Friday, June 2, 2017

The Perish Accord

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He's been down there since last November.
Donald Trump stood in the Rose Garden yesterday and smugly announced his unwavering support for the end of the world. Smog-choked cities, melting ice caps, dead oceans, contaminated water supplies, and the extinction of all living things on Earth which aren't billionaires.

Or at least that's the hysterical narrative we're going to be hearing endlessly from the Left, who will surely be trotting out a doomsaying Bill Nye and hoping that we don't remember the vapid entertainer's recently televised "sex junk" debacle.

Trump's actual declaration was almost anticlimactic: we're pulling out of the existing Paris Climate Accord because the terms were unfairly stacked against America and Americans, but we're wide open to renegotiating more favorable terms or a new deal while continuing our commitment to a clean, sustainable environment. Moreover, Trump will honor the withdrawal terms negotiated by Obama, meaning it will take up to 4 years to actually leave the accord...and the final decision will be made by voters in the next Presidential election. Hardly the stuff of dictatorial apocalypse.

Not that Trump's announcement came as a big surprise. In what's become a very noticeable trend in the mainstream media, "news" reports now consist largely of predictions about what might happen according to ethereal spirit voices who can not be named...

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, expected to, predictions, news, media, bias

Seriously, the news headlines we've been reading lately say "Trump is expected to withdraw from Paris Accord" and "Investigations into Russian collusion are expected to heat up," and "Comey is expected to testify that Trump pointed a gun at him and demanded (in perfect Russian) that he halt the Flynn investigation and hand over his wallet."  And all this while largely ignoring actual news which they didn't expect, like yet another month of skyrocketing job growth for everyone except red-headed comediennes.

It's not bad enough that we already had fake news, non-news, and spin-cycle news...seemingly we now have to put up with news which hasn't even happened yet but might according to Ouija boards, chicken entrails, and wizened gypsy tea leaf readers.

If the Left and the media (one and the same thing) are really concerned with helping the environment, we suggest that they cut down on the emissions from their smoke and mirrors.


REM1875 said...

Canoe is all packed and siting in the front yard - not sure is the mountains in Oklahoma are tall enough or if we will have to paddle to Colorado........

Fish Out of Water said...

Yesterday's CBS programming was probably a good example of exploding neo-collevisits heads. It pre-empted its normally scheduled programming (Dr. Phil) to offer the world its "analysis" of the announcement. Wife unit, who normally watches Dr Phil (ugh) was not amused.

Jim Irre said...

Now that i can't listen to the dulcet tones of Scott Pelley anymore, the news just isn't worth watching. Wait! Was it ever worth watching? Only thing that pisses me off is he's waiting 4 years. How much money are we going to piss away on this stupidity before we actually get out (if we really ever do get out)?

Judi King said...

I have never believed in "global warming". The world has always had cyclical climate changes which may be in a slight warming trend presently but, since I live in Michigan, maybe those who think a somewhat warmer world is bad should move here. Or maybe ND, or Canada. Man can't possibly affect world temperature to any degree and Trump is right to get out of this insanity.

Judi King said...

PS: The same pseudo scientists, in the 70's, assured us an ice age was coming and the world was running out of fossil fuel, etc. Now we're supposed to believe the current myth.

Fred Ciampi said...

"The sky is falling," "The sky is falling," "The sky is falling," "The sky is falling," "The sky is falling," "The sky is falling," "The sky is falling," "The sky is falling." Oh, sorry, I got carried away ... like all of the libs out there. Already there is a dark pall of smoke and the fly ash is gathering all around. Wow, if it's like that in Appalachia I wonder how bad it is in the big city. Soon sewer water will be cleaner than the water from our faucets. Oh, the humanity...................... Try to have a nice day. Like the late Harry Truman of Spirit Lake (near Mount St. Helens) said "I'll just hole up in my cave which I have stocked with a case of whisky." RIP Harry.

TrickyRicky said...

Please pass the popcorn.

Geoff King said...

Random thoughts on global warming/climate change:
As my sister stated, it is cyclical.
The Mini Ice Age ended just a little over a century ago. Perhaps the planet should still be warming.
As it snowed here in Northern Arizona about two weeks ago, I am not convinced a little warming is a bad thing.
What's wrong with Kansas being able to grow citrus?
What's wrong with Canada being able to grow lots more vegetables?
Nature will correct. More CO2 and water means more plants to absorb same.
Vegetarians are the real problem! They eat the plants that would normally absorb the excess.

chef621 said...

Don't worry about what the msm aka (tabloids) say, no one reads them anymore except the libtards. Intelligent people have better things to do with their time. If you really want to know what is going to happen, read Daniel and Revelation in the nkjv.

