Friday, July 21, 2017

Knife Guys Finish First

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OJ Simpson will be a free man in October (he'll be the big trick-or-treater in the Michael Myers mask) thanks to a parole board's decision to let him out early for committing armed robbery because he had "no prior criminal convictions."


Of course, he did have a prior civil conviction, in which he was found to be responsible for brutally chopping up former wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. But apparently the parole board didn't consider that salient in making their determination that Simpson probably constitutes no threat to any member of the general public unless they piss OJ off.

Simpson's parole brings back unpleasant memories of his original trial, in which the race card was played as the ultimate "Get Out of Jail Free" card thanks to a jive-talking defense attorney who made his simple-minded arguments in hippity-hop rhyme, a liberal white female prosecutor who believed that her "sisterhood" with black female jurors would outweigh racial solidarity, and a pair of gloves that unsurprisingly didn't fit OVER a pair of unforgiving rubber gloves - especially when OJ spread his meaty fingers into a fan shape as if he had no experience whatsoever with how gloves are supposed to work.

When it was finally time for the OJ verdict to be announced, we were personally watching a recording of "It's a Wonderful Life" and paused it just before poor old George Bailey prayed on the bridge to live again. Foolish optimists that we were, we thought the jury's remarkably short deliberation must mean that they'd voted OJ "guilty" owing to the superabundance of incontrovertible evidence. (For the record, Mrs. Jarlsberg, who is wise in all things, thought the exact opposite.)

But no, it turned out that thanks to ignorance and a heaping helping of anti-white racism and anti-cop sentiment, a homicidal butcher could literally get away with murder - and did.

And when we eventually returned to "It's a Wonderful Life," the ending felt hollow and meaningless. At that moment in time, we just couldn't buy the fable that justice will eventually triumph, and that diverse communities are comprised of inherently good people who will rally together to do to what's right in times of crisis.

Our enthusiasm for the film has returned over time, but not our naivete about what to expect from the justice system or those who churn race hatred for their own benefit. Among whom, we're sure, will be OJ Simpson yet again.

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, oj, oj simpson, parole, nicole, murder, racism, killer, guilty, race, it's a wonderful life


james daily said...

Yes, I 'member dat theater. All thru the fiasco, Goldman and the late Ms Simpson seem to be an after thought. Oh, yea, Kato or Cato? Perfect example of why some folks shouldn't have children. My favorite part of the whole show was the bulldozing of his former domicile.

REM1875 said...

This is the moment I dreaded - the moment he was seriously back in the news.
Now we get to relive it all again ...

Jim Lane said...

Makes me glad I moved OUT of Florida in Feb. The BS factor was pushing critical mass back then, but if/when "da Juice" moves there (as rumored), the state will probably break off and sink, leaving "OJ", Ricky Rat and all the South Beach elitists paddling around with the alligators.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Cheer up. If the gators don't get him, George Zimmerman will!

pdwalker said...

Hey, maybe he'll get a job in show business! Think of the humour value!

Judi King said...

He will be judged and sentenced eventually and permanently.

Fred Ciampi said...

I heard that the Cleveland 49ers signed him. That'll learn him.

chef621 said...

A,B,C,D,E,F,G the cats in the cupboard
and can't see me.
Gonna run an hide B 4 he gets free,
Cause I like my head still attached to me.

Bobo the Hobo said...

The problem is OJ technically beat the system - he spent a lot of money on lawyers and got off. Unfortunately, he was judged "not guilty" and according to our Constitution, game on.

The fact that Simpson spent nine years for armed robbery is the only reason the Parole Board should consider. Simpson probably spent more time in jail than the vast majority of people who commit the same crime. The Parole Board stressed that any infraction of the rules, however minor, would result in re-incarceration - he's going to be under a microscope.

Sometimes there is no justice and the Simpson trial proves that. I hate that he's literally getting away with murder but most of all, I hate that he and his scummy lawyers perverted the truth and finagled the Constitution enough to allow him to get away with murder.

Emmentaler "Devil's Advocate" Limburger said...

