of getting away scot-free? This consequence is making our communities more dangerous for everyone.

For over a decade, Victor Davis Hanson has been documenting this phenomenon as he's witnessed it in exclusively Democrat-controlled California. The poor and undocumented get subsidized and are allowed to run feral as they see fit while what's left of the middle class in his community is made to suck it up, until they finally die or leave.

Again, if you're middle class, you have to pay your taxes and follow all the rules or else you will be punished. You need permission to start and run your business, and follow whatever rules they come up with as they come up with them. These other people on the other hand pretty much get to do whatever they want. They're in fact, "free".

And of course, if you're truly rich, you can insulate yourself from most of this.

This is the America they are striving for.

Colby Muenster said...

According to Rush Limbaugh yesterday, the SCOTUS ruling was sort of hinting that Trump should better define exactly WHY he wants that question included in the census. Perhaps Trump should point out what so many here have pointed out. We need the representation based on actual citizens, not just raw numbers of people. Perhaps he should ask for a different question to be on the census forms: "Can you legally vote in the United States?"

@John the Econ,
Well put, sir! The poor get away with illegal crap because the liberal courts feel sorry for them. The rich get away with illegal crap because they can afford expensive lawyers. Us poor saps in the middle are getting royally raped.

And speaking of dunbasses (which we weren't)... Joe biden says his first act as President will be to defeat Donald Trump! When I heard that, I nearly peed my pants laughing.

And Beto's answering questions in Spanish. Sorta redefines pandering, don't it? What a turdball...

@Fred Ciampi,
I'm thinking you name it Ralph Ciampi, and claim it (him? her?) on your taxes. You might even get disability for it since it has no arms and no legs! (BOB Ciampi?) Seriously, this reminded me of my daughter. She was complaining about mice in her house; had me and her husband finding little holes in closets and plugging them. Then one day she spotted a giant black snake going into her crawlspace door, and freaked the hell out. I told her, "What the heck!? You don't want mice, right?"

NVRick said...

@ John the Econ
As Janis Joplin once said: "Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose".
I think that describes the attitude of illegal interlopers.

Rich said...

Supreme Despots..
The Odious Fiction Destroying America - The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates..
We now have social transformation without representation. And that is what the Supreme Court is in our day – despots.
And they are not the final arbiters – as Jefferson states, “The Constitution has erected no such single tribunal.”
They proffer Article 6, paragraph 2 of the U.S. Constitution – the ‘supremacy clause’ – for their notion of judicial supremacy. But when you read Article 6, paragraph 2, you realize that the Supreme Court isn’t even mentioned, nor are federal courts of any kind mentioned. Article 6, paragraph 2 – known as the supremacy clause actually gives supremacy to the Constitution!
Wholly opposite of this view of ‘judicial supremacy’ was the view held by America’s founders. They viewed the judiciary as being the weakest branch of the government.
At the establishment of our constitutions, the judiciary bodies were supposed to be the most helpless and harmless members of the government. Experience, however, soon showed in what way they were to become the most dangerous.”

Old Cannonballs said...

@ John: Your research that shows the number of House seats unchanged since 1929, if correct, would have to refer to the total number in th U.S., or else Alaska and Hawaii would have no representatives. The counting of the noncitizens scam affects how the seats are allocated among the states.

John the Econ said...

@Colby Muenster, if it was only just the courts. The entire Progressive establishment is on board with this. They masturbate their own self esteems with their open-mindedness and tolerance while condemning those who dare speak up against this de-evolution of civic order.

As for Biden's dumbassery: So his big achievement will be replacing Trump. That's it. That's their agenda. That's all they've really got, other than promising trillions in giveaways. (They really can't run on publicly what they really have in mind, which is actually fascism)

Should have added this to what I wrote above on the War against the Middle Class:

In today's Progressive meccas, a poor or homeless person can take a dump, right there in public and walk away. If you are walking your dog and it takes a dump and you don't pick it up, you get a ticket.

The Progressive establishment believes that your animal should be held to a higher standard of public decorum than actual humans.

KanB said...

Did I hear them say that their universal free U.S. taxpayer funded healthcare would apply to everyone inside our borders regardless of citizenship status? I guess this means anyone/everyone in the Western Hemisphere will be able to just waltz across our borders for all their absolutely free medical needs? WTF!