I agree with Judy. It is ridiculous to even imagine that man can change the climate. Man is not God even if he thinks that he can do the same things.
It will get warmer but not by man's doings. It is written that "the sun will scorch the earth" Rev 16:8

For those of you who think that they are too wise to believe what is written in the Bible, I would point out 1 Cor. 1:26 For ye see in your calling, brethren, how not many wise men according to the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called.
I will not try to add to that.

John the Econ said...

"Climate Change" (formerly knows as "Global Warming" and rebranded due to the pause that the infallible climate models which are supposed to be guiding our economy from this forward totally failed to predict) has been perhaps my top issue for the last 20+ years. The real agenda varies depending who's talking, (greed, power, socialism-statism-communism, or just sheer ignorance) but in the end, it was largely part of the larger Progressive war on the poor and middle class who ultimately would have been made to suffer through a diminishing economy while the wealthy and largely immune elites patted themselves on the back for their magnanimity.

So yesterday was especially fun for me, watching the Progressive temper tantrum by people who know less about science than they do about why Trump actually won. I now hope that Trump funds a study as to the carbon impact of all the exploding heads that went off yesterday.

I could write for hours about the sheer silliness and hypocrisy I saw yesterday. A great example was Disney CEO Bob Iger who resigned from Trump's economic advisory panel. Hey Bob, if you really feel this way about "Climate Change", you should shutter each and every Disney park as an example. If Climate Change is really the threat you say it is, then how can we as a society tolerate something as frivolous as an amusement park for the wealthy that people travel thousands of miles to attend?

Shelly said...

You can just smell the desperation as the gravy train is derailing. These smug elites (from both sides of the aisle) have been in charge for so long, they never dreamed that the American people might just be getting a little ticked about being pushed around and financing it at the same time. All their anger is being directed at one man because he's such an easy target, but it's us, the little folks, who are being disparaged by these a-holes and we are sick and tired of it. At last, someone has the political balls to stand up against them. Keep holding bloody severed Trump heads and screaming about the end of the world. The only thing ending is your bloody hold on our lives and I couldn't be more tickled about it.

GenEarly said...

FOUR YEARS!!!! to get OUT of this NWO Tax the Peasants Scam????? Sheesh!
Even the Revolutionaries are Establishment in the DC Swamp ruling the USSA.
At least we still have our Obamy Mammy Healthscare Cards and Our Confiscated Income is still being Taxed at Obamy Rates to keep the Deep State funded along with Liberal Debt Accumulation.

"I'm sure things will work out just fine."

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Oh, my! Whatever will Mr. Gore, the high priest of Gaia do? He has only 4 years to reduce his holding to a level affordable WITHOUT all the Carbon Credit billions he was planning to make over this hysterical scheme. How inconvenient!

David in SoCal said...

Soon after President Trump announced the US will be bailing out of the Paris (make rich bastards richer) Climate Treaty(scam), residents of Manhatten and New York City flocked to their nearest Bass Pro Shops to purchase a boat in anticipation of the rising sea levels surely to start within 5 minutes of the President's speech. I noticed that the temperature at my shack went up almost 8 degrees Fahrenheit within 3 hours of his announcement. What's that??......Oh; NAMED REAL Scientists just informed me that the temp will do that normally this time of year. bad.... ;-)

Colby Muenster said...

What Tricky Ricky said.... Let the show begin!

What irks me the most about Paris Climate BS thingy-ma-bobber is the pass that China and India get until 2035 or some such. Both countries claim to be "all in" for saving the planet from greedy bastards who are only out to make a buck, environment be dammned. These two countries could give a rat's ass about pollution and are in full tilt, get rich quick mode, and both countries have exemptions for the next 20 years. So they are free to make a buck, environment be dammned.

I heard Lurch on the radio blathering about Trump giving our children asthma, and making them drink dirty water. Apparently he hasn't seen the videos of Chinese children living in landfills full of lead-acid batteries, or Chinese citizens all wearing surgical masks everywhere. If a-holes like Kerry are so worried, why aren't they over there with their billions helping people at the source? No, they want us poor overtaxed schmucks to give money we don't have to buy carbon credits.

I heard Trump say something like he was president for the people of Pittsburgh, not Paris. Awesome.

Sam L. said...

The Left has expectations...that continually disappoint them.

Sam L. said...

Dave in SoCal, that BassPro shop has GOT TO BE at least a 100 mile drive from NYC, and how will they stuff a boat into those apartments? HOW, I ask.

Paul D Garber said...

