Friday, July 28, 2017

Trans Mission Problem

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This actually makes way more sense than the Left wants to admit.
Donald Trump has issued an unsubtle new policy decision on Twitter, which could pretty much be the opening line of every news story we're likely to see over the next four years.

In this case, he announced that transsexuals would no longer be allowed to join or serve in the military, and the Left is going out of its collective mind. This is hatred! Bigotry! Some kind of blatant sexism which is admittedly hard to define!

To which we say: baloney.

We're not going to get into debating whether or not transsexuals are good people or bad people, patriotic or not, or which latrine they should use - because none of that is germane to the argument. What is germane is whether or not transsexuals have medical conditions and special needs which are unduly burdensome when it comes to the military branches completing their missions. And the answer is: yes, they do.

This is the same rationale which keeps many, many others with chronic medical conditions out of the military. And we'll note that this does not keep motivated individuals from finding alternate ways to serve their country or communities.

Despite attempts to make this into a broader LGBT issue, it's worth noting that Trump hasn't banned gays or lesbians from service. He's not concerned about someone's sexual orientation, he's concerned about their physical ability to complete missions - including at times when their medical conditions can't be treated in the field, potentially putting others at risk.

The outrage we're hearing from the media strikes us as nothing more than a tempest in a teapot. Which is somewhat ironic considering it involves individuals who aren't sure if they've got a handle or a spout.

According to the Poopometer, we don't give one.


REM1875 said...

The military"s mission is to protect us by threatening to or actually killing and destroying things- Social engineering and social justice testing fields it is not.......I want us to perfect the tool we have not add to the problem we may have....
Flack jackets that allow lactating females into the front lines (ask sHrillary about this one- really), special meds, uniforms, regulations, allowances for "special people" to prove a PC point takes away scarce resources to actually .....FIGHT AND WIN a damn war.....
There are plenty of other people who can not enlist and we have not wasted scarce resources to change the entire military for those in much large demographics than less than 1% to accommodate them.
Supporting the military does not necessarily mean enlisting - ask most of our population about that who truly support us but have never served.....And we are truly grateful for their support.....

Maoz said...

To both Stilton and REM1875: Roger that!

Bobo the Hobo said...

Here's the thing: we have been bombarded with "facts" that transgender individuals from childhood on are at greater risk for suicide, self-harm, outbursts of rage, etc.; why, then, would we give those individuals weapons and training in the use of said weapons when the military refuses to induct people with a similar psychiatric history?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- Very well said.

@Maoz- Thanks!

@Bobo the Hobo- What you're describing isn't anti-Trans prejudice, it's statistical truth. It's entirely possible to be sympathetic to those with this condition while still drawing a few lines that can't be crossed for practical reasons.

Anonymous said...

FYI... your e-mail link goes to Hope n Change, not here.....

Oh, and I'm really tired of hearing about trans whatever..... They can do whatever they want, until they try and force their way into places they are not wanted nor needed, such as the military.

If that makes me a hater, I can live with that pretty easy.....

Judi King said...

Since I believe in facts, I believe there are men and women. I don't understand transgender and, IF there is a small minority who really are gender confused, then they should resolve their condition on their own. Why should the military (taxpayers) pay for confusion. This country has enough problems globally to do it's constitutional job of national security without this silliness.

Alej said...

Apparently, transgender types need continuing dosages of hormones and other medication, which are not in the usual logistical inventory, ESPECIALLY as concerns overseas deployment.

Non-deployable = non-useful.


Ruggles said...

Trans gender are about Three Tenths of One Percent of the total population. Why should a vanishingly small segment of the population with a mental condition dictate to the vast majority what is or isnt acceptable ? maybe instead of hormone treatment they should invest in visiting a good shrink

Unknown said...

If someone believes they are Napoleon - everyone will agree - they're suffering from some sort of mental problem. But, if they believe they are of a different gender - hell's bells - let's cater to them..

The military is no place for social experimentation, much less should we be paying for 'gender reassignment'.

Rod said...

This is another entirely logical action by Trump; and all this outrage does a good thing. I think it also plays some part in his overall strategy.

Outrage over this further clarifies & makes VERY obvious the nut-cakes, idiots, idealists, incompetents, agitators, etc. ranging all the way up to pretty much political whores and traitors for those in responsible position who should know better but still oppose this action and would change it.

