Wednesday, May 20, 2020

A Hard Pill to Swallow

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Dihydrogen Monoxide is water. Don't tell the Liberals.
Television viewers were stunned on Monday when a rash of fires broke out in the carefully coiffed hairdos of hysterical newscasters. The source of this incendiary incident was President Trump's casual announcement that, with his doctor's blessing, he's taking the anti-viral drug hydroxychloroquine and a zinc supplement as protection against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Hydroxychloroquine, which we'll henceforth refer to as HCQ because this isn't a damn spelling bee, has been villainized by the media, politicians, and even some medical organizations solely because Trump said "it might work." Their narrative is that HCQ can't possibly help Covid19 sufferers and is significantly more dangerous to ingest than drain cleaner. Which is why the news media was not only shocked that Trump has taken it, but shocked because he didn't immediately turn into a science fair model volcano geysering bloody foam all over the Oval Office.

When administered properly, HCQ seems to have amazingly good results and an excellent safety profile. But in the media's eyes, it's better for people to continue dying (and far better to keep the economy crippled) rather than admit that Trump might actually have been right about something. The fact that they're actively burying and distorting this news during the worst medical crisis in a century is a sin so profound that we can only hope the devil is currently excavating a new, much-lower circle of Hell for the media. Where their hair won't be the only thing on fire.

(Side note: if you want to be better informed about HCQ than 99% of those on social media and 100% of those in mainstream media, watch this 40 minute video. It's several weeks old, but still has accurate news you won't hear for months - if ever - from the MSM.)


Upon hearing that Donald Trump was taking HCQ prophylactically, Joe Biden said, "Damn, man - and I thought my catheter was uncomfortable!"


Of course, Nancy Pelosi weighed in on Trump's use of HCQ...

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, trump, coronavirus, HCQ, nancy pelosi, preparation H


M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Actually, a face like Pelousi's is perfect for Preparation H. The only danger is that it might shrink her head down to nothing...

Jon Z. said...

If Nancy wasn’t so hateful, she might not be so damn ugly. Most the time I see her on the news or in an article, she looks like a spider monkey on crack. Nothing positive ever seems to come out of her worn out pie hole and I believe she and her party are committing senior abuse running Joe Biden for POTUS. It’s shameful to use an old man with dementia for their own selfish ambitions. Let’s face it, Joe is in la la land most of the time. He’s been in his basement for going on 6 or 8 weeks. I thought quarantine was only 14 days. So it’s safe to assume he’s down there In the basement to keep him from running naked in the hood or going on TV and speaking. Yes, that’s who all of the goose stepping progresicrates want to vote for, Uncle Joe. Somebody needs to call the senior abuse hotline and turn Nancy and her minions in for abusing Joe. Just discustin!

Fish Out of Water said...

If Trump managed to create mana from heaven to feed the needy, the chorus of outrage from the democrats and their media running dogs would be just as predictable, simply because he sits in the Oval Office and not the vilest, most unworthy, unqualified and unsuited POTUS candidate since Henry Wallace.

Oh and the democrats are signaling they wish to do impeachment 2.0. That's assuming they retain control of the House.

Jess said...

It's all about the narrative, and Nancy is a narrator. Unfortunately, her resemblance to the wicked witch of the west scares children, schools are closed, and the message is being lost.

It's theorized that home schooling will lead to a substantial number of conservative children, and the near future will reveal a strong determination by those children to tar-and-feather anyone professing to be progressive. That, and learning to tie hangman knots.

Geoff King said...

I read that the main study MSM focuses on which sheds doubt on the value of HCQ was funded by Bill Gates. He also heavily invested in several companies which are working on a vaccine. In other words, he stands to make millions on any drug that is not HCQ.
Just a coincidence, I am sure. After all, just because Gates is a major proponent of depopulating the planet, is no reason to think he doesn't have our best interest in mind.

Elbarto said...

President Trump's physician prescribes hydroxychloroquine for the president, but of course Nancy Pelosi knows better. The same Nancy Pelosi who represents a district where hobos regularly defecate on the streets.

June J said...

Pictures of Rachel Madcow and Nancy Pelosick pictures in same column? Ruined my breakfast...

FlyBoy said...

