Friday, March 26, 2021

Something To Chew On

Proving once again that satire has become redundant, a symposium on empowerment for women is being co-chaired by Kamala "What Can Brown Do For You?" Harris and Bill "Keep Your Eye On The Cigar" Clinton. No comment is necessary nor, in the case of VP Harris, possible.

And speaking of Willies...

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Yes, Biden really said that he can't imagine a single thing a man can do that a woman can't do as well or better. Which makes us wonder why he's wasting time pushing transgendered men into women's sports instead of just abolishing women's sports. If they can compete equally (or excel) then there shouldn't be men's or women's sports...just "sports." Of course, mandated diversity on every playing field might raise a few problems...

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, sports, women, gender, football, biden


stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, jay leno, koreans, eating dog, collard greens
And for breakfast they have Pup-tarts
For reasons we can't begin to fathom, former comic and talkshow host Jay Leno has come forward unbidden to flagellate himself for insensitive anti-Asian jokes he's made in the past about Koreans eating dogs. It was apparently a horrible, unfunny, unfair, ugly racial stereotype that Jay should never, ever have joked about.

As opposed to being an untrue stereotype. Because for about 1 in 6 people in South Korea, getting exercise has nothing to do with wokking their dog.

And every breed is a "chow."


Fritzchen said...

"B.J." Harris and "Humidor" Bill Clinton co-hosting a symposium on empowerment of women is like Hitler and Tojo hosting a symposium on the humane treatment of inferior races!

As for Jay Leno's mea culpa, I'll be doggoned! (with a can of dog food and a lovely chianti)

Thipp. thipp, THIPP!

mamafrog said...

Uhhhmmmm...Oklahoma has a female football team, and they look nothing like that one in the picture. I saw the players a few times, BIL was helping promote the team. They may be ladylike but only in which bathroom they choose to use, at least when I saw them in a game. Nice ladies otherwise. Something tells me they took no crap from anyone and could wipe the floor with anyone who tried.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

1) 'Nuff said.

2) Likewise.

3) There's a 'tight end' joke in there somewheres, but good taste forbids. ("Since WHEN?!")

4) Jay should stick to showing off his car collection. He's much more entertaining and knowledgeable doing that.

Fish Out of Water said...

Just when I believed things could not get any more surreal, this and BTW the confirmation of the Tranny to high office. What's next? Taking all those over 50 and putting then into "camps" and feeding them LSD ala the best forgotten "film" "Wild in The Streets'?

Thee is a clip worth piece OpEd in the WSj today, by Kimberly Strassel on how "progressive" mouthpieces have become the modern-day peddlers of Yellow Journalism. Even if you are a non-subscriber, I'd find a way to read it.

The OpEd closes with this quote: "Much of the press no longer has a commitment to truth, fairness or honesty. Its commitment is to Democratic power."

Thinking this over a bit, I see this naked grab for a one party state as evidence of just how badly President Trump scared them and flummoxed them. And because of that, the "progressives" want to ensure no-one like that will ever rise to office of the Presidency ever again.

Geoff King said...

Why does just about every online conservative news story, at least on FaceBook Warch, now have a still photo of President Trump plastered on the screen next to the host where a video is supposed to be playing? Who would be behind this?

Snark said...

Not only has satire become redundant, humor has become a liability. The latest crop of "comedians" (or commodians) are less than funny. All they seem able to do is repeat obscene words that are no longer shocking. The only thing shocking is that the progressive audience applauds. Yes, Carson and Leno told jokes that were a bit insulting to some people. Did you ever watch Don Rickles? Or George Carlin? Or Jonathon Winters? How about Robin Williams? None of these classic comedians could last 5 seconds on a stage today. Nor do today's audiences deserve to see them. Today's "progressives" have had their sense of humor surgically removed. Along with most of their tiny little brains. Actually, a conference starring Bill Clinton and Kommi Harris is a joke.

Had PDJT performed a a press conference the way Cho Bi Den did, they would have used the 25th amendment within 30 minutes.

I gave up on sports two years ago. It is neither entertaining nor enjoyable.
Take the progressives. Please.

rickn8or said...

What's Kammie doing fartin' around with an "Empowering Women" conference when Slow Joe told her to fix that crisis-that's-not-a-crisis down on the border?

Or has she finished that already?

TrickyRicky said...

After yesterday's shockingly horrible "press conference" I can only wonder what it will take to arouse the legacy (non-commie) democrats from their stupor.

American Cowboy said...


While I am in no way promoting or suggesting violence, today's typical "progressive" is in my opinion living proof of that sentiment.

Anonymous said...

I should remember this next time I see a reference to "chow hounds"...

Sortahwitte said...

I do like Jay when he speaks of his cars. However, he should limit the noise from his mouth to those things of which he has a clue. I came into the living room last night from my shower and the un-attended tv was on some kind of late night show. Don't know which one. Don't care. As I scurried to change the channel, I accidentally saw enough to see it was a suck/blow fest for xi bi den. I had to brush and floss all over again.