As far as I'm concerned the Democrat Party is dead; having become nothing but a bunch of moochers, clowns, sensationalists, and enemies of our nation. I used to respect many of them but can't do that any more. People have a right to liberal opinions but now those with any sense at all had better form a party that at least has common sense. Get away from the liars, cheats and crooks too.

This is not an eloquent post and I salute this edition of Stilton's Place and the earlier comments above for addressing this topic so well.

james daily said...

It is hard to believe these weird folks do not believe there is something wrong with them. Fitting them into normal society, especially stressful situations such as fifty
Arabs trying to kill you does not bode well for those with them. Do you really think that these, uh, would really give their best for their comrades? If we have to have them in the military, I suggest cleaning the facilities is a good fit. Lordy am I tired of hearing about those with different orientations claiming rights that do not and never have existed. Bathrooms? Every pubic building, state, local and federal spending My money so they can pee? Boggles the mind.

Unknown said...

As everyone above pointed out, this should be a non issue. If transgender people have a "right" to be in the military, why don't blind people, people 60+ who are currently having trouble making ends meet , the lame, asthmatics, etc. have that same "right" to be in the military?

Stan da Man said...

Air Force wont let me fly jets due to my eyes.
As Stilt points out, flat feet, diabetes, obesity are just a few 'conditions' that DQ a person from service.
Get over it already.
It's not about YOU, snowflake, it's about readiness..

John the Econ said...

I guess I'm old enough to remember when people acted transgendered to get out of the military.

Let me ask this: Just how wise is it to allow people who over time exhibit a near 50/50 chance of committing suicide to have access to military-grade weaponry?

It seems incongruent to me that the same people who demand that privately owned guns be denied to people who demonstrate any form of mental instability (like merely being conservative, for example) are also demanding that people who have obvious psychological issues be deployed with weapons of mass destruction. Clearly, these people are not big on science.

As @Stilton points out, there's a long list of conditions that will deny you entry into America's fighting forces. The rationale for this should be obvious; they military isn't supposed to be a social welfare organization. Their job is to be ready to kill people and break things, and dealing with with individual cases of gender dysphoria does not forward that goal. It's also maddening to note that this seems to be the priority of many people while countless veterans who have already served and sacrificed in our armed forces are shunted off to waiting lists until they eventually die. Our military has enough to deal with without taking on board people who's lives are already a disaster before the bullets start flying.

Also missing from this debate is the question of just how many people are we talking about here? Out of about 1.5-million personnel in the forces, a couple hundred? Dozens? Does this really warrant the kind of hysteria it's generating?

Or is this really about the pushback that the left is finally getting after over 25 years of converting our military into a grand, dysfunctional parade of Progressive social experiments?

The American Spectator had an great take on the whole transgender movement earlier this month, suggesting that the left has finally jumped the shark. Having successfully shoved so much of it's social agenda down America's throat over the last 8 years, it's possible that they've finally overreached, and the pendulum is on its way back:

"What I’d like to leave you with is this — can there be any more mind-blowing overreach than for the Left to present this to the public? Is this not the exposed flank from which the rout may commence? Let’s start asking Democrat politicians if they think straight men are bigots if they don’t want to date shemales.

Stop laughing for a second, and think about this. We’ve now stumbled on what might be the greatest wedge issue in modern American political history. How are they going to answer the question? If they repudiate the transgender movement, they also repudiate the tactic of shaming as intolerant those people who reject the latest fad of social radicalism, and how far back can that be rolled?

But if not, does the entire Democrat Party not fall off the deep end to the disgust and rejection of the American public?

In other words, "Want more Trump? Because this is how you get more Trump".

Shelly said...

The cloying suffocating doctrine of political correctness and social justice warrioring has already gotten people killed in our fighting forces. Remember Major Nidal at Ft. Hood? He openly displayed his support of jihad over a long period of time which ultimately resulted in the murders he committed there. But no, PC did not allow for him to be removed before his murderous rampage. Why have we as a nation let these leftist bastards control us with this insane nonsense? It's time to finally stand up and say "Hell no, NO MORE!!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@porkyspen- Yeah, I messed up the link this morning, although there are worse places to land than in the welcoming arms of Busty Ross. For what it's worth, the links are ALWAYS the same: you can just enter the URL whenever you want and get here.

And like you, I'm tired of hearing about the trans issues. Doesn't mean I'm entirely unsympathetic, but I do have a sense of priorities and an exhausted sense of patience.

