Monday, September 14, 2020

Cue Anon

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Accusations have been flying that Joe Biden is using a teleprompter when speaking to reporters, and his campaign spokesman isn't saying otherwise - preferring to say "I won't dignify that question with an answer." A phrase which they are no doubt working hard to teach Joe Biden to say during debates - although it remains to be seen if he can get it out correctly when there's no trainer with gumdrop rewards.

But if Biden is possibly having problems speaking for himself, there are plenty of others out there to speak for him. As evidenced by this genuine, unedited snippet from a recent Biden campaign video...

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, harris, obama, biden, campaign, ice cream

It's worth checking out the actual clip at the link above, because it's deliciously uncomfortable. Kamala Harris laughs hysterically at every syllable uttered aloud and Obama is clearly so bored that he can barely keep his eyes open.

And perhaps to help keep the nation's eyes open, we have this development...

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, blm, nfl, cheerleaders, riots
Okay, we just made this up after watching the tortuous pre-game racial lecturing and singing of the new Black National Anthem, "Lift Every Voice in Song, Doo-Dah, Doo-Dah," before whatever the hell NFL game it was that was on TV Sunday.

We bailed out before actually hearing who the competing teams were because, in the words of Gone With the Wind's Rhett Butler, "they can all go f**k themselves."


Pat Cummings said...

Yeah, that's what 2020 needs! More boobage! Though it mnght tend to induce fever...

Fish Out of Water said...

Spent the entire of yesterday afternoon NOT watching anything associated with the NFL, and you know, don't feel as I missed anything at all.

There is some good news; the vile, amoral and craven 'protesters' at the hospital in LA where the 2 gunned down police officers are hopefully recovering. That they were there tells me like the Occupy Wall Street goons (Brown Shirts) they've grossly overplayed their hand and are going more to help reelect Trump than any campaign contribution could.

Jess said...

I think the only way the NFL can survive is that they allow special forces members to play in full gear against the NFL teams. Of course, the NFL teams can only wear padding, and the special forces teams will be fully armed. The rules will demand they only play at night, without lights, and after the event is over, any surviving players can join another NFL team for the soon to be reduced player list. I figure the season will last about three days...have it during the Thanksgiving holiday.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Jess: THAT, I'd watch. Alternately, have "Paintball Sniper Rifle Days", where any fan in the upper rows can take potshots at any player taking the knee...

@Fish: This is the first I'd heard of any LAPD officers being shot. My thoughts and prayers are with them and their loved ones.

Bobo the Hobo said...

I am so everlastingly tired of Kamala’s fake “happy warrior” laughter - she looks like she’s plotting Arkanicide. Joe better get a food taster.

@Jess, I would watch the hell out of that NFL game.

Elbarto said...

Clicked on the link and watched the Harris/Obama video; probably would have puked except for the fact that I was too bored even for that.

BTW, the NFL is dead to me.

Jerryskids said...

Come on, surely you'd agree that Kamala Harris' creepy giggling is one of the most endearing things about her.

FlyBoy said...

Prediction: In the coming weeks, ole Sleepy Joe will test positive for the “rona and have to quarantine, thus avoiding any chance to debate Trump. He will then come out of quarantine shortly before the election, and declare that he is healthier than ever. The fawning lame stream media will eat it up and pronounce him the fittest person ever to run for office, not only for president, but as pope, too!

You read it here first....

Murphy(AZ) said...

RE: Kamala (pronounced Judy,) Harris' creepy laugh: I understand she developed it when "Little" Willie Brown dropped trou.

Fish Out of Water said...

Anyone have any information attendance/viewership from Niw Forgotten League's opening day?

Snark said...

Joe's campaign officials' denials of Groper Joe's fading mental ability seem to be in direct proportion to his actual decline. I haven't watched the link simply because I can't see ruining a perfectly fine Monday morning watching anything with Kamaltoe and Obozo. Maybe tomorrow. I suspect that @Flyboy may be on to something.

Rather than watch NFL I spent the afternoon much more productively - installing a new trigger kit on my everyday carry pistol. MUCH more valuable activity. I expect to watch just as little NBA, NHL, MLB or NASCAR this year as well. In fact, other than the Food Network and Tucker Carlson, mostly we watch music concert videos on Youtube. If the professional sports leagues want to insult our country - and my intelligence - well, fuck 'em.

TrickyRicky said...

Great post today. Short and very sweet. Loved the Rhett Butler reference, but are sure you can legally still reference GWTW?

NFL...there is Nothing Fucking Left
Very sad, somewhat like a death in the family.

Now I am a former fan. I will miss MLB more.

John the Econ said...

It's worse than that. Word is that reporters are given the questions that correspond to the answers that are already programmed in. Again, how close are we to the first actual Max Headroom presidency?

NFL: I'm sorry, but I refuse to accept morality lectures from a cohort better known for DUIs, robbery and beating up women. I'll find my guidance for living a good life somewhere else, thank you.

Elbarto said...

At the same time the NFL was taking a knee, Black Lives Matter "protesters" were laying siege to St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood, CA where the two LASO deputies who had been ambushed in Compton were being treated. The BLM thugs blocked entry and exit paths to the emergency room and chanted their wishes that the deputies would die. See story: . One of the deputies fighting for her life is the mother of a 6-year old. I'd like to say how I really feel, but it's not printable.

SteveO said...

Barry's body language during the "pasta" segment was bizarre.

Fritzchen said...

Here's an idea to gain back NFL fans. At random times during the game, have gunmen run out on the field in BLM outfits and shoot some of the players at random. They then award 3 points to a team for each player wounded and 6 points for players who were killed.

