Friday, April 23, 2021

Knife Knowing You

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"And while I'm here, let me sign you up to vote!"

A recent string of police-related shootings reminds us all too forcefully that not only do Black Lives Matter, but also Black Hobbies Matter - apparently including things like committing assault with a deadly weapon. 

According to detailed reports from Pulitzer prize-winning journalistic institutions, a white cop in Columbus, Ohio arrived at a home where some black children were engaged in playful banter, and the cop repeatedly shot one unarmed child (a girl with a beautiful soul) for no effing reason whatsoever outside of his being a racist white Nazi asshole who, according to black multi-millionaire basketball player LeBron James, should be thrown to the BLM mobs for retribution.

Oh sure, there are a few racist news sources which would have you believe that the teenaged "child," who sure looked like a full-grown adult in berzerker mode, was attacking other people with a knife and was milliseconds away from plunging it into a trapped victim (another black girl, whose life, oddly, doesn't seem to matter) when the officer opened fire. Video from multiple angles confirms that this is exactly what happened, although for some reason, Leftists seem to place a lot less importance on this video than the video of George Floyd.

But the officer who responded to a frantic 911 call for help and potentially saved one or more lives has now been damned by the Left (including Joe Biden) for failing to "just break up the fight," "use a taser" (which might not work), or - our personal favorite - "just shoot the knife out of her hand." And then there's BLM activist Bree Newsome, who said "teenagers have been having fights including fights with knives for eons. We do not need police to address these situations by showing up to the scene and using a weapon against one of the teenagers."

Despite the reality of what actually happened (and what appears to be exemplary police work), this sad incident is being used to further ramp up enthusiasm for a race war - which seems to be the wettest of all possible dreams for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, AOC, and all of the other full-time America-loathing folks in politics, media, and the race-hustling business. Or are we being redundant?

At the moment, it would seem like the only satisfactory way to end the "systemic racism" which Biden claims is embedded in the DNA of every cop, no matter their race, is to have police stop responding to calls for help if there's any chance at all that anyone involved or on the scene might be black.

And if people die at the hands of criminals and lunatics (as always happens when police are forced to pull back their efforts), well, it's a small price to pay for the kind of Progressive racial harmony already enjoyed in the backstreets of Chicago.



Special guest appearance by Joe Bite'em


Jerryskids said...

I'm pretty sure Joe Biden knows all about systemic racism - he's been part of the system for 50 years.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Stilt, it was Columbus Ohio, not Cleveland. Although there is a good chance it will happen in Cleveland some day too. Possibly Cincinnati soon thereafter also.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Time to reintroduce the paddle and the school disciplinarian.

Dr. Benjamin Spock has much to answer for.

Brie Camembert said...

"A house divided against itself will fall". How long do you give the USA before the next "president" is Xi Jimping?
As the song goes - its all just a bit of history repeating.

Fish Out of Water said...

Am reminded of an article in the Economist (when I could afford it) many years ago over the shooting down by a U.S. Navy ship, of an Iranian civilian airliner. The words I remember from the article are the commanding officer had only seconds to react/make a decision. Earlier, on another U.S. Navy ship, there was hesitation and lives, U.S. lives were lost.

Second guessing is easy for those who weren't there and I would submit it's a bit cowardly too. But also keep in mind the cries of outrage are coming from those with an amoral mindset of not minding how many bodies, in this case, literally, they need to step on, to use to further their 'holy' cause.

As to "celebrating " Earth Day, I wonder if the Earth Day enthusiasts realize how closely this harks back to pre Judeo-christian pagan rites? Perhaps in the abundance we enjoy and advances in modern medince over only the past 100 years or so, such people have forgotten "mother " earth is a homicidal menace (it wasn't all that long ago when a simple, now inconsequential laceration could prove fatal)with which we live with an uneasy coexistence.

Bobo the Hobo said...

@MMM (RE: Dr Spock) - don’t forget the angry, liberal feminists who determined men are the cause of all evil in the world.

Bobo the Hobo said...

P.S. It’s pretty obvious when even OJ chimes in.

Elbarto said...

Can you imagine the howls of outrage if the cop had stood there with his thumb up his butt and just watched while Ma'Khia Bryant stabbed the other woman to death?

Fish Out of Water said...

Another thought. The information the now deceased attacker was a foster child bespeaks (and I know I am going out on a limb here), on a sad, micro le vel, of the wages of 50 years of democrat party war on inner city, black families.

Snark said...