Whoever said “politics is show biz for the ugly” must have had SanFran Nancy in mind...or maybe Jerry Nadler!

TrickyRicky said...

@jpb252- Exactly. Our exalted rulers know what is best for us, and don't you forget it, prole. Get back to picking our arugula or feel the whip.

Shelly said...

I think I'll skip medical advice from someone who has been injecting poison in her face for years. The woman is 80 years old and still won't give up. Pretty soon her eyebrows are going to reach her hairline. I heard from someone that Neil Cavuto said on his show that if you take HCQ, you will die! I wonder where he got his medical degree.

Alfonso Bedoya said...

Dihydrogen Monoxide. That's a hot one. Speaking of water, I am headed to the kitchen for a glass, prepatory for getting my blood taken by the vampires at a local medical lab in preparation for my yearly exam.

Snark said...

I've been taking 400mg of HCQ daily for over 5 years to treat Babesiosis -courtesy of a tick bite. I chuckle at all the dire warnings from idiot lamestream media types that predict my imminent demise. Somehow they "forget" to include the factoid that harmful side effects only come from rather massive doses. After all, massive doses of dihydrogen monoxide can also be fatal. Perhaps someone can throw a bucket of it on Pelousi to see if she will react like her twin from the Wizard of Oz. She might also melt if someone threw some truth at her.

Shelly said...

Oh, and one more thing, This is a woman who claims murdering your own baby in the womb is called reproductive health. Also, it should only be between her and her doctor. I guess that logic doesn't apply to President Trump.

American Cowboy said...

Yes, pelosi's face reminds me of something Churchill once said, "'My dear you are ugly, but tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be ugly".

opsailor said...

From: Donald J. Trump, President
To: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House
Subject: Sincere Apology

Dear Speaker Pelosi:

Please accept my sincerest apology for being “morbidly obese.” I now realize how my looks must offend you, and I will do everything possible to stay out of your view. Your sincere concern is obvious and appreciated.

In return, let me thank you profusely for spending all of the time and money necessary to nip, tuck, tune and remodel your face and figure. The many operations, laser procedures, botox injections, and collagen injections have helped all of us while being in your presence….



opsailor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

B-but...but...Stilton....Dr. Neil Cavuto says HCQ will KEEL you!

Navyvet said...

I cannot understand why people make it their personal business to tell others how to live and what to do. As long as no one is breaking a law, MIND YOUR OWN F****NG BUSINESS. If you don't want to take Zinc don't take it. I do and have for years. If you dont like CQZ (or whatever it is called) dont take it. If you dont like people going around with out a mask, lock yourself in the basement in a scuba outfit and stay there. Jeeeez people get a life.

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least she doesn't need a mask on Halloween!

Edam Wensleydale said...

The dimple on Nancy's chin is her bellybutton. One more facelift, and she'll look like Lincoln.

John the Econ said...

IMHO, it's hardly helpful for Trump to be commenting on specific drugs when pharmacology is clearly no where near his wheelhouse. It's just something else for the haters to focus on. (The irony is that most of the people in the media and online opining on the efficacy of HCQ have no more basis for their opinions than Trump does) On the other hand, this sort of thing has been his strategy for the last 3+ years; dominating the news cycle with inconsequential nonsense that diverts the media from focusing on their narrative of the moment.

As for hydroxychloroquine, I haven't a clue as if it's a panacea or snake oil. But should I ever suffer from the Whuhan Flu, I won't be asking politicians or the media their opinion on it.

Again, considering the axiomatic boolean response that the media and left has to anything Trump has an opinion on, I just wish that Trump would propose a $100-trillion stimulus plan to stop "climate change" so that we can listen to the usual suspects claim what and why it's the biggest scam in history.

Pat Cummings said...

@John the Econ: The latest attempt of the left to out-Trump Trump appears in a new narrative suggesting that mail-in ballots were a major factor in the flip of a Congressional seat from D to R in the special election in California during the CV Shut-down.

I heard this morning on three different morning radio discussions that "contrary to popular opinion, mail-in balloting may favor Republicans over Democrats," presumably because seniors (the practiced mail-in voters) tend to be Rupublican. Dreaming, no doubt, of the swamping wave of Republicans rushing to support mail-in balloting to achieve the advantage.

