Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Hate Has No (Funeral) Home Here

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A funny thing happened in the unfunniest of all scenarios, specifically the mass murder event at a Boulder, Colorado grocery store. Despite the fact that the victims appear to be predominantly one race, the Progressive media hasn't yet labeled this a racial hate crime nor blamed any radical supremacist group for the violence as they did following the recent massage parlor killings in Atlanta. Nor can they easily blame Donald Trump, owing to the fact that the Boulder shooter was very vocal on social media about his opposition to President Trump. Of course, there's that whole "Trump created a climate of violence" canard, but it's gotten pretty stale. 

Additionally, it would be hard for the mainstream media to label this a "hate crime" because the shooter was born in Syria (a wonderful country), moved to the United States, and was raised in the Islamic faith (the best religion anywhere ever), greatly increasing the likelihood that he was "plain old crazy" rather than some kind of ideologue, religious fanatic, or privileged white Nazi bastard "Make America Great Again" Q-anon-listening Second Amendment sonofabitch descended from homophobic slave owners.

It would appear that, thanks to the strong influence of Joe "Buy a Shotgun" Biden, this particular massacre was entirely hate free. For which our mole-eyed president will no doubt receive the undying thanks of a grateful nation.

Well, "undying" as long as no Muslim with a grudge and a weapon shows up.


Mike aka Proof said...

"It was another white man with a gun."

Wait! This just in..."It was a mistreated minority who snapped after years of abuse from the white majority."

Wait! This just in...

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

On a brighter note, it's my 39th birthday, just like Jack Benny.

The nice thing is, HERE I don't gotta EXPLAIN Jack Benny... :D

Beans said...

Ah, the Religion of Pieces strikes again...

Maoz said...

That "Trump created a climate of violence" canard has "gotten pretty stale"?! Heck, it was stale from the outset!

3M, mazal tov! I want to wish you "to 120", but now I'm wondering if, back in the day, people wished Jack Benny "to 40!"

Bobo the Hobo said...

Amy Siskind tweeted a condemnation of the racist white man but when his background came to light, all of a sudden it was “let’s mourn the victims but not glorify the killer with the attention of having his name widely known”.

Liberals! [Insert hard eye roll here]

Elbarto said...

Amid the howls for taking away your guns from "progressive" Democrats and the "progressive" press (after all, who among us [other than those who seek to remain free] needs an evil "assault rifle"), it might do well to remember that every year more Americans are killed by hammers than are killed by rifles.

Fred Ciampi said...

And Cain killed Able how? If someone wants to harm another, a way will be found. I could list at least 1,922 different ways for one human to hurt, harm, kill, maim, or piss off another human.

And jpb252, don't say that too loud or often, otherwise Buck Fiden will ban hammers.

Fish Out of Water said...

Again, tragically again, as with the Las Vegas shooter, the would be assassin of Rep Giffords, the Aurora movie theater shooter, the two church shooters, the elementary school shooter, the Florida high school shooter, the Va Tech shooter, and a few others I can't recall at the moment, the perpetrators were deeply disturbed and should have been monitored by a mental health care professional.

Again I say, these tragities will continue to tear at our society until all, especially the 'progs' recognize great improvements are needed in how we deal with the mentally disturbed.

It's not weapon, but the individual and his/her inner demons who wields it.

Beegee said...

Considering the hate that is being spewed about the whites, is it any wonder that those shot in Boulder were all white. People blame Trump for the killing of the Orientals because he insisted that it was a China virus, which it is, but why don't they apply the same philosophy when whites are being murdered by a Muslim? There is way too much animas against whites in the news media; e.g., CNN and their crew specifically, most notably Don Lemon. It seems the term white privilege is constantly being thrown at us. White privilege my Aunt Fanny. Somehow I missed out on that.

TrickyRicky said...

Ho hum. Another mass killing in our country (about an hour from my house) by a mentally disturbed follower of Mohamed. As we speak more of his ilk are crossing what used to be our southern border. If Covid won't keep the population cowed and home bound, maybe this stratagem will do the trick?

Not to diminish the horror and loss incurred in Boulder. Far from it. The illustration of how little our Stalinist overlords care is indeed instructive. And deeply chilling.

Alfonso Bedoya said...

...."rather than some kind of ideologue, religious fanatic, or privileged white Nazi bastard "Make America Great Again" Q-anon-listening Second Amendment sonofabitch descended from homophobic slave owners."

I fell left out. I had kind of gotten used to assuming this roll, assigned to me by the MSM and our wonderful "woke" politicians. According to them, I'm also "systemic racist," a "white domestic terrorist," and a xenophobic Neo-Nazi. Evidently, not even my second COVID shot has made a difference. Maybe if I do some reloading for my AR-15.....?

Fish Out of Water said...

Am curious as what Lefty Lucy has to say about this.

John the Econ said...