Liberal cities don't need law enforcement. All cops in liberal cities should simply quit so they can be replaced with unarmed "socially aware responders". They can dissuade raging armed perps with nerf bats and water guns.

Joy Reid advised that the cop just "shoot up into the air" as if the knife wielder was flying. And when the returning bullet killed someone else the cop could be charged with murder.

The amount of stupidity displayed by liberals over the past few months (years? decades?) is truly mind bogeling. How their heads can contain that amount of bullshit without exploding is beyond comprehension. It should be squirting from their ears and nose rather than just tumbling from their mouths. The cranial pressure must be a hazard to anyone within 20 yards. Gathering in groups should present a dangerous critical mass condition.

But math is racist and physics don't exist so they must be safe.

Please pass the bottle.

TrickyRicky said...

"Despite the reality of what actually happened (and what appears to be exemplary police work), this sad incident is being used to further ramp up enthusiasm for a race war - which seems to be the wettest of all possible dreams for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, AOC, and all of the other full-time America-loathing folks in politics, media, and the race-hustling business."

It would seem that the rouges gallery listed above have taken up the Helter Skelter race war strategy employed a few decades ago by Charlie Manson. How very telling.

Daddy Dave said...

After the Derek Chauvin verdict, if I'm a white cop and hear "Black __fill in the gender___ wielding a __fill in the weapon___ attacking ..." on the radio I'd turn to my partner and say, kill the lights and siren - let's cruise through Krispy Kreme on the way there. I need to use deadly force on a cruller or two.

Easygo said...

Point made on "The Five" yesterday: a knife "fight" would be defined as both participates having a knife.

I would suggest that when one person is defenseless a better description would be murder by knife.

The videos clearly show that this was about to happen in the next second.

Boligat said...

So someone tweeted that the cop should have shot the knife out of her hand. Okaaaaaaaay. BUT, if he missed he might have hit the girl in pink. OR he might have missed both and hit the car. OR, he might have hit the knife knocking it into pink girl causing her grievous harm. SOOOOOO, to avoid all that he should have shot the roofline of the car, causing the bullet to ricochet BACK over the pink girl's shoulder, hitting the knife and knocking it AWAY from everyone. Ta DAH!!!


rickn8or said...

Well, when you start with the premise that everything the cop does (or doesn't do) is wrong and work backward from that, you get some pretty twisted explanations.

It's going to be a long hot summer...

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Bobo: Point well taken.

@Daddy Dave: I predict pandemic levels of "Blue Flu" this summer. :P

Sortahwitte said...

I think it won't really matter which party controls the congress in two more years. The tsunami wave is hovering over us, completely blocking out the sun. It looks to me to be all downhill from here. The stupid things liberals say without a giggle or smirk are taken as truth in every part of our society.

Oh, in a related story, I see where 9mm ammo is starting to come back into the marketplace.
Don't leave home without an adequate supply. In my small town, it's obvious that more people are availing themselves of our open carry law. An armed society is a polite society.
Be very polite.

CPB said...

Here is the way it is, "Damned if you do, damned if you don't." All cops and deputies if responding to a call, see blacks fighting, trying to kill one another should drive away and let the low IQ animals wipe themselves out.

NO MORE trying to help the unhelpable, no more trying to reason with a collective people who vote demo-commie and love the crumbs their plantation masters throw on the ground, no more giving a shit about those who do not give a shit about themselves...

American Cowboy said...

" more giving a shit about those who do not give a shit about themselves..."

This time one thousand! And no, that is NOT RAYZIZZ, it is realistic.

Colby Muenster said...


...the cop should have shot the knife out of her hand. Further proof that gun haters don't know diddly squat about guns, or how an incident can spiral out of control in less than a second. I'm actually quite impressed the cop was able to shoot the right person having to react that quickly.

@CPB and Cowboy,

What you said sounds horrible, but I must agree. I'll also point out that "low IQ's" come in assorted colors. Why the hell would anyone want to be a cop nowadays? That policeman was screwed no matter what he did. I an only hope that, when policemen start quitting in droves, the ones guarding low lifes like Maxine, LeBron or Joy Reid are among them.

John the Econ said...

More proof that black lives really don't matter, especially when they're the victims of black sociopaths who appear to now be our most sainted citizens.

Remember when a decade or so ago everyone was screaming "We need body cams on police!" and Progressives were so certain that this sort of stuff would stop happening, because, after all, they knew that the police were the aggressors and were making most of it up anyway? What we ended up with instead was irrefutable video of the horrendous social pathology that police have to deal with every day.

