Monday, October 9, 2017

Turning Over a New Leaf

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In fairness to Weinstein, it was a Hairy Palm tree.
Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, a liberal champion and deep pockets Democratic donor, has been outed as a longtime serial sexual predator whose abuse of "casting couch" privileges would make Caligula puke.

Interestingly, but not in the least surprisingly, those in Hollywood and in the Left's power circles have known about all of this for decades - and didn't care. Because in their sick world, having power, money, and a platform to espouse Leftist ideology far outweighs any little peccadilloes like actual sexual abuse.

Moreover, according to the feminist playbook (which was hastily rewritten following the Lewinsky affair), it's just fine for a man in a powerful position to take advantage of women if those women think there's a chance they can get something out of it. The alleged lesson of the Clinton era was what looks like abuse is actually women empowering themselves through the use of their sexuality.

So we're a little confused about how we're supposed to feel about Weinstein - is he monster or martyr? In any event, having declared himself a victim of his own carnal impulses he's already well on the way to being completely forgiven by those on the Left - unlike a certain President who only joked about pussy grabbing.


stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, columbus day, deface, antifa

Statues of Robert E. Lee are breathing a sigh of relief today, because they're getting a 24 hour reprieve from social justice vandals thanks to "Deface Columbus Day."

Antifa groups nationwide are being called on by the basement-dwelling Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM) to deface, vandalize, or destroy any public monuments to Christopher Columbus, because inanimate objects make better targets than people who can fight back.

We're not even sure why the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement has a grudge against Columbus, as their stated purpose is "the violent redistribution of wealth" and "the abolition of gender" which presumably involves the violent redistribution of genitalia.

All of which makes us think that if Columbus had known what the future held, he wouldn't have bothered discovering a land of such galloping idiocy.


Mike aka Proof said...

Harvey Weinstein is having his "Bob Packwood" moment. Senator Bob Packwood was a RINO who voted faithfully with the liberal left on women's issues until one day they suddenly turned on him and he was out.

Liberals to Weinstein: Don't let the door hit your enormous fanny on the way out.

REM1875 said...

I am so curious about the rest of the story-- DemonRatz don't eat their young unless there is some benefit to it.
What the hell could he have done (of course it isn't any of the sick stuff) for them to desert money and the silver screen propaganda machine?
There really has to be more to this story than they are letting on to...DemonRatz don't just wake up one fine morning- decide to switch over to the side of the light and find their moral to be more......

james daily said...

This is resume enhancement to democrats. These weird folks run in cliques so look for more outing as the finger pointing commences. We have the rapist and his gang of pedophiles flying back and forth, the crook also taking part in, well, odd behavior.
Got to be true as I read it on the internet. Anyways, the real story here is whether or not the beneficial politicians will give back his tainted lucre. Don't hold your breath.

Maoz said...

So RAM's goals are violent redistribution of wealth and abolition of gender? So of course they choose a name that coopts unrelated historical references with positive connotations: the American Revolutionary War; the anti-slavery Abolition movement.... Sorta like "The Resistance" trying to subtly steal for itself the honor of the WWII Resistance.

Fish Out of Water said...

When 'turning over a new leaf', is that a reference to the neo-totalitarian gig leaf, to cover up their hypocrisy?

Fred Ciampi said...

I heard that some folks are going to guard Columbus statues. Oh, and these folks are former military. Just might get interesting............

Fish Out of Water said...

One thing disconcerting about the ANTFA, BLM, et al, is the lack of discussion/investigation by the legacy media (why am I not surprised) or by other media outlets, Fox News, etc. into who is providing material/momentary support for these people.

Their masks, their signs, and most importantly their ability to go to protest site to protest site requires $$$$.

So who is providing such?

Boligat said...

"... abolition of gender" by RAM. Ram, the MALE version of a sheep. How about "Everybody's Wealth is Evenly distributed" EWE. Or maybe "Lame And Miserable Buttheads" LAMB. Let's go with LAMB, it's more descriptive and lacks gender.

Emmentaler "Stagnance of the Lambs" Limburger said...

I always wondered why the plants around Weinstein's compound flourished. And were oddly shaped. Like humans...