Once again the fact remains that unless the shooter is a white male with anything less than Progressive leanings that the left can use to justify more gun control or hatred against white males, the event will be flushed down the memory hole.

And of course we all know that there is no such thing as a "hate crime" when certain categories of people are the perpetrators.

@Average Joe, MLK will be fully depersoned by the end of the decade for what he began.

@Beegee, just how influential can this cis-gendered white supremacy movement be if Don Lemon is still on the air?

@TrickyRicky, that's the beauty of the Progressive agenda. The real work is always done by someone else.

John the Econ said...

@Fish Out of Water, I'd like to see what Lefty Lucy has to say about this:

Kamala Harris, Bill Clinton to hold talk on pandemic's impact on women

Vice President Harris and former President Clinton will sit for a one-on-one conversation Friday, as part of the 13th annual Clinton Global Initiative University meeting, where they will discuss the pandemic’s effect on women.


But it gets funnier: The Clinton Global Initiative University, which launched in 2007, is a leadership development program run by the Clinton Foundation to “engage the next generation of leaders and is grounded in the belief that no one is too young to make a difference and create positive change in their communities,” according to the statement from the Clinton Foundation.

So. Many. Jokes. Possible.

Sortahwitte said...

Quick question. Why is the wounded terrorist still alive? If he was wounded by a cop, according to the lame stream media, he should have room temperature syndrome.
And that would have been my preference.

Colby Muenster said...

The events in Boulder were horrible indeed, but we all know it’s not racism if it’s white people getting killed. And, concerning all the media and Hollyweird types jumping on the “The shooter was an angry white Trump supporter” bandwagon so early, I’m pretty sure hell will freeze over before anybody apologizes to white Trump supporters. I rather enjoyed watching the Police semi-drag that scumbag away in his bare feet with his leg bleeding profusely, but watch; they will get accused of police brutality.


Happy 39th, but who’s Jack Benny? Just kidding. I’m what I call 30-39, so I remember Jack Benny from when he had his own TV show in B&W.


I STILL want to know what the liberal definition of an “assault rifle” is. “It’s black and has a handle and looks scary!!” Hell, I have an old Craftsman 7-1/4” circular saw that fits that description. We all know Biden’s going to try a gun ban via executive order. What local law enforcement does after that remains to be seen. I’m pretty sure my local Sheriff will just laugh and throw the paper in the trash. I hope so anyway.


Sucks to be white right now. This cartoon on Townhall about sums up the current anti-white sentiment IMHO:

@John the Econ,

Sigh…. Nothing the Clintons do anymore surprises me, but what kind of douchebags actually buy into their bullship? Imagine a cooking TV show with Hannibal Lecter as the host chef.

Fish Out of Water said...

@John the Econ: How thrilling (actually frightening) the work of the Clinton Foundation is. I suppose Greta to all wise has been booked as a lecturer?

The thought of this foundation poisoning the minds of, churning out clones who are as venal, vindictive, physiologically troubled and unqualified and unsuited for any public office as the founders are gives pause. Perhaps they could change the name to The New Patrice Lumumba University (now called The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia) ?

Shelly said...

Tucker Carlson called Barack Obama a racial arsonist due to his chiming in on the Boulder shooting and infusing it with racial grievance. Obammy should stop and realize the problem is the grievance is being suffered by whites in this case. And that story must be stifled. In my opinion, the half-white Marxist Muslim is the seed of today's racial unrest. Instead of being "post-racial" as promised, he is the exact opposite. I could not loathe him any more than I already do. Sadly, I believe he's the one actually running the Oval Office now. That senile old idiot doesn't have what it takes find his way to the bathroom.

Navyvet said...

My question is, is this doorknob actually saying that or is there some speaker under his ever present mask actually doing the talking Nothing is beneath these scum, nothing is beneath the media scum, and the gullibility of much of the public is beyond comprehension.

JustaJeepGuy said...

I saw an interesting note about the Boulder shooter: everything the Demo_Rats are trying to do to keep law-abiding citizens across America from buying semi-automatic already in place here in Colorado.

This particularly chaps my hide because when I lived in Colorado in 1980-81, there was no way on God's gray Earth (Frank Zappa reference) that the Demo_Rats could have shoved their gun control laws down the throats of Coloradans. Even the Democrat governor then wouldn't have gone along with that. It was only after the Californian invasion of the early '90s that it became possible.

Anonymous said...

How about the black guy who shot a bunch of white people in a bowling alley.
Bet you haven't seen that reported on the MSM nationwide.

Geoff King said...

Has anyone else noticed recently that on many online conservative shows, such as Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and the like, when they are speaking of something with available video, the video in question is often replaced with a still, often angry looking photo of President Trump?
It's as if someone does not want us to see the real story.
Must be those damn Russian hackers...oh,wait.

Maoz said...