Pete (Detroit) said...

Beano and Booger >> Hispandering

Snake - Bite-o O'Rourke, Alger Hiss

Census - I'd be willing to assume that all non-citizens are here legally, so as not to freak them out and it would give a good number to bounce the valid visa / greenies off of, as we'd have a CLUE as to how many illegals there actually ARE. We have rules and policies and people to round them up, and deport them, if they're allowed to... Driver Licenses for illegals was recently a thing here, supporter whining 'They need them to get to their JOBS!!!' Um REALLY??? You know they're not supposed to have THOSE, either, right?
Since part of naturalization process is learning English, Why do we print ballots in foreign languages?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Dems are running on a '40 acres and a mule' platform.

Jess said...

The best solution is to ask the question and disregard the opinion of a court that only represents their power. What can they do? Call out the military? Issue an injunction to be ignored? By the time the dust settles, illegals will refuse to answer the census, and an accurate count of citizens will be accomplished. Hopefully those citizens will realize invaders aren't arriving to bring them gifts.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Damn it! So many great and interesting comments above, and I just can't respond to most of them because I'm having a flare-up of carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand (and even a bit in my right). Nature's way of telling me I spend too much time at the keyboard, I suppose.

Some quick hits:

• I don't think the number of representatives overall changes as populations shift, but they can be taken from one state (perhaps with a declining population) and be given to another state which is growing (and yes, daily busloads of illegals count). So if California keeps taking (ahem) "refugees," they could end up with even more representatives than they have now.

• Apparently if you give false information on the Census (like claiming dogs, cats, and snakes as dependents) you can get a pretty stiff fine or even jail time. On the other hand, if you simply sign your name and give no other information, the most you can be fined is $100. I'll be very tempted to do that just for the satisfaction of telling the Census bureau to go f*ck themselves.

• Demanding reproductive rights and abortion rights for trans-women (I think that means they started as guys, right?) is hilariously preposterous. All I can think of that would even be possible is for the pre-op male to have his sperm collected and put on ice so it can play SOME part in a test tube conception once he's had the cockectomy.

• What the hell is the nonsense about giving illegals, in particular, FREE health care?! I paid into Medicare for my entire life, and now that I'm of age to use it, is it free? No way! I have to pay $12,000 a year for my Medicare coverage) vision, dental, and hearing aids not included in the plan.

Okay, my hand is throbbing so I'll shut up. But keep the comments going - I'm loving them!

Dan said...

The dems want to give free healthcare to all the illegal aliens in the U.S.
Why stop there? Why require them to step foot in the U.S.A.? Just add Doctors without Borders to the Federal Budget and we can provide healthcare to the world!

Geoff King said...

@ Stilton: I also have suffered from carpal tunnel because I am an electrician. Constant turning of screwdrivers and twisting of wirenuts causes flareups. In fact, electricians used to be the number one profession for that malady, until the invention of the cordless drill/screwdriver.
What I have found that helps is to always try to sleep with your wrists tipped backwards,not forward. Also hanging by your hands from a tree branch or pole for a few minutes allieviates the pain.

james daily said...

Stilt: When the dumb ash democrats figure out the government cannot give them a damn thing except a hard time, that all freebees come out of two pockets: The tax payers pocket and the treasury borrowing pocket, maybe they will get a clue. I believe when they do figure it out, they will demand a tax deduction on their contribution. Secondly, LA and SF are run by demorats. That is what this nation will look like if they have their way. They are not even embarrassed about it. Now they are telling their listeners what they will do: kill jobs so even the illegals that want to work will not have anyplace to go. Their next platform is to devalue the currency so everybody will have more money. (Uh, that's a joke.)

rickn8or said...

james daily, it matters not that the democrats' policies lead to debt and ruination down the road; their policies buy them power right now.

Differ said...

Visa and green card holders are not entitled to the sort of gov services which are apportioned by the census. It is a very significant question; congressional representation, electoral college votes, and more. The problem is that most of the country is ignorant of this and is simply reacting to media manipulation that it is racist, or whatever is the perjorative du jour, to ask such a thing.

Fish Out of Water said...

@Differ: Oh, really? And what sort of services might that cover? Recall when wife unit was on a green card, she still paid into Social Security, had to file tax returns...Now she wasn't eligible for jury duty, but she could have cared less about that.