@Boligat: I'm rather fond of Militants for the Utopian T Treatment of Terminally Offensive Nutcases....

Emmentaler "He Of The Fat Fingers" Limburger said...

(Don't know where that lone "T" came from. Please disregard...)

American Cowboy said...

So vandals...scrawled...“#SomethingsComing” on its pedestal.

In this case I agree. Something is coming, and I believe it will be the time when good, patriotic, moral, responsible, self-reliant, legal Americans have finally had enough of the left's lunacy and legally put an end to these idiots agenda of anti-American destruction and disrespect.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Columbus Day - yet another BS "Hallmark Holiday" inflicted on us by a religious minority clique.
Would not bother me at all to cancel it, and let it go back to it's proper appellation, as designated by our neighbors to the south,Canadian Thanksgiving. (yes, a fair bit of Detroit is actually directly North of Canada, which some of us find highly amusing)

Anyway, all that being said, most of us outgrew pointless vandalism in our early teens - WTF is WRONG w/ these people? You want to redistribute wealth? Get off your fat tuckas and deliver a good or service people are willing to pay for. Other than that, dry up and blow away

As for WhineStain, apparently his brother has wanted him out for ages. Why now, all of a sudden, and why all the sudden 'oh how HORRIBLE'...
But still the cone of silence on Jeffery Epstein and Pedo Island. Hmmm, wonder if the hurricane activity this past month managed to scrub the stank off THAT place...

Stilt, most of Hollywood would qualify as 'potted plants', but 'hairy palm' was a stroke >koff< of genius...

Mark Matis said...

Communists Ordering Weird Stuff

Call them what they truly are. And understand that they are merely a present from Davos and the Bilderbergs.

John the Econ said...

Oh, come on @Stilton! Weinstein is the real victim here:

"I came of age in the ’60s and ’70s, when all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different. That was the culture then."

So who can blame him? Certainly not us! Like Trump, he grew up in the age of Hugh Hefner, where it was expected that the wealthy and powerful could take license with any woman in sight. He didn't know any better. Women are just playthings to be used, abused, and then tossed aside when no longer required or desired. Only now, a half-century after the rise of the modern feminism that he so lavishly helped to finance does he realize (only after being outed by the New York Times) that he might have been doing wrong. So off he'll go to whatever rehabilitation spa it was where Anthony Wiener went.

I don't know what's more sad: That he might actually believe that, or that progressive sycophants will buy it. Trump jokes about his misogyny, but this guy actually lives it. We know Trump was mostly bluster, because if he was in fact grabbing pussies all over the place for the last quarter century, we'd have seen all the faces every day on the front page of the New York Times before last November. We know that Weinstien is worse, because they've got a growing list of his victims.

And the left will continue to hate Trump, but will forgive this guy because he makes great movies and gives some of his money to the correct causes.

But he's got anger, and it's not at himself. It's at you, the deplorables and your Quaker-like values that are responsible for his downfall:

"I am going to need a place to channel that anger, so I’ve decided that I’m going to give the NRA my full attention. I hope Wayne LaPierre will enjoy his retirement party. I’m going to do it at the same I had my Bar Mitzvah. I’m making a movie about our President, perhaps we can make it a joint retirement party. One year ago, I began organizing a $5 million foundation to give scholarships to women directors at USC."

Again, another example of my maxim that there is nothing a Progressive can do to permanently destroy their career as long as they are faithful to the agenda. He'll buy his way out of purgatory by attacking the NRA, making a hit-movie on Trump, and will buy off future feminist filmmakers.

And there will be plenty of feminist filmmakers who will be happy to snap up that Weinstein cash. Because they're whores. Just like all of the women like Ashley Judd who put up with his antics because it was good for their careers. She earned her "Nasty Women" moniker indeed. They'll act faint and condemn and make movies about statues of people who lived over a century ago, but they'll take a scholarship in Weinstein's name. They'll mock Mike Pence for refusing to be alone with women other than his wife, but they'll lionize Weinstein.

