Friday, October 13, 2017

Fried Day the 13th

Per the title of today's post, we're feeling absolutely fried today (and not "over easy" in any sense) and are giving ourselves a restorative break from the news, remodeling woes, and reality in general.

That being said, we DO have a quick cartoon that popped out reflexively after a good friend (and talented, nationally syndicated cartoonist!) sent an email worrying about the potential for trouble when male and female "boy" scouts start camping out together...


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We're not actually sure how bad an idea this new policy will be, but we don't much like the idea of tampering with institutions which have worked so very well for such a long time.

Although to be fair, maybe it's time girls got a chance to learn the skills that boys learn from scouting, rather than just being forced to sell cookies door-to-door.


Despite our promise above to take the day off, we've now had a restorative adult beverage or three and decided to add another cartoon...

After taking most of a week before denouncing the Clintonian predations of slimeball Harvey Weinstein, Hillary has finally issued a gently scolding tweet and promised to "give back" Weinstein's campaign donations by "donating them to charity."

Which raises a number of questions. Which charities will she donate to in order to advance the cause of women? Planned Parenthood would no doubt be high on that list, since they offer valuable abortion services to women (some under the age of consent) who've been impregnated by swine like Weinstein.

Or maybe the money will go to - surprise! - the Clinton Foundation, to help fund Chelsea's wardrobe and plastic surgeries as she fights the worldwide scourge of third world diarrhea (and no, we're not making that up).

But the big question is: will she then deduct any such "donations" from her own taxes? That would basically allow her to keep 30% (or more) of Weinstein's money by taking advantage of taxpayers (many of them female) against their will.

Irony, thy name is Hillary.


She’s A Beauty said...

In so many ways, Aunt Bea is as much of a pig as ol' Harv.

REM1875 said...

Sadly what I learned in Scouts they don't give merit badges in .....I was incorrigible even then..........
On second thought maybe it's a damned good thing they don't give merit badges for what I learned .....

Fish Out of Water said...

No. Venal, thy name is .....

Manwithface said...

The BSA has been hemorrhaging money & membership for over a decade now, due to a string of incredibly bad decisions. In only the last couple of years they opened up to gay scouts, then gay scout leaders, and now girls for all the same reason: they need the dues-paying bodies to keep their infrastructure afloat. But that's just a symptom of deeper, more malign problems.

Scouts are supposed to be physically fit, mentally awake and morally upright--though they use "straight" instead of upright because they HAVE to play to homophobes, blithely unconcerned that a double-entendre in a statement of ethics is self-defeating. But look at the scout leaders themselves: so many overweight, chain-smoking, alcoholics with low IQs dependent on Glenn Beck or other pop culture prophets to do their thinking for them; and an endless cavalcade of gossips and drama llamas.

Most of the good leadership jumped ship a while back, and what's left are what happens when you eliminate MEN from an organization responsible for mentoring boys. They've replaced male leadership with female leaders, whipped manginas and single mothers in non-leadership positions of authority within the councils. A boy can't learn to be a man from a woman, nor from a gutless husband who's terrified of upsetting one of the other females in the group.

Geoff King said...

I was a Boy Scout back when it was about camping and survival skills. I learned a lot and still have a great love and respect for nature.
Sorry to hear it has devolved into yet another liberal politically correct organization.
What's next, merit badges for crossdressing?
I imagine they will now be required to drop "Boy" from their name, as that is too gender specific.

Emmentaler "Math Is Hard" Limburger said...

I laughed when I read her statement. If you read it carefully, she's not donating Weinstein's donations at all. She's going to make them part of the 10% she allegedly donates annually. In effect, she's just dipping her bucket into a different part of the same ocean and, net-net, nothing changes for her. To wit: 'I give 10 per cent of my income to charity every year, this will be part of that. There's no doubt about it.'

How stupid the elites think we all are....

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Section147- She's almost worse. Bill and Harvey debased women, but Hillary then took it a step farther by destroying the victims. She would disparage their reputations and send people to intimidate them. And maybe, sometimes, a bit more than that.

@REM1875- It doesn't necessarily sound like what I'd want my daughter learning either (grin).

@Fish Out of Water- I'm told Venal sex is particularly painful.

