Monday, October 30, 2017

Trick or Treason

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What could possibly be a better time for an ultimate showdown between good and evil than Halloween? And that's exactly what's happening right now as Special Prosecutor Mueller, with calls for him to recuse himself after revelations of his colluding with Hillary, the DNC, and Russian uranium investors, has thrown a Hail Mary pass to try to save his corrupt keister.

Specifically, and by wild coincidence, the same day the calls to dump Mueller were growing loudest, members of his investigative (ha!) team illegally leaked word to CNN that at least one pumpkin-spiced criminal indictment had suddenly been issued against a member of Trump's team, with that poor scapegoat expected to be hauled off to the pokey sometime today - and no doubt perp-walked for the cameras.

It's a smart and thoroughly sleazy move. By throwing someone - anyone - to the wolves, Mueller's supporters can now claim that the calls for his recusal are simply to protect the guilty among Trump's staffers.

It's a lie and a fantasy - but with the eager support of the mainstream media, it will probably play very well with the majority of Americans who remain clueless about the "Russian Dossier" and "Uranium One" scandals.

At this point, those who get their news from mainstream media live in an entirely different world than the one inhabited by folks like us, who do the homework to get a truer idea of what's actually going on.

And this week, as witches fly and ghouls stumble from door to door, those worlds are about to collide.


This goes back to 2014, but it seems that most of the folks pictured here are still actively being pains in the national rear end. As SCTV's Count Floyd would say, "It's really spooky! Ah-WOOoooo!"


Whether or not you're a regular reader of our sister webcomic, Johnny Optimism, we really encourage you to visit today for a special Halloween edition which will put a smile on your face and warm your heart. No, really!


REM1875 said...

Halloween- that time of year when we shut off the lights, let the dogs out, lock the gates and Me and Mrs Rem wonder just what we should do with $200 worth of candy that is suspiciously our favorite types....
Tough choices...

james daily said...

Halloween was always a special time but alas, the neighborhood kids are gone and now have kids of their own. Last year, we got 8-10 extortionist. I suspect the same this year.
Thanks Stilt for the Johnny Optimism pics. They are precious.
Mueller may have more on his plate than he wants. The deep they dig into his extra curricular activities, the more odor-est it becomes.

gregbudell said...

Thanks for the Count Floyd reference- truly one of the funniest recurring sketches ever by the hilarious Joe Flaherty. SCTV is a gold mine of bits, and most everyone in the cast had a pretty solid career afterward. Flaherty, John Candy, Dave Thomas, Catherine O'Hara, Eugene Levy (SCTV News, LOL!).

Fred Ciampi said...

We now have a 650 foot long gravel driveway which is pretty steep and now deeply rutted thanks to the 4 inches of rain the other day. Haven't had any trick or treaters since we've been here. Probably won't get any this time either.

It's going to be interesting to see how the Muller thing plays out. I am also curious to see if the antifa threats happen on the fourth of November. Remember, remember the fifth of November, of gunpowder, treason, and plot ...............

Judi King said...

They had to come up with something to deflect speculation about the REAL collusion with Russia, so I assume there will be a Republican scapegoat indicted today.

TrickyRicky said...

So, who will be the next Scooter Libby? Keep "digging" Muller. We all know who you will find at the bottom of that hole. At some point the Pravda media won't be able to hide the truth. Bigger than Watergate by an order of magnitude.

Geoff King said...

This Halloween you can be sure that Witchs, demons, ghouls, and psychos will abound.
At least in Washington D.C.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Aparently, a while back, they started having parties at local schools, or something - there have been ZERO trick/treaters in at least 5 years.
Almost kind of miss it.
On the other hand, roving bands of teens driving around, not so much.

As of 8:30, we find it's Paul Manafort, presumably for work he was doing for Ukraine, in 2010 - 2012. So, not germane to Trump, even IF permitted under 'scope' of the investigation. Interestingly, he was working w/ Podestas, and setting up the U1 deal? Be interesting to see the fallout on this, the next few days.

I hope.

Meanwhile, if Rip vanSessions does not get OFF his petrified ass and start doign SOMETHING about U1, Emails, Poke stained IT, ISIS / AntiFa collusion, cleaning effing HOUSE...
He's gotta GO.
NOT helping...

Judi King said...

Isn't it strange that the indictment charges against Manafort are pretty much the same accusations that many are claiming HRC is guilty of? Deflection?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- It saddens me to hear this. Halloween is when I fill my yard with inflatables, have spooky videos projected in my windows, psychedelic lights in every fixture, and sit outside dispensing candy to one and all. It's especially fun when parents pose their little goblins in front of my decorations to take pictures. But THIS year they're predicting a 70% chance of cold rain. Bah, humbug.

@James Daily- We still get a pretty good turnout of kids around here, so we have maybe two hours of reasonably steady business. I have a friend with Down syndrome who helps me dispense the goodies every year, which is another reason I hope we don't get rained out.

And glad you liked the wheelchair costume pictures over at Johnny Optimism. Those kids (and their families) are so inspirational.

@gregbudell- SNL was never in the same universe as the entirely-wonderful SCTV. Such wonderful players, and such wonderful bits! "She blowed up real good!" , "Dr. Tongue's 3D House of Stewardesses," the Polka brothers, and so much more.

@Fred Ciampi- Still, it's worth the climb up that driveway to get to the only house giving out moonshine!