@Fred at 06:27, I'm pretty sure the local liberal theology expert quoted some biblical verse about Cain, in frustration over Gd's rejection of his offering, ordering an assault rifle over the internet...

John the Econ said...

@JustaJeepGuy, yes, it is tragic what happened to Colorado. (I blame John Denver, who stitched Colorado into the Californian consciousness) Now that Colorado has been filled up, the infection is spreading to the rest of the western states. I think people will be shocked just how quickly Texas turns. (Remember, that skateboarding moron Beto actually came close to beating Ted Cruz) Even already leftist Austin can't deal with it.

Making matters worse, the Wuhan Flu has accelerated the trend as millions of Californians having been denied their California lifestyles for a year while being told to work at home have discovered that they can live a better, less-locked down life in the red states. In my western town, bidding wars immediately erupt for literally any house that goes on the market, with dozens of potential buyers pushing the final selling price literally two times or more what they would have been two years ago. We just got a Panera Bread.

I'm just hoping that a few particularly bad winters will convince most of them to go back home.

Colby Muenster said...

@Jeep Guy,

Chicago: They have some the the toughest gun laws in the country AND the most horrible murder rate in the country. But hey, it's not white people shooting black people, so the alphabet networks ignore it.

I grew up in Wyoming, and back in the day, Colorado's culture was just a more populated version of the Wyoming cowboy culture. Those days are long gone, and now the Hollywoodish types are invading western Wyoming. Sad....

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Outstanding comments above, even if I can't reply to them individually just now.

In today's local (Texas) news, a couple of black women started knocking down displays in a Houston beauty supply store, saying "Asian people shouldn't be in the (racially) black market," and when the Korean manager asked them to leave, they beat the living stew out of her. The news article tied this to the disturbing wave of anti-Asian-American violence which is somehow linked to white supremacy, even though it seems to be black people doing most of the name-calling and ass-kicking.

Mind you, the article didn't mention the race of the attackers, so maybe I'm guilty of assuming too much just because their names were Keaundra and Daquiesha and in security footage, the dark-complected women are attired in strikingly bold prints. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

When leaving the crime, the assailants attempted to use their car to run over the manager's husband and son, still spouting racial epithets. Damn Trump supporters.

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, just an example of the real "privilege" being abused in our country.

What is worse? That people feel free to behave this way in public, or that it will be completely excused?

Fish Out of Water said...

@Stilton: It wasn't hard to look these 2 up on the web. Their story is they were profiled.

Gonzo'57 said...


I'm so F'n mad about the way the media and the two faced bastards in Congress are handling the Colorado shooting that I purposely have not commented until know because I didn't want to post anything that would get you or me in trouble with "Those Who Come In The Dark". You know the old joke - Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean your not being watched.

Gonzo'57 said...

I meant "no", I mean "knot", I mean "donut", I mean "not" watching you. Damn, I should get a job running the teleprompter for Biden.

Gonzo'57 said...

OH Hell , I screwed up that also! I meant "now" instead of "know" in my statement about not posting (hey, got that one correct). This is what happens when you're so pissed off you start drinking at noon.

Bruce Bleu said...

Stilton, Whether or not Kameltoe Whoreis collects stamps or arrives on time, Free Willie refers to her as a "Johnny cum felately", and the breed is actually a "Chow Chow", not because Asians are redundant, but it provides two meals.

3M, Rochester is not just a place in New York.

TR, did you ever wonder how a guy named moHAMmed could be the focus of a kosher

JtE, Now that Kameltoe has an audience with Willie, I hope she doesn't "blow" the opportunity.

Michael Riles said...

Liz Warren Tweet

For years now, the Republicans have blocked even the most basic gun safety legislation to keep our kids safe. I want every senator to have to stand up and vote on an assault weapons ban, and decide if they work for the American people or the NRA

My reply

Most are killed with hand guns. Most are suicides, hubby on wife or vice versa, or women killing predator males wanting to bludgeon them 2 death. Try this Liz! "Hey, people who want 2B parents---RAISE THE F(BEEP)ing kid right. If you are too lazy then send them to church, boy scouts, sports teams, ROTC. ANYTHING!!!

Michael Riles said...

These appear in Volume 110 of Boomers in the Home

A robot built by Boston Dynamics that can move 800 boxes an hour and work 16
hours without a break.

Then: Floor manager – factory manager on production line.
Soon: Robot Wrangler – a robot that manages other robots without fear of getting a union grievance.

Name the 6 famous robots we boomers met?

C3PO – Star Wars
Protocol – Star Wars
Rosie – The maid on the Jetsons
Robby – Lost in Space
HAL – 2001: A Space Odyssey
Gort – Michael Rennie's body guard in The Day the Earth Stood Still

“I had a dream where Jimmy Carter asked me why I wanted his job. I said I didn't. I want to be President.” Ronald Reagan in 1980