Me? I don't know anything about that incident, except what the absolutely trustworthy MSN fed me during the 25 MPH arrest and 1,000,000 MPH trial. Could he be guilty of that crime? Certainly. Is he guilty of that crime? Only he, the victims, God, and, perhaps, his lawyers know for sure. All I know is a jury of his peers says he isn't, and despite the reporting convicting him in the public arena...

So why is the MSM trusted to have fairly and correctly reported on the Simpson incident and trial, yet cannot be trusted otherwise? Seems a bit hypocritical, doesn't it?

Anonymous said... He was great in these. ha!

graylady said...

Unfortunately, justice and the law are two different things. The law can be manipulated by clever, unprincipled, immoral men, justice never. This time those men can say,"The law was served.", but we know it was not justice. If justice had been served OJ Simpson would be serving life in prison or, better yet, executed years ago.

Unknown said...

The whole trial was a mockery of the justice system. Judge Ito let OJ's attorneys (and I use that word while gagging) run the courtroom, thus making Marsha Clark and Chris Darden, along with prosecution witnesses look unprofessional and bumbling. OJ is guilty and I will go to my grave believing that. His judgment will come at the end. Hope he has one of those "cooling" shirts to wear as hell gets pretty hot, I am told.

Geoff King said...

I read where Orenthal James will be recieving a $600,000 pension from the NFL upon his release, and the Simpson and Goldman families will be unable to touch it due to state law.
I don't think that is fair, but considering his honor and decency, I am sure he will blow it all in some way that violates his parole and will be back being Bubba's cellmate in no time.

Geoff King said...

Oops. Make that the BROWN and Goldman families that can't touch the money.

Rod said...

This isn't going to rerun old stories for me. I've become much less tolerant of "news" and quicker at turning such distractions off. I hope this elite group drops it as well. Unless of course it turns out he's a Russian agent and gets invited to the White House. Something Stilt might put in here; we never know.

Unknown said...

Everyone knew he is guilty. They also got to witness a horribly run trial and a jury that wouldn't have convicted him if he'd confessed

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Mike aka Proof- Hey, it's as good as the actual defense argument.

@James Daily- You're right that the trial pretty much threw the victims out. Not surprising: the defense couldn't win that case, but could win by changing the case to race.

@REM1875- Salt, meet wound.

@Jim Lane- Maybe OJ could get back into the entertainment business by wrestling alligators in Florida. Granted, a lot of attendees would be rooting for the gator...

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Didn't I just read somewhere that a Florida judge has ruled against the "stand your ground" law? Poor timing, that.

@pdwalker- I'm guessing he could do well as a celebrity chef at Benihana...

@Judi King- I hope so.

@Fred Ciampi- The weed of crime bears bitter fruit.

@chef621- Weren't those Johnny Cochran's last words?

@Bobo the Hobo- Let me start by proclaiming my ignorance about what the Parole Board was able to consider. Obviously it should be focused on the crime he was convicted for, but shouldn't evidence of OJ's character come into play? The board cited lack of any prior criminal convictions...but as long as they're looking backwards, why NOT consider the civil conviction naming him responsible for the deaths?

@Emmentaler "Devil's Advocate" Limburger- I'll see your devil's advocacy and raise you an assload of evidence: OJ's DNA at the crime scene, OJ's hair in the cap left by the killer, OJ's unique shoe prints at the crime scene, testimony by a limo driver at OJ's house who couldn't raise him by phone, saw someone race into the house, then got a breathless OJ on the phone telling him to wait a few minutes. During those minutes, OJ showered and left blood in the drain. And more, of course, much more.

I don't feel like I'm being swayed by mere reporting; the facts in the trial would have allowed me to easily pronounce OJ guilty "beyond a shadow of a doubt." So no, there's no hypocrisy in my feelings about the media (and I know you raised this as an interesting talking point - and a good one!)

@Anonymous- Funny stuff. Too bad, in retrospect, that it was all make believe.

@graylady- Perfectly put.

@Geoff King- Yes, apparently Florida's homestead laws will allow OJ to enjoy the wealth he should be paying to the victim's families. If Florida was smart, they wouldn't let OJ in - because when God sends a hurricane, others are likely to get hurt.