Just another rehashing of Bill Clinton's 1997 Kyoto Protocol which was ostensibly to curb Global Warming...It was just a redistribution of wealth from America to the world and the US Senate voted UNANIMOUSLY against it.

Then it was Oblahblah's turn to work on Redistribution of wealth by the "Cap and Trade agreement" which was based upon Kyoto protocol and just shifted the Global Warming gases from large Industrialized nations to smaller, poorer ones except, due to buying and selling of carbon emission allowances, all it did was redistribute the wealth and the Sernate again would not agree to ratify it. Al Gore was really pissed qas we found out he stood to become a Billionaire do to his emission trading stock control.

Then Oblahblah got really sneaky and developed , with UN help, developed the with the Paris Agreement SCAM signed in 2015, but this time he signed it via Executive Order and no one stopped him. That was really unusual since the Senate has to ratify any treaty, but everyone just loved this smooth talker and since it was NOT a law or treaty passed by Congress, President Trump could void our entry via an executine order of his own. Bravo for the good guys.

Pete (Detroit) said...

TrickeyRickey - I use microwave mini-bags for convenience, and they're a good portion. But when I want SERIOUS popcorn, I use a pot, and bacon fat for the oil. Salt lightly and toss w/ garlic and Parmesan.

David A. Fox said...

The giganticness of the Disney complex carbon footprint is unimaginable - likely even larger than AL Gore's mansion ...

David A. Fox said...

Is Trump getting us out of anything that wasn't legal to begin with? The Paris Accord amouted to a treaty, which only Congress can ratify, but that HRH Obummer entered into by royal decree.

Rod said...

Considering the extent, funding & organization of all this widespread and well-organized "resistance" to the legally elected new administration: Denial, scare tactics, hissy fits, false accusations, celebrity out-speak, entrenched official bullshit, bogus investigations, misused agencies, biased press, spying, leaks, lies, omissions, making mountains of molehills, & OMG maybe even COLLUSION at a level never seen before; IT'S VERY CLEAR we can start writing the true Obama and Clinton legacies now.

These SOB's have been real busy for several years; but it's not going to work. May they all eventually idle away their sorry lives away while disgraced in prison; until they go away for good. Their legacy is assured; & it's not good.

Colby Muenster said...

@Sam L,
I'm pretty sure Bass Pro Shops are illegal within a 200 mile radius of NYC, so good catch! Plus, BeBlabbio decreed that boats over 3.5 feet long are banned.

@Paul D Garber and David A. Fox,
Oooo, poor widdle Barry probably didn't think about his stupid decrees being reversed when he made them. Wah. This is a perfect pairing for Harry Greed's dismissal of the 60 vote rule. Karma and all that.

I need to correct myself about China and India being exempt for 20 years. I guess it's ONLY 10 years. That's still long enough to start shoveling dirt in the American worker's grave, I think.

Colby Muenster said...

Oh,... and poor widdle Kathy Griffin (snif, sob). Her career may be ruined; she may never work again. Even Al Franken has backed away from her. Boo hoo....

You know what, folks? Most of us learned this lesson when we were very young. Do stuff that you know damn well is wrong, and you will pay the price. Maturity is not automatic when you turn 18! ...or even 56.

JustaJeepGuy said...

I have been saying this for years: I read an article in some magazine in 1968 that said we were all going to freeze to death in the new ice age. "The temperature has been going down and down ever since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution!!" Amazingly, 30 years later I started reading that "The temperature has been going up and up ever since... the beginning of the Industrial Revolution!!" From the same starting point temperature was going down and now it's going up? THAT'S why I never believed the global warming bull$#!t. That, and because Paul Ehrlich is part of the "warming alarmists". He claimed half the population would starve to death by 1980, and he was WRONG then and he's WRONG now.

Dan said...

The President said he'd be willing to re-consider the Paris climate thingy (I guess if someone came up with less stupid stuff). Most news shows don't mention that.

I would really like to have the President have folks put their money where their mouths are and submit the Paris thing to the Senate for confirmation.

That would make a lot of heads explode and there's no way they'd get to the two thirds needed to ratify. But I'd really like to see who votes for and who votes against.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- Might as well aim for Colorado; the Red Cross there gives out marijuana.

@Fish Out of Water- I'm surprised they didn't just let Dr. Phil handle the analysis. He's as well qualified as anyone else CBS is talking to.

@Jim Irre- I think the news was worth watching once, but no more. And I agree that an even sooner exit from the Paris Accord would be great. Mind you, I'm absolutely pro-environment, but that's not really what this agreement was about.

