Monday, December 28, 2020

Season's Grievings

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Giving America a sneak preview of the upbeat, optimistic approach he intends to bring to the White House, Joe Biden recently gave a holiday address in which he said "Our darkest days in the battle against Covid are ahead of us."

Considering that President Trump has already gotten multiple vaccines to market impossibly quickly, and has mobilized logistical teams which are currently delivering inoculations on an unprecedented scale, we can only assume that Joe's pessimism is related to self-awareness that he's about to screw everything up, ably assisted by the charlatans and commies in his administration.

But as grim as 2021 is shaping up to be, at least 2020 won't be here to torture us much longer. Although anything can still happen...

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And there's a recorded message warning that the "Shitter's full"

Joe Biden wasn't the only one with a holiday message this week. Kamala Harris also posted about how very, very, very important Kwanzaa has always been to her Jamaican/Indian family while she was growing up in Canada...

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This would have happened about when she was "that little girl" Joe Biden was trying to keep out of white schools.
Of course, we do appreciate the many sacred traditions associated with Kwanzaa. Like, for instance, revisiting past blog posts about it...

Monday Dec 28, 2015

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Your taax dollaars aat work.

As a surefire cure for the post-Christmas blues, if Kwanzaa didn't exist it would have to be invented. Which, come to think of it, it was - back in 1966 by a radical professor of African Studies in (surprise!) California. The 7-day holiday begins on December 26th which, by long tradition, is the day that a lot of candy and gifts are marked down to half-price.

Unlike other year-end holidays, there is no religious or historic significance to Kwanzaa. Rather it is a celebration of African heritage, ethnicity and, judging by the "seven principles," the flagrant overuse of vowels.

While some might feel that a week-long holiday devoted exclusively to race is insensitive and exclusionary, keep in mind that there is precedent in the white community, which celebrates a months-long holiday called "Nascar."

And whatever your complexion, Kwanzaa can be a time of warmth and nostalgia, filled with wonderful holiday traditions and memories. Hearing Bing Crosby sing Nguzo Saba, watching "How the Grinch Stole Odu Ifa," or just settling in with a cup of hot cocoa to watch Jimmy Stewart in the classic "It's a Wonderful Walimwengu."

All of this and more is surely happening right now in Hawaii ("The Least Christmas-y State") as America's first family celebrates the holiday by spending millions of dollars on golf, parties, trips to the beach, golf, dining in 5-star restaurants, golf, shopping, playing "pin the tail on the Secret Service agent," golf, and the solemn traditional lighting of the seven Kwanzaa candles (which, by executive order, can now be replaced with Swisher Sweet cigars in honor of Saint Michael Brown).

Enjoy your holiday, Mr. president! And, from the bottom of our hearts, don't hurry back.

The traditional "Hands up, Don't shoot" candle holder


JustaJeepGuy said...

What's sad about Kamalatoe's "memories" of Kaawaanaazaa is that nobody is going to call her out for it, except here or a few other conservative-y sites. Somebody needs to tell her that she's not got much African heritage to "remember", and the fake "holiday" was created when she was 2 years old. However, she definitely goes along with the Marxist roots of the fake "holiday". I'll bet ol' what's-his-name Karenga is happy as a pig in $#!t that Kamalatoe is faking her African heritage and NOT faking Karenga's Marxist desires.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

...I think I'm just gonna break out the Clan MacGregor and put in a request for Busty Ross dressed as the Baby New Year. OK? OK.

Rod said...

I'd like to see data on how many brand new converts to racism have been created where there were few before, by all the "progress" especially over the last 12 years. And it should be counted going both ways and all ways; for inclusion you know.

Mike said...

I always sleep lightly the last week of the year in case kwanzaa Clause decides to slips in through the patio door and steal my TV.

Fish Out of Water said...

Isn't this "holiday' one made up by a convicted felon?

Fish Out of Water said...

I'll accept Kwanzaa as a legitimate holiday when TV programming is filled with ads for Kwanzaa related sales.

That said, any further discussion of the high holiday of Kwanzaa is declared unwoke, racist and fascist. :-D

(I can be wicked before I have my morning coffee) ;-)

Jess said...

Kwanzaa. It's time to celebrate with Arizona watermelon tea and Skittles. Hang an old pair of sneakers over the power line, and wait for close friends to arrive.

Susan Fineman said...
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Susan Fineman said...

Great start to my week...I could hurl thinking of this prospective VP.

BobHe said...

