Friday, October 20, 2017

Fix-it Friday

We're a little distracted today owing to it being "fix a few mistakes" day by our remodeling crew. This is a day which happens about three times a week and frequently replaces old mistakes with new mistakes. We're hoping, but not necessarily expecting, that this seemingly unending cycle will taper off before we succumb to cirrhosis.

But rather than leave you mirthless on a Friday, here's a fresh new Earwigs cartoon!

And just for fun, here's a little something we posted on Facebook to indicate our eye-rolling exhaustion with hashtag social justice campaigns...

Because no victim should be forgotten.
In a conversationally rambling mood (hey, YOU try to write while a floor-buffing machine is whirling away outside your door), we're looking at the news and just shaking our heads. We're somewhat glad to see people taking notice of the Clintons' scandalous pay-for-play involvement in selling American uranium to Russia, but feel like we're in a time warp. After all, in this very blog we were talking about the issue 6 months ago. Hopefully it will finally get some traction, but we're not about to bet the farm.

We just heard that George W. Bush made a speech overseas which is being construed as a not-too-subtle attack on Donald Trump, implying that the current President is encouraging bigotry and white supremacy. We've always liked Bush (while frequently disagreeing with him), but just have to issue a "please STFU" on this one. Where was this kind of criticism during Obama's horrific race-dividing administration? And where is this wave of alleged white supremacy that we keep hearing about? What cities have been burned? What statues vandalized? What speakers threatened or attacked?

And as long as we're grumbling, what else are we honked off about today? Oh yeah - geriatric communist Jane Fonda was recently being interviewed and was asked if she was proud of America. Jane nearly spit out her dentures in her enthusiastic haste to shout, "No!"

She then quickly followed up that she is proud of "the resistance movement" in America. As is, presumably, the horse she rode in on.

And finally, we're posting this picture just because it's wonderful and vaguely inspirational...

Despite his deformity, he remained plucky.


james daily said...

I suppose because she hates America she is still here. It has baffled me why she did not immigrate to NVN. However, I just hope to out live her so I can urinate on her grave. Love the Banjo Player, I'm not sure if that is talent or showmanship.
Ah, yes our second favorite abuser of women and children. I think this is going to get really nasty and so many "me too's" plus the pedophile aspects, that there will be many opening for actresses in the land of fruits and nuts. With the LAPD starting an investigation, they will probably put Sargent Schultz as the leader.

Mike aka Proof said...

The lesson from that last picture is "Don't fret".

Granny said...

Combining Earwig, and Jane Fonda would go something like this; News Flash! Man gives Birth to Giant Feces.
A collective sigh of relief as your renos are nearing completion.

REM1875 said...

"This too shall pass"

The old morning after the cheap mexican all ya can eat night......

Prepping for the old kiss your ass good bye maneuver

Not a good sign when you realize this guy is your new psychiatrist

A picture like this in a dating profile IS a run ....far and fast...

A little weak today on my part today- hard to add to the work of THE MASTER- The Stilton......

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Rodin's followup work, "The Do-er", proved less popular for some strange reason....

PaBlum said...

In Israel, a way to curse someone is to say: May your home be remodeled!

TrickyRicky said...

The Thinker became The Stinker.

Judi King said...

Taking "take a knee" to a new level..... thought the overpaid snowflake.
Why does that FL congresswoman wear those tacky cowboy hats? Do you suppose she craves attention? Just asking.

rickn8or said...

Judy, I think she wears them so she won't be mistaken for Shelia Jackson Lee or Maxine Waters.

She’s A Beauty said...

I miss Busty...

Fritzchen said...

Put a pay toilet over her grave and we'll pay off the national debt in less than a year!

Geoff King said...

My interest in Hanoi Jane peaked when, as a teenage boy, I watched her fry out the orgasm machine in "Barbarella".

Bruce Bleu said...