But they won't see any of this as hypocrisy. Why? Because they're "projecting". They assume that as bad as they really are, you are much worse. Why? Because they're the enlightened ones, and you are just the deplorable masses who don't get it. As sexist as they are, you are worse. As racist as they are, you are worse. As greedy as they are, you are worse. But they're enlightened because they recognize this and you do not. They're better than you are because they recognize all of this and redeem themselves by telling you and themselves that. In other words, textbook narcissism.

Meanwhile, the left chooses to mock Mike Pence because they know that they'll never actually catch him in the kind of behavior Weinstein is now infamous for.

John the Econ said...

My question is: What did Mr. Weinstein do to piss off the editors at the New York Times? History has repeatedly demonstrated that the entire leftists establishment has little problem with this kind of behavior and will cover for it as long as the perpetrator is faithful to the Progressive agenda. If they can cover for Bill Clinton, they can certainly defend Weinstein. The Times has been sitting on this story for at least a decade. Why are they sacrificing one of their most powerful allies now?

John the Econ said...

The ironically-named "Antifa" vs Columbus: "We're not even sure why the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement has a grudge against Columbus, as their stated purpose is "the violent redistribution of wealth" and "the abolition of gender" which presumably involves the violent redistribution of genitalia."

If you watch these various leftist groups, be they the anti-fascist-fascists, non-binary genderists, feminists, etc, you'll notice that eventually their agenda distills down to the exact same list, which not-surprisingly is the pretty much the platform of the Democratic party:

Open borders
BDS & Anti-Zionism
Fascism through the Climate Change agenda
Non-traditional sexualism & destruction of the traditional family
Free Abortion on Demand
Anti-Free Speech
Gun Control

There are no coincidences.

Shelly said...

I think it amusing, as Mr. Econ pointed out, that it was guys like Harvey Weinstein that Trump was referring to in his infamous comment. I think it's safe to say there wasn't a "casting couch" at Trump Tower.

SpectreRider said...

To undersand, see Don Surber, Oct 7, "Weinstein Was a Warning To Hillary".

Emmentaler "Brother Knight" Limburger said...

As a Knight, I feel compelled to address this...

The celebration of "Columbus Day" (actually 12 October...) in the North American region now commonly known as the "US" precedes the successful efforts of The Knights Of Columbus to have it instituted as a federal holiday by, oh.... about 140 years. Such celebrations precede the very formation of the order by around 90 years. It is NOT celebrated as a religious holiday, and it was not promulgated by the Knights for that purpose. It was intended NOT to celebrate the Catholicism of Christopher Columbus, but to celebrate his achievement - whether as a result of an error, or not - in discovering this land we all now live in.

If you're willing to assign it as simply a Hallmark Holiday pressed on you by a religious minority clique, then you are willing to denigrate both the discoverer of what turned out to be this great country, and a fraternal order that does GREAT good in our country - particularly for handicapped children - out of hand, and out of religious bigotry. Basically saying there can be no valid reason to celebrate the individual because he was Catholic - or that the organization that pressed for its institution was Catholic. This all should start sounding a bit familiar, hey? Behavior very similar to those we normally disparage here. Kind of like throwing out all statues of Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson, ignoring any positive contributions, simply because they were on the wrong side of the Civil War, and you find it offensive. Begs a little introspection.

And the only reason our friends who are 50% "eh" have their Thanksgiving (also, on our side of the border, a holiday derived from the Christian urge to give thanks to their God for surviving the hardships of the New World) earlier than us it to make it look like they invented it :)

No harm, no foul, and not trying to call the kettle black - just some observations on how we sometimes fall to the same behavior we accuse libtards of. We all have our prejudices. It's how we act on them that differs.

(Fun Fact: The 14th Amendment also guaranteed Catholics equal status with people of other religions? Prior to that, Catholics were regularly discriminated against throughout the country - even though they were the single largest Christian denomination in a predominantly Christian US at the time...)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Mike aka Proof- What I can't quite figure out is WHY Weinstein is being outed just now? It's not like moral clarity has suddenly dawned on the Left. I suppose it could be as simple as the Lefties realizing they can't effectively damn Trump for words while overlooking Weinstein's actions - so they're throwing Harvey under the bus just so they can still attack Trump. But that doesn't feel quite right; there's still a puzzle piece missing.