@Rod- I'm paying a lot less attention to the "news" to. It's been quite awhile now since I've thought the media's goal was to inform me rather than influence me. Screw 'em.

@Tracy Evans- At the point Mark Fuhrman admitted using the n-word in a screenplay, the trial was over. God help us.

Emmentaler "Still In Hell" Limburger said...

...all through the efforts of the MSM we know and trust...

My OPINION: I have been informed of no-one else with motive - though motive is often missing from such acts. My OPINION: Yeah, he probably did it. Do I or anyone else *KNOW* he did it? Again, if that were the case, and this person was known to the prosecutors, they would have been paraded in front of the jury and OJ would have been convicted.

But, still: how did you and I come upon ANY information whatsoever regarding this epoch? The MSM. But why would they lie to us? Why would they want to destroy someone?

Again: why do we trust their reporting in this matter, but not in regard to event surrounding Martin, Brown, Clinton, Trump, Russia, Flynn, et al?

It does beg some introspection, at the very least...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Emmentaler "Still In Hell" Limburger-

I'm not basing my judgement on what the MSM reported, I'm basing it on what I heard and saw with my own eyes during that endless - but televised - trial. I had the same information as the jurors. Clearly it's not a perfect system, and it's nearly impossible to know the truth absolutely. So we do the best we can with experts, evidence, and logic. By that standard, and NOT relying on MSM opinionating, I would have been comfortable voting to send OJ to prison for life, or to execution.

Were I basing my opinion on what the "news" media reported, I would indeed deserve a shellacking for hypocrisy.

rdb said...

OJ should be free. He has served more than most criminals do for the same crime and he has been a model prisoner during his time. He deserves parole.

Now on the other hand, he is a murdering mofo who will get his at some point. Maybe not until judgment day, but he will get his.

Emmentaler "Apologetic As All Hell" Limburger said...

(Stilt: Our postings crossed in the ether - I sometimes start a reply, get pulled away, and then finish. That my second posit was not intended as a rebuttal to your post - though the vagaries of internet timing may make it appear so.

You were spot on - my whole point was that we receive all data regarding events we are not personally present to observe through the lens - and filter - of those reporting it. Yet, we tend to believe them when our position - opinion, observations, whatever - agrees with the reporting. Some blindly; blind to the potential that even that reporting was arranged to skew perception from reality. The OJ bit was simply a facile vehicle for this argument.

No offense; not trying to point out the hypocrisy of anyone living or dead. Any resemblance to any real person is merely coincidental...)

Walter L. Stafford said...

For OJ, the fat lady ain't sung yet. There will be someone that remembers the chicanery associated with this pseudo trial and will serve justice to OJ in a manner resembling his killing of two people. Then the fat lady will sing an aria to justice being served after all these years!

John the Econ said...

I lived in Southern California during the original OJ escapades and trail, where everything became "All OJ, all the time". It really was nearly impossible to escape.

And it really was a shame that it turned out that OJ was a homicidal creep. His public image before the sordid details of his private life came out was unparalleled. The Progressive narrative back then was basically the same as it is today regarding race; that white America was irredeemably racist. And yet it would have been difficult to find anybody would would have minded having OJ as their next-door neighbor, in the same way that people loved Bill Cosby before the sordid details of his private life took him from the heights of loveability to the pit of disdain. In other words, OJ was proof that America wasn't the racist hate-hole the left likes to portray it as. We just hate thugs.

The OJ Trial: What I am about to say below may shock you.

Had I been on the OJ jury, I would have likely voted to acquit.

The OJ trail was sensational, and broadcast on live TV end-to-end and I have to admit that I saw a fair amount of it. Why would I have voted to acquit? Because through sheer incompetence, the state botched what should have been an open and shut case.