@Judi King- I'd like some real science to back up the claims made by transgenders. It seems distinctly lacking so far, which doesn't necessarily mean it's not out there somewhere. Heck, we don't even know why some people are Gay. But until there is solid science, we shouldn't be fooling around with institutions like the military. And indeed, as I pointed out, even if we're 100% sympathetic to transgenders, they're still medically "high maintenance" and should reasonably be rejected just like others with medical conditions which might impair their ability to perform.

@Alej- I also read that post-transition (ie, after surgery) the new genitalia needs constant maintenance because the body believes it's a wound that should heal back into it's original factory configuration.

@Ruggles- A demonstrably high percentage of transgenders have psychological issues (which is hardly surprising, and which I don't condemn). But again, the military has a hard enough job without needlessly adding problems.

@Tracy Evans- Funny you should mention Napoleon. I believe part of the male-to-female transition surgery consists of taking the Bonaparte. (Okay, I'm going to PC hell for that one...)

@Geoff King- Only French military vehicles need to go in reverse. (grin)

@Rod- On the one hand, it's probably useful for Trump to stir the pot and have us discuss these issues rationally. On the other hand, it's now looking like he may NOT have "consulted with (his) generals" and certainly sprang this policy move on them without warning, creating considerable confusion and disarray which is - in the short term, at least - more distracting and counterproductive than having the transgenders continue to serve.

I do my level best to be supportive of Trump here (as evidenced by today's cartoon and commentary), but damn it, I wish he'd at least let up on the obviously boneheaded and or untrue tweets.

@James Daily- I'm personally willing to stretch the definitions of "normal" quite a bit, even though some folks will only get under the tent flap as "normal-ish." But that being said, the military doesn't need the hassles and headaches.

@rickn8or- You're quite right that such "special" individuals would be fast-tracked into leadership positions rather than have anyone risk their own careers by seeming insensitive. That's how Nidal Hassan kept getting promoted while talking about beheading American soldiers and pouring boiling oil down their throats...before he massacred more than a dozen of them when they were unarmed.

@Alan Mcintire- Exactly. I'm just shy of 65, about 80 pounds overweight, and have the muscle mass of a gummi worm. But I identify as a rip-snorting all-American death machine. That does not mean I should have the right to endanger all those who would be depending on me to carry a weapon more than 50 feet without stopping to wheeze.

@Stan da Man- Perfectly summed up!

@John the Econ- Great post. And yes, I've already seen accusations that straight white guys are bigots if they're uncomfortable dating "chicks with dicks." It seems like the Left just wants to turn all rational thought (and biological realities) into a great, gray soup that they can redefine to their liking at any time.

And I agree, this is how you get more Trump.

@Shelly- Well said!

Anonymous said...

I have this site book-marked of course, I just happened to use the e-mail link today because lazy. :)

Hope the house shenanigans are going well.....

Fred Ciampi said...

Whew! Got a late start this morning. Anyhoo, My favorite Uncle who landed on Guadalcanal the day I was born told me, as has been stated here a few times, "The military's job is to kill people and break things". He's also the reason I became a Marine. A transgendered person evidently is confused about weather they are a male, female, or some other entity of living creature past, present, or future. I can envision this scenario; Gunny screams out "Alright you bastards, everyone out of your foxholes and attack". The tranny yells "Oh, drat, I broke a nail. What shall I do?" And that's only one of about a million scenarios I can envision. I don't mind sacrificing my life for my country but I don't want it to be wasted.

John the Econ said...

Just to add a bit of levity to the topic, here's a great example of the level of intellect that is the vanguard of the Progressive agenda:


. @POTUS Sincerely, did you know of the group you singled out today, 45% of them ages (18 to 24) have attempted suicide already?

Yeah, Lady Gaga. Brilliant point. Just the kind of people we should be giving high powered weaponry to and then inserting into high-stress situations. Tell me, just how many of your private security detail possess this particular psychological affliction?

Chris said...

Hey Stilton,

No sweat about the link, man! I got to see Betsy toady and with all the rest of the wonderful news coming out today, my heart (heh, heh) swelled with pride (really?!).

Thanks for everything you do!


Colby Muenster said...

I'm horrified by Trump's ban! I completely sympathize with the transgender folks because I deal with being transage. I am physically 65, but my brain thinks I'm 23. Sarge, where do I sign up! what do you mean, I can't possibly pass the physical?! I'll sue!!

John the Econ said, "I guess I'm old enough to remember when people acted transgendered to get out of the military."