@Esteban Guitierrez- Good points across the board. I think it was Tucker Carlson who said one of the reasons the Left hates the BSA is that they're "non-ironic." That is, they espouse virtuous values but aren't actually joking about it like those who are "enlightened."

I suppose co-ed scouting is better than none, but I'd rather see the "classic" version of the BSA restored to its former glory.

@Geoff King- It doesn't sound like the Girl Scouts offered much in the way of nature skills (other than teaching girls to camp out in front of grocery stores to sell cookies), so I can understand why some girls want that experience. The Girl Scouts aren't happy about this, either - citing studies that girls are more likely to flourish in all-girl environments. I'm not sure if that's accurate, or just the Girl Scouts' way of postponing the hiring of illegal aliens to sell the cookies that American girls won't sell.

@Emmentaler "Math Is Hard" Limburger- I hadn't heard Hillary's 10% statement! That's hilarious and you're absolutely right! Her gesture is 100% meaningless, and as usual I'll bet the whole frickin' donation goes to The Clinton Foundation (or as Hillary calls it, "my other pocket") while she takes a tax deduction out of our pockets.

Bruce Bleu said...

shrillary parting with MONEY??? That's funny! Why doesn't she part with something Bill has proven they've got plenty of... his semen! The levees at Sperm Banks would be overflowing, ammunition for "Splurge Guns" would be cheaper than an actress at Harvey Weinstein's house.

Shelly said...

I don't know if the Boy Scouts are in financial trouble but I do know their executives are very well paid. Before I retired, I worked for an actuarial firm that managed the pension funds of BSA. I guess they will do anything to protect the $$$. That's what drives everything anyway, doesn't it?

What, you expected Hillary to be upfront about those tainted contributions? What, are you nuts?

Unknown said...

Hillary can be counted on to do what's best for Hillary.. at least in her eyes.. Both of your 'toons are spot on.. Thanks!


Fritzchen said...

That reminds me of the Tom Lehrer song, "Be Prepared"
Yes, I know that dates me!

TrickyRicky said...

@Section147- No need to besmirch sweet old Aunt Bea. I prefer to use the much more accurate, IMHO, moniker of "Ma Barker".

james daily said...

In these days of instant lawsuits, you would have to be a masochist to be a scout leader as these gals try and ring the money bell for perceived slights or harassment. I can imagine a poor scout leader defending harassment for a snipe hunt. This assimilation will turn out poorly. Let the sexual harassment suits begin.
On to the crook: In my long lifetime, I have never seen a more completely evil person. I thought LBJ was bad but she definitely wins the highest achievement award. Asking her to give any money away is akin to turning a cannibal into a vegetarian. Then with their foundation and personal finances, if they filed zero forms, it would not be held against them and certainly not prosecuted.

John the Econ said...

I sensed a disturbance in the force yesterday, and now I know why.

I was a Boy Scout. It was a big part of my youth, and certainly a factor in who I am today. You won't find many pajama boys coming out of scouting, because the values they teach are diametrically opposed to pretty much the entirety of the Progressive agenda; Honor, duty, and self-reliance. We used to take week-long trips into the wilderness that your average snowflake today would not survive. Scouts are taught to take initiative. It's no coincidence that in prior generations, Eagle Scouts were disproportionately found among America's greatest modern leaders.

As I look back at that period of my life, even though we were in our teen years I recall that there was a distinctive lack of "teen drama" that typically occupied the rest of our lives at that point in young people's lives. I attribute that to the lack of girls present. My concern is that the addition of girls into this mix will radically disrupt the best parts of scouting, and will ultimately end up watering down the program even more so than I fear it already has been. I'm thinking that courses in wilderness survival will ultimately have be replaced by courses in sexual harassment.

Which may be the point.

Weinstein & the Democrats: I really can't help but really enjoy the schadenfreude I'm experiencing watching the whole Washington-Hollywood complex implode upon itself, and then seeing the neutronic shrapnel cause ongoing chain reactions withing the Progressive moral superiority sphere. Even irony-deficient hard-core Democrats have to twinge just a little bit being critical of Weinstein when they went full bore in defending Bill Clinton who's power-penis misogyny was no different than Harvey's. No matter what Hillary does, she loses. She stays silent, she gets called out, even by her sycophants. She opens her mouth, it has to be weak and evasive because there is no defense of what she's long since done regarding women.