Anybody heard of the nobama's water dog 'bo' since they left the white house? No caps on 'white'. That's racist. Anyway, that big hound was most certainly woked (wok) for some egyptian moon god satanic muzzie ritual. Probably used lots of soy sauce. Bo RIP.

John the Econ said...

Is this insane or what?

Seriously, the left is just trolling us now. When I see unabashed insanity like this, it's literally as though they're saying, "Ha! We own all major media, won the election, banished Trump, and we're now changing election laws to ensure that no non-Democrat will get elected ever again! As proof of our invincibility, we can even pull out Bill Clinton to lecture YOU on women's empowerment! In a few years, we might even let Harvey Weinstein out to join the panel!

They'd let Jeffery Epstein out to join too, but, you know.

What other possible reason could there be for Kamala to participate in this should-be embarrassing absurdity?

Back in the '90s, one of the central themes promoted by the Democrats was the totally imagined conservative "War on Women", which in reality was about nothing more than harvesting votes and abortion. By the end of the '90s, alphabet feminism had proved once and for all that it was exactly what conservatives said it was; a wholly-owned front for Democrats that went all in to save the presidency of the ultimate misogynist pig, Bill Clinton. Heterosexual women not into alphabet feminism for abortion or the leftist politics abandoned the movement leaving it to the fringe in academia. Over the last two decades, that fringe converted it to be about homosexuality and eventually the sexual/gender free-for-all that exists today that is now actually at war with heterosexual women. In the '90s the standard was that if a male did something that just made a woman feel "uncomfortable", the movement argued that such discomfort should be legally actionable. Today, if you're a woman that finds a sexually confused male next to you in the women's showers, you're the bigot who needs shaming and correction.

You've come a long way, baby!

So again, I ask: At what point can we declare victory in this "War on Women" I've been told we are conducting?

Jay Leno: Well, that's a disappointment. Up to now, Jay Leno has been one of those mature comics who has eschewed folding to political correctness.

@Fish Out of Water asks What's next?. How about this?

Fish Out of Water said...

@John the Econ: I've said this before that our body politic is once again in the grip of quasi-religious, militant , evangelical hysteria, whose believers and abettors can brook no heresies and are convinced there is no 'sin' can be committed , no otherwise sacrosanct right which can't be tramped underfoot if doing so serves the cause. The end game is the fallacy that by following 'the call', in this case the "progressive" call, we'll have our paradise on earth. Which is false as the best example that comes to mind, Prohibition, proved.

By outlawing 'demon rum', we were supposed to have a cleaner, more morally upright society but of course what in engendered was the rise of organized crime, who knows how many people killed or maimed by dangerously distilled alcohol (including those poisoned by the federal government deliberately adding poison to alcohol), the demise of many otherwise viable distilleries or breweries (and lost jobs) . And starting an erosion of respect for the law which continues today.

If the Prohibitionists failed to deliver the country into the Lad of Milk and Honey , what make the "progressives" believe they will succeed?

Colby Muenster said...

The Democrats wanted to pull a famous former politician out of retirement to give symposiums on racism, but unfortunately, Senator Byrd was unavailable.

It’s been so many decades since President Walter did that “thing” that only men can do, he’s completely forgotten it. I imagine he has reverted to thinking babies come from the cabbage patch.

Leno: I thought he was one of the “normal” people. Nope, and so sad. But this did make me think of a whole new meaning to the term “wiener dog,” which is what we called Dachshunds when I was a kid.

John the Econ and Fish,

If you can’t beat ‘em, kill ‘em.

Fish Out of Water said...

@Colby: Speaking past democratic Senators and the filibuster, as I understand it, southern democratic Senators used the filibuster to keep civil rights legislation from being passed.

Ain't irony a (bleep)?

Colby Muenster said...

And SloJoe was right there with them! Didn't want HIS kids growing up in a racial jungle.

rickn8or said...

Fish Out of Water, and Al Gore, Sr. voted against it. It wouldn't have passed without the Republican votes.

Shelly said...

When I imagine the audiences for these "comedians," I envision an audience full of clapping seals, guffawing at every dig at Trump. I used to like political comedy when the jokes were good natured, like Dana Carvey's GHW Bush or Will Ferrell's GW Bush. Even both they were surely dedicated liberals, they still managed to not offend conservatives when Republican presidents were joked about. Stephen Colbert is just a nightly vicious diatribe against Trump and a disgusting butt licking of Sleepy Joe.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Fish, there's video of Barack Hussein in 2005 speaking in favor of keeping the filibuster. The filibuster was okay then according to that flaming communist crapweasel, but now the filibuster is a remnant of Jim Crow? What the hell, is "Flip, Flop, And Fly" Barack Hussein's favorite song?

Deserttrek said...

Watched Jay a few times. He wasn't a good host.
Now he is a limp wristed joke

Rod said...

The former-comedy night host for whom I won't even allow allow time for the damned channel to come up in-passing is Kimmel. He's dead to me. But with all the late night crap on; I sure miss Johnny Carson. Cheap pawn-shop DVD's help a lot when I'm just tired at the cabin; music is usually better.