So as usual when Progressivism fails or backfires, instead of admitting defeat they just double-down. They just now argue that the pathology doesn't matter. Nobody deserves to endure the consequences of pulling a gun, shooting first, or running about in berserker mode trying to slash people.

As a professional, one of the most annoying things I occasionally have to deal with is other people who don't have a clue how to solve the problems I am hire to solve feeling free to tell me how to do my job. And I'm hardly dealing with life-and-death stuff. I can only imagine how the police who have to face this sort of insanity every single day must feel.

I don't know about you, but I am really, really tired of these Monday morning quarterbacks on policing. I mean, is there anything more chickenshit than lazy-ass Progressives safely ensconced in their bunkers at keyboards and webcams telling people who are on the front lines of civilization's decay exactly how they should be addressing life-and-death situations?

(This also applies to gazillionaire ball-dribbling high school dropouts)

Come on, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, AOC, and all of the other full-time America-loathing folks in politics, media, and the race-hustling business. Please step forward and show us how these situations should be handled. In person. Yourself, with your life hanging in the balance. I'm waiting. We're all waiting.

Well, I've had more than enough. Unless you're willing to get your social justice ass off the sofa, get on the front-lines and show us all yourself exactly how crazy knife-wielding sociopaths should be "de-escalated", then STFU.

I don't know about you, but my curriculum vitae as a teenager seemed to be lacking the knife fight component. My teenage years were clearly even more boring than I realized.

Although I do have to agree with one thing the otherwise unhinged Bree Newsome had to say: "Everyone should be frightened that the ruling white elite have done such a thoroughly successful job of not only disconnecting us from the means of basic self-sufficiency but also convincing us we need armed white officers to manage our children & communities. Frightening".

Um, that would be Progressive Democrats who did that.

John the Econ said...

Earth Day: I'm still waiting for the anthropogenic ice age I was promised at the first "Earth Day".

John the Econ said...

@Jerryskids, the guy who caucused with genuine Klansman Robert Byrd and gave the eulogy at his funeral certainly would.

@M. Mitchell Marmel, Dr. Spock ruined multiple generations, and perhaps the greatest country on earth.

@Brie Camembert, what makes you certain that Xi Jimping isn't already the defacto President? Biden has already excused China's eugenics agenda as long they continue to pretend to care about CO2.

@Fish Out of Water, one of the biggest failures of public education is not educating people just how easy and safe their 21 century lives are compared to what most people faced at the beginning of the 20th century. Quite frankly, I doubt that most millennials could survive the lives my grandparents lives, much less would have enjoyed them.

@Snark, quite frankly I don't think they'll be able to find cops for Progressive urban centers. And perhaps that is the agenda.

@TrickyRicky, if they are indeed striving to ramp up an actual race war, then it's more proof that the supposed "white supremacist uprising" they've been warning us about is totally bogus. Because if that was true, they know they'd lose. Badly.

@Daddy Dave, aka, the Ferguson Effect.

@Easygo, good point. It's certainly not called a "gun fight" if only one person is armed. it's called "murder".

@Boligat, how do we know that the cop was not trying to shoot the knife out of her hand?

Navyvet said...

The cop screwed up. He should have yelled, "Hold it. Hold it. Time out. This is not a knife fight, this is an assault as only one of you is armed." Then allowed the pink clad girl to get a knife, then the cops says, "Carry on!" and left.
Now he is going to be fired and likely put in prison, as the dope that thinks he is president of something or another threw him under the bus, LaBron dumbass threw him under the bus, even dumber Slapsy Maxie will shoot her half wit mouth off, no doubt his chief and the mayor throw him under the bus as well if they havent already. Wow, talk about a no win situation.

CDH said...

Sadly that IS probably normal fussing among certain groups, in which case the oft mentioned "let them fight it out and show up to tag the bodies" police policy might just be the best option.

TwoBuckChuck said...

When I played defensive end in high school and college, I weighed slightly less than this 16 year old "child" wielding the knife. If a 220 pound "child" ever comes at me with a blade and murderous intent, one of us is going to expire right there on the pavement, po-lice involvement or no.

They don't want LEO to intervene in tribal politics...until they do. In a damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't situation like this, trying to maintain order in da hood, I think I would opt for 'don't', personally.

Jes' sayin'.

Rod said...

I don't suppose shooting the attacker in her big ass would have stopped the assault; but maybe that should have been the first shot? Quickly followed by others if needed.

TVAG said...

Look, this entire "Woke-ialist Party" and New World Order is starting to get to me.