Don't get me wrong here. I think OJ was guilty as sin. And I have no doubt that race played a role in the decision of some if not many of the jurors. However, the linchpin to the whole case was the DNA evidence, and we were to discover that the LA crime lab was incompetently run. Procedures were sloppy. Evidence was mishandled. The lab itself was a mess. It disturbed me that DNA evidence (still relatively new at the time) which theoretically provided such certainty could also be so compromised. This was more than enough to wipe away the proof beyond a reasonable doubt legally required for a murder conviction.

The state is the only entity legally empowered to deprive a citizen of their property, freedom or life. That's an awesome power that we as (supposedly) freedom-loving citizens must respect, both as the governed and governing. If the state is going to deprive someone of their property, freedom or life, it's got to make it's case and make it solid. And in the case of OJ, IMHO they did not. By screwing up what should have been a slam-dunk, they allowed "reasonable doubt" about the "preponderance of the evidence" to enter my mind, which would have been enough for me to acquit.

Okay, let me have it.

John the Econ said...

The Brown Family: Don't get me started on them. They were the "Pre Kardashians".
Nicole Brown was the perfect feminist victim; a woman, abused, and eventually killed by an angry, out-of-control rich man. The Brown family (largely sister Denise) used their sister's death and cause celebre as a stepping stone into into LA's hip nightlife scene. They created The Nicole Brown Charitable Foundation supposedly to combat domestic violence. In reality, it was just another fraudulent charity that existed mainly to throw lavish fundraiser parties so that the Brown's could hobnob with LA's celebrity elite. The foundation itself did little to no real work and gave pennies to the actual charities that did. It also helped Denise Brown from having to get a real job.

20 years ago, I was an online moderator for a major national newspaper. At the time, many people thought the Browns, through their victim status, walked on water. I pointed out that their charity was a shallow sham. You would have thought I was knocking Jesus on Easter. I bet a whole lot of people $100 that in 10 years the Nicole Brown Simpson Foundation would not be in any way relevant, if it still existed at all. Turns out that a lot of people owe me a lot of money. Not holding my breath on collecting any of it.

Colby Muenster said...

And Donald Trump said, "Thank GOD the news isn't 24-7 Russia collusion!"

Bruce Bleu said...

Are you telling me that OJ doesn't own a MIRROR?

REM1875 said...

Well on the bright side - he does look well tanned and rested ...........

Shelly said...

@Colby Muenster, that was my exact thought. At least for a short while, the media had something else to obsess on instead of Trump sucks, Russia Russia Russia. As far as OJ goes, if I never heard his name or saw his mug again, that would be too soon. He got far more publicity than he deserved and IMHO is an unrepentant vicious murderer. I hope he rots in hell. OTOH, he could take up with Casey Anthony in Florida and they could swap stories.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@rdb- Succinct and to the point. I can't honestly say that OJ doesn't deserve parole on this specific charge, just that I don't like it.

@Emmentaler "Apologetic As All Hell" Limburger- No apologies necessary AT ALL. We were just having a pleasant conversation and I don't disagree with any of your points. As you say, the timing of the Internet and the sterility of text can sometimes impede actual communication. I never took anything you said as anything other than good.

@Walter L Stafford- I can't bring myself to wish vigilante justice on OJ, though I must admit I smiled when the prison system "handled" Jeffrey Dahmer.

@John the Econ- Well I'm not going to "let you have it," as you make excellent points. Now that you refresh my memory, I recall that there was some spectacularly bad handling of evidence at the time. Were I an actual juror making a life and death decision, I would have had to take that into account.

And good observations about the "Pre-Kardashians." In some ways, thanks to Robert Kardashian taking part in the trial (and perhaps, some suggest, hiding evidence for his pal OJ) this was really "The Kardashians - Chapter One."

@Colby Muenster- Not that Mr. Trump got too far out of the news cycle, thanks to Mueller escalating things.

@Bruce Bleu- Good point; I'm sure OJ sees the "real killer" every time he brushes his teeth.

@REM1875- And that's the kind of "glass half full" observation that exemplifies the optimistic nature of this blog!

@Shelly- I'm guessing OJ will now fade from view until his actual release, after which he'll make a brief media splash and then be pretty quiet until he's returned to prison for parole violation. Considering his lack of impulse control, I don't think it will take long.