No way to compete with Stilton's comedy gold but comments today are, as usual, a great combination of humor and insight.
A riddle I keep wrestling with (could a healthy dose of Clan MacGregor help to decide?): Who wins the REALLY REALLY REALLY TOUGH TO LISTEN TO contest: president-in-waiting Kamala or Andrew Cuomo?
Conrad Black's advice: "[We need to] spend an unprecedented amount of time and energy in fervent supplication until further notice."

Brie Camembert said...

@Fish Out of Water said...
Isn't this "holiday' one made up by a convicted felon?

Makes it just the ticket for any Democrat!
and Xi wishes you 征服洋基豬

Snark said...

Another spot on yet caustic reminder of what has been will soon return. So many people are clamoring for the end of 2020 yet with the Traitor Joe and Kamaltoe the Marxist administration hurtling towards us like an out of control Doomsday Machine, I'm afraid that we'll look back on this year as the not-so-bad-old days.

At least we aren't still paying for Obozo's golf outings to Hawaii.

Kwanzaa - another sham holiday created out of lies to further the Marxist cause. I'm beginning to realize that I ought to invest in liquor companies and drink the dividends. I'd escape to the boonies.....but I did that already.

John the Econ said...

Our darkest days are ahead: Well, of course they are. Progressives are absolutely useless without crises to manage. We know this because even when times are good, they literally have to invent them out of thin air (or computer modeling about thin air) to justify their agenda and very existence. Otherwise, people would get on with their lives and tell them to go to hell whenever they'd propose new intrusions into our lives.

So even if these new vaccines are 100% effective and we get everyone immunized by spring, don't think for a second that the crisis will be over. Not by a long shot. Politicians have been intoxicated by the new power over people's behavior they've experienced over the last 9 months. And like with any addict, they won't be able to give that up and will be moving on to another excuse to mess with our lives for the next big high.

Pandering Kamala: This was not a surprise after Kamala's explanation a few weeks ago of what Hanukkah means to her; where she basically waters down a holiday of great historical and spiritual significance to an entirely meaningless mishmash of squishy social justice feel-good pablum. If you are asking why Kamala is of any authority on Hanukkah, it's only because her husband is at least an ethnic Jew who apparently doesn't know much more about his heritage than Kamala does. I can say that because if he did, he would have been embarrassed to allow her to prattle on as he encouraged her to do. (Ben Shapiro, an real, practicing Jew skewers her to great effect)

These two incidences are a good indication of the kind of leadership we can expect out of the upcoming Harris Administration; watering down everything that is important to people's lives to irrelevance, be it their religions, values, or economic principles.

And for those of you curious about the real history and meaning of a holiday mainly only practiced by preening white Progressives, Ann Coulter has a good historical rundown of both the holiday and it's certifiably crazy inventor, who to this day still teaches at a California public university. (Which tells you all you need to know about the state of public education in California)

Margaret Ball said...

The overuse of vowels is because the "principles" are Swahili words (never mind that Swahili is an East African language and American blacks came from West Africa, picky little detail) and Swahili is oversupplied with vowels. Sociolinguistic justice demands that they redistribute some of their vowels to Czech, which is full of "words" with no vowels at all.

Sortahwitte said...

@ Mike. If you had been a good little socialist, in your kwanzaa stocking, which is shaped like a watermelon, there would have been a short piece of broom handle to render the sliding door inoperable.

Unknown said...

Roses are red, Kamala's not black.
Joes in the basement, while Hunter smokes crack!

Pat Cummings said...

I was right; the lovely long box under the tree held a "Henry Golden Boy" rifle for my Christmas. If you've never seen one, it's a really beautiful .22 lever action. Interestingly, at four houses on our block (by coincidence, every house we visited post-present unwrapping!), Christmas brought gifts of firearms. Only one of those houses had a Christmas Story rifle—actually two; both of our pre-teen neighbor boys got rifles for Christmas this year. We've committed to take them to the local rifle range for practice when we go. After they do the online safety class.

@M. Mitchell Marmel: Alas, I'm willing to bet the "2021" banner would be strategically draped so as to spoil the fantasies of Busty Ross as Baby New Year...

@Margaret Ball: "Sociolinguistic justice demands that they redistribute some of their vowels to Czech..." is a perfectly sane observation! It sounds a little 'woke,' too, but that unfortunately doesn't mean it will get any acceptance from the predominantly non-African (West or East) ethnic that celebrates Kwaanza.

Colby Muenster said...

Ol' Slo Joe is just setting up the stage of low expectations, declaring how dark and dismal things to come might be. Typical Democrap BS... "We'll save the world if you elect us, but there might be a few years of suffering because of what the LAST administration left us." If things accidently get better in 2021, Joe'll say, "Look what I did!" Of course, we know who to blame if things continue to suck.