I doubt this will have the knee-jerk response from the right that is hoped for, especially knowing that legal ballot harvesting in California will be fully ramped-up for a regular election...

John the Econ said...

@Pat Cummings, if the left thought for a moment that anything other than the traditional election process (physically showing up, identifying ones self and voting) benefited anyone other than Democrats, we'd have the most restrictive voting process in the world. It's amusing to think that the left could be gaslighted into believing that a "red wave" could be promulgated by alternate voting processes, but I'd be surprised.

Colby Muenster said...

I loved the feigned concern Nan expressed. Oh my, he's the PRESIDENT! He needs to stay healthy! C'mon, Nancy, we all know you'd absolutely love to attend Trump's funeral... tomorrow.... and Pence with him.


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@M. Mitchell Marmel- I'm picturing the shrunken-headed hunter in Beetlejuice.

@Jon Z- I agree that Nancy is pure hate and evil, and that Joe is largely a lost soul at this point. I genuinely feel bad about the way he's being used. If he makes it into a debate with Trump, it's going to be sad but spectacular TV.

@Fish Out of Water-You're right that Trump can do NOTHING which the Democrats won't attack. They were screaming "racist!" when he closed our border to people coming from pandemic regions...then later screamed "why didn't you do it sooner?!" as bodies started to pile up. And at this point, my patience with an "Impeachment 2.0" process would be extremely low. There's only so much Schiff a man can take...

@Jess- I'd love to think that suddenly home-schooled kids will be learning more, and learning more accurately and pragmatically than would have been the case in the schools. From grade school to college, I think this situation shows the overdue need to review and reshape our education system.

@Geoff King- I haven't really gotten into the Bill Gates conspiracies (not that I have any information they aren't true, either). I find I have a really finite amount of emotional strength I can bring to this whole mess on any given day, and so I'm not tracking down every lead just to preserve my sanity.

@jpb252- Does anyone have LESS credibility on the subject of public health than Pelosi? Her city's sidewalks are awash in the homeless, hungry, and mentally ill, used syringes, puddles of pee, and piles of human poop. Meanwhile, the woman herself pumps botox - a powerful toxin - into her face so that the wrinkles can be smoothed out like clay. Which is essentially what paralyzed muscles are. Hypocrite is too kind a word for this witch.

@June J- That IS a lot to stomach, I'll grant you...

@FlyBoy- That phrase has stuck around because it's so demonstrably accurate!

@Murphy(AZ)- I agree!

@TrickyRicky- Our rulers don't mind slavery as long as they get to be the "good massahs" up in The Big House.

@Shelly- I generally like Neil Cavuto, so all I can imagine is that's he's been exposed to so many false stories about the dangers of HCQ that he wasn't aware that there's another, more accurate side of the story. I hope he gets educated quickly, and offers a public apology.

@Alfonso Bedoya- Oh, that Dihydrogen Monoxide is bad stuff. Did you know it can eat through stone and steel? Cause iron to crumble into dust? That thousands of people die from swallowing it every year? That it's been used for torturing people for centuries? And that the government puts Dihydrogen Monoxide in the pipes of every water system in America?! All of that is basically what liberals were told when presented with a petition to make "Dihydrogren Monoxide" illegal. They pretty much all signed it, and afterwards felt smug about it.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Snark- ALL drugs have side effects. ALL drugs have an effective dose and a toxic dose. HCQ has been used successfully for 65 years or so, the risks are known, and with proper supervision a situation like yours - with long term dosing and positive results - is not unusual.

But let's look at the risks and see if the Dems and media are right to suppress this dangerous drug. According to the label, there are these warnings:

• Children and teenagers who have or are recovering from chicken pox or flu-like symptoms should not use this product.
•When using this product, if changes in behavior with nausea and vomiting occur, consult a doctor because these symptoms could be an early sign of a rare but serious illness.
•Allergy alert: may cause a severe allergic reaction which may include: hives, facial swelling, shock, asthma
• Stomach bleeding warning: This product may cause severe stomach bleeding. The chance is higher if you: are age 60 or older • have had stomach ulcers or bleeding problems • take a blood thinning (anticoagulant) or steroid drug
• take other drugs containing prescription or nonprescription NSAIDs
• have 3 or more alcoholic drinks every day while using this product
• take more or for a longer time than directed