Last night, about 2:30, I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep, my mind going over and over again the latest spate of BS and exhortations for what sounds like race war.

Jo-Bi-Den's remarks on rights not being "absolute."

The fathead on MSNBC telling us that knife fights are normal, ancient, and are just part of growing up. (Where? Pelican Bay?)

Pompous judgments on the killing of the knife wielding girl ("He should have shot to wound!," "He should have let them fight it out!," and my personal favorite, "He should have shot the knife out of her hand!")

And, yesterday, I saw AOC explain that Racism is causing Global Climate Change.

But I literally realized in the dark last night that I'm experiencing a waking nightmare from which I can neither wake from or go back to sleep with.

Something is getting ready to happen--the pressure is growing too fast with almost literally daily injections of more hate, self-righteousness, and further inversions of right is wrong, up is down, hot is cold, etc. How soon before we actually hear one of them telling us that Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength, and War is Peace?

The rationale for all of these is already established, and only worse can follow.

And I don't have any idea how it can be stopped or even confronted. Where is the venue where such ideas can be pitted against fact and reason? How can we expose these evangelicals of hate for what they are?

I am appalled at the increasing tone of intolerance by some on this site. No one should have any "tolerance" for the lies and hate spewing from the Progs, but starting lump all Black people into one face to hate and threaten IS Racism. That's exactly what they want you to do, so get a grip, think of Black Conservatives and those who, if allowed to live in country that actually provides them opportunities to take care of themselves, get well paying jobs, and start their own business (as was happening under Trump), would gladly march of the Democrat Plantation. They are not our enemies, they are our best sort of allies.


TVAG said...

Sorry, everyone, but I've got more to rant about.

And to those souls among us who seem to think if we just kill enough of the "dangerous ones" everything will be fine, you're wrong. Name the top ten Progs you hate and fear the most, shoot the lot, and what will you have? Ten dead fools whose ideas and hopes are ingrained in a deep segment of our society and will just be replaced. I understand how any of us can feel that way. After all, we're being goaded into the basic fight-or-flight mode, and without having any rational alternative to believe in, what's left?

The Cuban Missile Crisis was a minutes-to-doom situation, and the less known occasions of the Cold War when launches triggered by mistake were barely averted, all more than enough danger the world ever needed.

But so much is boiling worldwide now. A US President on a permanent Prevagen-drip, a Democrat party absolutely fixated, drooling, and glassy eyed, just short of the orgasmic moment of seizing complete power, Russia and China--not to mention Iran and North Korea--all perched on the cusp of achieving their geo-political dreams to justify their existence and save their economies, all combine to describe a chain of dominoes on a shaky table

The first one to go could easily knock over the next with the final results being impossible to predict. When it was US vs Russia, the world was in danger, but at least each side had only to keep an close eye on one another. But now, there are far more players, all jockeying for their personal prizes--and now most everyone has his Bomb.

The Democrat Party, never strong in my lifetime to put American first, has a variety of reasons for avoiding confrontation. Key members and supporters being in thrall to the PRC provides no assurance that an invasion of Taiwan would be opposed, and by folding there, who thinks they'd risk war over Ukraine? The Baltic States? South Korea? Israel?

I've asked it before, and I'm asking again: PLEASE, SOMEONE! Give us a plan to stop this without destroying America in the process!


Rod said...

@ TVAG: MY recent realization is that many people who I thought would know better have either tuned all of it off and are thus fully ignorant of what going on; or they still go to & even believe major media sources. I cannot explain why they do not recognize biased & unbalanced reporting; "narratives" that do not match what you see nor what makes sense; nor that theyre being duped with propaganda, lies & only part of the story. Other than maybe it's left-over avoidance of Trump and other assholes; and perhaps simple ignorance of how things really work in the economy and in the world. They need to keenly observe actions and results; not what's being said. That has become just about all selective editing and is often outright lies.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jerryskids- To the extent there is systemic racism, the bulk of it can be laid directly at the feet of Joe Biden and his progressive pals.

@JustaJeepGuy- Mea Culpa. I had a brain fart and subsequently corrected the location. I should have paid attention to the warning labels on Clan MacGregor warning of mental impairment.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- The great thing about having discipline in schools is how rarely you need to once kids figure out that they need to behave.

@Brie Camembert- Could our house be more divided at this point?

@Fish Out of Water- Few of us would ever want to be in the situation where we had only a split instant to make a life or death decision. Fewer of us still would make the right decision without extensive training. I have no respect for the second guesses. And I'm pretty lukewarm on "Earth Day," though I'm certainly an environmentalist by nature and practice.