Kwanzaa Harris... "Hey boys and girls, can you spell "pandering?" What a foul, self serving, America hating, money grubbing, POS human being! Are her and Mooch sisters?

@John the Econ said, "Progressives are absolutely useless without crises to manage." Agreed except for your choice of one word. Shouldn't that be, "mismanage?"

Concerning the immunizations, you have pegged the inevitable outcome. We will likely see many more months of massive lockdowns in states like New York or Mexifornia, but methinks also a lot of the less progressive state's residents are on the verge of telling their keepers to shove it.

Dan said...

With regard to @John the Econ's comment about progressives needing crises, it was put well by Mencken:

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."

More Mencken at

Alfonso Bedoya said...

Another very prescient Mencken quote:

"On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron."

Sortahwitte said...

It's amazing that the fibbers, with one foot in a bucket and their thumb in their ass, can recover dna from Nashville and type it to a man in only days. Maybe we should send them after the Las Vegas shooter. I used to be a fan. No more.

Anonymous said...

Actually December 26th is Boxing Day.

John the Econ said...

@Pat Cummings, that "Henry Golden Boy" looks fun. It's like a mini of my Winchester 94-30-30, but would certainly be a lot less abuse on my body when all I want to do is plink. I may put that in my letter to Santa next year.

@Colby Muenster, of course we know them for their mismanagement. But as they see it, America's economy is an unmanaged disaster desperately in need of their brilliant tutelage. Biden's economic team is mostly an assemblage of the Obama era; economic experts from the faculty lounge who have never managed anything real in their lives. Or, as I've been saying since Biden became the frontrunner a year ago, Make America 2009 Again!

Like under Obama, the Biden team's attempt to "fix" the economy will put it to sleep again.
They'll print lots more money that they'll call "economic growth" like they did under Obama and call that a success like they did under Obama. They and their friends will do well, while everyone else will not. So get ready for at least another 4 years of malaise as we had under Obama, where most of the private economy goes into duck-and-cover hibernation mode while the only people who do well will be the subsidized, rent-seekers, government employees and their hangers-on, and the well-asseted 1%ers who can profit as they hedge against inflation.

Colby Muenster said...

@John the Econ,
How well I remember the 8 years of barely tepid growth, with Obama calling it the "new normal," and reassuring us that the jobs that went overseas are never coming back."

Trump proved this to be complete hogwash, and in November, the actual legally registered voters rewarded him for it, but the suitcase vote put Biden over the top. He'll tell the public he is going to raise taxes on rich people, but will ultimately only raise taxes on corporations, which effectively only raises taxes on consumers. Corporations really don't pay taxes.

So you are 100% correct; We're in for four more years (or at least two more) of Obama-conomy II. And the money printing has apparently already started! Can Mrs. Muenster and I use $4k? Sure, but at what cost? I don't want to be paying five bucks for a gallon of gas... AGAIN.

John the Econ said...

@Colby Muenster, yes, it was called "Managed Decline"; the notion that America's unprecedented economic growth and prosperity for everyone in the 20th century a fluke, and from this point on the best we could hope for was a soft landing managed by the smart people from academia who are the only ones who really understand anything. They considered and touted the occasional and barely 2% growth during the Obama era as a massive success of Obamanomics compared to the big zero they had set as an expectation. And as you said, of course the first 12 months of the Trump era totally destroyed that narrative. Do you know anybody who'd swap 2019 with 2016 economically?

As for taxes, they'll pay lip service to taxing "the rich" (which are largely Democrats now) and you're right; they'll attack corporations which is not only a tax on consumers, but a tax on our export market which Trump was seeking to revive. Progressives HATE transparent taxation. They need to hide their graft.

IMHO, I don't think it's even possible to tax even close to cover what they are spending, and plan to spend. Instead, they'll opt for just printing dollars, which will ultimately be inflationary and will most punish the middle class and poor.

As for our $4,000, I'll likely just use it to hedge against the inflation that will be coming, now sooner than later.

Just like during the Obama era, they'll measure liquidity (while ignoring the supply side) and declare their agenda a success. Meanwhile, the low-wage and jobless will have to be making painful decisions at the grocery story; the kind that they accuse Republicans of being responsible for.

JustaJeepGuy said...

Just like Barack Hussein, Gropey Joe and Kamalatoe (assuming the election theft is not stopped) will spend the next 4 years blaming their failures on President Trump. After a few Demo_Rat terms, they won't be able to blame President Trump for anything any more; they'll use the standard communist canard of "wreckers". Why not? They just used the Stalin method of counting votes in an election, the Stalin blame-casting has to come next.