Monday, July 10, 2017

Owl Be Back

Owing to a variety of circumstances there's no substantive post today, but at least we've got a fresh Earwigs cartoon!

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REM1875 said...

Look at that Qwliver -must be at least 6 police departments looking for us and all the local media .....

Judi King said...

"Don't worry, "Owl" be your safe place."

Bobo the Hobo said...

Best. Earwigs. ever!

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

"White Owl Cigars' attempt to break into the lucrative preteen market was, in retrospect, ill-advised..."

sperrier said...

Outstanding! You da man!

Unknown said...

Crude and unpleasant. Something a liberal might put forth.

Anonymous said...

"How many licks does it take to get to the center of a pre-teen Human Pop?

Let's find out."



Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- Definitely an owl points bulletin...

@Judi King- That's actually a pretty sweet notion.

@Bobo the Hobo- Glad you liked it!

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Good one!

@sperrier- I'm not really sure if these merit a "you da man" so much as a "you da strange man."

@Donald Titus- Yes, but a liberal would have required a substantial NEA grant to make this. I, on the other hand, am offending people for free as a public service.

@porkyspen- That reference goes back pretty far - I love it!

chef621 said...

I am just waiting until I can get my eyes open and get out of these woods, so I can go back and help the democrats in the mid term elections.

John the Econ said...

In response to Trump's budget cuts, Woodsy the Owl takes to pushing small children off of trees in protest

Totally unrelated, but are on my mind:

California Insanity: Stockton program would pay men not to shoot each other

Damn, and to think that I've been not-shooting people for free!

Fake News & Global Warming: Since Trump dumped participation in the Paris Accords, the Progressive media establishment is doubling down on promoting the multinational fraud that is "Global Warming" to make you feel bad for being an American. Today's example of "fake newsery" comes courtesy of NBC:

China Is Home to World’s Largest Solar Farm and Looks to Become Clean Energy Leader

The Progressive narrative is that china is going to leave America behind as they become the planet's "clean energy leader". America is bad for blowing off the phony Paris Accords while China, which under Paris only has to "promise" to be green is awesome. So we get puff-pieces like the above, which I saw on TV last night. Never mind that this is the same country that cares so little about it's own environment that they're creating massive toxic lakes so that they can sell you cheap smartphones. We're supposed to believe that a regime that is content to poison their own countryside and citizens give a damn about invisible carbon emissions. The truth is quite the opposite. While they go to great lengths to put on shows about installing solar panels, China is also participating in the construction of over 1,600 coal plants all over the world.

Did you hear the hype about Volvo going "electric" by 2019? The hippies wet themselves over that announcement. But what most of them don't know is the following:

o Volvo is owned by the Chinese.

o China is dependent upon imported oil, which makes them strategically and economically vulnerable.

o But China has access to lots of cheap coal.

China doesn't want electric cars because they give a damn about "climate change". They want them because they want to shift from consuming oil to consuming coal.

Next time you come across an eco warrior, drop that one on them and see what they say.

< mic drop >

DougM said...

• Suzy gets high with some wise guy.
• Paul's wingman feels lucky.
• Sooo, you interested in becoming a Hooters girl?
• Love me those cute, right-wing girls.
• I'll play Hootie, and you can play the…
• Okay, on the count of three…
• You remember the scene in Frankenstein where the monster meets the little girl?
• It's okay. Wisdom comes from experience, and experience comes from a lack of wisdom.
• Rice University recruiters sometimes use high-pressure tactics.
• Two words, babe, feather bed.
• My nest or yours?
• Now that I've rescued you from that scary snake…

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@chef621- Right now, "WHO?" is a good question to determine Democratic leadership. Pelosi? Waters? Franken? Give me a break.

@John the Econ- I've got no words when it comes to the plan to pay people for NOT shooting other people. These are tough times for satirists.

Regarding China, clean energy, and electric cars - it's all insanity. Electric cars are only "clean" for the last 1% of the energy pipeline - the other 99% is, to my understanding, worse for the environment than the "cash for clunker" cars which were pulled from the streets at great taxpayer cost.

@Doug M- Funny, funny, funny. I would never get into a punchline challenge with you for money (grin).

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@John the Econ: Point spot on, and one that I've pounded the pulpit over since the whole "green powered cars" movement began: the only motivating factor for an economy to abandon the relatively cheap production and use of IC engines is the abundance of some other form of locomotion indigenous to that economy. The infrastructure costs alone would be astronomical to mass-convert an economy from gasoline. Take electric cars, for instance - and no-one is willing to spin the wheel and go out and install charging stations where gas stations now stand en mass because of the expense and the risk. This forced the Volt, as an example, to add a gasoline-powered engine to charge the battery in order to make the beast more practical for Joe Regular Guy (who notably cannot afford a Volt without the government subsidies...) Risk aversion, of course, does not affect governments' plans. Such risk means nothing to them.