@REM1875- I agree, there must be more here. Maybe Hollywood knows that with a little more digging, we'll find out that Weinstein has been boning orphans and then eating their hearts, so they want to distance themselves from him now.

@James Daily- I don't think this is really going to stick to Weinstein. Liberal fashionista Donna Karon (is that how one spells her name? I don't care enough to look it up) suggests that maybe the provocatively dressed young starlets were "asking for it." An opinion which would get a conservative lynched, but which I think is probably pretty close to the truth. How many Hollywood wannabees basically show up naked (or nearly so) at gala functions? How many female "celebrities" are known only for the size of their boobs and butts, and only contribute to "entertainment" by making sex tapes. Weinstein is a pig, but he may have been a pig at an all you can eat buffet.

@Maoz- I think RAM's name is hilarious. They're trying to puff themselves up, like some stupid bird with an inflated chest trying to impress a potential mate (which may well be the real end game for these basement dwelling losers - I'll bet they don't want to "abolish gender" when it comes to getting an easy lay from girls who are impressed with Che Guevara t-shirts.

@Fish Out of Water- Whatever kind of leaf it is, I'm not turning it without disposable tongs.

@Fred Ciampi- It sounds like there were a couple of skirmishes out there.

@Fish Out of Water- Clearly SOMEone is funding all this nonsense. Soros is always handy (and accurate) to blame, but I think all kinds of money sources exist. Heck, the radical Left probably still hasn't spend all the millions Obama gave them (think ACORN) to re-energize the economy.

@Boligat- RAM, EWE, or LAMB it's all a way of pulling the wool over people's eyes (see what I did there?)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Emmentaler "Stagnance of the Lambs" Limburger- When I think of the plants around Weinstein, I picture Venus Flytraps that are puking.

And I don't know where the "Lone T" came from either, but he left a silver bullet...

@American Cowboy- I think (and hope) you're right. When faced with this kind of vandalism, I think about Singapore - where you can get caned in public for spitting gum on the sidewalk. A few such canings of antifa members might be just the ticket.

@Pete (Detroit)- I can't really claim to get excited about "Columbus Day," nor the man himself. His "discovery" is certainly of great historic importance, but a lot more complicated than the story I was taught in grade school 60 years ago. So if people want to complain, fine - but ixnay on the vandalism.

And I agree that these people calling for the "violent redistribution of wealth" are idiots. After that "violent redistribution" has been spent, where will the next allocation of "wealth" come from? Without wealth creation, redistribution is an impossibility. Not that these morons have thought it through.

And oh, how I wish the inner workings of Pedo Island were revealed. I think we could take a lot of Hollywood and Washington out in one fell (or felonious) swoop.

@Mark Matis- COWS indeed. And none of them outstanding in their field.

@John the Econ- Excellent points, thoughout. The idea that Weinstein was merely a product of his times is laughable. As is the notion that he can buy redemption by combatting the NRA (perhaps he can form an alternate shooting group called WAD).

And you're absolutely right about the platforms of these "revolutionary" groups. They are indistinguishable from Hillary's campaign promises.

@Shelly- If there WAS a casting couch at Trump Tower, everyone would have known about it because it would have been YUGE!

@B Martin- I'll definitely check that out. Don Surber is always, always, always worth reading!

@Emmentaler "Brother Knight" Limburger- Good points, eloquently made!

John the Econ said...

"...they're throwing Harvey under the bus just so they can still attack Trump. But that doesn't feel quite right; there's still a puzzle piece missing.

Agreed. They wouldn't be doing this unless there's something worse that we need to be distracted from.

Maybe it was because Weinstein was getting too big for his britches, and needed to be taken down a few pegs?

Singapore: I have a couple smarter Progressive friends who pine for what even they will basically admit is a "benign dictatorship". I point out Singapore, which is probably as close to such a thing that has ever existed on this planet. And they recoil. And yet, such a paradise can only exist if there is that level of strict enforcement, which includes physically beating people for spitting on the sidewalk. You can't have one without the other, as much as they fantasize otherwise.