Regarding Mueller vs Trump, I think a LOT is going to hit the fan this week. But as far as antifa goes, I think their "4th of November" talk is all talk.

@Judi King- Exactly. And now Paul Manafort and his business partner have been outed as the designated victims. Apparently (details are still vague) they're being grabbed for some sort of tax problems which occurred before the Trump campaign. The idea, of course, is to threaten to destroy their lives unless they turn state's evidence to say horrible things about Trump (related to Russian collusion or not). And I have no doubt that the timing of these indictments has everything to do with proving Mueller's investigations are "substantial" at the same time his integrity is being shown to be nonexistent.

@TrickyRicky- Maybe we should start referring to "Scooter Manafort."

@Geoff King- Bloodsuckers all.

@Pete (Detroit)- There are plenty of "alternative events" for kids in our area, but we still get a nice group. Some teens show up, carrying pillowcases and having no costumes, but as long as they say anything remotely along the lines of "Happy Halloween" or "Trick or Treat," they're leaving my house with chocolate.

And BOY do I agree that Jeff Sessions is overdue in lighting some fires under the Lefties! If action isn't forthcoming soon, those of us who held out even a scintilla of hope for "swamp draining" are going to concede that the game is too rigged to repair.

@Judi King- In fairness, it's hard to charge anybody with any crime that Hillary wasn't guilty of first.

John the Econ said...

SCTV, low budget that made up for it by being slightly more clever and intellectual than SNL. Miss it.

Mueller: So the best he could come up with was Paul Manafort. But not for anything remotely having to do with Trump, but for when he was working for the Podesta shop, which effectively makes this just another tentacle of the Clinton scandal. Oh, you definitely won't see it put that way anywhere in the mainstream media.

Shelly said...

If Mueller were to take this investigation to where it obviously leads, it would end up right in the lap of the Clinton Crime Syndicate. However, were that to happen, it would never see the light of day and instead the investigation would be pronounced closed. I really believe that. Those criminals will never be held to account, in this life anyway.

I hate that our Halloween might be spoiled by rain tomorrow night. My two youngest granddaughters, one with Down Syndrome and the other with autism, live for trick or treating. And the one with DS hates rain. Bummer.

NVRick said...

Happy Halloween to all, and to all a good fright.
We live in a semi-rural community (there are chickens, horses, goats, sheep and other creatures within six blocks of our house) and we can never predict how many 'beggars' will show up. The ones that do are all brought around in cars/vans and let loose to raid the widely scattered houses around us. We usually finish eating the leftovers around Easter (no kidding). So the ones who do show up get the good stuff--no boxed raisins here!.

Colby Muenster said...

Muller may be showing up at my house any day now. I own (most of) a fifth of real Ukrainian vodka, and also colluded with Trump (i.e. I went to a rally and later cast a vote for him)!

Seriously, I do not watch the alphabet networks, so maybe someone can answer. Are they really treating the Manafort thing like it's some uber-major scandal that will un-do Trump, or are they treating it like the nothing-burger it is? I can probably guess the answer. If this is the best Muller and his gaggle of overpaid Hillary supporters can do, I think Donald Trump has nothing to worry about. I just wish Jeff Sessions would get off his old, wrinkly ass and do what he was put there to do. Maybe it's high time Trump sent Sessions packing and replaced him with Trey Gowdy!

Happy trick or treating, y'all!

Fred Ciampi said...

Well, I got invited o a Halloween Party last night. All I wore was a pair of roller skates. The hostess answered the door and asked what my costume was. I said "I'm a pull toy". Oooooo, boy, I'm in deep trouble now. Good thing I brought moonshine.

John the Econ said...

@Colby Muenster, can you blame them? It's all they got. Also conspicuously missing from the alphabet coverage I've listened to is that this all happened while Manafort was working for Podesta. I guess they're hoping that most people won't be able to connect the dots. No doubt, those who rely on late-night comedians for their news probably won't.

Been listening to the capitol hill hearings about the Russian tampering on social media. All I could think was would these people have been the least bit interested in this had Hillary won? I think that question answers itself. Also not asked is what's the big difference between what Russia has allegedly done and what big-money foreign agitators like Soros do without any legal repercussion?

Again, like with "voter fraud" and so many other issues, it only seems to matter when it doesn't serve the interest of Democrats. It's all phony.

American Cowboy said...

@ Fred Ciampi - Reminds me of the time many moons ago when A.C was still married to that city girl. She came out of the bedroom wearing nothing but a pair of knee-high boots. Said she was going as Puss-n-boots. (Groan) Not to be outdone I came out with nothing but a potato on my package. Said I was going as a dictator. (Bigger groan)

Sorry folks...just couldn't resist.

Geoff King said...

So, we have had yet another mass killing, this time in Manhatten. This time the perp used a rental truck to slam into a crowd of people while yelling alahu akbar! At least 8 are dead.
Since no gun was used, and the perp was likely an Islamic extremist, I bet that the MSM will give this 3 minutes of coverage at most.

Dan said...

Geoff King -
It's time we had a national conversation about common sense rental truck safety. From what I understand, the perp rented the truck in NJ and then went to NYC for the deed. Obviously, we need to have a five-day waiting period before truck rentals, and also not allow trucks rented in one state to cross into another.
Then we'll all be safe.