Before the whole project goes "down the toilet" and you succumb to cirrhosis of the 'lever', I hope your contractor resolves all your issues.
For the last 15 years of my working career I owned a construction company, and remodeling was our forte. The "fix a few mistakes" phase was called the "punch list". I can't imagine how that applies to what one wants to do to the contractor after weeks of debris and untidy conditions, but that's just me. One of our last projects was to build 30 decks, replace thousands of board-feet of trim wood and siding, and leave the complex looking like it was brand new, and with zero "call-backs" we enjoyed no punch list. Yay!

Faith D. said...

So where IS your Facebook page, that you said you posted to?

Judi King said...

@rickn8or: Yeah sure can't tell them apart by their rhetoric.

John the Econ said...

"I thought Joss Whedon was a feminist."

#NotMe: Have you noticed that the loudest proclaimed male feminist voices in the country always turn out to be people who treat women like chattel? Bill Clinton, Ben Afflek, Harvey Weinstein...

Mrs. Econ & I have a saying we share often: If you have to proclaim something about yourself, then you're not it. The louder these guys shout about their enlightened attitude towards women, the more we should be suspect. And it's getting worse.

Perhaps it's because mainstream feminism sold out a generation ago to support and then defend Bill Clinton's obvious misogyny, proving what we had assumed for some time; that mainstream feminism had devolved to be little more than just another wholly-owned arm of the Democratic Party, and effectively changing the definition of being a "feminist" from "respecting women and their rights" to "exclusively supporting the Progressive agenda, even if that means sacrificing actual women to the beasts we supposedly exist to resist".

So for men today, being a "feminist" now means little more than something to use to pick up supposedly easy chicks, or as a get-out-of-jail-free card should you get caught in some other transgression.

Hillary & Russia: Look, a squirrel! They need another scandal fast!

Speaking of distractions, Why has the Las Vegas shooting and the latest obvious push for more useless gun control totally disappeared? Maybe because the whole story has gone completely off the rails. The gun control hysteria narrative only works when the shooter is a right-wing white guy taking out a favored class of Progressives. The all-over-the-place story of what happened in Vegas seems to be staying in Vegas, giving creed to conspiracy theories that make much more sense that what's coming out of the "official" investigation.

Jane Fonda: America officially started it's slide to castrated status when they allowed her back into the country after her stunt in Vietnam. Only a generation prior, she'd have been shot. Today, she gets to be a celebrity who says he hates this country, but for whatever reason refuses to live anywhere else.

And I have to admit I am really surprised that Frederica didn't make the cartoon today. Perhaps it would have been just too easy.

Colby Muenster said...

"Murphy always got free drinks at the pub when he demonstrated his "I can pick up a beer bottle without using my mouth or limbs" trick.

There is a very special place for people who use their celebrity status as a platform for their bully pulpit, leftist opinions. It's called North Korea, and I'll be the first to volunteer to chip in a few bucks to send Hanoi Jane there. She has been rich, pampered and spoiled her entire pathetic life, so what business does she have preaching her version of morality?

However, I find it ironic and amusing that Jane Fonda is proud of "the resistance movement." I sort of believe Trump and his supporters are the resistance movement. I am a proud member, and the movement must be working because the libtards are so very, very upset all the time.

rickn8or said...

And I have to admit I am really surprised that Frederica didn't make the cartoon today. Perhaps it would have been just too easy.

Frederica the Rodeo Clown's stunt is the squirrel! for the revelation of Mueller & the FBI's coverup of Hillary's bribery by the Russians. Quick, easy and plays well to her constituents.

Captain Nancy said...

Today's blog was usual! I just love your sense of matches mine, only I'm not nearly as clever as you are! Can't wait for your next installment!

DougM said...

Re: Earwigs
• This is what a male feminist looks like
• Some guys will do anything to meet Sondra Bullock
• Gold-medal winner at the sustainable-lifestyle exhibit
• Nude beaches aren't for everyone
• Olympic-diving dreams can be disturbing
• Discovering that the "lady" you picked up at the bar isn't
• Sure, you were a man trapped in a woman's body, but then you were born. Get over it

Sergio said...