@Judi King- I think we probably are seeing a warming trend, but climatological history is filled with the cycles you mention. Meanwhile, the "proof" that mankind is making a bigger difference that volcanic eruptions and (oh yeah!) the freaking SUN is sadly lacking. As you point out, the scientists have a rotten batting average when it comes to predicting past climate trends.

@Fred Ciampi- I think it's a good plan to rely on distilled liquids once the water supply gives out.

@TrickyRicky- True fact: the Earth will soon be so hot that popcorn will pop while still in the fields. Let's see who's laughing then!

@Geoff King- Well, there you go spouting common sense. A voice in the wilderness...

@chef621- I don't think it's impossible for Man to have an impact on the Earth, but I just haven't seen the compelling science to make me believe we're the problem. Which isn't to say a lot can't be done to clean up our air; kids shouldn't be getting the equivalent of 3 packs of cigarettes a day just from breathing (like in China). But that's not really what the Left is arguing.

@John the Econ- The hypocrisy on the Left on this topic is amazing. One of the few Lefties actually "walking the walk" is actor Ed Begley Jr, who basically travels everywhere by bicycle. But everyone else is enjoying a whopping carbon footprint and/or (as in the case of Iger) encouraging others to do so for personal profit.

The Earth will not be "healed" (if it even needs such) by pulling back the reins of technology and redistributing wealth. We don't need less industry, we need smarter industry...which is what will naturally be achieved if the Left gets out of the way.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Shelly- Well said!

@GenEarly- I didn't hear much from the Left-leaning media about the glacially slow (see what I did there?) exit from this silly pact. But then, that wouldn't suit their narrative about an insane, pollution-spewing maniac in the White House.

@Emmentaler- Gore is the biggest climate whore on the planet. And remember what he did for the environment as Vice President for 8 years? Diddly-squat. He's playing a game and, sadly, getting rich by doing so.

@David in SoCal- I don't know why the New Yorkers are upset; they could be the next Venice, complete with trash-talking gondoliers!

@Colby Muenster- Exactly right! The United States is already making unmatched strides in clean energy and the reduction of pollutants, while China and India are happily setting the world on fire. The Paris Accord doesn't clean anything up, but simply moves wealth around. It's Obamacare for Mother Earth, and I say the hell with it.

@Sam L- I'm picturing the New Yorkers storing self-inflating boats of the type that Laura Petrie accidentally activated on the old (and hallowed) Dick Van Dyke show.

@Paul D Garber- Great summary of the issue and how it's really played out over the years!

@Pete (Detroit)- Now you're talking my language. If you're making "real" popcorn then go with the bacon fat. A special treat: using the runoff from a package of jalapeno bacon (which is a thing here in Texas). And I could go either way on the parmesan, but garlic salt is a must.

@David A. Fox- Disney has the Haunted Mansion, Gore has the Heated Mansion, and both are killing polar bears. And yes, the means by which Obama got us into this mess definitely seems unconstitutional.

@Rod- I don't think history (if any) is going to have much good to say about Obama and the Clintons. Especially if history stumbles across the Hope n' Change archives (grin).

@Colby Muenster- The "Big Gulp" cups banned in New York could have made personal flotation devices to save lovable squirrels and rats. But noOOooo, now they're all going to drown. And Barry's predilection for ruling by mandate is what makes it so easy to overturn his machinations. I'm enjoying it!

Regarding Kathy Griffin, she only showed herself to be more of an angry, useless, self-important sh*tstain at her "news conference" on Friday where she declared her victimhood and blamed (among reams of others) "old white men" for her problems. Another example of the nightmarish white-on-white racism which still scars our nation.

@JustaJeepGuy- I believe the most accurate climatological model for the Earth is a merry-go-round horse: it goes up, it goes down, and in time circles around to where it has been before and will be again. And in this model, the calliope music is provided by voices from the Left.

@Dan- For all of the screams of apocalypse, you'd think that Trump personally set the world on fire, rather than stating his complete openness to consider agreements which aren't designed specifically to inflict damage on our country. And yes, I'd like to see Congress involved in any future treaties.

John the Econ said...

"The Earth will not be "healed" (if it even needs such) by pulling back the reins of technology and redistributing wealth. We don't need less industry, we need smarter industry...which is what will naturally be achieved if the Left gets out of the way."

Or by pulling back the reins of capitalism, which has lifted us to the point to where we had the social and economic means to even care about "the environment".

For example, how much time and energy is the average Venezuelan devoting to "the environment" these days? Poor people don't care because they cannot when they're too busy worrying about who they're going to eat tonight.

Want to see what real ecological damage looks like? Make us poor again.