Ask a doctor before use if...
• stomach bleeding warning applies to you
• you have a history of stomach problems, such as heartburn
• you have high blood pressure, heart disease, liver cirrhosis, or kidney disease
• you are taking a diuretic
• you have asthma

Ask a doctor or pharmacist before use if you are...
• taking a prescription drug for diabetes, gout or arthritis

Stop use and ask doctor if...
• an allergic reation occurs. Seek medical help right away.
• you experience any of the following signs of stomach bleeding:
• feel faint • vomit blood
• have bloody or black stools
• have stomach pain that does not get better
• pain gets worse or lasts more than 10 days
• fever gets worse or lasts for more than 3 days
• ringing in the ears or loss of hearing occurs
• redness or swelling is present in the painful area
• any new symptoms occur. These could be signs of a serious condition

Wow! Holy crap! This stuff IS lethal and shouldn't be taken by anyone!!! It's...uh...wait, hold on. Oh, those were the warnings on a bottle of generic aspirin (and thanks to Tucker Carlson for the comparison).

ANYthing can be made to sound nightmarish if you try. So the question is, why is the left trying so hard to scare people away from what is likely their best hope...?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Shelly- Great point!

@Fritzchen- How I'd like to believe that exchange really happened!

@American Cowboy- Trading quips with Winnie was a loser's game.

@opsailor- When you put it that way, Nancy is energizing a large part of the economy...

@Anonymous- I'd like to sit down for a beer with Neil Cavuto and explain things to him. I like the guy! But damn, he's on the wrong side of this one!

@Navyvet- We're on the same page for most of your points, but we'll have to agree to disagree on the subject of masks. We know that people can be asymptomatic spreaders, not even knowing they're infected. That means the you, me, or anyone we encounter without a mask might be spreading a virus which is potentially deadly if it reaches someone vulnerable. I don't want to be told what to do, but if I get reasonable medical information (hint: not from the usual talking heads) and can see the potential benefit to my family and community - and a chance to open things more quickly - then I'm not finding a mask much of a sacrifice.

@Anonymous- Well, she might need a catcher's mask, because if she comes trick-or-treating I'm pitching a caramel apple at her noggin with everything I've got!

@Edam Wensleydale- It's funny because it's true.

@John the Econ- My bet is that HCQ will eventually be found to be part of the best treatment protocol. But yes, I wish Trump had never mentioned it and CERTAINLY wish he didn't throw down this new gauntlet. All of this is going to create even MORE political and media incentives to kill the drug. Make no mistake, a lot of people are going to die (and many others suffer lifelong disabilities despite surviving the illness) all because of this insane pissing match.

So...want to be a billionaire? Here's my plan: We set up a lab making generic hydroxychloroquine but we add a small change to make it unique ("with added Zinc and a delicious candy shell!"). Now we can give it a new name like "Progressivor," run a couple of tests with the same promising results as HCQ, sell it for $5 a pill rather than $1000 for Remdesivir (which does jack squat), and let the liberal media tout the "new" drug as a miracle product which (bonus!) proves Trump wrong.

A) I'm kidding, but B) you know this would actually work.

@Pat Cummings- I'm not really concerned about mail-in voting, but I'm DAMNED concerned about the cheating that it will enable. Not that there's anything new about it...

@John the Econ- Yep.

@Colby Muenster- In case of a state funeral, Nancy would have to get her face realigned to look sad.

Rick said...

Today I read that two companies one here in the states and one in Mexico - which make hydroxychloroquine are now both engulfed in fire.

Rod said...

Didn't these same "types" of people (Hell, maybe even the same people) also object to Bush the Elder not eating broccoli? They came up with something about Fairness to Vegetable Farmers & setting a poor poor example for the kids. What a crock. George the First had perfect logic: "I don't LIKE broccoli and I'm President of the United States. If I don't want to eat Broccoli; I won't.

BTW Stilt: I love your explanation about High School class position. Mr.50.1%.
that's Top Half fer sure. But I had a friend (still do) who said he'd rather be the smartest kid in the dumb class than the dumbest in the smart class. That seems pretty sharp to me.