Hanoi Jane and John (Kerry) should spend a long sentence in the "Hanoi Hilton" Remember, he admitted war crimes

REM1875 said...

News conference with former prezzy oblamers mental health czar............

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@James Daily- When Jane Fonda barked "NO!" because she wasn't proud of America, you could practically hear the spit flecks exploding against the microphone. Truly a reprehensible person, not just because of what she's done in the past, but because of who she is today.

And I'm not expecting a lot from Hollywood's self-investigation of sexual abuse, beyond a lot of hashtag virtue signaling. The corrupt system has worked too well, too long, for too many for them to really let it go.

@Mike aka Proof- I think you've just come up with the right phrase to use with that image on a coffee mug!

@Granny- Or how about "Bob is ashamed he was ever attracted to Barbarella."

@REM1875- Hey, the fun is in playing along!

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Interestingly, some experts believe the statue was named "The Stinker."

@PaBlum- The Israelis know what they're talking about!

@TrickyRicky- Oops. Great minds think alike. and so do ours.

@Judi King- The Congresswoman's outfits don't exactly scream "sanity" or seriousness of purpose.

@rickn8or- But she could achieve the same thing by not sounding stupid.

@Section147- Busty isn't gone and will be back. Granted, there are worse ideas that just getting her take on the news every day.

@Fritz Brohn- The line to use that pay toilet will be long. So the good news is that after finishing your business, you can go to the end of the line and be ready to go again by the time you reach the crapper door!

@Geoff King- I'm pretty sure that's when Jane peaked, too.

@Bruce Bleu- Congrats on the zero call-backs! Our punch list varies day to day, and our waning patience adds a special resonance to the term "punch list." Currently on the list, items relating to paint, carpentry, and electrical.

@Faith D.- You can go to and see the occasional extra cartoon or material I think is worth sharing. This blog, however, is my real "home base." And yes, I'm still "Hope n' Change Cartoons" over there; changing the blog's name made sense to mark the end of the Obama years, but I decided not to confuse people on Facebook.

@John the Econ- Leftists seem very able to criticize negative behaviors because they're so familiar with committing those same behaviors. But all is forgiven (in their minds) if their ideology passes the group sniff test.

Regarding Hillary and Russia, I expect a LOT of squirrels to be popping up for as long as it takes for ass to get covered. She should soooooooo be in jail.

On Las Vegas, Mark Steyn summed things up nicely when he said that people might as well dig into conspiracies because we're not getting any straight and believable information. The mere fact that this story is largely being buried makes it seem likely that larger forces are in play.

Jane Fonda: I agree that at the very least, she should not have been able to return to our country. Nor should John Kerry have been allowed to.

Finally, Frederica didn't make the cartoon because this particular issue makes me so angry - and NOT just because it's a "shiny object" being used to distract from more important matters.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby Muenster- And who can forget the sight of Murphy opening a bottle of champagne!

And great point about who and what the real resistance movement is in this country. The Leftists are "resisting" their own fantasies and fascist tendencies (which they're projecting on others). We, on the other hand, are resisting unsustainable debt, the collapse of a morally sustainable culture, the implementation of racism as policy, and a host of other ills.

@rickn8or- She's a distraction, alright. And what could our visual media love more than a loud-mouthed woman in candy colored cowboy outfits?

@Nancy Small- Thanks for the kind words! Today's post was rambling because (believe it or not) I really need to focus to write a commentary that's properly constructed, and the odds were against me. I'm glad that people allow me the wiggle room to offer up work that is still fun and sincere if not necessarily what I consider the top of my game.

@Doug M- Funny stuff, as always!

@Sergio- I completely agree.

@REM1875- Am I the only one who's enjoying not hearing the word "czar" anymore?

robsan19 said...

@Stilton, you link to your Facebook page is broken. This works,

Valvenator said...

Thanks robsan19. Since I don't do fakebook I thought it was me.

Stilt, looking at the last pic, I see, in addition to the avatar, you've decided to post a few more from the family album.
...kidding of course. Love this blog.
You actually make me (almost) look forward to Mondays.