I read an interesting take on the rush electric cars that made me tilt an eyebrow: All cars going to electric or other types of non-oil fuels will precipitate a total collapse of islamic power in the world. Think about it: they are pretty much "one crop" economies based solely on their oil exports.

Almost makes me wanna buy a Tesla, except I don't want a battery fire to burn my house down...

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, don't get me started on "Cash for Clunkers"; a program that not only perfectly encapsulated the sheer economic ignorance of the Obama Administration, but was also a perfect example of the Progressive's (witting and unwitting) War on the Middle Class:

Cash for Clunkers Was a Complete Failure

o Wealthy people already planning to buy a new car got a massive subsidy.

o Instead of being resold or parts recycled, the trade-in were purposely crushed.

o Since the trade-in cars were destroyed, the secondary market was deprived on inventory, increasing demand and prices paid by middle-class and poor Americans who cannot afford to buy new cars.

o Since the serviceable parts of the trade-in cars were also destroyed, the secondary market was deprived of inexpensive used parts to economically repair and maintain the older cars that are mostly owned by middle-class and poor citizens, making ownership either more expensive, or older cars non-economic to maintain and repair.

So the wealthy got cheap new cars. The poor and middle class got higher costs. And it was all done on borrowed money, wiping billions of dollars off the national balance sheet. A perfect demonstration of the insanity of the "Broken Window Fallacy". Good work, Democrats!

John the Econ said...

@Emmentaler Limburger, years ago the state I was living in was offering an insane subsidy on top of the Federal subsidy for EV buyers. After doing the math several times, I confirmed that the net cost of a 2-to-3 year lease of an EV was zero. Since Mrs. Econ commuted downtown regularly (a round trip of 20 miles) an EV would have suited her perfectly, especially a "free" one. Since most of our electricity came from coal, I was going to get a vanity license plate that said "COALPWRD" just to piss off the watermelons. (If that wasn't available, my backup would have been "PAID4BYU")

After people started figuring out what my math had confirmed, in my relatively affluent neighborhood, it became impossible to throw a fist full of gravel without hitting one of these EVs. Meanwhile, you didn't see too many of them on the other side of the tracks. Again, Progressive policy for the benefit of the wealthy at the expense of the lesser so.

As for charging: I think EV advocates have made a huge strategic mistake by advocating for charging stations everywhere. Attempting to drive an EV like a conventional car is going to be a disappointing experience for people who aren't looking for extra challenges in distance driving. EVs are best suited for short, regular commutes safely within their limited range, for example where you drive to work, drive home, and then recharge overnight. (Mrs. Econ's downtown trips, for example) Having to find and charge your car in the middle of your trip is at best an annoying inconvenience, totally dependent upon finding an available charging station when and where needed, and then waiting 30 minutes or more for a full charge. By promising charging stations everywhere, EV advocates are only advertising the EV's biggest disadvantages; relatively short driving range, the need to find charging stations, and then the long interval required to recharge. And you are so right; The cost (and expensive real estate) required to place enough charging stations everywhere would make running a gas station look cheap.

The best application for EVs are short commutes with the charging done at home. Anything else is just foolery.

Collapsing Oil, Collapsing Islam: 30+ years ago, long before the rise of global caliphate Islam, I'd annoy anti-oil peacenik Progressives who liked to point out how much we have to spend on defense in relationship with the Middle East with the following observation: If you think the Middle East is unstable now, just wait until we no longer need their oil. The Saudis know this, and for the last few decades have been attempting to diversify. (Which explains the recent shake-up) But it's hard to get off of a cheap high like oil.

Igor said...

@Emmentaler Limburger,

I've been involved in these guys for about 15 years now, done some design work for the beastie (electronics). Right now they are rather expensive because they are hand-made. You'd throw up at the complexity and cost of getting the mass-produced, we are looking for a target price of $15-25K for the mass-produced version. IF we can find the funding! I'd buy one in a New York Minute if I had the funds.

Colby Muenster said...

Emmentaler and John the Econ,

And the same moonbats that think electric cars have zero emissions are appalled at a hunter for killing deer to eat. "Why can't you buy meat at the grocery store like everybody else?!"

DougM said...

'Taint a punchline contest, it's joke shrapnel.
Punchline riffs are kind'a how the mind works when doin' crosswords.