Hankiepoop said...

Love the Pelosi cartoon...... pretty much what she looks like too....hehe

Valvenator said...

Stilt, as soon as I started reading your drug warning I was thinking that sounds like Ibuprofen. I wasn't too far off.
I developed a bleeding ulcer after a back specialist put me on 800 mg dose of that stuff. Nothing better than having a rock of that crap eating away at your stomach lining. I also know two people, one a close in law relative who died from it, trying to kick taking other pain killers for his back issues, same ones that I was prescribed, which have since been recalled. You just can't win sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Let's back up a bit - to November 2019 to be exact - when Pelosi, Schiff and 7 other democrats made a secret trip to Afghanistan. Going to Afghanistan also requires due to climate etc to be dispensed HCQ. That makes you go hmmmmmm……!

Pelosi also stopped over in China and strangely enough soon after the virus made its debut in the US.
Of course while the left is apoplectic about president Trump taking HCQ - the cure for the virus - these scheisters in the democratic party are also taking this drug. Naturally that is their 'secret' and Pelosi making a trip to China Town in SF can now be explained as she didn't have to fear being infected. The drug HCQ does wonders - even for her.

Everything was properly timed: Rushing the impeachment docs over to the senate thinking they keep president Trump busy and distracted was part of their plan. The same day she did that the virus also made its way into the population.

It was all planned by the dems and the CCP together with Fauci, Birx, Gates and the rest of the deep state. It successfully emptied the streets in Hong Kong, the yellow vests in France, stopped the rallies of president Trump, destroying jobs of millions of Americans among a host of other damage.

It was never about the virus - it was always about the upcoming election and goal to destroy the economy to destroy the re-election of president Trump.

Meanwhile leftist governors turned into tyrant overstepping their powers and going so far to violate 'The Color of Law" herding people into their homes while denying them their rights under the constitution. Wearing masks is nothing more than giving into their tyranny and submitting to their draconian denials based on the "Color of the Law".

As always - they miscalculated and people have caught on to their agenda that includes voting by mail as a means to cheat, commit fraud and trying to win the election. The democrats are specialists in winning via fraud.

Fish Out of Water said...

@Anonymous: Yes, the game plan has/is later focused on removing Trump from office, no matter what.

That said, I find it head scratching the democrats have the sophistication to create and execute such a involved and intricate plan.

Rod said...

Are not EVERYONE who openly discusses and especially when they post, broadcast, or publish what Rx drugs anyone (including Trump) is taking violating the HIPPA Laws? Why are some enforcement "examples" not being made of of THAT? Meanwhile Public Health Departments all over the place are concealing COVID19 "spread" information like from contact-tracing that is not strictly personal nor must it reveal HIPPA-protected information. THAT should be known for example where the local public is not following best practices around others, the disease is still spreading. No one is saying much about this.

Mild change of topic: IMO it makes it pretty clear these Trump-haters are not too smart &/or such obvious fakes because if they really believe anything he's doing is bad for his health or places him at higher risk: Why would they be complaining about that? It's all SO MUCH bullshit about a lot of this; yet still not the full truth.

ringgo1 said...

There is another product Nancy should try on her face. It's called "recticare". Yes, I'm not kidding.

JustaJeepGuy said...

I absolutely agree that the Demo_Rats' and the MSM's (but I repeat myself) scare-mongering about the Wuhan virus is their latest attempt to oust President Trump. RUSSIA!RUSSIA!RUSSIA!! didn't do it, UKRAINE!UKRAINE!UKRAINE!!! didn't do it. Now it's WUHAN!WUHAN!WUHAN!!! (eat it, Kamala!). This is the closest they have come and it remains to be seen if it will work.

Personally, I think I already had the Wuhan virus back in February and I'm not afraid of it. Those who go everywhere in a mask can be the chicken $#!ts they are if they want. Not me!

JustaJeepGuy said...

Let me clarify that I don't think everyone who always wears a mask is a chicken. Those who are "at risk" are wise to wear one; those who fear the new tyrants (pretty much all the new tyrants are Demo_Rats, are they not?) more than the Wuhan virus are the ones I disdain.