Hillary, this is just another example of why it's long past time for you to just go away.

Walter L. Stafford said...

I too was a Boy Scout. I was privileged to be able to attend the 1953 Boy Scout Jamboree at Irving Ranch in California. I was dismissed from the ranks in a couple of years for "eating a Brownie"...and that is the end of my story!...except what is the new group going to be called?
Maybe Potpourri or WTF are you or ???

Colby Muenster said...

I was thinking, "What sort of girl wants to be part of a group with 'boy" in the name?" Also, what does the Girl Scouts organization think about this crap? Will they start accepting boys? What sort of boy wants to be in The Girl Scouts? Never mind.... I can think of a couple of reasons, and one of them Stilton covered with the "Be Prepared" illustration.

Geoff King nailed it. It will only be a matter of time before the BSA becomes the SA because all the girls that just HAD to join will be offended by the "boy" in the name.

@John the Econ,
It is entertaining, isn't it? The left wing types badly want to defend Weinstein, but dare not. I'm also a bit amused by the women who said NOTHING when they were abused by old Harvey, but are now lining up to throw him further under the bus.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Bruce Bleu- Speaking of Bill's "seed," I'd still love to know if the sumbitch is sterile (as he told Juanita Broaddrick after raping her). It would go a long way toward explaining why Chelsea looks so much like Webb Hubbell.

@Shelly- It sometimes seems like there's an inverse relationship between what executives are paid and what they're worth. I know various advertising people who've worked with the BSA and had some unflattering things to say.

@Tracy Evans- You're right, Hillary will ALWAYS (and only) do what's best for herself. I'm grateful every day that she's not in the Oval Office.

@Fritz Brohn- Tom Lehrer is great! True story: he once wanted to record a song that I co-wrote (I did the lyrics), but my collaborator wouldn't come to terms. Pity.

@TrickyRicky- Thumbs up on the "Ma Barker" comparison!

@James Daily- I'm afraid your assessment of what will happen to the Scouts is all too accurate. It's hard to learn how to handle challenges in an environment which will be cleansed of challenges ("we don't build campfires anymore because of their CO2 emissions...").

Regarding Hillary, she's always struck me as being smarter and more evil than Bill. He was always about seduction, whether with women or voters. She was always about power, and Bill was initially a way to get it - and she thought she could finally discard him and grab the reins herself. Heaven help us if that had happened.

@John the Econ- Unless people are complete idiots (granted, I've just described a huge swath of the population) they realize that both boys and girls act differently when in same-sex groups, and that these differences can be beneficial. Indeed, this is the argument that the Girl Scouts are making to protest this move.

These days, I can't imagine any changes or improvements to traditional organizations which aren't likely to make them worse - quite likely by design.

On Weinstein, I'm sick of the story but enjoying the tumbling dominos. Ben Affleck (finally) criticizes Weinstein and then gets called out as an ass-grabber ("I'm Buttman..."). Oliver Stone offers tepid support for Weinstein, and a former Playboy Playmate slams him online for honking her boob at a party. I'd like to see the whole filthy house of cards come tumbling down.

And as you point out, Bill Clinton is as bad or worse than any of them - and he couldn't have done so much to so many for so long without Hillary to aid and abet. For her to say anything about Weinstein at this point is so far beyond hypocrisy that it really demands a new word. Maybe Hillpocrisy?

@Walter L Stafford- Had the Brownie reached the age of consent? (Okay, even I'm appalled that I went there).

@Colby Muenster- Why should the new and improved BSA stop by shortening its name to "SA?" Surely it's not fair to exclude "dreamers" and other illegals from the scouting experience, so the "America" part really needs to go too. They'll just be... scouts.

Unknown said...

Fighting third-world diarrhea is actually a worthy cause - in the absence of effective medical care, diarrhea kills hundreds of thousands of children every year (sayeth the CDC). Whether the Anointed Daughter will actually do anything to save those lives, or if this is just virtue signaling or another grift...

Judi King said...

I remember when my brother, Geoff, was in the Boy Scouts. I've always said that, if I was lost in the wilderness, I'd want Geoff with me. He could surely survive.
I was in the Girl Scouts and had a very good leader. I earned a lot of badges for girl things and learned a lot of things besides selling cookies. People who don't know the difference between a boy and a girl are quite pathetic.
As for HRC, she needs to go. How can anyone think she's relevant?