@Bobo the Hobo- Good point! And having OJ weigh in is just beyond irony.

@jpb252- Basically, whatever happened the cop was screwed for showing up on the scene while being white.

@Fish Out of Water- I'm sure there's a whole sad (genuinely sad) story behind the girl's foster child status. And yes, I blame Democrats for the literal destruction of black families. Many of us here are old enough to have seen it play out before our eyes.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Snark- It was recently proposed that police be replaced with "Rapid Response Social Workers," and I think we can all guess how that would have played out here. And like you, I'm stunned by the sheer amount of stupidity and misinformation liberal folks can carry around in their heads without a loud, moist detonation.

@TrickyRicky- Damn, you're right! Gin up a race war and then, when everything is in shambles, take over to rebuild things according to a "master plan." From Manson's lips to Biden's ears.

@Alej- I don't want my heart to turn cold about the suffering we see going on around us, but certainly some numbing has already taken place. Neither the victims nor the victimizers want to hear what we have to say.

@Daddy Dave- That certainly seems the logical choice to me.

@Easygo- That's an excellent point, and one I was thinking about when some talking head called this a "knife fight" and then doubled down by essentially saying #BlackKnivesDon'tMatter.

@Boligat- Brilliant! The old "miracle ricochet" shot! (Not seen since 1963 in Dealey Plaza...)

@rickn8or- You've nicely captured where we are now: "what the white person did was wrong, now let's decide how."

@M. Mitchell Marmel- I fervently hope that every community currently trying to get rid of cops succeeds in those efforts. They can serve as an object lesson to others.

@Sortahwitte- Optimism is, indeed, getting harder to come by. Though I'll choose to believe there's hope at least through the next mid-term election. If that one goes south I think we'll be in "game over" territory.

@CPB- I agree with much of what you say, though I'll have to say that I take strong exception to the "low IQ animals" remark. These people aren't animals and until the damage Democrats have done to black Americans can be reversed (including but not limited to education) there's actually no reasonable methodology to even measure IQ.

@American Cowboy- I'll admit that when people have a long history of bad decisions, I'm pretty much willing to wash my hands of them.

@Colby Muenster- Oh, I'll agree that low IQs come in every color of the human rainbow. And like you, I hope the law enforcement officers guarding our "betters" are the first ones to quit.

@John the Econ- Bravo, sir!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Navyvet- Sadly, the cop was using his Caucasian-centric worldview to assume that knife attacks are unacceptable in black culture. Of course, he'll be schooled on it now - and hard. But seriously, for cops it really is a "no win" situation on the streets these days, and that can't end well for any of us.

@CDH- If knife fighting is a cultural normality for some groups, we should damn well condemn it rather than celebrate or respect it. For the bajillionth time, we're seeing the deadly consequences of "the soft bigotry of low expectations."

@Bruce Bleu- I agree with a lot of your rant, but have to disagree strongly with your last few sentences - especially the statement "I can see the rationale of those who treated the slaves like animals because they observed how they conducted themselves as those with no discernible moral compass." Okay, take a deep breath. There is no excuse for slavery, nor any excuse for having treated enslaved humans like animals. Additionally, let's not assume that the slaves had "no moral compass" just because we see that lack of moral direction today. I'm old enough to remember when things were different - very different - before the "Great Society" programs started stripping black Americans of their humanity in return for their votes.

@TwoBuckChuck- Clearly, the assailant here couldn't be considered a "child" in any useful way during this incident. The cop had to assess the situation from a purely physical standpoint, and the knife-wielder was formidable in that regard.

@Rod- I'm guessing that scenario would look pretty bad when the cop was filling out his report.

@TVAG- Great points and very well expressed. Especially important is your point that we must not allow the media and political narratives to turn us into the racists that we are accused of being.

And additional kudos for "Rant, Part Two." I agree with everything you're saying and, apparently, feeling.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Rod- You're right. People are tuning out from what's going on, or tuning in to lies about it. It's a mess.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Stilton: There are glimmers of hope out there. It was my pleasure to supervise a class of high schoolers from Van Buren, AR, today on a train excursion. To a one, they were quiet, well behaved, polite and very good company. Consider that an antidote to the animals one sees in (J) run territories.

Bill the Cat said...

You got that right.

Bill the Cat said...

Right. MSM is a no-win deal for anyone wearing blue interfacing non-white subjects

Regnad Kcin said...

As an Italian food aficionado, all I can say is "Black Olives Matter."

Michael Riles said...

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