I see that Meryl Streep and Judi Dench are shocked at the news. Somewhat surprising, since it now appears that everyone from studio execs down to the parking lot valets knew about this. But perhaps it is understandable in the sense that if I was Harvey, I wouldn't have masturbated into a potted plant over Meryl Streep and Judi Dench either, even when they were in their prime.

Celebrating "Indigenous People's Day" instead of "Columbus Day": Meh. In my college town, they swapped out "Columbus Day" for "Indigenous People's Day" three or four years ago. Whatever. If anyone were to ask me, I'd say "Why not? Say what you will about the capitalist tendencies of what Columbus supposedly represents, but how does he compare to people who were already gleefully practicing genocide and slavery on this continent long before the evil Europeans showed up and eventually eliminated it?"

Colby Muenster said...

I'm reminded of Whoopee Goldberg's comments concerning Roman Polanski being allowed to re-enter the US. "Yes, but was it rape rape?"

Concerning Columbus Day... who gives a rat's ass? It's just another day that bankers and gubmint workers get off (with pay) that us normal people don't. Then again, I do recall from history class that Christopher Columbus' first statement upon landing in North America was, "I can't wait to start enslaving all these brown monkey like creatures!" He said that, right? Truth is, he didn't even know where the hell he was, and to this day, native Americans are erroneously called Indians.

Protesting Columbus is as stupid to me as expecting me to pay never ending reparation for the remote possibility that my great, great, grandfather, Aged Romano Muenster, MAY have owned a slave back in 1840.

John the Econ said...

Good catch, @Colby Muenster. This crowd idolized Polanski, and honestly seemed confused as to what all the fuss was about. Polanski was "sophisticated" and euro-cool. Never mind that the pussy he was grabbing was barely teenaged and he was using drugs to do it. Is Weinstein really any worse than that?

That must really piss off Bill Cosby, I'd think. Maybe that's why this crowd buys into "white privilege"; they certainly seem to have it and don't have a problem with using it.

Maoz said...

Why did NYT go after Weinstein, "one of its own?" Thomas Lifson over at American Thinker passes on an interesting take from R. Aryeh Spero. Weinstein had recently spoken out in praise of Israelis' willingness *and ability* to fight against their enemies, and contrasted that with the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising who unfortunately had practically nothing in the way of guns. As is pointed out in Lifson's piece, the NYT is not known to be fond of Jews who fight back; the Weinstein scandal puts at least a temporary halt to production of the movie he was planning on doing about the Warsaw Ghetto uprising; and -- Weinstein's penance for abusing women is to go after the NRA?! Weinstein's sin wasn't sexual abuse -- they're perfectly happy to overlook that. His real sin was speaking in favor of guns.

TMay said...

I recommend the short article by Mark Steyn about crickets about Weinstein, "Contradictions and Condescension". A theory going around is that had Hillary won, Weinstein would have continued to have been protected. It does seem a little insane to have treated Paltrow as she is claiming, considering that her parents are part of the Hollywood establishment.

Bruce Bleu said...

NOW I know where they got the idea for the "Splurge Gun" in the movie "Bugsy Malone"... "Spanky" Weinstein "watering" his plants!

Pete (Detroit) said...

Thanks for expressing yourself eloquently and w/o malice. I have nothing against most Catholics,having been raised one, and have never heard a word against the Knights (that I recall). My issues w/ The Church (in general) and The Pope (in particular) do not reflect on the congregation in general.
That having been said, I don't see the point of a federal 'drinking day off'.
See also MLK day, and Veterans' day.
And full agreed, introspection (and tactful expression) are good things.

John the Econ said...

Interesting theory, @Maoz. Near the top of the Progressive values pyramid is their hatred for guns, self-defense and their ever-getting-less-than-subtle antisemitism. So it's easy to see how a film portrayal of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising would make Progressives squirm. (Personally, I'd love to see such a film, if historically consistent and well done) The last thing the left wants people to be thinking about is what happens to a minority when the real fascists take over and they are disarmed.

@TMay, Mark Steyn usually nails it on stuff like this.

Bruce Bleu said...

This just in... Mr Ed has come forward to say that some time in the "casting corral" was responsible for him getting his own TV show, and "Ashlie the Cow" said she got Borden's commercials via Weinstain as well.