Geoff King said...

Did my sister just tell me to get lost?

Jason Anyone said...

So, speaking "condemning of their own" that the left isn't doing, this was Bob Gorrell's cartoon on Tuesday.

And I was "inspired".

"Good-bye, Harvey" $ay your friend$
You belong in the $tate penn
You cau$e a vi$ion awfully creepy
The Left, too long, ignored your wild peepee
The revul$ion that you've planted in our brain$
$till reamin$
The left'$ $ound$ of $ilence

And just for a fun dig on Hill da Beast, I gave her some of her own words to eat.

Happy Friday!

Geoff King said...

Re: my last post. I recall, as a scout, being taught a secondary motto after "Be Prepared". It was: "a Boy Scout is never lost, only temporarily bewildered".
I have spent much of a lifetime following that creed. Perhaps it is because I seem to possess a nearly flawless sense of direction, or because I have the wisdom to realize that, no, moss does not always grow on the north side of trees. However, as long as I can remember how to do the "shadow stick" method of direction finding taught me in the BSA, or can do the extremely simple observation of finding Polaris in the night sky, I will never truly be lost.

Judi King said...

@ Geoff: No, I didn't tell you to get lost. You're kidding, right?

james daily said...

Speaking of our past penis president, has anyone ever read of him visiting his "grandchildren"? Nope. Wonder why? Nope. They ain't his grandchildren.

Andrew said...

From what I've read at other 'neutral scout' to 'positive scout' websites, the issue isn't with the BSA so much as it is with the GSA.

The Girl Scouts used to be much more rough and tumble than they are today. Camping, survival skills, homesteading stuff. Now it is all 'feels good' crap like
global warming, pandering to minorities and other bullshit liberal crap. Especially, the GSA does not have.. Eagle Scouts.

Even in this day and age, being an Eagle Scout is a good thing, giving the recipient access to scholarships, a foot into the door at many places, and other advantages in 'adult' life.

Sure, the BSA has gone down the poop-hole, mostly, I think, due to getting away from being funded by Christian churches, instead sucking the progressive tits of United Way (please, just say 'NO' to those ass-clowns. As bad as American Red Cross.)

Both the BSA and the GSA need to get back to their roots. Which were all about teaching city kids about country life and stuff like that. While invoking a strong amount of Judaeo-Christian beliefs. (Sure, mostly Christian, but in this enlightened age we can acknowledge where we came from.)

John the Econ said...

Here's a suggestion for some weekend fun: Tell your Progressive friends that as far as you can judge, Harvey hasn't done anything to justify this whole bruhahaha. After all, as far as has been revealed, he hasn't done anything any more egregious than Bill Clinton has, and the Democrats insisted that it was all "just about sex" and demanded that he remain President. Not only that, but Bill Clinton's wife, who acted as Bill's fixer for decades was the Democrat's most recent choice for President. So if Bill & Hillary were fit for the Oval Office, then Harvey is certainly fit to remain a Hollywood movie producer. The guy they should be pissed at is Roman Polanski.

Say this with a straight face, if you can.

Bruce Bleu said...

Stilton, I STILL contend that Chelsea's physiognomy is the result of shrillary "jilling off" with a dildo made from Howdy Doody!

Also, if muhdonnuh were to pull a Harvey Weinstain, would her "nether region" be referred to as the "casting cooch"?

Popular Front said...

Actually, all jokes aside, diahorrea is THE number one cause of child mortality in the Third World. Mostly caused by bad water, the diahorrea causes dehydration and the prolonged dehydration causes death. It has been conclusively shown that clean water supply knocks the mortality rate to nearly zero and adding dissolvable fruit salts to the diet improves health immensely. So simple a fix and so hard to implement it, with the UN fuqing up every effort.

Unknown said...

I'll bet that the "charity" she'll be donating the money to is "The Clinton Foundation".

John the Econ said...

Hillary on Weinstein: "“…this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere. Whether it’s in entertainment, politics– after all, we have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office…”

Apparently it was totally different when her husband actually raped people and spewed on interns instead of potted plants. Somehow, all that didn't count.

I hope she's still getting this kind of attention up until the 2020 elections.

Anonymous said...

Again, Stilton, you are ahead of your time!