I well remember those days, and the guys who were doing that are likely now the moonbats that are screaming to let transgenders into the military. Remember Phil Ochs:

Sarge, I'm only 18, got a ruptured spleen,
and I always carry a purse.
My feet are flat, got eyes like a bat,
and my asthma's gettin' worse.

And I wouldn't walk across the street to piss on Lady Gaga if she was on fire.

Igor said...

Colby Muenster,
"And I wouldn't walk across the street to piss on Lady Gaga if she was on fire."

Hell, I'd call an ArcLight strike on her and her retinue... and her little dog, too!

rickn8or said...

More along the lines of Major Nidal: You know the trans is going to be untouchable. Just what every SNCO and Field-Grade Officer dreams of...

Dan said...

Pretty simple. Obama started the trans in the military thing before he left office. That "policy" as was so many of his policies and directives, nothing more than a giant middle finger to Americans. It's like he tried to figure out ways to irritate the hell out of us, flip us big one, and his enablers in the media and democrat party (and about five of the Repubs in the senate and a few more in the house) did what they can to help. I'm talkin' about you ABCCBSMBCCMMAFPReutersAP and so forth. Plus you Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Ms Murkowsy and the gentlewoman from Maine, I think it is. Plus Boener (thank God and greyhound he's gone), plus many others who claim to be on our side but merely lied to us for votes from 2008 on. (Spelling of names may be erroneous, but I don't care enough about them to look them up.)

As for bona fide wimminfolk wanting to go into special operations, they'be been case officers for years in the military and the clandestine civilian service. I wouldn't doubt if some have completed the CIA Operators-type courses, whatever they call it. They should check with CIA and see how women operators are doing there, and maybe join them IF that's really what they're looking for and not juxg badges, buzzers and whistles on their uniforms, or to force a point.

Dan said...

Of course that's "just badges..." not "juxg badges" sometime spelng isn't my strog poyt.

james daily said...

John the Econ said, "I guess I'm old enough to remember when people acted transgendered to get out of the military."
I was on the ship when a seaman told the Captain he was a homo. Captain called the corpsman and told him to check it out. Corpsman took him to his nook and pulled out his Johnson and told the guy to give him a BJ. The guy got sick and the Corpsman told the Captain he was not a homo. He went to the brig. Still laugh about that.

JustaJeepGuy said...

When I joined the Navy in '72, there was a guy in my company in boot camp who must have been like the new "precious snowflakes" we're burdened with these days. When the drill instructors came in at 0430 screaming at everyone to GET UP!! GET UP!! GET UP!!, this guy started shaking. He shook so badly, he couldn't even stand at attention. He shook for about a week and they sent him home. I couldn't imagine what his life must have been like before he joined. There was a time when the drill instructors were supposed to shake out the weaklings; what do they do lately? Are they not permitted to be tough on the recruits?

A woman once asked me why the drill instructors acted like that. I had to explain to her that the idea is to eliminate the ones who can't take the (relatively mild) stress of boot camp, because they would surely break under the stress of real action. I don't know if she got it... Barack Hussein and the Demo_Rats certainly don't get it.

Granny said...

Klinger livened up M.A.S.H. as a joke people.
Mr Trump is trolling for idiots every time he tosses out one of his memos/tweets. They rise to the bait like starving trout each time the Prez. lays one across their sight lines. Too self absorbed and PC crazed to get that he is pulling their chains.(mixed metaphor I know, but with the Dems. nobody will notice.)
Bless our serving men and women who lay their lives on the line every hour of every day.

Chrissy the Hyphenated said...

I tried to join the military once a long, long time ago. I never got past the first interview. Once the recruiter learned I needed bi-weekly allergy shots, he told me I was not eligible to serve. It made sense to me then and this makes sense to me now. People who need DAILY hormone replacement therapy are a liability.

Liberty Card said...

My grandson wanted to join the military too, but was rejected because he has asthma. I told him he should claim he identifies as a dog, then they'd let him in.

Unknown said...

I'm reminded of this scene from "A Mighty Wind".

L.C.Clower said...

Where is Cpl. Klinger on this issue?

Joseph ET said...

Check this out. WOW! Game on?

Judi King said...

WOW is right, but they forgot the weasel in chief.

pdwalker said...

you could piss beside her and let her catch some of the splash, just so she could see your disdain.

pdwalker said...

That's a perfectly good use of the "Don't ask (the Corpsman), Don't tell (the Captain)" policy.

pdwalker said...

Ugh, not threaded replies in non mobile view)

The first comment was for Colby Muenster regarding his fire problem

The second was for James Daily and his funny seaman story.