As for Joltin' Joe the Pedo, what can one possibly say that would be more outrageous than the man himself?

Fish Out of Water said...

John the Econ: Maxheadroom for Prez. As Monty Burns would say, ,,'Excellent!'.

Speaking for myself, Biden does engender the same foulness in the mouth, the clenching of fists and jaw as mention of the amoral, vile most unworthy, unqualified and most unfit POTUS candidate since Henry Wallace does for me.

It's what surrounds him is what concerns more.

igor said...

"Doo-dah"?!! Oh my...

That's red meat to Leftard ProgNazi's y'know...

Screw 'em.

Shelly said...

Kameltoe has the Hillary cackle down pat. It's annoying as hell and I cannot stand her. The thought of her taking over as president shortly after the election is the stuff of nightmares for me.

I watched the opening ceremony for the Dallas Cowboys last night just to see what happened. I was thoroughly disgusted by the young lady singing (destroying) the National Anthem with her cadre of BLM cheerleaders behind her. It was embarrassing. The poor girl couldn't carry a tune and I'm wondering how you can think singing 30 notes to a one-syllable word can possibly sound good. It doesn't.

Joe Jetson said...

Great, now the NFL has "Separate But Equal" National Anthems.

Which leads us to this- P.A. announcer: "...and, starting at fullback for the Washington Football Club, Jim Crow."

Joe Jetson said...

Regarding the two police officers who were assassinated, and the subsequent "protesters" blocking the entrance to the Emergency Room, here's a couple questions:

When the ambulance arrived, how and why were "protesters" just happening to be at the entrance to the Emergency Room?

Is it normal policy for "protesters" to be "protesting" outside a hospital "Emergency" entrance?

Were the "protesters" tipped off that seriously injured Police Officers were coming for critical medical care?

Were the "protesters" instructed by co-conspirators to interfere in the critical care for the injured officers?

If the answer to the last question is "Yes", they should all be charged with being accessories to 1st degree murder.

Trump, as usual, is correct- Cop Killers (and those who attempt to murder Police Officers, even if unsuccessful) should face the death penalty. And I will add, any co-conspirators should face the same Justice.

Prayers for the Police Officers and their families.

Anonymous said...

They sure can go F*** themselves. Won't catch me watching any "professional" sports.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pat Cummings- Still, if it's for a good cause...

@Fish Out of Water- I don't trust polls at all, but at least some are saying that Trump is narrowing Biden's alleged lead. The fact that the Left hits new heights of assholery each day certainly helps.

@Jess- Okay, that I'll watch!

@M. Mitchell Marmel- The LAPD officers are expected to survive, but it was a straight-up assassination attempt. Punk just walked to the window of their car and started firing. I hope the culprit is found soon, and that he "resists."

@Bobo the Hobo- This was actually the first time I've seen Kamala giggling like a schoolgirl. I've only seen her in "indignant bitch mode" previously.

@jpb252- Kamala seemed like she was on Meth, and Barry seemed like he'd rather be anywhere else. Which actually made for moderately fun viewing. And the NFL is dead to me, too.

@Jerryskids- Considering she has no other endearing qualities, I guess I'll have to agree.

@Flyboy- I wouldn't be surprised by that scenario at all. Alternately, Biden will wear a mask while debating and his voice will come through loud and clear, even if he's obviously fallen asleep or died.

@Murphy(AZ)- Oh great, now I'm giggling!

@Fish Out of Water- I'm guessing that viewership stunk AND it will be the highest viewership of the season.

@Snark- Sounds like you spent your time well!

@TrickyRicky- I really didn't want to go with the "f*ck" reference from Rhett, but nothing else properly conveyed the message.

@John the Econ- I hadn't heard that accusation, but anything is believable these days. And good observation about the thugs in the NFL.

@jpb252- I'm sure that's how ALL of us here feel. These scum need to be scooped off the street "Soylent Green" style.

@SteveO- It was weird, wasn't it? He didn't even bother to pretend to be interested or invested.

@Fritzchen- I don't think shootings would be popular with the fans in the stands owing to collateral damage. Then again, they could just call it "Chicago Rules" and the media would be cool with it.

@Fish Out of Water- "What surrounds" Biden is what worries me, too. A lot.

@igor- Yeah, I think I knocked myself out of the running for future high office with that one.

@Shelly- At the point we have a president Kamala, I can pretty much assure you that my family will be living off the grid under assumed names.

@Joe Jetson- The NFL will have "separate but equal" anthems when they sing a white national anthem.

Regarding the shootings in LA, it's my understanding (a flawed vessel) that the protesters got to the hospital AFTER the officers were transported. So they were really blocking the emergency entrance for other patients who had nothing to do with the incident.

@NSF- Amen to that. I'm tired of being lectured.

JustaJeepGuy said...

In the interest of knowing the facts, the two people shot were LA County Sheriff's deputies, not LAPD. I have not yet seen that they succumbed to their wounds, though they were both shot in the head. Last I heard, the perp was still on the loose. I hope he's caught and made to pay for his crime. If that involves considerable "attitude adjustment" by any lawmen and/or Blue Suicide, I won't shed a tear for the scumbag. I never cry for the death of any criminals.

JeremyR said...

I have a suggestion for a cartoon to commemorate RBG.

St. peter and Scalia standing by the Pearly gates, Scalia looking at his watch says' I thought GOD said Ruthie was coming today."
St. Peter replies, "No. He said she was dieing today." while pointing toward the inferno which is punctuated by her signature horn rimmed glasses engulfed in flames.

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